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Men or Women

Question: Who is superior? All I can say is that fat feminist pigs will probably say women but anyways...
Created by: Macmillan2.0 at 02:23:42 PM, Monday, August 08, 2011 PDT


Women are definely superior to men! Women's muscles are pound for pound stronger than us males!

jonathanAug 10 2011 2:18pm

Jonathan, were you witness of for example mixed armwrestling match between a man and woman?

MrJeanAug 11 2011 6:03am
MrJean, Yes i have seen armwrestling matches between a man and a women! and i have seen men losing to women!

jonathanAug 11 2011 11:23am
Women are superior in many ways but size and strength. Culture has been the biggest factor in the strength differences until modern times. More women are members of gyms and health clubs than men. Now men's testosterone levels are on average 40% lower than fifty years ago. The average man's bicep is 12-13" and he can bench 125 lbs. The average women can beat the male stats within a few months! So the strenght gap is closing fast. Strangely 15% of teenage boys have higher estrogen levels than testosterone all while about 25% of girls have shown a testosterone increase of up to 900%! 15% of girls testosterone levels are considered to high. Research stats are facts. Everything from plastics to soy food have been blamed for boys low testosterone and the girls high levels are not explained except the girl are clasified from government weight charts as obese. Farther research show girls not really obese but have a heavy musculature!

AnonymousAug 12 2011 8:15pm
Yes, I've been reading about the epidemic like hormone drop in men! It will effect the size and strength of men. I read about large numbers of boys growing small breasts because of such low testosterone levels and elevated estrogen and was a condition extremely rare not long ago. Now more and more common! I also read about all the girls tests of testosterone 9 times higher than normal! Just put the girls in the gym and make the boys home makers!!! LOL!

CarlaAug 12 2011 8:25pm
more and more high school wrestling teams have girls jioning and beating us the so called stronger sex! In some of the matches the boy will forfeit the match and not taking the chance and losing and being embarrassed!

jonathanAug 13 2011 7:05pm
women what are your favorite mixed wrestling holds?and how does it feel to be the real stronger sex?

jonathanAug 14 2011 10:32am
My upper body strength matches or more my husband and I can hold his arms pinned. My legs are stronger so I enjoy grapevine holds and like to spread his legs with mine coaching him along the way to fight back and stop me only to spead his legs farther and farther! I'm much more flexable and my legs are bigger and stronger so I continue until he begs me to stop! I also pin him from behind and pull his arms behind his back, I again coach my husband into using his full strength and realize I'm stronger as I overpower him and pull his arms back until he begs again! I have him admitt I'm stronger to be released! I also enjoy leg scissors and hold his chest while he's on top so with him trapped I push like a bench press against his wrists until his arms are behind his back while holding him firm with my legs! I wear him down until his arms weaken and start pushing until I get his wrists past his shoulders! He can't get away because of my leg hold, Once I have his wrist behind his shoulders he is so weakened that I start pushing his wrists together behind his back or shoulder blades! That will get him begging and almost crying! His face is pulled into my chest and he sees my pecs contracting while I do this! Once he's pinned like this I have him lick my hard pecs while I coach him about his weakness and my strength!

SusanAug 14 2011 11:20am
Susan, have you ever applied a bear hug on your husband,boston crab or any backbreakers?

jonathanAug 14 2011 11:37am
Susan,how would you describe yourself and husband?and how did you husband feel the first time he found out your upper body was much stronger?

jonathanAug 14 2011 12:00pm
I am definitely stronger than mu boyfriend. He challenged me to arm wrestling. It seemed that he was close to my strength as he challenged me a bit for the first 30 seconds and we remained even. But he tired very quickly. Afer we were at at for a minute, he was no longer challenging me. I played with him for another minute, letting him struggle with all his might and I realized that he was nothing!! He totally tired and I easily pinned him down. Then I flexed my arm to rub it in. I made him admit that I was stronger.

JenAug 14 2011 1:41pm
Jen, how did your boyfriend feel when you pinned him the first time you wrestled?

jonathanAug 14 2011 1:53pm
Jonathon. That very first time, it was clear that he was shocked, embarrassed and scared. The shock came first when he realized he could not push may arm back at all. Then the embarrasment came in when he was tiring and he knew I had him. He even let out an "oh my god". But I know that he got really scared when he felt my power as I pushed him down, and when I flex my pumped muscle. He admitted I was stronger really fast, and was trembling as he spoke. He was really cared.

JenAug 14 2011 2:06pm
Jen, how big are your biceps? and when you and your boyfriend wrestled what holds did you use on him?

jonathanAug 14 2011 2:13pm
Jonathon. My biceps are over 14 1/2 inches flexed. While his are between 12 and 13. I have used quite a few holds on him. Grapvines, scissors, headlocks, school girl pins and full nelsons. I overpower him now, as I have got much stronger than him. If I'm too forceful, I can hurt him and he wimpers and panics. I have to be careful not to hurt him.

JenAug 14 2011 2:18pm
Jen, you should try some bear hugs and boston crabs on him! have tried a reverse headscissors on him?and besides your 14 1/2 inch arms can you describe yourself and boyfriend?

jonathanAug 14 2011 2:25pm
Jen, i wrestle a lot of women and i found out that a reverse headscissors is the most devastating scissor hold because you women can apply a tremendous mount of pressure! and there is no way to escape or get out of!

jonathanAug 14 2011 2:33pm
I guess I forgot to mention bearhugs Jonathon. Yes I use them a lot with him. No I haven't tried a reverse head scissors with him yet. It sounds intruiging though! He ha a trim and slim athletic build. I have a thicker and more muscular athletic build.

JenAug 14 2011 2:40pm
Jen,how did it feel to your boyfriend the first time you applied a bear hug and how did you feel that you had that kind of power in you? and do you work out ?

jonathanAug 14 2011 2:50pm
He got really scared because I was really overpowering him, hurting him and moving him around with ease. He was trapped and helpless. I felt really waesom. So powerful and in total command. I have been lifting hard for more than 7 years.

JenAug 14 2011 2:55pm
Jen,men always under estimating the strength and the ability of women in the manly sport of wrestling.The first time i wrestled a female i was in high school on a the wrestling team and had to wrestle a girl and got quite a shock!

jonathanAug 14 2011 2:59pm
Jen, So you are Muscle-Goddest? after you wrestle your boyfriend do you let him worship your Muscle?

jonathanAug 14 2011 3:03pm
Jonathan I do flex for him and let him feel them. he gets very excited.

JenAug 14 2011 3:05pm
Jen, what is your training regimen?and have ever try to lift your boyfriend over head?

jonathanAug 14 2011 3:06pm
I lift heavy. Mostly with free weights. I try to work out 6 times a week, but never less than 4 times a week. I also do cardio to stay fit.

