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best way to eat ice cream

Question: whats the best way to eat ice cream??
Created by: sammysgurl at 10:10:50 PM, Saturday, June 17, 2000 EDT


i eat ice cream with two spoons, especially the Wendy's frosties.

butterflycollector13Jul 24 2000 7:20pm

Jul 24 2000 7:20pm
i'd eat icecream with my

spookyAug 16 2000 10:42pm
on somebody else, pls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shit headJan 04 2001 12:00pm
I just stick my head in a bowl filled with chocolate ice cream and dig in! Hey, I don't care!!! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, RIGHT?

MeApr 17 2003 3:11pm

DR.PEPPER!Feb 15 2011 11:25pm
On top of a warm brownie!

lizzzNov 25 2013 1:04am

BDDec 29 2013 2:58pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 2:58pm
What upp

BDDec 29 2013 2:59pm
nm just being my hot self!;P

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:00pm
So your hot huh :)

BDDec 29 2013 3:01pm
Mmm!;) yess i am!;PPP

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:03pm
Alright I like that :) so what is my hot little girl wearing?

BDDec 29 2013 3:04pm
Hehe!;D im wearing a t-shirt n im in my panties!;)

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:06pm
That's what I like to hear ;) so what are you doing in your panties

BDDec 29 2013 3:08pm
I wanna be f*cked hard!

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:09pm
Lol i was changing but i decided to stay in my panties!;p

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:10pm
Is that true? Does my hot little girl wanna be fùcked hard?

BDDec 29 2013 3:13pm
YESSS f*ck ME HARD!!!!!!*sits in ur lap n wraps my legs around ur waist n kisses u deeply-mmmmm!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:15pm
Mmm i wanna fÏ…ck u babe;)

BrandenDec 29 2013 3:16pm
Mmm my pussy is wet;)

NightGirlDec 29 2013 3:17pm
Mmm uhh mmmmm!;P f*ck me hard daddy!!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:18pm
Good girl -Tounge kisses you back while feeling your tits and grabbing your ass- you do know what BD stands for ;)

BD (Big Dìck)Dec 29 2013 3:18pm
moans can i join plz

BabyDec 29 2013 3:21pm
Mmm i want a big dick

NightGirlDec 29 2013 3:21pm
-moans loudly while my tounge swirls around ur in our mouths- mmmmmmmm!;P

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:21pm
^In me

AnonymousDec 29 2013 3:21pm
Oh don't worry I have enough c0ck for all three of you ;) - pulls down my pants and boxers revealing my hard 9.5 in c0ck pointing straight up- Who's first?

BDDec 29 2013 3:24pm
Mmm! Me!

NightGirlDec 29 2013 3:26pm
Ha nahhhh....i was here first sooo ram your c*ck in me!!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:29pm
Good night girl -Thrusts my c*ck into your mouth- Lets see if you can make me cum ;)

BDDec 29 2013 3:30pm
But sharing is caring :) so gabby you'll have this c0ck in you next ;)

BDDec 29 2013 3:31pm
MMMMM!!!!;) ok daddy!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:33pm
everyone knows the best way to eat ice cream is you scoop up big chuncks then you let it melt in your mouth then gulp that motherf*cker

ShreveDec 29 2013 3:34pm
lmfao wow jeremy!;P

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:34pm
Gabby will be gulping up my cum in a bit ;)

BDDec 29 2013 3:35pm
Put your hand on my waist do it softly!!!f*ck yeah give it to me this is heaven what i truely want!!!!!;) @BD

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:36pm
Well looks like night girl is gone so let's see what you can do -takes my hard c0ck and puts it in front of your face-

BDDec 29 2013 3:38pm
hey its what we do down here in Louisiana. We dont try to be cute and lick it. we put it all in our mouth and chug it. no homo

ShreveDec 29 2013 3:38pm

Night GirlDec 29 2013 3:38pm
MMMMM OK!-grabs ur hard long c*ck n licks it up and down than starts to suck the tip hard n starts to deepthroat it trying to take it all-

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:41pm
Mm wby Shreve? *Sits on ur lap*

Night GirlDec 29 2013 3:42pm
Haha good try baby but I think it's too big for you ;) but keep going -brushes your hair off your face so I can see every bit of it-

BDDec 29 2013 3:46pm
hmm <_< about me?

