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women realy are the true physically&mentely stronger&smarter,superior sex by far I beleive,do you feel the same.

Question: I have been over powerd&beat up by women,and every fight I have seen women fighting men,the women has allways esaly beat the crap out of the man.tell me if you have ever seen that.and if theres a women that would like to fight meplease email me,
Created by: keith at 04:20:08 AM, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 PST


Women will usually only pick a fight with men they can beat. They have a vast advantage over men in this regard, men are motivated by sheer aggression and bravado. A woman on the other hand if she is to confront a man picks her target carefully. This is because unlike the male she does not enjoy violence for its own sake. She wants to humiliate him and so gain the admiration of other women and fear from men.

hymatJan 16 2011 1:14pm

yes women are the superior sex they are stronger i have seen this all over the u.s they have stronger muscles they have more endurance than men.they work more than men. men have become lazy.its a womans world they have won the battle of the sexes and deserve it.i hope women dont treat men the way men teated women when they thought they were will never be strong enuugh to weakin women again if you believe they did in the 1930s

fan of stronger womenJan 17 2011 8:43am
A woman that realize she is stronger than the man she's with could be dangerous. Most men have been brought up that you should never beat a girl/woman. Women don't have that since they have always been considered the victims. When my girlfriend understood she was a good deal stronger than me and in fact could do whatever she wanted with me even if I tried to stay away she became a monster. She loved showing people around us who was stronger, very humiliating, and then she started to force me to do things. She wanted to wrestle and really wanted to fight hard and long, I ended up very bruised and humilated. I then didn't consider leaving her, that happened when she started to hit me. After being beaten up twice I left her. I started to take self defense courses and started to work out with weights. I met my ex-girlfriend two years later. She smiled at me and flexed her biceps to make me remember that she was stronger than me. She wanted me to come home with her and I thought that this could be a good idea, I wanted to get even now when I had a stronger body and a know-how of how to defend muself. Well, big misstake! She understood that I wanted to fight her and was prepared. The problem was that I had learnt how to defend myself in different situations, not attacking. I had become stronger but not a lot. We decided to wrestle when I told her that I wanted to get my male pride back. She was on me like a tigress, forcing me to the floor in a flash. I was pinned in seconds and there was nothing I could do about it. She was stronger than I remembered and she told me she had been working out hard the last years and that she also wrestled for fun with a group of ladies and an instructor. She let me up to be able to humiliate me again. We matched strength, arm agains arm and I now realized that I was outclassed and that I was in for a horrible evening. She pinned me, scissored me, hit me and then did things that I don't want to mention. When she let me go several hours later I actually couldn't go so she let me sleep on the couch. I had to go to the hospital the day after with one cracked rib and several parts of my body very bruised. They asked me what had happened and wanted me to go the the police. I lied and said that I was attacked of a couple of young men that I couldn't describe. They didn't believe me when they saw the scratches from me ex's long nails but of course I wanted to forget about this evening. I have avoided my ex girlfriend since.

Stay away from themJan 19 2011 1:51am
stay must be nuts

AnonymousJan 25 2011 11:25am
I am finding out all these polls are bull,allmost all the voting is guys.women tell us if you realy think women are stronger& can mostly beatup males,if so I live in arizona&I dare you to compeat with me in wrestling,boxing kickboxing,or all out street fight.agin my email is I bet not even one women will ever have the guts to go aginst me.I made this poll just to see who leaves most all comments,its guys.women if you think you can beat me at enything come on and show me.or are all these polls a bunch of bull.

keithFeb 10 2011 4:17pm
you women out there in arizona are raly leting women down by not takeing this peace of crap males mockery of us.please there has goot to be a women that will beat the pulp out of this guy&make him beg you to stop& then use as your toilet&make this pig serve womenhood for the rest of his pittyfull life.sisters we need to take are rightfull place,even if we have to kidnap them so we can start training them.I know theres a sister out there that will not let womenhood down.start with want to know,by makeing him know.his but&life belongs to us(WOMENHOOD).

colleen/but kicker of malesFeb 15 2011 5:53pm
well bitch,I have proved my self like men allways do,there are no women that can or has the guts to fight a man.thay are smarter then you,I will say it agin women allways will be the weaker sex and allways will be owned by men.

