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Question: rootbeer is awesome! what do u think? boy i gotta pee!
Created by: DoggieMixYo at 04:53:37 PM, Sunday, February 06, 2011 EST


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Gabby is lonely!Dec 30 2013 7:19pm
heyo ^_^

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:21pm
Hewwo wyd?=)

GabbyDec 30 2013 7:22pm
making spaghetti

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:23pm
Haha lolz i finished making like 3 youtube videos like 15mins ago.XD

GabbyDec 30 2013 7:26pm
lol xD

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:27pm
;P im just lonely and sad F*CK LOVE MAN JUST F*CK IT!!!xD No but like fr. just f*ck it.

GabbyDec 30 2013 7:30pm

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:31pm
love is a bitch for real

AnonymousDec 30 2013 7:32pm

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:32pm
Like i rather f*ckin stay single than risk lose n get attached to someone that i can lose!!!=/

GabbyDec 30 2013 7:33pm
me too. im tired of being cheated -_-

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:34pm
Ha omg im lookin at the comments bout my videos n they saying they love what im wearing and i look soo cute and O.O some really nasty pervy things!>.> but like today i feel like crap n i just put on whatever!-.- even when im not trying i look amazing like wtf!!!=/ XD

GabbyDec 30 2013 7:37pm
XD i guess your one of them girls that dont need to try and are just beatiful ^_^

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:40pm
XD Yea i guess i am;p Ugh but why meh!?!?!? It gets annoying when ppl just keep saying "hey sexy" or like ur cute n shìtz likr fr. im not tryin ta be sexy,cute,smart,hot,or funny!

GabbyDec 30 2013 7:43pm
*shrug* its just how people are i guess

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:46pm
yea i guess!:/ ha im watching Family guy!!!!!=DD

Gabby is drinkin soda!xDDDec 30 2013 7:48pm
hmm i use to like family guy but now i dont care about. im not a really big tv person anyway

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:49pm
am i boring you? :/

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:54pm
lol yea i don't really watch tv but like i make my dad pay more for the light n cable bills cuz i be on my laptop making videos be having my tv on( i be not even lookin at da tv) n my heater n my fan and light on than i be having my ds n i pod charging n shìt n i leave all dat shít on all day everyday!!!:P XD =)

GabbyDec 30 2013 7:54pm
Yea ur a little bit boring but i think its cuz ima funny ,out going ,fun,party girl!lol im an exciting person ta mainly everyone!!=P

GabbyDec 30 2013 7:55pm
lol my mom would skin me alive if i even have a lamp on. so i sleep in total darkness

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:57pm
Like i scare most ppl bc of my personality!:o =D

GabbyDec 30 2013 7:57pm
lol ha my dad killed my mom =/ so like i blamed him for me being soooooo f*cked up n shítzzz n soo now i get away with everything. he lets me do whatever the f*ck i want!XD

GabbyDec 30 2013 7:59pm
mmhm -_- well sorry for my boredness.

ShreveDec 30 2013 7:59pm
hey wat are ur youtube videos names?

AnonymousDec 30 2013 8:00pm
lol that seems legit

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:00pm
great now my kik is being blown up by horny ass girls -_-

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:01pm

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:03pm
im pretty sure half of them are guys though

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:05pm
During one of the vids i was making i was eating icecream cuz like i got hungry!xD

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:05pm

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:06pm
Wow what if they are guys!;o creepy!xDD

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:06pm
<_< >_> i see none of your worshippers are on

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:07pm
trust me most are

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:07pm
:D haha one of my friends named jorden he's all like "mmm emily i love it when u suck it!;)" XD i was ooh no he didn't!lolz ;D

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:08pm
if girl ask to see your ass its a guy

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:08pm
Lmfao well thats sooo true n weird!;P xD

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:11pm

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:11pm

Gabby wonders where everyone is!!>.> <.< Å“.Å“Dec 30 2013 8:14pm
but i really hat the dudes that kik you asking for girl kiks. im like nigga how the hell did you get my kik

