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Girls how big your biceps compared with your friends, brothers and fathers?

Question: Write your own size, and the one with whom to compare.
Created by: Tionis of hell at 07:11:11 PM, Monday, September 12, 2011 PDT


My boyfriend biceps 12 1 / 4 inches, my 13 3 / 4.

KattSep 13 2011 2:48am

Woow Katt thats in cm almost 35.Thats big.What is your age?

dunjaSep 13 2011 2:50am
I'm now 15, will be 16 next month

KattSep 13 2011 3:06am
Then you have big biceps for your age.Do you lift weights? And How much can you lift over your head? Did you ever lift your boyfriend?

dunjaSep 13 2011 3:42am
I just pull up every day.

KattSep 13 2011 4:12am
And you get 13 3/4 inch biceps just doing that? Impressive.

dunjaSep 13 2011 4:54am
Perhaps the case in genetics. And what about you dunja, what is the size of your biceps?

KattSep 13 2011 5:04am
I haven't measured yet,but soon will.I use the name dunja because it's the name of my dog who passed fact I am a male of 29.Hope that my name didn't give you the impression that I was a female.If so, I am sorry. I will measure it soon if I can find something to do it with.

dunjaSep 13 2011 5:59am
My biceps 13 1 / 2", my brother 10"

RoxySep 13 2011 8:01am
How old are you Roxy?

seaverSep 13 2011 8:10am
seaver 16

RoxySep 13 2011 10:13am
seaver 16

RoxySep 13 2011 10:15am
Then you have big biceps for your age.Do you lift a lot?

seaverSep 13 2011 10:29am
Hey Katt I measured my bicep and it's between 13 3/4 and 14 inches.Yours are 13 3/4 but you are only 15 and I am 29.So yours is bigger,because yours can grow and mine not I think.

dunjaSep 13 2011 10:31am
The reason teen age girls are getting bigger biceps is they are enjoying lifting weights and the boys are getting too lazy.In the gyms and health clubs i work out in.there are more teen age girl then boys lifting an adult male i think its great that you girls want to get bigger and stronger.what do you girls do to make your biceps big?

jonathanSep 13 2011 10:54am
I was a competitive swimmer since I was 8 years old and by 12 years old my arms and shoulders were bigger than my father. I now play basketball and our sports program has both strength training and bodybuilding at school. My biceps are 14 1/2 inches flexed and I'm 5'10" tall at 165 lbs. My mother measured my father flexing and his bicep is 12 1/4 inches. I like to flex in the mirror and can see my muscles are developing and if my muscles continue to grow at the same rate, I will have 15 inch biceps by year end. My mother has me flex next to my father and gets pretty excited when she sees I've become so strong! My muscles are bigger than a lot of men but I like being strong and would like to get as strong as I can! I'm Now doing push ups and pull ups at home and even I'm surprised at my strength and how fast I get stronger! Flexing in the mirror is so much fun because now I and see all of my muscles and how easy they pump up and become striated and how I can make them roll and ripple! I now have a boyfriend who likes to feel my muscles and can't keep his hands off! I'm stronger than him and he's ok with it!

DebrahSep 13 2011 11:13am
Debrah wow, you're really cool =)

RoxySep 13 2011 11:18am
Woow Debrah,your biceps are much bigger then mine and I am 29.As your biceps are 15 at the end of the year they will be more then 1 inch bigger then mine. What is your age?

DunjaSep 13 2011 11:26am
girls, is it a real turn-on for you to know you have bigger and stronger muscles than your boyfriend,brother or father?

jonathanSep 13 2011 11:30am
I now know the size of the biceps of my father, it turns out I was the strongest in my family !

RoxySep 13 2011 12:05pm
THAT MIDDLE AGE WOMAN HAS BIG GUNS! Bigger than mine. I'm half her age.

