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Are you guys being SERIOUS thinking that girls can LITERALLY crush a boy's skull between her thighs? Or is it just your fantasy

Question: Exactly how much force does it take for a human skull to be crushed? And can girls really crush them if they wanted to? I remember once seeing on animal face off challenge in discovery channel that human skull can endure up to 1400 or 1500 pounds per square inch and coconut is a bit stronger than human head at 1600 psi limit. So I guess if girls can crush a coconut with their thighs they can crush head... But I searched some more and some say human skull can crush only at 200 or 300 pounds so I don't know which one is accurate.. But I'm actually curious to know if girls can ACTUALLY crush a skull..
Created by: actually? at 11:56:18 PM, Tuesday, August 23, 2011 PDT


Hearing all the scissor talk lately, I was wondering the same thing.

anonymousAug 24 2011 7:27am

Just think of your head as the nut and a woman's thighs as the nutcracker!I have wrestled females for over 30 years and i can attest that women's thighs,the power they can generate is tremondous!and when a woman gets you in a reverse head scissors there is no way of getting out unless she wants you too!

jonathanAug 24 2011 10:12am
is reverse headscissor strongest of all scissors jonathan?

anonymousAug 25 2011 4:46am
If they can really crush a skull then it proves that all the mixed wrestling videos and scissor videos are fake. Cuz so far I've never seen a guy gets his head crushed! Plus, Drew and Kandor at scissorvixens and other guys would be dead a long time ago if that were true! ;)

anonymousAug 25 2011 4:49am
all the scissor fanatics here need is to get a real women crush them. That'll be enough to show how strong girls legs are..

beenscissoredbeforeAug 25 2011 4:51am
but i have seen and had the experience of women squeezing so hard that you do get knocked out! and wake up with a head ache! make no mistake about the tremendous power a woman can produce from the squeezing of her legs or thighs! and than we can talk about body scissors where a women can break or crush your ribs! i have had black and blue marks on my body from being squeezed.Just think of a python snake slowly squeezing you to death.but, the only differences the woman that is crushing won't be eating you !

jonathanAug 25 2011 5:33am
Yes, a reverse head scissors a woman can produce a tremendous amount of pressure on ones head.

jonathanAug 25 2011 9:05am
I don't think so, but I guess it can hurt, if the girl is really strong..

anonymousAug 25 2011 10:04am
If you don't believe a women's legs aren't strong enough go try it! see for your self and after wards she would make her bitch!

jonathanAug 25 2011 10:10am
i would luv to experience their thigh strength, but I dunno where to find such girl who would scissor me!

anonymousAug 25 2011 10:34am
You could put in add in your local newspaper ? or one of those underground newspapers? and say man looking for a woman to squeeze his head in scissors hold!

jonathanAug 25 2011 10:58am
or go to you local gym or health club and you look around and see a woman that you are interested in scissoring you? you compliment the woman on her muscles or legs and ask the woman if your legs are as strong as they appear and if she says yes! you would like her to show you and would be interested in being scissored to find out!

jonathanAug 25 2011 11:23am
sounds good, should definitely give it a try, is that how you first got women to scissor you as well?

anonymousAug 26 2011 6:51am
I started in high school! i was always very small for my age and i always got picked on by the girls and the girls would test their strength against me and got to feel back than the power of a girls legs.and it wasn't until i graduated from high school i started growing. i did not enjoy it than.when i got out of school i learned to enjoy it.and one day at the gym long time ago i saw a young woman with great looking legs that looked strong and i gave her a complement of her legs and asked her if they were stronger than they look and told her about my past experiences of wrestling girls in school and thats how it started!

jonathanAug 26 2011 8:23am
Wow, you're a lucky man for sure. It sounds to me that girls wanted to scissor and wrestle you as much as you wanted to wrestle them. There were only few girls who wanted to wrestle me but I foolishly declined becuz I was too shy by then. But if similar opportunity comes, I won't make the same mistake again! Does the girl who scissored you the first time still scissor you? Approximately how many girls would you say you have been scissored so far?

anonymousAug 27 2011 4:00am
I have stopped counting on how many women i have gotten scissored from! But, the reason women go to the scissors hold when you start wrestling them is,they know that scissor holds wear a man down fast.and after they wear down the man they are wrestling.the female can do anything they want!

jonathanAug 27 2011 8:32am
My girlfriend gets my head between her legs when I go down on her, and she could crush my skull if she wanted to. She squeezes so hard I can't get loose no matter how hard I try. I tried to see what woudl happen if I did the same to her, but my balls just got in the way and I was the one who got hurt when her head pressed against my balls!