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:14pm

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:15pm
Ha yea thats funny only one person on this site knows my kik!=DD

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:16pm
jack went to bed and idk about Ben

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:18pm

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:19pm
Damn i got no one but ya than ima have all the perves comin after meh!;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:20pm
yeah. wait <_< >_> omg i cant find my brush >.<

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:23pm

Gabby Dec 30 2013 8:24pm
omg i cant find my brush. im going to go the mall and girls are going to reject me when i try to holla because i my hair so nappy

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:24pm
then im not going to be invited to the parties because im lame and i have no game

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:25pm

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:25pm
then im going to live my life in my mothers basement as an old hermit

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:26pm
oh wait we have no basement. we're in louisiana. o_o

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:27pm
well I'll live in the attic... wait no its hot as sh¡t up there. ill be so dark when i step outside it will instantly turn night

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:28pm
lmfao when i wakeup in da morning I still look awsome but i feel like shít!xDDDDD

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:28pm
lol it doesnt matter for me i feel and look like sh¡t all the time xD

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:30pm
oop i think a bird just flew into my window <_<

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:33pm
lol I don't know why but i like putting my hands in boys pants at school!o.o but they don't seem ta mind me cuz to them im hott af n like i said i get away with anything and everything!

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:33pm
lol i wish the girls would leave my pants alone -_-

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:35pm
Mmmm!;) i would never leave ur pants alone!;D

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:37pm
i bet you wouldnt -_-

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:42pm

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:46pm
that's why im never coming around your ass

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:48pm

loganDec 30 2013 8:50pm

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:50pm
hey gurl ;P

BenDec 30 2013 8:50pm
hey logan!:PPP logan plz do me a favor stop going as a anon!!!

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:51pm
huh? i was asleep

loganDec 30 2013 8:52pm
Hey ben!;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:52pm
oh well. i love bad bitches that my f*cking problem

ShreveDec 30 2013 8:52pm
wats up :)

BenDec 30 2013 8:53pm
im still tired

loganDec 30 2013 8:54pm
;PPP i hate my nickname!!!Everyone at school like needs ta stop calling me big tits!:D -.-

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:54pm
gabby do you miss him at all

helperDec 30 2013 8:55pm
hahaha @Gabby

BenDec 30 2013 8:55pm
like its okay but like not really and what do you mean who am i supose ta miss???o.o

GabbyDec 30 2013 8:57pm
emo guy

helperDec 30 2013 8:59pm
um gaby r u atill horny -looks at u with innocent eyes-

loganDec 30 2013 9:00pm
Iim tired ima take a nap tty guys in like a hour!

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:00pm
nice @Logan

BenDec 30 2013 9:01pm
aww ok :(

loganDec 30 2013 9:01pm
lol ok Bestie Gabby Gab

BenDec 30 2013 9:01pm
hey guys

KateDec 30 2013 9:02pm
^_^ just a hour tho! well bye guyss

Gabby is napping and will be on in a hour.Dec 30 2013 9:03pm
kate i didnt ignore u i fell asleep >.<

HSDec 30 2013 9:03pm
im soo pissed...HS acused me of sexting as a diff person when i wasnt..i was gonna but i didnt...i was really horny..and still fuking am...>:( ima slap him in the face

KatDec 30 2013 9:03pm
um bad timing

HSDec 30 2013 9:03pm
but im not gonna do anyhting cuz i feel awfull cuz hes mad at me :/

KateDec 30 2013 9:04pm
night gabby

loganDec 30 2013 9:04pm
oh im embaraced :/

KateDec 30 2013 9:04pm
sis im sorry i was just worryed -hugs u-

HSDec 30 2013 9:05pm
XD haha bad timing at sayin tht @Kate

BenDec 30 2013 9:05pm
-hugs u- Ik im srry to... I swear on my dog Rockets Grave :P it wasnt me