AnonymousSep 13 2011 12:07pm
Roxy, how big are your biceps?

jonathanSep 13 2011 12:18pm
jonathan 13 1 / 2"

RoxySep 13 2011 12:19pm
Roxy,what do you do to make them 13 1/2 ?

jonathanSep 13 2011 12:26pm
jonathan I use the weights

RoxySep 13 2011 12:35pm
Hi Debra, your biceps are 14 1/2 inches?They are bigger then mine.You are a girl of 15? I am a male of 59.Your biceps can grow more while mine don't.Do you lift weights?Have you ever lifted your father or brother high over your head?with biceps of 14 1/2 inch you must be able to do so.

seaverSep 13 2011 12:37pm
Roxy, how much do you lift? i see quite of few young girls working out in the gyms i work out in and its amazing the heavy weights you girls are lifting. there a lot of men i see couldn't lift what there you girls are lifting! how strong are your legs such leg presses or squatting?

jonathanSep 13 2011 12:45pm
I am the coach at home. I use weights to 25 lb

RoxySep 13 2011 12:51pm
Roxy, that's cool! have ever wrestled your brother?

jonathanSep 13 2011 12:53pm
no, but I can not dare to invite him to arm wrestling :(

RoxySep 13 2011 12:58pm
Roxy, why not? challenge him with money or chores?and as you keep working out your muscles will get bigger and stronger than your brother!

jonathanSep 13 2011 1:04pm
I understand it, I know that his bicep is only 10 inches. I really want to arm wrestling with him, but cannot imagine trump to ask.

RoxySep 13 2011 1:12pm
Roxy, just make your brother watch you lift weights and keep flexing in front of him and tell him he is weak little boy! and just watch his eyes come out his eyes!

jonathanSep 13 2011 1:18pm
I can not do that, but I'll try to ask him today or tomorrow. By the way 13 1 / 2 " is much stronger than the 10" ?

RoxySep 13 2011 1:28pm
Roxy,always be proud of your muscles and strength and let nobody tell you different!

jonathanSep 13 2011 2:29pm
girls, is it more satisfying to have bigger muscles and know you are stronger than all members of your family?

jonathanSep 13 2011 2:59pm
Roxy as your biceps are 3 1/2 inch bigger than those of your brother you will not beat him but destroy him.

seaverSep 13 2011 3:04pm
seaver, i don't know if these girls are proud of the muscle and strength or more embarrassed about it?

jonathanSep 13 2011 3:08pm
If I was a girl I would be proud if I had big muscles.First you never have to be afraid of abusive boys/man.And second it gives them more self-confidence and third girls with muscles are beautiful.

seaverSep 13 2011 3:19pm
I asked my brother about arm wrestling! He agreed!

RoxySep 13 2011 3:28pm
Seave, i agree with you about girls are beautiful with muscles and yes the women do get self-confidence when they know they are physically stronger than us men.and i agree if more women lifted weights to get strong and muscular there would be less women getting abused!

jonathanSep 13 2011 3:30pm
Roxy, what are the stakes on the arm wrestling match and will your brother be embarrassed when you beat him?

jonathanSep 13 2011 3:33pm
and Roxy, when you beat him you should flex your strong biceps and have him feel it!

jonathanSep 13 2011 3:35pm
Great Roxy.Let us know how it endet.I know that you will humiliate your brother with your strength.To humiliate him even more you could lift him to show him how much stronger you are.

seaverSep 13 2011 3:41pm
Roxy,but,you know if you were my sister i would be very proud that you are very strong and muscular!

jonathanSep 13 2011 3:46pm
Roxy,are you proud of your biceps and physical strength?

jonathanSep 13 2011 4:03pm
Roxy if you were my sister I would be real proud if you could lift me over your head.

seaverSep 13 2011 4:16pm
I won! We tried six times and each time I won! He was so weak that I almost could not feel his strength. During the match I watched on our biceps, it was so small compared to mine, and every time I won quickly and it seemed to me that my biceps grew more! After this, we measured the hands, it was 10 inches, but mine has increased to almost 14 inches!

