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Muscular girlfriend

Question: One day i was teasing my girlfriend about the fact that she is weak. We armwrestled and i beat her rather easily. She didnt really liked it (she is very competitive) and the next day she joined the local gym. She told me she will build some muscle and beat me at armwrestling in one year. I didnt believe at first, but she started to gain muscle really fast. After one year she was incredible. She was much more muscular than me. Her biceps after just one year of heavy training (5-6 times a week for 2 hours, weekends sometimes even more)are 15 inches when pumped! I couldnt believe when I measured. I just stared at her. Afterwards we armwrestled, but as you can predict, there was no match. She beat me like nothing. She told to use both hands and still she beat me. I mean i dont understand how a person can get so big muscles and strength just in one year. I know a lot of guys who work out a lot, but none of them gained so much muscle in such a short period. Is this normal or she just has crazy genetics? Are girls able to build muscle faster than guys if they put their mind into it?
Created by: musclelover27 at 12:09:11 AM, Wednesday, June 15, 2011 PDT


You are a lucky guy. Nothing is better than a muscular girl who can throw you around the room.

Got to love muscles on a girlJun 15 2011 8:12am

An ex-girlfriend (yeah...) of mine and I had started going to the gym together. Her legs were already pretty strong and her arms were average. I'm not quite sure how long it took, but my leg strength became no match for hers at all and she was obviously stronger than me in upper body exercises as well. We would wrestle around a bit and she seemed to enjoy being stronger. She would win pretty quickly but when she got me with her legs I was instantly begging to submit. Sometimes she would have mercy. Other times I had to beg, admit she was stronger and tell her how hot she was before she let me go.

AnonymousJun 15 2011 1:53pm
I thought men could put on muscle faster due to testosterone?

AnonymousJun 15 2011 1:53pm
I agree. Women are getting stronger everyday. I think that the day when we will overpower our men is getting closer. So girls hit the gym and let them show which is the strongest sex. Girl power!

Kate with big musclesJun 16 2011 1:02am
So Kate what size are your muscles when flexed? Biceps etc

jcJun 16 2011 2:09pm
My biceps are almost 16" when pumped after a heavy workout. My thighs are 25", calves 14", 165 pounds all rock hard muscle. I enjoy dominating my husband, he is not physically active, he mostly just sits in his office, so he fatten up the last years. He outweighs me for almost 50 pounds, but he has no muscle at all. He is no match for me. I like to wrestle/armwrestle him to show him who is the boss. I put him between my thighs and squeeze him till he begs to release him. Than I make him worship my muscles. I just love it! But I can also put out of the misery a strong man. I wrestled a lot of men and I have always won. Men are just to easy to beat.

KateJun 16 2011 3:02pm
I guess women are able to build muscle very quickly if they are determined. Women have incredible an incredibly strong will and self control, much more than guys. My girlfriend was a cheerleader for more than 10 years. She was always fit, she had a strong lower body and nice abs. I remember when she quitted cheerleading she was very unhappy. As she has been a sports junkie all her life, she told she missed something. I told her she should join the gym with me. So we started to workout together. Because of work I went to the gym just once a week. She started to go everyday, but she mostly did cardio. One night we were watching TV and we saw a interview with a female bodybuilder. She asked me if I found her attractive. I answered truthfully, being a femalu muscle lover almost all my life, and I said that I found her beautiful and that her muscles looked fantastic. She giggled and whispered on my ear that she can also be like that. I just looked at her and she must have read my mind, she saw the excitement in my eyes when I was fantasizing about her having a body like this. So changed her workout routine and began to pump iron. After a few months her body changed a lot with an extreme workout and nutrition. Her muscles began to grow very fast and she already looked strong. Now after years of heavy training she looks astonishing. When she started her weight was around 120 pounds, today is 165 pounds. So she added up 45 pounds to her body, and all of it rock hard muscle. She is just like my dream lady, big muscles, very strong and face to die for. Her best part of the body are surely her gigantic 26" thighs. They are very defined, hard as steel and incredibly strong.

Jason33Jun 17 2011 12:33am
She has become very dominant since she become so strong and muscular. She dominates me everywhere and I have to obey her. It is a strange kind of excitement when a woman can boss you around. A few months ago my two neighbour friends were at my house watching a game. We were sitting on a couch and drinking beer when she came home late from a long workout. She was sleeveless and my friends just stared at her big biceps pumped from heavy lifting. She caught them staring, but they could not stop. She just smiled and went to make a phone call. She went upstairs. After a few minutes somebody was ringing at the door. I went to open and I there were the neighbour wifes. I invited them in and they joined us on the couch. A few minutes later my wife returned into the living room and she was wearing only a bikini. She just stood in the middle of the room and she began to flex her muscles. My friends jaws dropped as they watched my girlfriends muscle flexing in a purple bikini. She was mindblowing even I was taken aback by her phenomenal physique. She come closer to them and challenged both of them in an wrestling contest. They could not refuse her invitation. She manhandled them both with such ease, they could not do anything. She put both of their heads between her thighs. As she was applying pressure they were totally helpless. They started to scream and beg her to release them. She made them say that women are the superior sex. It was so exciting to me watching her totally dominating two grown men between her massive thighs with almost no efforts. Their wifes were watching and enjoying the show. She made them cry like babies, they could not withstand the enormous pressure of her muscles. But I know she did not apply ful pressure because she could easily break their ribs. She released them and they were almost unconscious and totally out of air and they were laying on the carpet for 10 minutes, they were so sore from her scissors and totally exhausted as they tried to break free from her thighs. After they regained conscious and strength back they went home and I could see that they were really embarassed in front of their wifes. I was turned on like never before in my life. The next day she took the wifes to the gym. Since that day they also started training and they are already to strong for their men. I find it really interesting how fast can a woman become the dominant partner.

Jason33Jun 17 2011 1:14am
My wife started lifting about five years ago. She had already been very athletic and strong. Within two years of serious lifting, she became stronger than me and very muscular. Since then she has become much stronger than me, extremely muscular and very dominant. I lovbe her muscles and power. I love the changes.

