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Which female athletes would you like to be scissored by the most?

Question: If you had to choose one. Also, in comments, tell us which girls you think would have the strongest scissors.
Created by: scissorlover at 04:20:21 AM, Saturday, August 13, 2011 PDT


cheerleaders have strong legs too

anonymousAug 13 2011 11:28am

The girth of the thighs of volleyball girls can get huge and solid with muscles! They are so big they could crush a boy's rib cage!

AnonymousAug 14 2011 12:50am
I would think girls who do gymnastics would have the strongest legs and could do alot of damage with scissor holds and girls who have been dancing at a early age would develop very strong legs!

jonathanAug 14 2011 9:14am
I watch quite bit of mixed wrestling and to me the most devastating scissor hold is the reverse headscissor. A woman or female can generate alot of power and force. and once a male gets in one it is all over! and there is no way a male can get out of it!

jonathanAug 14 2011 10:52am
dated a female sprinter once, not international level but a top athlete. She was muscular yet feminine but her legs were scary! Packed with muscle and long, she jokingly had me in a body scissors and squeezed out a submission from me in a few seconds. I am sure she could pop my ribs if she wanted to. Have dated gymnast girls as well and they are very strong but quite often small making it harder for them to scissor bigger guys. I mainly have dated athletes since I am one myself, long distance runner. The strongest woman I have dated was in track and fields, javelin. She was the same height as me, 5'10 but 50 lbs heavier and more than twice as strong. She never scissored me but showed me in other ways how strong she was.

RunnerAug 15 2011 12:11am
I read strong girls can generate over 500 lbs between their thighs! I also read that a man's skull can fracture with less than half that! I heard about a head scissor That squeezed a man's jaw open and then broke his jaw! Pretty scary!

DaveAug 16 2011 4:14pm
Dave,most women that know how to apply a head scissors know how much pressure to use! I have been squeezed by so many women all kinds of scissors and never been serious hurt and were are talking about 30 years!

jonathanAug 16 2011 5:27pm
There were two videos on youtube that I can't find anymore where cindy huntress squeezes a pressure gauge between her thighs and it came out to 450ish or 500 pounds! (she thought she could get it up to 600 lbs on a good day!) And Christy Resendes (Envy from scissorvixens) tried squeezing a normal scale twice and she got 220-250 ish pounds each time! Somebody post the videos if you know they're still there!

anonymousAug 19 2011 1:48am
Yes, i have to agree about Cindy huntress.I have watch many of mixed wrestling videos with her in.and her scissor holds look very scary.but, again there something very appealing to have a wrestling match with her.

jonathanAug 19 2011 10:53am
Pound for pound a woman's legs are stronger than a man's.Its a fact!a woman can produce a tremendous amount of pressure.and i have wrestled over 30 years of all ages and should know!

jonathanAug 20 2011 11:04am
have you ever been scissored by volleyball girls jonathan? if you did, how did it feel?

anonymousAug 20 2011 1:20pm
Sorry i haven't been scissored by a volleyball girls! but i have been squeezed by other athletic girls!

jonathanAug 20 2011 2:15pm
wow you're a lucky guy, I wish I can get scissored by them. Which sports did those girls play? who had the strongest scissors?

anonymousAug 20 2011 6:27pm
gymnastic girls have real strong legs and i have found that women whom like to dance have real strong legs.girls that do track have strong legs. its really hard to tell which girls have the strongest.all scissors holds hurt!

jonathanAug 20 2011 7:22pm
I also have admit that women bodybuilders have very strong legs as well and girls whom know to wrestle!

jonathanAug 20 2011 7:50pm
It would be phenomenal to get scissored by volleyball girls! Can you imagine, those fit muscular thighs wrapping around your head while she pulls your face deeper into her crotch.. and then unleashing her power! I would probably get a heart attack from excitement! Just a thought of it gets me turned on!

anonymousAug 21 2011 2:18am
Wow her hamstring and quads look insanely huge and strong, especially the first volleygirl..

wowAug 21 2011 4:29am
I want to bury my face in them

wowAug 21 2011 4:30am
Take it from experience.the first squeeze from her thighs.its like when you start to get a bad head ache,but,the head ache is continuous! and depending on which woman squeezes your head? the pain can know the saying "becarefull what you wish for."you desire for a head scissors could end up being a nightmare for you!

jonathanAug 21 2011 5:44am
lol I don't want the girls to actually hurt me, but since I have never been scissored before and have no idea how strong these girls' legs can get, I still want to feel how it is like to be trapped between their thighs! btw which girls in the vids do you think will have stronger legs?

anonymousAug 21 2011 6:07am
and I don't think I'm gonna get lucky enough to have those girls scissor me anyways it's all good fantasy u know.

anonymousAug 21 2011 6:09am
but, there women that have no idea how strong their thighs are! there also some girls love to hurt men in scissors and don't care how much pain he is in!

