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Girls: How big are your thighs?

Question: Girls, how does your thigh measure at its thickest part (right below the crotch)?
Created by: thighlover at 03:14:35 PM, Thursday, July 07, 2011 PDT


when i was younger,i was always ashamed of my thick thighs,but not anymore as my husband likes them.i remember early days in school,most of girls-from my school had the same problem,when we took shover after school gym classes or swiming,girls got fobia from thickness of their thighs and calves,we always compared thighs to each other and than we were crying about it,because most of girls had seriously large and muscular thighs and we couldnt understand how boys can have so slim legs compared to us,we wanted to be like them.when i was only 15,my thighs were size of 26inch thick and calves over 35 now and my thighs are size of 29inch thick under crotch.the fact is i cant get any slimer because my legs are mostly pure muscles,which many girls experienced too in school,it only look like fat,but in fact,girls got a lot and i mean a lot of muscle-mass attached to their legs,thighs,calves.much more than boys/men have and the reason is simple-natural selection for childbearing and childbirth.woman need to be equipped with stronger legs than man,because of extra weight she will have to carry during pregnancy,and for that she need powerful legs.thats why many confusions here on these polls about guys wondering how is that possible that woman have stronger,larger,more developed and muscular legs than a man.yes its fact,woman have legs way stronger but for a good reason,not because of they workout a lot,but from nature.

strongleggedeveJul 10 2011 4:31am

my thighs are very huge compared to my husband's ones,i guess my thigh is twice of his thigh size.i have to fully agree with stronglegged eve,i know what u talk about,remember schooltimes thighs are 27inch each,and im pretty small person,just 5ft2,my husband is 6ft1.

rebecaJul 13 2011 5:41am
Hi everybody,im Amelia,im in age 16 and have large piles of muscles bulging on my thighs.never done any sports but have still strongest legs of all my family and class in school.i was so far never beaten in legwrestling.i can beat my father,boys in school brothers thighs are 24inch,but my calves 17.5inch,when flexed 18.5inch.but i cant get any slimer i guess,because my legs are almost pure very hard afraid to work out as my muscles on my legs will only bulge more as they are,so i was told in gym.but my arms and upper body is very weak and slim.even little kid would possibly beat me in armwrestling,but when it comes to legwrestling,i would beat the HULK with my legs.

AmeliaJul 13 2011 5:55am
Used to be ashamed of my 28' thighs, now I am proud. My legs are very muscular and strong, I used to try to hide them but I nowadays have short skirts. The change came when I met my boyfriend. He just loved my strong legs, he wanted to touch them all the time. It made me happy. Just like Amelia I had a weaker upper body but I started to work out like crazy to get an upper body to match my muscular lower body and it worked. I am a very strong woman today, but feminine since I have an hour glass figure, big boobs, wide hips a rather narrow waist for a big lady and those thunder thighs, thighs that can crush melons.

R RJul 18 2011 1:26am
if all these women are'd see female bodybuilders everywhere...but you don't so i assume they're men.

What?Jul 21 2011 4:45pm
I love big strong women tighs, come and get me..

RicoSep 02 2011 8:18am
Have 28 inch thighs, my boyfriend's thighs are 17,5 inches, just like my calves. I have always been very strong in my legs and the first time me and my boyfriend wrestled for fun I just had him between my thighs and he couldn't get loose, I didn't even have to use any strength since my legs are so heavy. I have always liked slim boys so my boyfriend is my dream man (or boy, 18 years old, I am 16). He is OK having a stronger girlfriend, he likes my big strong body

LizSep 14 2011 12:00am
To get lost between thighs of a women with thighs 26 - 30 inch must every mans dream, you have to have strong back but during sex its wonderful, so to all this women - be proud of your thighs

Rico from SwedenSep 17 2011 3:12am
I think that the women who say their thighs are 28 inches are lying.I don't think that's possible.

Will41May 03 2012 1:00pm
@Will41 A friend of mine had 32+" thighs with a 31"waist, 39" hips. She was a very BIG girl (QUITE muscular), so 28" thighs are not unheard of. She'd been hospitalized after an accident on a bicycle. The doctor dealing with her case read her chart, and red her weight.. then started lecturing her on being "obese" and if she'd exercised, etc, she could have reduced the injury she had. (clavicle shattered, concussion, other sundry injuries) She was 5'9", and close to 280. She had a body-builder's body (cycling, work, etc.), yes, just based on stats, without seeing the patient, the doctor came to the conclusion of obesity.