KeithJun 19 2011 10:06am
My wife was an athlete, a short distance runner when she was young. She was always physically very active, even today she works out a lot and runs almost everyday. She loves to wrestle with me and show to me her superior strength. She is by far the strongest and most muscular person I know and I love it. My male friends are on the other hand kinda intimated of her and she likes to creep them out. She is always sleeveless when they come to visit us, she likes to flex her muscles when she is doing something before. It is funny to watch her intimidate them with her astonishing physique.

AndrewJun 20 2011 12:08am
I call total bullpoo on original post. Working your muscles that hard without rest periods causes serious muscle degeneration and usually leads to injury. The best bodybuilders in the world don't train that much simply because the science doesn't support it. Stop bothering everyone with your bullpoo stories and go wack off to gay porn, cos your a flaming homo.

your all flaming homosexualsJun 21 2011 10:47am

ARNOLDJun 28 2011 11:05pm
Hehe Arnold. You are pathetic. Wake up, women are becoming stronger and more muscular than men. We are the stronger sex. Kate you just keep on building those big strong muscles of yours. Show your husband who is the boss. Jason33, Keith and Andrew your wives seem fantastic and you must be good guys if you are so respectful towards yours amazon wives. I men who can appreciate a muscular woman is not a real men!

BarbaraAug 12 2011 12:33am
Thank you Barbara for the compliment. My husband is cool with the fact that I am the boss. But two of his friends are not, so I had to put them in place last week. They were saying some bad things about their wives. I confronted them and they did not behave respectfully towards me. I wrestled both and show them the strength of a real woman. They were so weak, both of them combined werent good enough for a good workout. We wrestled and I was handling both of them with ease in a series of holds. They were totally helpless against my far superior strength and wrestling skills. After 10 minutes of wrestling they were both out of air, exhausted from screaming and begging. In the end one of them, a idiot name Mike, punched me but in the stomach. Fortunately I saw it coming and tightened my abs so I did not do any damage, at least to me. I was really pissed off at that moment and I ordered the other guy John to go home. He run off quickly but I did not let the other guy yet. I had to give him a lesson. So I beat him up pretty badly, he was all bruised and he cryied and begged me to leave him alone. I made him kiss my feet and made him promess he will never disrespect his wife or any other woman again. I guess I thought him a good lesson. My husband was watching the whole show, he did not try to intervene (i guess he knew it was not a good idea), i saw him aroused all the time watching my muscular body beating those wimps with ease. Afterwards I contacted the wives of Mike and John and said all about the events of this day. They both agreed I did right and they will now work out with me. I will make them strong and teach them how to put men in place.

KateAug 12 2011 1:58am
Kate, your are not for real, these are fantasies from a man, no harm in that but I don't believe what you write

AnonymousAug 24 2011 7:21am
the same with Jason33, you are alowed to dream man but don't claim this is the truth. I am sure though there are plenty of women stronger than their men, I am working out at a gym where there are many strong women, several stronger than me when it comes to upper body strength and lower body I won't mention since I have very thin and weak legs. I don't need to have day fantasies like the ones above, I have met several women that are stronger than me and my gf now can take me in most physical challanges.

AnonymousSep 13 2011 11:50pm
My girfriend had to go through physical therapy after a bicycle accident. 3 times a week with a physical therapist, for almost 6 months. It took some time for her arm to recover and to regain it's strength but the rest of her body responded very well to her work outs. Her legs became muscular quickly. After 6 months she did her program every day, 3 x 50 pushups (it took some times before she could do 50), 3 x 100 situps etc. She has kept on working out daily, gym, boxing, pushups etc. Now, 3,5 years after she stopped the actual therapy she has big and hard muscles everywhere. Luckily not like a body builder, rather a strong track & fields athlete (javelin for instance). Her thighs are very big and extremely strong, her biceps 14,5 cm (mine are 12,5). She really enjoys being strong and stronger than me. I have never liked to go to the gym and never really tried to catch up with her since it was clear she was stronger. I can sometimes be annoyed when she often points out who is stronger etc. She is very attractive and it quite often come in handy to have a strong partner.

NickNov 01 2011 6:04am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 10:21am
DATE 2011-12-31

DATE 2011-12-31Dec 31 2011 4:53pm
I think many men don't realize that a woman can be strong and sometimes stronger then men their size or even bigger. Of course the WWF matches are not wrestling for real but the women wrestling look damned strong to me. I have been working out most of my life, I have been into sports actively and after that I have kept on working out 2-3 times a week at a gym. I got pregnant and grew bigger with the baby, bigger and also stronger. The father of my child left me after a couple of weeks so I have raised the kid alone. I met this new man, a lovely man but rather small, shorter than me and quite a bit lighter, kind of new to me even if I am not a small woman. After a couple of dates we ended up in my bed after being out. I am rather ticklish and he noticed, I warned him to keep on tickling me but he kept on so I took hold of his arms and held him still. To his (and my) surprise he couldn't get loose. He tried more and more but I just held him without too much trouble. I started to realize that I was not only stronger than him, I was a lot stronger. I started to use my power to pin him and soon had him under me. He obviously got embarrassed being so easily overpowered so he stammered something like that he wanted to have a new chance since he was taken by suprise. So we started from our knees and for the first time wrestled "for real". Once again we were hand to hand and I dragged him close to me and then took him in a bear hug and started to squeeze, I could feel his thin rib cage getting squashed and he soon told me to stop since I hurt him. I felt big and powerful and liked it. I felt a bit bad for him since he got so embarrassed. I once again pinned him and while he was under me he admitted that he was scared that I should loose interest in him because he was so much weaker. I told him that I wasn't interested in him because he was a big strong man rather his charm and warm personality. He felt better after that. Since that evening we quite often playwrestle, I can pin him with perhaps 50% of my musclepower but we are totally fine with that both of us.

SandraJan 04 2012 12:58am
When i was in the school i had a girl in my class she was a bit smaller than me and wheighted 10 kg lesser but she hat the same strenght i had. What do you think about that? Sorry for my english.

