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Question: hey, i miss taco bells XXL im sad :'( what do u like?
Created by: tacobell777 at 06:08:07 PM, Tuesday, February 15, 2011 EST


taco bell has breakfast and doritos tacos

fat girl cause my husband says im fatApr 02 2012 3:47pm

WK05CL Really appreciate you sharing this blog. Want more.

PGnmekGBGptZycOct 23 2013 10:53pm
lol instead of saying taco bell i said toco bell!=PPP

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:16pm
*eats nachos*

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:17pm
But anyways heyyyy!=P

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:17pm
*sucks on jeremys cheek*ehehe hey!;)

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:18pm
get off -_-

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:18pm

BenDec 28 2013 7:18pm
Hey ben n why jeremy?

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:19pm
im kinda new here

BenDec 28 2013 7:19pm

slikDec 28 2013 7:19pm
just dont touch me. im not in the mood

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:20pm
Ha you are ben?

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:21pm
Awe ='C ok *sits in the corner of the room*

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:22pm
yea :)

BenDec 28 2013 7:22pm
-walks over sits beside Gabby- why the sa face :C

BenDec 28 2013 7:23pm
*groan* fine you can touch me all you want

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:23pm
Ben how old are you? what do you look like? are you ok? do you sext? wanna be my friend? sowwy for all the questions.;D

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:23pm
Yay jeremy!;P *kisses you deeply n hugs u tightly*

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:25pm
um im 14, i have kinda shaggy light brown hair, blue eyes, im ,5'8 i have a kinda tann., im ok yeah..and yeah i sext sometimes...

BenDec 28 2013 7:25pm
yea i would love to be ur friend

BenDec 28 2013 7:26pm
um dont you have a bf Gabby????¿¿¿¿

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:26pm
lol cool ben!;P Yay we're friends ben!!!!*hugs ben*

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:27pm

slikDec 28 2013 7:27pm
Yes V a.k.a Bubba is my bf!;PPP

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:28pm
-hugs Gabby- ;)

BenDec 28 2013 7:28pm
i need a gf

slikDec 28 2013 7:29pm
Are ya ok n hey ={) @Slik

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:29pm
then dont kiss me

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:29pm
hey guys :)

BrookeDec 28 2013 7:29pm
Ugh i can do what ever i want jeremy!!!-makes out with ben-

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:30pm
-makes out with Gabby-

BenDec 28 2013 7:30pm
Heyyyy girl!;P wyd? @Brooke

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:31pm
nm u @Gabby:)

BrookeDec 28 2013 7:31pm
*smg* and i thought i hated being single

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:32pm
-pushes ben away and sits in jeremys lap- ;)

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 7:32pm
-sits on the floor in the corner of the room-

BenDec 28 2013 7:33pm

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:33pm
Nm just layin down on my bed with my friends bf!XD Watching sam and cat!C;

Gabby loves that show sam and cat is awsomeDec 28 2013 7:34pm
*pushes you off me*

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:35pm
-goes and sits with ben- im sowwy are you ok?=)

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:35pm
-looks up at gabby- lol

BenDec 28 2013 7:36pm
yeah im fine =(

BenDec 28 2013 7:36pm
=C jeremy ur mean to meh.

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:36pm
ok im bf told me to come here

Jaden♪♪♪Dec 28 2013 7:38pm
lol awe whats wrong ben? don't be sad! be happy={)

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:38pm
-looks at gabby- awww how could he be mean to u ;) u seem like a nice funnygal

BenDec 28 2013 7:39pm
lol jaden -hugs jaden-

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:39pm
i dont mess with dating girls -_- its against my Morales because i know how it is to be cheated on

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:39pm
I ran my dog over with a golf cart poop Ben!!!!!