wanted to know.Feb 23 2011 4:16pm
i have never been beaten by a girl. i can bend iron, lift much more than my own weight and throw it, rip phoneguindes with my hands, crush an apple in my hand and can stick myfingers into flesh(ive done it on recently killed pigs or fishes). im a man and i doubt there is a girl stronger than myself. i dont lose my time trying to look bigger but actually spend time making bone denser and my hands more powerful. whats the use of throwing a hard punch if the fist is soft?

tough 20 year oldSep 01 2011 7:57pm
This one Maria

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:44am
wha you mean liftn me?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:48am
Sorry what??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:48am
He'll be I'll be lifting you while looking at your bf and lough you wrote this, i don t understand sorry

mariaNov 14 2016 2:49am
does your friend challenges the bf in size and strenght now?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:49am
I meant your bf will be scared. I'll be looking at him while lifting the couch

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:50am
i cannot wait to see it!!! he willbe so surprised ahah

mariaNov 14 2016 2:51am
Yes she does and not only with him, but with his friends as well. Now she proposed to him, and wants to make him house husband as well πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:51am
I know so you'll be wrestling my husband or bf first?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:52am
i think husband than i get to the stronger one after i rest a bit

maNov 14 2016 2:52am
exciting, she forces him toa armwrestling to enjoy that who once was so strong become sooo weak!?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:53am
Okay cool I love watching you beating both of them. What's your bf reaction would be seeing you wrestling my husband and boyfriend

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:53am
i will lough once my bf is on the couch saying that in this house is clear that women are the stronger sex just to see him boiling with pride

mariaNov 14 2016 2:54am
i guess he will be annoyed because 1 he may be jealous, 2 it may get nervous about this, 3 may get annoyed because he thinks is stupid

mariaNov 14 2016 2:55am
Exactly and now all his friends and family know he's much weaker than her. Maybe after you become stronger than your bf you can propose as well but as a pride winner wife πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:55am
thenbf is still 15 inches so he is a big guy, but i guess she wins pretty easy

mariaNov 14 2016 2:56am
So you should definitely do it. Why he would be jealous??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:56am
yes definitely!!! because im touching other guys?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:56am
Yes but she forces to become weaker thinner

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:56am

mariaNov 14 2016 2:57am
Stupid men my husband was jealous at first. You're beating men not touching πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. What would you be wearing??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:57am
i don t know yet something comfy for stretching and kicking esily eheh

mariaNov 14 2016 2:58am
He's not allowed to go to the gym and he's on diet all the time

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:58am
how can you convince a man to do that?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:58am
Hope you don't mind I wrestle topless. You should be wearing something expose your muscles

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:59am
im not gealous, i want to see a female body beat my bf he need to see wasn t a guy who destroyed him but a lady

mariaNov 14 2016 3:00am
I toat first she told him that she thinks thin men are sexy and every time he skips gym she gave him best sex, at this time she was lifting weights gaining weight and training as wrestler and boxer

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:00am
yes but if now he is humiliated by this difference in size and strenght he would be puched by his pride to go train again to try to winn again

mariaNov 14 2016 3:02am
πŸ˜‚ I'm glad because I'm almost always topless in my house. You should be wearing swimsuit

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:02am
if i remeber you have around 6 kg each boobs, so i fon t think any bra can hod it for long:) i don t mind at all

mariaNov 14 2016 3:02am
Too late for him now she's stronger bigger and already contrl his lufe. I told he would be house husband soon women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:03am
That's perfect you're cool woman. Yes that's right I have cow boobs

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:04am
i would flex for him every time he watchesme asking him if he has ever had such mucularity, and try to touch or squeeze them for teasing

mariaNov 14 2016 3:04am
they re enormous!! you can really suffocate somebody there ahah

mariaNov 14 2016 3:05am
ae you bored to flex for your husband and watching his destroyed pride? or still it excites you?

maNov 14 2016 3:06am
Wow I love watching you doing this to your bf

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:09am
if i were this lady i would flex for him every time he watchesme asking him if he has ever had such mucularity, and try to touch or squeeze them for teasing

mariaNov 14 2016 3:09am
I know I love it when I suffocate men with my boobs they're great weapon. I'm bored of flexing for my husband but not for other men