EdJul 10 2012 10:44am
Well said,Ed!

RTL43Jul 23 2012 11:46am
Well said,Ed!

RTL43Jul 23 2012 11:46am
My girlfreind has 26.5" calves and 50" quads and lifts buildings at 500 pounds. I you wish I'll send photos!

SkimanJan 07 2013 3:44pm
Hey skiman can u send pics of your girlfriend? I would appreciate and Lve to see it. Pls send on

AnonymousMar 05 2013 7:54am
I have 26 inch thighs, they're pretty big but I don't think they're gigantic

AnonymousApr 22 2013 7:22am
your girlfriend must be an elephant skiman

AnonymousJul 17 2013 7:20pm
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aaaCGvjdSep 07 2013 6:38am
Hi, 19 girl here; been playing soccer since 9 and started working out 2 years ago, 26' quads and 16' calves... What do you think?

GGirlSep 10 2013 6:05am
so 50% of the women here have 28 inches thighs or bigger? seems we are talking of muscular thighs, so even more unreal

AlexSep 11 2013 1:24pm
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LaucDEiIcKUhYfSep 11 2013 4:47pm
hey GGirl u got pics

lolecbkSep 12 2013 9:31am
sorry not gonna post pics on the net :P

GGirlSep 23 2013 10:49am
PJhBVc Hey, thanks for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

XsSTAMYRXePlQpQCTXaSep 24 2013 9:18am
GG girl wow you have very big calves hows your boyfriend if you have feels about your big legs?

RtyuSep 27 2013 7:27pm
Ah he loves them i let him massage them whenver he asks, and they help keep him nice and obedient. I try never cover them when im around him. Also if anyone's curious i've gained a few inches :)

GGirlOct 01 2013 7:05am
Thats great that your boyfriend likes ur thighs and calves, and you Gained more inches oh my god thats really super huge. I asked you because my boyfriend left since he discovers that i'm stronger than him i'm a big a woman naturally, and i dont do weight lifting but i still bigger and stronger than him my thighs are 23 inches and my calves i think about 15

RtyuOct 01 2013 7:35am
And you have never worked out? that's awesome, you should try getting bigger you'd get good results. How old are you?

GGirlOct 01 2013 8:24am
I'm 21 i go to the gym but i dont lift weights i only do cardio and fitness i'm afraid if i lift weights i'll be bigger and muscular so most of the guys will not be interesting in me any more you are so lucky to have boyfriend loves your muscles

RtyuOct 01 2013 9:35am
one with 50 inches quad is not human its a tyrannosaurus

AnonymousOct 13 2013 8:10pm
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DPoDFwKEBQgPaFiDspkOct 26 2013 6:01am
GUYS, I HAVE AN ADVICE FOR YOU having a girlfiend stronger heavier taller than you does not matter, but don't never married some one stronger than you from my own experience women getting stronger when they getting older reversed men when we getting older we become weaker. I married a very strong musclar dominated woman i used to adore strong woman when i married her the first few years it was like a dream become true i lived the life i want i was so submissive to her i was weaker than her she controlled my life as i always wanted, but after ten years if marriage she became much stronger, heavier, more dominated the problem is i don't want this kind of life any more i want a regular life like other people but she will never accept this she used to live as a boss and me as a slave to her now she forces me to stay at home, cook, clean, kiss her feet, wash, wear women clothes she beats and wrestle me. What i want to say i used to find these things very excitement but not any more i did this to my self

MARRIED MAN Oct 26 2013 2:29pm
Does a skinny guys leg feel little between yours if your laying on your side and him on his back.?? I've been with a girl who would lock her ankle and laugh because it hurt with out trying at all!

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hDMinHhSunwguuRpwJan 31 2014 8:49am
My thighs are 19'' im 20 yr

nikhiFeb 08 2014 11:29pm
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OIZwSCaffCXFeb 28 2014 10:32am
Can anyone suggest me a brand of big trousers? Im having trouble finding any that fit for my size and age as all the ample enough ones are just too long...

