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Should men wear female clothing or hair styles?

Question: Women wear men's clothing and they are not ridiculed. Do you think that society should accept men who wear clothes or hair styles that are traditionally female?
Created by: mstarr at 07:48:01 AM, Friday, March 25, 2011 PDT


Men should be allowed to wear womens dresses but nothing under them. Penis and balls should be exposed.

TerryMar 26 2011 4:36am

Men are already allowed to wear whatever they want as long as they don't reveal private parts. But I see what you're saying and no they shouldn't. Girls wear guys clothes in some cases because they sincerely believe it looks good and a lot of men agree to this. The only reason I can think that a guy would wear girls clothes is to get off from it. Not the same thing. But like I said it's a free country wear whatever as long as you're not flashing your **** about.

DudeMar 28 2011 2:28am
A woman caught her man in her panties ---she spanked him on his pantied butt with a yardstick , ass-f*cked him sissified him into her french maid & cuckolded him with his best friend & forced him to accept ahumiliating spanking from the best friend & he had to give her bull ablow-job ---so u r free to try to wear anything but it will result in your wife/girlfriend/woman's love & respect turning into hatred & contempt so are you willing to accept such a load of humiliation ???

Ashesh GhoseMar 28 2011 4:43am
Men should not wear womens clothes nor mens clothes. They should be kept naked (weather permitting) so they would be completely exposed for all females to enjoy. Women would gain a sense of humor looking at so many small penises.

KimApr 02 2011 5:05am
Kim I think you have a good point there.

AnonymousApr 03 2011 6:56pm
When you say "should be kept" u imply females have an authority or power to enforce such a dress code or undress code on men so Kim how would u forcibly undress Hulk Hogan or the Rock ?

Ashesh GhoseApr 04 2011 3:01am
Passing laws where mandatory nudity for men is required. Imprisonment for those who choose not to obey. These laws are enforced by a female system. Quite simple.

KimApr 04 2011 4:57am
Where 50% of the adult franchisees are men how would u get legislative backing for such laws ??????

Ashesh GhoseApr 05 2011 10:19am
Get with the program women control the world now, all its going to take is a little more time.

KimApr 05 2011 4:12pm
keep dreaming .......!

Ashesh GhoseApr 06 2011 5:23am
You never thought the day would come when a male was convicted of a crime and castration was handed down as the punishment. Women will be doing alot more in the next few years, just wait and see.

KimApr 07 2011 12:45pm
Goto Liberation Square Cairo & see how tyrants are overthrown Kim !!!!!

Ashesh GhoseApr 08 2011 8:11am
Kim, I realize women are taking over but why is it I'm suddenly hearing it's in the next few years? I've heard more than one woman talking about this.

AnonymousApr 08 2011 10:16am
There are President Kims but they are all 1. Korean 2. Men ! Moral of the story : Kims have taken over but only in Korea but they are all male unlike Ms. Kim here who also wants to take over but is not a Korean Male ?!?!

Ashesh GMar 13 2012 8:17pm
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mMar 02 2014 1:07pm
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