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When a woman lifts you lifts you off the ground

Question: When a woman unintentionally lifts you off the ground, such as an embrace. Is that a sure sign she is stronger than you?
Created by: tototo2 at 12:50:23 AM, Saturday, July 23, 2011 PDT


Yes, it means she can take u

AnonymousJul 23 2011 7:52am

ugh ya, she is twice ur strength

OMGJul 23 2011 9:46am
No. That is f*cking stupid. I can lift my patrtner and she can lift me but I destroy her strength wise despite weighing less.

your so uneducatedJul 24 2011 10:00am
Hey --your do uneducated-- first of all, it's you're not your..secondly, you'd be surprised. I worked in a restaurant and there was this petite waitress. She wrapped her arms around my waist and hoisted me up, then walked the length of the kitchen with me in the air. That was her way of flirting I guess...I eventually ended up being friends, long story, she was in a relationship but thought it was almost over so I was sort of there in case she needed a rebound, I guess....anyway, We were hanging around outside of work one time and she started putting wrestling moves on me. Putting me in holds and tempting me to "try and get out of it." For as petite as she was, her legs were powerful. I had her beat in the "arm department" but her legs were wicked. The wrestling escalated a little but she always got the better of me, with her legs. At one point I frantically begged her to stop because I thought she was about to crack my ribs. She also had me in a scissor hold and then wrapped her arm around my neck (headlock) and squeezed her bicep. I started to blackout. I didn't go totally unconscious but close. She let me out of the headlock and I started chocking, coughing and weezing. I had to get a glass of water. Her (female) freind was there and witnessed all of this. While I was nursing my throat they were laughing. Her friend kept saying "oh my god" then she looked at me and said "she just totally kicked yout ass!" "She threw you around like a rag doll!" I have to admit, as embarrassing as it is, I enjoyed it at the same time.

You're a scholarAug 03 2011 8:23pm
To the OP. She would be a lot stronger than you, if she unintentionally lifts you off the ground w/o trying. To the hater,you have all the aspects of the napoleon complex, face the fact SHE can destroy you, and maybe you will get laid for the first time in your pathetic life

AnonymousAug 05 2011 7:59am
You think u like being small and weak, huh? goto find the biggest lady there; go competitve, then youll see how disillusioned you really are. You want to know what its like to be small and weak? dude you`ll get a reality check of a lifetime!

AnonymousAug 05 2011 2:59pm
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