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Are these female celebs stronger than me?

Question: I'm 6ft tall with a thin lanky frame and flabby chest. I also have soft 13.5 in biceps with scrawny forearms. Which of these celebs is stronger than me? If other please write who in comments.
Created by: rodzod3 at 02:18:28 AM, Monday, August 08, 2011 PDT


I would imagine that all of the celebs would be stronger than you! Celebs have to work out all the time to stay in shape or they probably don't get the roles they want!

jonathanAug 14 2011 3:27pm

Ive ran into some female celebrities, and they are big! They have a thick upper torso, big shoulders...

AnonymousAug 17 2011 10:34am
Is someone as skinny as Kournikova really stronger than me? It's not like she could overpower or lift more than me.

rodzod3Aug 20 2011 12:42am
But, she would probably kill you with strong legs! pound for pound a woman's legs are stronger than a man's and thats a fact!

jonathanAug 21 2011 12:12pm

AnonymousAug 21 2011 3:34pm
Lol, Ewa Sonnet could probably KO you with her boobs

YGJan 11 2012 2:04pm
Also, Rhianna and Beyonce could probably kick your ass, they have quite muscular legs

YGJan 11 2012 2:06pm
Lol, Ewa Sonnet could probably KO you with her boobs

YGJan 11 2012 2:11pm
My favorite strong female celebrity is Detective Benson of Law and Order SVU, played by Mariska Hagitay. In my fantasy, I make the mistake of "flashing" Detective Benson on the street. She flashes her badge. I run down a narrow alley. She chases me down and pushes me into the abandoned building adjacent to the alley. Her gun is drawn and she tells me to "freeze". I obey. She closes and secures the door behind us. She tells me to turn around. I do. "Alright perv, you like to flash women? Let's get a good look. Lose the raincoat . . . NOW!" She laughs, "Not much of a show, perv." "Maybe you have other uses. Down on your knees!" I comply. She walks behind me and cuffs my hands behind my back. I ask her to drape the coat over me before she arrests me and takes me in. She says "Who said you were under arrest?" She uses plastic zip ties to bind my legs together. "You're not going anywhere perv. I've had too many years dealing with pervs like you. It's time you had a taste of your own medicine!" She removes her slacks and panties and redraws her gun. She walks to me with her gun pointed at my head. She takes a fist full of my hair and pulls my face into her. "Time to taste your medicine, perv! Lick it or I put a bullet in your head!!!" I obey her. I feel the barrel of her gun grinding into my head. "Lick faster, perv!!! Lick like your life depends on it - because it does!!!" I lick feverishly. She orgasms and I sob because I wonder if her trigger finger will twitch as she convulses. She calms down and lowers her gun. "Not bad, perv - for your first time, but you know what they say - practice makes perfect. The gun is aimed at my head again. She grabs a handful of my hair again and demands satisfaction again and again and again. Finally, Detective Rollins bursts in, gun drawn. "Liv, what's going on? I saw you chase this guy into an alley and then I lost you. I thought you might be in trouble," "No, he is the one in trouble. "It was one last straw. I needed to push back hard. You know how it feels." "Yeah, i know what you mean, Liv." I think she is about to console her and allow this nightmare to end, until Detective Rollins starts removing her slacks and panties. "We will teach him a lesson together". She puts her gun to my head and draws my face near. "You know the drill, perv. Make me tingle or I make you dead!" I lick feverishly again and again and again and again . . .

PervOct 09 2013 10:45pm
So many beautiful and loving female celebrities get constantly mistreated by the men in their lives - Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock come to mind. I wonder how they manage to not give up on men, or why they don't give into a far darker alternative - male enslavement. Clearly, they have the looks to attract any male to their estates. They have the money to create secret sound-proof rooms in their mansions away from prying eyes and ears. They can purchase the drugs, restraints, and technology to entrap a male and keep him as a pet - make him pay for the sins of his gender. Some males might even like it. I wonder if, right at this moment a terrified captive boy toy isn't obediently servicing Jennifer or Sandra, deep in some hidden secret dungeon.

CuriousOct 17 2013 12:45am
I would gladly volunteer.

WillingOct 18 2013 2:13am
Ex spice girl mel.c is a strong lady and a black belt 3th dan in judo

OooooooooooMar 04 2014 6:30pm
Leggy celine dion would beat up any of these pussy miss miniskirt is queen celeb girlfighter.

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