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Should Wives Feminize their Husbands & Sons?

Question: With the Rise of Women in Education, Business and Society in General, and the Majority of Violence being committed by Males, should Women take the initiative and Feminize their husbands, sons & boyfriends in the pursuit of creating a Better Society? Please leave your Comments or thoughts on this subject!
Created by: Patti at 03:41:03 AM, Friday, January 21, 2011 PST


male chasity devices that protect the penis from unauthorized erections would be the start. clothing would be a option, keep the male naked or clothed in a dress. any time of violence against a child or women would be a result of castration either chemical or surgical. penis removal should also be a option.

AnonymousJan 23 2011 4:34am

I think many women and Society in genderal would be better off if men and boys were Feminized. The abuse of women by Macho men is an ongoing Problem in our Society, and many people don't even notice it happening. Does anyone realize the Huge "Debacle" in the NFL. Mike Vick, the QB of the eagles was arreested and Imprisoned for Abusing Dogs with a Dog Fighting Circle he was running..and he should have been imprisoned, in the meantime, Ben Roethlisberger, the QB for the Steelers was Abusing numerous women, he did NOT go to Prison, and should have, but only received a Slap on the Wrist! Let's face it, Feminine men will not Abuse Women. I hope more women will realize the Great Bnefits of having Feminine Men and their Lives, and Totally Reject Macho "Assholes" such as Ben Roethlisberger, and people that think a and act like him!!

PattiJan 23 2011 5:43pm
Patti how do you feel about anonymous ideas?

BillJan 24 2011 4:26am
All men start life as women in the womb. It is only after several weeks that male genitalia begin to form and only if there is testosterone and even then, only if the cells respond to the testosterone. So it is only natural for men to feel or be feminized. I also believe that women, the superior species, should have the right to feminize all men.

subslave1007@yahoo.comJan 24 2011 6:42am
To answer Bill, If a Male has Committed a Violent Crime such as Rape, then I would not be opposed to Castration. However, before it would get to that level of Violence, I would rather see men and boys encouraged to be more Feminine and Docile. On the other had of this equation, I am also a Firm Believer that women and Girls should become more athletic and develop their strength so as to be able to Defend themselves from Men and boys. I do not put ALL the Blame for this Violence on men. The fact that many women do nothing to strengthen their bodies makes them "Vulnerable" to men that would want to do them harm. Unfortunately, Many women do not want to Discipline themselves to developing their strength which is actually there, proof being the women that do, and I am not talking about Female Body Builders, however, that is an Option. The Problem for many men and boys is the Testesterone in their systems, and the way we raise both boys and girls...encouraging boys to be "Boys" and Girls to be "Girls". To me the Ideal is to raise boys and girls the same and i think you would see a percentage of boys being "Girlish, all on there own, and a percentage of girls being "Boyish", all on their own. Right now the Problem is the Violent Males in our Society that Commit over 90% of All Violent Crimes.

PattiJan 24 2011 1:55pm
there are many Men & WOMEN who love the strong dominant man - weak feminine woman sex-syndrome ---if all the obedint hausbands , male slaves ,subs & sissies tried to legalize Mandatory Feminization all these Angry Feminine , Submissive WOMEN will take these male submissives across their knees & whip them into undoing the legal Injustice !!!

an amused Ashesh ghoseJan 26 2011 2:04am
Patti, are you stronger than many men, I mean physically? What do you do to be strong? I am submissive to women but only to the ones that are physically stronger. I like to compete and if I am stronger it wakes my dominant side up. Being a man, perhaps weaker than average but still a man I am stronger than most women but there are plenty of women stronger than me. I have me perhaps 20-25 over the years. When I realize that they can overpower me physically my legs become like jelly and I kneel in front of my conqueress. If they are strong enough to carry me I am lost. But I can also enjoy an evening where I have shown the woman that I am stronger have her under me is great, but always second best.

AnonymousFeb 01 2011 7:58am
Hello Anonymous! I am stronger than most men and Women, however, it does become a State of Mind. I know that mnay women are Very Strong and have the Potential of being strionger than men, but they just do not develop their muscles. I hope to see the day when there will be a Larger Percentage of Stronger Women with Waeker men. As to men that are strong...just Diet and stop eating Proteins and do not do any Strength Building exercises, and then perhaps you will no longer be stronger then the Women you meet, and you will be Happier!!

PattiFeb 01 2011 10:52am
This thread relates to several concepts I have been researching over the past few years. We are, in fact in the middle, of a massive, global shift in gender identity. The massive release of phalate (plastic) chemicals into the environment has doomed the male gender. These chemicals have an extraordinary and enduring feminizing impact on human males and almost no effect on human females. In the decades ahead we will see our culture change in ways that will reflect this new balance of power. Women will cease to fear men and will, instead, begin to rule over them. The current binary concept of gender will break into four groupings. First, we will see the rise of strong, powerful confident women who see it as their duty and obligation to rule over the other gender groups. Second, men who are inadequately feminized by the environment and culture will be labeled as criminals and committed to institutions dedicated to their forced feminization. They will not be allowed to interact with the general population. Third, are the newly submissive population gendered males. The dominant female class will ensure the ongoing submissiveness of these males with some of the following techniques. Male beauty will be linked to slender physique, hairlessness, small penis size and a demure and non-threatening manner. These traits will be reinforced with male "fashions" which emphasize highly restrictive garments made of very delicate materials. The wearers will be forced to minimize movement in order not to damage the fabric and thereby incur a significant penalty. The fourth group will, perhaps, be the saddest and most forlorn of all. The submissive gendered females will be classed with and treated in the same manner as the submissive gendered males. In many ways the gender differences between submissive females and males will cease to matter as each group is forced to serve the new elite of dominant females. in many cases it will be hard to distinguish the mincing highly feminized males from the female counterparts and the dominant females will gradually cease to see any distinction between them. The good news is that this new world will be much more peaceful than the world we live in today.

FuturistFeb 01 2011 11:54am
Feminized males can already be divided into two categories. Those who cooperate, and there are many who already do--- many more than you might guess, are the Cooperative Submissives.They offer low resistance in general. The female dominant simply applies punishment as needed in cases of bad work or other rules not followed. A growing number of males (especially those with small penises) are adopting this life style. The Not Cooperative group is much harder to manage. These males do not want to follow orders from a dominant female. Strict methods are called for here. Restraints may also be used to immobilize the male in helpless and exposed positions or to prepare the male for corporal punishment and/or anal penetration. This can include training with corset, high heel, butt plugs ? Such control techniques are used by the dominant female to impress upon the male his submission to behaviour modification of feminization and to push him to assume the feminine identity. In some cases the male accepts the inevitable and chooses to cooperate after significant time being trained and restrained.