JenAug 14 2011 3:10pm
Jen,does the boyfriend work out with you? or would be very scared in watching you lifting weights?

jonathanAug 14 2011 3:17pm
Jen, have ever try to lift your boyfriend over head? ever give him a airplane spin?

jonathanAug 14 2011 3:20pm
Jen, how much do you lift? and the thing about you trying to lift your boyfriend over head? I have seen women lifting males over head!

jonathanAug 14 2011 3:48pm
women,how does it make you feel to beat a male in submission wrestling hold?

jonathanAug 14 2011 4:50pm
Women, have you ever apply a reverse headscissors on a husband or boyfriend? i have experienced many times through the years and once you girl apply it there is no way to get out it!

jonathanAug 15 2011 12:39pm
You freakin whores. My bf broke up with me once and tryed to hit me, i slammed that stupid girl on theground. men> women. PS they are deliberately decreasing mens testosterone levels so in fact women arent getting stronger its just men getting weaker

OWAHAHAHAug 16 2011 1:45am
I have always been a mixed wrestling fan and have wrestled many women through the years and i have one that sticks out from my early years of wrestling females.this one woman stands 5"11 and is about 150 pounds.and having found out about my fetish years ago indulged me in every chance we got.She's got long,wicked legs which are her best asset and my favorite part of her.She's got a scissors hold that's unbreakable.We went to a beach and found a secluded spot off to the side where few people walked by.I jokingly referred to it as the perfect wrestling spot and just smiled. We were there all day and as she slept,i went for a walk to the point and back.In all,I was gone for an hour. I came back and she was kneeling up on the blanket. "why didn't you tell me to roll over or put lotion on me?"Looking theback of me,"she said. she was indeed burned.I hemmed and hawed some excuses before she shouted, "not good enough," and with a lunge sat squarely on my chest. She pinned my arms to my side with her strong legs and began twisting my nipples.I yelled in pain but she just laughed and kept it up. I squirmed but she just sat harder.soon,she began to bounce her 150-pounds up and down on my chest and knocking the wind from me.Then she straightened out her long legs and clamped my ears in between her calves.they are hard as rockk and inseparable when she wants them to be.She leaned back on her hands which were holding my hands down and rubbed her stubble covered calves on my ears.Laughing as she did,she finally tightened up and locked her ankles in,putting huge amount of pressure on my head. i managed to see behind us and caught a glimpse of four or five young boys and girls watching the whole thing.She knew they were there and loved it.she works better with an audience.She bored down with her calves and i yelled in pain.I tried to fight out of it.I rocked back and forth trying to knock her off.Her long,hard calves remained locked about me as she laughed at my attemps.Finally,i did just what she wanted me to do.I knocked her all the way back and i thought i was free.Her legs came off my head.and looked back to see the children looking on with much interest.Just when i thought i had her and was about to jump on her chest,she reached up and grabbed my hair.Stuffing my face to her crotch,she slammed her long fleshy thighs shut on it.She crossed her ankles and all was lost.Her calves may be long and hard but her thighs are the great equalizer.She rolled my face in them,suffocating me in their fleshiness.She lay on her side,smiling down on me as she squeezed me in the masses of quivering thighs.I submitted to them and just when i thought it was over,she grabbed my hair,lifted her top leg in the air and said"I gotta give these kids something to remember."and slammed that thigh back down on my head.The pain was enormous as she locked her ankles and turned her tanned fleshy thighs into slabs of iron like instruments of scissoring torture.She gritted her teeth in concentration as she crossed and recrossed her ankles.I gribbed her legs in a vain attempt to get them off me,and once again amazed at the thickness and muscularity contained in them.Towards the end,she squeezed me so hard,her thighs were quivering in the effort.I submitted many times,but either she didn't care or my screams were lost in all that pliant flesh.She put on a final burst and i felt the hundreds of pounds of pressuere rip through my head.The last thing i remember is looking up at her face etched concentration and my hands slidding off those thick,unbelievable thighs.I awoke some time later! has anybody have had that experience?

jonathanAug 16 2011 9:37am
When I was 12 I watch a teenage boy/girl fight. The girl ended up squeezing the boy mercilessly with her legs until his face was bloated and red as an apple! He could not move at all and I heard all the air cush from his chest and then drool and finally the contents of his stomach came out his mouth! Then she released him and he just flopped over while his pals came to help him she walked away. He threw up more and was helped on his way holding his ribs and barely walking! When she squeezed him I could see how big her muscles were! I could see the muscle fibers in her thighs rippling! The boy looked sick when he left. I think he had gone in his shorts because he was wet!

JohnAug 16 2011 3:30pm
After only 6 months of strength training, my husband felt my flexed arms and his hands started shaking! As I showed him my muscles he actually started shaking or trembling! I now know it scares my husband.

AnnAug 16 2011 3:36pm
I have had another mixed wrestling long time i would like to share! Back than i always believed or felt that men were superior to women physically but the chance to prove it never arose,I stopped by my friend's house to drop off something.and got into a discussion with his wife,who is a physical fitness nut,about male versus female in wrestling.We ended up arguing that got heated in wrestling.My friend's wife stated i was wrong and that her 16 year old daughter could easily defeat me in two out of three falls.I laughed and she said that she was serious.She said to come over the next day when no one was home and we would settle this once and for all.Well,her daughter,is a gymnast and quite athletic.Still,i could see no way she could defeat me since i outweighed her by thirty pounds.Somewhat nervous,I arrived the next day and was met at the door by my friend's wife.She asked me if i was ready to eat crow and i laughed while she showed me to a bathroom.I was told to change into a swim suit and then go the family room.All the furniture had been moved back and the daughter stood in the corner in a bathrobe,a smile on her face.My friend's wife made a big deal out of the introduction."In this corner,only 16 years old,standing 5"4,weighing 128 pounds,measuring 36-25-36. The daughter removed her bathrobe and stretched her young body.I had to look twice to see what she had on.She was wearing one of those skin-tight thin-strapped pink leotards that cut real high on the upper leg.Her muscular legs looked a mile long as she stood on her tip-toes and then did a complete back-bend.Her body was straining to get out of the leotard.Her figure was outstanding and she knew it.We started circling each other and watched very closely to see what she would do.We locked hands and she immediately kicked my feet out from under me,sending me sprawling.She was on me in a second,forcing me to my stomach and clamping on a full-nelson.Her strength was astonishing.She began applying pressure,forcing my head down against the carpet and causing me to attempt to get to my knees.As soon as my stomach cleared the carpet she spun me on my side and wrapped those muscular legs around my waist,all the time maintaining the full-nelson.I was in trouble and my friend's wife asked if i was ready to concede the first fall and i declined.The daughter began to work me over.She would let up a liittle bit on the full-nelson and grind her powerful thighs on my waist.Just as it would seem that i couldn't take any more she would ease up and come down hard on the full-nelson,doing it in a way I've never seen.She would force my arms out and push hard against my neck.The pain was excruciating.Suddenly,she rolled onto her back,still keeping me trapped in the double hold.Tightening her legs,she pulled up on the full-nelson and pushed down on the scissors hold,putting me in a totally helpless situation and stretching my abdomen to the limit.I yelled in pain and my friend's wife began laughing again."What's the matter he-man?" whispered the daughter through clenched teeth."This little girl too much for you?"Just as i thought i would concede she let go of both hands.I fell back and tried to sit up.The daughter was waiting for that.She wrapped her legs around my head from behind and grabbed a wrist in each hand.The headscissors was like a vise.The muscles in the daughters legs ripped each time she bore down and even though i was about to pass out,it began to excite me.Finally i could stand it no longer and cried out a submission.The whole ordeal lasted less than 15 minutes but it seems like hours.My friends wife was beside herself with glee over her daughter's complete domination of me.I couldn't believe that i lost a fall to a girl,much less one half my age.My friend's wife asked if i could handle another fall and i said yes.We rested for about 15 minutes and than started again.I decided i would win the next two falls in a hurry to teach this young girl a lesson.We circled and this time i got the first takedown.Using my weight to advantage, i held the daughter down and caught her left arm in a hard hammer lock.I forced her to her stomach and twisted her wrist until her arm was almost vertical up her back.She was in pain and her legs were kicking wildly trying to knock me off.I sat on her back with the arm pinned under my rear and grabbed both her ankles as she kicked.I quickly put her into a figure-four leg hold and sat down on her twisted legs,bringing all the pressure to bear on her knees.Her left arm was fairly useless so i let it go.I reached down between her shaking thighs and grabbed the muscle on the front of her leg,squeezing hard.The nerve connected and she yelled out,reaching back to knock my hand away.I grabbed each wrist and,while sitting on her aching legs,pulled her back into a perfect surfboard.I thoght she would quit but this was where the gymnastics training paid off,I had to bend her back until i could grab her chin before she finally conceded with tears in her eyes.Her large breasts were almost exploding through the front of the leotard,it was stretch so tight.;What do you think of that?" I asked my friend's wife.she said nothing and helped her daughter to her corner.The daughter grabbed her robe and left the room,tears running down her face.I goaded my friend's wife at the daughter's sudden departure.My friend's wife looked stern and told me i was really in for it because the daughter was mad,No one had ever bent her into that position before and made her cry.About that time the daughter returned,the robe wrapped tightly around her.She glared at me and walked to her corner.I could sense her anger as she let the robe fall to the floor.My eyes must have almost popped out of my head as i look at what she was wearing.The daughter had on one of those string bikinis only this one looked like skin and it was too small.Her breasts were coming out both the top and bottom and the bottom was so small that it barely covered her crotch.Her butt was showing in the back.I was so busy staring at her bouncing breasts as she approached that i was down in no time.Her plan had worked.This time she went for my legs and before i could respond she had me in a figure-four leg lock.I kept my arms tight under my body so she couldn't apply the surfboard but she just kept working on my legs.After several minutes of pressure my legs were almost useless and the daughter seemed to know that.My knees were killing me.Using my legs she flipped me onto my back and was all over me,trapping my arms against my body.She wrapped her arms around my head,forcing my face into those huge breasts and clamped an excruciating body-scissors around my waist.I couldn't breathe and she continued the pressure until i was on the verge of passing out,still she continued the pressure.I saw stars and started to go out.The daughter relaxed the hold and grabbed me by the hair.Pulling me to my knees,she placed me in a standing head-scissors.I was helpless.She reached down and grabbed one of my wrists in each hand and pulled me into a reverse surfboard. I was in absolute agony.My friend's wife kept egging her daughter on but the daughter needed no encouragement.She was going to make me pay.Her legs were crushing my neck and would put on the pressure in short bursts,then reef back on my arms.I yelled in pain.Needless to say my arms were as well.The daughter released the hold and stepped back,letting me fall on my face.She stood there for a moment gloating over my spent body.My friend's wife laughed and left the room.The daughter just stood there ,her body glistening with sweat she had worked up on me.I couldn't move.The daughter sat down by my head and spread her legs.I was on my stomach,looking directly at her crotch.Reaching down,she grabbed me by the hair and lifted my head back,sliding up as she did so.Smiling,she closed her strong thighs about my head and i am sure a look of utter dismay crossed my face.She put a burst of power and i moaned in pain."Before i make you wish you had never wrestled with me,I am going to give you something to remember.It isn't often that i can destroy a man,much less one twice my age."With that,she undid the top of her bikini and let her huge breasts bounce into view.Even through the pain i could feel my erection push forward.Just as i got a good view she crushed her thighs together and that was it.The next thing i remember was my friend's wife waking me up. The daughter asked if i wanted to go another round but declined until a future time.i learned that any woman or young girl can defeat a male!

