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Do athletes in school tend to be rude to peers and even teachers?

Question: and most of the athletes I've seen in school were preps and jocks..
Created by: rude at 09:58:03 PM, Friday, August 26, 2011 PDT


when they are female jocks that are stronger and have better muscles than the males in school!

anonymousAug 31 2011 3:30pm

i have seen female jocks intimate teachers and male students!

anonymousAug 31 2011 4:34pm
I thought about turning this into a Femdom area, decided it would be inappropriate but now that the above two posters have opened the door---When I was in high school there was this fearsomely muscled Female athlete, close cropped blonde hair, strong thighs broad shoulders, a perpetually sun tanned look. I wanted Her to be rude to me,to take me as Her slave and to use Her tennis racket (She played on the boys tennis team) on my behind if I disobeyed Her. This was the early 1970's and I had no idea others shared my fantasies so not too much ever came of it. I tried to talk to Her and She treated me somewhat disdainfully which only made me more eager to serve Her. I never saw Her after graduation but there are some similarities in Wife/Mistress's physique so I guess that image always stayed with me.

obedient husbandSep 09 2011 5:18pm
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