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Incest happens most.

Question: Which group of family or relatives do you think incest occur most often?
Created by: sexymother at 03:50:22 PM, Sunday, December 26, 2010 PST


My sister and I started having sex during puberty. I still remember sucking those puffy nipples and the taste of her pussy when I'd get her wet. All you hear is "ewww" or "that's sick" when people talk about sex with family, but you can't imagine how amazing it is until you've given it a try. See if you feel the same way after your sister gently sucks you off and then mounts you and you feel her hot and tight pussy around you. Anyway, it's been years and we still f*ck regularly for hours on end, it's truly amazing.

AnonymousJan 14 2011 11:54pm

Mom and dad grew up f*cking their families. I remember watching my uncles f*cking my mom so hard that she lost her voice. Dad was a favorite of his older sis, mom and aunt. That being the case, when my two sisters and I had gone through puberty our parents gathered us together and explained that we were gonna try something to help us bond. That was the day I f*cked mom for the first time and dad f*cked my sisters. Sliding in and out of your mom's pussy while you watch your sisters f*cking dad is a pretty big turn-on. Since then I've f*cked mom and my sisters many times, and my sisters have each had a taste of our uncles as well. f*cking your family members is just showing an indescribable type of love that really does wonders for everyone. So don't just sit there, get to it!

Also AnonymousJan 15 2011 12:02am
We are a real Son & Father... Yes, really real, biological, blood-related (consenting adult) Son & Father - who also happen to be f*ck buddies. We have been going at it for over 22 years. We have a homemade DVD that is over an hour of hot taboo incest fun! If interested, write us for free video samples and DVD info. Thanks!

TabooSonDadFeb 05 2011 8:16am
The quite natural relationship between mother and son happens during infancy but then it becomes repressed. It still exists but can only be seen in the unconscious and the mother image is cast on other women. The woman the son chooses as his eventual wife though is actually only a standin for the mother. The relationship between the father and daughter is not fully repressed only suppressed and remains potentially active.

wwJun 21 2011 1:57pm
I'm 18 yrs old and my brother is 15 yrs old. We have been having sex since the first time he screwed me when he was 9 and I was 12. Ever since then I've always been his bottom to use and enjoy. My brother has a girlfriend but humps me usually more often and specially when he comes home from a date and she doesn't put out ...... then I'm ordered to strip down and lay down for him to use. I like it.

love gay sexJul 15 2011 2:29pm
My dad f*cked me from the time my pussy could get wet enough for him to slide in my c*nt. After that, I f*cked anything that had a c*ck, mainly my brother. I f*cked other guys and got knocked up at 15. Now my baby is almost a man, and he f*cks his mom so hard, he would make his grandpa proud. The feel of his c*ck all hard and stretching my pussy is the best feeling in the world. Moms should teach their sons to f*ck, and dads should teach their daughters to do the same. Best thing in the world.

FamilyFuckerAug 16 2011 10:06pm
it is very easy to f*ck daughter as soon as she enters 12th year.she is nnocent,energetic and lustful.pussy is tight and

george_m06@yahoo.comOct 22 2011 12:27pm
I have been f*cking my sister since I was 12 and she was 10. Its the best!

loveabigailbreslin@yahoo.comJan 07 2012 6:47pm
You people are sick get a girlfreind and stop f*cking your own blood line

ZAKJun 25 2012 8:40am
i want to f*ck my sister but don't know how, email me for advice on how, my email is:

curiousguy11Jul 24 2012 3:32pm
Im 17 & my sis is 14. She is very hot. Last summer I was wearing running shorts with no underpants. I was sitting on the pool deck & could tell my c*ck was out when I lifted my one leg up at the knee. I saw sis come out & didn't change my position. I wanted to see her reaction at seeing my c*ck. I felt it getting half way hard as she was looking right at it. She kept walking toward me and staring. She was up close & started giggling & said Tony your all hanging out there. I acted like I was surprised & put my leg down. Now I don't know if she thought it was funny or what? She wasn't mad at all but why did she giggle over seeing it? Im thinking of giving her another look.

AnthonyApr 23 2013 10:39am
To Anthony. Young girls do giggle over seeing the forbidden or taboo. I did it myself when I was a teenager. Its more of a nervous reaction to seeing a guys penis. You know you shouldn't keep looking but you cant help it. Young girls are curious about it too so they will look. Also mixed emotions. She does feel a sexual attraction to your penis & feels guilty about it so she just giggles to try to cope with all these feelings. The penis is a very sexy thing to see when your a young girl. Yours may be the first real life penis she has seen. You said you had a semi erection too which made it appear quite long also. That's a very big turn on. So don't worry that your not nice to look at or funny. Giggling is very natural.