jonathanAug 16 2011 5:04pm
Ann,how big are your biceps? You know you are the new breed of woman that is not scared of lifting weighs and trying to get as strong and muscular! have started wrestling your husband?

jonathanAug 16 2011 5:20pm
Ladies,the first time you took on your husband or boyfriend in a mixed wrestling match and you beat him how did it feel? was it very overpowering for you?

jonathanAug 17 2011 10:16am
Pound for pound the strongest part of a woman is her legs! And in a mixed wrestling match they are her best weapons.Although,these days women are catching and pass men in upper body strength. and know how to use each to defeat us males.

jonathanAug 17 2011 5:45pm
Jonathan My boybriend got real shy about lifting with me, as he saw how much I was lifting and was unable to lift nearklt the same weight. Also he tires faster and needs longer rests. I don't like him working out with me, he slows me down.

JenAug 20 2011 12:26pm
Jen, i have notice these days that boyfriends or husbands don't have the strength to do what stronger girlfriends or husbands.How old is your boyfriend?

jonathanAug 20 2011 1:37pm
Jen, did you read my mixed wrestling experiences?and if you did what to you think?

jonathanAug 20 2011 1:39pm
Jen how old are you and boyfriend if i may ask?

jonathanAug 20 2011 1:46pm
Jonathan I am 30 and he is 32

JenAug 20 2011 1:57pm
Jen,you are the new breed of woman.strong and powerful. that deserves respect and admiration!How long have you and the boyfriend been together?

jonathanAug 20 2011 2:05pm
Jen, have tried the reverse headscissors on your boyfriend yet?

jonathanAug 20 2011 2:06pm
Jonathan I do feel powerfuland strong. I bench 195 with free weights. Dumbell curls with 40s.

JenAug 20 2011 2:15pm
Jen,i think that's great you are that strong and powerful! And i can picturing you benching 195 and curling 40 pounds.What's your lifting weights on a preacher bench?

jonathanAug 20 2011 2:23pm
Jonathan, I have not used the preacher bench. I have used an inclined and declined bench. Usually with dumbells.

JenAug 20 2011 2:35pm
Jen,i wish there were more women like you! when you and the boyfriend go out in public,how do other treat you and how do the other men in your gym when they see you lifting more than they are?

jonathanAug 20 2011 2:43pm
Jonathan, We get a lot of looks when we are out in public. People think lesser of him I feel. They look to me first. I am in charge and they notice that.

JenAug 20 2011 2:47pm
Jen,how do the men in your gym feel about you lifting more than they do? Do the act like very scared little boys?

jonathanAug 20 2011 2:56pm
Yes, many of them do Jonathon. Its funny you should ask that. My boyfriend gets like that too.

JenAug 20 2011 2:59pm
jen,you know what they say? the stronger rule!

jonathanAug 20 2011 2:59pm
Jen, so i guess your boyfriend loves a very strong woman? but, if your boyfriend took the time to work out he will never get as strong as you but he would probably feel good about just takes time.

jonathanAug 20 2011 3:06pm
Jonathan He works out, runs and stays fit. He does not seem to build much muscle. But he is slim, lean with no fat. He has got more submissive to my strength. He loves me strong.

JenAug 20 2011 3:10pm
Jen,thats great your boyfriend loves your strong body!but, i bet he knows not to piss you off? i even bet the boyfriend never wins a argument with you?

jonathanAug 20 2011 3:16pm
Jonathan. Yes and Yes!! Like I said, he has become very submssive. A mild and scared boy.

JenAug 20 2011 3:24pm
Jen, so you trained your boyfriend? or how many times did you have to wrestle him to show him how strong you are?

jonathanAug 20 2011 5:45pm
Jen,how much weighs do you squat?

jonathanAug 20 2011 6:29pm
jen,how loyal is your boyfriend to you? i mean since you have him very submissive to you? what i am saying if he ever decided to leave you i could see you breaking every bone in his body!

jonathanAug 21 2011 8:43am
Jonathan, It took maybe 10 times arm wrestling and about 5 times wrestling for him to really get the message. He ws trying hard to compete. But it began to get obvious that he really enjoyed being pinned down and surrending to m muscles and power.

JenAug 22 2011 10:44am
Jen,i am glad your boyfriend enjoys his Amazon girlfriend! I guess if the roles were in reverse it would not very enjoyable for the both of you! Do you and your boyfriend ever go outside both wearing muscle shirts? It would be very funny to see both side by side with different bodies!

jonathanAug 22 2011 11:20am
Jonathan Yes, we have been out together in muscle shirts or sleeveless. The contrast is very evident. Why do you think it would be so funny to see?

JenAug 22 2011 12:58pm
Jen,the only reason i think it would be funny because of the contrast of the difference of your bodies! Amazon Woman with small and weak boyfriend! and thats all! I just think you are the future of the strong breed of woman! strong,muscular and beautifull!

jonathanAug 22 2011 2:02pm
Thank you Jonathan!!!