...Feb 22 2012 11:20am
Would love to see my wife wrestling another girl or even a guy. I wonder how many other guys share this fantasy.

mackoApr 03 2012 1:56pm
Interesting with the female/male muscle issue. I read somewhere on this board a posting where the man and woman had a series of armwrestling matches with push ups in between and that the woman's endurance made her over all stronger. I was curious to see if that was also the case in my relationship. I am bigger than my girlfriend and the few times we have armwrestled since we met I have won comfortably. Wrestling has always been very playful so none of us have won. My girlfriend is physically active, works out, yoga and doing push ups and situps almost daily. I am working out as well but not as often as my girlfriend. When I told my girlfriend of the competition she was straight away game. So we started out armwrestling, both arms. I won easily with my right arm (our strongest) but had to use most of my power to win with left. My gf smiled and I guess she thought that she had a chance with that arm. We then did 20 pushups. I already now felt that my left arm was tired. So I again won with right arm, not as easy but anyway. Left arm was a loong struggle before I won. Now 15 pushups,I had big difficulties doing the last two reps with my left arm. Gf looked fresh. My right arm felt really tired and the match was really hard, the theory seemed to be true. But I won. Left hand was another story. My gf more or less could slam it to the table. Yes!! she screamed with delight, her first victory. But 5-1 to me. We had decided the winner to be first one to 10 victories. Now we did 10 pushups. Both my arms were really shaky but I could do them, Normally I can do three times 25 pushups without too much trouble but with the armwrestling in between my strength dissappeared a bit too quickly. The right hand match was perhaps one minute long but my gf came out as the winner! And left hand was no match. Suddenly the result was 5-3. I understood that I really needed to do my best with my right arm next time or I would be the looser. So we rested 5 minutes (both agreed) and then did 10 more pushups. The rest hade made it possible for me to do 10, my girlfriend now looked very confident since she could do 10 pushups without any trouble. So we gripped right hands and now my girlfriend had a new strategy. She just held my right arm still in the upright position, slowly draining the little power I had. I understood that my only chance was to throw in everything that I had. I took her halfway down before it was stop again. She smiled and slowly took us up again to the upright position and then just pushed my hand to the table. She didn't say anything but we now both knew that she would win this competetion. Left hand again was no match. It was a draw 5-5 but I wasn't sure I could do 10 more pushups. My gf was no so sure of herself so she agreed to have a 10 minute break. She of course by now knew she recovered much quicker than me. After the 10 minutes I could do 10 more pushups and give my gf a rather good match with my right arm but she was never close to loose to be honest so now it was 7-5 in her favour and I gave up, I knew I couldn't do 10 more pushups even with a 10 min break and most of all I knew she was stronger than me at that time. I wasn't embarrassed loosing to her in this way, it is a rather fair way to compete. My gf really loved showing me that she was strong and had good endurance. This happened almost a year ago. My gf has increased her work outs and added one extra day at the gym building max strength. She can now beat me with left arm but I am still quite a bit stronger in my right, that is if we armwrestle once. Anybody else tried this?

Stronger or?May 03 2012 3:02am
Well I am attracted to stronger women with muscle or strong women who are willing to start building larger muscles. Its a mind/body thing. If you are a women who is into or willing to get into strength and power email me. I am single, professional and a nice guy.

Chris PMay 06 2012 2:31pm
Some years ago my wife and I began to work up to compete in powerlifting, I remember when a I lauhed at her because she benched only 100 pounds and I could lift 200 hundred. She was 145 pounds and I was 160, but after 5 years of trainning she was able lo bench 230 pounds "raw", and I could lift the same weight, but she promised me she would beat me, some years ago a would laugh at her but now I think she si going to win, because of that I'm traiining harder than ever, but the bad thing is that she trains almost the half than me and she is improving a lot, actually she has the same measure in her biceps than mine, and some days ago She benched 240, raw and I benched 235, good for her, bad for me. I'm very sure she is going to be boss very soon!

IsaacJun 04 2012 6:48pm
If the girl is working out extensively, with proper rest, nutrition, etc, and the guy doesn't work out at all, or only goes to the gym 1 hr 3x a week, she will eventually become stronger.

Real Men Love Strong WomenJun 08 2012 8:33am
I am 52 year old and my wife is 27 she was a musclegirl already when we got together but for about 4 years ago she forced me to wrestle her as she told me for fun .i had not a chance agaisnt her she throw me down and got ontop of me . i really struggle and tryed to get her off me but she only laughed and pinned me down to the floor . the thing is when i finely had to submit i saw in her face that all the wrestling had made her hot and we had the best sex after that. she is still working out at the gym and is a buff women today and she still force me to fight her and she has begin to dominate me too. i really love her and i have at last begin to like it even if i really got embarrest in the beginning

mixwrestguyJun 11 2012 1:23am
I am afraid that women certainly can become muscular very quickly if they use steroids... I am not at all sure exactly how muscular a normal woman, with normal hormone levels can become in the normal course of things though. I would be interested to find out.

RealitycheckSep 03 2012 4:27pm
It is a very important thing Realitycheck, if a man enter in anabolics, he can improve their strenght too quick too and much faster than a woman because not only have more testosterone to start, but a man can use more and higher dosis of anabolics than a woman; but what is the worth on it; it doesnt prove your natural capacities added to your effort and discipline, its only cheat, besides its unhealty. And the amount of testosterone of a woman is a important part of what make a woman be a woman; in deed when a woman surpass certain level of anabolics in the blood she stop menstruation, have risk of permanent infertility, get bigger clitoris, more body hear, deeper voice, between many other effects that makes her nearer a man. If the girl train in a totally natural way (even without supplements, only with healthy food), I could appreciate her gains. Anyway, if a man puts himself to train at the level of the girl (both with a natural nutrition), the man will be sooner or later much stronger the woman. Of course if the woman can live in the gym and the man only have a little of time and energy to train, the woman (specially if there isnt a big diference of weight) eventually could be ending being more strong than the man.

MikeSep 07 2012 3:21am
Several years ago, I read an article in Sports Illustrated about a woman in her 70's. She, as with my wife and other women her age, had to ask the baggers at grocery stores to please not load the bags too full. She could not handle 20 lbs. She was embarrassed about this and decided to do something about it. She started going to the gym and also became more careful about her diet. Within a short time, she could lift 50 lbs. In a while, she could lift her weight, around 115 lbs and wanted to continue until she could lift 150 lbs. I never saw any more about her, but she was very determined and with the strides she had made so far, I am sure she reached her goal. I know that at 70 years old, i was unable to lift anywhere near my own weight. I had been lifting heavy weights all my life, having grown up on a farm and later with my own construction business. I could not come even close to that woman's accomplishments.