jonathanAug 21 2011 6:13am
Shoot, thanks for the warning. it would be real unfortunate to be scissored by one of those mean girls! I guess I just want to feel their thighs against my face, not the actuall squeeze!

anonymousAug 21 2011 6:20am
for some women that love to give scissors hold in is a real turn-on for them just to see the man suffer.and nothing makes the women laugh to hear man beg or crying from the pain!

jonathanAug 21 2011 6:24am
but my question is, do these girls ACTUALLY strong enough to make a guy cry and beg? I mean I'm sure some of them can (like huge bodybuilders or gymnasts can beat a weak guy) But I thought most of the mixed scissor videos you see in youtube and scissorvixens were fake and guy lets the girl dominate him! And pretends to be in pain! I don't think volleyball girls scissor can hurt that much! and if it does, a guy can get out of it!

anonymousAug 21 2011 6:34am
trust me! wrestling women for over 30 years they do hurt! scissor holds i mean! after you get done wrestling you can feel like you got run over by a truck.Let see, i have had bruised ribs,a soar neck and other things. and of course you do come across some women that won't let you out of their scissor holds until you service them! if you know what i am talking about!

jonathanAug 21 2011 8:37am
let me guess, you mean the girls won't let the guys out of their scissors till you *** them out?

anonymousAug 21 2011 3:06pm
Yes i learned from being scissored that women get hot and bothered from wrestling men! and i learned that what women like after whipping my ass!

jonathanAug 21 2011 4:04pm
lol that just sounds so goddamn sexy I must admit. I always wanted to eat strong girls out while they scissor me! Sounds like a heaven to me!

anonymousAug 21 2011 5:58pm
lol that just sounds so goddamn sexy I must admit. I always wanted to eat strong girls out while they scissor me! Sounds like a heaven to me!

anonymousAug 21 2011 5:59pm
I guess if your going to die,you might want to go with a smile on your face!

jonathanAug 22 2011 12:17pm
do women seem to scissor even harder when you go down on 'em? or do they loosen up their scissors on you?

anonymousAug 23 2011 4:54am
It depends on your technique! and if she is enjoying it!

jonathanAug 23 2011 2:00pm
does she squeeze harder if she enjoys it? or vice versa?

anonymousAug 25 2011 4:34am
just think of a woman's thighs or a scissors hold like that of a python snake and she squeezes you to death! but,the only things is she isn't going to eat you!

jonathanAug 25 2011 6:41am
or just think of your head the nut and a woman's thighs the nutcracker!

jonathanAug 25 2011 6:43am
i bet you guys that want to get women to put you in a head scissors wouldn't mind being her bitch?

jonathanAug 25 2011 8:58am
lol that's really the whole point! I'm sure the secret intention behind every man who wishes to get scissored is to *** her out!

anonymousAug 25 2011 10:07am
btw u haven't answered my question on does she scissor harder when it is pleasing or is it the opposite?

anonymousAug 25 2011 10:09am
it depends how you please her!

jonathanAug 25 2011 10:51am
the woman will squeeze harder when she is ready to have that special moment!

jonathanAug 26 2011 8:30am
lol that sounds hot and dangerous at the same time! Imagine if she squeezes you full strength when she reaches orgasm! I'm sure she would not be able to control her own strength and that could be dangerous! So I guess some of those guys who says stuff like "Eat her (or lick her) out and she'll go!" are wrong huh? Cuz according to you, truth is the opposite!

anonymousAug 27 2011 4:10am
u guys r underestimating the strength of basketball girls! Basketball requires a lot of jumping and balancing on the court so your legs and groin must be super strong plus they need upper body strength to throw, catch and shoot the ball and tank through opposing players who tries to stop her! For this they weight train a lot especially for tanking purposes! Getting scissored by them would be something dreadful yet joyful at the same time!

AnonymousAug 27 2011 4:37am
I want to get scissored by gymnasts Shawn Johnson, Victoria Larvie, and Alicia Sacramone! That'll be delicious! (if u know what I mean!) I can eat them out for as long as they want with my head between their thighs and face buried deep in their smooth, creamy, yet rock hard thighs!

anonymousAug 27 2011 4:39am
I think track and field women has the most strong legs, look at that thighs. If you get in there and been scissored you may never come out the same

RicoSep 05 2011 7:39am
If anyone else wonder if volleyball girl could scissor.. My girl has about 172cm and ~60kg, long legs and about 21-22" tights. She is stronger than most of girls but probably not as volleyball players.. If she cross her ankles and just get her legs straight I can still breathe, but if she start to squezee with her 30% of strength i cant breathe but still I do not have to tap out. When she is in about 50% her possibilities I'm tapping out. there is no possibility to get out. then she use about 75% of her strength - I'm starting to panic and pressing all my fingers into her tights. sometimes i can hear every bone in my neck making some noise. It doesnt matter how much breathe did you take, she will throw all of it out of you. Few times i had nearly passed out - it depends of scissoring length and breathing. My girl do not have to use all her strength (but she has good applying technique around neck) So probably you won't meet valleyball player :)

anonymou5Sep 12 2011 9:18am
Do volleyball girls love to scissor boys in general?