Ben(yes yes i did name my dog after me)Dec 28 2013 7:40pm
poor ben not poop

BenDec 28 2013 7:40pm
-hugs gabby-

JadenDec 28 2013 7:41pm
lol ben ehehe #^_^# -blushes n kisses bens cheek- I like you ben!;)

Gabbywabbylittlems.awsomenessDec 28 2013 7:42pm
love you jaden

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 7:42pm
I dint mean to me and my friends Carson, Zach, and Jordan were driving around my the back of our the woods and Ben ran out n fron of us and i couldnt stop :( he got up and limped away...... now he wont go near me..nor in the same room

BenDec 28 2013 7:43pm
aww i like you to Gabby :) -gets nervous looks at the ground-

BenDec 28 2013 7:44pm
I love you more -hugs you tight- @HB21

JadenDec 28 2013 7:44pm
Put ur hands on my waist do it softly so now i say f*ck yeah,Give it to me,this is heaven,what i truely want!!!!C;

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 7:45pm
lord there goes another one -_-

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:45pm

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 7:45pm
-smiles sits in HB21's lap leans into his chest my head on his shoulder- I love u

JadenDec 28 2013 7:46pm
shreve will you be my gf

slikDec 28 2013 7:47pm
Lol what jeremy???o.o XDD

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:47pm
;) @Gabby -sits on a couch-

BenDec 28 2013 7:47pm
IM A DUDE!!!!!!!

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:47pm
love you more ands leans in and kiss you

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 7:48pm
C; -lays down on the couch n lays my head on ur lap- @Ben

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 7:50pm
-kisses u solftly-

JadenDec 28 2013 7:50pm

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 7:50pm
-runs a hand through ur hair, leans over looks at u- hahahah :)

BenDec 28 2013 7:50pm
Mmm:) ehehe #^_^# ur a good friend ben!-looks at u n smiles-@ben

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:52pm
picks you up and laens you up aganst the wall and kiss you

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 7:53pm
-smiles at u- ^_^ ur a great friend ;3 @Gabby

BenDec 28 2013 7:53pm
this has turnt out to be the worst week of my life. my gf cheated on my with my friend, i didnt get poo for christmas, i got to watch over my back because im scared my dad is going to come out of nowhere drunk and do something stupid, and now im being asked out by guys that think im a girl. just f*ck my life for real

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:54pm
mmm -wraps legs around ur waist and my arms around ur neck, kisses u intensly-

JadenDec 28 2013 7:54pm
;3 sooo ben what you wanna talk about!=)

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:55pm

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 7:55pm

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 7:57pm
Its gunna be ok jeremy!!! =)

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 7:57pm
hey christmas isnt about PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!! ok.....My life sucked..when i found out i was adopted..but i learned to accept tht..dont think ur week sucks... i kno how u feel..i Work with Horses..ik wat its like to be terrified at times..u gotta watch ur back around them..even if u trust a Horse..u cant tell wat they r gonna do....think of the bright side @Shreve

JadenDec 28 2013 7:57pm

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 7:58pm
hmm whatever u wanna talk about ;)

BenDec 28 2013 7:58pm
i am adopted to

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 8:00pm
I love Horses and my life revolves around themm..but when they r spooked or petrified/traumatized after accidents i get scared of certain ones..thts wat i do i bring in troubled Horses..and help them:)

JadenDec 28 2013 8:00pm
thats cool

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 8:01pm
it will be ok :) @Shreve

JadenDec 28 2013 8:02pm
Thx babe@@HB21

JadenDec 28 2013 8:02pm
lol ok lets talk about.......Damn man i have to pee! lol umm.....lets talk about wait lets talk about ONE DIRECTION I LOVE ZAYN HARRY LIAM NIALL N LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!>=D they are like uugghhh omg soooooooooo hott!!!#^_^#

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:02pm
soo wat do ya wanna talk about Gabby :P

BenDec 28 2013 8:02pm
wheres my damn needle <_< >_>

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:03pm
I like Hockey

BenDec 28 2013 8:03pm

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 8:04pm
Niall Is my fav..but i dont like them tht much lol

JadenDec 28 2013 8:05pm
country is better to me .lol

JadenDec 28 2013 8:06pm
thats me

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 8:06pm

NIALLDec 28 2013 8:07pm

BenDec 28 2013 8:07pm
hahah :)

JadenDec 28 2013 8:07pm
its all about dat EDM

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:08pm
lets have sex

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:08pm
Yea sowwy im still here i fell off my bed!=C ;D well yea soooo......heyyyyyyy

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:09pm
heyyyy awww u hurt ????:3

BenDec 28 2013 8:10pm

JadenDec 28 2013 8:10pm not hurt but like i sleep naked soo my ass hurts now.