JenAug 22 2011 3:24pm
Jen you are welcome! Seeing woman like you makes me appreicate and admirer the strength of an Amazon like you! i admirer your drive to become strong and muscular!

jonathanAug 22 2011 3:42pm
Jen,have ever wrestled your boyfriend with both of with no close on? I have wrestled many women in the nude and its the most erotic thing ! i get to see a strong and muscular in her true self!

jonathanAug 22 2011 3:50pm
Jen, if you find this ! i am on some of the other likelike/pollcommmentrys! i enjoy communicating with yiou! I we get to do it again!

jonathanAug 23 2011 10:52am
The Inferior being giving birth to the Superior being, or the Inferior being siring the Superior being? A Hobsons choice between two equally untenable stupidities.

an intelligent life formNov 21 2011 4:50pm
Jen, Susan, women like you have already proved the world who is the superior gender modern days. Even all the poll results here and anywhere in the web reflects that. My girl friend is also stronger than me. So tell your husband it's normal thing these days. I wish you girls to become more and more stronger and skilled. But pls do not miss use it.

PeteAug 31 2012 8:10am
may b grown women are superior to preteen boys! aunt used to babysit me,who was then bigger and stronger.she could have me for breakfast in fight,though it went through board games.i was always dominated and defeated badly on the board by her

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I read this poll and i must admit in year 2011 i would had admire a women like Jen. I‘m an average man and by far not so strong like Jen. In front of her I would feel myself like a weakling because i struggle to benchpress 150 pounds. And dumbells heavier than 35 pounds i cant even move because they are much to heavy for me. I know that most men similar strong like me and this shows that we men normaly weaker than women like Jen!

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uOrURcMcdsSASMar 25 2020 6:09pm
I would most likely wrestle and dominate men!!!

SUEMay 25 2020 8:48am
Sue, good advice about women's dangerous thighs. Wish I would have had it a few years prior. Probably wouldn't have listened. Male ego i guess.

BillMay 30 2020 7:37am
WELL, my husband over the years, had a lot of DANGEROUS THIGHS. HIS father had the same. EVEN at my age, I still think about how I DOMINATED MEN years back. THE women ,or my girlfriends, had fun wrestling and beating on men, but now... all that has come in the hands, or legs of younger women. THESES ladies, are also doing it on , well, porn for money. I am not saying that some of my girlfriends didn't excite themselves by doing things to , say my husband, or his dad as punishment style wrestling, in which the looser gets it good. THE women are just more getting dominant and it shows. JUST LOOK AROUND. MY husband asked the other day, which I prefer, wrestling, or dominant wrestling ! I like DOMINANT STYLE THE WOMAN IS IN CONTROL, FLAT OUT. THE WOMAN CAN USE WHAT EVER SHE WANTS, AND MAKES HER VICTIAM BEG FOR MERCY !!!! GLORIA, IS THE BEST.... EVEN HER HUSBAND GETS TURNED ON WATCHING THIS BIG WOMAN GO AT IT. THESES two, are in COUPLES WRESTLING, DOMINANTE STYLE SOME WHERE IN K.C. SHE asked me to join, but I don't know. MY husband said go ahead and join. IT will be more writing about my time on the mat... at and old age !!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT IT ? SHOULD I GO SEE ? the punishment can be, XXXXXX RATED !!! LET ME KNOW !!! GLAD YOU FOUND THE NEW SITE BILL.

SUEMay 30 2020 7:30pm
Sue, I think you should go check it out. Can't hurt to look. X-rated? Strip naked match? That would really be embarrassing!

BillJun 01 2020 6:19am
I might. BUT, I don't get naked... flat out. EVEN back in the days, maybe the top, but not always. GLORIA, and her BIG HUSBAND are into it BIG TIME, if I did, I need a PARTNER... A STRONG MALE... GET THE PICTURE ?

SUEJun 01 2020 11:57am
BILL! let me rephrase what I said about GLORIA, AND HER HUSBAND, about being into it BIG TIME, I MEAN WRESTLING COUPLES.. NOW about the PUNISHMENT BEING X-RATED, that has to do with the losers giving in to the winners, and the winners male, or female letting the losers feel the pain of a dominant male, or female there choice of, well... way of making the losers beg for mercy. I don't know if I am ready to take a beating at my age, unless, I have a strong man as my partner. NOT to say, I haven't had my share of being evil, or a BITCH FROM HELL, I do like being dominant, but .. I don't know !!! AND, you know my stories... they are true... and I have done some crazy, and nasty things just to get back at my husband. TALK to you later.

SUEJun 01 2020 7:21pm
Would you make a list of all of all your public pages like

GvoVxwLGCbubJun 09 2020 8:35am
LIKE..what kind of public pages ????

SUEJun 09 2020 2:15pm
BIG SUE, I heard that YOU, and your old BOYFRIEND WRESTLED TOGETHER a few times. IS that TRUE ? and, who did you WRESTLE, and what did your husband thing about that?

A READERJun 10 2020 2:07pm
IF I answer this, BILL will go crazy... this is another one of my EVIL THINGS. MY husband still brings up this time when RANDY spent 3 days at our house, and in 3 days, well... I know I was happy, but my husband, and his dad , lost all out !!! THIS was in JUNE 1992, I was 44 yrs. old then. HOPE THIS answers your question.

SUEJun 10 2020 6:33pm
WE waited long enough, TELL US SUE !!! WHO is BILL ???? another guy you played with

A READERJun 12 2020 1:49pm
WELL.. BILL is just a reader, and a fan on my mat experience, and dominant ways of life. NO ! I never played with BILL. HOPE this helps out, whoever you may be. IF you were hear, my legs would squeeze your brains out !!!!! JUNE of 1992... I had my FATHER IN LAW at my MERCY with a reverse head scissor hold, then I FACE SAT him in front of my HUBBY.... HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS, READER.

SUEJun 14 2020 10:55am
OKAY SUE ! it sounds good, but did you REALLY , I MEAN REALLY FACE SIT HIM... ?

A READERJun 18 2020 8:18am
SUE ! another question... did you and BILL ever get together ? AFTER reading some other comments on theses sites, he is waiting for a STOCKING MATCH !!!! SO, what does your husband think about you doing BILL behind his back ?? BILL, I hope her stockings are in great shape to get to you … LUCKY GUY !!!!

A READERJun 18 2020 5:06pm

I have been off a few days on theses sites, but THANK YOU for the nice comments. SOMEONE loves big women. THANK YOU AGAIN !!!! ONE more thing, so.. you know GLORIA ? SO DOES MY HUSBAND !!!!!

SUE FROM KANSASJul 01 2020 12:16pm
THAT is really something ! HOW IS HELEN, AND LES ? I been reading on your writing about your time with LES !! sounds like you had a fun time with his wife watching, and your husband. REMEMBER ? DIDN'T you tell the story to BILL?

ADMIRERJul 03 2020 12:58pm
YES! lets see, I been called a whore on some other sites it seems, am I just that ? if my HUSBAND can't give me what I need, then I guess I am. NOW, 2 men want to tag team me in WRESTLING... WHAT ARE MY CHANCES THAT WRESTLING WON'T BE ALL ON THE MENUE . ADMIRE, I hope you enjoyed my story about playing with LES, while his wife HELEN watched us. MY husband, he is DRIED UP FOR GOOD !!! LIKE HE always says, ALL I GET TO DO IS WATCH!

SUEJul 05 2020 4:49pm
ACORDING to all theses sites, YOU ARE !!! EVEN at your age, you will take any man on BETWEEN YOU HUSKY LEGS JUST TO PUNISH YOUR HUSBAND !!!!!

SITE READERJul 07 2020 7:13am

SUEJul 07 2020 1:42pm
SUE do you cyber WRESTLE ?

READERJul 09 2020 6:22am

SUEJul 09 2020 1:16pm
Sue, those big husky thighs could be man beaters. Women's legs are much stronger than i would have ever thought until i got caught between a woman's thighs and she had one arm trapped also. She made me "give" before she released me. Her smiling and giggle made it worse. She really enjoyed it. Your thighs are bigger and carry a lot of weight all day every day. Oh my the strength in those thighs. Poor husband!