ShreveDec 29 2013 3:46pm
Y'all are crazy lol

2Dec 29 2013 3:48pm
Wtf?! @AllPervs Hey@NormalNon-Pervs

Aphrodite:3/Artemis:3Dec 29 2013 3:50pm
hey i didnt do Å¡hit -_- all i said was how we southern folks ate ice cream

ShreveDec 29 2013 3:52pm
-gags on ur c*ck than lick my gag off n starts to suck on ur c*ck harder and harder puts my hands on ur c*ck n starts to jerk ur c*ck while sucking ur c*ck faster n harder n moans louder-UUGGGHHHHHH MMMMMMMMM DADDY!!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 3:53pm
Lol. I think Jeremy is a little freaked out by Gabby's problem xD

Aphrodite:3Dec 29 2013 3:54pm
Heyy Gabby ;)

BenDec 29 2013 3:54pm
now this bitch on the other hand ^

ShreveDec 29 2013 3:55pm
-Pulls out- As good as that felt I think I should save my cum for later ;) how about you undress for daddy and this c0ck can slip right into that nice tight pússy of yours ;)

BDDec 29 2013 3:56pm
Hellooo Gabby u there ;)

benDec 29 2013 3:59pm
Mmmm ok!;) -strips for daddy,takes off my shirt slowly and slides my panties off-mmm like this daddy?;P@BD

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:00pm
Hey ben!:)

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:00pm

BenDec 29 2013 4:01pm
XD sooo wyd?;P@ben

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:01pm
nm u @Gabby.... and sorry i said i liked u as a gf earlier :/ lol

BenDec 29 2013 4:03pm

Aphrodite:3Dec 29 2013 4:03pm
lolz nm!:p its okay ben n way are ya sorry tho???@Ben

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:05pm
Why*** not way

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:05pm
idk...-scratches head- cuz i hd to go earlier...and whn i got back u were i terested in somone else soo no loger needed :P

BenDec 29 2013 4:06pm
lolz nahhhh.....I still like ya im just kinda horny!;P

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:07pm
ik u made me horny earlier :)

BenDec 29 2013 4:08pm
Lmfao i did???0.0 XDDD

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:09pm
yeah :/ when u wanted me to fuk u :/

BenDec 29 2013 4:09pm
Well looks like he ditch meh!:/ but ben do ummm ya wanna....

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:11pm
Yeah I want to ;)

BenDec 29 2013 4:11pm
wait...i have to things in mind u could be askng about

Ben..Dec 29 2013 4:12pm
;)-pushes you against the wall n tounge kisses you-mmmm!

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:13pm
mmm- runs my hands all over your body-mhhhmmmm :)

BenDec 29 2013 4:14pm
mmm-moans loudly n takes off ur shirt n sucks and kisses ur neck-ughhhmmmm ben my pussy is wet!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:17pm
-picks u up lays u on the bed, takes ur shirt and pants off, kisses from ur lips i slowly move down kissing and suckingon ur body- mhhhmmm Gabby Im hard as fuk ;)

BenDec 29 2013 4:20pm
Mmmm uugghh oohh ben f*ck ME f*ck ME HARD!!!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:20pm
I hope u both rot in hell

AnonymousDec 29 2013 4:21pm
Ha oh i will anon!

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:22pm
-takes y jeand and boxers off ges ontop of u, rubs my dickhead all over on ur püssy- mmmmm Gabby ugggghhh

BenDec 29 2013 4:23pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:24pm
Mmmmm!!!!!I want ur hot warm cum in my pussy and ass!!!!-Kisses u deeply and moans louder-

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:26pm
I want to feel you in my tummy ben!!!!!;)

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:28pm
-shove into u hard stays there for a min-

BenDec 29 2013 4:28pm
-screams in pain and pleassure-OOOOMMMMMGGGGGGGGG BEN!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:30pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:35pm
-f*cks u deep and hard shoving in and out like a jack hammar- OHHHHHH GABBY

BenDec 29 2013 4:39pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:40pm

BenDec 29 2013 4:40pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:41pm
-thrusts in and out so fuking hard and fast..ur püssy griping my hard thrusting/throbing C*ck-

BenDec 29 2013 4:42pm
Mmmm!-hips start to buck as i cum on ur c*ck still moaning and groaning-OOOOOOOOHHHHH BEN!!!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:46pm
-Thrusts into u sooo hard as my c*ck explodes in ur Püssy-ohhh ohhh yeah gabby mmmmmmm