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:11pm
you ok @ gaddy

NIALLDec 28 2013 8:11pm
i Sleep naked to lol ;)

BenDec 28 2013 8:11pm
oh yeah -_- its chap for you Ben

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:11pm
LOL Niall You Are HB21 :)

JadenDec 28 2013 8:12pm
i do actually lol its how here at night :/ i can not even use a blanket..well rarely i do

BenDec 28 2013 8:13pm
who is HB21

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 8:13pm
;) im just wondering big is ur..... ummm....-blushes-...c*ck?

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:14pm
its u silly @HB21 :) HOT BOY21=HB21

JadenDec 28 2013 8:14pm
yes niall is me

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 8:15pm
ummm like 8 or 9 inches y

BenDec 28 2013 8:15pm

BENDec 28 2013 8:16pm
haha just use ur nme silly @HB21

JadenDec 28 2013 8:16pm
XD Ben you have just sold your soul XD XD XD

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:17pm
Ha wow ben!;P

Gabby Dec 28 2013 8:17pm
that's smell

BENDec 28 2013 8:17pm

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:18pm
how did i sell my soul......and the one tht says 'Thts smell' was a fake

BenDec 28 2013 8:18pm
i am gay

benDec 28 2013 8:19pm
ok if there is a weird txt from me its fake :P

BenDec 28 2013 8:19pm
He sold his soul jeremy!!!! XDDD

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:20pm

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:20pm
its too late even if i told you man XD

Shreve *laughing my fat ass off*Dec 28 2013 8:20pm
ok :) HB21

JadenDec 28 2013 8:21pm
that s a lie

denDec 28 2013 8:21pm
lol yea ik ben!:p plz don't fake anyone plzzz for meh!=)

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:21pm
ok then -sits on the couch- ;P

BenDec 28 2013 8:21pm
soooo jaden what do you like about me

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:23pm
Idk like i wanna sext but at the same time i don't!

Gabby smoked weed with santa!!!Dec 28 2013 8:23pm
well i lkke tht ur sweet, u like coutry music, ur romantic, ur a country boy ur personality :)

JadenDec 28 2013 8:23pm
i su ck di ck

benDec 28 2013 8:24pm
-looks at Gabby- ur a weird girl..i like it hahahaha..but who did i sell my soul to..i dont think anyone own meh lol

BenDec 28 2013 8:24pm
dude urnot fooling anyone and itdoesnt botherme :) @Fake ben

BenDec 28 2013 8:25pm

benDec 28 2013 8:26pm

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:26pm
Stop faking ben >;(

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:27pm
U dont even sign his nae right @faker ben

AnonymousDec 28 2013 8:27pm
I own you ben.... ooh ben only if you knew how i am!!!XDD.....Ima weird girl but a good funny type of weird no but i really did smoke weed with santa my friend dressed as santa n yea me n him did stuff!C; XDD

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:28pm
you are my love @JADEN

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:28pm
I did strange things in my lifetime to lol

BenDec 28 2013 8:29pm
and i thought i was dyslexic y'all need to learn how to f*cking spell

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:29pm
You are my man @HB21

JadenDec 28 2013 8:30pm

BENDec 28 2013 8:31pm

Gabby is a tease!Dec 28 2013 8:31pm
ok so apparently you bought my soul?? hmmI thought I sold my Soul to The Devil For a few Twinkies :3

BenDec 28 2013 8:31pm
lets have ssex

niallDec 28 2013 8:32pm
lol C; yea lets just say im real real close friends with lucifer ben!;)

HDec 28 2013 8:34pm
lol at BEN

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:34pm

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:34pm
funny how when bens faker came along..,Shreve left :3 anyone else think of that huh huh did ya did ya :)

AnonymousDec 28 2013 8:36pm
sits on my horse

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:36pm
-hugs gabby- hehe:3 i stole a hug from you

BenDec 28 2013 8:36pm
lmfao true jeremy could be the one faking!;3

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:37pm
-sits on my Horse, Chance-