BillJul 09 2020 3:32pm
WELL THANK YOU FOR THE NICE COMMENTS BILL !!! I also read about your comments on other sites about YOU, getting caught up in other WOMENS THIGHS !!! AM I RIGHT ? my HUSBAND asked me if I had the chance to MAT AGAIN, WOULD I ? at my age, and what MEN WHAT FROM MATURE ,OR SHOULD I SAY, GRANNY WOMEN TO-DAY, IS MORE THAN MAT ACTION !!!! RIGHT ? YOU, and I are old enough to see the younger kids GOING AT IT. I think we had this style of comments before. BUT any how, ON MAT ACTION... MAYBE? IF I DON'T GET HURT !!!! MY poor HUSBAND, AND HIS DAD, ALONG with my GIRLFRIENDS , DID HAVE SOME GOOD YEARS OF BEING DOMINANT. A WOMAN WANTS TO BE BAD !!!! JUST THAT. A question... who is READER ???? HE knows something about me, and some of my back ground ! I also have seen HENNI ON OTHER SITES LOOKING FOR ACTION... CYBER THAT IS. IF only YOU could of seen me in action !!!!! MY husband was told years back, THAT HE WAS A LUCKY MAN TO HAVE A BIG DOMINANT WRESTLING WOMAN.... I HAVE THAT IN WRITING !!!! HE GAVE IT TO ME FOR PROOF !!!!!!! ALSO, IT SAID, TO HAVE HIM WATCH ME BEAT , AND DOMINANTE HIS DAD WITH MY BIG GIRLFRIEND GLORIA.... YEARS BACK !!!!! I guess it's something to be proud of. GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU , BILL DON'T BE A STRANGER... ARE YOU NOT THE ONE THAT WANTS TO CYBER WRESTLE ME ? WELL !!!! NOW wouldn't that make my HUSBAND GET UPSET !!!!!! AND, OH YES... THE STRENGTH OF THOSES THIGHS !!!

SUEJul 10 2020 12:38pm
IT looks like BILL has a problem with husky thighs !!!

READERJul 11 2020 2:05pm
Sue, you are right. I got caught between a woman's thighs. First it was a surprise and then it went to panic then to pain and then humiliation. We tried again and she pushed me onto my back and mounted me and grabbed my wrists and then hooked my legs in a "Grapevine" hold. She pinned my arms over my head and spread my legs with hers causing much pain. All i could do was lift my head as she had me pinned. Her laughter at my struggling as she had a look of fire and happiness in her eyes like i had never seen before.

BillJul 11 2020 5:22pm

SUEJul 12 2020 12:17pm
No idea.

BillJul 12 2020 2:19pm
WELL ! he knows your name to. I wonder if he has been reading our other post ? THIS is crazy, he knows about some of my other post also. Wait and see, I guess. Stay safe, and keep in touch. HUSBAND, DOES SAY HI !!!!

SUEJul 12 2020 4:28pm
SAY SUE ! on reading one of your post years back , YOU wrote, that you and your girlfriend GLORIA, a big 6'3", 251#S, wrestled your FATHER IN LAW in a TAG TEAM EVENT IN OCTOBER OF 1989 at a middle school gym after hours on a saturday night , with your HUSBAND watching . NOW you also said, that the two of you beat, punished, and had him crying for mercy, and you two ladies just kept giving him pain. YOU also wrote, that the pleasure of beating him was you put your right bare size 11 foot on his face, and GLORIA took pictures of it, and sent it to LEG SHOW MAGAZINE am I RIGHT? AND you like to rub your husbands face in the photos on your SO CALLED "VICTORY POSE " RIGHT?

READERJul 13 2020 4:59pm
OH! one more thing BIG SUE, I thought that YOUR FRIEND BILL might like to READ this to !!!! HE might even know about this so called WRESTLING EVENT !!!! one more thing, DOES YOUR HUSBAND STILL LOVE YOU, OR DOES HE THINK OF YOU AS A BIG BRUTAL OLD BITCH ? HA! HA! HA!

READERJul 13 2020 5:09pm

SUEJul 14 2020 4:52pm
OKAY SUE !! have it your way !!!!! do you ever CYBER WRESTLE ?

READERJul 16 2020 5:09pm
NOT this question again. SO, what am I suppose to say ? SOME other person asked me the same question.

SUEJul 17 2020 12:58pm
SOUNDS like we might have a cyber mixed wrestling match with SUE FROM KANSAS AGAINST THIS READER GUY.

AnonymousJul 19 2020 4:57pm

READERJul 21 2020 11:23am
BOY! you sure are following my stories that I have been writing. I bet you wish you were there watching me perform this NASTY, BRUTAL DOMINANT PERFORMANCE IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND, AND MY GIRLFRIEND, AND HER HUSBAND. DON'T YOU ?

SUE FROM KANSASJul 21 2020 5:23pm

READERJul 23 2020 7:07am
What are your measurements

StunningAug 01 2020 4:26am

SUEAug 01 2020 11:26am
NOTHING like being a bitch from hell against men !!! my husband calls me a slut, or whore, because of my DOMINANTE LIFE STYLE, BUT THE BASTARD LOVES ME WHEN I WORK ON HIS OLD MAN FOR PURE ENJOYMENT.

SUEAug 01 2020 1:45pm
Are you stronger ? You have muscles?

StunningAug 01 2020 2:22pm
I'm taller but 50/60 lbs lighter

StunningAug 01 2020 2:23pm

SUEAug 01 2020 2:47pm
So you think you are stronger than me? 185 lbs/6.1

StunningAug 01 2020 2:56pm
If they're big breasts yes I believe they like to watch, how big is your biceps?

StunningAug 01 2020 2:57pm
I think my best lift for biceps training now is about 20 lbs each hand 🤔

StunningAug 01 2020 2:58pm
WELL! MAYBE, you sound like WHAT YOU ARE.. A STUNNING REAL MAN !!! BICEPS... MAYBE, 10 INCHES... BUT, I want to know about you and your wrestling powers. SOUNDS like you might want to WRESTLE ME ! RIGHT???? LIKE my HUSBAND SAY'S, I AM A SLUT !!!

SUEAug 01 2020 3:01pm
10 inches doesn't sound too strong for a dominant girl

StunningAug 01 2020 3:02pm
Why your husband says so

StunningAug 01 2020 3:03pm
I don't have experience in wrestling, at all,

StunningAug 01 2020 3:04pm

SUEAug 01 2020 3:07pm

SUEAug 01 2020 3:09pm
ALSO ! WOMEN love to watch men go at it on the mat . MY BIG GIRLFRIEND GLORIA, HAD HER HUSBAND DEFEAT MY HUSBAND... MY HUSBAND IS 5'6',165#s.

SUEAug 01 2020 3:12pm

SUEAug 01 2020 4:56pm

READERAug 01 2020 6:30pm
I don't know, maybe you have technique but not strength? You think you can lift me?

StunningAug 02 2020 5:13am

SUEAug 02 2020 6:18am
?? what you mean

StunningAug 02 2020 6:30am

SUEAug 02 2020 10:57am

StunningAug 03 2020 12:02am
Is very difficult to find a woman big and strong and muscular

StunningAug 03 2020 6:01am
YOU are right, they are there, me, i have been at around this size for years, not to much muscular, but enough to handle some men, have lost some matches, men, not women, except one, but that is life. MEN want to see what a woman can do if she is large.

SUEAug 03 2020 4:44pm
AS we look at on say you tube, we do see some of them, but, most of them are into more things than say, dating men ! my husband is a fan of big ladies as you can read, but his interest is AMAZON AMANDA ! for a big woman, she is BEAUTIFUL ALSO. GLORIA, MY GIRLFRIEND, AND PARTNER IN DOMINANT WRESTLING, is beautiful to.

SUEAug 03 2020 5:30pm
Stunning, i had luck with my girlfriend. When we became a couple she was into sport since 4 years and around 2 years in lifting. 2 years before, we had a short strength comparison and i won but i had to struggle because she was already pretty strong. Anyway, two years later of lifting she was stronger than me. She’s 179cm and 86kg, i’m 186cm and 72kg. I was going for a strong girl and she wanted to have a weaker boyfriend so we became a couple even though i’m a little taller. But often she wears heels and than i’m also shorter. She’s proud to be stronger than me and i’m not weak. I think i’m average but women who workout like my girlfriend are stronger than average men.