AnonymousFeb 01 2011 1:37pm
The bad news for men is that all of the techniques used to keep women in a submissive role are already being redesigned to be used to keep men in a submissive posture. In the future, when men with body hair are thought to be extremely unattractive, males will be begging for total body permanent hair removal. In the future, women will be free to appear topless in public just as males are today. Men, on the other hand will be forced into restrictive garments that limit their mobility. In the future, women will design fashionable restrictive devices that enclose and control male genitals. In the future, men will be reduced to wearing hobble skirts that are pencil thin and the have the effect of requiring that men take only tiny steps. In the future, wives will be held responsible for any aggressive behavior exhibited by their male partners. If a husband is rude or discourteous to a female in public the wife may be fined. The husband will have to answer to his wife in private. In the future, the most attractive males will be those who submit the most peacefully to their wives' desire to dress them up. Female clothing will become drab, comfortable and easy to wear. Male clothing will become delicate, colorful and exceptionally uncomfortable and impractical.

BrendaFeb 02 2011 1:27pm
Even the courts have inflicted 'petticoat punishment'. In 1962, in Texas, a judge sentenced ten boys who had been brought before him for juvenile delinquency to spend six months as girls. Each boy was issued with girlish punishment dresses and underwear, excessively feminine and frilly, the object being to punish them by ridicule and humiliation. I do not know the result of the sentence on the boys, but what an effect it must have had, for they had to dress in their frilly outfits at home, on the street, and to school. I can imagine the humiliation they would feel amongst scores of giggling schoolgirls ? a company of derision around them.

A Big Texan WomanFeb 02 2011 1:29pm
What I'm wondering is if there is anything we men can do to stop this? Is there anyway to turn back the clock and regain our former status and position?

TomFeb 07 2011 11:41am
High blood levels of phthalates ( an ingredient of most plastics) are already making males more feminine, with smaller penis size, greater submissiveness, and increased infertility. These chemicals appear to have no effect on women. These plastics are everywhere and there is no escaping them. In less than two generations we will see the end of the male gender as it was. Women will fill the dominant role and, after 5,000 years of patriarchy we can expect that they will protect their advantages. For example, there is already a flourishing market for male chastity devices. Next generation devices which will monitor erections inside the device and text message the dominant female whenever one develops. It won't be long before the dominant woman will able to respond with a jolt of electrical discipline whenever she wants. This is your future and it will be here in less than five years.

AnonymousFeb 07 2011 3:00pm
We men need to band together and find a way to hold onto our rights.

TomFeb 09 2011 10:07am
One way of ensuring that the woman has the power in a marriage is if she is the only one who drives. My husband does not drive but I do, I like driving and feel in control when my husband is sat in the passenger seat and I am driving. But what is important is that he never drives, fortunately he has never learn't and doesn't need to because I can drive him if he needs to go somewhere - I can also refuse. I have never offered to teach him to drive or help with the cost of lessons, he doesn't even put the petrol in, instead he sits dutifully in the passenger seat. Also if I need to go somewhere and he is with me and he has to wait in the car, I know he is not going to drive somewhere, because it is my car and I'm the driver. For years the woman always sat in the passenger seat while the man drove, whereas in our marriage it's the man who sits in the passenger seat and the woman who drives. If I drive him somewhere he needs to be I can tell him not to be too long because I don't want to wait. However I am not his taxi, he often uses public transport, but because we work in the same part of town I will drop him off at work and usually collect him, so we are both home together and he can start cooking dinner, which is one of his jobs. It gives me a chance to rest, after all I have just driven him home from work. When I drive us both to the supermarket, he does the packing, loading and unpacking which is the trade off for me driving us there. Also he can never make an adverse comment on my driving, but one of the best aspects is the feeling I get whenever we walk towards the car and I've always got the car keys in my hand and my husband always heads towards the passenger side and I get in the drivers side, and the knowledge that he has to wait for me to turn the ignition to start the car and that as a women driver whose husband doesn't drive I am in control. There is also the knowledge that he has never been anywhere in the car unless I'm driving him, whereas I have often driven the car without him in the passenger seat. I've never had to ask him for a lift or for him to pick me up, but he does have to ask me if he needs a lift or picking up. So lots of poeple will have seen me driving the car on my own or driving with my husband in the passenger seat, but never my husband driving anywhere.

Janey42Feb 20 2011 2:24pm
Excellent idea Tom... you should males should band together. Perhaps meet evenings and find ways to keep the Females in your lives from having to punish you. Some suggestions would be when you are all assembled to discuss what we the best recipes you had that your Wives and Girlfriends liked best then share them. another is to ask other males in your group about what skirts and dresses you wear that turn on the Womyn in your lives. Practicing make-up techniques with one another will also enhance how your Female Masters tereat you... oh TAMMY... I mean 'tom'... you really had such a great idea -- FOR A MALE!

OmphaleMar 24 2011 8:54pm
I don't think this would happend. Women like shoes and skirts too much.

AnonymousMar 27 2011 8:41am
Things aren't going well for us men in this day and age. It may sound strange to some. But with the way things are going it could really happen. The question is "Is there anything we men can do about it?"

TomMar 29 2011 12:07pm
I don't think wives/mothers should feminize their men and definitately not their sons. I am a lot like one of the men here, anonymous. I could never be submissive to a physically weaker woman. I was married to a smaller woman for years and we had the typical "normal" relationship where I made most money, I took the initiative to love making, I made all the big financial decisions. But one day she met another man and I was alone. I was really vulnerable and a woman at work just stepped into my life and comforted me. She was my wife's opposite, a big curvy and as I was to find out very strong woman. I was soon seeing her every day, moved into her apartment and I didn't make those decisions. It was great to have somebody to take over for a while but after perhaps 6 months I started to get my self esteem back and I tried to step up as number one in my new relationship. Well, let's say I failed big time. This woman made it clear to me that she was the dominant one in our relationship but it wasn't until she proved to be physically stronger that I settled as number two. She one night told me she would show me that she should be the leader in our relationship because she was stronger mentally, she made more money than me (true), she was better educated than me (true) and perhaps most of all, she was physically stronger. I of course doubted that even if I should have realized that she was stronger just ny looking at her. She showed me that everning that she could do just anything she liked with me, she was just so much stronger. She hurt me a little just to make me realize that I had no chance. And like a typical man I found a new place in the pecking order. She sometimes forces me to do things but to be honest it is often for the better for us, I realize that after some time. She has once forced me to dress up as a woman, this was before a masquerade and the theme was role reversal. She had dressed up as man with a beard and she then despite my protests, turned me into a woman. She shaved body hair from me, she put make up on, she dressed me in a skirt, with pantyhose and a pair of low heals. This was the only time I have ever been turned into a woman and I have to say I hated it. I am a man and being dominated is one thing but feminized something completely different. Sorry about the long posting