BenDec 29 2013 4:47pm
-grunts and moans in pleasure-

BenDec 29 2013 4:47pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:50pm
-my c*ck softens and i pull out but then scoot down and start licking ur soping wet and throbbing püssy- ;)

BenDec 29 2013 4:51pm
-Starts eating ur Püssy like a sex crazed beast- mmmm Gabby oh yeah u taste yummy ;) -my c*ck starts to twitch as i eat you out-

BenDec 29 2013 4:52pm
Mmmmm yess ben!!!EAT ME OUT!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:53pm
*smahes through the upstairs window but falls through the hole i forgot to fix* THE BEST WAY TO EAT ICE CREAM IS... MILKSHAKE IT XD AND POUR IT ON YOUR FRIEND LMFAO XD oww my back hurts from dat fall xD

jackDec 29 2013 4:55pm
-screams in pleasure-

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:55pm
Ummmm jack...o.o

GabbyDec 29 2013 4:56pm
but make sure its got oreos in it :D

jackDec 29 2013 4:57pm
o.o i ate too much sugar today

jackDec 29 2013 4:58pm
-looks u- um gabby should i stop ???

%BenDec 29 2013 4:58pm
lmfao wow jack ya know ya come in the wrongest times!XD

Gabby wishes draco was here!Dec 29 2013 4:58pm
yup xD i made my friend lose a big score cuz i joined a game and rocket launched him xD

jackDec 29 2013 5:00pm
-tounge kisses ben- ummm....yea we should stop! but that was fun!;)

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:01pm

BenDec 29 2013 5:01pm
is it weird i own over 150 books? o.o i read over half of them

jack o.oDec 29 2013 5:02pm
yeah it was -kisses u back- ;)

BenDec 29 2013 5:02pm
;PPP ea n jack wtf whyyyy ya made him lose!!!If ya did dat ta me jack i would beat the crap outta ya!!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:03pm
*looks left then right to make sure nobodys watching then walks upstairs to write in my journal*

jackDec 29 2013 5:04pm
cuz he kept playing da troll song really loud >_< xD

jackDec 29 2013 5:05pm
-shrivels up in a ball scremz loudly- Y DO THEY FIGHT!!!! I WANT NORMAL FAMILY :(

Ben-is scared of his fatherDec 29 2013 5:05pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:06pm
Awe its ok ben all familys fight!!:(

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:07pm
but then.. tyler played justin bieber so i just put obsidian around his bed in minecraft xD

jackDec 29 2013 5:08pm
my mom and dad fight ._. mostly about motorcycles they obsessed with harley davidsons

jackDec 29 2013 5:09pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:10pm
*sits down on a couch*

jack (i played too much xbox today ._.) Dec 29 2013 5:11pm
No my dad is throwing chairs and tables..he knocked over the turtke tank...and glass is everywhere....he threw my mom down the me my mom ,and 3 bros are in my basement the door is locked....and my dad has a gun.....:(...he he shot my dog =( in the head...poor Bandjo....noo he is lying in my lap...we cnt get out of the house...heis gonna die....Gabby im reallly afraid !!!!!!!!

Ben is terrified and sadDec 29 2013 5:11pm
try and grab a phone and dial 911 or whatever your emergency # is and tell them to come

jackDec 29 2013 5:13pm
*tell the police

AnonymousDec 29 2013 5:14pm
Awee!=''C my dad is always like that!its ok just stay by ur mom n brothers!

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:14pm
ourphones are upstairs :( dad is gonna kill us!!!! I HATE HIM!!!!he has never gotten this bad b4 :/

BenDec 29 2013 5:15pm
If you have a phone with you guys call 911!

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:15pm
my dad just bends me really hard too far ._. he almost broke my arm it aint fun so i just run out of my house and go to a park

jackDec 29 2013 5:16pm
-wait my bro foundhis phoe in his room...his room is inthe basemet.he's calling 911 :( i...i dont wanna loosemy family

BenDec 29 2013 5:16pm
Ok like i said nothing will happen just stay together!he won't do anything to you guys just stay down there untill he calms down or till tomorrow!