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:10am
You can do it just few more months of training and your bf male pride will be under your feet can't wait πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:11am
i guess men they look in trance when they see how big are your mucles when you flex

mariaNov 14 2016 3:12am
you think your frinds lifts her bf? or armwrestle him? or challlenge him?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:12am
i cannot wait as well to be that powerfull

mariaNov 14 2016 3:13am
Actually men lost their erection when they see my naked body πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:13am
even if you never beated them? like first time?> they are not curious to touch?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:14am
I know she lifts for sure.

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:14am
ahahha he doesn t like i guess and she loves i suppose

mariaNov 14 2016 3:15am
Maybe they're curious and bit excited about only my boobs but the rest of my naked is scary for men. So don't worry if your bf sees my naked. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:15am
for most of them your boobs are the biggest they have evr seen! you don t like to flex and feel guys trying to squeeze without success?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:16am
Yes he hates it she enjoys making him like a baby. Sorry to ask this you said your bf is jealous if you wrestle others is that why you're not wrestling men weaker than you??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:17am
that s why i need your help i dont want him to be upset so i need you to help me educate him

mariaNov 14 2016 3:17am
Sure i flex a lot all men I know touch my muscles πŸ’ͺ🏻 many many times

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:17am
is a nice feeling? i bet you watch theyr arms while they touch yours and enjoy how puny they look compared to you :)

mariaNov 14 2016 3:19am
That's a shame from you. No woman should be scared from her man. I can help you but you should start being liberted woman do you how this works?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:19am

mariaNov 14 2016 3:19am
Exactly but it's better feeling when they touch my thighs and calves

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:20am
I bet yes if you extend the leg nobody can puch it down is too strong

mariaNov 14 2016 3:20am

mariaNov 14 2016 3:20am
Strong muscular having lots of male friends bring them home wrestle them, have someone like slave. Did you have any slave before? Going out or swimming topless

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:21am
never had slaves , do you?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:22am
Yes my legs are extremely strong. No man can compare to my muscles

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:22am
i guess i have never seen nobody with such huge msucles in the leg, i will ask my bf to sit on one of them when you extend it

mariaNov 14 2016 3:23am
Yes lots, it's so cool this's how I live my life. Do you like my life style? Do you know what male slave do?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:23am
i guess all of them were normal guys , you beated badly and they are now scared to death from you and they do as you comand

mariaNov 14 2016 3:24am
Yes I'll let him sit there while he's kissing my feet is that alright for you?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:24am
wit where? how? i don t understand sorry

mariaNov 14 2016 3:25am
Exactly that's right. You should have some of those as well it's so great to have them

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:25am
I'll let your bf sit on my legs then he'll be forced to kiss suck lick my toes and feet if you're alright with that?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:26am
so you have straight leg and my bf on it while back at you he faces your feet?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:27am
Yes exactly.

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:28am
ok now i understand , isn t it too heavy?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:28am
No it's not. How much your bf weight?? Do you want to try male slaves someday

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:29am
he s basically hugged at your eg to not fell down ehehhe i wish to see this!! if he is not kissing good u can spank hi from that pisition :)

mariaNov 14 2016 3:29am
85 kg, yes i want of course it can be nice

mariaNov 14 2016 3:29am
Yes he should kiss and lick properly. Do you like watching me spank your husband? What do you want to do with your male slave?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:31am
yes i want to see him compretery dominated, beated, humiliated crying in a corner

mariaNov 14 2016 3:32am
for sure they ll clean my house always !

mariaNov 14 2016 3:33am
Yes he'll be crying a lot. They'll be cleaning your house bring you glass of wine after work while giving you foot massage. Giving you massages washing your clothes, and you can beat them when you're angry 😑

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:35am
85 is heav for you?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:36am
85 actually not at all I thought he's heavier. That's good you'll be same weight in few months go girl

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:37am
yes i want slaves than you convinced me ehehhe. crying a lot can you make it possible?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:37am
85 is not heavy to hold up in one leg?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:38am
Yes it's so easy most men cry when I slap them on their asses using my slippers. When you come to my house you'll have at least 2 slaves but with one condition