Henni Aug 19 2020 10:44pm
WOMEN from EUROPE, have always been strong, and muscular. MEN from the US, always want to wrestle a EUROPEAN WOMAN TO SEE HOW STRONG THEY REALY ARE. I don't think that the US WOMEN has a chance on the wrestling mat, or the US MEN . MY husband always wanted to wrestle a big dominant woman from EUROPE, but it never happened. ALL he got was ME, and my big girlfriends that beat him and his dad to know end.

BIG SUE MA'MAAug 20 2020 6:20pm
BIG SUE MA'MA i can agree that europen women are very strong. Because my girlfriend workout in the gym with other women together who are also very strong, and it seems that such women loves to have weak boyfriends it‘s usualy for me to be weaker than women. And when we meet some couples mostly the other men also weaker than their girlfriends. I can imagine that men from US would admire these strong women and a lot them whould realize that this women are stronger than them. But i‘m sure that also in US a lot women workout and they are also stronger than men. My girlfriend has also some idols from US women body building. So far i understood her she wants to become even bigger but i should reduce my weight to become smaller. She loves me thin, small and weak. I think a lot women nowadays go for small weak men. What do you think?

Henni Aug 26 2020 2:36pm
A big woman loves to be in control. so, if she wants you to be WEAK, it is her ways of saying, I am in control of you. LOOK at my HUSBAND, THAT I WRITE ABOUT SOMETIME... HE IS A SMALL AND WEAK GUY, LIKE HIS DAD! MAKE HER HAPPY !!!

BIG SUE MA'MAAug 27 2020 8:09am
Of course she‘s the boss over me. If she wants anything and i‘m not i could not prevent her that she do it. On the other hand she can prevent me to do things i want but she want it not. This is one disatvantage that i‘m weaker than her.

Henni Aug 27 2020 11:34pm

BIG SUE MA'MAAug 28 2020 6:03am
If needed my girlfriend protect me but within our relationship she‘s the one with the muscles and i’m the second one. Mostly she‘s nice but sonetimes she decide and i have to go her way. When i want anything i first i have to ask her.

Henni Aug 28 2020 12:56pm
WELL, what can I say, HENNI, HER WAY OR THE HYWAY !!!!

BIG SUE MA'MAAug 28 2020 6:10pm
How is it with your husband? You wrote he is also weaker than you. Does he accept that he is your little boy?

Henni Aug 28 2020 11:14pm
MORE than that HENNI, just like his DAD, I use them for my PLEASURE OF PAIN !!!!!

BIG SUE MA'MAAug 29 2020 9:58am
You use your strength against men who are weaker than you to hurt them and gkve them pain?

Henni Aug 30 2020 12:42am

BIG BITCH SUE MA'MAAug 31 2020 11:08am
Well Mrs. Sue, depends on! I would be not happy when a women who is stronger than me beat me up.

Henni Aug 31 2020 11:29am
YOU should talk to my husband on beating up. SEEING, his dad is a beaten model for us BIG WOMEN.

BIG BITCH SUEOct 07 2020 11:58am
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LcDnzsJwwEaxOct 08 2020 6:33am
Hello big Sue. What have you been up to? Site has been slow.

BillOct 08 2020 4:27pm
WELL, you are right, this so called virus has everybody on edge. HAVEN'T done any crazy things at all, really been quiet myself, no doing any beating on anyone, been talking about it, on some sites, but not any action on even my husband if you can believe that. ARE you still seeing tina ? or any of your lady friends? hope all is well thalk to you later.

BIG SUEOct 08 2020 7:05pm
Sue,those big thighs of yours well rested could crush someone. Render them helpless and in pain. Husband beware. And anyone else.

BillOct 10 2020 9:03am

SUEOct 10 2020 9:14am
Glade it won't be me Sue. But I still wonder about the strength and power of your big thighs!

BillOct 10 2020 10:25am
Oops. Glad.

BillOct 10 2020 10:26am
WONDER !!! YOU still asking for trouble once they are around your neck. ASK my husband, he gets to feel them from time to time. I bet he will share them with with you. WOW ! 2 men against my thighs !!!! what a victory pose !!! my husband likes my thighs with out stockings now. so, I put them away for a rainy day.

SUEOct 10 2020 2:27pm
Oh my Sue, you scissored his neck? What did he do? Have you gotten other men in neck scissors? Did they escape?

BillOct 11 2020 9:08am
YES! remember, I wrestled my father in law with my girlfriend GLORIA. SHE is a very good DOMINANT WOMAN when beating on men. MY husband just struggles against my big husky legs. AS far as my father in law goes, I like to watch GLORIA crush his chest with her 6'3#, and 253#s, then drop both knees on his chest. POOR old guy... being punished by 2 brutal big women..... even, when dating years back, my old boyfriend enjoyed my big legs as they scissored his head just like I did to my husband. OH! the good times!!!!! ARE YOU NEXT ?

SUEOct 11 2020 5:02pm
Sue, must have been painful neck scissors for them. Did you ever knock a man out with those big thighs?

BillOct 11 2020 5:39pm
NO! just had them struggling for there life. MY husband , really struggled. MY old boyfriend put up a good fight, and lasted more that my husband, and his dad. BEFORE, my husband, my old boyfriend played a lot on the mat. HE was a big guy, 6'3",245#S. IT was fun, thats for sure .

SUEOct 12 2020 1:16pm
Sue, sounds like it was much more fun fir you. I think women's legs are stronger than men may think. Would surprise many men.

BillOct 13 2020 5:18am
RANDY was fun to wrestle with before my husband came about that's for sure. HE didn't mind my big legs around his neck.MY husband saw me doing it to him a few years back, when he came to visit, it was like old times again. YEARS back it was stockings, and all that stuff, now, I retired my stockings for a rainy day. MY husband doesn't mind my bare feet on his face, or even randy . MY father in law , suffered under my stocking feet. LIKE SOME OTHER MEN DID TO.

SUEOct 13 2020 5:09pm
Sue, husband knows better than to get caught between those thighs of yours. Could break a rib or two.Or make them submit.

BillOct 16 10:50am
I love when he SUBMITS !!!!!

SUEOct 16 12:39pm
I bet you do. Humiliating for him to be overpowered by a woman. But the pain in those thighs are too much for him. Poor guy.

BillOct 16 1:51pm
YEA ! MY husband said that when I wrestled his dad, I looked mean and dominant in stockings, and that my thighs where like a vise squeezing on his head !!!! I remember that gave me pleasure doing that in front of my husband. I wish all women would be dominant like that. MY father in law also said , that my stockings felt good against his head.

SUEOct 17 8:50am
Those stockings felt good until you turned on the power of those big thighs. Do you trap his arms also or does he try to pry your thighs off his head with his arms? His arms are probably no match for your legs.

BillOct 17 12:45pm
HIS whole body is no match, that's what is fun.

SUEOct 17 12:47pm
Total domination. His whole body must be sore after you work him over. Strong woman to out muscle a man!

BillOct 17 2:10pm
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MJAYUtOYgFrieeSMKOct 18 8:44am
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nrgxpsCjrOct 18 2:22pm
MY husband said , that I need to wrestle again and get some mat action going. LIKE who? I said maybe you again for fun! or for keeps ? FACESITING INCLUDED.

SUEOct 19 4:39pm
What did he say to that?

BillOct 19 5:21pm

SUEOct 20 7:13am
So what's it gonna be? For fun or for keeps?

BillOct 20 1:41pm
HE won't have any chance on for keeps, but he is sooo easy, just like his dad. EVEN at my age, I can take him down, and give him a good beating. ON, for fun, maybe I might go easy on him, maybe I might let him win... it will be a FIRST !!!! THEN, a good foot gaging might be in the works. I saw a young dominant lady do this to her husband, or boyfriend, looks fun to do, even at my age.

