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Mom stronger

Question: My mother has been weaker then me since I was 12 years old, I used to usually hurt her friendly as we were more like friends rather then mother-son, she then told me she will work out so I cannot hurt her anymore (I was then 20 and she 38) and I made fun of her, she een flexed but there was nothing. Now after a year she is stronger than me.. please share your stories/comments
Created by: Super Cool at 03:12:55 AM, Thursday, June 23, 2011 PDT


How big and strong she is? Do you know how much she can bench press or something? Do you armwrestle? How do you feel now that you know your mother is stronger than you?

murmurJun 24 2011 2:57am

Well I am 5.9 while she is 5.1. I do not know what she does in the gym and yes we armwrestled and I was beat easily, she just banged my hand down within 2 seconds. I feel kind of awkward coming from stronger to weaker

Super CoolJun 24 2011 5:06am
This same thing happened to me! I was 23 and she was 46. I was much much much stronger than she was which was normal because I work out twice a week and I'm a foot taller than she is at 6-2. She started to work out very frequently, and 3 years later she was wielding big muscular arms that had to be 14 inches atleast. When I saw her I was shocked. She came at me with her new found strength and she wrestled me down to the ground and wrapped me in a headlock. Never in my right mind could I have imagined my mother being so strong never mind stronger than me! And a lot stronger at that.

Peter C.Jun 26 2011 4:59pm
And hyped up on roids too! Funny that women inject male hormones into themselves then parade about screaming superiority. If they were superior, they wouldn't alter themselves to become like men. Men who are attracted to this are actually Fags!

easter island heads corporationJun 28 2011 8:55am
And men who watch male ball players who really are on roids are gay to? You are a nut job and maybe got outmuscled by a girl and can't stand it! CONEHEAD!

AnonymousJun 29 2011 5:56pm
A few years ago when I was 16 and living with my mother, my parents separated and I was mputhing off at my mother, she started gut punching me. I realized all those workouts she did made her much stronger than I thought! She beat the wind out of me and put me in a headlock and I could tell she was way stronger than me. She took me to the floor pinned my legs with hers and knocked me out cold with a chock hold. When I came to, she was sitting on me with her knees crushing my biceps. When she got off of me, I could not lift my arms because she crushed my biceps with her knees so hard My arms didn't work. I called her a nasty name and she punched me so hard in the gut that I threw up until I was just gagging! I fell apart as she beat me more until I begged her to stop. After that she told me that my father should have done this but he was to weak. I learned to respect my mother that day and now I'm older and wiser and love her very much. I was a punk and had it comming. I couldn't believe she was so strong!

JRJun 29 2011 9:16pm
Hello JR, how old are you now? Is your mother still stronger than you?

Super CoolJul 02 2011 3:31am
Male ball players are all Fags as well.

you are a bunch of slimy fagsJul 04 2011 12:52pm
My dad likes me and my bro to wrestle with our stepmom.started when her and my bro were on the sofa and she wanted him to change channels on the tv.he didnt want to and wnuldnt give her the remote.she tried to get it from him,but he wouldnt hand it over.eventually she got on top of him and tried to wrestle it out of his was encouraging them to fight and doing a kind of wrestling style bro was getting into it and they struggled on the sofa then dad said give me the remote and sort this out on the carpet ,or somethingl get broken.winner gets to chose what we watch. They got on their knees on the ground and locked hands and he said fight.they wrestld hard with him giving a running commentry.she was bigger than my bro but he was determined and they were over and over really straining and giving it their all till eventually she had him caught up and dad called out we have a winner folks! Bro wasnt having it and refused to accept the decision and my dad said fair enough shell give you a return bout on saturday night and well put matreses out on the floor to make a proper ring..since then me and my bro have both fought her a lotand we both love it, shes not bad looking and dad bought her some tight little running shorts and top to fight in and we love being all tied up with her.