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:18pm
i almost died once ._. a poisonous snake almost bit me but my bro saved my life he grabbed me because i was only 3 and was just staring at it

jackDec 29 2013 5:19pm
Ok don't worry this stuff happens all the time to me!!!Ur dad will have a chance to get out of prison!!!probaly...o.o

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:20pm
Ik he wont kill us, but my dog....i have had him since i was a baby he is a multicolored Austrailian shepard :( he...he isnt breathing much..and is bleeding alot :/

BenDec 29 2013 5:20pm
I..i wish i could help you ben!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:22pm
gabby sry fell asleep

DracoDec 29 2013 5:22pm
you should try to bandage him i doubt treating shock like you would to humans will work on dogs dont try to take the bullet out.. i was a boy scout for a while... till a new rule came in and my mom took me out :l

jackDec 29 2013 5:23pm
can i call you draconite? o.o @ draco

jack xD Dec 29 2013 5:24pm
im carrying my dog upstairs...i unlocked the dad is just sitting there crying :/

BenDec 29 2013 5:24pm
Ha its ok!;P @Draco

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:24pm
hes..hes being nice now..he took Bandjo fom me and is gonna drive me to the animal hospital

BenDec 29 2013 5:25pm
once i fell asleep while playing xbox and it banned me from the game for a couple days cuz of inactivity xD

jackDec 29 2013 5:25pm
Im sorry ben!!!AND HE SHOULD BE CRYING!!!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:25pm
so ya guys had a fun time huh?

Draco feeling left out :(Dec 29 2013 5:26pm
... i wonder if i should continue reading the dragons tooth (first book of the ashtown burials trilogy)

jack (feeling un-needed Dec 29 2013 5:27pm
Awe ok well see he feels bad but man for what he did n if that was my Dad i wouldn't talk to him ever again!

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:27pm
ok...lets just talk about something else...wat dou wanna tlk about

BenDec 29 2013 5:28pm
lmfao haha n ben???...what??....nahhh..we didn't!XDDDD -hugs u-@Draco

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:29pm
Ha..draco now u know how i felt..when u and gabby ignoored meh yesterday night :P..and im not talking to my dog dies ima never even make eye contact or claim him as my father..i will call him Trent...cuz thts his name..he doesnt deserve to be called dad :/

BenDec 29 2013 5:30pm
haha ok ben;P hey and sorry i just like ummmm....feel bad that i sexted!=C@ben

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:32pm
wow gabby way to mae me feel special :/ 'nahh we didnt have fun' -_- xD

BenDec 29 2013 5:32pm
*hugs back* nah BD had most action then ben some

DracoDec 29 2013 5:32pm
y u feel bad, wait u dating...draco :/ i..i didnt know

BenDec 29 2013 5:32pm
no shes not ben

DracoDec 29 2013 5:33pm
lol :P

BenDec 29 2013 5:33pm
i was jk :3

BenDec 29 2013 5:34pm
i guess thts a yes o.o see ya later :D

jack (bye bye) Dec 29 2013 5:34pm
god y did i read the posr >.< tht sht made me hrny UGH FCK

DracoDec 29 2013 5:35pm

DracoDec 29 2013 5:35pm
wooow -_-@Draco tht is awkward getting horny from reading sexting between gabby and BD

BenDec 29 2013 5:35pm
No im not dating anyone i feel bad cuz ughh....cuz like since i sexted with you i feel like you don't like me the same way than b4.=C

Gabby kinda worded that weird!xDDec 29 2013 5:36pm
im mostly thinkin of gabby n her moaning

DracoDec 29 2013 5:36pm
Wat do u mean...i liked u for u..not for sex :P lol i don like girls for sex..i like them for them..and i still like u the same....

BenDec 29 2013 5:37pm
o.o jesus lord!@Draco

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:38pm

Draco now embarrassedDec 29 2013 5:39pm
U should be !!! Draco xD

BenDec 29 2013 5:39pm
Haha ok ben!C: -hugs ben tightly-

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:39pm
lmfao wow!@Draco

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:41pm
-Hugs u back-

BenDec 29 2013 5:41pm
xD i dont get no action? bs :(

DracoDec 29 2013 5:41pm
*goes over to my house to play battlefield 4*

jack Dec 29 2013 5:42pm
-giggles- lol ben i wuv ya!=///3

Gabby wuvs draco too!;)Dec 29 2013 5:42pm
*drops the controller in my pool* ahh shiz *goes to my room to get my shorts on and jumps into the pool*

jackDec 29 2013 5:43pm
-hugs draco and sucks his cheek-hehe;D

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:44pm
:3 luv ya to Gabby

BenDec 29 2013 5:44pm
thats fine i dont call that action but it works :)