AnonymousAug 30 2011 4:54pm
guys there is Kandor's Korner! and they have hundreds of photos of women giving all kinds of scissor holds!

jonathanAug 31 2011 11:45am
also check out erotic mixed wrestling? if you guys like seeing naked women giving naked man scissor holds?

jonathanAug 31 2011 4:31pm
do women "return the favor(bj or hj)" when you please them while being scissored jonathan?

anonymousSep 02 2011 6:46am
if you guys like to know what is like to wrestle a woman naked and get scissored? check out erotic mixed wrestling! i won't have to explain servicing women when getting scissored or head scissors what the men have to do is the same thing i have had to do for many years!

jonathanSep 02 2011 9:23am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 8:17am
don't know if a woman can crack a skull with her strong legs but I know that a strong pair of legs can really hurt you. My girlfriend is tall, 6'1, have been dancing all her life and is also biking 1.5 hours every day. On top of that she is 3 times a week going to a gym. Her legs are extremely strong. Since my gf has wide hips and very long legs she can put a lot of pressure in her scissors, she makes me give up in no time when she has me in any kind of scissors. Once when she was angry with me she actually squeezed me so hard in a body scissors that I passed out. She claimed that she only used perhaps 70% of her strength so I am sure she could crack my ribs if she wanted to, but the skull? Don't think so

Frequently scissoredDec 08 2011 7:20am
The first time I wrestled my wife when we were young she suprised me how aggressive she was. She has very long legs, long and very muscular. When we started to wrestle for fun she straight away wrapped them around my ribcage, I was very slim then, and started to squeezde with all her power. She popped one rib and I fainted. She got scared and drove me to hospital where she explained what had happened (very embarrassing). I of course didn't want to call the police as the female doctor asked but I was a bit scared of the power my wife had just proven. After this first wrestling match she has never used her full power again. But she sometimes scares me with her strength. It is like she can explode in a second using 1005 of her power. She once lifted a big rock in our garden that me and my friend had tried to lift before. She just stooped and screamed and lifted the rock up to the lorry in one explosive movement. She is lethal at armwrestling, she has learnt technique and just exploded and take down most opponents. But her legs are the strongest part of her body. When we are making love and she's got me between her thighs I remember what these legs can do sometimes and have on several occasions lost my erection when these thoughts have come over me. I think she can crush a water melon between those legs but a skull? Hopefully not:-)

HerbDec 30 2011 2:47am
My husband and I wrestle a lot and our wrestling usually ends with him submitting to my strong legs. He is bigger than me (5'10" 190, to my 5'2" 135) and has more upper body strength, but my legs are very powerful from 14 years as a gymnast. I'm also very flexible so once I get my legs around him it's usually over pretty quick. I've crushed a watermelon and a cantelope with my thighs. The canteloupe was hard, but the watermelon just exploded when I squeezed down on it.

AlyApr 15 2012 9:02pm
anyone who doesn't think a female can beat a male with a scissors has just never met the average athletic female. They have so much power in their thighs it's scary. I have been scissored many times and know to submit immediately or face serious injury--or worse--being made to be her bitch boy.

mickeyMay 06 2012 8:31am
i agree with a average male vs female (not the professional wrestlers). I have experienced the thigh painful thigh scissors by my girl friend. I didn't realize that she could beat me down. I started researching on the internet how strong is the female lower body, especially thighs.

AnonymousMay 18 2012 11:50am
Us girls really do have some strong legs. If a girl is athletic her legs will be strong enough to handle most guys. I don't have a ton of upper body strength so that holds me back some, but if I can get my legs around a guy he's almost always done for.

AlyJun 04 2012 8:31pm
Us girls really do have some strong legs. If a girl is athletic her legs will be strong enough to handle most guys. I don't have a ton of upper body strength so that holds me back some, but if I can get my legs around a guy he's almost always done for.

AlyJun 04 2012 8:32pm
My wife uses the scissor hold incredibly well.Of course she took grappling for 4 yrs and has been riding horses for 15 yrs as well competetive swimming.Needles to say i get owned when we wrestle.Her rear naked choke is deadly.The grapevine pin is he most humbling way to lose though.