AnonymousSep 22 2011 9:45am
Some women I have wrestled use the python technique when applying a bodyscissors when flat on back her legs wrapped around upper stomach, simply waited till I breathed out and tightened after each exhale.... before long I could not breath in or out, and it was either tap or suffocate...

TBHOct 10 2011 9:12pm
any athletes with long and powerful but not muscularly bulging legs, and not just scissoring around waist or neck but around all different parts of the body. The sad reality is that while so many of us guys want scissoring, not as many (good-looking) gals take it as normal.

chagrinedJan 12 2012 1:37pm
I bet I'm the only one who can say he has been neck scissored by an olympic athlete who won a gold medal in track and field. It was brutal.

DaveFeb 19 2012 8:49pm
Who is she Dave? How did you get her to scissor you?

AnonymousMar 03 2012 11:00pm
come on dave we all wanna know

AnonymousApr 08 2012 9:57am
My woman is almost 6ft tall and weighs about 150lbs and loves to squeeze me. She squeezes tighter when im giving her oral sex especially right before she has an orgasm. It hurts but it sure feels good at the same time

MarkMay 01 2012 6:47pm
My husband and I wrestle a lot and our wrestling usually ends with him submitting to my strong legs. He is bigger than me (5'10" 190, to my 5'2" 135) and has more upper body strength, but my legs are very powerful from 14 years as a gymnast. I'm also very flexible so once I get my legs around him it's usually over pretty quick. I've crushed a watermelon and a cantelope with my thighs. The canteloupe was hard, but the watermelon just exploded when I squeezed down on it.

AlyMay 11 2012 8:22pm
I would love to have Mitzi Gaynor, get me in a headscissor.

Art MahalikJun 23 2012 12:11am
I would love to have Mitzi Gaynor, get me in a headscissor.

Art MahalikJun 23 2012 12:11am
I'd like Alicia Sacramone to have me in a standing 69 headscissors.

DonJun 23 2012 12:17am
I agree. What I wouldn't give to have my head firmly planted between those tan shapely legs of hers. It would take 6 crowbars to pry my head loose.

HBJun 23 2012 9:49pm
Been gored by bodyscissors several times by my favorite category of girls : the "next door" types. By "gored" I mean to submission, from legs closing in from the sides, not from the way I always see in those mixed wrestling scenes. If I had been more into the gym scene or the dancer scene I'm sure a bigger percentage of those gals would be able to "bitch me out" (as one girl put it) ..... Supposedly the position I enjoy is more dangerous, but I never got hurt. Perhaps the strongest of all, but she said she didn't have it all turned on, was from a 5'10 190-pound gal of 24 who I met through some escort site. A gem she was, real girl-next-door type with glorious baby far. She claims she had never scissored anyone before (I believe her) but once she got the principle down, I had no chance. She had upper thighs that measured 28 1/8 inches! No typo! ....... I have myself gently but naughtily neckscissored several trusting gals -- and they LOVE it! They are in ecstacy! ....... Give me the girl next door types. They can be more of a scissors challenge than some posters to here ever will admit. (Although I would have liked to sample one of Flo-Jo's scissors, I admit :-)

WaynieDAug 01 2012 8:09am
Human has a life to live,some works to do, a family and other humans to love, a God to obey. Which dumb nut will want to scissor,or be scissored,huh?

AnonymousAug 31 2012 2:14am
How I would love to see a doubleheadscissors match between Cory Everson and Rachel Mclish, where each has the others head simultaneously trapped between their tan shapely thighs.

Bruce KirkSep 23 2012 10:35pm
They would blast each other unconscious. Tie. It probably would be very dangerous, too, if the pressure doesn't lessen immediately after each blacks out ....... The search is always on for me, though not by a female athlete but the girl next door type ....... I sorta of agree about the "servicing" part of a neckscissor, but I was never into that pursuit. Seeing the calves and knee curves is a turn on. The bodyscissors might be a more "natural" position for the maneuver, and may be why I enjoy it more ........ Add Tina Turner, Lindsay Wagner, Joey Heatherton, Alicia Keys and Gabriela Sabatini to that list :-)

WaynieDNov 28 2012 4:03am
I'm laughing so hard reading this bullpoo right now. #1. it doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman, just about any fool can choke somebody out putting their legs around your neck. Big deal. I personally have never been choked like this because my neck is stronger than just about any womans legs that I know of. #2. Bullpoo, no women's legs aren't stronger than man's pound for pound! Whichever stupid f_ck said that is inbred. #3. Lastly, I don't care how strong woman legs are, if you're a man and you can't handle a woman's body scissors, then you are pathetic. GTFO of my genepool! if you're any kind of a real man at all you should be able to handle two (2) women putting a body scissors on you.