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hrijJxaiyaBpJan 15 2015 5:10pm
I love this site. I always felt weird about tying up my nephew but now I realise that a lot of people do it.  The first time I tied my nephew (we'll call him Ken here) was about 10 years ago when he was 8.  I was looking after him at my house while his mother was away comforting our sister Stephanie after she'd had a miscarriage.  Ken didn't really know what was going on. We thought he was too young so we didn't tell him.  I was working in the garden, it was the middle of August.  He was supposed to be helping me but he was mostly goofing around the way kids do.  I went in to take a break because I was sweating like a pig. I went in and sat down in front of the tv with a glass of water. Ken kept badgering me to play with him but I was just too exhausted.  He wouldn't leave me alone but I remembered that he liked Batman and thought about all the rope I have in the garage.  I said to him "Ken honey, how would you like to be Batman?". He looked thrilled and said sure. I told him that I'd be Catwoman and that if he waited outside for 5 minutes he could come back in to the house (which is now Catwoman's lair) and try to stop me.  He seemed excited and ran outside.  I think I'd better describe myself at this point. I'm 5'8" and have long, dark brown hair. My friends tell me I'm pretty but I'm kinda chubby which I've always been self consciouss about, as well as my problems with body odour.  I was wearing a black tank top and black footless leggings. On my feet I wore white socks under grey trainers. I had misplaced my gardening gloves so I was wearing pink rubber gloves instead.  I walked quickly to the garage and got the several lengths of rope that had been there when I moved in. I waited peaking through a crack in the garage door as my nephew walked in the front door looking excited. I had a thought that seemed kinda nasty in hindsight but soon became a staple in our tie-up-games. A few weeks before we'd been watching that Danny Devito movie, Ruthless People. Ken was playing with his toys and wasn't really watching it until Judge Reinhold chloroformed Bette Midler. He was glued to the screen as Bette was struggling until her eyes rolled and she passed out. He kept asking me questions about what had happened. I explained to him what chloroform was and he loved the idea of it and wanted to be chloroformed.  He asked me where he could get it but I told him it was dangerous and illegal to use. He seemed really disappointed by this.   I quietly kicked off my trainers and peeled off one of my sweaty socks, the smell was terrible. I love Ken but he could be kind of bratty back then and I wanted to teach him a lesson so I snuck up behind him with my humming sock in one hand. He was walking into the living room looking for me when I came up behind him and clamped the stinky sock over my nephew's mouth and nose. He started squirming and mmmpphhing but I held it tight and said "I've caught you now Batman! This chloroform will knock you out while I prepare my diabolical plan" I laughed evilly.  I'll never be sure of what went through my nephew's head at the time.  I think he thought it was actual chloroform.  It was the thrill of being knocked unconscious versus the rotten smell of my sweaty feet.  I moved the sock down slightly so that it was just covering his mouth but leaving his nostrils free for him to breathe (he probably wished I hadn't because of the smell). I caught sight of his reflection in a mirror and his eyes rolled and fluttered closed.  He was either taking the hint and playing along or some kind of placebo effect was making him lose consciousness.  He went limp and because he was so small, I was able to carry him under one sweaty arm. I carried my hostage to the garage and set him down on the blue mat where I practice wrestling.  I hadn't tied anyone up in years but I grabbed the rope from earlier and tied his hands behind his back. I held him in a tight bear hug that he wouldn't have been able to escape from. I had a moment of clarity and asked him if he was ok. He opened his eyes and asked to be chloroformed again. I was relieved because I was worried that I was being a bad auntie. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Being a typical boy, he screwed up his face and said "Ewww". I couldn't help but being slightly offended as he'd just had my sweaty sock held over his face  . I lifted my sock from where it had landed on the floor. I noticed it had started to dry and I took the bizarre notion to stuff it into my own mouth. It tasted disgusting and in hindsight it seemed cruel (I thought my nephew deserved a medal).  But I was too caught up in the game to care. I moistened the sock up with my saliva and spat out a soggy ball. I pinched Ken's nose with my left hand and he opened his mouth to breathe and I stuffed the stinky sock inside. Holding my right hand over his mouth to stop him spitting the sweaty ball out, I grabbed a roll of silver duct tape with my left hand. I hadn't tied his legs yet and had to straddle him to stop him getting away. With one hand still clamped over his mouth (his eyes were really bugging out at this stage), I tore some duct tape off the role with my teeth and stuck it over his mouth. I tied his legs together at the ankles and stood back to admire my handywork. He struggled so hard but couldn't get free. I said "Stay there Batman, my evil plan is just beginning!".  I left the garage and went upstairs to prepare for what was going to happen next. I ran upstairs wondering how I could improvise a catwoman costume on short notice. I wasn't going to leave him tied up in the house while I went to the costume store.  I put on an old black leather jacket that was a little too small for me and zipped it all the way up. At the back of the wardrobe I found my black balaclava from a skiing trip years ago. The closest thing to cat ears I had were a set of Minnie Mouse ears I had from a bachelorette weekend I went on. I slipped my already sore feet with one sock still on into some black stilettos (Ken better appreciate this!). As a finishing touch I applied some bright red lipstick. I couldn't help but growl at myself in the mirror. Even the pink rubber gloves didn't stop me looking awesome. I just barely managed to stop myself stumbling down the stairs. I managed to stride elegantly in those freaking shoes into my garage to my captive. Ken stopped struggling and looked up at me, obviously stunned.  "Well Batman. Let the interrogation begin." I purred.  I simply wrapped the rope around him a dozen times, pinning his arms to his sides.  Crude, I know. But I was a little rusty with the whole bondage thing and he had no experience whatsoever so I didn't need to worry about him escaping. I just let him wriggle to my heart's content XD Meanwhile, in the present. Ken was stunned at seeing his hot Catwoman auntie standing over him with a smirk on her lips.  I don't know what he was thinking at the time. I know he had a crush on me when he was a kid (until he saw Lady f*cking Gaga, but I dealt with that) or maybe he just thought it was cool that his aunt looked like Catwoman (or maybe Minnie Mouse) but either way, I think he liked how I looked  I took advantage of how stunned he was by pouncing on him and tickling him sensless.  I hovered over him with me knees on either side of him. It was good to get off my feet while wearing those shoes (I swore to God he was going to massage them later). My face was inches away from his. He probably thought/hoped I was going to kiss him but I started giggling at the thought of what I was going to do to him.  I suddenly moved my hands to his ribs and went crazy.  I was tickling him non-stop for about 2   minutes. His face was red and there were tears streaming down his cheeks. I stopped tickling him eventually, undid the tape on his face and pulled the sock out of his mouth in order to let him breathe. He lay there wheezing for a minute and then thanked me for taking the sock out of his mouth. I told him there was another one where that came from (you should see the look he gave me).  I accepted that our game was over for now. So I stole another kiss (just because) and started untying him. He got up shakily and limped around the room for a bit. I was kind of worried and asked him if he'd enjoyed our game and he smiled and said yes and that he couldnt wait to do it again. I was relieved  After that, things went back to normal. We went back out into the garden (after I changed back into my normal clothes of course), he was a lot more helpful this time (I wonder why  ). We had dinner and then I put him to bed.  He kept talking about our game and when we would do it again. Later on, when I was getting ready for bed. He was still awake and wouldn't shut up.  I told him to go to sleep but he said he couldn't. I sighed and took off my other sock...