RayMay 09 2011 11:23pm
Tom, here's what we men can do: get rid of that plastic phalate stuff, apparently. btw I would like to know where you all are getting this bogus info. on plastics, you're obviously not scientists.

science=truthJun 07 2011 11:45pm
Men don't be fooled or let by your penis. Women still desire strong men and it's likely they always will. Women will test men, the more hurt a woman has been the mire she will test the man until she finds someone who can handle her. The ones who dont become dominant wife's and usually cheat on their husband at some stage. More than ever men need to be strong and grow a backbone and a pair of balls

LiamJun 12 2011 4:28pm
My wife has been feminized me into a fulltime woman and I have learned to love it now. Especially being put on hormone therapy. I enjoy not being a angry macho male.

Kath2be@aol.comAug 18 2011 11:26pm
never will i let you bitch take away my manhood , if women are so call superior than why were you oppressed? Why did you have to fight for your rights? why haven't you invented and created advance technological items that have helped shaped this world? You'll never dominate all of us, because it not your place.

PowerNov 06 2011 7:31am
men will always dominate

sissylucy@yahoo.comJan 05 2012 1:54am
I love my role as a feminine male I really love my new wardrobe

RachaelJan 25 2012 9:16pm
The women who suffer from DE (dominant excitement) syndrome will find this board exciting as feminizing men will get their dominant juices flowing & they will orgasm but many women who enjoy SO or submissive orgasms will angrily trash this page &hate the ideas expressed here !

Ashesh GMar 13 2012 8:34pm
Should husbands sodomize their wives ??

Ash-X9Mar 24 2012 2:00pm
ash-x9 if the person how castrated you do it thin they are responsble for youer acksions like rape and others they have to guied you therow youer life and make suer youer sex driev stays cuered and you dont go tuching kids for sex or women the person how do it is to you has to watch you for ever and keep up to date on you like a docter checkup to see if youer fine and ok.

ladyMar 30 2012 1:07pm
ash-x9 go to havean 666 and tapein castration and medical castration thier are to girls and women that showing their husbands geting castrated sugicaly its grat i love it so much and now respect the to men khows castrated but it has to be done by the women so if singel you can not have it done sorry thows are the ruls if it an acksudint then you ok you just have to speekup.

ladyMar 30 2012 1:15pm
ok about sons no you she sulde not her kids she sulde be breskless and hireless and sulde be shot for gilding her owne kids leva the kid out of it

lady likeMar 30 2012 1:18pm
I was feminised by my mother and I am grateful for it. I live with my wife but am happy for her to make all the major decisions and at home I dress as a woman

DavidApr 06 2012 10:32am
Women are the pinacle of human development, physically and mentally. Men were made to provide for them and learn from them. He is an unfinished work and needs to be pheminized clothingwise and emotionally by submitting to women.

AngusApr 17 2012 1:01pm
marry foreign noneuropean women. They like strong masculine men.

JCMay 03 2012 3:05pm
Would the world really be a nicer place if men becoming feminised? I don't think so. Women love skirts and heels to much and don't want to see men in them.

AnonymousMay 09 2012 2:14am
Ok i am a woman i have a nice job and a husband who adoors me. There is no way in hell i would have even dated him if he would have been some week little sissy. So no i don't think the world would be better because i think i speak for women every where that a man has to be manly.

a proud mother of three.Jul 10 2012 11:05pm

AnonymousOct 24 2012 11:39pm
im 16 and a you women think its alright if i wear my sisters underwear and lick her feet?

ptOct 24 2012 11:41pm
The amount of violence committed by males upon females and other males is horrendous. For the first time in the history of the human race females have the opportunity to take control and change the way males are raised. I for one believe that males need to be taught to be submissive to and obey women. As women and girls take over the leadership roles in society and the family, men and boys interests need to be directed towards and interest in looking pretty for their spouse and serving and obeying her. Women need to teach their young boys to appreciate wearing pretty dresses and lingerie. Wives need to encourage their husbands to do the same. When males fail to conform, then they should be placed in diapers

leeDec 26 2012 8:45am
All men should have to spend time as a woman to just to learn and understand. some people do this with their boys growing up, some never get it. I think it is an important learning step to make them better people all around.

Christine WJan 07 2013 9:04am
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DogJan 17 2013 1:04am

En contra de los PENDEJOS mundialesFeb 07 2013 10:03am
It is useless to fight what your future is going t become because it will only make your wife or ex have you on your knees sucking every man who her boyfriend brings with him when he is going to be f*cking your wife.They know that you need to be kept busy while they are f*cking and the more time we are on our knees sucking c*ck the better we get and will bring her lots of cash when they drop us off at the adult book stores for the night,,unless se wants to make sure we to make it easier for someone we knw to see us.Amy made me whore yself out during the daytime just to see how long I would be able to suck c*ck and not be seen by a friend

sissyboycindyFeb 16 2013 4:44am
Are you kidding, you all wonder what the world is coming to? this is a vital reason why, because of the feminization of men, it's f*cking sad. MEN SHOULD ACT LIKE MEN

doesnotmatterMar 03 2013 3:48pm
a few years ago my wife started making more money at work than I do. Now she makes a couple thousand more a month than I do, and it has changed our relationship somewhat. I do most of the domestic work cause she works longer hours, she even expects me to cater to her especially after she gets home from work. She also makes purchases on her own that formely either I would make or we would make together. She makes more decisions for us both than she ever use to. I've just sort of acquiesced to the whole thing. For me the benifit is I don't worry about stuff I use to worry about. She does. LOL.

AnonymousMar 21 2013 1:39pm
doesnotmetter is right. Feminizing of men is wrong way. Men should be men and women should be women. Women should stay at home, doing the chores and be in submission to men, who are the superior gender.