ObservingSep 22 2012 1:03am
As others have noted elsewhere, I too was very impressed with my wife's strength in certain situations. As I said above, i have worked hard all my life and have been very used to lifting very heavy weights. I have always been, short term, much stronger than my wife. It was my business to lift heavy loads and move them about. I was, however, amazed the first time i met my wife at a grocery store and noted her loading and pushing the nearly full basket cart using only one hand while carrying our daughter on her hip holding her as if she were a feather. I said nothing, but did take the cart from her. After a while, i decided she should have a rest and decided I should take the child and let my wife push the cart. I started carrying the child but could not continue for more than five or ten minutes carrying with one arm. I had to switch arms. that became tiring and so i started tossing the child back and forth between my two arms. Eventually, i had to put the child down and my arms were beginning to shake. My wife reallised I was having a problem and ended up carrying the child to the car when we walked out. I could not carry her any further. Oh, by the way, my wife was pregnant, nearly full term, at the time. After that first time, I saw this quite often where she could handle a child in one arm and a full bag of groceries in the other. sometimes, she would be standing and talking to a friend for ages while having both arms full of weight. I could not do that. I have commented to her about that several times and wanted to test her strength against my own, but she would have none of that.

ObservingSep 22 2012 1:20am
My girlfriend and I have a very strange and odd relationship as far as size, strength and control goes. I am very, very short and she is super tall. She also is very strong, muscular, and very in control of our relationship. I stand at 5'1" tall and am very skinny and non muscular. I am lanky and wiry, but hold my own. I am not tone and I have what I call a bird chest and very thin arms. Jenny on the other hand stands a towering 6'6-3/4" tall, is extremely muscular in all the right places but still on the thinner side. She is very, very strong. She is gorgeous and built in all the right places. She has firm but a massive chest. They are like E-DDD size and practically stand straight out! Her biceps are huge and solid as a rock. Her calves are incredible and has ripped abs and very muscular thighs and her triceps are very cut and tone. She has a very small waist but the typical v shape upper body. Of course she is much stronger than me, but as we both got older into our teen years and high school she took off height and muscle wise and I didn't grow much at all. She kept getting stronger and stronger and she loved comparing our bodies all the time. When we started having sex she let me know right away that she was going to make me as submissive to her as much as possible. She became instantly the dominant one in the bed room and got more and more dominant as time went on. She not only took control in the bedroom but started to more and more took on the male role as well. She loved being on top, she loved doing all the heavy lifting and show off her muscular body to my friends and everyone. As time went on and her ego grew while she got a lot more muscular she

tiny manNov 12 2012 8:24pm
loved showing off how much stronger she was getting compared to me. She was getting beyond ripped, but extremely powerful. She didn't say it out loud, but she not only took control in the bed room, but she was taking more and more control of our relationship. She was way stronger than all the guys practically at the school and was one of the tallest people there. She little by little like I said earlier was taking on the male role by doing all the heavy work, lifting, protecting me, etc. She admitted to me that she loved being so much taller than me and loved me being down by the bottom side or underneath of her chest. I actually had the view of the underside of her massive boobs. It was amazing. No man ever in his wildest dreams would think he would be looking up at the underside of his girlfriend's breasts! Like I said they practically stood straight out. They were huge! She told me now that we were older could I handle it if she was even taller to me? I wasn't sure where she was going with it. She told me that when we go out on dates or even when going to classes she wants to wear high heels every so often and they are very high heels. She told me she never wears them with me, but she loves being taller than me and it shows off her legs even more. She went on that she doesn't care how much taller she is than everyone else. Her calves were already amazing, I couldn't even think what they would look with heels. She told me the heels would add anywhere from 6-9 inches more height! When she showed up to my door at my dorm room later that evening. I basically was looking straight ahead at her lower abs and belly button! She entered in and got right up against me and I was basically staring right at her belly button eye level! I looked way, way up at her and I could barely see her face and eyes between the incredible cleavage that was way above my head now. I was completely tiny to her. She then joked and said, "there you are my tiny love." She then said she was over 7 feet tall and asked me do I like being that small to her now? I told her that she was like a giant to me now. She then said not yet, but soon! She then said to watch this! She then got up on her tip toes and was rising quickly above me. My eyes suddenly shifted to seeing her belly button rise above my eyes by a lot and my eyes were about level with her waist band of her mini skirt!

tiny manNov 25 2012 8:25pm
I was so scared, but yet so turned on at the same time. She lowered back down, but still all I could see was her ripped abs and midriff area. Her body was completely out of control. I couldn't tell her, but I loved her this tall and powerful. I loved how small I felt to her now. She told me to get ready as we were going out. She asked me was I going to handle being out with her and our friends being so much taller and bigger than me with her heels on? I nodded yes. She told me to speak up. I told her yes, I can handle it, but I now look like a little boy compared to her. She then piped in and said I now look like her much younger brother or child! She told me that I better get used to looking way up to her or talking to her belly button as she loved the height they gave her. She also said she is going to pour on the workouts so she can get much stronger. When we went out later that evening people stared at us a lot. We met up with her friends and of course they were all much taller than me. I overheard one of her friends say that I looked like an 8 year old compared to her. The other one said I looked like I was her little brother. I could tell she loved it and I couldn't figure out why. She made me flex my arm which was like a twig and then she flexed hers and it was monstrous! Huge! When we were hanging out by the bar area of the restaurant she made me stand on the step below her. This made her another 8-10 inches higher up! I was down by her crotch. I was almost below it to the point in which I could fit in between her legs. The feeling was beyond amazing. She looked way down at me and asked me did I like it way down there. I nodded yes. She told me she