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:38am
No it's not I can lift at least 100

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:39am
what condition? can i bring them home?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:39am
Yes of course you can. Your bf should be watching you with your slaves all the time. You should let them massage you naked while he's watching

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:41am
ahaha below 100 is not a good weight too easy? amazng my bf will look so puny

mariaNov 14 2016 3:41am
Your bf will be f*cked by real strong woman like me πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:41am
of course is fine for me but who going to convince my bf?!?!

mariaNov 14 2016 3:41am
What??!! Don't make me angry 😑 f*ck him. He should say nothing convince him in what??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:43am
you know if you can make a tailored dress for you will be a very nice prank for mjy bf , do you have any "good houswife" dressed in the closet?

mariaNov 14 2016 3:43am
to observe without being able to discuss with my choice to have slaves, that s why i need you to destroy his ego and pride first

mariaNov 14 2016 3:44am
You want me to wear it??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:44am
Maria you should do it. I can help you with that did you know why I have these conditions??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:45am
which conditions

mariaNov 14 2016 3:46am
i ask about that dress because he thinks woman are made to stay home like old movies with that kind of dresses and will be sooo hot if one of those kind of woman has monster muscles to scare him :) but of course was just one idea i don t want you to do something you don't like :)

marNov 14 2016 3:47am
Destroying men ego isn't only by beating them. No you can do it by showing thrm that you're strong woman who humiliate other men this's why I told you your bf should watch these other men massaging you naked all the time or to wrestle with other men toples

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:48am
The problem no clothes fit my body and boobs and muscles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. But I can make him wear it πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:49am
sure i want to do it all day!! how much percentage of your strenght you think you need to use to hug and lift a guy like my bf (not hurting just friendly hug that perhaps lift his feets a bit)

mariaNov 14 2016 3:49am
can you force him to wear it? wow you need someone doing it appositely for you

mariaNov 14 2016 3:50am
Okay so please start taking off your clothes and let other men touch you more and more. I think 5% not more of course

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:50am
that will be a grat beginning, we are invited for dinner and you open the door and saay hi to me and hug him pretending not to notice that you actually lifted him easy:)

mariaNov 14 2016 3:51am
Yes I can. If you're fine I'll beat him undress him naked him and then let him wear it. Actually I don't like these clothes

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:52am
youcan do whatever you want hith him :) youhave my permission

mariaNov 14 2016 3:52am
Yes sure no problem that happens all the time without intention

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:53am
what do you mean happens all tghe time

mariaNov 14 2016 3:53am
Cool I'll tell you when you arrive that it's a law in my house that everyone should be topless I think he won't dare say anything πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:54am
Always when i hug men i lift them without noticing hahaha

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:54am
after you put him down you ask us to sit in the living room, and to pay attention at the weights on the grouns, than to be sure nobody got hust you ask my bf to pass you those weights that are there to help you putting them in place

mariaNov 14 2016 3:54am
do you have some male friend that said to u hey put me down? eheh

mariaNov 14 2016 3:55am
if he finds immediately this hewill not entr the house and leave quickly so we need to be patient and play like a cat with the mouse :)

mariaNov 14 2016 3:56am
Okay and he can't because it's so heavy for him. How about forcing you all to be topless maybe this will be the first time for you topless with other men right??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:57am
Yes many friends husband friends and relatives haha. Why he'll leave immediately??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:58am
i wish you to force us after dinner when he is a bit afraid because you lifted the table and the couch for him eheh

mariaNov 14 2016 3:58am
becayse he don t want to be in this kind of situation he want s to leave :/

mariaNov 14 2016 3:59am
But he'll see me topless from the beginning. Anyway that's alright i have to wear a bra for 1 hour i hate it

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 3:59am
you can use it later as a leash for him :)

mariaNov 14 2016 4:00am
Alright and when I catch him I'll take all his clothes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:00am
you may need just a shirt no bra they are too big for a bra :)

mariaNov 14 2016 4:00am
Wow you have great ideas you'll be amazing strong wife in the future. Do you want to take your bra your self or you want my slaves to help you??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:02am
at this point i will ask my bf if he has noticed how strong fit and muscular you look and if he trhinks tat men are still stronger sex :)

mariaNov 14 2016 4:02am
I don't know maybe I'll wear only a shirt and use my underwear as a leash