KateDec 30 2013 9:07pm
well it kinda looked like u because every time u stoped msgsing she msged n then reverse so

HSDec 30 2013 9:07pm
Well it wasnt!!! :/

Kate is telling the truthDec 30 2013 9:08pm
im sorry -kisses u on the lips- i love u sis

HSDec 30 2013 9:09pm
-kisses u back- I love u to..lets go to a diff poll

KateDec 30 2013 9:10pm
last poll on personal its called women

HSDec 30 2013 9:12pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 4:40am
Ha well no ones up i guess!;PP

GabbyDec 31 2013 4:47am

GabbyDec 31 2013 4:49am

GabbyDec 31 2013 4:50am
Well Fine No One Will See Me Say My Right Boob is Alittle Bit Smaller Than My Left Sooo My Left Boob Is Alittle Bit Bigger Than My Right Boob

GabbyDec 31 2013 4:54am
Hahahahah no one will ever come here!>=D

GabbyDec 31 2013 4:55am

GabbyDec 31 2013 4:56am
kill who

loganDec 31 2013 5:00am

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:01am

loganDec 31 2013 5:02am
Ha i guess you read about my boobs!!;P

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:03am
hehe maybe ;P can i see c:

loganDec 31 2013 5:04am
;P no-no-no that bad if ya wanna see them logan!;o XD

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:06am
hehe aww :(

loganDec 31 2013 5:06am
still up at 5 i see

DracoDec 31 2013 5:07am
I wouldn't mind if you were someone else tho!;P Ha well I guess I really liked emo guy n shítzz.;)

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:09am
soo yea XDD

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:10am
ok then come here and show me ;)

DracoDec 31 2013 5:11am

loganDec 31 2013 5:11am

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:11am
Uummm......O.O nahhhhhh.....

Gabby's okDec 31 2013 5:12am
why u said u would?

DracoDec 31 2013 5:13am

loganDec 31 2013 5:13am
Hehehe I say i would do lots of things but Don't do it....=DD

Gabby feels weirdDec 31 2013 5:15am
lol lets not fight again *kisses u deeply :D

DracoDec 31 2013 5:16am
*backs away*

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:18am

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:18am
*turns around*

DracoDec 31 2013 5:18am

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:19am
i dont understand

DracoDec 31 2013 5:20am
What don't you understand?

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:21am
*looks at u* why did u back away

DracoDec 31 2013 5:21am
*looks down to the floor* bc I feel like the reason we fought was bc of me.

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:24am
dont think that it was my fault i ask to many questions

DracoDec 31 2013 5:25am
=''C *hugs you tightly and lays my head on ur shoulder crying*

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:27am
*hugs u back tight n kisses ur head* ill always be here for u

DracoDec 31 2013 5:27am
I know you will.

Gabby doesn't want to fight with you again!Dec 31 2013 5:29am
i dont wana fight again either *looks into ur eyes* i love u n want u in my life

DracoDec 31 2013 5:30am
.... OMG I LOVE HARRY STYLES!!!!!! ;}}

GADec 31 2013 5:33am
way to ruin the moment

DracoDec 31 2013 5:34am
Sowwy ^meh...

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:34am
-walks back in-

loganDec 31 2013 5:35am

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:35am
but ur to cute *licks ur lips*

DracoDec 31 2013 5:36am
I got lots of names I use!:p

CupcakeDec 31 2013 5:37am
gabby hey um u no how last night u said u were horny

loganDec 31 2013 5:38am
Hehe!;P *licks ur cheek*mmm....

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:39am
mmm :) *pulls u closer to me to were ur touching*

DracoDec 31 2013 5:40am
Yea what bout it logan?

