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Should men be mandatorily castrated?

Question: Should males be castrated by law at a certain age at the benefit of society?
Created by: 5th column at 06:51:41 AM, Friday, January 14, 2011 PST


All men should undergo castration. It would be a festive celebration, each month. Each town under guidelines from the goverment would provide this service to all men. Each month a letter would be sent to a selected female, much like jury duty. If the female elected to be a castrator, she would arrive at the site where the selected men are waiting. All males would be castrated regardless of age from young to old. A parade would start the celebration with all men still intact but completely shaved. With the streets lined with cheering women and girls, the males would start their slow walk to the center. The embarrasement as they are paraded with their penis and balls in the cool morning air. The walk would last close to an hour, stopping only once for those who need to empty their bladders. Arriving at the center they would undergo a milking session only if their spouse wanted to retain a sperm sample. The males would then be lined up to meet their castrator. A period of time would be spent talking and getting to know each other. Then with the sound over the loud speaker "ITS CASTRATION TIME". The castrator and the man would join together and line up into the center. With a large group the castrator would be provide a seat while the man stands in his place. Slowly as the hours pass one by one they get closer to their fate. In side the center there would be tables lined up with the female doctors and nurses addressing each man. Once the man arrives at his table he lies motionless with his legs spread. The doctor does the prep work into the ball sack. With the naked testicles hanging outside, the castrator does the "snip". The testicles are saved if requested or are thrown into a bucket for pet food. The doctor removes the empty sack and does the close. The man is permitted an hour to restup with castrator by his side. After all men for the day are castrated they are once again lined up in the street. They are now walked down that same parade route to the cheering sounds of the girls and women. They are now labeled eunuches not men in society. Every year they join in to parade naked with only a penis to show the world its a much better place when the men are castrated.

a castrated memberJan 15 2011 6:52am

the scrotal sacs [balls ] contain sacred ojas or precious yogic shakti they should NOT be castrated . by yogic control yogis in the Himalayas have remained chaste for centuries so why cannot modern man adopt such yogic techniques ---one who controls his ejaculation , semen & orgasm becomes a god on earth a superman !!!

Ashesh GhoseJan 17 2011 12:23pm
Modern man can not control the actions of his penis. His semen and sperm is his mess, nothing more. Castration is best for the world.

AnonymousJan 18 2011 4:51am
I agree with anonymous men have no control over their penises. Castration would be the best solution.

MollyJan 19 2011 4:57pm
Im a 19 yr old male and have noticed that many males deny the fact the females are superior. They believe that their testicles are their greatest source of power when I try and point out it is actually our greatest weakness. I was taught manners and how to respect women at a young age by my mother. Im get upset whenever I see other men using women as sex objects or as objects just to glorify their own egos or lust. I fully realize that females are better in many aspects in life and live in a way that reflects that. Due to my female superiority beliefs and my rational thought I actually have more female friends than male friends (males call me a girl in a man's skin)...pretty immature of them. I offered the chance for a few of my closest female friends to castrate me. While excited about the idea they turned it down because they said I was one of the few rare males who thinks like a female (a compliment?) and has control over his Penis and testes. So my hat is off to you ladies, and my Congrats to being superior to we males. *many ladies may disagree with my friends' choice to not castrate me, any suggestions to talk some since into them?

5th ColumnJan 20 2011 2:43am
5 th Column explan to them how much suffering the males penis and balls cause to a female. Unplanned pregancies ruin so many lives which brings unwanted children into the world. The leading crime in the world is rape. How this impacts women for the rest of their lives. If males are castrated at a early age none of these acts would occur. It has also been proven, males live longer with out their balls. Their balls like their penis they have no control over, erections happen by thought. No desire for any type of sex once the balls are removed. Castration should be mandatory and why women haven't past laws for this to happen by now is unreasable. Why cause pain to women when it could be a simple snip and their balls would be gone. I for one know how much better my wife and I are today. I took the snip and I am a better man.

a castrated memberJan 20 2011 3:44am
maybe over 40 would be good. 41 here, might be time for them to go.

niceguyJan 20 2011 7:56pm
maybe over 40 would be good. 41 here, might be time for them to go.

niceguyJan 20 2011 8:00pm
niceguy thanks for agreeing with us. You are well past your time. Castration would be best for you and the world.

a castrated memberJan 21 2011 4:53am
Isn't it better to keep the man wanting after an orgasm but the woman controlling and denying it.Sexual attraction is a powerful tool that women can weild.No balls no attraction.

Lou RollsJan 24 2011 8:51pm
Then how would they live ? Will they be called girls ? And how will you produce babies ?

DannieleMay 05 2011 4:05am
Bunch of loons

AnonymousMay 13 2011 8:45am
They would be called crazy. Like the guy who came up with this poll. Lives in his own little world.

AnonymousMay 14 2011 10:49am
Should women be mandatorily speyed?

(0) U (0)May 24 2011 3:52pm
The guy who keeps making these polls needs a lobotomy

AnonymousJun 26 2011 5:51am
@the first comment the cheering? yeah right and u expect men to allow that? HA! and u arent castrated ur a girl dont lie to me bitch i kick ur ass @comment right above mine i say we castrate him or if its a girl we castrate her then do something like labotamy

it should be between partnersJul 12 2011 6:57pm
More likely a self loathing man with gender idenity issues., who has read to much feminist doctrine and interpreted literally , and then erotised it. Gibberish either way. The lunatics are running the Asylum here.

AnonymousJul 18 2011 9:55am
I had no control over my penis and nuts. I was oversexed and fathered 3 children out of wedlock. I was castrated at age 39 and am doing fine. Few ureges these days. Am 47 now. My doctore told me I should have castrated years sooner.

Jeremy in AnchorageSep 30 2011 2:56pm
Jeremy, I agree you should have been castrated in your 20's. I had to have castration done due to testicular torsion. I delayed going to the doctor like I should after pain set in. The only 2 things I cannot do is father children or shoot out juice. This is not the end of life. I am 32 years old and had surgery at age 23.

RichardSep 30 2011 2:59pm
who would enforce this...women? don't make me laugh.

BevisOct 31 2011 6:00pm
Thank you for writing this and reminding men that women are natural psychopaths. Men know this, but tend to forget. Thanks again.

Buck SwampNov 01 2011 2:40am
All those idiots who advocate male castration certainly make me think that their dad's should have been castrated.. long before they committed the mistake of screwing these idiots' moms

BitchkillerNov 02 2011 8:56am
All those idiots who advocate male castration certainly make me think that their dad's should have been castrated.. long before they committed the mistake of screwing these idiots' moms

BitchkillerNov 02 2011 5:09pm
To the idiot who says women are superior. Who are the greatest philosophical minds of history? Men. Who are the greatest writers and scientists? Men. Who are the greatest warriors , body builders , power lifters? Men. Who uses higher levels of testosterone for the aggression to be superior? Men. You are an idiot an a degenerate, I would gladly kill you to soil the earths ground. Not to bag women but to say they are superior is absolutely folly. Thankyou!

Friedrich NietzscheNov 28 2011 1:22pm
Greatest thinkers? ALL MEN. Greatest writers? ALL MEN. Greatest scientists? ALL MEN. Greatest mathematicians & physicists? ALL MEN. Greatest composers? ALL MEN. Greatest chess players? ALL MEN. Greatest inventors? ALL MEN.

AnonymousDec 02 2011 6:17am
I had the same problem sas you, jerewmy. That is two of us iN Anchorage and how many more. I had nop conrol over my nuts or penis and I should have been castrated before I fahered 4 children from 4 different gals. Expensive child support I am paying. Was castrated at age 37 and should have it done years sooner.

Rodney in Ainchorage, AlaskaDec 09 2011 2:32pm
i wood like to be castrated but dont know were to go

johnDec 23 2011 8:55pm
For anyone still panicking over the idea of mandatory castration, I want you to know that this law will never be put into effect. With a few exceptions, everyone who has posted are opportunistic trolls, angry mobs of gullible men, spineless, insecure, masochistic man-ginas who don't leave the house without their mistress, and a few sadist, misandrous die hard psychopaths who want a lesbian utopia. This law would never even be considered by our system as only the latter two groups actually want this law. On second thought, all you feminine extremists, castrate your dad. Because he obviously does not have the right to make more children...

Wyatt ArchivelliJan 01 2012 5:31pm
I need to find a support group to pursue castration.

arnoldJan 02 2012 5:11pm
Arnold---I am trying to find a support group, also, to pursue castration. If you find one, please place a notice pon this website. Thank you. Good luck.

RichardJan 07 2012 3:51pm
Jan. 6, 2012 Arnold and Rich, where dio you live? There are support groups in larger places. I can list some if you are interested.

DougJan 07 2012 5:50pm
The three people above me constantly have a leash around their shriveled balls. Grow a pair! (One that you aren't desperate to cut of)

Wyatt ArchivelliJan 19 2012 9:57pm
The three people above me constantly have a leash around their shriveled balls. Grow a pair! (One that you aren't desperate to cut of)

Wyatt ArchivelliJan 20 2012 5:37pm
I'd be interested in that list Doug.

AnonymousJan 21 2012 2:58pm
I'd be interested in that list Doug.

AnonymousJan 21 2012 3:00pm
Doug is in great pain and asked me to set up a post for him. I am his neighbor friend. Doug is needing another operation for a double hernia on his balls. This will be the third time. Ruptures seem to come back with 18-24 months for him. Any advice men on what to do. He will post a list a couple fo guys want when he is better.

RymanJan 25 2012 5:21pm
U sadistic bitches

me bitchJan 30 2012 10:48am
Nvm I agree sorta but u know how horrifying that would be for the guy???? Some of us don't deserve that...

me bitchJan 31 2012 4:39pm
Bad news. Doug ran him self over with own car. He never was to sharp.... Probably better off after that one incessant involving the paper shredder and hIs scrotum- guy got laughed at every where he went after that.