Sue Apr 24 2013 7:31am
My sister is 18 & I'm 20. I don't know what got into me but one day I was all hot thinking about her. The idea came that I wonder how she would act over seeing me naked. I knew she wanted a ride to the mall after school, so I planned it out that if my door was closed she would knock & say "knock knock" and just walk in. She always does that. Meantime I was laying on my bed totally naked & stroking my c*ck. I expected her to get all shocked and close the door fast. But she didn't. Her face went into shock for a second but then she was all smiling & stood there talking about when we could go. I kept her talking and said I hope you don't mind what I'm doing but I'm so hot I needed to get some release. She said "OHHH no I don't mind at all." "Its your room so you do what makes you happy." She didn't make any move to leave and kept talking about anything like how school went and I was so hot I actually came right in front of her. She watched and giggled and handed me a paper towel to clean up. I said do you want to do it for me? But she said "Uhh nooooa, I don't think so hee hee". Its been a week since then and now I'm totally thinking I could get into her pants if I ask. She totally enjoyed watching me jerk off and come. I know she likes my erection. She looked way more at that than my face. Lol. Now she has me all turned on for her.

DaveApr 25 2013 1:48pm
My brother 18, & wears running shorts a lot. Im 13. Im between him & my older sister. One day last summer when I was 12, he was sitting on the trunk of his used car he got. He was talking to me about the car. He slid back more & lifted up one leg & his balls & penis were totally exposed. I was like fixated. I couldn't help it. Its the first time I felt sexy over my own brother. I think his is the first adult I seen. I was all guilty for not telling him but I was so into seeing it as long as I could. He really didn't know it. He was so busy about the car he wasn't thinking about how he was sitting. I didn't giggle over it or say a word about it. I hope it happens again. Now Im sort of giving him some chances to see a little more of me, & he definably looks.

JessicaApr 27 2013 9:52am
I was thinking of a way to have my sister see my dick. She is 12 & looking so hot. I got my chance. I got on the sofa in only my robe. My parents were still at work. She was in her room but I knew she would be in & out. I set up my robe so it looked like it slipped open below the waist. I acted asleep, & kept my eyes open a tiny slit. I couldn't help get like a semi erection but was glad it didn't get hard or she might get suspicious. Maybe at 12 she wouldn't? She came out & I saw her face go into shock & her mouth went open as she stopped to look. She snuck over to get a good close look. I was amazed how long she was looking. Her face went into a smile after a few seconds. It was great. I was so fricking happy at her reaction. I bet its the first 15 year olds dick she ever saw.

RaysterApr 29 2013 9:12pm
Anthony, what you did was a perfect first step. She is naturally curious, and will be even more if yours is the only one she's seen. Try "forgetting" your towel when you go to shower, then ask her to bring it to you in the bathroom. Don't expose yourself, just be naked but with your privates facing away. Things like that will pique her interest and she'll want to see more. My sister and I played those games until she got tired of them, walked into my room, and sucked me until I came in her mouth. Let's just say we are still enjoying our alone time. Family sex is amazing, go for it!

AnonymousMay 01 2013 12:21am
Jessica, my sister had a pretty curvy body at 13, so if you've got it, flaunt it! Don't forget to tell us if you get anywhere with him!

AnonymousMay 01 2013 1:15am
Im a girl very young so rather not say my age. Mom works at night now so I get to be in dads bed to watch TV before bedtime. Dad was reading a book when I came in one night and his knees were up to hold the book. The covers had lifted a little and I saw his thigh and ass just partly and knew he was naked in bed. I was like soooooa curious that I stayed up till dad fell asleep and then I peeked. His penis was laying over to the side across his thigh. It was the sexiest thing I ever seen. I got so exited over looking that I played with myself after I went to my bed. I now feel guilty about peeking and thinking sexually about my dad. Is it normal or am I a piece of sh--t?

LoriMay 01 2013 7:04am
The people behind us have a landscaper crew do their place every week. We have a see thru fence and there is a spot behind bushes between properties that these workers can hide behind to relieve themselves. I'm sure they don't get to go pee at most houses so I understand they have to go. I am just able to see past the bushes at spots and can see them peeing from my kitchen window. I hate to admit it but I do peek from between the curtain's. I so enjoy seeing guys pee and shake those dicks around. I'm a married mother of 3 and in my 30s. I feel I should not be doing this. If my husband knew he would not be happy. I see 2 guys in particular who are quite long and that's a turn on. Is this just awful or would other women do the same peeking if they were able to without being seen?

Dottie SMay 01 2013 7:19am
Your story has nothing to do with incest? But Ok. I can tell you if I had the same situation you have going on, I would look. Why not? I have nothing against seeing a nice penis. Im 40 & have 2 teen boys. Boys being boys they are careless about modesty & I catch a glance of them naked or most often with an escaped morning erection sticking out exposed before I wake them. I am not into sex with my own kids. But I do get a nice little sexy feeling when I see them.