tiny manNov 26 2012 8:18pm
that she had a surprise to tell me but asked me again did I like being shorter than her legs. I looked up and said yes, but the music was so loud in the bar area she didn't hear me. She seemed so towering and completely gigantic to me as her standing on the step made her waist above my head and her belly button which I could see on her midrif was so now far above my head! She bent down and told me to go over to the patio area as she wanted to talk to me. I followed her out there like a puppy dog and every one in the place saw us as she was the tallest one in the place and I was the shortest by far. When I did walk behind her and barely could keep up with her massive stride I looked so incredibly small to her. When we got out on the patio there was no one out there but us. She looked amazing and the slight breeze seemed to make her more magical as the wind blew through her long blonde hair. She knew she was good looking, but she seemed to be pushing the envelope as she grew or got stronger. The muscles in her calves were awesome, The tone in her arms showing off her triceps were so cut. She wore her muscles so well. She then asked me again did I like being shorter than her legs when she stood over by the bar? I nodded my head yes. She told me it was a huge rush to look down and see me getting closer to her thighs and knees than her chest. She then said she had a surprise to tell me and was excited about it. As she started to talk a waitress came over and asked her would she like something from the bar and then said, " and what would the little young man want to drink?" She then said to me looking down at me, " a coke, or some juice or maybe a milk?" I knew right then and there should thought I was a young elementary age kid or I was her brother or something like that. She giggled and then told the waitress that she would have a white Russian and make it strong and then said, "my little boy will have an chocolate milk." I could tell she loved it. She then admitted it and asked me, "didn't I tell you earlier that you looked like a little kid to me now?" I held my head low and nodded yes. She then said things were going to change even more now. I felt so tiny now. I then asked her what her surprise was? She laughed and said she got side tracked earlier. SHe then told me how she loved being super tall and how her body was developing constantly and how adding muscle to it was so rewarding. She then sort of lit up and told me that her surprise was that after going to the doctor and having another doctor exam her as well that she was not done growing!! She said that she doubt she would get as tall as being a lot shorter than her legs, but she would be growing according to her doctors by a lot. She said her family always had a history of late growth spurts but she was off the charts!

tiny manDec 04 2012 9:04pm
I started to work out on a regular basis about 4 years ago. It took me about 5-6 months to get a chiselled and muscular look. Also my strength improved by a lot in such a short amount of time. So definetely, a girl can build muscle very fast, judging from my experience. I still do workout like crazy and have become much much stronger. Actually, I am much stronger than boyfriend and all of my male friends for that matter. I love my body and I love the feeling of being stronger than the supposedly stronger sex :D.

TinaJul 18 2013 3:30am
Tina, you sound amazing. My gf is also packed wirh muscle and I love it. She started to workout around 3 years ago with her girl friend. They both became hooked on quickly. Started to workout like crazy and growing muscles very fastly. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but then soon started to love her hard and athletic body. I told her that and encouraged her to workout even harder, and she was very happy. She was building muscle at an astonishing rate (her friend too btw) and soon she wanted us to compare. In about 6 months both of them had bigger biceps than me. I armwrestled against both, and lost both. I was impressed and aroused at the same time. To be continued

markoJul 19 2013 5:22pm
Anyway, about 2 years ago I decided to give her a perfect birthday present. We had a spare room in our house and I turned it into a fully equiped home gym. She was away that week on a fitness (she wanted to make a professional career as fitness and nutrition consultant). When she came back the room was finished. I blindfolded her and lead her into the room. I must tell u she was very surprised and ecstatic. From that moment, she worked out almost everyday in our gym. Most of the times her friend Kim was working out with her. Sometimes I joined them, and I absolutely loved watching them sweat and pumping their muscular female bodies to the limit. Of course I could not compete with them, I always had to put a lot of weights down in order to be able to lift it. They h had an insanely intensive routine and they were lifting huge weights. Today, after 3 years of absolute devotion to bodybuilding, they both have insane bodies. My gf loves to pump iron and than flex her muscles for foreplay. I am always amazed to see her bulging muscles covered with thick veins flex. Every muscle in her body is clearly visible, its simply incredible. Her biceps have a big peak, insane 6pack thick abs, huge thighs and diamond cut thighs. The same goes for Kim. I've actually never seen a person so muscular as them. And the strength they possess. I've armwrestled several times witg them for fun. Needless to say it was no match at all. I could use both hands and they would still tease and play with me without any visible effort. However, the matches between are always intense and close. Kim is a little bit stronger than my gf, but the gap is very little. I firmly believe that woman are the stronger sex. At least in my case that's true

markoJul 19 2013 11:16pm
Thanks, marko. So does your wife and Kim. And you are a wonderful guy. It takes a real man to acxept and love a muscle girl. Most of the guys are not capable of puting their macho ego aside, and enjoy all the advantages of a muscle girl. Well, too bad for them. Although they will have to adapt soon cause there are more and more like us nowadays. Women are definitely becoming the stronger sex. Do your gf and Kim like to show their muscles and strength in front of other guys? Any interesting stories?

TinaJul 19 2013 11:29pm
Yes, I actuallly have some interesting stories to tell. One wass quite funny in particular. My neighbour was moving and was struggling to load a heavy oak desk on the truck. Both he and his wife were holding each end. I observed and saw quite clearly that his wiry wife was holding her own end pretty securely. But he was really struggling, dropped his end a couple of times, and then finally stopped, clearly in pain from strain. His tiny, albeit athletic, and clearly stronger wife seemed full of energy and ready to go. He teased him, turned to me and called me over. She asked me to help her. Her husband was clearly ashamed. I grabbed my end with both hands and was barely able to lift it. After a couple of meters of extreme effort I gave up. I could not continue. Petra made made a remark about how weak we are. She left the desk here and continued to load other things on the truck. She was not showing signs of stopping. Only the desk and some furniture was left. Thankfully, my gf came back from the gym. She was told the situation by Petra, laughed a little and grabbed her end using one arm. They easily moved the desk for another 50m and lift it on the truck. They did with great ease apparently. I expected that from my gf knowing how strong she is, but never would have expected such strength coming from tiny Petra. As a thank u she invited us over for dinner in their new house. Later, during the dinner there was a lot of teasing. I took it well and told Petra that I was really impressed by her strength. My gf asked her to make a muscle and she did. I was really surprised to see quite a big bicep pop out. It looked very defined and hard. Later on we armwestled and suffered another clear defeat against the "weaker" sex.