SUEOct 20 4:54pm
Poor husband has a muscle bound mature woman to wrestle. Will he try to avoid another butt whooping? Or will he give it another try? Get him in that Camel Clutch Sue. That looks painful and helpless!

BillOct 21 7:28am
MY niece becky, wants a crack at the old guy when I told her about it. BECKY 5'6",135#S, red hair, and is a man killer .THE young woman is 32 yrs. old, and has done some evil things to older men. WE will see who gets the coin toss.

SUEOct 21 12:28pm
Sue, how big is husband compared to becky? Evil things? Think husband can take her?

BillOct 21 12:51pm
HEN she was 20, she had him in a boston crab hold, then a knee drop to his man hood, he rolled over all over the mat, then the young lady put him in a reverse head scissors hold, then in front of me face sat him till he tapped out. YEA! she can beat him good. HUSBAND is small, 5'6",155#s. AS far as EVIL THINGS... BECKY has her own style of DOMINANT WRESTLING. SHE can make a guy beg... I have seen her work on her boyfriend... he just loves the way she takes it out on him. I wonder if she wants to tag team the old guy ? this will charge any reader up for sure. ANOTHER thing, she is into being a MY hubby is afraid of her, and her ways. HE should be, RIGHT ?

SUEOct 21 4:51pm
AT the end, she is into being a bitch on the mat, and my hubby is afraid of her, and her ways. THATS what it should read bill. I am tired sorry.

SUEOct 21 4:56pm
Wow Sue. That's a mean little bitch to face sit a submission out of him. What's a Boston Crab hold? Is it a painful hold?

AnonymousOct 23 6:13am
How was watching a woman beat your man's butt on the mat Sue? That was me above also.

BillOct 23 6:21am
THE BOSTON CRAB that BECKY did, was flipping him over on his chest, pulling his legs back, then she put her bare foot on his face, and neck while pulling back his legs. WATCHING her beat his butt was fun to view, no lie... as she held on to his bent legs, and foot on his neck I went up to him , and laid down next to his face, and said , is BECKY toooo much for you honey !!!! and laughed in his face. THE turning him over, it was LIGHTS OUT as the young " LITTLE BITCH " FACE SAT HIM INTO SUBMISSION. THIS little woman now is mature, and more evil then me. I just loved watching her take over on the mat. SHE loves working on old men and make them beg for mercy. SHE also wants to have a rematch against my hubby, and wants me to be her partner. SHE said that for me to get a partner for my hubby, I don't know of anyone that wants to have any mat action against , well me, and my big body, and her. SO, we will see. BUT, to see her handle my hubby, WOW !!!!

SUEOct 23 5:02pm
Oh my! Sounds like Becky is too strong for him the way she overpowered him into that Boston Crab and made him submit. She must be a little powerhouse!

BillOct 24 6:01am
YES she is, to much for me, and alot younger .

SUEOct 24 12:15pm
Sue, is Becky really that strong? Or is husband just a wimp?

BillOct 24 4:40pm
WELL! BECKY, is strong, and of course... husband is a real WIMP !!!! he can't stand it when I play wrestle with my old boyfriend when he comes by. IT makes him real upset ! NOT for my boyfriend, to him, he LOVES IT , as he watches him get upset when he pins my big body on the mat ! RANDY, is SWEDISH, tall and strong, in all parts ! JUST LOVE IT.... SORRY HUBBY.... YOU HAVE TO BEAT RANDY, TO GET TO ME !!!!!!! HA! HA! HA!

SUEOct 25 11:25am
I doubt hubby could defeat Randy to get to you. And you would punish husband again anyway.Randy bigger than husband there too? Lol.

BillOct 25 11:47am
THAT'S for sure, but just watching RANDY man handle him , then I could like you said... punish him, or finish him off in front of RANDY. THATS a great idea, BILL.... what a match, maybe BECKY might join in ... THANK YOU !!!!!

SUEOct 25 11:58am
All sounds like big trouble for husband. Is strong lil Becky near you? Husband better hide.

BillOct 25 1:40pm
YEA! she is near me, but to watch her , is really a thrill !!! SHE still wants to tag team him with me and her against him. IT would be fun to say, one of many times I kicked his ass.

SUEOct 25 4:41pm
Husband will have a sore body after taking on you two muscular women.

BillOct 26 9:27am
Sue, can you beat him armwrestling too?

BillOct 26 9:28am
MOST of the time.

SUEOct 26 1:20pm
That's embarrassing for a man. But empowering for a woman.

BillOct 26 3:02pm
Bill, my last two girlfriends i’ve met in the gym were both stronger than me. They worked out in a group of girls who worked out together. Sometimes i was in the gym to stay fit and often i was the only man. At these time i had a female trainer and i talked one day with her about this group of girls and that these girls workout really hard. Her answer surprised me because she said that a lot of girls nowadays workout much harder than men. I asked her if those girls become nearly that strong like males and she said that girls like these are clear stronger than men like me. I don’t wanted believe this and so she arranged a arm wrestling challenge between the girls with me as one of the opponents. It was really embarrassing, i lost nearly to all these girls and some of them defeated me really easy. My trainer calmed me down it’s normal for me as average man to be weaker than girls who workout. Anyway with one of these girls i felled in love and so my made the first experiences to be in a relationship as the weaker partner with a stronger woman but i’m still the man. I’m only the weaker one!

AnonymousOct 31 12:39am
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bMRiauLxSHVNov 01 12:22pm
MY niece said that her wrestling habits, came from watching VE VE LANE WRESTLING MEN. NOW, she can't wait to take on my old husband . IT'S coming soon to read !!!!!!

SUENov 03 11:27am
ALSO, I said to her, didn't I teach you anything about wrestling when you was younger? her answer was ... oh yea ! I forgot... I am sorry aunt sue. THE younger kids now a days . VE VE LANE.... a young bitch from hell I guess. WE will see the match turn out, between my sissy husband, and her. SHE still wants me to be her tag team person, even at my old age. I will think about it, for sure. I don't know if I want to wear stockings and all that just to go on the mat against my husband. KNOWING Becky, she dresses skimpy to say the least. BILL was right... SHE IS A YOUNG MATURE BITCH WITH RED HAIR.

SUENov 03 1:39pm
Mrs. Sue, when did you start training with Becky and what has kind of training has she doing?

AnonymousNov 05 2:08am
Sue, who is Ve Ve Lane? Is that like the wrestling on T.V.? That's really fake to me. What do you think big girl?

BillNov 05 3:40pm
FIRST QUESTION.. BECKY, started training with me when she was young. SHE went through a hard training because she wanted to wrestle men, and some big women like myself. NEXT QUESTION, VE VE LANE , has caught BECKYS eye on the style of wrestling she does. SOME MEN, and some women. AS far as I know, it is not like tv, I think it is more or less like ... apartment style wrestling , I even done that a long time ago, BILL. IT was fun for awhile.

SUENov 05 4:50pm
ONE more thing, SHE still wants me to wrestle with her against my husband. THIS girl won't quit asking.

SUENov 05 5:09pm
Does husband know of your possible tag teaming him? I will have a idea husband might want to avoid the two of you! Big woman and young woman too much for him I'm afraid.

BillNov 05 7:06pm
WELL he saw the results a long time ago when it was myself, and GLORIA against his so called mean dad. AFTER 20 minutes on the mat, the guy was done for... it was a massive right size 11 sandal, stocking foot to his face, that dropped him to his knees, then GLORIA'S right foot to his face as he was on his knees finished him off. THEN GLORIA'S reverse face sit put the old guy in a smother position . THIS is what kind of wrestling I like, now BECKY... we shall see what she brings on the mat MY husband said he is ready.

SUENov 06 2:44pm
Sue,how did you get husband to agree to this? She is much more his size you said. I'm going to see if i can find out who her Ve Ve Lane is.

