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Women, do you like it when your much smaller husband/boyfriend sits on your lap?

Created by: tiny toddy at 07:56:06 AM, Wednesday, May 11, 2011 PDT


Since my husband has itty bitty legs I am not able to sit on his lap for too long (like 30 seconds) I have big strong legs and once fell asleep watching a movie with his 110 lb. body still across my lap. It was probably 2 hours later. Didn't phaze me one bit.

LynnyMay 11 2011 5:42pm

My boyfriend also has very skinny legs. I wouldn't even attempt to try sit on them. Knowing him he would probably cry and scream like a little girl. So it is only proper that he sits on my lap. Do I like it? Lets just say, he knows his place. snicker, snicker!!

KimMay 12 2011 6:49am
Wow!! You girls sound awesome. Your guys are very lucky to have such strongminded women in their lives. How tall and how much do you two weigh. Just wonder if you could both handle a guy 5-8 and 160?

TravisMay 12 2011 10:00am
Sweet, I have a fan. Well Travis sorry to say I am only 5-6 and about 155 lbs.. I do have big strong muscular legs though. In fact years ago I used to work at Hooters (about 15 pounds ago) got many compliments for my bubble butt. I was forced to quit because I couldn't squeeze into those tiny shorts anymore. But to answer your question, I could probably handle your weight, but it wouldn't be as much fun as it is with my 120 lb. boyfriend.

KimMay 12 2011 11:22am
Thats cool that you used to work at Hooters. I must say, that is a place that I would fornicate from time to time. Were you one of the bigger girls that used to work there? And are there any pictures of you floating around the internet?

TravisMay 13 2011 10:48am
There is actually a picture out there somewhere. From the waist down I would say I was bigger than the others. I wore a size medium shorts. My boobs were pretty much average though. Speaking of those shorts, one time I had my boyfriend try them on. It was pretty funny to see how loose and baggy they were on him, and how tight they were on me. Maybe I'll have him where them again and then have him sit on my lap!! Now that sounds like fun huh?

KimMay 16 2011 11:54am
My husband sits on my lap almost every evening, he falls asleep with his head on my shoulder almost every night. I am bigger and stronger than him and it feels natural. I could sit on his lap for a few minutes but I kind of sqashes his thigh muscles and he is complaining. I carried him over the treshold (when nobody else was looking). Since he is weaker than the average man (and probably the average woman as well) it is good for him to have me, a strong wife, to do the heavy lifts and carrying.

bettinaMay 18 2011 6:58am
Bettina, I need a woman like you as I am only 5-1 and 95-100 pounds. I too am very weak and even a 120 pound woman hurts my legs.

tiny toddyMay 22 2011 3:18pm
So Kim, did you feel powerful looking at your boyfriend wearing your shorts? Kind of like, "I guess I wear the pants because I am the only one that can fit into them." And yes I agree that you should sit him on your lap while he is wearing your shorts.

TravisMay 23 2011 2:50pm
I always liked the smaller guys. I remember taking a guy to the Prom back in high school. He was so little!! I was so much bigger and stronger. Anyway we went with a few of my girlfriends who were going stag. My friend took her small VW bug. Anyway it was pretty cramped where someone was going to have to sit on someones lap. My date was the last one to get picked up. So we had a bet to see how far we would get down the road with him on my lap. I remember that blank stare on his face when I told him that I would sit on his lap. You could tell he was straining. We didn't get two blocks down the road when he told me that his legs were so sore. So we pulled over and switched. He was such a little wimp sitting on my lap almost in tears. I was loving it. He must have wanted to crawl under a rock when my friend teased him by saying, "so Sharon, it looks like your date put on his Barbie panties instead of his big boy Superman underoos!!"

SharonMay 23 2011 3:01pm
Sharon that brings back some memories of me being taunted as a teen. Having girls talk to me in baby talk asking me to sit on their lap. Thing is back then I was shy. If that were to happen today I would hop right on up!!

tiny toddyMay 25 2011 5:02am
What kind of wimps are you guys!! Women are supposed to sit on the man's lap!! Time to put women in their place like I do. And I am only 5-4 and 125. Put your big boy pants on fellas!!

13" pythonsMay 25 2011 5:07am
You talk pretty smart for someone that weighs only 125!! Maybe I should come over ther and paddle your little heiney!! And then have you sit on my lap while you apologise.

JaneMay 25 2011 10:18am
Jane, maybe you could also make Mr. Python wear the Barbie panties!! LOL!!!