AnonymousMar 29 2013 1:44am
all I can say is that right now the balance of power in society is too masculine. The balance should be equal or tilt toward the feminine because in-balance creates the negative force we have lived with for 5000 years or more. It seems this in-balance is beginning to shift towards the female. This shift will take different forms but in general women will naturally grow more confident and males will naturally become more submissive. Both genders should embrace this change and accept the out come because both sexes will enjoy a better well rounded society as the result. "Go Females"

JimApr 03 2013 11:00pm
I"m all for the feminization of males. At first I just wondered about it. Then I started to read about. After that came trying on some female clothing. Next I was thinking about it every day. Now I'm completely hooked. Would love to, live full time as female. I'm so hooked I can't think of anything else. What should I do?

JuliaApr 08 2013 10:40am
Boys should be feminized as soon as they express an interest in it. I think there are a lot more boys that would like it than we think

StormiApr 16 2013 1:03pm
My wife is definitely the boss in our relationship. I was the bride and she the groom at our wedding. She dominates me completely and keeps me dressed in the most feminine outfits imaginable. She wear the pants (literally) and we both love it. She leads when we dance. We love to square dance and I have many lovely petticoats with matching ruffled panties. I feel so deliciously feminine when dressed-up. My wife dominates me in every way and I give myself to her completely. IShe takes my on her lap and holds and caresses me. I love it when she feels and tickles my legs. She calls me her 'baby girlie", which I certainly have become.

AnonymousApr 18 2013 2:45pm
Men should be men, dominant and in charge, women should be women, submissive and follow. Gender role reversal is bad for everyone in society and the wrong way. Men are the superior sex.

AnonymousApr 22 2013 2:24am
Feminiizing women can kiss my ass

AnonymousApr 27 2013 6:38pm
I for one enjoy taking the submissive roll and my wife does not mind helping me to get there. She takes me shoping and helps pick out outfits for me to wear. I shop for myself also, but I enjoy her input. As for all men being fem, I don't think that is best. It's not for everyone. Besides I agree with submissive women here, there is nothing like having a dom male take control. Most men are jerks, but if you find a good one. He will rock your world.

LoriJul 26 2013 8:59am
most boys are brought up by women.women should use this time to teach boys that they must be submissive and obedient to all females whist striving to be as like them as possible.wearing dresses and skirts should be the norm for boys until they reach the time they marry men should unquestioningly accept woman's authority.

obedient husbandAug 23 2013 6:46am
My wife has always had the balls and the big muscles in our relationship.

ToniAug 26 2013 2:42pm
top anonymous wtf holy poo you have got to be kidding me. we give women rights and now there are turning men into women really i think your are born the way your are. but seriosly now guy wants to be a women (unless transgender). anyway my awnser is that men are ruff like me but thats just how we are but you cant change us. i think women are in the wrong.

mark tAug 28 2013 5:43am
damn auto correct.

mark tAug 28 2013 5:44am
subslave1007 what are saying women superior. 100 years ago i could send for jail if you said that.

mark tAug 28 2013 5:46am
to think if you can do that then lets use the drugs MEN created we wont cure your ilnesses the worlds most clever people the worlds ever known were guys. in my family this one women my mom she is a tom boy and she doesnt even want to be femenizied. so women you realize the average man could own 2 women if he wanted but you girls are now going crazy about how men are hurting women but thats ownly thoose nutters. i love a fight but it will sort of not get serious but i still fight i wont badly injure anyone. my question is why are women thinking were are abusing them thats only about 1 out of 50 so you think women can turn men into women just because 1 in every 50 guys does it. this doesnt mean men are mean. so my solution to the women is carm the f*ck down.

mark tAug 28 2013 5:58am
f*ck if women win ill seriously commit suicide. now all you *sshole women can go home and never become part of power in the world anymore if this happens its bullpoo. and i think if you dont have men we wont have force and being weak helps peace but seriously you want guys to become women just to help 1% of the world seya bitches this site has the worst debate ever.

mark tAug 28 2013 6:03am
This is to Tom... who was so delightfully renamed "Tammi" by OMPHALE and then given good advice by Her as well. TAMMI, STOP FUSSING YOUNG LADY! There is NOTHING you can do to halt the defeat of your pathetic male sex. Get used to your new roles in life: go back and make yourself pretty, impress your Female Master with how well you're trained and obey Her in all things.

Ascendant FemaleAug 31 2013 4:34pm
Just first all girls that feminize guys isn't that guy and in many countries its still illegal

Mark tSep 02 2013 1:58am
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Mark tSep 08 2013 1:36am
I'm all for feminizing since I prefer to wear mini dresses and skirts, heels, halter tops. Leave the pants for the women who needs them I prefer my legs bare and don't even so much as wear pantyhose.

LvySep 10 2013 6:43pm
ek0A51 Major thanks for the article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

bRFnpkFZavSep 13 2013 4:22am
I think that there should be men & sissys. The men to take care of the women sexuality & physicality. While the sissys to take care of the men for what the women don't want to do.

kathyann28ts@yahoo.comSep 21 2013 10:31am
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fWcklLTsnyEVCSep 24 2013 2:56pm
I really enjoy being a sissy. And, living with 2 lesbian Mistress 24/7 helps out a lot. As they are helping/forcing me to realize my potential. The one who has been with me the longest (all my life & is my only sister)is the first one who introduced me to my dildo training. She told me that I need to find out just what it means to be a girl. I love her strap-on that first day & now? I still love it.

kathyann28ts@yahoo.comOct 09 2013 10:29am
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eBfnajdyqUOct 15 2013 3:02pm
I think men should definitely be feminized. They should sleep in a crib and only come out when their wife lets them. They should wear ultra-feminine dresses and skirts (no pants!) and diapers (they would get changed by their wife). The woman would dress them and they wouldn't be allowed to remove any of their clothes. Women would pay and take responsibility for them, and punish them as they see fit

RebeccaOct 22 2013 4:31am
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ijvxPPiDgNov 01 2013 7:46pm
Girls, forget about it. I know your all caught up in this fanticy about feminized men an what ever, but if you read Revilation form the Bible you will see that there is notin about women taking over the world. Also America isn't going to be a country when Jesus comes back. SO FORGET ABOUT IT.

1link6Nov 10 2013 11:48pm
And believe me, I will not bow down to a girl ANY DAY. And I will not be anyone's slave boy

1link6Nov 11 2013 1:26pm
If this world is somehow taken over by women I will not stand to being feminized. I will fight for my freedom and I'd rather die than wear a dress, make-up, and high heels. NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY MY LIBERTY. AND YES THE MALE SEX IS THE MORE DOMANANT. As a famous MAN once said,"GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH," ( words by Patric Henry). And who one World War I and World War II, the Cival War, the Revolutioary War, also the Cold War, and the War of 1812, ect. THE MEN WERE THE ONES WHO FOUGHT!!!!! Yes I admit the women did help World War II, but the men were the ones risking their lives for yours and my freedom. In conclution women should be women and men should be men. And each sex should stay in its own place. Thank you for hearing my argument, this wont be the last time I stand up against feminization of men.