markoJul 20 2013 8:04am
marko, I really enjoyed your story. Petra sounds like a real tiny powerhouse! I have a story as well. Me and my bf have been at a party a couple of weeks ago. Since it was summer here I was dressed a little revealing. In addition, I had a good workout just before, so my muscles were pretty pumped. Everybody on that party complimented my body. I even saw a couple of guys staring in envy at me, and probably fantasising. The party was really fun and relaxed. I was hanging with the girls and one of them commented that I look stronger and more muscular than all the guys present, which was probably true. She said she works out regularly and she was trying to add more muscle, but was unable due to genetics. Still she looked pretty fit herself. She did not have the big muscles like I did, but had very defined arms, and with every little movement her bicep jumped out. She suggested to have a little armwrestling competition. She said it would be funny to see a girl beat all the guys in armwrestling. And so we announced our idea and it was instantly clear that most of the guys were not satisfied with the idea. They were apparently intimidated by me and they did not want to lose against a girl, especially in front of all this crowd and their wiwes. On the other hand, women were intrigued and had nothing to lose. So we began the competition on the sturdy kitchen table. I had 5 challengers, the strongest looking guys in the room. I won comfortably all 5 matches. The girls cheered along and enjoyed the humiliation I inflicted on their boyfriends. The guys took it sullenly and withdrew into the snooker room to have fun on their own. Clearly their male egos were shattered. I was their hero and they wanted to have a try against me. I armwrestled the fit looking girl who gave the idea of aw competition in the first place, and I was surprised to see that she was able to give me some challenge. I had to use almost all my strength to get her down. She was really strong, stronger than all of the guys. I told her that and she seemed ecstatic. I tried armwrestle other girls too, and I can honestly say that most of them offered me more resistance than the guys. We discussed at legth about it, and some of them were eager to start pumping iron. It was an incredible experience for all of us girls. After that, I had no doubt in my mind that female is actually the stronger sex.

TinaJul 21 2013 1:20am
I am 15 years old and have a 2 years older bf. Around a year ago we were watching some mixed wrestling videos and we both really enjoyed it. We decided to give ar a go. We wrestled on the carpet floor in my room the first time. It was best out of 5 and it was a very close match. He won but I gave him a great competition. He was exhausted and he admitted that I was surprisingly strong. I held my ground against a much bigger and older guy (he is 20 kilos heavier than me). I made him submit by using my thick thighs in a body and head scissor. He said that my legs were very strong and he found it impossible to get out once I had him firmly trapped between my thighs. It made me feel very good and strong. We were both rxcited by our new discovery and decided to start working out regularly to develop our bodies and spice up our wrestling sessions. So we did. We visited the gym at least 3 times a week and in addition worked out at home and wrestled regularly. The funny thing was that I was progressing much faster than him. After abou a month I was able to beat him in wrestling. He still won in armwrestling but the difference was very small. Also my body was transforming much faster than his. After 3 months I was able to beat him in armwrestling too. He was no match for me in wrestling as my legs were much too powerful for him to handle. We flexed and compared regularly and he was shocked too see how much faster my muscles grew. We were both excited by my new muscular appearance and superior strength. Nowadays I am much much stronger than him and my muscles are much bigger and harder than his. The difference is most notable in our legs as my thighs are huge and extremely hard and make his look like a twig in comparison. So yeah girls can build muscles faster than guys.

ireneJul 21 2013 11:31pm
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dBNXimJlvexySep 24 2013 9:59am
Tina, it's more than 4 months from that episode. Since than Petra has started working out with my gf. I see her from time to time cause she moved. But she is progressing with an incredible pace. I saw her last Sunday. She came by with my gf after their gym session. She's become quite ripped. She was wearing cutoffs and a shirt skirt and I could see every single muscle. She's really defined and her biceps got noticeably bigger. I was amazed to see what 4 monhts of dedicated training can do to a woman! I wanted to armwrestle with her to see how strong she's got. Since I lost back then, I knew what was gonna be the outcome. I just wanted to see how much stronger she got. She just slammed my hand down with no effort. Like she was armwrestling a 8 year old child. Amazing!

markoOct 01 2013 3:59am
When i met my wife she was already big strong woman but 6 month ago she joined gym and start to build muscles last night she asked me to compare our muscles and the different was huge i dont know what should i do

DahOct 09 2013 4:14pm
i had a girlfriend her name was nikki the day we met she was fully covered so i couldnt see her muscular body the next day we went out for a lunch and holy jesus what i saw she was getting ready in her room and when she came out she was wearingh sleeveless t shirt and shorts i quickly noticed her biceps they were so veiny and so hard when pumped that i got scared then i looked downwards an eight pack abs fully jackked i punched her abs and hurt my fist they were rock hard then her thighs omg they could easily kill a man and her calves were of steel i was amazed to see her body AND BECAME A FAN OF HER one day 9as i am quite skinny) a strong boy started teasing me she saw the boy and came closer she was fully covered that day too and ripped of her clothes just by flexing the boy pissed in his pants she throatlifted him and warned him never to trouble me again then i asked her if i could feel her strength she could easily militar preess me and even as i sat on her back she could easily do 50 pushups that too with just one hand.omg i love it everyday she flexes for me i stare at her amazing strength i even gave her advice to go into wwe as she could easily beat up men n

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HrxVrelqYHHlWyyluOct 23 2013 11:29pm
GUYS, I HAVE AN ADVICE FOR YOU having a girlfiend stronger heavier taller than you does not matter, but don't never married some one stronger than you from my own experience women getting stronger when they getting older reversed men when we getting older we become weaker. I married a very strong musclar dominated woman i used to adore strong woman when i married her the first few years it was like a dream become true i lived the life i want i was so submissive to her i was weaker than her she controlled my life as i always wanted, but after ten years if marriage she became much stronger, heavier, more dominated the problem is i don't want this kind of life any more i want a regular life like other people but she will never accept this she used to live as a boss and me as a slave to her now she forces me to stay at home, cook, clean, kiss her feet, wash, wear women clothes she beats and wrestle me. What i want to say i used to find these things very excitement but not any more i did this to my self

MARRIED MAN Oct 26 2013 2:26pm
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Sinc we have been in our forties, my wife has added muscle much faster and has got much stronger. I have gotten thinner and weaker. In that past few months I worked out hard with her, only to lose more weight. However, she got even more muscled. She did arm muscle comparisons and measurements with me last weak, and showed me that her thick muscled forearms are bigger than my biceps. She is so much stronger than me that I can't even last 10 seconds in an arm wrestle. I just love her muscles and want to feel them all the time. She is definitely the stronger sex and is definitely the on in charge.