RoxySep 13 2011 4:24pm
Roxy,if there is a next time you arm wrestle your brother just go slowly and see he can never put your arm down. you should just let him feel your great strength!

jonathanSep 13 2011 4:28pm
girls,what got you to want to have bigger biceps and be physically stronger than brothers,boyfriends or other male members of your family? and now that you have bigger biceps and physically stronger how do you feel?

jonathanSep 13 2011 4:55pm
Did you try to lift him Roxy?With 14 inch biceps you can do it.

seaverSep 13 2011 9:32pm
Me and my hubby started to lift weights together when we were 40. I was a little bit bigger and heavier than him then having a more powerful bone structure. Biceps were about the same then, 11,5 inches. Not much to brag about. It turned out I had the better genetics for building muscle. We both got stronger but my muscles grow rather quickly while his almost stayed the same. They got harder and stronger but not bigger. After about 2 years of getting to the gym 3 times a week I added another day while he due to his work load was 1-2 times a week. I then had 13 inches biceps and his were still 11,5 or a bit more. We are now 45 and my biceps are 14 inches, his were almost 12 for a while but ar back to 11,5 again. I am over all much more muscular than him, my legs are a lot bigger, my thigh muscles are really big with hard big pillars of muscle on the side. His are very slim, almost like a woman's legs. And yes, I am stronger, a lot stronger now. We were of equal strength in our upper bodies when we started to lift while I was already then much stronger in my lower. I think many women could get muscular if they lifted heavy for strength.

Anna BSep 13 2011 11:28pm
Girls,are you embarrassed that you the strongest and more muscular member of your family? or do you take great pride that you are?

jonathanSep 14 2011 8:42am
Anna B, you say you got very strong and powerful legs? have ever wrestled your husband and put him in a scissors hold?

jonathanSep 14 2011 8:59am
Hey Anna B you have big biceps and I admire you that you still work out hard.

seaverSep 14 2011 9:47am
seaver, what would do if you had a wife like Anna B? and she was bigger and stronger than you and could make you do what ever she likes?

jonathanSep 14 2011 10:06am
I play high school softball and we lift weights constantly! This is my third year in sports and I've become more muscular than both of my brothers especially my legs but even my upper body is more athletic and muscular. At first I was embarrassed by my size and all, I was also teased by my brothers and even my father would make embarrassing comments like "don't you think your getting a little to heavy?" and "tomboy" and "you're like a bull in a china shop" after I pushed my brother in an argument and he broke a shelf he fell on. I began to think that if my brothers were as strong as me and muscular, my father would praise them but me being a girl, he is put off by it. Now I can see my skinny brothers are in fact jealous, I can see how well built bodybuilders are and how similar my build has become as my muscles look so much like bodybuilders because for three years that is what we did in the gym, my coach was a bodybuilder (a woman) who knew how to build strength and muscle. I have bigger muscle than my dad so I know I'm stronger and I think he knows this now because he's watched me beat my brothers at armwrestling and pin them wrestling. I've changed and do not let their comments hurt me and now enjoy being the strongest and even flexing in front of my father to see his eyes when he realizes how much stronger I really am! My coach recomended creatin and whey protein and it's amazing to actually see your muscles get bigger and bigger so fast! I have measured my biceps after an arm workout and really pumped to 15" and I know that is very big as my brothers are about 11" and my dad about 12" so I look really big next to them! I know it sounds hard to believe a girl would become more muscular than her father and brothers but three years of pumping iron and playing softball plus nutrition designed to build muscles does work! I think this cultural change shocks my father and it's hard for him to except that a girl would be the stronger sex and the strongest in the family. I can see the psychological effects it has had and now I use it around the house, in effect I dominate. I can see it in their eyes and like to flex so they can see whos stronger. Men are very visual and I can tell it effects them in strange ways. My younger brothe now asks me to flex and feels my muscles while my older brother is afraid. My father is afraid of me now.