1link6Nov 11 2013 7:07pm
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-Nov 15 2013 4:22pm
@Rebecca I agree with everything you said! How about making their cute little dresses and skirts restricting, too! I was thinking putting a locking belt on them. Or sometimes just have them in a diaper and plastic panties. And to top it off, we shouldn't give them any rights! We wouldn't want them getting any silly ideas of freedom, would we?

IsabelleNov 18 2013 1:14am
V3eXdX I truly appreciate this article post.Really thank you! Want more.

IxzGwxYSqMKHCbMNov 18 2013 12:50pm
This is too all you girls who are saying that men should be held in restraints and wear dresses and all that crap. ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Men (including me) would rather die than have our freedom taken away. The male sex will never fall to its nees and be controlled by the female sex. A lot of women know their place. And I hope u know yours. This pervers generation is evil, with feminized men and all of you twisted ideas. I will die before I bow to any woman( or man). And if this generation does fall, then it's Gods will. Just be happy that in America women were given rights. That does not mean " O please take of er the world and feminize it for the good of man kind". NO REAL MAN WOULD STAND UP FOR WOMEN TAKING CONTROL OVER THE EARTH. As long as I live I swear I will not be feminized. For when Jesus comes back, he will judge us all for our sins. And of you don't repent and ask God for forgiveness, it will be too late for you. God inherited this earth too Adim not Eave. I will not stand for feminized men as long as I live. This will not be the last time I stand up against feminized men.

1link6Nov 18 2013 6:52pm
this is a very weird roll-playing... Some people don't seem to understand that nothing about this is serious, just a bunch of anonymous people fantasizing over the internet.

Haskell LogicNov 18 2013 7:05pm
Lol good point, but im just saying that I will never support gay, lesbian, and feminized men and boys.

1link6Nov 19 2013 8:20pm
@1link6 Learn to behave, young lady! You exist to serve your Female Master, so you had better do so! Or perhaps you'd like a spanking...

IsabelleNov 22 2013 3:04am
I believe that too much is made of the fact that feminization is wearing skirts, etc. If we think of it as being more caring and loving, it makes a lot more sense that men would be far better creatures and society would be better for all people. Then it would not matter who was in charge, but both males and females would arise to take a leadership role when they proved themselves to be worthy.

FriedaNov 23 2013 7:09pm
No you people don't get the point. MEN ARE MEN, AND WOMEN ARE WOMEN. Men think differently than women for a reason. If we all thought the same, we would be the Borg. Also, I think the female mind is toooooooooooo complicated for me.

1link6Nov 23 2013 10:27pm
Isabelle, you should learn to behave und serve your male master. This is a much better way of life for you.

MarcusDec 01 2013 10:30am
Isabelle, I DON'T HAPPEN TO BE A GIRL, AND ID RATHER SHOOT MYSELF IN THE HEAD WITH A BAZOOKA THAT BOW DOWN TO YOU AND YOUR KIND. Just face it, Men will always be the more dominant sex. And, I'm too old old for a spanking

1link6Dec 02 2013 12:01am
And another thing too, MEN AREN'T THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO RAPE, JUST BECAUSE IM A MAN DOENT MEAN IM THINKING " I'm going to go rape that woman over there". I have the Holy Spirt inside of me. Jeez just because most rapes are from men, doesn't mean all are. OK U GET IT ALL YOU THICK SKULLED PEOPLE!!!!! So you can't change the male mind, because its TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING.

1link6Dec 02 2013 12:08am
I would to be feminized. Women have the power but don't realize it. And you get to wear lovely lingerie and beautiful clothes.

vicki lockeDec 09 2013 4:56pm
All I have to say to u Vicky, is that YOUR SI WRONG ON SOOOOOOOOOO MANY LEVELS, just because your a WEEK man, and a descrace to all man kind, doesn't mean that women are all powerfull. You and the rest if you WEEK man would be standing in line to get feminized. I on the other hand would be fighting against the femanin DESEZE. Also so of the DESEZE did start happening then there would be a Cival war again, and WE ALL know who would win, the REAL MEN. Phhhh you people are sooooooooo delusional, and besides this women taking over the world thing AIN'T GONA HAPEN.

1link6Dec 09 2013 8:33pm
z8UNXX Fantastic article post. Much obliged.

iQMYPTtUkmmDec 14 2013 9:31am
@1link6 Learn how to spell, stop being all macho and sexist, and don't involve religion in this discussion.

KatherineDec 22 2013 1:03am
Hey Katherine, When I read your comment, I was wondering, have u ever heard the phrase, " IT'S A FREE COUNTRY!!!!!" It seems to be a popular phrase for us Americans. And I see u don't now what the Bill of Rights is, that the founding fathers of my country wrote, now do u. Well the first thing it says is that it gives all citezens FREEDOM OF SPEECH," which concludes that I have every right in the world, to put my opinion in what ever, where ever, and how ever, I want. As long as its not a threat, or something that herts people. And that means I can add religion in it, because its, A FREE COUNTRY. Now say it to ureself a couple times. Also, the day Jesus Christ comes back, will be the day ALL MEN, and WOMEN WILL BE JUDGED. Or will be judged when we die. And onother thang, I can speeeell anerthin hhouw Id feall iat shouwd ber spearlfd. Also I can be manly, or macho if I want to because once again, IT'S A FREE COUNTRY, :). Am I right, I mean, am I right. Also I'm not being sexitst, in just saying, there's not going to be a feminist revolution, or stand. In America, we treat each other fairly, and u women don't think so, I mean, we gave u all the rights we men have. So just, as a friend of mine says," just calm ire tittys," ok. I'll leave it at that, and I wish all u readers a very happy Christmas, and read a Bible, because if u don't repend now, I'm warning u now, Jesus is going to come back, or well die befor it, but if he does come soon, there's not going to be mersy for the un-believers, but have a Merry Christmas.

1link6Dec 22 2013 7:53pm
Yes, all males, shortly after puberty, should be feminized, without exception. After each man has contributed a sufficient quantity of sperm (for reproductive purposes), at laboratories set up and operated by female personnel for this express purpose, he should be castrated (preferabbly via surgery, although chemical castration might be allowed also). Thereafter, a eunuch for life, he should be allowed to socialize and to have sex with only other castrated males and should work as a slave to women, all of whom would own him collectively.