JadenDec 28 2013 8:38pm
sits in gaddys lap

slikDec 28 2013 8:38pm
ehehe;) -hugs u back tightly-

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:38pm
-hugs u tighter- >:)

BenDec 28 2013 8:39pm
i will sit with you @ jaden

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:40pm
ok he can do double :P -pats Chance's neck-

JadenDec 28 2013 8:41pm tight!my boobs hurt!:( #^_^# -pokes bens face-

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:42pm
kiss you on the neck

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:42pm
-losses my hug, walks backwards trips and falls with u- >:) Poott

BenDec 28 2013 8:43pm
trust me im not faking people -_- im too lazy to do that

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:43pm
-smiles- wanna go for a ride into the woods??? its dark out :) @HB21

JadenDec 28 2013 8:43pm
hay gaddy

HDec 28 2013 8:44pm
-quickly gets up ,then sits down-

BenDec 28 2013 8:44pm
yes sexy

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:45pm
ehehe!#^_^# -giggles n sucks ur cheek-lolz

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:45pm
-smiles- Alright here we go -kicks Chance into a walk towards the trails in the woods- ;)

JadenDec 28 2013 8:45pm
-smiles a sexy smile, looks at Gabby- hey so what would the price I have to pay to get my soul back???@Gabby

BenDec 28 2013 8:47pm
your beutful

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:47pm
Ur never getting ur soul back!Mwahahahaha!!!>=) i own u now ben!

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:48pm
-smiles Kicks Chance to canter as we go deeper into the woods- thanks..ur Handsome ;) soo just tell me wen ur ready to stop and sit somewhere...-as Chance runs i lean into u rubbing against u as chance runs i bounce- ;)

JadenDec 28 2013 8:49pm
kiss you no the neck

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:50pm
You Can't own me :( ima free man -takes off runnin upstairs to my room shuts the door- muwahahhah u cant catch me >;)

BenDec 28 2013 8:50pm
-I slow Chance to a walkand turn to face u still sitting in the saddle, wraps my arms around u pulls u close, kisses u-

JadenDec 28 2013 8:51pm

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:52pm
mmm i love u - chance snorts- Oh and u to buddy ;) -looks back at u- but i love u lots ;3

JadenDec 28 2013 8:53pm
-runs after you and opens the door n jumps on ur back n wraps my right arm around ur neck n kisses ur cheek- ehehehe!>;)

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:54pm
puts my arms around your wast and pulls you more and more

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:55pm
-kisses ur cheek back- hahaha :3 - walks over to my bed sits u on it, jumps up lays down looking out the window-

BenDec 28 2013 8:55pm

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:55pm
-grinds aginst u- mhmhm maybe we should tie Chance up and go over there- points to a close by clear coverd area ;)

JadenDec 28 2013 8:56pm
-looks at u- mhm yep i will let u own me

BenDec 28 2013 8:57pm
h'e'll yay

HB21Dec 28 2013 8:58pm
-we hop off the Horse, i tie him to a tree, then grb u by ur collar of ur shirt and pull u to the grassy spot across from where Chance is tied up-

JadenDec 28 2013 8:58pm
-sits on ben's tummy n kisses him deeply-mmmm!;) ehehe;* i wuv ya ben!=)

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:59pm
-kisses u deeply- I like u to gabby ;)

BenDec 28 2013 8:59pm
than i tack off my shart

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:00pm
smiles- gabby if you sit any farther u will surelyawaken the beast ;) ohh gosh

BenDec 28 2013 9:00pm
-i slip off my shirt and jeans, and help u take off u jeans, while kissing u intensly-

JadenDec 28 2013 9:01pm
lol i have a bf tho....;D i just like ta tease!