TimJul 16 2012 7:49pm
I find lots of this really hard to believe. If a woman manages to break a man's ribs with her thighs that man must have an extremely frail body. Those that submit right away must be complete pussies.

JoeAug 30 2012 12:07pm
i am not really sure if i can crush a skull between my thighs (dont wanna try), but i am certain that i can break ribs between them

miss 25 inch thighsAug 31 2012 3:25pm
If I have a very hard time believing any human can do that. Bones are not easy to break. If you can do that then it must be no trouble at all to strangle a man to death with your thighs.

JoeAug 31 2012 5:50pm
@miss 25 inch thighs, how tall are you, out of interest?

salashaskaSep 02 2012 1:31am
I don't know about breaking ribs, although I definately have squeezed hard enough to fell them really bend inward, but I know I could strangle a guy, I have come very close to knocking a guy out twice with my legs, once while squeezing his next the other with a bodyscissor

AlySep 07 2012 6:22pm
@Aly, just reading back, you ate 5'2. It's incredible that you could break a watermelon and canteloupe. How thick are your thighs?

salashaskaSep 08 2012 11:19am
I hear theres a girl with 31" thighs

AnonymousSep 19 2012 7:58pm

AnonymousSep 20 2012 10:04am
They're 23 inches, pure muscle. I've won money on the watermelon thing before twice. I had a guy bet me that I couldn't break it, so I wrapped my legs around it squeezed and when I got to about 80% power it exploded, quickest $20 I've ever made.

AlySep 22 2012 8:43am
Wow. I would love for a small muscular woman like you to squeeze me into submission with your thighs. I assume you can kick very hard as well.

AnonymousSep 22 2012 10:14am
Of course I can, my legs are super strong from all my years as a gymnast. I can leg press over 600 pounds imagine how much damage that kick could do

AlySep 23 2012 5:39pm
I didn't realise gymnasts trained to be that strong. It sounds like you could destroy anyone. Who needs martial arts training when you're a trained gymnast. Lol

AnonymousSep 24 2012 4:39am
That's right gymnastics is all about power, not all gymnast are as strong as me, but I was always a little heavier than most of the others so I had to be a lot more powerful in order to do the same skills, I weighed between 120 and 125 in college which is a lot of weight when your flipping through the air like a gymnast does. Which means only one thing...lethal thighs ;)

AlySep 24 2012 4:00pm
Do you not need strong arm strength as well, to be able to push yourself off spring boards and stuff? I didn't think it was all about leg strength. But what do I know.

salashaskaSep 24 2012 7:28pm
Yes, I can bench about 150, but my husband has a slight edge in upper body strength, but it's my leg strength that he can't handle

AlySep 25 2012 12:14pm
You must be able to get him to submit very quickly with your thighs of steel. I doubt any man would last long, if you're effortlessly able to break a watermelon.

salashaskaSep 25 2012 6:03pm
I wouldn't say it's effortless, but it's also not that hard either, I've never run into a guy who could take my power

AlySep 25 2012 9:27pm
salashaska - i am 5`5`.. Joe - i think almost every female can strangle a man.. yes it is har to break ribs, but i am sure i can do it

miss 25 inch thighsSep 26 2012 2:35am
Aly, I'd say it must be quite humiliating for any man to lose to a 5'2" girl. I thought this sort of thing only happened in films. It seems there are real life Xenia Onatopps. Lol. You are even much smaller than her. Miss 25 inch thighs, thanks. This is all very interesting stuff.

salashaskaSep 26 2012 2:40am
Maybe one of you ladies can do it to one of us. We can post the results. Talk is cheap. Lol

Screaming MercyOct 03 2012 8:08pm
How much pounds of pressure is necessary to break an human skull?

