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Dominant Younger Siblings (opposite sex)

Question: I'm interested cases where maturity (physical OR psychological) supersedes age. There's already a poll about stronger younger siblings of the same sex, so I'm trying to avoid overlap by restricting this to boys who submit to younger sisters and girls who submit to younger brothers. It doesn't whether the younger sibling took charge independently, or was given authority by parents.
Created by: Nocti Raven at 06:38:55 AM, Sunday, February 06, 2011 PST


I have a brother who is 18 and a sister who is 17. She is much stronger as she worksout regularly she has much bigger muscles and i have measured her's at 15 and his at 12 she bullies him sometimes when she doesnt get her own way squeezing him etc. Once i(23) stepped in when she was really hurting him and tried to pull her off but she pounched on me and pinned me to the floor where i could make out her very defined muscles and i coudnt move her. However i have also pinned her since and we have drawn in armwrestling so we are both equal and my brother is the weekest.

johnnyFeb 07 2011 9:52am

i am 3 yrs older than my sister when she was 15 and i was 18 she passed me in strength and she had more muscle.its acepted that younger girls can be stronger than older boys.

fan of stronger womenFeb 08 2011 7:54am
I have already related elsewhere on this forum about being dominated by my step-brother who was 4 years my junior, but I also had a step-sister, who was 7 years younger, and lost my first play fight with her when I was 16 and she was 9. I was really skinny through my teens, and at 16 I would have been 5?2?, and about 6 and a half stones, while my step-sister Gina was very stocky and muscular for her age, and was already slightly heavier than me, even though she was about 4?6? at the time. My arms were really slender and weak and she had already beaten me at an arm-wrestle about a year previously, when my step-brother made her challenge me, but the few previous times she had wrestled me, I had been able to use my height and weight advantage to keep her in check. Now she had overtaken me in weight, and had started doing judo, I think she was already an orange belt or something like that. It was a weekend and me and my mother and step-family were all in the living room watching wrestling on tv, where a small guy had been able to overcome a much larger man by pinning him, and my step-father wondered out loud whether Gina could beat me at wrestling. Gina was normally quite reluctant to wrestle me, but on this instance she needed no second invitation, and pulled me up and took me to the middle of the living room which was large and clear, and had a soft rug on top of a soft carpet, where we could fall and not hurt ourselves. Her first move on me was some sort of sacrifice throw, and I landed flat on my back, winding myself, and knew from that moment I had my work cut out. I was able to squirm free of her attempts to pin me a few times, and began to use my height to lever her down, getting myself on top of her on several occasions, but she was really feisty and strong, and every time I thought I had her, she used her arm strength or legs to manoeuvre herself out of the problem. However, I began to get more and more tired, and with each throw or attempted pin my body became weaker and weaker still, until with another sacrifice throw that winded me I felt all the stamina just ebb out of my arms. She sat on my shoulders facing away from me and collected my arms within her legs, and when I tried to use my legs to force her off me she was able to hold my ankles with her hands and keep me there. My step-father was full of praise for her winning while my mum and step-brother were laughing fit to burst. Gina began to tickle my feet while I was trapped beneath her, and I was totally helpless as she teased my soles through my trainer socks. It was so humiliating and feminising to be overpowered and teased by a girl barely half my age, but there was nothing I could do about it, and she had proven her physical dominance over me in every department. After this she would wrestle and play-fight me a few more times, and always won easily, sometimes tickling me to rub it in, but she was never as persistent or dominant over me as my step-brother, who wrestled me and teased me almost every day. Even so, she always had something over me after that instance, and often made me do little chores for her on the threat of beating me.