RymanFeb 01 2012 1:36pm
I am a female supremacist, but I totally disapprove of male castration. A castrated male is totally useless. After castration, a male would lose his sex drive so he would not be able to mate with a woman. I enjoy sex too much to keep a male with no sexual desire. A castrated male would also lose his muscularity and his body fat would increase. His penis would also shrink as well. What woman would want that? I think the testicles look very sexy, and a male wouldn't look right without them. A castrated male would lose his sex appeal. If males are properly controlled, they will not be as aggressive and violent and will not commit rape. However, I strongly advocate circumcision for all males. This should be done during the marriage ceremony with no anasthetic. This excruciatingly painful ordeal would show the male how much power the woman has over him, and would make the male more submissive and fearful. It would be an attack on his entire sexuality since the penis is the most obvious symbol of maleness. For a male, nothing is more terrifying than the thought of having a sharp knife taken to the genitals

FemSupremeFeb 02 2012 9:04pm
Castration is a "ust for every man past 40 to cut down sex offenders andbeing disloyal to partners.

AnonymousFeb 04 2012 1:36pm
I had no choice. Had to be castrated. Now that I look back over things it has made me a better individual and easier to get along with. Not having problems controlling my hard pecker and balls anymore.

LarryFeb 05 2012 11:58am
All you pathetic men who want this should just do it to yourself with kitchen utensils rather then bitch about how no doctor wants to chop of your tiny balls. @ FemSupreme: For the first half of your comment, I actually agreed with you. Neither of us support castration in any respect, but mandatory circumcision at is still very wrong. I think it is safe to say that our world is still dominated by men, and yet we don't(in developed countries anyway) cut of a piece of your pussy just to show our dominance. Even if our world was female dominated, it still doesn't hurt to use some common sense.

Wyatt ArchivelliiFeb 11 2012 9:36pm
Circumcision is good for many reasons. As I said before, it would be a good way to show the male how much power the woman has over him. The penis looks so much better without that disgusting foreskin. Males should be circumcised high and tight so that there's minimal movement of skin on the shaft, and the scar should be about halfway up the shaft. After circumcision, the glans is permanently exposed as well, which makes the male more naked. Most women prefer a circimcised penis, and in a female-dominated world, circumcision is something that males would simply have to endure.

FemSupremeFeb 14 2012 9:41pm
Circumcision preferences aside, you make an okay point, but I don't see this law ever coming into existence. I was circumcised at birth, so I don't even know how it feels to have one. At least i wouldn't have to suffer if the law did exist. However, I think it is ridiculous that, not only is it mandatory, but it's performed WITHOUT anesthetic and AT the wedding. Now I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to go to a wedding to watch someone brutally lose a piece of there penis while crying out in pain. For gods sake, we live in the twenty first century; we aren't barbaric mongrels! If there would be any affect from you law, it would be a massive anti-marriage statement. Most(I included) would probably stick with "friend with benefits". Anyway, at least we agree that castration is a stupid law, so thanks for that, I guess. :/

Wyatt ArchivelliFeb 20 2012 9:13pm
Also, one gender dominance, I completely promote equality. Despite the fact that men have been dominant for millennia, I feel that men and women can co-exist without strife, it's our dumb stereotypes and religion that get in our way. This is why it's good to be an atheist liberal. No more "stick to tradition" crap.

Wyatt ArchivelliFeb 20 2012 9:19pm
I'm well over 40 and I would enjoy having my balls clipped. They don't do me any good. But no doctor will do it.

NatFeb 21 2012 8:49pm
If one more bitch asks for his balls to be cut of, I'll troll this thread to hell!

Wyatt ArchivelliFeb 24 2012 3:05pm
If one more bitch asks for his balls to be cut off, I'll troll this thread to hell!

Wyatt ArchivelliFeb 24 2012 3:05pm
after mass castration insted of makeing pet food of their balls the woemen and girls should have a testical fry with the new eunichs serveing them

cheif aliceFeb 25 2012 8:34am

AnonymousMar 08 2012 12:10am
good comments

AnonymousMar 09 2012 3:09pm
Men who suffer from HE (humiliatory erection) fantasies can enjoy this board because the thought of being castrated by a powerful female has enough significant humiliation for these guys to get erect !

Ash-x9Mar 13 2012 8:27pm
The world would be a better place if all males were castrated. No war, no crime.

nikiMar 18 2012 6:03am
Women who suffer from HO(humiliatory orgasm)syndrome would conversely like to be mandatorily enslaved in aPlanet Gor like scenario !!

Ash-x9Mar 21 2012 10:42am
i agree as long as the women stays with to man she castrates it prmniet and she cant replaces his balls but if she keeps him i say y not go for it if youer willing to live with him dont punish man cut his balls and keep him and to be safe keep his balls in the jarer.

ashle talerMar 21 2012 11:56am
Ashle taker , pray what s "primniet " --/some Vietnamese word ??

Ash -x9Mar 24 2012 1:34pm
@niki, You have obviously never heard of Boudica, Cleopatra, Kahina, Hatshepsut, Zenobia, Tomyris, Golda Meir, Empress Matilda, Queen Amidala, Catherine the Great, Joan of Arc, Ana de Sousa Nzinga Mbande, Queen Isabella of Spain, the Trung Sisters of Vietnam, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Jezebel, Athaliah and MARGARET f*ckING THATCHER.

Wyatt ArchivelliApr 18 2012 5:19pm
Ashle obviously has his hands on his pecker-can't type while he's jerkin' off

AnonymousApr 19 2012 5:25am
The majority of castrations should be for prepubescent boys. If they are castrated before they start getting erections they will not view women as sex objects in adulthood. Plus the will not be as physically powerful so that they will not be able to physically assault women as easily. A few men should be allowed to mature to adulthood with their testicles so their sperm can be harvested for reproductive purposes. However, after their sperm is harvested they need their penis removed as well as their testicles because some men can get erections if castrated after puberty and they may try to obtain hormones to gain erections. This would eliminate sexual discrimination and violence against women

JayApr 20 2012 1:16pm
right....and if all women were given hysterectomies, mastectomies and female circumcision it would end discrimination against men so lets do both

AnonymousApr 25 2012 5:21am
i am a male i would like a law that all males should be castrated their wifes would have the rite to his balls

rodharrisoneApr 28 2012 6:38am
Good God! Internet moot cases are troll-central nowadays. Isn't it odd that this is deemed acceptable and even funny by popular culture? It's more physically threatening and psychologically damaging than the last brand of first-world sexism. It does seem to be a trend, though, that women love vindication. In all honesty, whatever self-righteous zealot it was who decided to create this site and carry out her personal crusade in the public forum, she needs to reevaluate her priorities. Do you value equality, or is vengeance your only desire? What kind of social influences do you want little boys feel in fifty years? Do you think that your nostalgia for times of yore and their accompanying chivalry has affected your perception of equality? As Jay so kindly put it (if you will pardon my trite redraft), "Go f*ck yourselves."

FormsOfOrpheusApr 30 2012 11:56am
Correction: Anonymous said, "right....and if all women were given hysterectomies, mastectomies and female circumcision it would end discrimination against men so lets do both [sic]."

FormsOfOrpheusApr 30 2012 11:59am
Correction: Anonymous said, "right....and if all women were given hysterectomies, mastectomies and female circumcision it would end discrimination against men so lets do both [sic]."

FormsOfOrpheusApr 30 2012 12:13pm
We should go back to a time where women where not even aloud to vote and had to respect the husband and do everything they said. If they where unruley then you get the drift.

AnonymousMay 01 2012 5:37am
This place is full of , who lamely try to rationalize their fetish. The logical and morale failings of their comments are amusing and frightening-that they think that repeating them makes them "true" is sad.

AnonymousMay 03 2012 6:15am
Suggesting that either gender is "superior" and the other should be mutilated (genitals or other wise) is disgusting. Some one who gets off on this probably would be the type to get off on shoveling bodies in to a furnace at a concentration camp.

crazy fuckersMay 03 2012 8:43am
ladies of all age i do not have a fetish i beliven castrating men is a good start in my life wane the rihet man come if we get married he will be given a castration or we will deforss if you marrie or have kids are ready then cut youer husbeands or boyfriens balls off get a docter and get the man fixs

girl to girl talkMay 25 2012 10:33am

GIRL TO GIRL JAYMay 25 2012 11:45am
ok lets get back thiers a big miss understanding its the testicals that the man bad and egressiv the pines is for are plesuers o im strat girl

girl to girlMay 25 2012 11:51am
my problem with my 12 year old son he masterbats and i wuld like to put it to a stop iv consalted with the a docter and both sex man and women they say its normal but i dont like it so iv been haveing thoats of have him castrated and iv talk to him about it he nows wuet it means i talk to him day by day each day he dosen like the idea of castration i taled him it wont hert if it get cut the nexe yaer going on 13 i got a cutter a docter at home after school we talk a lot with my sons and my duter she 14 and one son 13 and the other 14 the my husbeand ran and left sins i be pragnet so any way we talked for and hour and my duter sad she love one of the brothers so she will

tily crisler im a momMay 25 2012 12:23pm
so she will castrat him and live to gether shes have his baby soon in may 2012 it his she castrated him 13 moth ago she happy my frist son 14 same age he was forst castratin i healed him down as the sergry be prfom by his sister he hate be with her but he now his places with her she in conterll his dayle live he works and she stays home and pick him up from work dayle this is my first son now the other the masterbater is his name

tily crislerMay 25 2012 12:32pm
ok the 13 year old the mastrbater his story is diffrint me and the docter on the same day as my forteen year old got castrated so did the mastrbater.....the docter talk to him for 30 minets and she a loud him to mastrbat one last time and i watched as he played the docter hlep hem i gave her my prmishion and singe on paper so she mastrabat him and gave him the best day ever he loveed her so much after he cam she played with him in tell he gave blanks no sprem came out my son she side youer dry its time

tilyMay 25 2012 12:40pm
she sied it time so i new what time it was i wacher her drug him to keep him stell for 2 minets and then i pickt the scalp and cut open his scrotem and pulled out one testical and tie his sperm coered and two sisers and cut his testical off freeing it and i pulled his other out ant tied it off and cut his last testical and freeing that one he look't good but not graet so i ask the docter if we can cut off the srotm she seid yea yae thats fine so she tell me wier to cut an i cut all the srotem no srotem just skin left

silyMay 25 2012 12:58pm
just skin left the docter came back ever day to jeckup on the boys both of thier castration she preased them and talk good to my boys and sied if you have medical issues to come in mente or fell bad that we will get you in frist thing anupotment she side by to both boys and side you mom has youer balls in sepret jars with names on it so she nows hows thay are..her respons is she was glad the opertonude to see a famliy choes and to see both boys gelded

silyMay 25 2012 1:06pm
im the mom and my 13 year old lives with me and were togeter in tell he get a girl freand he will neve fater a child i do have sprem of he put back for the girl how meats him.