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:03am
if i have slaves they must do it for me

mariaNov 14 2016 4:03am
Yes yes and you should be flexing and telling him see we're stronger and we can do whatever we want

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:04am
i just send him a message asking him how big are his muscles and that i like them so he will answer me ehehe

marNov 14 2016 4:04am
he will prbably answer that man can do the same, that table was very light and couch aswell

mariaNov 14 2016 4:05am
Yes if you want them to. One will be taking off your shirt and bra whitle the other your pants and the last one your shoes and socks and kissing your feet. How's that

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:05am
is amazing is paradise , understand why u like it

mariaNov 14 2016 4:06am
You told him you like small muscles right? After naked him we'll give him a chance to lift the couch then we can make fun of him

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:07am
no because he thinks they are big

mariaNov 14 2016 4:08am
Really I'm so glad you like it. Please train and MMa and start taking off clothes and you'll get it all soon

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:08am
No no no you should tell him that you get horny when you see thin men.

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:09am
you train biceps with 75? you think you can lift itoverhead aswell/?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:09am
yes you are right i will start to tell him so :)

mariaNov 14 2016 4:10am
Okay cool yes I can it's so easy

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:10am
i will ask him if he trhinks he can beat you in strenght

mariaNov 14 2016 4:11am
I really really want to see your boyfriend face while I'm spanking him, and you beating my husband and my boyfriend while you're topless πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:12am
75 overhead is so easy? i guess you husbad which is 60 will stay there up for hours if you wantedto

mariaNov 14 2016 4:12am
He'll say sure men aren't only weak they're stupid πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:12am
will be a cry baby face saying sorry and ordering you to let him go

mariaNov 14 2016 4:13am
why stupid?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:14am
Exactly my husband is 65 and my boyfriend is 72 both so little for me. You know I just relized you're heavier than my husband and almost same weight as my boyfriend go girl great work πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:14am
wow so you really hold him up with single hand?!?! you acryally can put both and lift both up one in each hand, have you ever tried?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:15am
Stupid because he'll answer sure any man can beat a woman but when he'll be under my feet as you said he'll be crying

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:15am
he will probably challenge you in something very manly sport

mariaNov 14 2016 4:16am
So will you wrestle my husband and boyfriend topless?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:16am
yes but one by one i cannot win them at the same time

mariaNov 14 2016 4:16am
Manly!! I'm sure I'm more much more manly than your sissy boyfriend

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:17am
if i wrestle you musct let my bf whatch, hold him maybe in your lap and don t let him run away

mariaNov 14 2016 4:17am
Okay one by one are you excited to wrestle men??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:18am
Haha of course he'll be on my lap watching his wife beating others topless 😍 Can't wait

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:19am
yes, can i kick them as i want?no rules? yes manly sport like armwrestling, munches in the shoulders etc

mariaNov 14 2016 4:19am
im telling you he will try to go away from your lap

mariaNov 14 2016 4:20am
Haha I'll kick his ass. By the way I'm very manly woman too much

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:20am
Yes please do whatever you want to them. How would you wrestle them??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:20am
yes manly muscles i know but enourmus boobs to compensate :)

mariaNov 14 2016 4:21am
i will start probably with a welldone kick in the balls, than put my arm around himand headlock untill he submits, and than i start to jump with my ass on his back and spanking him like a rodeo

mariaNov 14 2016 4:22am
Haha yes that's true but I have manly things other than muscles πŸ’ͺ🏻: voice body hair etc..