ticklish-girly-armsFeb 09 2011 1:27am
My younger brother is 12 and I?m 17 and he?s been stronger than me for over five years now. He loves to challenge me to races or tests of strength. The most memorable was three summers ago when I was 13 and he was 9, and we were on holiday and he challenged me to a swimming race in the big hotel pool, where we had to run from the bar, dive into the pool, swim to the other side and swim back again, and the first to touch the bar was the winner. I?m a lot faster at swimming than he is, and was about 20 metres ahead, and all I had to do was scramble out of the pool and run over to the bar, but it was really difficult for me to push myself up, as the poolside was slippery and quite high. I got my leg up and slipped back in, then tried a few more times, and finally, just as my brother was closing in I managed to get all the way out. I must have looked like some skinny kind of beached whale. Just as I got to my feet though, my brother had caught my ankle and began to drag me back, and I screamed with exasperation as he pulled my weak body back towards the pool. I tried to grip on the surface, but it was too slippy, and he had a really strong grip around my tiny little ankle. I squealed helplessly he yanked me back and I plopped into the water, and quick as a flash he climbed out before I could stop him and ran over to the bar just a few metres away. I spent about 5 minutes trying to get out of the pool while my little brother watched and giggled, but couldn?t do it. For some reason the steps that should have been nearby had been taken away, and there was no one else around at that time of the morning. I begged my little brother to help me out, but he wouldn?t unless I performed a forfeit. First he wanted me to take my bikini off, but I wouldn?t do that, but then he said that he?d help me if I spent the rest of the holiday barefoot. Later, when we went to a restaurant with our parents I had to tell them why I wasn?t wearing any shoes and they laughed, and agreed I should be barefoot for the rest of the week for getting in the pool when there weren?t any steps. Sometimes he challenges me to a game of mercy or an arm wrestle and sometimes to a game of cards, or even snakes and ladders, and he ALWAYS wins, even when it?s a game of chance. Most recently he made me walk to the shop to get him chocolate in a miniskirt and bare legs when it was really cold a few weeks ago. I was almost crying from the cold when I got back. My legs were freezing. Sometimes I feel like I?m his slave.

NatalieFeb 09 2011 8:39am
My 16 year old cousin looks like that she could enter to body fitness competition. She is only 155cm and propably 50kg but she has huge biceps and sixpack to drool on.

21yFeb 11 2011 10:09am
I am 16 and only 5'2. I'm way underweight and always have been at only 100 ibs. My is 13 sister is 5'5 and slightly over 135 ibs. She calls me her little brother and picks on me all the time. She is incredibly strong, being on volleyball team and on the swimming team. One of the worst times was when we were in the pool together, when she was 12 and I was 15. Because it's a private pool there was no life guard. Technically we have to have adult supervision but my sister wanted to sneak in. I was worried about her so I followed her in even though I really didn't know how to swim at the time. We successfully snuck in an she started swimming in the deep pool. All the time I was begging her to leave before we get caught, but she never listens to me.After a few minutes she got out and I said finally we can leave.Then she picked me up over her shoulders and lifted me overhead.She then threw me into the deep end of the pool ( about 12 feet deep) with me cloths on and I started screaming like hell and flailing while she was sitting there laughing at me. She said "oh does my little brother need to be rescued?" while I was shouting for help. She got me out of the water and carried me to our parents. I was grounded for a long time and she got off free. She threatened me that if I ever tell anyone she will beat me up.I really hate my sister, one time she wanted a dog, our parents wouldn't let us have pets so she made me walk and bark like a dog and even put me on a lease while our parents weren't around. I truly hate her.

Julia's brotherFeb 13 2011 3:14pm
to the brother of julia i have a younger sister who was stronger.i was 18 she was 15 she had bigger biceps.we armwrestled and i was no match but she didnthumiliate me like yoursis did.

lucky brotherFeb 15 2011 10:31am
You're lucky not to have a bitch of a sister

Julia's brotherFeb 15 2011 3:59pm
You obviously want to get pummelled by a woman :All in positive thinking! First in a quiet place visualize yourself smaller and weaker and know this will be you. Second visualize this big woman. Detail her description, hair color and weight. Make her very big and powerful. Finally let you run into this woman where she will savagely attack you and beat you. Visualize all of it in a quiet place and know this will happen. Send your desire out into the universe knowing that it will return to you multiplied. Not sure why you would want that? And make sure you do want that because it will come back to you multilpied, which could mean your death. We are all part of that universal power. which means we can harness that power to bring to us our desires. the problem is most of us dont know what we desire. And some of our desires are self destructive. We always get what we desire, not what we want. Think clear and hard whether you want to be physically assaulted by some big lady. know the possible outcome. But after all that, if this is your desire, then use that technique and it will happen! We always get what we desire

