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Introvert vs Extrovert: who is more intelligent?

Question: This is an age old question, but who has the higher intelligence in general? Introverts or extroverts? From my experience, I have known 3 people whom had died from alzheimers. All 3 were extremely extroverted and couldnt stop talking their entire lives prior to their affliction. Whereas,I have known 3 people, whome were very introverted and didnt talk much. Well all are in their 80`s and 90`s now and still very sharp. In college, the top students, who scored well on tests, were quiet. Whereas, those who talked all the time in class scored lower. I know there are deviations, therefore nothing is not set in stone.However, in your own opinion, what personality type is more intelligent?
Created by: changenpace at 02:59:39 AM, Tuesday, May 10, 2011 PDT


Women are more intelligent than men.

AnonymousMay 11 2011 12:07pm

Introvert vis-a-vis extrovert : where women came into the picture ?

Ashesh GhoseMay 13 2011 7:42am
Introverts are the more intelligent because they spend more time reading and thinking things out wheresas extroverts are into sports and socialising etc, although they are far more likely to be neurotic.

wwMay 15 2011 6:39am
neurotic is a much disused term. It actually means that the introvert(more neurotic) take more responsibility for things and is less likely to blame others and is very dependable.

glorianneAug 19 2012 12:59pm

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