AjNov 28 2012 9:17pm
The gentleman who mentioned Tina Turner and Joey Heatherton,knows womens legs. Great choice!

Tom PritchardNov 30 2012 10:28pm
That was me, Tom. I should live so long. Feel free to add Ann Margaret and Marilyn McCoo to the list :-) ......... @ "contributor" A-J , calm down, big feller. You are way off topic. Any Archie Bunker Tribute site might suit you better. Accept the fact that girls start out growing up faster than boys, and that more women than men seem to be keeping fit and trim into their 50's while more guys "let themselves go". The interests of those here who are in the spirit of things, unlike you, have been intrigued by the female form all their lives, whatever the ages. I would like to offer an apology on behalf of me and everyone else here who is out of step in offending your narcissism. A tip for you : loincloths and clubs have been out of style for quite some time.

WaynieDDec 02 2012 5:06am
I defy AJ to utter those remarks, if he found himself in a bodyscissors by Karla Nelson. I can personally attest to Waynie D's claim about girls growing up faster then boys, after having myself been trapped in a bodyscissors, by a neighborhood girl when I was a kid. She just laughed at my futile attempts to escape. Even at that age her legs were both shapely and powerful. To Waynie D, lets not forget Lola Falana, and Grace Jones.

Tom PritchardDec 27 2012 4:31pm
Lol, I've never seen a bigger group of more pathetic males in my life that I have here. Weaktit douchebags.

AnonymousApr 13 2013 8:16am
gina carano is pretty toned, she'd probly make you tap in just milliseconds

AnonymousApr 23 2013 12:02pm
mma girls or gymnasts would hurt the most. they have really strong legs, especially mma girls cuz they practice the holds and know how to apply them perfectly. my gf is currently training in mma. she's shorter than me and is toned all over, but her legs and hips are incredibly strong. she's headscissored me alot, and it hurts, huge amount of pressure. the only way to get out of it is if you push forward closer to her with your body so that her legs are bunched up on her chest and then just push your head out, but thats only if your on your knees or standing. if you're already lying down and she has the hold on you, you're done. when she applies it, i tap in about 3 seconds

AnonymousApr 23 2013 12:05pm
Hey! Policewomen will get you in a scissor hold to effect an arrest ! I have been crust around my body before handcuffs applied !

Scissor loverMay 04 2013 2:17pm
If that Policewoman happens to be Angie Dickinson, count me in.

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If any of you guys have $ and want this experience, check out, there are 100s of sexy athletic women on there happy to scissor you for a price. ive spent 1000s over the years on this fetish/fantasy

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pYrwUdpIJFeb 28 1:19pm
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AnonymousFeb 28 11:56pm
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tIXomDkCQMar 22 12:37pm
Back in the 80's, I was at this gym in Venice Ca. Two women bodybuilders were working out not far from one another. I noticed how they waited for all the patrons to leave, before things started happening. They each had tan and perfectly muscled legs, and before long they issued a challenge to one another, as to who had the stronger legs. They both got on the floor, and allowed each other to set their best headscissor hold. Each woman firmly caressed the others rock hard ass cheek, while trapped in the headscissors. Within a few minutes, you could hear moans throughout the gym. I was observing all this from behind the corridor in the hall. Had they known I was there, they would have never done this. To this day I recall this as one of the most erotic memories of my life.

Bruce KirkMar 22 6:37pm
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Ex spice girl mel.c got strong legs and a black belt in judo

YoyoyoApr 01 6:12am
I'd like to be stranded on that desert isle with Dawn Wells as Mary Ann, and have her trap me in head scissors all day. Especially, when she's wearing those short shorts. Those tan shapely legs of hers were awesome.

Hank MethaneyApr 05 10:34pm
Everyone who reads this blog, should check out Premier Productions 81. This video features two women bodybuilders named Janice Ragain vs Athena Annis. There's a segment in there where their crotches are locked together ! For a while there Athena's facial features are unrecognizable, while the two women are in that position. I think it's due to the fact that she must have been feeling an off the charts orgasm, due to their crotches being locked together. When they both release the hold, her face immediately, returns to normal. They both had such sleek, sexy, and muscular bodies !

Bruce KirkApr 08 6:56pm

ANONYMOUS 2Apr 26 2:25pm
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alexMay 31 5:00am
anybody agree with me that aly raisman would crush guys with her body scissors? any young women out there,how do feel about this? does it empower you to see strong girls like aly,and knowing she could make most men cry by crushing their bodyies between her you feel proud as women?

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mrrangerJul 03 1:40pm
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