AnonymousFeb 19 2011 8:41am
tp the brother of julia ; i can not COMPLEATLY relate to you but i am 15 i have a 12 nrly 13 y/o family "friend" who is a girl she has thrown me in a pool lifted me infront of my friends carries me round calling me her little baby she boasts that she has FINISHED puberty and i only tarted when i was her age (12) we use ti be like brother and sister but now i dont know what worse is even thou i hate her at times i EMBARISINGLY get aroused by it

eroused and embaresedMay 12 2011 2:27pm
I'm a 40 year old man, I'm only 2'8" (I have some hormone problems) and very scrawny. I am a single father of 3 girls. The oldest is 10, and she's already 6'2". The middle daughter is 6, and she's 5'0". The youngest is 3, and she is 4'2". I am completely at their mercy. If you are in somehow similar situation, e-mail me:

AnonymousAug 23 2011 8:44am
I want to start off saying that at no time was my sister taller (she came close for a few months, though), bigger, or stronger than me. In a totally fair fight, I would wipe the floor with her without breaking much of a sweat. She still dominates me, and has ever since we were 12 and 9 respectively. It was incrementally done. First she began winning our arguments, and negating my physical strength. Then she began to take an equal share of authority in the house with me. Growing up, or mother was a drunk, so my sister and I were often in charge of things by default, including raising our baby brother. She began to give orders, and I began to comply, most of the orders being reasonable - but it set the precedent that I was following her. She also had minor blackmail over me; she knew where I had hidden my porn stash, for example. Eventually, one day she caught me smoking, and gave me the choice of her punishing me, or mom. I chose the lesser of two evils (or so I thought), and submitted to my sister. After that my sister's orders were less and less "fair" - I was taking her share of the household chores, doing her laundry and homework, etc. Worse was I was finding myself aroused by the situation. On her 12th birthday, I have her just a birthday card, handmade, which said we should stop even pretending we were anything other than master and slave.

xDec 29 2011 3:19pm
I have a younger sister (about 3 years younger). There's never been a time when she physically dominated me. I spent a lot of time with her growing up, even though she constantly vied with me for power. She always tried to show that she was more mature and responsible and smarter, etc. It was sometimes annoying. But even though I was stronger physically, she was relentless and stronger willed than me. Then, I got very conflicted because I started being sexually turned on by her dominance when I was around 11. I had no idea why. It seemed crazy, but I just stopped fighting eventually and started liking submitting to her. I'd go out of my way to show her I accepted she was the boss. This started in middle school and went through all of high school until I left for college. Many years later, I'm still extremely turned on by her dominance over me and I still fantasize all the time about my mistress-little-sister. The funny thing is, I absolutely hate the idea of being dominated by women I date. If a woman is too aggressive, I check out of the relationship pretty quick. My current girlfriend likes me to spank her and is very sweet and submissive. That's what I really like. But I love my mistress little sister and I'd gladly kiss her feet.

Dominated big brotherJan 12 2012 2:33am
I'm an 18 year old girl, and my 13 year old brother is much bigger and stronger than I am. He always calls me little sis, and tells me to do his chores. He tells me to show him my tits all the time, and he loves to smack my butt, and sometimes he puts his hand down my pants, and tickles my pussy through my panties. Sometimes when he has friends over, he tells me to strip in front of them, and then I have to serve them drinks and stuff, wearing only my underwear. Lately he's also been starting to make me jerk him off. Is it wrong that I kinda enjoy this?

saraFeb 25 2012 6:22pm
Hey sara, i'm in almost the same position as you. My little brother had been taller than me for a while, but last year, he really shot up and developed an impressive body as well. He's 15 now, and already 6'3, and still growing! Anyway, during this period I began to notice how hot he was and started fantasizing about incest. Soon, my brother started ordering me around like your brother does to you. I didn't make it obvious that I secretly liked it, but I didn't put up a fight either. Eventually, he told me to jerk him off. His dick was HUGE! I've never seen one so big. It was at least 7 inches soft and it was sooooo thick. I couldnt wrap my and around it while it was soft. He was like 9 inches hard (he's gotten even bigger since the first time-lucky me!). Finally, I got my chance to let him f*ck me and it was the best experience of my life! I had so many f*cking orgasms! Now me and my brother f*ck constantly and I love taking his orders even more. I love being my little brother's little slut!