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:22am
so you husnand is the baby girlnd you are big boobed bodybuilder mum eheh

mariaNov 14 2016 4:22am
That's so cool you should also jump with all your weight on him, and then sit on his face with your ass so he can't breathe πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:23am
i have a question for you 65 kilos looks easy warmup with 2 hands, can you grab your husband elbows put them on the side of hus body and lift him for warmup like a barbell!??

mariaNov 14 2016 4:23am
but like this i will hurt him much@!!

mariaNov 14 2016 4:24am
Haha yes something like that lucky I have boobs πŸ˜‚. Good thing I have slaves to shave my body hair it's amazing when 2 or 3 men shaving and bathing you

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:25am
Yes I did it not only to my husband and to other men as well it's so humiliating. I can do it to your boyfriend πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:26am
can you use him as a training weight?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:26am
Yes I can use him as a barbell for biceps and squad

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:27am
you should have asked your husband to count how many repetition you were doing :)

mariaNov 14 2016 4:27am
I want you to humiliate my husband and boyfriend after you finish beating them do you have any ideas?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:28am
When I use his friends his task will be to countπŸ˜‚ I did it many many times

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:29am
they must walk around the sofa like a dog and getting spanked and saying thanks mistress maria for the spank

mariaNov 14 2016 4:29am
how musch do they counted? can you tell me how it happened? did you enjoy ?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:30am
I love walking like dog how about spanking them while they're on your thighs πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:30am
yes but very hard spank!

mariaNov 14 2016 4:31am
Oh I enjoyed a lot his friend was 80 kg i did 20 biceps and 45 squad but he had erection so it was really weird and he was naked πŸ™€

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:31am
im almost convinced that you can completely lift his body for a small time if the spank is very hard

mariaNov 14 2016 4:31am
Sure extremely hard spank you can use shoes if you want. My advice to you during the wrestling you should sit on men's faces it's great feeling have you tried it before?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:33am
i thought you could have done much more than 20 :) bt is very impresive the guy enjoyed aswell if he had erection

mariaNov 14 2016 4:33am
Yes sure I can but we stopped because of the erection. I was laughing a lot small dick naked man as barbell between my hands and erection so weird

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:34am
Do you have big boobs or so small ones?? And what's your foot size?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:35am
normal boobs and 37 feet. is so humiliating for my bf coulting how many repetition is body must do without touching the flooe because stronger woman arms need a workout

mariaNov 14 2016 4:36am
so what if he challenge you on punching each other shoulders? how you think it will go?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:37am
Normal as C or D. I know he'll be so embarrassed and all of that and you're watching. My feet is 46 πŸ™€

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:37am
c! before training was d but fat is decresing:) his feets are 43/44

mariaNov 14 2016 4:38am
I'll punch him and he'll fly to the wall while I won't feel his punch. So have you ever tried it before that you sit on man face??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:39am
no never, it s a nice feeling?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:39am
Okay i see. What's your thighs size?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:40am
it would be so funny if you give him more chances asking him to really try to punch you,and than with one punch you send him away some cm

mariaNov 14 2016 4:40am
now 18

mariaNov 14 2016 4:40am
It's the best feeling ever he won't be able to breathe and you're sitting on his face he'll be trying to breathe so hard you'll feel the air on your ass and you'll feel his toung and mouth trying to catch anything to breathe any thing coming from your ass. You should be wearing thong or small underwear to feel it or nothing it'd be better

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:42am
sounds very exciting i will try soon possbly

mariaNov 14 2016 4:43am
Girl you should keep working you have great future I'll give him chances as much as you want.

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:44am
what y mean as much as i want

marNov 14 2016 4:45am
Yes yes you should. Very soon. If i may ask do you want my husband and boyfriend to be naked or wearing underwear when they wrestle you?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:45am
at beginning underwear than ill see how much conficdence i will have

mariaNov 14 2016 4:46am
I meant he can punches me with his weak little arms many many times

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:46am
you don t be mad at him?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:46am
Confidence what do you mean? Why you need confidence to see my husband and boyfriend small useless dicks?? πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:47am
i haveyou permission to have them naked?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:47am
No he's only a sissy boy why to be mad? I'm mad at him because he's jealous at you?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:48am
so you enjoy seing him trying as hard as he can and getting desperateabout his powerless

mariaNov 14 2016 4:49am
Yes it's your decision do you want to wrestle naked men? Do you naked slaves? They're under your orders

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:49am
slaves dressed and fight naked so i can aim better with my kicks :)

mariaNov 14 2016 4:49am
Exactly it's so funny watching man trying while we talking about something else and laughing

