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Do you have a daughter that's bigger and stronger than you? (for men only)

Created by: smalldad at 05:33:01 AM, Wednesday, June 22, 2011 PDT


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smalldadJun 22 2011 12:35pm

My daughter plays basketball in high school and has been weight training for two years. She is more muscular than me and stronger because of her sports involvement. She showed me her biceps flexed are bigger than mine. I have encouraged her but I didn't expect her to become stronger than me.

AnonymousJun 22 2011 3:50pm
My daughter's really into working out and building muscle. She has these big arms and she whenever she has a boy over she shows them who's stronger. She wrestles with guys all the time. She never loses. I haven't wrestled her myself yet but I think we know she manhandle me.

AnonymousJun 26 2011 5:08pm
It's dickless, spineless little bitches like you that are what's wrong with the world.

fuk ypuJun 28 2011 8:59am
So as girls get stronger and stronger and they are, there's something *wrong* with the world huh? You poor little boy! What to do about the thousands of stronger girls! Get all upset? LOL!

AnonymousJun 29 2011 6:01pm
Go get a headscissor from a fat troll an grow a spine if swiftly fall off the evolutionary chain. You are a deluded wimpy little Faggot

your homous sexualJul 04 2011 12:54pm
Yes, my step daughter is my height, 5'8", and outweighs my 175 lb by 40-50 lb, putting her at about 215-225. She has fat but is solid and very strong as she lifts 3-4 times a week. Arms are 17" to my 14". She has commented how small I am. I like that she is stronger; I typically do as she says.

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comJul 06 2011 10:29am
Please tell us more somethingaboutastrongwoman.

AnonJul 09 2011 3:47am
Yes, my 13 year old daughter is 6ft tall, while I am only 5ft1. She has spanked me countless times.

slavetofamilyJul 09 2011 9:22am
Yes, my 13 year old daughter is 6ft tall, while I am only 5ft1. She has spanked me countless times.

slavetofamilyJul 09 2011 9:23am
Jesus, she could pwn me, I'm 5'6" and 15.

YGJan 16 2012 2:16pm
Slavetofamily, did your daughter lift you and humaliate you ever?

strongdaughterloverFeb 24 2012 7:43am
i'm 17 almost 18 i stand 4'4" tall barefoot and your daughter is 13 and stands 6'0 tall and she spanks you can she pick you up? i be really scarred if she saw me then you think?

2ShortNov 01 2012 7:42am
y step daughter is 16, 5' 8 14 all muscle, she is stoky and strong, she bncehes 225, i can barely do 165, she rubs it in, esp when i tell her she has a curfew.....which she cant because she is stronger, its hard

weaker step dadApr 12 2013 6:01pm
My daughter is 17 and she can beat me pretty easily in arm wrestling. Actually, she is stronger than me in every body part, and it is embarrassing! I guess I wouldn't feel so bad if she was a big beefy girl, but she's not. She is 5'-9", 130 lbs, and she looks skinny. I'll never forget the shock of losing to her in arm wrestling the first time. I turned 10 shades of red as she danced around the house and she told EVERYBODY!Now it is like she is the adult and I am the kid and likes to show off in front of her friends whenever possible. She isn't mean about it, but a couple of her friends tend to take things a bit too far. I feel like i've lost my manhood, and I've got to get it back!

troubled dadApr 18 2013 6:04am
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JaXHSJviDSep 24 2013 5:14pm
My daughter is 12 has always grown at an amazing rate, her body has developed so much i can't believe it. She is 6'3 and her muscles have just been getting bigger and bigger, it's really difficult to get her fitting clothes, specially because she outgrows them in no time. She is usually a good girl but when she wants something there's nothing me or my wife can do.

ProudDadSep 25 2013 7:39am
My daughter is 13, 5'3, training soccer a few days per week. This year she has really got strong and some weeks ago she did beat me i armwrestling. I was so embarrassed. Also we have the same shoesize which she thinks is very funny. Im 6'1 myself.

Weak DadOct 10 2013 12:25am
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