MarissaMar 15 2012 3:42pm
My sister is about 6'1 inherited from my mom who is the same height. But i am only 5'2 inherited from my dad who is 4'10 but a handicap. But i'm shorter than both my sis and mom. In my childhood days my mom rides me on my shoulder, i think that made me to stay shorter than her. Once in a play fight with my sis, she easily overpowered me and scissored me. I cried for that

JohnMar 26 2012 12:42pm
Im a boy and I have a cousin who is a girl Im 13 and she is 11 she is the same height as me and she looks 13 the same age than me and with high heels she looks a lot taller than me and her feet is the same size as me Im not short Im 5 feet 4 inches and she is 5 feet 4 inches and I dont like that a girl who is 2 years younger than me is taller than me

AnonymousSep 20 2012 5:35pm
I am a guy, 26 years and my younger sister is 17 years old. She is the same height as me 5.7 and her hands are bigger than mine and her feets are also bigger than mine. She can also lifts me up with ease.

TonyNov 21 2012 5:31am
I'm a 16 year old guy and my younger cousin is 13, she's insanley hot for her age, I'm 5'7 and she's 5'10. She plays soccer and used to do Gymnastics and has a really fit body. She has bigger hands and feet than me and she can almost beat me and armwrestling and gives me piggyback rides. She doesn't embarress me but it's awesome how she's strong.

weak cousinDec 01 2012 10:58am
Half of these posts are bull-poo and most of the people here and really wierd. It is a scientific fact (I am a doctor) that it is very unlikely for a man to be physically dominated by a person 3 years his junior at any age past 13( when most boys start puberty)

a concerned doctorJan 27 2013 9:13am
I m 18 n my younger sister is 14....i m 5"8" bt last yr my little sister became taller than me she is 5"11" she is so strong as she got good muscles by regular exercise.....she dont do fight with whenever I tease her she just come close to me tie her hair n lift me over her shoulder....many time I cannot jump frm her shoulder as she holds me tightly n she is too tall

SsMay 02 2013 9:50am

gtfvyjvhJul 24 2013 4:42pm
one time one of my moms best friends daughter lifted me up she was in sixth grade and I was in the tenth grade she is 5'7 and I am 5'4 it was the first time I got carried by someone much younger than me

bravesfan1Jul 25 2013 9:49am
weaksmall I tried look for your email and I cant find it and how much does your ten year old daughter weigh I know she probably carry me with ease I weigh 122 lbs my emaii is

bravesfan1Jul 25 2013 9:52am
I am a 17 year old guy who is 5'7 barefoot and barely 130 lbs. My sister just turned 13 and is very hot for her age. She is 5'11 barefoot and 145 lbs. She really likes to push me around and demonstrate to others that she is the physical superior and calls me her little brother

Dick M. HughesAug 03 2013 12:44am
iam a boy 16years old now and im 5'2 while my younger sister who is turning 14 now us 5'3 i feel very awkward because when she wears 4inch heels im at her breast level :p

Sunny asadAug 03 2013 3:53am
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TefBMYSLgEWjKCTrkVuSep 12 2013 11:22pm
I am 4'11 and 17 for a boy that is pathetic.Especially when you have a younger brother who is 15 and already 5'3.I dont know if he will get much taller as our mum is 5'0 and our dad is 5'5.It was a nightmare when he outgrew me and i tried everything to get some extra height which didnt work.I now have to suffer if i cant reach something in the kitchen cupboard i refuse to ask him as he just laughs at me.So when he isnt there i have to kneel on the worktops.I think it is him that puts these items so high as he is always the last one.I find it so frustrating how i ended up shorter than him i get asked how old i am and if my brother is older than me.I just say NO HE ISN'T in a stern voice

paul philpottsSep 14 2013 12:42pm
I think what is worse with have taller siblings is being treated differently by the family.I suffered by this when i was younger i have a twin sister she is 18 but she grew okay as a baby.I just couldnt catch up and i worried about it alot.My height is now 4'9 and my sister is 5'6.When we were both young she was good as gold helping if there was a problem then when it came to high school she went off with her friends and i ended up with mine.Some of her friends were really nasty going on about my height.She didnt stand up to them once and we had a fight over it.You can guess who came off worse and since then things were not the same.She was always treated different by mum and dad i was only allowed in the bottom bunk as they thought i might fall and hurt myself.I am happy now as i am the one with most friends and she isnt because of the way she treats people.I have quite a nice boyfriend he is 5'5 and he loves the fact that he is taller than me as he was always having nasty names thrown at him.