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:49am
in which challenges of streght you can do this like talking abt something else?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:50am
he will feel pretty emasculated

mariaNov 14 2016 4:51am
Cool woman I like you. My husband and boyfriend balls will be destroyed πŸ˜‚ Can't wait. Slaves dresses as what?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:51am
depends maybe sometimes in underwear and sometimes if u come for a cofee as a houswife

mariaNov 14 2016 4:51am
That's the point he'll feel like little girl. All of them maybe arm wrestling

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:52am
you don t need concentration for beating in armwrestling?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:52am
Cool. Would you be naked during wrestling as well? It's good enjoyment

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:53am
yes a little weak girl punching a wall ofmuscles , i guess he will do a nice fly after you punch his shouder

mariaNov 14 2016 4:53am
No not with useless like him. Of course he'll be using 2 hands

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:53am
so help me to understand he will be using 2 hands how? and what oyu will be doing?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:54am
Haha yes this little girl will fly way long. Do you smoke cigarettes?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:54am
like 30 cm flight? no i don t smoke :)

mariaNov 14 2016 4:55am
He'll be using his both hands in arm wrestling me 1 arm. I'll be watching tv and talking to you. About our new slaves πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:56am
Maybe 100 cm fly. Would you wrestle my husband and boyfriend naked?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:57am
ican measure you arm while he pushes :) is easy for ou to hold arm in position than?

mariaNov 14 2016 4:57am
yes of course but i may be excited while i win and a bit wet

mariaNov 14 2016 4:57am
Yes sure once while I was arm wrestling one man I breastfeeding the other one

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:58am
the other man using 2 arms? and how the second man was hold?!

mariaNov 14 2016 4:58am
Don't worry there're lots of men to clean your dirt after thatπŸ˜‚. Or my husband and boyfriend can have it on their mouths

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:59am
Yes. The other one was on my lap sucking from my breasts

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:00am
Of course you'll be wet every woman does

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:00am
is mummy too strong for yu? thatswhat you were saying?>? eheh

mariaNov 14 2016 5:00am
he is 85 kilos ,187 cm and 13,5 inches biceps, 20 thighs and 15 calves/ i just received his message

mariaNov 14 2016 5:02am
Yes exactly something like that. Because the other adult was being breastfeeded by me.

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:02am
what will you say to Al(my bf)

mariaNov 14 2016 5:03am
13 biceps OMG. You're almost same size girl you're doing terrific work. Congrats

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:03am
you almost have 10 inches over his bicep

mariaNov 14 2016 5:04am
You pussy man. See woman are destroying you. You should become Maria slaves

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:04am
try harder al, push camon,be a man a woman cannot beat you :)

mariaNov 14 2016 5:05am
I know I told he's weak. But aren't you happy that you both now have same biceps size although you're 15 kg lighter that's terrific

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:05am
he has 13.5

mariaNov 14 2016 5:05am
i really want to see your flexxedmuscles compared to his

mariaNov 14 2016 5:06am
Al I'm using one I can't feel anything are you really trying why your face is red?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:06am
hewill answer <<yes I am pushing as much as i can><

mariaNov 14 2016 5:07am
I know you told me yours are 13 so it's almost the same enjoy your victory πŸ’ͺ🏻. Comparing with me is a joke. My biceps bigger than his thighs

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:07am
Believe after this night he'll live his entire life in shame and he'll be scared from Women all the time

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:08am
i like to hear you humiliating verbally him, what else would you say

mariaNov 14 2016 5:09am
scared mentally and fisically

mariaNov 14 2016 5:09am
I don't know how to speak like that. I can beat and you can talkπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I told my husband that you're coming to wrestle him soon πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:10am
Exactly both. Does he know that you both have same biceps size?? Are you happy because of that?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:11am
you were doing good, i guess you give them this kind of humiliation when they cannot win(always)

mariaNov 14 2016 5:11am
im very excited but no he doesn t know i guess, is fine it s still a secret untill ill get musch strnger thn him

mariaNov 14 2016 5:12am
Thanks. Men are always destroyed under my 47 feet

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:12am
you can beat them with every single part of your body i suoppose

mariaNov 14 2016 5:13am
Yes that's true. I think in few weeks you'll have bigger biceps try to stop him from going to gym these days. While you go everyday