tilyMay 25 2012 1:12pm
i now my stoies seem strang like how can a mom do this and a sisster will it true all words the docter in that nice to help achev gaol is a privet docter lissins for this and got payed $12'000 daller and has a nice home i cant give you here name for her respect

tilyMay 25 2012 1:17pm
moma nows wunts best for her kids and if castration one of them then that wunts going to happin my son can still give sex but no babys thats the way i like it eunch is my name for him ever time i cath him mastrbat i till him that hes fixs it dont mader i now will alow him to do that to him self now more cleaning sheets now more bad kids comeing to the house it just silent and pesful my gelding sons are old to understad that it had to be this way both were forcet made to have castration done to them i chose that faet for them

tily momMay 25 2012 1:26pm
you mom out thier shouled do the same for you sons the do forgive later it make life better for the both of us just contact the logal docter in daillis and ask for the docter that give castration to peopel it will be a moth or two be for a opontment to get you kids or husbean castrated but its werth it.i hope you love the true stories you may never here a real stroie like this so enjoy

lilyMay 25 2012 1:32pm
i have videos of thier prsgers thay may come out soon the boys and i will talk and see if it ok to put on the internet

lityMay 25 2012 1:36pm
wow i never that a mother will castrat her own kids i just need to point out that thaking the pines is bad she must Know wuet shes doing and a docter to help they must have new one onther for a long time to hlpe castrat a cupel of boys no castrating kids sorry that for adlts that need this not boys thay have a long ways to go so no cuting kids balls off.....

girl to girl talkMay 25 2012 1:44pm
All of you stupid c*nts are out of your mind. I would be glad to give you my contact info if you think you are goona castrate any man. All of you females are just dirty f*cking sluts, and that's how I treet all of u. f*ck you females!!!!

sensible manMay 30 2012 9:32am
2 Mom's Are Better Than 1 Yes, absolutely, we all must fight towards routine castration performed on men. The drastic reduction in violent rape and general beatings against all women must be cut, literally. Stop The Rape! - Michelle, a proud Mom

MichelleJun 02 2012 9:10am
The War Against Women I agree, men have proven themselves to be nothing other than livestock to regulated. Women now perform better than their male counter-parts. Impressively, after generations of oppression, we women now even earn greater than men, not a surprise at all. Give women the chance, well always come out ahead, we are naturally gifted as such, blame it on nature! Men are the ones who murder and rape, and they got the balls powering them to do it, no coincidence there. Let's show some civility and common sense and end the violence against all females. Castration is known to not only curb a man's violent and sexual perversions, it also allows a natural grace to come into the castrated man's existence, something perhaps we women take for granted. Stop the War Against Women! - Kattie,the Smart Kitty ;)

KattieJun 02 2012 9:18am
Anyone who says any man should be castrated is the deffinition of evil. you are sick to even have the thought of this. btw women act like a bunch of vaginas most of the time, it seems the vagina controls women. does that mean we should annually remove vaginas from women? If we're going to be completely immoral & illogical about things then lets remove all sex organs! and fingers, toes, spines, brains, etc...

a human with a functional brainJun 02 2012 1:15pm
^^^^remove all vaginas!^^^^

:DJun 02 2012 1:19pm
i wish i was nutered by the gal who bears my kids

himJun 03 2012 9:02pm
Hey, I don't condemn any man who had a castration for medical reasons. It's common sense to jettison body parts that are trying to kill you. I also wouldn't ever tell any man they couldn't have one just because their wife said so, but I'd sooner divorce that sadistic bitch than have my perfectly well controlled and harmless balls cut off.

Masculism, coming soon to a society near you.Jun 04 2012 6:08pm
Also, intone of you girls are ever getting near me or any other man with scissors and a legal mandate. We have way too many rights and too many lawyers, and too many of your ilk have too much sense for that. :)

MasculismJun 04 2012 6:16pm
None, not intone. :P Sorry for the triple post guys.

MasculismJun 04 2012 6:18pm
I have never had any violent tendencies towards women.. Only towards other men. And only when provoked. You feminists really dont understand us men we simply defend our territory against anyone who would trespass on us. Unless you are dealing with a mental

JohnNordicJun 05 2012 12:52pm
I have never had any violent tendencies towards women.. Only towards other men. And only when provoked. You feminists really dont understand us men we simply defend our territory against anyone who would trespass on us. Unless you are dealing with a mentally ill specimen just dont push any buttons and we will leave you alone.

JohnNordicJun 05 2012 12:53pm
I have never had any violent tendencies towards women.. Only towards other men. And only when provoked. You feminists really dont understand us men we simply defend our territory against anyone who would trespass on us. Unless you are dealing with a mentally ill specimen just dont push any buttons and we will leave you alone.

JohnNordicJun 05 2012 12:58pm
Yes, hack it off, men have now nearly destroyed our economy, environment and forever war, war, war...f*ck you *ssholes, women are superior. Women are about life-centered and sensual living not death and rape you dumb, sick pricks! Stop The Rape!

CathyJun 05 2012 4:51pm
i agree...hack 'em off and stop the rape already!

grrlpwr > badballsJun 05 2012 4:55pm
Castration is Wonderful A man's balls not only stink, they're ugly and generate violence. I'm now seriously considering severing my husbands balls, he masturbates too much and is irritating to be around, especially when ever he talks. Really, why have both of us miserable when a simple procedure may free us of this toxic testosterone? I noticed there's some nifty ways of castrating one's man, animal husbandry really is every woman's essential study. I'm imagining the castration to be performed as a surprise birthday gift of freedom and for him and myself. He shall awaken the next day not as a rapist manimal, rather, as a new born human. I have learned that he will then for the first time enjoy what a real sexual experience is meant to be, pro-longed, enduring, not the 3 min. jackoff rabbit idiot he has habitually behaved like. Like our Mother's say, "if there's a will there's way!" Oh, there's both a burning will all right and many clever ways....

Rosa BabyJun 05 2012 5:08pm
i agree...hack 'em off and stop the rape already!

grrlpwr > badballsJun 05 2012 5:10pm
I hope your husband leaves you Rosa and the rest of you crazy idiots.

AnonymousJun 06 2012 2:07pm
To the moron who claimed all men are the best scientists, philosophers, writers etc. You sir are ignorant of the fact that for YEARS women got no credit for ANY of their ideas. Many inventions were created BY WOMEN only to have their husbands take credit for them. Women are sick and tired of being abused and disregarded by men and their egos. By the way, It's just typical you would think men are the best at everything, being a man and all. So sad.

sweet tearsJun 07 2012 9:46pm
what if the man is gay, for example, I will never rape a women, cuz I don't like them, actually I do not need any women, why would i need them if i'm way to happy with my boyfriend

Macboy123Jun 15 2012 4:47pm
you women and guys the agree with the women on this topic are retarted, men have control of their penis and balls, we women shouldn't want men castrated, they are what allows us to have children, and the men that rape, abuse, ect. women weren't raised right, and we women are no better than them if we want them castrated, their penis and balls aren't what make them dominant, they think they are better, and dominant because they are bigger than us, and we women are way worse than men

AnonymousJun 16 2012 7:52pm
you women and guys the agree with the women on this topic are retarted, men have control of their penis and balls, we women shouldn't want men castrated, they are what allows us to have children, and the men that rape, abuse, ect. women weren't raised right, and we women are no better than them if we want them castrated, their penis and balls aren't what make them dominant, they think they are better, and dominant because they are bigger than us, and we women are way worse than men

AnonymousJun 16 2012 7:58pm
Are you out of your god damn minds?

Forever HardJun 16 2012 11:53pm
Hack it off, and chuck it down the drain where the sack of hatred belongs. Testosterone is Violence. Do him a favor and hack it off, he'll thank you for it everyday he feels somewhat more like a woman should, less violent and even perhaps enjoy sex for the first time properly, unlike the typical as 3 min selfish, stupid rabbit boy. Say No To The War Against Women!

CathyJun 21 2012 6:37am
yes i think so it should as long as she stays with the one she castrated becuse it a life sients for him thay cant grow back it prniment for ever thing wunts his balls are cut she should be sexuly responsible for his sex life after sugery rether if it was done by her or a girl frieand. the puseger should be done by a female only....that is my and a girl conversashin we are two peopel on this one comment i was asked a bout if im ok about castration i side no but agreed if she stays with me for life we with be back soon for up date

man and womenJul 02 2012 12:04pm
im a 23 year old girl and about this commet up man and women their small talk intriss me she so rhiet castration is a lot for a man will ok yes i do belivein castration should be mandatorily but i also like forec castration dont till him youer going to just die him up and start his castration sugery do him youer self.

love the idea proued to be a girlJul 02 2012 12:20pm
dear cathy dont hate men the tureth is the men have desier and hrmone and get after later of not abeal to have sex it make him more and more on and he then gets bad ideas and comets rape all men are diffrent and some are the same wome are in to castration thes days and look at the all the peopel here and read thier think that castration duse it. it gives him girly thaots and he wunts some pussy but we say no so he starts to think of women after time thats how rape strats castration i can be ok with but wunte happins later to with him war on women is not real it just love they need i give it to men wane need to stop rape 30 minets a day stop rape that day remaber that.D E N

loveing and giveing help stop rapeJul 02 2012 1:11pm
ladies and women girls all a like i made my miend and castrated my husbeand as a exspiremnt and sucsessful it was fun and made me hot and it was force he seid hell no i played a long and got a specsul medisen that coulssis you to be parlies for 6 houers and used it on my husbeand he was still a wake he just cant move they use this produckt in hspitols to keep pashints stell way thy oprate will eny ways i uesed it and cut my mans testes out it was only 7 minests long i took my time and had a lot of fun the easpireants was alsome love it my favret part was the cut of his sack and sakcon was pulling it out and pulling it hard it was worm and soft i did him baer handed i did ues esadicks on his balls so he donet feel a thing it would be mean to not use madicashin on him he feeled no pain it want gerat my thred faverit was cuting is nuts off and the tieing off cords i had a natrul orgasom ejacuolashion i was so happy and and wunt to do this a gean.

cant tell my name sorry boys nomore balls aloudJul 02 2012 1:31pm
Yes I am a man and I agree. All men should get naked and bend over and spread their legs open and let a women come in behind them with a big butcher knife and cut the Balls off. Just grab them and pull down on them and cut the sack right off.

want balls cutJul 04 2012 3:08am

NO BALLSJul 10 2012 9:54pm
uhmmmm.. so a 11 year old boy like me would be how f*cking sick!!! you do get that the united states government would never approve of this loool faill!!!! also bear in mind the fact that you need that male sperm to repopulate the world so doing these actions will basically send humanity to its end it is scum like you that i hate the generation of humanity and why the US is not going to survive with c*nts like you running this earth PISS OFFF YOU METALy CHALLENGED FUCCK!!!

a fellow intelligent human :)Jul 15 2012 4:46pm
uhmmmm.. so a 11 year old boy like me would be how f*cking sick!!! you do get that the united states government would never approve of this loool faill!!!! also bear in mind the fact that you need that male sperm to repopulate the world so doing these actions will basically send humanity to its end it is scum like you that i hate the generation of humanity and why the US is not going to survive with c*nts like you running this earth PISS OFFF YOU METALy CHALLENGED FUCCK!!!

a fellow intelligent human :)Jul 15 2012 5:46pm
Friedrich Nietzsche and the anonymous idiot below him, if men hadn't opressed women in the first place all those things you mentioned would have been women, not men. Women are better and more intelligent human beings than men are.