Cute Irene May 01 2013 2:48pm
I am the son of a single mom. Maybe that's why I have always had a super crush on her. She is 39 and a little bit overweight but it looks hot on her. I like thick thighed girls with big butts. I look for girls who look like her and are built like her. Anyway mom never was careless about her modesty around me so I barely ever got a peek at anything except maybe a little up skirt now and then. I planted a hidden cam in her bedroom recently. I'm 20 now so that's really extreme but I did it. Now I watch her dressing undressing naked and even masturbating. Its addicting! She is amazingly sexy to me. Problem is now I want to try some way of seducing her. I'm sure she will not be into that. I'm stuck and wish I never did this.

Steve DMay 02 2013 3:50pm
Ok this is when I loved his touch. continued....I was asleep and he would come into my room and softly pull the blankets back. I would pretend to sleep. Icould hear him breathing so hard and whispering stuff like "oh f*ck" "God damn that's s pretty pussy" he would suck air through his lips making a sound like he was hitting a joint. but itwas just him gasping at my pussy. I could hear him beating his dick. he would soooooo softly rub my pussy over my panties. I would get soooooo wet and turned on hearing how much he adored my body and pussy. it drove me crazy to know that I was driving him nuts. hearing the sounds he would make and what he said turned me on the most. I would softly hump my bed or the Couch as he beat off an gently rubbed my clit. he never knew I was awake. I would be so disappointed when he came and I'd be soooooo horny and soaking wet. I wanted to tell him I was awake and to please masturbate me so I could cum but I was too ashamed. finally when I was about 15 he had me sit on his lap while he was watching tv. he clicked on the porn channel and I was so uncomfortable. he started rubbing my tummy. And this wentonfor like 10 minutes. then he rrubbed my boobs. he put his hand on my thighs and rubbed them so gently until I could barely take it. I kept my legs closed as much as possible. he finally pulled one leg apart and whispered open those legs up. I melted. then he slowly and omg soooooo softly on top of my panties rubbed my pussy in circular motions just above my slit. he didthat until I was going crazy with lust. it was soooooo soft and gentle it drove me crazy. he whispered doesthat feel good? I said uh huh! He said you want me to quit?? I was breathing so slowly and hard and my body was stiff, I said uh uh no! He laughed and said no what? I said no sir! after about 20 minutes he dropped his hand down about an inch right on my clit and so softly barely even touching it massaged in.circles. I was going crazy. but I wouldn't move or make a sound, FINALLY he pulled my panties aside and slid his thick manly finger all the way down my clit and plunged it in my waiting pussy. Iwas so shocked by how soaking wet I was and even more embarrassed. he sucked in air and moaned god damn baby. he rubbed my juices all over my pussy and was so incredibly soft and gentle. My body started jerking and cumming exploding everywhere. I was so embarrassed. Omg I'm now 30 and I still have fantasies about being asleep and him jerking off to me, and I masturbate all the time imagining this exact memory. I fantasize about being at hhis house and maybe taking a shower and bending over with my towel on and flashing him my pussy to get him started. I long for his touch and sounds. are there any dad out there that used to do this and now have adult kids??? would you want to still finger them? should I tell him I liked it all those years and fantasize about it still?

AnonymousMay 02 2013 9:20pm
This is to Lori who peeked on your dad. How old you are makes all the difference. If you were over 12 maybe you would have a reason to feel guilt. Anything under 13 really is just curiosity. I did exactly the same thing when I was 8 and not only once. Anytime I had the chance to visit my dad and stay over. He had one double bed and set me up with a sleeping blanket. But I always asked to sleep with him. I knew he slept naked. I even felt his penis both soft and hard. He got hard in his sleep at times. Nothing woke dad up so I was able to risk it. I got older like 11 and 12 and was more and more wishing to have sex with him. Then at 13 all my feelings of sex about dad toned down as I got into the boys. Don't worry. You are normal. Just let it go.

SamanthaMay 10 2013 7:56am
I went into the attic to lift weights. I change into my shorts before I start. One day I spotted my little sister hiding behind a pile of stuff. Im 15 & she's only 8 being the youngest. I cant explain it but I got the feeling that she knew I changed upstairs & wanted to peek. I got the feeling to let her see me nude. I took off all my stuff & then took my time to get into my shorts. I walked around doing stuff so she could see everything very well. I glanced her way at times & could see her face all smiling & loving what she saw. It was s shock in a way. I didn't think at her age she even cared about guys. Now she wants to be around me a lot & hugs me & I think she hopes Ill do something? But exactly what?