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:02pm
ik tht, tht is y i warned u :/

BenDec 28 2013 9:03pm
picks you up and we start to do it harder and harder

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:04pm
-moans loudly-

JadenDec 28 2013 9:04pm
XDD -grinds my ass against ben's c*ck n moans loudly- ooooohhh mmmmm!;P

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:05pm
than starts to eat you out

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:06pm
-my c*ck starts to get hard- Gabby see wat u did, dont tease me ;)

BenDec 28 2013 9:07pm
-mmmm, grabs ur head , tangle my fingers in u hair, pulls u to me- AHHH FUK YES :0

JadenDec 28 2013 9:08pm
you love that sexy

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:09pm
-sucks n kisses ben's neck-;)

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:09pm
yess i do

JadenDec 28 2013 9:10pm
-mmhmm, rubs gabby's back pushes against her- Ur such a tease....but a

BenDec 28 2013 9:11pm
whats this spring fever 0_0

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:11pm
than you start to give me a B J

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:11pm
-sucks ur dick long and hard-

JadenDec 28 2013 9:12pm
;D but a what?;)@ben

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:13pm
but i like it ;)

BenDec 28 2013 9:13pm
more do more things to me mmmooonnnn

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:14pm
-runs my fingernails gently along ur c*ck teasing from base to head-

JadenDec 28 2013 9:15pm
ehehehe;P -licks bens face- mmmmmm;P

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 9:17pm
than up your a ss

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:17pm
-pushes u onto ur back then gets ontop of u and rides ur dick fast and hsrd up my ass- ;) ohh yeah i love u soo much

JadenDec 28 2013 9:18pm
-smiles licks u back- >:) oh GabbyWabby

BenDec 28 2013 9:19pm
than i suck your tits

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:20pm
ehehehe!>=D open the box don't need no key im unlocked and i won't tell you to stop!;) lol i love lollipops i wanna make urs pop i wanna kiss the top!;))@ben

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:22pm
moans and grunts-

JadenDec 28 2013 9:24pm
hmm??? Gabby im getting mixe emotions from u ;3

BenDec 28 2013 9:25pm
U wanna make my Lollipop Pop ??? :) hhahahahahaha

BenDec 28 2013 9:25pm
kiss you all over

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:26pm

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 9:26pm
-kisses u-

JadenDec 28 2013 9:27pm
-stares at Gabby :3-

BenDec 28 2013 9:27pm
do you want to keep doing this all nigth

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:28pm
*kisses ben* ahahaha i actually don't even know what to do anymore!.-. XD C;

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:30pm
honey were is the hores

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:30pm
-kisses gabby- i have an idea.but ur taken :3

BenDec 28 2013 9:31pm
-smiles- he is tied up right over there -points to where Chance is grazing happily,-..y :3

JadenDec 28 2013 9:32pm
lol my bf is 18 but let me hear the idea!;p

Gabby;3Dec 28 2013 9:33pm
fu cks you harder

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:34pm
Noo you have a bf..we cant :# -hugs u-

BenDec 28 2013 9:34pm
-moans, thruts against u yelling HARDER HARDER- why did you want to know where the Horse is Baby

JadenDec 28 2013 9:35pm
Noooooo!!!! I want to tho!;) -hugs u back-

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:37pm

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:37pm
U want to..wat i am thinking :3

BenDec 28 2013 9:37pm
lets have sex

BenDec 28 2013 9:39pm
gabby go to places then best citys poll

AnonymousDec 28 2013 9:39pm
i wanna donwat Jade and HB just did -blushes slightly- •^-^• ←(blushing face)

BenDec 28 2013 9:39pm

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:39pm
jade you there

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:42pm
Ben are ya sure u can handle all this!?!?;D

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:43pm

BenDec 28 2013 9:44pm

DracoDec 28 2013 9:44pm
yeah i can..tht last ben was fake... yeah i can handle yaGabbyWabby

BenDec 28 2013 9:45pm
lets do it

BenDec 28 2013 9:45pm
Yea im here

JadenDec 28 2013 9:45pm
Ha nahhhhh.....i don't think ya can!;) *grinds my body against urs*

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 9:46pm
*lets do it* i didnt say tht ;P

BenDec 28 2013 9:46pm
-grinds up agaisnt gabby- mhm ur sexy ;)

BenDec 28 2013 9:46pm
im outy *starts walkin out*

DracoDec 28 2013 9:48pm
WTF GABBY u said u weren't gonna fukin cheat on me.

bubbaDec 28 2013 9:48pm
Draco >:( u hurt my feelings

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:48pm
whoa whar did i do?