Gabby O.oDec 31 2013 5:40am nvm

loganDec 31 2013 5:40am
*giggles* Oh logan ur soooooo cute!;)

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:42am
hehe -laughs nerviously- yea

loganDec 31 2013 5:42am
*sits on logans lap in my panties*hehehe!=) sooo ima just sit here cuz i can!;D *grinds my ass against logans c*ck*mmmmm! hehe ima just grind my ass on u logan cuz i just can!!!;P

GabbywabbyDec 31 2013 5:46am
gabby -blushes as u start to feel a bulge-

loganDec 31 2013 5:48am
Hehehe!>;D *kisses logan deeply as I sit in his lap and grind my ass against his c*ck,moans lightly as I feel his c*ck getting harder and harder*Uhh mmmmm logan mmmm!;)

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:53am
gabby mmmm! -kisses u deeply-

loganDec 31 2013 5:55am
3some gabby draco should join

AnonymousDec 31 2013 5:56am
*sucks and kisses logans neck,while running my fingers through his hair*mmm...;P

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:56am
oh gabby uhh mmm

loganDec 31 2013 5:57am
no anon

DracoDec 31 2013 5:57am
Mmm logan my pussy's wet!;P

GabbyDec 31 2013 5:59am
Haha idc anyone can join!;PP

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:00am
mmmm will have to do something about that -has huge bulge-

loganDec 31 2013 6:00am
ill join bc ur so hot wen ur hrny

DracoDec 31 2013 6:02am
Mmmm!!!Draco eat me out!!!!!!;)

Gabby Dec 31 2013 6:03am
*pushes u back against logan and spreads ur legs*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:04am
*moans loudly and starts to tongue kiss logan*

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:06am
mmm -tongue kisses back-

loganDec 31 2013 6:06am
*rip ur pantys off and begin teasing u by licking ur thieghs*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:07am
-while making out with logan I start to play with my tits squeezing them,moans softly-mmm uhhh mmmmmmmmm!!!

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:10am
*moves to ur pusy i suck on ur pusy making ur pusy lips go inside my mouth*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:12am
-stops making out with u n sucks on ur neck-

loganDec 31 2013 6:12am

loganDec 31 2013 6:19am
-moans loudly with my arms wraping around logans neck as he sucks on my neck and as draco suck on my pussy-Ugghhhhh mmmmmm!!!!!

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:19am
*starts eating u out pushing my tongue deep into ur pusy*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:20am
-licks behing ur ear close to ur neck- gabby fuk i wana fuk u

loganDec 31 2013 6:21am
Uuuuggggghhhhhhh mmmmmmmm oooohhh Daddies!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:22am
-whispers in ur ear- cum in his mouth

loganDec 31 2013 6:23am
*eats u out faster n harder making u love every sec*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:23am
Uuugggggghhhh mmmmmm oommmmgggg yess mmmmm!!!!!-cums in dracos mouth- Ooooohhh daddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:26am
*slerps up all ur cum and stands up and presses against u making my bulge rub on ur pusy*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:27am
-as draco rubs against u it makes ur ass rub against my c*ck again-

loganDec 31 2013 6:28am
Mmmmm!!!!!Ugghhh I want both of you to f*ck me hard!!!!!!!! -kisses draco deeply- mmmm!!

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:32am
*kisses back deeply and pulls u off logan for him to strip and i see ur pusy dripping cum*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:34am
thxs - gets up strips n lays on the bed me hard asf-

loganDec 31 2013 6:34am
-moans loudly and sucks on dracos neck-Mmmmmmmmm ugghhh mmm!!!!!!

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:37am
what cck do u want in ur pusy *moans*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:38am

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:41am
go sit on logan *strips*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:42am
-rubbing my c*ck while im laying down-

loganDec 31 2013 6:43am
*climbs on to logan n sits on his c*ck,grabs logans c*ck and trys to put it in my ass but can't so i ask logan to help*

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:46am
-forces my c*ck deep in ur ass-

loganDec 31 2013 6:48am
-screams in pain and pleassure- AHHHHH MMMMMM OOMMMMGGGG AHH MMM UGHHHH!!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:50am
-fuks ur ass hard-

loganDec 31 2013 6:51am
gets ontop of u guys and rams my huge cck in ur pusy making logan go balls deep in ur ass*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:52am