Jay Jay.May 25 2013 9:29am
Jay, my older brother started playing with me and our younger sister after the kind of peeking you talked about. I was 12, sis was 10 and bro was 14. We were so curious about his dick, and even more so when he showed us that he could cum! The whole thing was awkwardly sexual, really. We would just rub his dick and wait for him to cum. It wasn't until much later that we took turns licking the tip of his dick, and even later that we decided to taste his cum. We just played like that for years, until it dawned on us to try the more adult things. Our parents never knew, and although the three of us live a ways apart, there have been a few times over the years that the three of us have met up to "play". My brother sees my younger sister more often, and if the chance arises, they have their fun. I wish he were nearer to me!!!

AngieMay 27 2013 9:50pm
My wife leaves for her job early so my 8 year old jumps into bed & likes to cuddle. One morning I was trying to stay asleep so my eyes were closed. She thought I was asleep & I felt her hand going into my pajama fly. She found my penis & was feeling it. I was shocked but her little hand felt so neat & the thought that a girl of 8 would be so into anything like that got to me. I got an erection fast but she didn't stop. She felt it for a few minutes I guess. Now I know she is very curious about it. I set it up for her to see me naked. She was very much into it. She stayed talking to me as her eyes were mostly on my erection. She even asked if she should leave the room but I said well now that you saw me this way why bother? She was really enjoying looking at it. I don't know if anything else is coming but for now that's all.

John MJun 05 2013 9:16am
I have a hot 12 year old sister. I am 2 yrs. older than her. Her body & legs R getting fenominal. After school Friday I got undressed in my room & had my door like half open. I knew she would go in her room first & she would see me. I was standing at my mirror to see her & see if she was looking. That had my back to her so she only saw my ass. She did see me & she got all nervous & was looking. Then I turned around to let her see my hard c*ck. I acted like I wasn't looking her way. She was so looking with her mouth open & her eyes wide open. She surprised me & came out & down to my room & knocked. I said what Sis. She asked to come in. I said Im naked right now. She said she knew that so can she come in? I said sure. Before long she was naked too & we felt each other up & kissed. It was amazing. That's as far as I got but maybe more is on the way.

ChuckieJun 10 2013 5:56am
OK more was on the way. She asked if she can jerk me off. I said where did she hear about that? she said other girls. I said yes but don't tell your GFs. So she took my pants down & went for it. It was my first time having a girls little hands holding & feeling my penis. Its amazing! She didn't know how to jerk it hard as I do. So she was gently feeling me & moving her hands all over it. I loved how it felt so I didn't say anything. Before too long even doing it her way I felt it throbbing to come. When I came she was like OMG! She wasn't expecting all that stuff to shoot out. She really loved it. Today I am gonna try tasting her pussy. I want to try it. I want her to feel good too. maybe she will suck me off?

ChuckieJun 14 2013 9:06am
I was 14 when I was really seeing my mom as being very sexy. She wears shorts a lot because its warm and her legs are amazing. I often see her ass cheeks too as she does stuff at home in her very short shorts. One day I got a big idea to tell her I had a pain in my balls after school. I wanted her to look at me and see my penis and this was all I came up with. She said we will call the doctor. I said no way I dint want her looking at me naked. MOM can you just look and see what it is? Totally surprising me she said OK. She had me take of my pants and lay on my bed as she sat next to me. She told me my penis was hanging over where she had to look so she said, Ill have to hold it up out of the way. I was like OMG! its better than I expected. She lifted my penis with her left hand was feeling my balls saying she was checking for swelling or lumps. My penis got totally hard in her hand. She said don't be embarrassed its normal for a boy to get an erection when being touched. I said OH OK,LOL. I swear it took a long time for her to be sure I was OK and my c*ck was leaking on her hand. Much more and I would have come. She finally said OK I don't think anything serious so we will wait to see if it clears up. She had me get dressed as she was still their seeing me naked and wiping her hand on a paper towel. That was about 10 years ago but the hottest memory of my teen days. Mom is now 44 but still very hot looking. Im not all turned on by her anymore but still admire her body and legs. I don't regret that day a bit. I am sure she was impressed how much I grew up since I was 8 or 9 when she last saw me naked. I had my pubic hair and my penis had grown a lot so I was proud.

Robbie LJul 12 2013 5:47am
it all happened for me when I started getting raging hardons for no reason when I was about 8 n on the weekend in the morning I wud quietly open my sisters bedroom door she was 14/15 at the time. I wd close the door behind me n shake my sister making out I was just waking her. when she opened her eyes I said look! pointing at my boner n she said let me have a feel so I let her feel it n she said get in meaning her bed. I got in next to her n pulled my pants down n she stroked my hard c*ck n told me to feel her boobs then suck them n then feel n finger her wet pussy I luved it! we used to do it all the time n I still think back to those times when im wanking sometimes

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