SpankedSissyDec 25 2013 11:03am
You people are sick, nasty, and also crazy if u think women will control the earth. The idea is so dumb, it almost made me laugh to death. If u read the Bible, Jesus says " the meek shal inherit the earth", didn't mention anything about women controlling the earth and doing, who knows what. In translation to that quote, it means that the people who have strength in Jesus will inherit the earth. Also in scripture, it talks about the beginning of the earth, and Adam and Eve. And Adam was made first, and God inherited the earth to Adam. Also, fun fact, the reason why men have on less rib bone than women, is because Eve was made from one of Adams ribs, and dirt and stuff like that. These comments are not sexist as many of u feminists might think, no, the comments are the truth. And if u turn from ure evil ways to Jesus, and/ or believe that Jesus is the son of God, then u will enherit the earth, and Jesus will rule forever and ever, when he brings heaven on earth. This concludes my argument for today, and the next time u visit a store, I sedgest that u pick up a bible, and read it.

1link6Dec 26 2013 7:30pm
2eQx3f I really like and appreciate your post.Really thank you! Really Great.

gfWgtyKoAVuWJTqJan 07 2014 4:59pm
yes, I have been feminized and it should have been done earlier in my life-- a better person now

kittentrained@yahoo.comJan 10 2014 7:50pm
i as a male would love to say i would be first in line to loose my balls for weman superiorty...

rodshortyJan 13 2014 10:43am
Ypyhkp Thanks for the post.Really thank you!

VPtBleNJALTJan 17 2014 12:03pm
rUDyka Very neat article post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

LrqUcnMgPUGPNvpIJan 17 2014 12:03pm
I think men and boys being femenized is fantastic! I am a boi, Women are the superior sex here. Rule over us and dominate us like we deserve. I love submitting to Superior Women!

brianna boiJan 17 2014 10:27pm
Women and Men are equals, and without men OR women then this world would just die out ANYWAY, and there are some of us guys that are actually NICE and the women that want to feminize us guys are evil, I mean honestly the entire IDEA of feminizing a guy against his own will is SO STUPID! How would you like it if I made a bunch of women act like men by forcing them into a female form of chastity and hurting them and making them not what they want to be every day? Do you HONESTLY think that Forced Feminization is fair? Now I know that abuse by fathers and boyfriends happens a lot but you know what? How much WORSE is forced feminization? It is A LOT worse! And about the abusive people in this world there's a REALLY easy way to deal with that 3 little numbers you can dial on your phone, just dial 911 and hide and mute the phone the police will gps your position and get RIGHT to you!

FeminizationsucksJan 27 2014 4:17pm
Hey 1Link6 WAY TO STAND UP FOR YOUR RELIGION I'M RIGHT ON WITH YA!! I agree that this bullying and hazing and macho garbage needs to stop but honestly.... feminization is not only a STEP too far but its 5K too far and for those of you that don't know a 5K is 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles

FeminizationsucksJan 27 2014 4:23pm
Oh yeah I have one thing to say, What did Jesus say when he was being Crucified? Forgive them for they know not of what they do. Jesus broke the 10 comandments down to 2, Have no god before me, and love everyone as you love youreself

FeminizationsucksJan 27 2014 7:59pm
Also think of how many riots you'd have and how big they'd get so much so that the police wouldn't be able to stop it and the military wouldn't do anything about it because they fight for FREEDOM!!! Where as so many people here are fighting for SLAVERY!

FeminizationsucksJan 28 2014 5:05am
To Ascendant Female Hey you wretched fool, how about you leave him the hell alone and stop thinking you're doing the right thing by doing this, how would you like it if I made you wear super slutty clothes made of barbed and razor wire and forced you to walk around in that, YA WOULDN'T MUCH LIKE THAT WOULD YA?! So stop doing this bull crap. It's people like you that I find just as bad as abusive husbands wives and fathers, I think YOU deserve to be punished as well.

MysteriousJan 29 2014 2:54pm
CpgUtH Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

CbRmBSClJan 30 2014 9:15pm
Please give an update,

phred2Feb 13 2014 1:52pm
Great topic, if you enjoy forced feminization, please check out my new website. Stories of helpless men being forced into satin panties, corsets and even lockable French maid uniforms!

DeborahFeb 13 2014 2:01pm
I am a mom that has feminized her son. He wears lingerie under his male clothes and dresses at home. It has made him a very sweet person. He is 16 now and my only regret was that I didn't start until he was 12.

CherylFeb 16 2014 7:52am
Theer are some sappy women too, We have to educate ourselves to owning you completely crushed to submission. Then Androcur and feminized clothes, cosmetics. I also have mine declared financially incompetent, and his check is deposited by wire in another account that he has never heard of.

SamanthaFeb 17 2014 3:19pm
well everyone on here that is for feminization is COMPLETELY insane and therefore I am leaving this just to tell you your almost as bad as joker from batman you're insane sadistic and deserve to be put in a mental institution. BYE BYE

FeminizationsucksFeb 20 2014 4:03am
Cheryl & Samantha...GREAT Job! The Future is FEMALE...Men and Boys belong in Pretty Dresses and Skirts....Serving Independent Women!!!

PattiFeb 20 2014 6:00pm
Well I can see that some people will be surprised when Jesus returns calls all his children back home and the revelation begins.

ChristianguyFeb 21 2014 3:09am
Patti,I agree with most of what you have said. The times have changed. Men are no longer suited to be the rulers or even equal to women. We have to accept our new place for the good of humanity and for a better society.

AndrewFeb 24 2014 5:42pm
XDDD I just realized something the people who is making all these comments could just be the same person

XDDDDTROLOLOLOFeb 28 2014 6:08pm
Feminizationsucks is right, all u crazy looniticks can pretend that you will be in control, but u will never be in control. U all have fun talking about how ure supposedly going to take over the world, and may I ask how u think u are going to do that??? The illogicalness of the whole thing go's way beyond me. You people have no IDEA WHAT URE TALKING ABOUT. The wold isn't just going to give itself up to you, and who will be your queen. And if u try to make a democracy the rest of the world, like England and Europe, would want a monarchy. Think about it this way, even if you somehow enslaved man kind, the whole world would be at war with each other. And if you try to say son crap about world peace and whatnot, well you can just eat your own words because there will never be world peace until Jesus Christ comes back again. So all you woman who think ire going to take over the world, all I have to say to u is that u just prove how humans are one of the stupidest spices on this world that u are lucky to be on because u all the other nonbelievers in this sorry world were created by Jesus. And another thing, it doesn't say one thing on the book of Revelation in the Bible about woman taking over the world. Y that is the most crap I've heard in a while. Like I said, it's not logical, there is NO POSIBLE WAY ON THIS EARTH THAT IT WILL EVER HAPPEN. And if it does, than I will be any of yours personal slave. BUT UNLUCKILY FOR U IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. And when you get a plan to take over the world, then talk to me, because I don't want to hear some crap that try's to cover up your stupidity. And no XDDDDTROLOLOLO I am a completely different person than these femal morons who think there going to take over the world, AHAHAHA take over the world my butt. And once again the next time u get a chance, read the Bible, it's good for the soul.

