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but candy

Question: if you had to choose which candy would you shove up your but
Created by: freako at 02:05:13 AM, Monday, December 27, 2010 EST


Heyo ^_^

Master JJan 15 2014 6:24am

I'm here, master. wet 14 f.

kellyJan 15 2014 6:24am
excellent. so your wet huh *strokes your thigh*

Master JJan 15 2014 6:27am
i'm the perfect little daughter on the outside, and a dirty little c*nt on the inside behind my parents back. my thighs twitch.

kellyJan 15 2014 6:30am
how old are you master? what are you into? please respond quicker before class is over.

kellyJan 15 2014 6:33am
very nice *rubs your little pussy* girls like you are my favorite

MJJan 15 2014 6:33am
i dont reveal my age. maybe in the future i will but right now no. but that doesnt mean im some dirty pedophile

MJJan 15 2014 6:35am
f**king rub it all you want. it is used to the attention, and is creaming for you already. it's only hidden now by one skinny jeans and no panties.

kellyJan 15 2014 6:35am
I don't care how old or young u r. im on the pill, so you can do wat u want with my body.

kellyJan 15 2014 6:37am
*reaches into your jeans and rubs it*

MJJan 15 2014 6:37am
you dont need to tell me what i can do to your body. your my slave so i own and control you *kisses your neck*

MJJan 15 2014 6:39am
f**k it all, master. no hair down there. finger f**k my 14yo pu$$y. talk dirty to me. make me gush right here in class!!!

kellyJan 15 2014 6:40am
I think I will like being your slave.

kellyJan 15 2014 6:40am
*pulls your jeans off then takes my co¢k and teases you by rubbing the head against you*

MJJan 15 2014 6:42am
*spreads my legs*

kellyJan 15 2014 6:42am

kellyJan 15 2014 6:43am
you gonna f**k me right here in class. oh that's f**kin hot!!!!!!!!!!!

kellyJan 15 2014 6:44am
we're all the way in the back corner so nobody will notice us *slowly slides c*ck into you*

MJJan 15 2014 6:46am
Mmmm, Kelly *then thinks of your sis*

nateJan 15 2014 6:48am
moaning, begging for more, looking down at my shaved pussy, watching your rod go inside of me, if you only knew how many c*cks I've had, you would probably cum right away at that the thought of this hot little c*nt. nobody sees us, master. f**k me. I hope I am the youngest pu$$y you've ever had. that makes me cream just thinking about it.

kellyJan 15 2014 6:49am
how do you know about my sis, Nate? how old is she?

kellyJan 15 2014 6:50am
because you spoke about her the other night and you said shes 10

nateJan 15 2014 6:51am
class is going to be out in 10 minutes. im going to the bathroom then to wipe hand sanitizer all over my a$$ and pu$$y. what else do you want me to do in the bathroom?

kellyJan 15 2014 6:51am
*slowly starts to move hips back and forward. this causes my co¢k to move into your the base and out to the head. i move slowly to get you nice and right. savoring each movement*

MJJan 15 2014 6:52am
love your memory, nate. yes, she's 10, and I f**kin watch her crotch and a$$ like all the time. am I sick or what? I dream of going down on her little pu$$y like day and night!!!!

kellyJan 15 2014 6:52am
I always savor every moment and every inch a c*ck or a strapon is inside me! Do me, master! make me cum in the next 5 minutes. I really can explode on the inside, and nobody around me ever know what I just did!!

kellyJan 15 2014 6:54am
I dont think its sick, mmm, i wanna see you do that you naughty thing, and thank you for your compliment

nateJan 15 2014 6:54am
I really wanna do it to her, too. i watch teen lesbian porn like all the time, and I just wonder if she plays with herself when she's in her room.

kellyJan 15 2014 6:56am
*speeds the pace up a little. fu¢ks you with long smooth strokes. i use hands to trace your body*

MJJan 15 2014 6:57am
I did it when I was 10, but I can't picture her doing it. she's just different from me somehow.

kellyJan 15 2014 6:58am
okay, there's the buzzer. class is out. going to the bathroom for some fun. will take my laptop with me. sext me good!!!!!

kellyJan 15 2014 6:59am
Mmmmm, maybe you should try spying on her a little or letting herwatch something hot and see what she does

nateJan 15 2014 6:59am
how much you been imagining my c*ck going in and out of your sis as you lick her clit?

nateJan 15 2014 7:02am
*leans down and grabs your breast and sucks on them. licks there nipples then bites on them softly*

MJJan 15 2014 7:03am
nate please go

MJJan 15 2014 7:03am
in a stall here...took my jeans totally off...leaning back on the toilet...legs spread wide toward the door...fingering my cl*t wildly...f**k, I can even hear the sound of my pu$$y..gotta stop a second, another girl is peeing in the next stall...don't want her to hear this.

kellyJan 15 2014 7:05am
sure MJ. Kelly if you wanna chat more, look for my post in love section k

nateJan 15 2014 7:07am
okay, back at it, gonna cum in a few seconds!!!

kellyJan 15 2014 7:07am
I will nate. somebody please f**k me NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

kellyJan 15 2014 7:08am
mj bite my 32Bs.

kellyJan 15 2014 7:08am
*gets down and puts my mouth on your pussy*

MJJan 15 2014 7:08am
f**k me with your tongue MJ

kellyJan 15 2014 7:09am
*flicks tongue in and out of you*

MjJan 15 2014 7:09am

kellyJan 15 2014 7:10am
*pushes it deep in to you then licks around inside*

MJJan 15 2014 7:10am
*wipes pu$$y and a$$ with sanitizer, squeezes back into jeans, and goes innocently to 3rd period". who knew????

kellyJan 15 2014 7:11am

MJJan 15 2014 7:14am
I love sneaking around.

kellyJan 15 2014 7:14am
if people next to me only knew what my pu55y looks like, or what fun i have with her!!!!!

kellyJan 15 2014 7:16am

KellyJan 15 2014 7:04pm

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