BastardKillerJul 16 2012 7:16am
Explains why all the smartest people today are women. Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Elon Musk, Bill Gates ,etc. Oh wait a second all of them are men.

LULZJul 18 2012 10:59pm
Anyone who believes in castration also believes in satan. Youre no better than Hitler you crazy woman F*cks!

Balls are greatAug 09 2012 7:13am
drp a nuk on al wimen dethn al men will b a betetr wuorld

GraryAug 09 2012 7:18am
drp a nuk on al wimen dethn al men will b a betetr wuorld

GraryAug 09 2012 7:18am
i want al mens be catraing becuss are power is btetre than mens i agrgee wtih al grary becus he sayn that mens drop thure powre for women not wimen and it wlil be beter world.

momAug 09 2012 7:21am
Hi im 13 adn my mom cut my bals of 2 yeers ago she cut them of when i was slepig and it was the woorst pane i ever felt and she is now in prisson for 12 yeers she sad she di it for my one good beus she think al mens bals ar evil. i hop she burns in hel forever now i cna nevo have a famely or be a man. i want to dye now i hav goten in to truble lots sins i ben beter from my bals gone end hav not gon to scool i hate woman

JoshAug 09 2012 7:23am
drp a nuk on al wimen dethn al men will b a betetr wuorld

GraryAug 09 2012 7:24am
Josh yu were onyl goinh to raping othre wimen enyway, mens are bad balls and yu hav bene tort from a erly agge.

momAug 09 2012 7:28am
Josh yu were onyl goinh to raping othre wimen enyway, mens are bad balls and yu hav bene tort from a erly agge.

momAug 09 2012 7:30am
@Josh, Im so sorry to hear about what happened to you at such a young age! But what your mom was trying to do was a good thing! She should not have been sentenced to 12 years in prison, that is outrageous. I bet it was a man that sentenced her, horrible pig! You will forgive your mom one day. I am going to cut my husbands balls off soon as he keeps looking at other women and i know he will only rape them if i let him carry on. He will love me more when i castrate him. @ Grary, dropping a nuke on all women would end the world you thick man PIG!

Woman are inferior to noneAug 09 2012 7:31am
@Josh, Im so sorry to hear about what happened to you at such a young age! But what your mom was trying to do was a good thing! She should not have been sentenced to 12 years in prison, that is outrageous. I bet it was a man that sentenced her, horrible pig! You will forgive your mom one day. I am going to cut my husbands balls off soon as he keeps looking at other women and i know he will only rape them if i let him carry on. He will love me more when i castrate him. @ Grary, dropping a nuke on all women would end the world you thick man PIG!

Woman are inferior to noneAug 09 2012 7:47am
@Josh, Im so sorry to hear about what happened to you at such a young age! But what your mom was trying to do was a good thing! She should not have been sentenced to 12 years in prison, that is outrageous. I bet it was a man that sentenced her, horrible pig! You will forgive your mom one day. I am going to cut my husbands balls off soon as he keeps looking at other women and i know he will only rape them if i let him carry on. He will love me more when i castrate him. @ Grary, dropping a nuke on all women would end the world you thick man PIG!

Woman are inferior to noneAug 09 2012 8:07am
All mad bitches like you should be their pussies torn off and their uterus blown off

anonymousAug 10 2012 9:29pm
I consider it. I am 45 and moving on. But it seems these ideas are largely driven by women who have issues with past sexual abuse

Mr MeAug 15 2012 2:47am
Wanna masterbate with me?

The fucking dudeAug 15 2012 2:52am
Blow me n swallow

Mr Yum yumAug 15 2012 2:53am
Any woman that wants to remove my nuts can sure have them. I started reproducing children when I was 13. Now 54 and have 26 children some where in this world. I cant help that I just love women. My nuts are really large,and they just need come off.

WillieAug 19 2012 7:16pm
Self control doesn't stem from your sexual organs. It comes from your brain. So your logic dictates that if you lack such self control, you should have your brain removed. Oh wait...what then will regulate your breathing, heartbeat, and countless other bodily functions that you need to live? Your logic is bad, and you should feel bad.

MolsenatorAug 31 2012 4:23am

watAug 31 2012 6:14am
keep stupid sluts in check: MANHOOD101. COM

jannetAug 31 2012 10:41am
"I am a female supremacist, but I totally disapprove of male castration. A castrated male is totally useless. After castration, a male would lose his sex drive so he would not be able to mate with a woman. I enjoy sex too much to keep a male with no sexual desire." - Femsupreme Oh, so you oppose the castration of men because you get some selfish benefit from it. All this talk in this thread about how all men are violent and then people here try to justify violence against men in the form of genital mutilation.

Darth OviousAug 31 2012 2:57pm
Somehow trans women don't go around It's not the penis, its the man behind the penis that's raping..and if you cut off a penis, he'll rape you with a stick or knife. The only way to stop rape is to teach our sons better.

HowitzerAug 31 2012 7:25pm
All of you faggots do realize this whole thing is a troll right?Comments included.If you approved of the poll it shows that you have mental problems and issues because the person how posted it was only trolling to get neckbreads mad because you aspies need to be reminded that the internet isnt serious business.

You fags got trolled.Sep 01 2012 10:41am
Should women be spayed? Without their PMS, women tend to live a lot longer due to reduced stress, and reduced blood loss. It also decreases the risk of stroke and cancer in the ovaries. There are many more benefits of a woman getting spayed, such as, less of a desire to dress like rape bait for male attention, which leads to less rapes overall. Science is getting close to unlocking the secrets of birth without a female via a simulated uterus, which provides the fetus with nutrients just like a human host would. Research has also been done involving the transplantation of human semen into cow eggs which have been cleared out of any cow DNA. The egg is then placed back into the cow's uterus after transplantation of sperm is successful. The fetus would grow the same way as it would in a human uterus. Don't be mistaken, the child does not inherit any cow traits. In both scenarios, the baby would inherit all of the male's genes. Also, science is getting closer and closer to creating the most realistic skin-like material meaning artificial vaginas could be produced at a relatively cheap price. With artificial vaginas, men would not have to go out of their way to please an emotionally confused and unstable woman who doesn't understand what she wants or doesn't want any longer. The synthetic vagina would have many benefits over the real thing, such as zero bacteria(vaginas are literally crawling with little microscopic worms, artificial vagina can be sanitized), no smell, and lastly, the most beneficial part is ZERO vaginal stretching, or deterioration due to old age or over use. Women are probably scared... scared because soon, they will have no use left in this world. Soon they wont be over rated and over valued due to that bacteria infested fold of skin between their legs. This is why Feminists are so desperately trying to overthrow men, while they are still needed for something... Soon they wont be. With science, women will no longer be needed for their reproductive capabilities, and men will no longer have to put up with a woman's bitching, moaning, and complaining just so they can stick their dick in a fish hole. There are also sex robots being built BTW, they're like regular woman, except without the annoying luggage. They don't complain.

Next_techSep 01 2012 10:51am
drp a nuk on al wimen dethn al men will b a betetr wuorld

Joe MamaSep 01 2012 3:49pm
I went out on my Ex Wife Whe was a nurse,My Sis in law was an Ultrasound Tech and a supervisor at a large healthcare clinic. One morning after breakfast as I was drinking my morning coffee I passed out. When I woke up,I was strapped to a table I was freezing,I was also blind folded,I started to struggle then a mask was place over my mouth and nose I knew I was being put back to sleep, Right before I went out I heard a womans voice say you will not have any more problems because we're going to castrate you have a nice sleep,I woke up in pain by balls were totally gone. I divorced her I tried pressing charges but could not prove who done it...Dont ever cross a woman especially ones with access to an Operating room!.

No more agressionSep 02 2012 12:20pm
Needless to force men to be castrated, if only the goverment would allow voluntary castration, there'd be plenty of men who'd go for it on their own, me first!

ParingSep 08 2012 8:00am
I would enjoy having my teen daughter and wife castrate me. Each gal could have one nut.