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:53am
ur so tight -keeps fuking ur ass-

loganDec 31 2013 6:54am
*pounds ur pusy making u think of how we fcked last night*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:55am

GabbyDec 31 2013 6:55am
-cums in ur ass-

loganDec 31 2013 6:57am
*cums at the same time logan does cream pieing ur pusy*

DracoDec 31 2013 6:58am
MMMMMMM!!!!!!-moans even louder me feeling ur guys hott cum in me making me squirt-

GabbyDec 31 2013 7:01am
mmmm gabby

DracoDec 31 2013 7:02am
-gets squirted on-

loganDec 31 2013 7:02am
Mmmmm uuuggghhhhh mmm!!!!!!!-cums again and again and again,me moaning very loudly-Mmmm uuuugghhhh Ooohh god mmmmm!!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 31 2013 7:05am
OHHHH GABBY!!! *feels ur cum pouring onto my cck*

DracoDec 31 2013 7:06am
i love u gabby

loganDec 31 2013 7:07am
Mmmm I love both of you!!!-leans upward n kisses draco softly on the lips-

GabbyDec 31 2013 7:11am
*kisses back softly* mmm i love u to gabby

DracoDec 31 2013 7:12am
have u ever done anal gabby? befor this

loganDec 31 2013 7:13am
Haha no logan!;PP

Gabby would like it very much if you2take ur cocks out of her!;PDec 31 2013 7:17am
haha sorry *gets up n pulls out*

DracoDec 31 2013 7:17am
u kinda need to get up then caus ur on me :)

loganDec 31 2013 7:18am
mmm!;P -gets off of logan- hehe ok there!;)

GabbyDec 31 2013 7:19am
as gabby trys to get up off logans dick its hurt her very much

announcerDec 31 2013 7:19am
thxs :) -gets up-

loganDec 31 2013 7:20am
u rnt gonna get pregnant by me r u caus thts the 2nd time i unloaded in u

DracoDec 31 2013 7:23am
*lays down on the bed afraid to sit up or stand because my pussy and ass hurts*

GabbyDec 31 2013 7:23am
hehe -lays next to u-

loganDec 31 2013 7:24am
*giggles and kisses logans cheek* well I had fun!;) But Next time not so rough you guys!!;P

GabbyDec 31 2013 7:28am
hehe u said hard sowwy wont happen again ;)

loganDec 31 2013 7:29am
haha xD i dont like it going ruff tho so thatll be easy

DracoDec 31 2013 7:30am
Hehe i love you logan!=)

GabbywabbyDec 31 2013 7:31am
i love u to :)

loganDec 31 2013 7:31am
Hehe ok daddy!;p You know I can never live with out you n you know I almost killed myself last night!!!>=D @Draco

GabbyDec 31 2013 7:33am
awww dont do that babe <3

DracoDec 31 2013 7:35am
o.o i wanna shoot a firework at somebodys roof like my dads friend did 2 years ago xD oh yeah *walks through the door* xD hello there

jackDec 31 2013 7:37am
ha well i said to myself if i can't talk to you anymore than i shouldn't live no more!=c n Than i came back on here and i was like shìt i always do this!!!!XDDD

Gabby ended up cutting!Dec 31 2013 7:38am
o.o gotta go bye my moms home

jack *ran like hell*Dec 31 2013 7:38am
:( oh babe *hugs u tight*

DracoDec 31 2013 7:39am

BenDec 31 2013 7:39am
Ohhh i will leave :P

BenDec 31 2013 7:42am
*hugs draco back tight* Never leave me. i hate it when we fight please never leave me again! n hey ben=)

GabbyDec 31 2013 7:42am
aww i will never leave u again im promis *hugs u tight n close* hey ben

Draco playin minecraft if i respond late thts yDec 31 2013 7:44am
When this poll gets full just go down one!=P