1link6Mar 07 2014 10:38pm
It must be humiliating and frustrating to watch your power and status diminish at the hands of women. Go ahead, let it all out.

AnonymousMar 09 2014 2:33pm
*grins* Wow a plan to control the entire world... You must be about as psychotic as Nero was... There is no fathomable way for a person to rule the entire world. Try reading history once, see how well it worked out for people of the past.

UnknownMar 15 2014 5:32am

1Mar 20 2014 5:18am

-1'Mar 20 2014 5:18am
8w3u8E Thank you for your post. Really Cool.

voGeZlJlfNUfxzlMar 22 2014 4:30am
hiiiiii love the passion that this topic brings out, would like to say that coming from someone that has not only been through this but totally embraced it , the femanization or forced femanization of males is something that is just going to become more common place,society is changing and becoming more accepting and more tolerent of peoples needs and desires, Femanization isn't something that every male hungers to do, but trust me, for those of us that have this gift within us, then its something that you embrace and grab hold of with open arma, Personally im not that convinced that it actually takes much forcing to head down this path, even for it to be something openly discussed and talked about means that somewhere within there lies this need to feminize, It just takes a little push in the right direction. everybody is different has all different needs, I loved it and wouldn't change a thing, you look back on your life and start to realise that the little things you did back then were all pushing you to your destination in life, so enjoy it, be tolerent of others and just be happy

JennaMar 22 2014 10:43pm
I have been feminized in a pantie, carry a purse to match my outfit, earrings, legs shaved. Only female jeans & tops, sleep in a gown. makeup in purse. all male clothing trashed. she is in total comand at this house. All her frinds are aware of it and they call me Missy Missy is a happy sissy.

kittentrained@yahoo.comMar 23 2014 8:01pm
Seeing this almost makes me yearn for the revelation of Jesus Christ. Although I must say, you should be who you are, be your own person, don't just become what some other person tells you to be, fight for your right to party! Yes that's a direct quote from Beastie Boys, anywho, Fight and be who you are, Be you, Believe in Yourself.

Morale Bonus +5Mar 25 2014 7:07pm
It's part of the inevitable transformation of society in this century. People should should just embrace it.

AnonymousMar 27 2014 12:22pm
You're such a failure, You dropped out of school and this is what you become when walmart doesn't want you.

XDDDDTROLOLOLOMar 29 2014 4:57pm
8tewww Looking forward to reading more. Great blog. Keep writing.

RYRZHXksFsApr 01 2014 7:19am
Why not create equality? There is no reason to bicker over this role or that. Frankly men and women should be equals, like two dollars. Both green, both worth the same.

TJHApr 17 2014 6:54pm
jXJ3SP Thanks a lot for the article post.Thanks Again. Want more.

wQhsgqPDApr 19 2014 11:10am
male that has been feminized she sent my male clothes to Goodwill--in nylon panties and wear a bra.. on a diet and size 6---hair is done at a beauty shop-her female friends have seen my panties and bras. they say every wife should have a sissy for a husband. feminized males make the best husbands

kittenMay 01 2014 9:11am
eQU1Gy Fantastic blog.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

WkBHVhNRFIHwMay 12 2014 8:16am
Who 60 years ago would have even entertained this question - perhaps 2-5$...a handful at best. And most would have thought only of the comedic aspects. Today in schools if questioned, most of both sexes would agree on the superiority of the Female. Now, that idea alone spurs many more of both sexes to contemplate that yesteryear's 'femininity' - things like, weakness, meekness, submissiveness - are aspects of the sex inferior... and is that NOT the male. Now as to the delicate and girlish attitude spreading to the actual dress and appearance of the subordinate male, we see it more everyday. It is an inevitable swing in society that shall NOT reverse again. Be aware of far greater changes of the male to demure, dainty, docile and domesticated in all aspects INCLUDING ATTIRE, while Females develop and never relinquish power, assertiveness, confidence, demands etc They have eternally stripped from males. You've lost males... your only path is to OBEY and hope your girlish manners and attire are pleasing to your new and proper MASTERS - the Female Sex!

Ascendant FemaleMay 12 2014 9:30am
I am a feminized and sissified gurl/wife for my Dominant Spouse and Her Female friends. Now, I am a full domestic taking care of all the housework, cooking, baking, shopping and laundry. My Spouse keeps me locked in chastity 24/7, always in skirts/blouses or dresses and schedules me for monthly visits to the salon for hairdressing, manicure and pedicure. Although I look feminine, I am still flat chested because my Spouse feels that I must fully accept my role as a sissy before She considers implants or HRT for me. She feels that as of now, I do not deserve real female parts.

Noreen AllisonMay 12 2014 9:39am
To Ascendant Female & Noreen Allison....This is the New Age that we will be experiencing. Men and Boys are becoming More and More Feminine, as Girls are becoming Stronger and taking on the "Traditional" male Roles. Keeping Males Pretty and Feminine will Create a Better World. I Applaud Both of You!! Patti

PattiMay 12 2014 7:19pm
I was raised by a single mom. She raised me to be gentle and docile. I began wearing panties as soon as I was diaper trained. My hair was kept long and I often wore it in pigtails or a ponytail. I wore girls play sets every day and sandals with painted toes. Growing up most people mistook me for a girl. I lived with Mom until I was 22. She arranged my marriage to a lovely lady of 27 who was a up and coming attorney, Gwen After our marriage she took over my life and expanded my feminization to include hormones and the permanent removal of my light beard and body hair. Much to my mothers delight I now live totally as a woman, work half days in Gwen's law office as a receptionist and the rest of the time I take on the roll of housewife. For me my life is wonderful. Gwen provides me with love, security, a beautiful home, gorgeous clothes, and all the comforts of life. I thank my mother for preparing me for this life.