NatSep 17 2012 1:59pm
i doNT WANT MY SEX ORGAN ,PLEASE ANY One cASTRATE ME PLEASE thIS IS MY id ( and tHis is my CoNTAct number +919952363366 if any oNE WANT TO Castrate me means cALl me or mail me ,please cASTRATE ME FASTLY I DOnt want testicles

balaSep 17 2012 9:16pm
castration should be done after the age of eighteen and fourty, but only if they do not meet acertain size or can notpreform any more. my husband turned fourty last week guess what happens today, my freind, is a vetranarian, she will fix him,my husbnd is nervos bur can notwait he wants me to be happy,i think that i will bake achange purse out of his scrotem,hell of a conversation peice on ladys night,the delima is what to do with his ballsput them in a jar or make a snack out of them? opps got to go she is here let you know what happens to the balls

excitedSep 18 2012 9:23am
now for the rest of the story, after my friend arrived we prepared a temporary castration tableand tied him to it she gave him a seditive to keep him calm but alert and numbed the sack and balls,she then laid out the castration equiptment by then he was ready she made acompleat circle cut around the sack and with a slow pull removed the sack leaveing just the balls attached she then cut and cauterized the cord on one ballidid notreliz e how small it was out of the sack, she then put it in a bowl and asked if i wanted to do the other one hell yes i said so she coached me through it then she sutured up the insicion andcleaned every thing up she said that he would not be such a jack off artist any more and be able to enjoy eating pussy like euniches should then while he recoverd we took the sac and balls to the kitchen wher we washed them putting balls in thecooler and poured a couple of drinks and dicsussed what iwanted to do with the balls i said idont know she said that we should cook the as they were to small for a trophy they were better than calf nutts, now my husband can pleasure me with no distractions she now is going to open her office every sat afternoon for any women who wants their men fixed by the way the sack after streched and tanned holds twenty dollars in change can not loose, fresh nuts and a coin purse and no more earth quakes in bed

excitedSep 19 2012 9:08am
ha ha ha ha ha I have N E V E R heard such a bunch of fanatical psychotics. You people should be removed from society.

suck a large NON-CASTRATED dick !Sep 24 2012 6:20am
Yes, I volunteer to be next to have my balls and sac removed. Are there any women who would really enjoy castrating me? If so, it must be safe and clean and you will get the job of the "castrator". You can do whatever you want with my balls.

MGSep 25 2012 10:31am
So let me get this straight, you believe all men should be humiliated paraded around then have our balls chopped off. But you have fought for so long to have the same RIGHTS as males. Thus history repeating its self. Congratulations you idiotic feminists, are essentially fighting for the have no rights again.

SUCK-MY-BALLSSep 27 2012 12:17pm
it seems like everyone here is suffering from past sexual abuse.

no oneSep 29 2012 2:31pm
I'd like to be castrated

j. BabcockOct 04 2012 10:53pm

Any Sane PersonOct 05 2012 7:41pm
what the hell is wrong with YOU, you can chop your nuts off, if you want, but gosh daminit ima keep mine.

BlowMeOct 22 2012 11:50pm
one more thing, theres no "f*ck that" button on the voting page

BlowMeOct 22 2012 11:51pm
I found this easy to fap to.

Masturbating manOct 23 2012 12:36pm
I am going to say I am male and that the people who wrote this are insane but saying wemon are inferrior is a very dumb statement and there were some great wemon in history who outdid powerful men so though castration is a good idea it needs to be alot less numerous and it should be an age cutoff

AnonymousOct 29 2012 5:18pm

MEOct 30 2012 12:27pm
I think a lot of you are men pretending to be women and acting out a f*cked up sex fantasy. You people be trolling hard.

You be trolling hard dot comOct 30 2012 1:43pm
Men are superior to women. The reason is because of a man's big beautiful balls. A man's balls give him the strength and power and rationality that women simply to not possess. Women are weak-minded and are unable to handle the rigors of daily life. Without men and their balls, women would die and the species would cease to exist. Women should celebrate a man's balls above everything else. They are the life-giver. Women should accept their station in life and be happy knowing their protection and comfort is due to a man's nuts.

FrancoNov 09 2012 8:38am
Oh really? But didn't I hear somewhere that castrated male lives longer than theones who don't? So much superior than women eh? "Women should accept their station in life and be happy knowing their protection and comfort is due to a man's nuts." Yeah after you give us a satisfying divorce settlement when you cheated on them.

castratiNov 15 2012 6:36am
@Castrati you're an idiot.

youre a retardNov 20 2012 7:07pm
@FemSupreme I don't know if you still read this or if this even matters however I'm still going to say, you're one of the stupidest people I've seen on the internet...1st neither a man or a woman should have control of the other in marriage. 2nd if your fantasy came to be this is what would really happen A: Children are no longer circumcised at birth, with no boys circumcised girls would like uncut men having no need to cut them at a wedding because the girls would find it ugly. Or B: Almost no man would get married to deal with that pain there would be no point and again no woman would get married because she would have to make her husband less attractive. Again I say to you. You're a moron.

Have a nice day idiots=)Nov 21 2012 3:09pm
wtf crazy keyboard warriors!! personaly i think chuck norris should repeatedly round house each one of you fags!!

dave norris chucks wee broNov 24 2012 7:04pm
c'mon guys it makes you live longer and your penises look bigger

joanneNov 24 2012 7:07pm
first off me and my friend natalie put our partners on hormone tablets to reduce the size of ther penises! we also new of other females doing this at the time. every month we would all meet up,turn about at each others house for a show and tell, were our boyfriends/ husband were forced to undress and us females would run a scoreing system on whoever could make their males genitalia the smallest!! all men are disposible, females are the stronger sex and will always be needed

princess katieNov 24 2012 7:15pm
damn christians

jonny big spudzNov 24 2012 7:17pm
i once performed an autopsy on a dog fish and found a teapot in its large intestine!!

alligator billyNov 25 2012 9:32am
is it true powder milk comes from your grannys tit?? anyone??

curious georgeNov 25 2012 9:34am
yes george it does!! sma milk is extracted from pensioners

the all knowingNov 25 2012 9:35am
to the all knowing....... would a knife made from cobalt be better than one made from stainless steel???

curious georgeNov 25 2012 9:37am
ya know i can fit a 2 litre bottle of coke up my fanny!! any ladies do better than that??

sadie mo from sandy rowNov 25 2012 9:38am
im soooo gay i chew my yogurt;)

radiator ribsNov 25 2012 9:40am
yes a knife made from machine steel would make an awesome knife!!

all knowingNov 25 2012 9:42am
ther is a theory in the moebum a twist in the fabric of space were time becomes a loop................ a loop a loop a loop

captain jon luke piccard of the star ship enterpriseNov 25 2012 9:45am
ken was here but now he has gone! he left this message to turn you on!!

kennect fourNov 25 2012 9:47am
basically the only way id ever allow my balls to be removed if they could be used as anal beads

slimmmmmmmmmm jimmmmmmmmNov 25 2012 9:50am
so ive seen plenty of these pro castration poles on this site and id like to find out more from you ladies about having my boys snipped or not. Im 19 healthy active and handsome, Ive allways been good with the ladies, so I have a pretty good life, but ive heard about "castration day" and if began to wonder what it would be like to be gelded? I was hoping you could explain why I should or should not as a man be castrated, Methods of castration and other stuff of the like.

JohnNov 25 2012 3:11pm
Ive allways been found of my balls, but now im kinda open to this castration idea. I mean if it extends my life, hell yeah chop em off.

PaulNov 25 2012 3:15pm
@Joanne Will being deballed really extend my life?

BillNov 25 2012 3:17pm
yes castration and scrotum removal is what I am looking for, agree with the orginal story, looking for it to happen but hard time to find someone to do it. I am 51 it's time to get castrated!

JasonNov 25 2012 11:03pm
@bill ok well say aye:-/ f*ckin creep

joanneNov 26 2012 4:34pm
Poll is made by a male who obviously has sexual issues. Ladies all you are doing by agreeing with this silly post is furthering his sexual perversion and depravity. If you want to protect yourselves and other women from men who will inevitable violate them do not post any more comments here.

Same guy, same post, same twisted fetishNov 27 2012 4:16am
f*ck f*ck f*ck a duck screw a kangaroo fingerbang an orangatang support your local zoo

the riddlerNov 27 2012 7:50am
fap fap fap

fappity fapNov 27 2012 10:39am
Men must fixed always after semmens have taken off for future use. They are a violent dangerous thing.

Fair LadyNov 27 2012 1:01pm
while you weirdos are wanking to this just think of your granny taking a pooe to help you cum

devastatin dave the turntable slaveNov 30 2012 5:05pm
nitro circus is frickin ridonkulous

meNov 30 2012 5:07pm
@Fair Lady Why? Im a nice guy, do I really deserve to have my balls cut off? I mean if you could give me a good reason then yeah, ok cut em off. Hell if any of you lady's could give me a "good" reason, id let you cut my balls off right here and now.

RedDec 04 2012 12:36pm
Men are monsters and should have their testicles snipped.

JuneDec 06 2012 4:57pm
with chemicals no problem cumming no balls

AnonymousDec 10 2012 7:38pm
my testicals vere removed due to cancer doctor has me on a steriod and i have no problem throwing a f*ck into my girlfriend so if i had lost myprostategland then i could notget it up so somthing to think about i have rubber balls.

someone smartDec 10 2012 8:02pm
@all you crazy f*cking c*nts. I keep seeing all these "castrate all men threads and I keep wondering what the f*ck is wrong with you people, I mean im a nice guy, why do I deserve to have my berry's picked? But im open to debate, in face ive got a challenge for you crazy ladies, if any of you can convince me that all men need to be castrated, i'll go and get myself fixed, no lie, ill have someone cut my balls off. so there you go, convince me that all men need to be castrated. Im willing to wager my balls on you psycho bitches can't come up with any good reasons to castrate anybody let alone all men, I think balls are going to be ok by the end of this, then again you could surprise me and if you do manage to convince me I wont back out ill get castrated and post a photo to prove it.

JohnnyDec 12 2012 12:43pm
Hell if any of you c*nts manage to convince me, i'll even mail my balls to to you, to add to your "collections" are what ever the f*ck you call them.

JohnnyDec 12 2012 12:46pm
If Women wanted neutered men it would be a common practice by now. I can tell you this, I dated a guy whos sack was empty for a while. And it was kind of fun. But guys w/balls are more fun.

AnonymousDec 25 2012 11:47am
I like my big balls

BobyDec 25 2012 6:08pm
Males are greatest sex on earth they are stronger,smarter,more well-endowed then females. SO BACK TO KITCHEN!

princess gaytieDec 29 2012 5:14pm
My men controls me all the way.

LunaticSupremeDec 30 2012 8:02am
Men control the world.

FemenatziDec 30 2012 8:05am
Go and make sandwitch!

Chupa-ChuckDec 30 2012 8:06am
Should men be subject to mandatory castrated? No. As a heterosexual woman i want a working c*ck when i need it. If a guy wants his testicles removed go see a professional doctor. Your probably a gay or tan-sexual so those of us girls who appreciate a nice hard dick wont miss you any way

MaggieDec 31 2012 6:43am
"Josh yu were onyl goinh to raping othre wimen enyway, mens are bad balls and yu hav bene tort from a erly agge" Thanks for raping the English language, mom!