Gabby is just sayingDec 31 2013 7:46am

DracoDec 31 2013 7:46am
Im hоrny again baby

DracoDec 31 2013 7:47am
Ima take a shower I take really long showers so i'll be on here in an hour

GabbyDec 31 2013 7:47am
dont fake me -_-

Draco real dck faceDec 31 2013 7:48am
Y fake Draco?????? oh heah cuz he's better yhan yew!!!!!! :P OHHHH BURN

BenDec 31 2013 7:52am
haha xD nice ben

DracoDec 31 2013 7:55am

BenDec 31 2013 8:01am

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:12am
wb :D

DracoDec 31 2013 9:13am

Gabby smells goodxDDDec 31 2013 9:17am
lol so am i gabbyeo

DracoDec 31 2013 9:18am
;PPP Finally someone called me ugly!:D

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:20am

DracoDec 31 2013 9:21am
draco whats your number

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:25am
lol jose my ex!XDDD CUZ HE SAW A PIC OF ME (a very old pic) and i didn't have makeup on n yea xDD

Gabby knows jose wants her back now!Dec 31 2013 9:25am
Stop don't fake me i don't want his number!@logan or whoever is faking me

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:26am
xD wait if he called u ugly y do u think he wants u back

DracoDec 31 2013 9:27am
why do you always asume its me?

loganDec 31 2013 9:28am
gabby whats your youtube name

bigseanDec 31 2013 9:29am
Lmfao cuz its always you logan and last night ya asked me all dat shít n told me sooo of course its you logan n he want me back cuz after he said im ugly he all like "GOD GABBY YOUR SO HOT COME OVER TO MY HOUSE!!" ←soo yea n idk!.-. XD

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:32am
brb imma take a shower now xD

Draco brb in a hourDec 31 2013 9:33am
that was me last night but not now

loganDec 31 2013 9:34am
gabby want my dick its getting hard for you

bigsean is hornyDec 31 2013 9:35am
Ew you are nasty

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:48am
how so?

bigseanDec 31 2013 9:52am
gabby you where just riding my c*ck

loganDec 31 2013 9:53am
Yea but thats with you logan!!!

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:55am
so what whats your number? we have done this before like 1 month and a half ago then i forgot what like like was and then i found out again saw your name and here i am weve had sex before

bigseanDec 31 2013 9:58am
;PPPP hehe *licks logans face* awww ur ^_^ ur soo cute logan!!!!=}}

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:58am
Yea ummmm.....No!!! Im not gunna give ya my number!@Bigsean

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:01am
damn my 8" wont go down now thanks for the blue balls

bigseanDec 31 2013 10:02am
really reconsider gabby

bigseanDec 31 2013 10:02am
I don't even remember you!!=} XD HA 8" wow!;PPP

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:05am
its been almost 2 months thats why so do you want to baby

bigseanDec 31 2013 10:07am
Take me for a ride ,ride make me go high!DD I'll make it last all night;ppp lmfao ummm....idk what i want! c: maybe just a friendship.={P

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:11am
no i need sex here email me you wont be disapointed

bigseanDec 31 2013 10:13am
gotta go bbl

bigseanDec 31 2013 10:13am

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:14am
ha nice try fake :)

loganDec 31 2013 10:15am
im back

DracoDec 31 2013 10:18am
XDDD I CAN'T USE MY EMAIL RIGHT NOW!!!!!lmfao ok i'll do it here but like GOD DAMN MAN YOU HORNY!!!!!

Gabby xDDDec 31 2013 10:19am
Hey daddy!;P wyd *sticks my hand in dracos pants* mmmm!;D

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:24am
oh he got ya hrny

DracoDec 31 2013 10:25am
Ima be in the poll above this one!

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:25am
So your gabby

jettDec 31 2013 10:31am
RQY4hM Hello, you used to write great, but the last several posts have been kinda boring��� I miss your tremendous writings. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!

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