DracoDec 28 2013 9:49pm
jaden you & me go home and have sex

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 9:49pm
Gabby:/ i dont want u to be mad at me if ur bf breaks up with u cuz of this :/

BenDec 28 2013 9:49pm
Ahaha ik im sexy baby!;) mmmmm! lol are ya sure ben....... are you sure sure?.....Are ya sure sure sure that ya can handle all this?!?@ben

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:50pm
U said we could talk..and u havent talked to me since thtnight..i didnt even wanna do tht i thought udid soninwent with its awkward and u act like i dont exist and u like Artemis:3

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:51pm
Yes im preeetty sure hahah

BenDec 28 2013 9:51pm
brooke did u read my post i was asleep from 8 am from wen i talked to gabby to 9 pm i made a post

DracoDec 28 2013 9:52pm
Hey i told ya V when im hòrny i can't hold it in!!=/ @bubba

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:52pm
but u wouldnt talk to me still...:/

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:53pm
slut still at it?

loganDec 28 2013 9:53pm
wat about Chance.. lol one time when i was giving him a bath he got a hard on..:/ lol @HB21

JadenDec 28 2013 9:54pm
u just got on that post u didnt give me a chance

DracoDec 28 2013 9:54pm
Awe its ok brooke!=)

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:54pm
:3 Gabby

BenDec 28 2013 9:55pm

HOT BOY21Dec 28 2013 9:55pm
No u were on earlier.......and nvm u wont understand :/ -sits in a corner on the floor-

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:56pm
Ha thanks logan!!;P i know ima slùt! lmfao

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:56pm
-hugs Gabby-

BenDec 28 2013 9:57pm
theres only so much i can do brooke

DracoDec 28 2013 9:57pm
he's how we get home

HB21Dec 28 2013 9:57pm
ur welcome slut

loganDec 28 2013 9:57pm
-hugs ben back tight-

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:58pm
were my hug gabby :)

Draco :PDec 28 2013 9:58pm
U Do not know what i am talking not talking about u not being on is different :/ wat i did for u and logan..i didnt wanna do tht but i liked u and i thought u would get med if i decided not sorry for being a waste of time..go bck to artemis :/

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:59pm
-hugs u tighter- >:) @Gabby

BenDec 28 2013 9:59pm
i didnt want to i told u i used to do that i hardly ever do that anymore i dont like it when i do that

DracoDec 28 2013 10:00pm

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:01pm
ok -Hops up onto Chance, looks at u- hey u want front or back...if ur in the front u control the Horse

JadenDec 28 2013 10:01pm
yea yea yea wat ever slut

loganDec 28 2013 10:02pm
I dont like it either:/ its gross

BrookeDec 28 2013 10:02pm
No u said u wouldn't cheat, u couldn't go a couple hours. I'm done bye forever, u just lost me and ur never getting me back, I can't go for a couple hours without being cheated on

bubbaDec 28 2013 10:02pm

DracoDec 28 2013 10:02pm

cupcakeDec 28 2013 10:03pm
Im sorry....its just that i guess i like u...but so does artemis and u like her so..go on go back to her

BrookeDec 28 2013 10:03pm

HB21Dec 28 2013 10:04pm
Lmao ummm ok V n logan idgaf anymore!>=D -hugs draco n sucks his cheek-

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:04pm
no i only like my crush and she asked me out and i said no brooke

DracoDec 28 2013 10:04pm
-stands by Gabby- I guess then we cant do that haha

BenDec 28 2013 10:04pm
yay im huged :D *hugs back*

Draco feeling weirdDec 28 2013 10:05pm
ok-lets uget in the front, wraps my arms around ur waist-

JadenDec 28 2013 10:05pm
good >;)

loganDec 28 2013 10:06pm
is gabby ur crush :/

BrookeDec 28 2013 10:06pm
Lol i missed you alot!;D @draco

GabbyDec 28 2013 10:07pm

DracoDec 28 2013 10:07pm
jaden go to the first poll in food polls

HB21Dec 28 2013 10:07pm
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