AnonymousDec 31 2012 6:29pm
I have always respected the authority of women. Growing up it was always natural to take orders from women. As the superior sex, women must always be obeyed. I feel particularly inadequate and inferior to assertive confident women. I am an inadequate small non muscular ‘beta’ male, placid, compliant and well behaved. I am slim, 5’7’’ tall, with size 7 feet. I wear size small underpants and have a small sized penis and little testicles. I adore and worship women and know how lucky I would be to be permitted to serve a woman, I certainly know my place. My ex-wife made all the major decisions in our marriage, including having me seen to, I wasn’t very keen on being ‘neutered’ but she insisted, saying that I would have to be a brave boy. It was quite a painful experience, and I did walk quite gingerly for a couple of days, but I had no choice in the matter. This means I can now only manage a small dribble of clear fluid when I ejaculate. We eventually drifted apart, she tired of me not being able to fully satisfy her. I long to submit to a dominant woman. To be her play thing, or her pet, it would be such a privilege to be permitted to serve her.

Just a maleJan 05 2013 3:43pm

FemdomJan 09 2013 4:17pm
i was castrated years ago and i agree with the ladies have a national castration day i am much better being castrated all men should be done i support and would help in any way to get a castration day the sooner the better

a castrated maleJan 12 2013 4:28am
i have been castrated for more yers than i can rember but it was the best thing that ever happened to me i totaly agree with the ladies there should be a national castration day if i could help in any way to get it passed i would castration would help make the world a better place to live so the sooner you ladies do something about it the better roll on castration day i would walk through the streets to show i have been castrated up with the ladies

no testiclesJan 12 2013 4:50am
yes give woman the right to there castration day all men should be castrated i have been castrated for a long time and love it push hard for your castration day you will be lucky

a happy eunuchJan 12 2013 4:15pm
i see by some big tough guys talking on this page about woman and being castrated or not as the case may be i wish they were real men and go find a woman to castrate them insted of bitching about it come onguys let the ladies see your are reel men let them fix you

a very very happy castrated manJan 12 2013 4:25pm
a woman would write something like this

AnonymousJan 14 2013 3:32pm
You wouldn't believe how many of us men beat off regularly to the idea of a woman castrating us.

JackFeb 06 2013 11:56am
I am a 56 male that wonts my sack cut open and pop my balls out then be wanked off and as i am comeing have my balls and sack cut off by a woman and then my ball cooked and then made to eat my balls

paukFeb 14 2013 5:57am
The idea of castrating a big healthy man makes me sooooo wet! Honestly, I could care less about femnazi stuff, cutting someones balls off is just my kink nothing more. Id absolutely love to get a chance to neuter a big strong handsome man, too bad so many men are so attached to their balls, ive never gotten the chance to go all the way.

julieFeb 16 2013 8:03am
yes i agree with the woman castration day should be made law look at all the woman being molested on the news at present its horrible to listen to so i think we should help to get the law passed now as a male i got in to a bit of bother a few years ago i was caught haveing sex with another woman by my wife and she was not pleased all she said at the time was you will suffer pain for your little stunt with her nothing hapned for weeks then one night she said would i go and shower as some of her female friends were coming for dinner little did i know what lay in store for me i went for a shower dressed an douw for dinner by this time four ladies were sitting at the table as i sat down they got up and moved around me my wife said remember what i said well tonight is your night we are going to take your balls off they grabed striped me naked lifted me on to the table tied me down legs spread wide now its my turn one of the woman was a vet she told my wife what to cut around his ball sack pull it off let them se his tiny balls tie cords cut his balls of he wont go away with other woman ever again the pain was realy bad but i got through it i must admit now it was the best thing for me i now eat pussy every day i thank her for castrating me so ladies press hard for your castration day i agree men should be castrared every woman would be safer

johnFeb 18 2013 10:46am
@Johnny Hey Johnny, is that challenge of yours still up, cus id really like to claim your balls, if you still have the BALLS for this bet that is? >:3 I'm dont think castration of all men is the right way at all, however castration should be made more wide spread in todays culture. Castration is already known to prevent balding, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Castration also adds years to your life, as testosterone begins to negatively effect the body around 30-40 years of age, I think castration needs to be considered by more men. However many can agree castration of sex offenders will greatly benefit humanity, capital punishment like this act as a deterrent to rape, and a man with out balls will no longer have any interest in sexual activity further decreasing rapes. Castration may be easily for other things as well such as religious and moral reasons, also for trans gender individuals. I would like to add men who have been just as happy if not happier than when they still had their testicles, so its not like theirs anything to fear,hysterectomy are the second most preformed operation on females for a reason, those are pretty much the girl variant of castration, i'll bet many men and women would enjoy life better if they were spayed and neutered. As you can see in this form many men seek to be castrated, i think the operation shouldn't be forced on law-abiding men, but needs to be made available, so they have access to a happier life free of hormones. At least thats what I think :P then again the idea of a cute boy losing them turns me on, so im not the best example for this. Any other girls have any more info on the benefits of castration?

JulieFeb 18 2013 1:42pm
@Julie I think your a bit soft Julie, 95% of males should be neutered as testosterone clouds the otherwise rational male mind, castration should not be a choice. Castrated males should have the same rights as females, as they are clear minded and rational. Men should be allowed to go threw puberty, and then castrated at the age 20, after they have matured, to cancel out growth defects of an early castration. AS for your "Spaying and neutering" of men AND women, I see how a society with out gender identification could be a good thing, however I believe only the males should be castrated. Many men fear castration yet its funny they dont think about circumcision at all, circumcision is normal, if a man is circumcised he would not think anything of it, given a few years to make it mainstream, castration would seem "normal" and eventually become mainstream. Men will see castration as no big deal, they wont miss their testicles because they will see they dont need them, as you said Julie, eunuchs dont miss their testicles, because they no longer have the urges that go along with it.

BethanyFeb 18 2013 3:21pm
@Johnny Mr johnny, do you kiss your mother with that mouth, if you want a logical debate as you claim, it may be best not to spam profanity, however I understand why a male would use such a brutish statement in this situation. Many females in these castration threads seem to think less of men, this is inappropriate and I apologizes for their behavior, many of them are men themselves ruining any chance of educated discussion. I would like to offer educated conversation on such a "taboo" subject. Johnny you say that you would in fact have yourself castrated if you were convinced all men should be castrated, even tho many men fear castration its a good thing for them, it would only do you good, im sure you think you would miss the sex but in fact you wouldn't miss it at all. Without testosterone you will be free of the urge to mate, you will have a clear mind capable of finding enlightenment and peace, Think of the time and money you'd save on not trying to "score" all the time, I dont blame men, unlike many on this form I understand is all because of your hormonal imbalances. Johnny I would recommend you looking into getting castrated it will vastly improve your life, and health.

BethanyFeb 18 2013 3:45pm
@Bethany, either mandatory or choice castration, in the end i kinda wouldn't care, im gonna be pretty happy, on any day when i can castrate a man, not for any bullpoo moral or political reasons, im just looking to get off my self. It kinda sucks having sucks having an obscure kink like castration, i feel like the only girl out there that likes this stuff Dx But what your saying isnt so bad, i mean it would reduce violent crime, like rape and murder and stuff, but it would hardly be the end of it. Still it would be kinda of hot if Johnny mailed us his balls >:3 alas his last post was in December, ill probly never have a nice set of big balls for meh mantle TT_TT too frikkin bad. (PS Johnny if you read this tell us whachu think babe, and give us some info on yer self :P)

JulieFeb 18 2013 3:58pm
bethany you are on the right track as far as your idea of castrating men at twenty goes but are you castrating all males or a select few you do not say if it is by there choice or mandatory would you castrate a man yourself or leave it to some one else by what you have said i would let you castrate me cheers

cheersFeb 22 2013 11:17am
I believe the clitoris should be removed from every woman and all women need to be made sterile so they don't rape little boys. The more sterilized women who can't have sex the better. Or just kill them all.

Masculist ManFeb 25 2013 12:46am
Let's take a knife to femsupreme's c*nt and start cutting. It's pro-castration women who make me think that men hurting women is a form of justice.

Masculist ManFeb 25 2013 12:59am
Let's castrate jay. He's? a useless mangina as it is and if he dies so what. One less mangina in the world. Which is better? A dead feminist or a dead mangina? Their tied for being great.

Masculist ManFeb 25 2013 1:09am
Lily,a stupid c*nt who can't even talk much less write and michelle should have their uteruses ripped out,without painkillers, and be made to bleed to death. Women are noting but psychopaths and the world is better off without them.

Masculist ManFeb 25 2013 1:18am
@sweet tears what did women invent?

Masculist ManFeb 25 2013 1:24am
@julie,you're a sick c*nt. All of you pro-castration females are the female equivilent of the rapists you despise. You are the same as the men you despise.

Masculist ManFeb 25 2013 1:54am
What does everyone think of castration after reading this?: This is a world where the common statistic is that on average 1 in 4 women will be raped in her lifetime. There are 7 billion people on Earth right now. Half are women. If 1 in 4 are raped, that amounts to 875,000,000 possible female victims of rape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is 875,000,000 of your possible friends, sisters, daughters, and loved ones. Although it won't solve sexism, I think castration (by consent of course) will have at least some impact in terms of lowering crime rates, so that a little less than 875,000,000 may feel safer on the streets.

Something to considerFeb 25 2013 9:38pm
^Im sure everyone has heard of that rape case already, but just to make my point!

AnonymousFeb 25 2013 9:38pm
The above post packs a lot of numbers in to a single paragraph. It paints the topic in broad, general strokes. It makes the assumption that an epidemic of rape is spread universally across the globe. It makes no mention of cultural, geographical or economic factors. Thus it is largely useless. The assumption that if "castration by consent " would result in men who have/might commit rape ( or just men in general), would schedule appointments to have their testicles removed is unlikely. No matter how amusing. I mean, what are proposing a public awareness campaign "Rape : be part of the solution , not part of the problem. Get castrated today !" ? The concept that forcing violence on one half the population in retaliation for heinous behavior committed by a minority of said group, is deplorable. That said if a man really wants his balls cut off that's his choice. But I doubt many of those who say they do , would follow through.

Monica Feb 27 2013 7:58am
I caught my longtime boyfriend screwing another woman he was on top and his balls were dangling and I kicked them so hard he blew a huge fart and screemed . I still think he should castrated.