stella andrewsSep 14 2013 12:50pm
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My name is Elijah and I am 19 and my sister is 18. When i was 10 and 9 and she was 9 and 8 i would beat her up. But she hiT puberty and she was at 14 5'8 and i at 15 was 5'6 we went to the smae highscholl and she could totall y beat the crap out of me. It was so embarassing. Now I am 6'1 and she 5'10 and im stronger but it was so embarassing when i was a teenager. I was a laughingstock.

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KHJFaxAfyKuEkIEcCuMay 12 3:17am
I have an older sister named sara she is 6'2 she can beat me and her older brother up. SHe works out regularly has like 15 inch biceps and is on the boys wrestling and martial arts team on school. She is the number one on both.

Evan BaloidMay 14 2:45pm
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XcRTAbJpJUJul 03 9:39am
As of now, I'm 17, and I have 16 year old twin siblings. one is a boy another a girl. One day the twins got into a huge fight. The boy is 5'8 155 all muscle as he is a wrestler and the girl is 5'2 125 and she is an amazing gymnast, the best in the school. I am 5'11 163 and I am the best wrestler on my school team. Anyways, these twins got into a fight. Alex my brother, got Emily, my sister into a headlock. Then she did something absolutely amazing. She jumped backward, almost doing a flip and landed her legs on my brother's head. They both fell to the ground, and she started squeezing her legs. She was laughing at her twin so badly. She just sat there holding him in place for 30 minutes, laughing. She finally let him go and he was crying. The next day he fiercely asked for a rematch. She accepted laughingly. They said it would be a wrestling match, no punching or kicking or any of that crap. Just my brother's territory. He was on her on a second and he pinned her to the ground. Then again, expressing extraordinary lower body strength, she wrapped her legs around his back. and squeezed. He tried to move her legs but couldn't. She then flipped him over and just like that she was on top of him. It was a submission match, not a pinning match.So she adjusted her legs onto his head and put him in a head scissor. Then, she used her hands to spread his legs so he was doing a split. He screamed and tapped my sister's legs twice to submit. He then punched her in the face when he got up. Then she kicked him in the crotch, and was on him in a second. She started choking him with her legs. She asked if he would stop, and he said no. Then she spanked him for an hour, and told him to never mess with her again. I watched the whole thing. The next day she went up to me and challenged me to match. I was worried, but not to look like a loser I accepted. She is 9 inches shorter then me but from the day before I learned how much of a demon she was. We started the match. We both fell to the floor rolling around. But she was really quick. She rolled around me and put me in a full nelson. Then I leaned forward, flipped her onto her back, and pinned her. Then as I was adjusting she put me in a scissor on my stomach. I wiggled around, trying to escape, but her legs were like as hard as jawbreakers. She then tried adjusting her thighs to my legs, but couldn't, and I got her in a half nelson, and wrapped my legs around her. Then in an insane showing of strength, she just broke free, so we were back to square 1. I then made a risky move and tried to put her in a headlock. She used my momentum against me and pushed me to the ground and then pinned me and wrapped her amazing legs around my back. She squeezed. It hurt, but I had an incredibly high level of pain tolerance, so she could not get me to submit.She then turned around putting me on top her, but she was still holding me just as strong with her legs. She took my left hand behind my back, and pushed as high up on my back. It hurt a lot, but I just gritted my teeth and kept struggling. My struggle just made it easier for her. And eventually because of the pain she put on my stomach, back, and left hand, I submitted, thoroughly embarrassed. She smiled at me, and told me that I was the hardest match she ever had. She said she would only torment me and my brother if we were being dickwads. Not for fun. Her name is Emily,and she told me she'll answer any of the questions you give her on this site. Her name is Emily Hayes and her emial If you have questins email her or ask her questions on this site. Btw my bros name is Eric and mine Marcus.

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samygotbigYesterday 1:43pm
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