Susan LynnMay 15 2014 6:33am
Hello Susan! Congratulations on ypur Astounding "New ge" Relationship with your Wonderful Female Husband! It is a Delight to see men being Sweet and feminine, and Submissive Spouse's to their Strong and Independent female Spouses. The New ASge of female Empowerment is upon us. It is Time that Men and Boys are Encouraged to be Pretty and Feminine, and support the Strong and Independent women of the New World order! Gwen sounds like such a Wonderful Woman...You are so Lucky that your Mother prepared you to be her Wife!!

PattiMay 19 2014 3:26pm
You know what? You're all just insane, you really won't listen to anything other than agreement, you refuse to listen to anyone elses side, so why should anyone care about you?

MathewMay 19 2014 5:24pm
Poor Matti... the poor dear is so angry and confused. She must be experiencing the male's typical weekly bout with PMS - POST MASCULINITY SYNDROME!

Ascendant FemaleMay 19 2014 9:38pm
I'm a man but I believe the future is female. The Age of Man is closing and the Age of Woman is appearing. In a personal relationship I could accept being the follower and the woman being the leader, however, there's no way I would submit to being feminized.

What I sayMay 20 2014 12:35pm
XDDDD NICE RESPONCE BUT YOU STILL SUCK! YOU CAN'T HANDLE ANYONE ELSES REPLIES THUS YOU HAVE TO BULLY THEM. I have something to say though, how would you feel if someone committed suicide because you forced them to be feminine all the time? How would you feel then? If even one person killed themselves because of that I would NEVER forgive you! If there's one thing I can NEVER forgive it's bullying someone else to death, I don't give a damn what you say about me because it goes in one ear and right out the other, because you're just people talking poo but I know you never thought that it goes in one ear and right out the other, you people talk poo, so you can just kiss the back of my hand. By the way, I see that you feminize men's names, that's cute, come back when you can do something more damaging to me, BIATCH. Love you toots.

MathewMay 20 2014 5:26pm
Ohh you entertain me so much, I literally get on her and CAUSE arguments and CAUSE people to say stuff, it's so funny that you think you know when things will change and how they will change, I guarantee you things will change... but not for the better for anyone.... Should I read my bible to you to TELL you what will happen? I'll GLADLY do it, I mean blessed are those who read the revelation.

MathewMay 21 2014 6:27pm
All of you feminists belong in an insain asylum. If you think the world is going to turn all girly and crap, well I got news for ya, YOUR WRONG. Mathew has a point, read revelation in the Bible, it will tell you the future. I just want to say also, feminism is a disease that needs to be destoyed. Your crazy if you think I'm going to be feminized, and like I said before, do you have some " master plan" or something to control the world, y don't you explain your whole " feminism theory" that women will control the earth. HAHAHA, what a joke, y don't you check in the asylum now, you'll save the world a lot of trouble with your crazy ideas. Also, I pity all of you feminized boys and men, because your living a lie. Be what Jesus has made you to be, not some girly, low down, helpless piece of crap, controlled by a woman, of all people. Get ahold of your life, your a man, now act like on, break the chains of feminizum and read a Bible while your at it. That's all I gotta say for now, and read a Bible.

1link6May 21 2014 9:13pm
1link6 Im glad that there's someone like me on this post, ya know I used to be angry when I read some of the posts, then I became uncaring but now... it's funny, funny to see how foolish they are, the world WILL come under one ruler eventually but guess what, that ruler doesn't have anyone's best interests in mind, yet people will give into his lies, but I guess it's your life that you live, I can't change that, but I can try and help you realize that the bible is the truth, and you know what else? I feel like John Wycliffe, most of you PROBABLY don't know who he is so I'll explain since most of you haven't taken/failed world history, John Wycliffe was a man in medieval times that preached Jesus, not the pope was the head of everything, and I'm preaching Jesus, not women, are the head of everything, well that's all for now, love you all, may God reach to you.

MathewMay 22 2014 6:36pm
I find it interesting that both genders are confused on the fact that both genders need to communicate, boys need a mature man to show them what it is to be a man, not have them changed to the other gender thinking that what comes nature in the sense of being a boy is wrong, it just needs to be developed into a mature male that is strong, tender, sensitive, caring and confident.

A tender warriorMay 25 2014 10:21pm
Warrior... You make me proud. I'm glad there are people like you out there. You understand truly. *thumbs up to you*

MaxwellMay 26 2014 5:50am
RIS0zj Very informative article. Much obliged.

ULNnDPCGyLBheJun 04 2014 12:32pm
sorry if i got on your balls i am a cutter and i love castrating men so by by balls females are the super sex then men im into male castration and seen it done it fun i did my husband

ladies are betterJun 22 2014 11:11am
You also need a lesson in proper grammar and speaking you sound like an illiterate.

Master HandJun 28 2014 11:53am
sogPJ9 Say, you got a nice blog post.Thanks Again.

fBUzowelKjPRMXJul 04 2014 2:00am
Notice how they shut up.

Master HandJul 13 2014 8:45pm
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qgboIwLUflaRBJul 17 2014 4:09am
How about instead of who's right or wrong, let's just try to get along. Let's try NOT to do things to hurt people, let's try to put a STOP to bad, evil, and mean people, feminization isn't the answer, the answer is actually going up to them and being their friend and showing them what you're SUPPOSED to do as a person here's a little song for you all

NoahJul 18 2014 10:02am
J8wYrS I really like and appreciate your blog post.Really thank you! Awesome.

jBQhzDLbZRIwuPJul 18 2014 6:54pm
My girl friend feminized me over the years. It started out me having to wear panties if I wanted sex from her. It just escalated from there to wearing stocking, garter belts, bra and high heels. As I started to wear more girly clothing the more submissive I came and the more controlling my wife became. She started to dress me more and more until I wear girly undies 24/7 and women clothes at home. She got me some red stripper heels for my birthday and talked me into just taking a few photos of me with my birthday heels. Sounded harmless, but was a big mistake. Uses the photos to control and humiliate me. She now owns me. Watch out for women, they are smart and ruthless.

pantyboy monikaJul 23 2014 11:59am
Lol new world order. What a bunch of bulllpoo. There's some serious insanity going on in this thread.

AnonJul 23 2014 8:44pm
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vhBYYuIFJWJul 24 2014 5:39am
Well if a girl or anyone tries to feminize me or cut me downtown, I will just dissect them I will LITTERALLY go chaotic evil and kill them. Ya know why? cause if it comes down to it I'd rather atone for killing someone than live as a slave for torture the rest of my life.

MathewJul 24 2014 6:03am
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