DracoDec 29 2013 5:44pm
*jumps outta my window assassins creed style xD*

jackDec 29 2013 5:45pm
Awwww!#^_^# Ur sooooo sweet ben!:3

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:45pm
*grabs my controller and puts it back by my xbox and dives back into my pool*

jackDec 29 2013 5:46pm
ik ik -smiles and laughs- So r u :p

BenDec 29 2013 5:46pm
Ha you really are horny!?!?o.o XD@Draco

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:47pm
xD hehe yea brb o.o

DracoDec 29 2013 5:47pm
Ahaha ik im sweet!;P

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:48pm
*gets an achievement on xbox called...* ...[ignorance] description: most ignored person 1000 gamerscore yay

jackDec 29 2013 5:48pm
-_- i thought u said u didnt sxt hmmm lol thts wat u told brooke... u lied bout 2 things XD

BenDec 29 2013 5:49pm
*goes into my secret under-pool room*

jackDec 29 2013 5:49pm
Umm..ok..0.0 XD@Draco

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:49pm
*turns my radio's volume to 100 and listens to ppl screaming/singing

jack *screaming/singing sucks ._. Dec 29 2013 5:51pm
XDDD YEA I LIE GET OVER IT!jk jk sooo wyd? im snacking on grapes and im drinking water ohh yea n watching spngebob!=)

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:51pm
jk i really dont care:/ ...... feeling weirdDec 29 2013 5:52pm
*turns the troll song on then puts the troll face mask on and sings with it* tralololololol

jackDec 29 2013 5:53pm
btw tht was to draco..... ima just gonna um leave -back up towards the door slowly-

BenDec 29 2013 5:53pm

jack Dec 29 2013 5:54pm
back had to eat

DracoDec 29 2013 5:56pm
lol @Jack

BenDec 29 2013 5:57pm
ben if ya read wat i said that day i said not anymore but i do ocassionally

DracoDec 29 2013 5:58pm
Lol im in my room naked!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 5:58pm
same o.o' i fell asleep naked again

DracoDec 29 2013 5:59pm
i said i was jk dont get upset ;P i dont care either lol

BenDec 29 2013 5:59pm
i need new pj's o.o im freezing cold in my boxers at night

jackDec 29 2013 5:59pm

BenDec 29 2013 6:00pm
i outgrown my old pj's now i need new ones my old ones ripped >_<

jackDec 29 2013 6:00pm
lol Ben My pussy's still wet!;)

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:01pm
i gotta get my mind off of gabby naked >.<

Draco gonna be still her but playin ps3Dec 29 2013 6:01pm
lol i get chills sometimes to :P

BenDec 29 2013 6:01pm
xD i gotta get the troll song off my mind ._. im bored

jackDec 29 2013 6:01pm
my rooms heating is broken so itd always cold ._. im REALLY bored

jackDec 29 2013 6:02pm
Tmi @Draco

Gabby XDDDec 29 2013 6:03pm
lol i tried to finish/help ya but u said to stop :/

BenDec 29 2013 6:03pm

jackDec 29 2013 6:03pm
what she likes to be played ;) mmmm i love to play with her to

DracoDec 29 2013 6:04pm
You all like her for her body you all are addicted to sex with her

AnonymousDec 29 2013 6:05pm
lmfao I wish i could suck on dracos c*ck!

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:05pm
not true anon i like gabby for who she is

jackDec 29 2013 6:06pm
like i told other anon i like her bc shes my friend @anon mmmm man when i open her n put the thing in mmmm she likes that ;D @gabby

DracoDec 29 2013 6:06pm
Yeah i know jack likes me for me!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:07pm
:/ wow i feel ignoored now @Jack lol do it then gabby...@gabby no anon tht is the first time i had sexted her -_- -mumbles and probs the last..shes all ove Draco...even ehen he aint here :P XD jk jk

BenDec 29 2013 6:07pm
lol i dont like her for tht i only like her as my bestie and she knows it!!!!!

Ben, is laughing my ass offfDec 29 2013 6:08pm
you all sexted gabby already o.o im the odd one out we only got to shirts off xD

jackDec 29 2013 6:09pm
i never did it with her unless shes my old friend then i did it befor anyone xD

DracoDec 29 2013 6:09pm
XD i have bad news :(

BenDec 29 2013 6:11pm
xD so possibly ½ & ½ @ draco

jackDec 29 2013 6:11pm
dog died?