BillNov 07 9:14am
HE just wanted to wrestle again, and asked if BECKY was willing to go on the mat against him. I said I will see, then she said okay, but wanted me to go on the mat with her and tag team him. THAT all was there idea , and mostly his, as he wanted me to start to wrestle again, but I am tooo old to do this stuff again BILL... JUST TO OLD. I might get hurt again, I already had knee, and hip operation once, from knee dropping, and hip throwing. BECKY, is young, and fast, it's her call.

SUENov 07 1:13pm

SUENov 07 1:15pm
Who is Kamala? Has husband met Kamala? Is she a big woman?

BillNov 07 1:22pm

SUENov 07 2:43pm
Lol. Found a Ve Ve lane video wrestling a woman. She is fast and strong for her size.

BillNov 07 4:07pm

SUENov 07 4:45pm
Becky is going to have more stamina at her age. She may be stronger too. Sue when was the last time you were on the mats wrestling? Was it against husband?

BillNov 07 7:28pm
IT was a couple of years ago, when I last wrestled. THIS guy wanted to wrestle me real bad, and he said that anything goes ! IT was something else, that's for sure. I was beaten real bad, and he... enjoyed himself. this was a set up by my husband.

SUENov 08 11:28am
Sue, was he a big guy to give you a beating? And he enjoyed himself after he defeated you? Was it a close match Sue?

BillNov 08 1:52pm
Husband wanted you defeated but he couldn't do it so he got someone else. Pussy.

BillNov 08 1:54pm
HE was bigger than me, a real like muscular guy. YES! my husband is a real PUSSY. IT was a kind of close match. NOW I really want to wrestle with BECKY, after thinking about this. HUSBAND, might get more than he thinks. A long time ago, you asked me if I ever used a strap on on him, or his dad, and the answer was yes, years ago... now , this might be another one for the site to read, if it happens. THIS will be DOMINANT WRESTLING AT IT'S BEST... TAG TEAM BITCHES !!!!

SUENov 08 4:35pm
Tag team bitches will wear husband out pretty fast with no rests. Then he will get overpowered by two strong women and put in some painful holds. Good luck husband but i think the tag team bitches will be too much for you.

BillNov 11 10:26am
MISS BECKY, CAN'T WAIT !!! I just want to watch, but she wants me to dress for this one. WE will see. YOU are right, TAG TEAM BITCHES WILL BE TO MUCH FOR HIM !!!!

SUENov 11 4:53pm
Can Becky take him by herself? She must be strong. Some women are surprisingly strong these days. Damn muscle bound bitches!

BillNov 12 6:14am
I think so, HUSBAND knows a lot of holds, that even surprise me. WE will find out, when I wrestled him a while ago, I got tired fast, why... I not wrestling men anymore, first all , and I am getting old, like you, and everybody else. THIS thing that she wants me on the mat with her, is crazy. SHE is young, and has a lot of DOMINANTION STYLE WRESTLING.

SUENov 12 7:05am
Maybe after husband she may plan on wrestling you. Maybe that's why she wants you dressed for wrestling?

BillNov 12 7:28am
THAT little BITCH... SHE wouldn't have a chance. SHE pissed me off to-day, saying that if I am not going to be her partner, SHE is looking for someone else. MALE, OR FEMALE... not picky. I must give her the answer by this weekend. LIKE I said, I am beaten up from years of mat action, and playing in dungeons with GLORIA. GLORIA, was my partner on the mat against men for years, even now, she to is ready for young ladies to take over. SHE, and her big husband, BIG ED, wrestled couples in KANSAS CITY, for a few years. WHAT do you think?

SUENov 12 12:57pm
ALSO ! HUSBAND said that it will be fun wrestling BECKY and pinning her tight ass in front of me ! AND that I should take my FAT ASS and sit and watch him work on a YOUNG MATURE WOMAN.

SUENov 12 1:23pm
Sounds like husband thinks he can whip Becky's butt. Might be true. Becky being alot younger may have mofe endurance.

BillNov 12 4:15pm
IT will be fun, BECKY can be nasty when she wants to be. IF I don't wrestle, I wonder who will be her partner?

SUENov 12 4:28pm
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SfZWJdpzwLNov 13 11:24pm
If i take a look to a gym there are a lot of young women who workout and many of them use weights for reps who are pretty heavy for a man who not workout. I can’t imagine that husband has a chance against Becky. If she has that experience and training, Sue told from most likely she can overpower most men. In my own circle i know some women like this and i’m sure i have no chance against them.

AnonymousNov 14 2:43am
Sue, I hope Becky doesn't bring some really big woman to tag team husband. Two on one is enough without some big Amazon on him.

BillNov 14 7:56am
I have found out that BECKY is getting a woman from mo. SHE knows my husband from past years, in fact, she is a real dominant woman from her years with her first husband. I believe it could be SYLIVIA , I remember my husband said she looked like a model. WE will see. I remember her asking me to play around with her and her husband and have fun with playing BONDAGE, AND TORTURE. OH, we had fun, but poor Larry suffered dearly. POOR husband just couldn't stand watching me and SYLIVIA having fun.

SUENov 14 4:41pm
Sue, is Sylivia a big woman or smaller strong girl like Becky? Does husband know that Sylivia might be Becky's partner?

BillNov 14 4:52pm
Why do Becky need a partner? Normaly a strong woman can easily handle a weaker man.

AnonymousNov 15 8:03am
SYLIVIA, is a tall , slender woman. SILVER HAIR, and not bad looking. MY husband does know about her, and being BECKYS partner. HE said... this will be fun on the mat with SYLIVIA ! NOW, why BECKY needs a partner... IT was her choice, not mine. THE little BITCH, wants some fun !!!! WE WILL SEE.

SUENov 15 12:03pm
Tall skinny woman probably not very strong. Husband probably thinks he can handle her. And little Becky too.

BillNov 15 12:23pm
SYLIVIA, IT is hard to say, because when she was married when we knew of her, her, and her ex, did BONDAGE TYPE THINGS that we heard of. NOW, whether she knows wrestling moves, or is there to help BECKY pin my husband, is another story. ALL IN ALL THE MATCH will be in a few nights at the middle school gym, where GLORIA, and I wrestled his dad. SYLIVIA, is about 5'10" and around 145#S, and 68 years old ! LIKE I said, we will see.

SUENov 15 4:47pm
In the gym. Will others be watching?

BillNov 16 6:14am
I think husband will get tired and then the girls will work him over. Tag team will be too much for him.

BillNov 16 7:52am
NO ! no one but me and them in the gym, but another twist, BECKY BROKE HER ANKLE AND CAN'T WRESTLE. NOW, it leaves just SYLIVIA. THIS is a mess. BECKY, still said that I should go on the mat with SYLIVIA to take her place. I found out a few hours ago, no lie BILL !!!! WHAT a mess !!! YIKES !

SUENov 16 10:14am
Now my money is on husband! Manpower!

BillNov 16 1:25pm
WHAT changed your mind ?

SUENov 16 1:32pm
ARE you saying that I am tooo old for this mat action? IF you lived real close... I would take you on, and see if you can handle my 243#s, @ 5'11" of woman ! JUST YOU AND ME.... NOT EVEN SYLIVIA, AND FORGET ABOUT BECKY THE BITCH. WHEN I am done with my husband, YOUR NEXT !!!!

SUENov 16 1:55pm
Didn't think you would team up with Becky so not with sylivia either. Back to a tag team against husband? I'm next? Bring it big girl. Waiting in Missouri to hear what happens next!

BillNov 16 5:25pm
KwLshP unintentionally, and I am stunned why this accident did not happened in advance! I bookmarked it.

gqNJLdEvNov 18 8:47am
You sound serious Big Sue. And i bet you are still a handful and probably strong also.💪

BillNov 18 10:57am

SUENov 18 4:44pm

SUENov 18 4:47pm
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