Big LittleGirlMar 01 2014 4:57am
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bCaHAhTJLXdcEytzApr 18 2014 5:13pm
No way you girls have 28in thighs if muscle lol. I am a bodybuilder with 28in thighs. The best male bodybuilders in the world in steroids and HGH and everything else now have 32in thighs tops. I got bids of these monster men and myself talking thighs just YouTube it. So I highly doubt you girls have as much muscle as some of the most geneticly blessed pro bodybuilders in the world.....just fat asses lol.

philmoApr 24 2014 11:32pm
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zPIxOSaGCyCJun 04 2014 5:23am
I'm a cute little male prettyboy. I'm 22. My thighs r 18.8 inches. I weigh 120 lbs I'm almost 5,7 inches tall. I'm petite. Slight build. I can legpress 180. I can squeeze a scale inbetween my thighs and get it up to 117 lbs of pressure. I'll bodyscissor you. Ha ha. I have 11.9 inch biceps. I can benchpress 110 lbs.

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blIvybYPbzHJYeOYaPAug 05 2014 1:13pm
when iwas was 10 I sat by this girl he was far bigger than me she and I measured our muscles on day she had 12 inch arms and I only had 9 inch I had 18 inch thighs he had whopping 30 inch thighs and she used them to push my chair

henryNov 03 2014 12:24pm
in gym class she wore compression shorts you could see her huge quads and muscles

henryNov 03 2014 12:25pm
Once she told me to put this apple in her arms she then flexed her bicep after a few seconds the apple poped like a volcano I was shocked then she got a unopened can and squeezed it between her muscular legs and poped it like nothing

henryNov 03 2014 12:32pm
Henry was the girl sporty and atletic and did you ever see her use her legs to crush someone

bethNov 18 2014 1:23pm
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bLAcicdhbMay 05 2015 3:28am
Beth the girls mom was a bodybuilder and her dad a power lifer she once crushes apples with her biceps at lunch time

henryMay 13 2015 11:08am
on Halloween she dressed up as the red power ranger a boy was annoying her and kept on poking her abs and saying it's fake and girls don't have muscles she turned him upside down and squashed his head in her legs and at the same time gave a massive bear hug I was there she said to touch her biceps they were so hard.Her thighs were litarlly tree trunks she was in the wrestling team and everyone knew they were dead when she used those legs.She gets them from her mother and from her farther she gets HUGE calves her calves were so big they rip her tights

henryMay 13 2015 11:14am
Her parents and mine were freinds so she was friendly to me and she always choose me in group work and in gym class.At brake I used to grab on her shoulders and she would do pull ups .She told me to do belly punches at her abs

henryMay 13 2015 11:19am
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LtozvPJfIpzOEiRKMay 29 2015 1:17pm
In my class there is a girl.We both are of same age, height but we have a large difference of thighs.Compare to my thigh,her thigh is nearly 3times than me and i have only 16.5inch. She easily lift me with her strong thigh.

AbhishekJun 08 2015 5:03am
Girls when you lay down with your man on your side and have his leg between yours does his leg feel little between yours?

LovzlegsJun 18 2015 11:36am
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MOGtoQTKQzgfHHBDBXQAug 03 2015 10:30pm
Jo Skiman ... Your woman has 50 inch thigths and 26.5 calves? I tell you, my woman has 20 Inch calves and 29" thigths- and wenn Talk about muscle... Listen : my wie Loves to legpress lift me, and sie is strong enough to lift (and hold) me with her calvemuscles minewhile i sitzen on her footsoles. You can guess what she can lift with her legs (neuer testet). So she is also very tall (5'11) But her legs look enormous. When i compare our girls legs, my woman look next to the legs of your like a little childs legs. I mean the thigths of your woman are the hips arround of. mine.... So i think about what can your girl lift with her calvemuscles? Compared with the leg strenge of my woman (and I think my woman has Power in her calves like most women have in her thigths. So in you tell the truth.... Your woman must have calvemuscles Power as never seen before. Me think the biggest muscular calves i have ever seen is Michelle s. (22.5") so in you like to leg lifted by a woman you must bei the luckiest guy in the world. So i like to get lifted by the strenge of calvemuscles because a woman must have enormous Power to lift a man so. I guess your woman could lift easy 100lbs with one of her calves... Damn i would like to have so ein pictures of those Monster legs...

Monster calves loverAug 10 2015 9:36pm
What a crock of hock!

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I want to hear more from the girls on how big their thighs are haha

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