DracoDec 29 2013 6:11pm
yea jack

DracoDec 29 2013 6:12pm
>_< you to quick draco i was gonna say tht

jackDec 29 2013 6:12pm
haha ;D tell me sometin i dont no

DracoDec 29 2013 6:12pm
Lmfao yea how much ya wanna bet he got some pics of me!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:13pm well not yet...the vet said there isnt anything they can do or him...i have about 4 hours left with my best friend sincei was a lil bitty baby :/ i..i ....:( very upsettDec 29 2013 6:14pm
SG WTF GIRL!!!!! now i no its u

DracoDec 29 2013 6:14pm
what's the name of a virtual boy game that featured one of nintendo powers mascots nester?

jack xD Dec 29 2013 6:14pm
fck that means u prob have pics of me to o.o

DracoDec 29 2013 6:15pm
What??? pshhh im not sg!XDDDD

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:16pm
ok so wtf did i do to make u leave?

DracoDec 29 2013 6:16pm
SG you mean sex god?

AnonymousDec 29 2013 6:17pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:18pm
no u dum fck before she went crazy with sex

DracoDec 29 2013 6:18pm
*lays on my bed thinking of stuff i hope will happen*

jackDec 29 2013 6:18pm
sg tell me wat i did that has been fcking buggin me actaully its y i came back

DracoDec 29 2013 6:19pm
Um i..i gotta go, spend the last 4 hours he has left with i dunno ifim gonna come back on...4 a few days even...dont forget about me gabby and friends

BenDec 29 2013 6:19pm
aw later ben

DracoDec 29 2013 6:20pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:20pm im shaking,...i im gonna cry i no i am :/

Ben---gone to a very sad night-Dec 29 2013 6:21pm
goodbye ben i hope your last hours with your dog are... nice i feel really bad for youmand your dog im even almost crying

jackDec 29 2013 6:21pm
ok bye ben!

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:22pm
gabby tell me or imma leav again and dont think i wont

Draco :( misses sgDec 29 2013 6:22pm
gabby tht isnt exciting its sad

AnonymousDec 29 2013 6:23pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:24pm
i was ur friend u liked me so much u said u were gonna hurt urself :( i think i no y u left

Draco lonely D:Dec 29 2013 6:25pm

jack *hopes something bad dont happen again*Dec 29 2013 6:27pm

Gabby goneDec 29 2013 6:29pm
*walks over to a cliff and sits on the edge*

jack Dec 29 2013 6:29pm
v.v >.> she always leaves me

DracoDec 29 2013 6:29pm
gabby he made a post he left :/

loganDec 29 2013 6:32pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:34pm
*walks over to my house and reads a book* :l

jack ••••••••••Dec 29 2013 6:34pm
gabby he ment much to you i could see it but dont you want him dont u see it

loganDec 29 2013 6:35pm
sis listen to logan

girlyDec 29 2013 6:35pm

jack *prob gonna leave till new years eveDec 29 2013 6:35pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:37pm
so tell me what he said so i can understand

loganDec 29 2013 6:38pm
NO no one understands!

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:38pm
i should leave o.o boys get blamed for everything

jackDec 29 2013 6:39pm
gabby this is only a chance if he leaves he prob leaves for good please tell me so i can try n understand

loganDec 29 2013 6:39pm
he would understand gabby but i should go cuz i dont wanna get yelled at again :/

jackDec 29 2013 6:40pm
Ugh it was his action n what he said!!!←thats all ima say!

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:42pm
sis tell me hes been my friend as long as u have he text me almost everything that u guys did

girlyDec 29 2013 6:43pm
what did he say and or do

loganDec 29 2013 6:44pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 6:45pm

girlyDec 29 2013 6:45pm

jackDec 29 2013 6:46pm
well i hope your happy gabby u probably lost one of ur closest friends (draco)

logan goneDec 29 2013 6:46pm
you know what i should just leave for a month maybe things will be better python parse will prob be gone :) i think i will

jackDec 29 2013 6:48pm
yeah i will ill have a normal life again and not have to think about everything all the time

jack *be gone till after january Dec 29 2013 6:49pm
maybe ill leave till im 12 or maybe even 13..

jack Dec 29 2013 6:51pm
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