KeithNov 03 2013 11:30am
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fBsFYhOmoFeb 28 2014 12:43pm
When I was in high school I had a friend named Diane. She hung around with us guys, I don’t think she had any friends who were girls. Diane and I hung out a lot and people thought we were a couple but I wasn’t her type. Though I wished at the time I was her type, it was cool having a girl for a buddy. And Diane didn’t have a girly-girl personality, she almost had a guy’s personality but definitely didn’t look like one. She had a pretty face and pretty hair. She didn’t wear makeup or spend lots of time fixing her hair. One thing about her, she always wore jeans and baggy tops. She kept herself covered up. I’d guess she was about 5’5” or 5’6” and 120 – 125 lbs. She seemed to have just a little meat on her bones, in other words, she wasn’t skinny, but definitely not pudgy either. It was hard to tell because her wardrobe was not revealing at all. One day, I don’t remember what inspired us, but we decided to arm-wrestle. I was thinking since she’s a girl, I would go easy. You can actually get injured arm-wrestling and that would not be too cool, injuring a girl armwrestling. Now I’m not a big guy, I’m 5’8” and at the time I was probably 150 - 155 lbs. Average build I’d say, in terms of fitness. So the first armwrestling match I maybe gave 50% and she threw my arm down. I was shocked, not that she beat me but how she nearly tore my arm off. I told her I wasn’t ready and she said “c’mon, actually try this time!” Well this time I went 100% there was a struggle at the beginning for maybe 2 or 3 seconds, then she pulled my arm down to the table. I could not stop her, it seemed like the harder I tried, the more force she added. I couldn’t believe it and I said “there has to be some kind of trick, show me how you did that!” I seriously thought it was a trick. She assured me that there was no trick and invited me to try the other arm. This third match now, started with me putting out 100% but her arm wasn’t moving. She started saying “pull !!, c’mon pull !, Pull !” Then she giggled and said “what’s wrong, can’t bend my arm?” I was quickly running out of gas and my face was probably red as a tomato. She said to me “I can hold you here all day” and with that statement I gave up and she gently pushed my arm to the table. I asked her “let me see your muscle” She reluctantly rolled up her sleeve and flexed. Her elbow was at a 45 degree angle and her muscle was spherical-shaped, like a ball. I was speechless. She quickly rolled her sleeve back down. I said “wait ! do that again” She looked at me with a puzzled expression and said “why do you want to see my muscle, it’s gross” I replied “no, it’s awesome” She said “okay feel how hard it is” she didn’t roll her sleeve up but flexed and I squeezed her bicep. It was hard as a rock. I realized now how she beat me so easily, her bicep was not only bigger than mine but harder as well. She quickly changed the subject so I got the impression that she was embarrassed about her muscles. There was another occasion where we were going somewhere together in her car. She had a CD (at the time) of something that she liked that she knew I would make fun of. It was Vanilla Ice or Culture Club or something…..anyway, I didn’t tell her I had seen the CD case/cover. Later we were hanging out and I started singing one of the songs, to joke around with her. She grabbed my wrist and did this move where she thrusted her shoulder into my hip. She hoisted me up into the sack-of-potatoes or fireman’s carry (I don’t know the name of it). I don’t know where she learned that move, but she clearly knew what she was doing. What surprised me though was how quickly she straightened her legs to lift me up. I was definitely heavier than she was. While I was up in the air, she asked me if I was going to sing any more songs? I said no, I get your point. With that she let me down and we both had a big laugh. I told her “you know Diane, you just lifted more than your own bodyweight. I must have 30 pounds on you” She said something about having “thunder thighs” but she didn’t say it with much enthusiasm. If I remember, she said when she was younger, they called her thunder thighs. It sounded like she took it as being made fun of. There was another occasion where we were supposed to get together, I was to pick her up at her house. Somehow I got there earlier than expected and she was getting the mail just as I pulled up. She was in a one-piece bathing suit. She had a towel with her. When she noticed my car she quickly covered up as much as she could in the towel. Before she covered up, I did catch a quick glimpse of her thighs. She did have bulging thigh muscles, but they weren’t ridiculous or horrible. Not like manly or anything. They looked really nice. I was starting to get the picture here though; she’s not comfortable with her body. I had no idea why, she was a hottie. I thought her thighs were a great feature. One other time we were hanging out, she snuck up behind me and grabbed me around the waist, then lifted me up and walked around with me up in the air. She had her right hand locked around her left forearm and vice-versa. She held me up there for what was starting to feel like a long time. I tried to pull her arms apart to get loose. She said “go ahead, try to get my arms apart” I said “I can’t, you’re arms are too strong” Then she started closing her arms tighter and tighter, but I had slipped down a little. She arched her back to keep me in the air. As she was closing her arms tighter and tighter, she was also flexing her arms probably as hard as she could. I shouted “Okay, Stop! Stop!” She let me down and said “I’m sorry, was I hurting you?” I said “no, but I don’t think you realize your own strength. You were about to crack my ribs” One last occasion I remember; we were sitting next to each other on a couch. She had made some funny remark, making fun of me for something or another. We often joked around with each other like that. So in response to what she said, I went to lightly punch her thigh. Actually I had been waiting for an opportunity to do that. So, I slowly and lightly punched her thigh, and she had the reflex to flex her thigh before my fist got there. I jokingly acted like it broke my hand. We both were laughing. I punched her thigh another time or two. I said “Damn, you got some serious muscle there” I remember her saying “ya my thighs are huge. I hate them. I wish they weren’t so big and fat” I said “wait a minute, first of all that’s not fat, that’s all solid muscle. Secondly, you’re thighs are nice.” She said “ how do you know, you’ve never seen them, have you?” I admitted to her I took a peek at them that day she was in the bathing suit. I told her “thick thighs are sexy, guys like thick thighs” Then she took my hand and put it on top of her thigh and said “check this out” with my hand on top of her thigh and her hand on top of my hand, she moved my hand right and left. She pressed down on my hand at the same time. Her (relaxed) thigh muscle started to wobble and shake side to side. That was so awesome! Eventually we both got busy in our lives and she ended up moving somewhere. I think she moved to go to college. We didn’t keep in touch……. Now if you’ve read this far, here’s something I’ve noticed; some or maybe most women who are naturally muscular and strong are embarrassed and insecure about it. The funny thing is, I’m willing to bet that it’s a turn on for about 98% of the guys out there. And most of the 2% of the guys who don’t like it are probably insecure that their girlfriend might be stronger than they are. Maybe it threatens their manhood, they think. They don’t know what they’re missing!