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:13am
i truly want to see him desperate husing every drop of strenght against your arm and realizing he is not strong enough for you

mariaNov 14 2016 5:14am
Yes I beat them using my boobs only. My husband and boyfriend are already scared from you πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:14am
boobs only? how? tell them to say goodbye to balls

mariaNov 14 2016 5:15am
You'll see it. And after that you'll see his tears from my slippers spanking

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:15am
so you sure that there is no way he will even move your arm?

mariaNov 14 2016 5:16am
Pushing them to the wall, and then trap between the wall and boobsπŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:16am
some one ever cryed in desperation because he realized how weak he was compared?

mariaNov 14 2016 5:16am
and they ost against your sole boobs?

mariaNov 14 2016 5:17am
No he will not. No way. My boyfriend is saying please he doesn't want to lose his balls, you're already bigger heavier stronger than them πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:18am
tell him that i will be bit gentle if he will obey my orders now

mariaNov 14 2016 5:18am
Yes they actually lose to my boobs. No one cries because they're weaker they cry from the pain

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:19am
What orders?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:19am
so your boobs are stronger than average guy!

mariaNov 14 2016 5:19am
can i write and you tell him?

mariaNov 14 2016 5:20am
Yes they're.

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:20am
omg to slap and beat a guy no need to use our hands, boobs are enough, you are amazng

mariaNov 14 2016 5:21am
al beated and red face by huge bioobs is somethin i want to see, you think hell cry?

mariaNov 14 2016 5:23am
and you didn t even started wrestling him he is already humiliated, very well my dear friend, now yu can do all you want to bend mybf

mariaNov 14 2016 5:24am
Really your boyfriend will have experience for all of that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:35am
What are the orders for my husband and boyfriend??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:36am
order him to take a ta[e, and when he leaves and come back he always muct kiss your feets

mariaNov 14 2016 5:41am
Take a What!!?? They already do that. They should start doing things for you? Do you want them to start kissing your feet every time you meet?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:45am
can you convince him to do? a tape

mariaNov 14 2016 5:46am
My husband and boyfriend to kiss your feet every time you meet??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:48am
yes can they doit?

mariaNov 14 2016 5:49am
he must take a tape to measure

mariaNov 14 2016 5:50am
Of course we can. Every time they do it in not proper way you can kick them on the faces and balls. Do you like it when men kissing you feet? Do you want them to warship your feet? For what he's going to use the tape

AnonymousNov 14 2016 5:52am
to let him realize how weak he is, i want him to do asmany push up as he can , every time he goes down he must kiss your feet

mariaNov 14 2016 5:53am
Cool I love that so your bf will kiss my feet and my husband will kiss yours that's so funny woman rule πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:54am
yes is goodfro me do you agree? after finish pushups you will measure his muscles and than he must measure yours

mariaNov 14 2016 5:55am
Yes absolutely but I don't like to measure men muscles they're so small. He can measure mine

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:58am
ok order him to measure yours and kiss when he finish with every muscle and than ask him what he thinks

mariaNov 14 2016 6:00am
Haha good ideas sure will do. Now I'm very sure that my husband and boyfriend will suffer a lot between your muscles thighs and feet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 6:04am
id loooove to see it

mariaNov 14 2016 6:10am
So you didn't tell do you like when men bend and kiss your feet as greeting? Have you tried it before?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 6:12am
Hope you're at the gym and MMA class. Always remember just few more weeks and you'll have bigger biceps πŸ’ͺ🏻 than your pussy boyfriend. Women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 6:34am
Hey champ πŸ’ͺ🏻where're you?? Looking for weak men to train by beating them πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 9:56am
Hello how are you?

mariaNov 14 2016 11:57am
Good how're you? Actually I've gotta go now can I text you within an hour

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 12:09pm
Hey Maria how's all? Did you go to the gym today? My husband and boyfriend are really concerned about you. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:59pm
Okay champ you look busy today anyway I wish you had productive day full of working out, training and kicking men's ass. Just thinking of that makes me do happy. Anyway this will close after 2 comments please move to the one directly below this one. Link:

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 4:27pm
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