AlanOct 09 2012 9:02pm
A hell of a lot. Not even a crocodile can do it and they can deliver around 1500 pounds of pressure.

salashaskaOct 10 2012 12:47pm
It takes a lot less to choke a guy out or to break ribs ;)

AlyOct 11 2012 7:14pm
wow.. crushing a skull must be impossible.. i agree with aly

miss 25 inch thighsOct 17 2012 10:52am
Do you ladies know how much pounds of force you can generate with your thighs?

salashaskaOct 17 2012 11:57am

miss 25 inch thighsOct 22 2012 4:24am
I can max out our bathroom scale it goes to three hundred pounds, and I don't even have to squeeze 100%

AlyOct 23 2012 4:21pm
Can you choke a man out with one leg if you could coil it around his throat?

salashaskaOct 24 2012 12:00pm
Probably, my calves are 16" and rock hard, I'm pretty sure that if I got my Calvert muscle in the right spot I could flex it against his throat and choke him out with just one leg. I'll have to give that one a try tonight I'm geting hot just thinking about it

AlyOct 27 2012 8:43pm
"I'm getting hot just thinking about it" As am I ;)

salashaskaOct 28 2012 10:16am
i live with a sexy 5 foot 9 inch woman. i have been between her legs around my body and my neck. around my body she can cut off my air supply and i find it hard to breath. i think she could keep it up till i black out. she has twice blacked me out with her legs around my neck. take my word for it women legs can be very powerfull. and my lady has never been a gymnast. she grew up with legs like that. i dont need to tell you the fun we have. but i have learnt the hard way what her legs can do. don,t upset a woman with powerfull legs you will be sorry.

ronglsOct 31 2012 2:03am
so nobody answered the question then.

SidOct 31 2012 5:04am
I tried it last night, it was really hot, I scissored his body really hard until he was weakened so that he would resist, then I shoved he throat up behind m y knee, grabbed my foo and leaned back, he started choking a little, but was still able to breathe. So I started pumping my calf muscle hard against his throat, I was a gymnast so my calves are about 16" and hard has steel. He couldn't breathe, he was gasping and panicking, but no sound came out. Then his face started to turn grey and his eyes started to roll back a little, so I eased up and let him breathe. He said later that he felt like he was dying( lol, he always says the sweetest things). Anyway I made it worth his while, I kept him in that position, with less pressure and noticed a rock hard bulge in his pants which I started to rub In about a minute and a half he absolutely blasted off

AlyOct 31 2012 12:00pm
I was intending on giving out sexual advice, but I'm glad it worked.

salashaskaOct 31 2012 6:16pm

salashaskaOct 31 2012 6:23pm
Haha asked ;)

AlyNov 01 2012 6:50pm
Sorry, but I don't believe an human leg can exert a force above 3000 pounds. I suspect about some girls that can do almost 500 pounds, just imagine 3000! If you can do that power so you do not just break the skull but the whole guy!

AlanNov 09 2012 7:54am
I can leg press over 500, and that's prolly enough to break the whole

AlyNov 12 2012 4:30pm
Leg press isn't exactly pounds of pressure. Below an example of what I'm talking about. Fake or not, Kortney Olson is really strong.

AlanNov 19 2012 7:13pm
I know, but trust me I am definitely strong enough to crush most guys past their breaking point ;)

AlyNov 22 2012 8:20am
I would LOVE to see a huge strong girl with gargantuan thighs crush SEVERAL guys heads-HOTT

larryNov 27 2012 7:31am
Not a skull! My wifes legs are extremely powerful from 14yrs of horse back riding.She easily bodyscissors me into submission.Could knock me out with a headscissor but not crush a skull

AnonymousDec 01 2012 8:26pm
I love it when a bigger guy submits to my legs, it makes me very hot.

AlyDec 02 2012 7:45pm
So any watermelon isn't a challange for you. You can crack even the biggest and hardest ones, right? Why don't you make a vid that make all my distrust go away? It would be really hot.

AlanDec 04 2012 7:57am
I showed to this to my husband and he actually got a b***r just thinking about You guys are to easy to excite ;). Any way there might be a video coming soon I'll keep you guys posted

AlyDec 08 2012 4:20pm
True. Awaiting.

AlanDec 22 2012 7:24pm
women are awesome. drrms they are better than us guys at allmost everything! Way to go girls.

GregFeb 03 2013 1:17pm
Women are weak ;)

AnonymousFeb 13 2013 6:06pm
I measured a max of 333# with a scale. This out of a sample of about 250 women.

CrrrunchMar 12 2013 1:24pm
I had a scissor session with a 5'4", 134 lbs girl once. She squeezed extremely hard and only stopped because she got cramps. It's counter intuitative; I didn't expect a girl that small could crush that hard. It must be genetics.