BarryMar 15 2014 1:34pm
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bxxZhUDuOTGaVNMar 22 2014 2:48pm
My girlfriend is a 27 yo muscle girl. She loves working out. Her muscles have become huge in the last year. Especially her legs and abs. Her thighs are so thick she has big problems getting pants that fit on them. Her calves are almost as thick as my thighs! We love to wrestle. When she gets me between those huge slabs of steel hard muscle is game over. The power she can exert us insane. She could easily crush my ribs if she wanted. She can easily pop balls with them. I jyst love her muscles.

KevinMar 27 2014 6:53am
me and my gf have been pumping iron for years. we both love being muscular and strong. I am really surprised how much muscle mass is she gaining. she easily outlifts me on the legpress machine, her quads are insane. its all thick, extremely hard muscle. she can lift almost twice as much as me on the legpress. her core is also stronger and harder than mine. my arms are bigger though. I can lift more on the bench and I beat her at armwrestling. although she is quite an oponnent. Most of the times I really struggle to beat her. which is fascinating cause I essily beat all of my male friends so I know she would destroy them too. she knows that too but she doesnt wanna embarass them. I on the other hand would really wanna see my muscle girlfriend beat other men at aw. anyway, we are both very competitive and we love too wrestle, especially after the workout all sweaty with our muscles pumped. its a different story there. due to her powerful legs and abs she almost always dominates the contest. its become quite onesided lately. she even has the guts to play with me. I really struggle to get her in a hold as she is quick as a cat and very bendy. shes been a gymnast for years. she usually gets me in her scissors and the contest is over. her legs are simply too strong for me to get free and she can rasily make me scream from pain. I am not ashamed to admit cause she is an exceptionally strong and skilled girl. she could easily destroy 99 % of men out there.

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My wife has become muscular after the last year in which she invested in some gym equipment and started working out. I had noticed that she was starting to tone up and even looked a little buff. I liked it and being on the slim size, I was about an inch shorter than her too. It helped our sex life too with me being turned on by her developing guns. I left on a business trip that lasted almost four months, when I got back I was pretty surprised by my wife's physique. She had worked her upper body while I was away. She had broad shoulders and her arms now had biceps. When we got back she gave me a long kiss and I felt her power as she hugged me. She was wearing a sndal with a heel and she bent down a little to kiss me and I wrapped my arms around her neck for the first time. She giggled and I laughed too. I said I came back to an Amazon wife! Oh yes you did honey and you are going to love it. We grabbed something to eat and decided to stop at a club on the way home. At the club we danced a little and I couldn't resist feeling her arms and she seemed like she liked it. She excused herself to go to the rest room and while she was there I was approached by a stocky girl who looked like a swimmer. As my wife came back this girl was giving me a drunken hug. This didn't go over very well as my wife gently pulled her off and told her that she needed to move along. She frowned as my wife got behind me and put her arms around me. I felt small in her arms and as the girl looked back, my wife held me with one arm and raised the other and made a muscle. The girls eyes got big and my wife just grinned. After a few drinks we were headed out and we saw the drunk girl in the parking lot she smiled at us and she made a muscle which looked pretty big too. She said she likes them little too and she high fived my wife. When we got home, she changed into a pair of shorts and a wife beater shirt which showed off all the new curves and muscular shoulders and arms. She was turned on by my reaction and pulled me into the living room. She had thrown a mat on the floor and she told me to strip, I did and she told me we were going to wrestle. I said you'll beat me up babe. She said that's the idea anyway you might like it! We started as she toyed with me and put me in holds and at one point dragged me to my feet and threw me over her shoulder. I mumbled to her that I really liked this carrying and she put me down and got me in a reverse fireman carry and took me to the mirror. she easily held me and then with one arm she flexed her arm and I almost lost it there. She dropped me gently on the mat and then put me in a sleeper hold. As I placed out she left me on the mat and came back in a few minutes she sat on my chest and as I came to she slid her strap on in my mouth. I was too groggy to complain and she looked like she was in heaven so I sucked on it till she came all over my face. I looked up and she flexed for me. She then said it's your turn now and spread my legs. She pegged me and it was fantastic. She told me that this was an Amazons way of taking care of her husband. She then pulled me to my feet and draped me over her shoulder. With little effort she carried me upstairs, she then flexed again at the mirror in the bedroom and pegged me again holding me in a front straddle with my arms around her neck as she rode me. I was in heaven and I am now her slave.

freddieMay 15 2014 1:16pm
Very interesting Freddie. Why did she get the workout equipment in the first place ? Had she been interested in fitness before. I just doubt that in 4 months she could have made so much progress. Please give more background information.

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-1'Jul 08 2015 11:43pm
My girlfriend has been working out for the past year to make the cheerleading squad and she has added on at least 30lbs of solid muscle. She really loves to work out her legs. It's almost gotten scary how strong she is. One time she lifted the front end of my friends truck all the way off the ground with her legs. She also always talkes about how the gym doesn't have bars that can hold enough weight for her to squat. Now she always has to wear either baggy sweatpants, boy leg shorts, or really stretchy leggings. Everything else she'll rip when she flexes or even has a small leg spasm.

AnonymousJul 12 2015 3:27pm
I tried dating a girl who lifted weights. The first time I saw she had biceps I blew my load in my pants.

AshamedJul 22 2015 8:59pm
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TRuqkDafMZbZBNAug 03 2015 5:30am
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dVaeNRoxBEpoOFESep 01 2015 10:33pm
My girlfriend used to be a gymnast for 7 years. Over those years her strength is almost frightening. When ever she flexes her biceps it looks like a tennis ball sized mound in her arm. Her abs are an 8 pack as well. And her legs are incredibly strong. When ever she wears tight pants I can see her muscles flexing and unflexing. It's incredibly sexy. Now she often uses her muscles to taunt me and turn me on.

JasonSep 05 2015 9:24pm
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