ColleenMar 01 2013 1:19pm
This has to be a joke lol it's so retarded

DafuqMar 05 2013 1:03pm
must not have been a joke, he wasnt laughing.

colleenMar 05 2013 5:23pm
My castration play over 8 months with my mistress. Lead her up to castrating for real with a Burdizzo Tool back in Jan. 2013

Balless NowMar 11 2013 3:09pm
I do not believe that the women in this post actually would be able to castrate a man. I have felt that it would be appropriate for me for years but I have never found a woman that would have been interested if I were to become a eunuch. I just wonder if the post are valid. I would love to hear from a woman who would like to help me achieve what we both desire.

mcnastyMar 14 2013 12:29am
Christ, some people talk about mass castraitin, others would mutilate their own body, grow up all of you

dave rMar 17 2013 11:28am
I have been an active c*cksucker since I was 13 years old and I would always go after other teens. That was fine when I was a teen but as I got older I still like teen boys. The thought of having a 16 year old cumming in my throat would drive me onto the hunt. One occasion I asked a couple of lads to let me suck them they were so horrified. I caught my reflection in a shop window and saw that I was middle aged. I felt terrible. These lads were calling me all sorts of names and said that they should cut my balls off. So I agreed. I just felt it was right that my balls should be taken by the teens that I desired so much. They both came back to my place. They banded my balls because I used to play with banding machines. I just let the more abusive one cut my balls away and it felt such a rush. It was the best high I ever had. The other lad seemed upset that he didn't cut anything off so I offered my dick to him. Of course he jumped at the chance. The c*ck being cut off hurt a thousand times more than the balls. I have a stub left so pissing is a bit hard but I am happy that teens who had been my source of cum for years were the ones who took my c*ck and balls.

NulloMar 29 2013 11:31pm
wtf ... ur all fukin idiots, this will never happen

ur all idiotsApr 08 2013 2:01pm
but rapists, yes, chemically, not with a knife

ur all idiotsApr 08 2013 2:06pm
All men must be castrated from the age of 16 so i am for a violence free world their tetotesterone has to be destroyed men had to give up threir balls willing or not we want a violence free world so neuter them women it is time you come in force and take over the power in the world do it now

redApr 10 2013 12:07pm
Reparations are needed for the oppression us men have done unto women for thousands of years. Theirs only one reparation that will make up for all the pain us men have caused.....our balls.

AnonymousApr 17 2013 8:07pm
This website is great. I like it.( 557697cbc43deb8fbe920e52b5c6e94e

-Apr 17 2013 11:10pm
You call this literotica? This is the worst wank I have ever had!

MandingoApr 20 2013 4:57pm
@red Im a man and I completely agree with you, I have seen all the havoc testosterone has caused and castration looks like the best way to "fix" the this problem. I would have no complaints about being castrated, and would completly

AnonymousApr 22 2013 2:18am
You're all a bunch of psychopaths. And to whoever made that first comment? Go read that sleeping beauty smut Ann Rice wrote and get it out of your system. Also, to those of you talking about all of history's greats being men? Look at how society worked at the time, dumbpoo. Women's opinions haven't been heard in history until recent times. In the past whenever a woman did something worth mentioning she either hid behind a false mans name or was pushed aside and hushed up like a cranky child. Oh, and all of you learn how to spell and construct a decent sentence that doesn't give one a migrain to try and decipher. God help you all and please in all seriousness; seek therapy!

WillisApr 22 2013 11:20am
What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you are going to consider this for me, then you should also remove the female ovaries. While you are at it, you can also give them a circumcision (they don't need that peanut anyway).

AnonymousApr 22 2013 7:38pm
Hey, ive done a lot of reading about castration and it seems like a great idea for most men, in fact I actively promote it. Ive been thinking about getting myself "FIXED" for some time now, how ever its a pretty scary step to take for a better world. Im still in my early twenties, so im still in my prime, so losing my balls means no more sex....but with out testosterone in my system I guess I wont miss sex after awhile. Would you recommend me going ahead and getting castrated?

MeeeeeeebApr 23 2013 11:03pm
All you men and women are missing one major point. (well, a lot of you are missing a lot of points, but everyone here seems to be missing this)... If all men were castrated, and women ruled the world, for about a week every month our leaders would be ready to send nukes for no apparent reason... And with hundreds of countries, many with nukes, I'd give it about... 2 months before total nuclear winter. That's why I don't believe we'll ever see a female president, much less total domination. Everyone's had a female boss or coworker that you could tell what day of the month it was by her attitude on any given day. WTF do you think would happen if she could make a crater of a country by pushing a button? Interesting line of thought, but the only way to make the world a safer place (besides going Equilibrium on us) is to teach our kids, of both sexes, causing harm is wrong and not to be done.... That includes rape, theft, and slicing off body parts. Mass male castration wouldn't make the world safer, merely change the statistics on what sex is usually perpetrator, and in an entirely disgusting fashion.

AnonApr 24 2013 7:19am
I had my boy friend nuted this year, gave him a ultimatum either get castrated or I leave him....he was reluctant a first but in the end I won. He's so much better now that hes castrated, calm easy going and loyal, every woman needs to have their man neutered.

PamApr 27 2013 1:40pm
@Meeeeeeeb: Don't worry hun its nothing to be afraid of, its great you'll wonder why you didn't get it done sooner. Its good to see men like you taking responsibility for your testosterone, if only more men had the "BALLS" to get castrated the world would be a better place.

PamApr 27 2013 1:44pm
I've been there now for 5 years. I want to wait till wedding night to have sex for the first time. At the first time of having sex I found out that it was extremely painful. I've tried to fill my husbands needs but I can't I start looking at alternative ways and found out the best way was to have him castrated. At first he said no, but after a while he finally agreed. Although there was a catch he said that if it was going to be done that I would have to find him a woman to do it. He said that can be done almost anyway. But if he agreed I had to give him sex until I found a women to do it. I am having some problems finding a woman brave enough to help. If there is living in California that can help, maybe like a vet techor just an awesome women please email him at PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

AnonymousMay 04 2013 4:50am
I was a man. my wife had me castrated after 10 years of merrage and two children. I satisfy her with my tongue and finger. she loves it and i do too. no wory about pragency. neighbor wifes love it also.

J BanisterMay 10 2013 8:07am
I too let my wife castrate me. I told her if she wanted it done she would haft to do it herself. she said she would if i sat still and let her do it. I sat still even through the pain. I would do it again and recommend all men let their wifes do it after two children or 8 to 10 years of merrage. The women can always go out and get sexual satification. men won't wnat it after castration.

Jim CollinsMay 10 2013 8:13am
To anominus; Get fixed now. your wife will love it. Lick her anus when your go down there. She will love you for it. My wife brags to her frinds and has me demonistrate to them what it is like.

anomnusMay 10 2013 8:19am
To all the so called men who claim they were castrated or by there wemen,you guys were never men! No man would let hiss balls get cut off especialy by a woman! Finish the job cut off ur dick and put a cut between ur legs so you will have a pussy like you are! No one will ever cut my junk off! Especialy a woman! That would be her death sentance! Shame on you wemen becouse you don't like sex you want men to get castrated,I would have left ur stinky snatch and found another bitch to tea bag and anal f*ck! You worthless bitches! Bring ur scalpel to my nuts and see what happens to you! Castrating ur 13 year old son wtf! He's going to whack off he's 13! Deez nuts are gonna knock you out! I will stick my dick in all u worthless bitches mouths to shut you up and teach u a lesson! Take some spelling and grammer lessons to the rest of you!

john big ballzzMay 13 2013 9:07am
Once a boy has produced his first sperm, it should be collected to inseminate women. Then, the boy should have his nuts cut off without anesthetic. Probably best to cut off his wiener too.

JessicaMay 14 2013 11:30am
Jessica how about I cut out ur tounge from ur mouth and sew up ur lips without anesthetic bend you over and stick my dick up your ass you stupid bitch!

AnonymousMay 15 2013 12:19pm
Jessica how about I cut out ur tounge from ur mouth and sew up ur lips without anesthetic bend you over and stick my dick up your ass you stupid bitch!

john big ballzzMay 15 2013 1:11pm
I think the human race should be aborted from existence...

By: By: By: By: By: By: By: By: By: By: By: By: By: By: By: By: May 15 2013 5:01pm
I can't believe you people are actually discussing this you are the kind of people who should be removed from every day society.

AnonymousMay 21 2013 2:40am
Of course no one has the right to remove the essential parts of a man's anatomy.Like Femsupreme I totally agree that women should require that the penis be circumcised. Both my husband and son are circumcised. I woundn't have it any other way. I guess I'm a circumcising female and not a castrating female

LindaMay 23 2013 1:28pm
I have no congtrol over my pecker and nuts. Pecker gets hard when I am working. I have got in trouble and fired from onew place for wanting to have sex with a lady. I am 26. Men, I need some help and advice on how top control myu pecker and nuts.

Matthew G.May 23 2013 8:19pm This woman preforms "REAL" castrations.

AnonymousMay 24 2013 12:45pm
Feminists are f*cking crazy. Girls are f*cking weak, you will never be above us. f*cking crazy bitches

Andy GMay 28 2013 2:24pm
Miss Patty neutered me last year, It was the best decision ive ever made. It was over in minutes, I spread my legs and she went to work with that burdizzo. Id recommend her for any one who wants a "REAL" castration.

Paul howingtonMay 30 2013 6:48pm
I would like to get castrated by orchiectomy. But have you ever tried to find a surgeon? If you are lucky it costs you $5000. Who is not insane would pay that amount?

HGBMay 31 2013 12:59pm
Can someone just fondle my balls please!

harryJun 01 2013 7:43am
I am 16 and love women, I am a virgin and masturbate quite a bit... I would never ever ever hurt a women in any way, I love them and appreciate them... I would never allow myself. To be castrated ... No sexual Desire, f*ck that... Fingering a girl and getting nothing for myself yes right.... That's what I want ... f*ck u not all guys are rapist I would never do that... To that kid josh who was castrated I feel terrible for u... I would surely commit suicide if I was castrated... To all the women who promote castration...there is a special place in hell for you people

TommyJul 09 2013 8:06pm
I'm so hard right now.