Jameslevicote@gmail.comApr 04 2013 11:14am
@crrrunch, 333 was tha max you sampled?? I just tried it out on my weighing scale and got 397 :3 I'm sure my scale isn't damaged! Lol.

27inch thigh girl :3Jun 13 2013 12:19pm
I don't think you squeezed 397. The absolute max is likely 370 or so. The very strongest FBB. There were 10-15 that did 300 to 315.

CrrrunchJul 06 2013 4:55pm
I don't think 397 is entirely impossible, there used to be a video of a girl squeezing 400+. It's on dailymotion long time back I think.

Hello yosJul 07 2013 8:12am
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BCSxANhbFPPLqFBuSep 24 2013 7:43am
I had a rather frail Barbie-like girl crush my neck with her calves once while I was carrying her on my shoulders in a pool during a chicken fight. I could not get out no matter how hard i tugged and pulled. Her thighs and calves were like pythons and how her rock hard calve and thigh muscles felt under her soft delicate tan skin felt so good. Afterward I was forced to ice the bruises on her skin from where I was grabbing during my struggle. She seemed to be turned on by it and after taunting me to spar her we ended up dating for several months after that with many night of me waking up with her on my chest after a late night of her crushing me with various head and bodyscissors. She can kick too and isn't afraid to fight when necessary. If anyone hurts her I'll kill him. She is tough and enjoys inflicting pain with her body but she is the sweetest girl I know. :)

Al HendrixSep 27 2013 5:56pm
None of this is true! Ihave never heard such a bunch of bull crap.

AnonymousOct 08 2013 10:58am
A skull wouldn't get crushed under those thighs, but there are women who can squeeze out 400lbs and above. These ladies are mostly powerlifters instead of bodybuilders though.

AnonymousOct 15 2013 10:41am
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Amazing reading Aly. Have you ever tried mixing your leg power...with a martial art ??

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lgwencSERQqnVvLSPWDec 15 2013 9:22am
Well search about a woman who call "KARLA NELSON" she is a bodybuilding woman and she got some biggest strong thighs and if you search about her videos you gonna to found some where she crush man like he is just a doll

AnonymousDec 25 2013 9:53am
@aly i also don't trust you if you are right so why you don't do a video when you show us your muscles and how you do to your husband. I see some girls whom really supernaaturel and they can to crush men so easly but the got some incredible legs

AnonymousDec 25 2013 10:53am
First of all: Any woman(ANY) can choke out just about any man- even if she's only avg in leg strength - if she is pitting legs vs neck. Any fool can see that. Now, where "bodyscissors"are involved....the only way a female (and I don't care who she is) could EVERRRR hurt a man with her legs around his midsection is if she is akin to one of the behemoth Olympic shot putters and he is an anorexic Hindu priest! Women simply don't have ANYWHERE near that kind of leg power, period. And all this BS talk on this joke board where some woman is pretending to be somebody's husband is hilarious. Most men- if you offered them $1,000 dollars to last 1 minute with any 2(TWO) women bodyscissoring them would have absolutely NO trouble!

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NfFGNWsAmFeb 28 4:46am
I'm a very cute little petite built male prettyboy fetish model. I'm 24. 5.6 inches tall 118 lbs. I have cute tan little 18.8 inch thighs. 11.8 inch biceps. I can bench 115. Legpress 215. Squeeze a scale inbetween my cute tan little thighs and get it up to 198. Lbs. I love to bidyscissor. I'm little Lenny. Text me at. 614-354-8735. Blushes.

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Anyone in Naples, FL want to scissor me?

AnonymousMar 22 6:53pm
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fgfbDkiThkmApr 01 6:53am
AJ, yeah that makes sense. It's one thing to be able to break a melon but a person's torso is going to be much bigger than a melon and much harder for woman to grasp with their legs. I reckon a woman simply strangling a man with her arms is the most practical way to do damage.

JoeApr 22 6:33pm
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VBfYocmjtwraKogMay 11 11:14pm
i did not like my scull breaking in bits like the last time so i wil not be having it done again

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TUtveGMqJun 18 7:56am
@Aly I want you to put me in a headscissor and do the same thing you did to your husband. About the calf muscle in the throat thing. Email me @

mrrangerJun 30 11:47am
I can escape any woman's headscissors. If you want to attempt to put me in my place, message me.

mrrangerJul 03 9:54am
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BOGObbFOPJul 03 2:33pm
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