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Why all the slavery talk? women only please.

Question: Girls, why is it that the overwhelming majority of voters seem to want to enslave men?
Created by: blackhawkshockey at 11:36:27 AM, Tuesday, August 02, 2011 PDT


Because that is their rightful place. Enslaved and castrated.

LanaAug 09 2011 7:00am

What makes you feel that way?

blackhawkshockeyAug 09 2011 10:43am
Lana ~ I am seeking castration. You can enslave me as well if you desire too.

fixme67@yahoo.comAug 09 2011 11:17am
Oh God here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm actually trying to start a decent conversation about why voters on this site feel/think the way they do, so for the love of all things decent please keep your fantasies off my poll and submit only rational and well thought opinions on what exactly it is that makes voters think the way they do. Much appreciated. :)

blackhawkshockeyAug 09 2011 11:37am
Masochism ,submissiveness , Fetishism all cascade into one another to create male slaves , servants & serfs ! about why women think like Sovereign queens & dominatrix i do not know because it must be boring & a sense of deja vu to spank the same set of submissive buttocks again'n again ???

g.a.Aug 10 2011 8:54am
Men are interested in this sort of thing because they have a fetish about it. Women are into it mostly because they think it funny or because they're professional dominatrix in which case they do it for money.

wwAug 11 2011 12:58pm
Indeed, g.a. and ww. That sounds about right. I wonder, however, why the voters seem to want to enforce that lifestyle on all of society, in both a sexual and nonsexual way. Certainly, I hope, very few people, if any, actually believe in slavery the likes of which was forced upon African Americans in the pre Civil War south. Voters seem to be happy with the idea of returning society to those shameful days, letting it exist and thrive in every day life, not just in the bedroom.

blackhawkshockeyAug 12 2011 1:19am
^Most if not all of the voters/commenters on this site are men with submissive fantasies, specifically a fetish for Female Supremacy. They get their jollies on the idea of living in a society dominated by women. I doubt that any of them would in reality want to live in that type of world, despite what they say and may even think.

AKAug 12 2011 12:16pm
^ I second this and might I add that the apparent 'multitude' is actually only one lonely troll man with a weird fetish and an inherent need for approval. He posts multiple times under different names and assumes slighlty varying personalities, with the underlying theme of agreement with all and every facet of his other personalities arguments regardless of their illogical or bias nature. Also he appears to be uneducated as he fails at basic sentence syntax in most cases, misspells words and cites ridiculous one time insubstantiated studies or incidences as being reflective of universal truth. In summary, he is an idiot and a fool.

easter island headsAug 12 2011 11:30pm
I agree with all of the above and honestly, I was hoping to hear my explanation reflected. Thanks everyone who voted (even those guys pretending to be girls ), left comments, and contributed. Keep 'em coming everyone.

blackhawkshockeyAug 13 2011 1:28pm
@easter island heads: there's likely a few (more than one) troll with a female supremacy fetish who all found a haven here for them to vent their fantasies. If it were only one person that would be very sad, but who knows.

AKAug 13 2011 6:01pm
I should add here that there is another type of female other than the two normal types already stated above. Every young girl has what's known as penis envy, most grow out of it and adapt either a passive stance towards men or strive to obtain a position of purely financial material gain and they have no feelings one way or another about men. Then there is the last group these form a tiny minority as compared to the two main groupings of women. In this last group these women did not evolve out of the original penis envy of the male and instead sought to be like him they formed what is usually called a masculine protest. However when they find this neurotic stance does not afford them what they want this former attempt to imitate men turns into a fierce hatred of those they wanted to be like. I am afraid some of the postings on this site are reflective of that hatred.

wwAug 16 2011 10:31am
Males should be women's personal property. They exist to perform household chores, heavy manual labor, and give women sexual pleasure. They should be kept naked in the home... Also, only the the best-looking males with the largest penises should be allowed to breed.

FemSupremeJan 09 2012 11:07pm
Men are intellectually inferior, and not suited to the post brawn age.

AnneJun 07 2013 1:48pm
I agree with FemmSupreme about how males should be used--the roles and work

AnneJun 08 2013 2:59pm
Only the compliant males should be allowed to breed We should record their DNA at birth, ear tag them, and embed an electronic tracking device. Movements of men should be wholly trackable in real time.

SarahJun 14 2013 10:31am
I like those ideas

AnneJun 29 2013 7:35am
Femsupreme - Love your idea about only letting men with large penises to breed. By favoring that particular trait, each generation of male will have longer and longer penises to please us with. Even better, let's do the same directed breeding according to the length of a male's tongue. In a few generations, we won't need their penises to be fully satisfied.

HeidiSep 28 2013 7:15am
Selective male breeding can accomplish many wonderful things. I would breed them toward smaller and smaller penises to devalue their maleness. I would support breeding males to have longer and longer tongues to better please us and emphasize their proper place in this world. Then there is the matter of their teeth which should be medically removed to make forced cunnilingus safer. Perhaps we could breed males that no longer have teeth to avoid the problem altogether. Also breeding to submissiveness, limited intelligence and forced quadrepedal locomotion would be great. We can remake males in the image we find most useful.

MarquessOct 19 2013 2:01am
I like the idea of breeding men who can only walk on all fours, but if we are talking about long term plans, let's breed them to be shorter until they are say half the height of women. The thought of reducing males to the size of a child and subject them to spankings -being able to physically overpower them gets me wet. That size would put their mouths right where we need them. A thousand years from now, males might be reduced to little oral sex slaves women keep in cages, or human dildos they keep in their purses. Yes ladies -SIZE MATTERS!!!

RhondaOct 20 2013 2:16am
I don't know that I would want them that small because we need them for manual labor, but breeding them down a bit would be useful. If I am not going the be able to keep female help, I have to have males of suitable size for all the things I don't want to do.

SarahOct 20 2013 9:48am
We breed dogs in different sizes for different uses. We can breed males in the same way - a "Work Group" for manual labor and a "Toy Group" for shall we say entertainment!

Wicked WandaOct 22 2013 1:25am
It will take generations to breed all the types we like, but with good training we can accomplish a lot in the meantime. The important thing is to enslave them as soon as we get control politically

AnnieOct 22 2013 9:38am
Marquess and Rhonda, if all males had to crawl on all fours, would you permanently alter their bodies to accomplish that? Would want to ride on their backs like horses?

anonymousJul 07 2014 11:42pm
Would you want to ride on their backs like horses?

anonymousJul 07 2014 11:43pm
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