I love women Jul 11 2013 1:37am
I am an interracial cuckold,I agree all white males should be castrated,it makes us a better submissive & less bothersome to our white wives & her Black Lovers,it would put us in our place.

billy kJul 14 2013 1:45pm
Yes! We (cuckold) should be castrated!!!!

sissy angelinaJul 19 2013 3:47am
Men around the world are begining to wake up and atone for their sins. This thread is proff that men no longer want to hurt women, and are doing the right thing by having the problem "fixed". By that I mean their getting their balls snipped. I know you men are scared of the idea as it makes you feel less of a man, but a ssure you there is nothing more manly and admiral then getting your boys plucked. Trust me no woman wants to deal with your balls, stop delaying the future and make an appointment to get your boys plucked.

jennJul 25 2013 4:36pm
Jenn your right men need to lose em. Hard to find a doctor to do it in the us tho. I had to castrate my husband by my self. Luckliy i grew up on a farm, human men aint much diffrent from horses. He was easyer to convince than i thought he would be tho, after we had our first child, i told him, geoff honey, its time to lose em. He agreed, i had his balls by the end of the week.

sallyJul 25 2013 7:23pm
I think all white men should be castrated, espicially married men. The white wives can then have sex with black men only. The white husband should do clean up for her and her black stud boy friend with his mouth. I would love to be castrated to pleasure her and boy friend.

PaulJul 26 2013 5:57pm Miss patty will clip your balls Paul.

SallyJul 28 2013 8:25am
being a castrated male I totally agree with the woman castration is the best for all no big deal after your balls are cut off you never miss them I get to eat as much fanny is I can best thing ever so go for it ladies castration day is getting closer any ladies wanting eaten out please leave message will be your slave for ever

anoAug 09 2013 10:23am
I think only white males need to be castrated. White people are pure evil, and need to be destroyed, but its unfair to just kill them all. Its far batter to just castrate all white men, so they can no longer breed, then white women can be breed by Latino, and black men until the white race is no more.

Black Goddes Aug 09 2013 3:25pm
Women should dress properly but they won't. Guess y? Because deep within conscience is an insatiable desire to give hard on to guys. No wonder they are raped. Balls are awesome. You never taught your sons to control n utilize them in proper things so it all comes back to u. U r raped by someone else's son. In a society where a boy doesn't even know who his father is, how could expect him to be decent and blame his balls for every mess?? Balls will never never never solve ur problems. Problem is U urself. U r pathetic, u r afraid n u r not worthy. Castrator! Huh, my Foot! All of those castrating talk is only done by ladies from 17 to 35 or something. Ladies go crazy in this age. Grow up. Be a better parent rather than going for balls. Your Revealed Asses n Breasts make things uncontrollable for normal men. Y don't u cut them all... INTERNATIONAL BREASTS CUTTING DAY! How do u like that? Is it fun?

A woman whose life is destroyed by Feminism! Go ahead. You destrAug 13 2013 1:17am
Give us another chance...Pedophiles and rapists get castrated for what they have done..but innocent males? Thats sick I wont ever be your slave I better die and Take as many feminists lives as I can.

MaleAug 16 2013 8:58am
Males wont get to masturbate but females will? HELL NO...

AnonymousAug 16 2013 9:00am
I will give a weapon to a every guy...and we will kill all Castrators on that day and later celebrate it at strip club ;)

MankindAug 16 2013 9:02am
All females would turn into lesbians :3 I bet author is one and she really enjoys it but she doesnt like males because her boyfriend used her and broke up with her!

International Female Circumision Day!Aug 16 2013 9:03am
Sally what you write is true - farm women and vets can (and do) castrate their men privately and so are able to create new eunuchs for pleasure.

ChrisAug 18 2013 4:54pm
All these people who want to mutilate men, well sorry men are superior fact. All these men haters if it wasn't for a man you wouldn't be here, Women can't have offspring without men, mens bodies are hot, testicles givevacman his masculine shape, like breasts give women theirs, In fact lets have all women go through compulsory mastectomies, same difference,

AdamAug 20 2013 10:31am
Men are superior, fact, the one who said white people are evil rubbish you wish you were white really, nothing sexier than a nude white male

AdamAug 20 2013 10:37am
Women who don't like men don't know what they are missing men are gift from god to women, god treated Adam to pleasure Eve

AnonymousAug 20 2013 10:41am
@adam id like to just how "superior" you are after your balls are cut off.

carolAug 20 2013 11:29am
Adam i know a few of them strong type farm gals, that would have no problem bending you over her knee and taking a buck knife to those balls of yours. Getting em clipped would teach you some respect for women.

XxXman_wrecker420XxXAug 20 2013 11:36am
After all men have done i think we should be castrated. Men should be willing to offer their testicles as a apology for all mens sins threw out the ages. Im ashamed to have testicles, and would galdly summit to castration without A seccond thought, as having my balls cut off is nothing compared to what women have to suffer. I

AnonymousAug 21 2013 2:54am
As a woman i find testicles repulsive, and crude, and I would never be with a man with those things still hanging between his legs. Any man that wants to be with me has to lose em, PERIOD, its not even debatable. Men need to learn girls dont want those things hanging around, guys get fixed, for real no woman wants to deal with that testicle poo. Oh and adam. A little faggot like you wouldn't stand a chance against a woman, a mean bitch like me would take those big bad balls of yours and mount them on my wall.

CarolAug 21 2013 11:58am
The only good use for testicles is as a womans trophy.

Fem CommandoAug 21 2013 1:34pm
@Adam Shut yo tiny dicked white ass up. Your just mad your wife would rather take a black dick. Whites like you need to be destroyed, its coming soon too you white men are going to be lined up and neutered like f*cking dogs. Then your wives will get to know what they were missing as the superior races breed them like animals.

Black Goddes Aug 21 2013 3:35pm
JG6IK9 Hey, thanks for the article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

MlqmiUgLFXOZdcISep 05 2013 6:13pm
Then girls should have their Cabinda sealed by concrete

DrknessSniperSep 08 2013 6:43pm
I was skeptical about this castration cure idea at first, but after reading some of you fine ladies posts, I quickly changed my mind :D I went ahead and had my boyfriend castrated, told him it was me or his jewels......well he chose me in the end :3 had him castrated by a cutter last month, the cutter even let me help her castrate my BF it was soooo fun. He had a huge pair too, and I got to keep them, their in a jar on my night stand. In the end hes been way happier than he ever was, i urge all women to get your men castrated, a man giving you his testicles is the ultimate form of love and devotion.

cindy luSep 11 2013 10:35pm
My wife is a under ground cutter, Ive known for years, but neither of us ever made any big deal about it. Until one day I flat out asked if she would castrate me. She was kind of shocked at first, but then she asked me if thats what I really wanted and I sad that Yes, Ive allways secretly wanted you to geld me. She smiled and we drove to her "Office", witch was decked out with surgical equipment, most likely bought off of some MedFet site. She led me to what looked like one of those OBGYN table chair things and said she was going to get her equipment ready, she handed me a gown and told me to get completely un dressed and to put this on. Afthe I was in the gown I had a seat on the table thing and waited. After a few min she came back with one of those rolling medical table trays witch I saw several scalpels, bandages, antisecptic, some other tools, and a jar filled with some kind of fluid. My wife then pulled out the stirrups on the table ans told me to feet in them, "sctooch up" she said "sit your but right at the edge of the table and let you legs fall apart all the way" And so I complied, the drap was in between me and my wife, so I couldent see what she was doing....but I could see the table ands its tools, I was pretty nervous, I knew what was about to happen. So here I was, spread eagle with my wife right between my legs about to castrate me, she said this is the last chance to re consider, and thats she preforms this with out any pain relief. I asked her how bad it was going to hurt and she giggled "About as bad as having your balls cut off honey" I gulped and said "DO IT" I saw her reach for the tray and pick up some gauze and I felt her apply antiseptic to my genitals, then she placed it back and went straight for the scalpel, there was a pause and then I felt it enter the skin of my scrotum. she cut a line near my right testicle, and then I felt a tug as she pulled my right nut out, she placed the scalpel back and grabbed a tool that looked like kind of one of those horse emasculators but smaller. There was a pause then CRUNTCH I felt searing pain threw my right side. I looked back up trying to see past the drape, and saw her hand with my ball in it, place my right testicle in the jar, I heard her say "one more to go baby." And the process repeated on my left testicle. She sewed my scrotum back up and then I fell unconscious. I woke up In our bed at our home I was tired and castrated, I was so happy. I can no longer get erections or breed, but my wife dosnt need my penis, she just needs my mouth. she taunts me with the jar while I eat her out, saying how she "owns me" From man to man, get castrated, it adds a new dynamic to a relationship.

CarlSep 12 2013 10:50am
Mass male castration? No way, BUT Ia think that castration should become more common place, like walk in castration clinics, any male who wants to be castrated should be able to no problems. also it should be mandatory for any felony, after convicted they get castrated before going to prison. The same thing goes for women too, if A gal breaks the law, BAM hysterectomy. OH and people who cheat, if a man cheats on his wife he loses em, plain and simple, same thing for a woman that cheats on her man, hysterectomy time!

logical womanSep 12 2013 12:40pm
YQmXQc I value the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

IAMeqeareZpXYuLkSep 12 2013 6:00pm
I have no problem summiting to castration. As a real man I know what my balls can make me do if left unchecked. If im ever given the opportunity to be castrated ill take it without a seccond thought.

a real manSep 16 2013 7:46am
I cant wait for castration day. Im going to fill up at least 3 mason jars with the testicles of the men I castrate.

woop woopSep 16 2013 12:37pm
You women are crazy. Being sexist to extremes just because you have a superstition that we think we're better than you. Do we think about manditory ovary removal surgery at a certain age? OF COURSE NO!!!! YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF SEXIST NUTCASES!!!

A shocked and angry male who believes in gender equality, not a Sep 17 2013 4:00pm
I used to think it wouldn't be so bad until I learned that castrated men have trouble getting hard enough to perform for a woman likely can't do so at all. When a man is hard is the only time he can be a woman's sexual "equal" and consequently defines his manhood. I'd be OK with it if I wouldn't have to worry about being able to perform sexually.

ArthurSep 29 2013 4:00pm
I don't care for the first commenter's idea. Every woman in town would know I have a bent dick.

TedSep 29 2013 4:06pm
I know a guy who was castrated. Every once in awhile I love to pull up my dress in front of him (no panties of course) and challenge him to "rise to the occasion." :-)

Susan G.Sep 29 2013 4:14pm
I think there should be a minimum age like 20 years old or so.

MarciaSep 29 2013 8:13pm
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