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I was babysitting Laura and Ken and asked what they wanted to do. As usual Laura wanted to be a kidnapped princess and be rescued by Prince Charming Ken but he just wanted to play his xbox. I told Laura I had an idea and to get sready. She came out in her Elsa dress, I put the matching blue lipstick on her and let her wear a pair of my high heels that were much too big. "Night princess" I said as I held the chloroform rag over her face. She struggled in vain and quickly passed out. I carried her to her bed. I had a quick fondle of her recently developed boobs just for the heck of it. I layed her out like a proper princess. I went to the living room where Ken was playing his xbox and asked him if he wanted to rescue his cousin. He automatically said no without even turning to look at me. I repaid his rudeness by grabbing him from behind with a chloroform rag. He 'mmmmmmphed' desperately for a few seconds before going still. I dragged him to his bed, stripped him to his underwear and tied him spread eagled to the bed. I got myself ready by putting on some black lipstick (which I know he loves), black elbow length leather gloves and high heeled leather boots. When he gradually came to he started yelling at me. I was prepared for this and stuffed a balled up sock into his mouth. I stood there regally til he stopped mmphing and struggling. "Here's the deal" I said, pouting and fluttering my eyes as much as possible "in order to rescue your fair princess. You have to knock out the wicked sorceress that imprisoned her.". I lifted the bottle of chloroform and held it like a sales assistant, puckered my black lips and planted a dainty kiss on its lid. I made a disgusted face and stuck out my tongue pretending the chloro tasted awful. Ken seemed interested as his eyes were as wide as saucers. I got onto the bed and lay down beside him, stared into his eyes and playfully stroked his chest. "So how does that sound?" I cooed "Knock out the nasty old witch." I pinched his nostrils closed "Then do what you like to me as long as you remember to kiss the princess.". I kept my finger and thumb there until his eyes started to flutter closed, then I let go.  Ken nodded. "Ok Prince Charming. Now lets seal the deal with a kiss." His eyes bugged out and I pulled the wet socks out of his mouth.  I quickly hand gagged him before he had a chance to say anything. "pucker up and close your eyes and yoy will get a big surprise". His eyes snapped shut and I felt his lips pout beneath my hand. "smoochie time!" I crooned, took my habd away and got him with the chloro before he knew what hit him.  After he was well and truly out, I untied him. Laura wanted him dressed like a prince so I had to improvise. I took his undies off him (I looked at them and realized he'd orgasmed at some stage after I tied him up). I took a pair of my used brown pantihose from the laundry basket and put them on him. A pair of ugg boots over them then a green blouse on his upper body. He looked kinda handsome so I gave him the kiss that I promised. I dropped him on the bed and turned him towards the bedside table where I left the bottle of chloroform and a fresh rag. I poured a little more onto the first rag and went to Laura's room to make sure she stayed out cold a while longer.  I start panicking wondering what Ken would do to me when I was knocked out. I realized I'd just enough on the rag to relax me a bit. I sat on Laura's bed and held the rag iver my nose, breathing deeply. I realized just too late that I'd misjudged and swooned backwards into blackness.

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