SharonMay 25 2011 2:49pm
5-4 and 125 puts me in the above average range in the girls department. And yes my 13" arms put many girls to shame. So Jane and Sharon go make your better half a pot pie!!

13" pythonsJun 09 2011 11:25am
Listen here lil one with the puny arms. Mine are 3" bigger and can crush you like a grape. If you were over here like Sharon said. I would have you wearing Barbie Panties!!

JaneAug 11 2011 12:30pm
Wow Sharon that is quite the story. I wold have loved to sit on your lap. How little was the guy that you went to the prom with?

tiny toddyJan 04 2012 10:50am
Wow you girls sound like a lot of fun. At 5'5" and 130 lbs I'm pretty small and as for Barbie panties I actually love crossdressing and keep my little legs nice and smooth. Google kyliecdtv to see my pics. :)

kevinJan 23 2012 1:17am
Kevin, what fun is that putting you in Barbie panties when it is something you enjoy.

JaneMar 04 2012 3:55pm
I remember one time I tried to have my girlfriend sit on my lap. I have very skinny legs and she is much bigger. She could tell that I was agonizing in pain so we switched. She mentioned how light I was and proceeded to bounce me on her knee. We were both drunk at a party, but i still think about that night.

ScottMar 05 2012 9:26am
Also I have to mention, since that time my girlfriends view of me has changed. She started taking on a bossy role after finding out that she was so much stronger than me. She took my measurements and teased about how much bigger hers were. Infact one night she mad me wear her much too big panties to bed to let me know who the boss is in the relationship. I love her and all, but sometimes she makes me shake.

ScottMar 19 2012 10:30am
Wow, I would love to have a woman with the physical power and confidence of the women in this chat. I am seeking a stronger woman, I am a nice guy someone you can talk to about anything. Always encouraging a woman with power and attitude of power. Email me at really)

Chris PApr 27 2012 8:35pm
Scott I think it is wise for you to just do as you are told. If I were her I would make you wear those panties all the time so you always knew where you stood. What a little twerp!!

JaneApr 30 2012 7:57am
That was not nice calling me a twerp. It is humiliating enough that I get teased by my wife. I don't need to be teased by you too. So keep the name calling to yourself Miss Jane. Thank you very much.

ScottMay 03 2012 8:47am
Awww Scotty. Did I make you cry? Did I cause you to pee in your too big panties. Maybe you should have your girlfriend buy you some pampers you little sissy!! You come on this board with that kind of talk and you will be made fun of.

JaneMay 03 2012 8:52am
You ladies sound great. Sounds like you have the muscle to be so confident.

Chris PMay 04 2012 11:42am
Ahh Jane, just so you know I can bench press 95 lbs., so until you can lift the weights of a man can you start showing that you are worthy. And you keep the Barbie panties to yourself. I wear the big boy pants thank you very much!!

13" pythonsJul 06 2012 12:20pm
o.O im sort of Jealous of some of these fellas. ive been a bigger guy all my life, but i love being held. and mr pythons is a bit too c*cky in my opinion with his little 95lb bench press, considering my entire weight lifting group arm curled more than that

frankybearJul 19 2012 2:05am
I need to meet Ms Jane and sit on her lap

NaughtyDAug 01 2012 1:59pm
95 lbs.!! Must be because you are a 95 lb. weakling huh? Oh, excuse me, 125 lb. weakling. (as if it matters) I would paddle your ass anyway. And NaughtyD, you better be a good boy if you want to sit on my lap.

JaneSep 06 2012 8:28am
Finally found my way back here...yes, I love wearing panties! I love female attire, makeup, and all that. I also happen to like dominant women, especially taller, athletic ones...soo hot!

kevinSep 15 2012 3:35am
I like it when my boyfriend sits on my lap. I remember one time we were watching a movie (believe it was St. Elmos Fire) and we both fell asleep with him on my lap. I woke up almost 3 hours later with him still on my lap sleeping. So what did I do? I cradled him in my arms and carryed him to bed. I love my puny little baby!!

EmilyOct 01 2012 12:13pm
Wow !

BradFeb 22 2013 10:51pm
Emily what's your both ht. N wt.

familyFeb 27 2013 8:24am
5-9 and 183 pounds

EmilyMar 13 2013 8:03pm
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NMAtxsvsXxAug 04 2014 9:51pm
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RoaringTeenSep 28 2014 12:27pm
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