LeahSep 14 2011 10:34am
Leah, i think thats great as a male! you should be proud of your strength and muscles.i see all the time these days were young women are lifting heavy weights and the men are getting weaker. so,what gives you more pleasure being the strongest and most muscular member of your family and there is nothing the men in your family can not do a thing to stop you?

jonathanSep 14 2011 10:42am
Leah, how strong are you? i mean how much do you bench press,how much can you lift over your head,bicep curls and strong are your legs such as squats and leg press?

jonathanSep 14 2011 10:52am
Girls, in your family? it is harder for your brothers or fathers to accept that you are the strongest and most muscular member of your family? and how does your father react to you when you flex your bigger and more powerful biceps knowing yours is?

jonathanSep 14 2011 12:09pm
he Jonathan if I had a wife like Anna B I would lose some weight and ask her to lift me over her head.I love women who look like women, but with muscles.

seaverSep 14 2011 12:25pm
He Anna Bhow much do you lift?Did you ever lift your husband high over your head?

seaverSep 14 2011 12:27pm
Seaver, what if Anna B. instead put you in backbreaker and decides to snap your back or put you in a bear hug and crushed your ribs? sometimes you don't get what you want!

jonathanSep 14 2011 12:31pm
Girls,what are your favorite wrestling hold you like to apply on your boyfriend,brothers or even your father?

jonathanSep 14 2011 12:39pm
Jonathan, the backbreaker is not what I would like.I have no problem with the backbreaker but snapping my back is not a thing I would enjoy.crushing me in a bear hug and break some ribs is okay with me.

seaverSep 14 2011 1:30pm
seaver,if you are really interested finding a strong ad muscular female to lift you over her head? go to a gym or health club and i am sure you could find what you are looking for!

jonathanSep 14 2011 2:00pm
Don't think so Jonathan,because i am a heavy guy.I am over 225lbs and that weight you don't lift easely

seaverSep 14 2011 2:21pm
Hey Jonathan is your name a combination from some different names?

seaverSep 14 2011 2:22pm
Seaver, just jonathan! and yes i have seen female weight lifters lifting heavier man than you over their heads! i don't know if you watched the last Summer Olympics? but,there were women of all countries lifting heavier weights than you over head!

jonathanSep 14 2011 2:35pm
Girls, what do your biceps look like when flexing them? softball,baseball,apples or something else?

jonathanSep 14 2011 2:37pm
I know Jonathan,but lifting a barbell or a body is different.I think that lifting a barbell of 240lbs is easier then lifting a body of 240lbs.Don't know how you can calculate how much body you can lift if you lift a 240lbs barbell.

seaverSep 14 2011 2:43pm
Seaver, lifting a weight over head is a lot more difficult than lifting a male over head! as long as you don't mind were the female is going to grab as she is lifting you over head?

jonathanSep 14 2011 2:53pm
Is that so Jonathan?I didn't know.I don't mind were they grab me to lift me.

seaverSep 14 2011 2:59pm
Seaver, just go up on YouTube and you can see all kinds of strong females lifting males over head!

jonathanSep 14 2011 3:02pm
Seaver,you ever hear of a guy named OJ.Heller? he has a big collection of photos,and other things about strong powerful woman. from circus to other things and there use to be strong women instead strong men traveling with them!

jonathanSep 14 2011 3:11pm
Yes I heard about O.J.Heller.I've seen pictures of him.

deaverSep 14 2011 3:18pm
Yes I heard about O.J.Heller.I've seen pictures of him. sorry,but i wrote my name wrong I wrote deaver instead of seaver

seaverSep 14 2011 3:25pm
you should check out O.J.heller! i am sure you will find what you are looking for. they have women bending metal bars and if you ever go to Germany they have mixed wrestling clubs and also in England!

jonathanSep 14 2011 3:27pm
Hey Jonathan, do you lift weights yourself.And if so, how much did you lift?

seaverSep 14 2011 3:28pm
seaver, i have been lifting weights for about 40 years! when i was in high school i was very small for my age and would get pick on by high school boys and even the girls and i also join the wrestling team. i am 55 years old and weigh about 160 these days and i am still lifting. i really don't know these days what my lifting limit is.

jonathanSep 14 2011 3:46pm
I am 59 and I have never lift a weight in my life.I am just a lazy guy.Thats why I weigh 225lbs now.Years back I was 264lbs and I stopped drinking.Then I got my weight down to 176 22 years ago and now I am 225 lbs again.

seaverSep 14 2011 4:02pm
Seaver, you should try and join a gym or health club and start getting in shape! if you do find a women to lift you over head? you don't want to have a heart attack?

jonathanSep 14 2011 4:08pm
You are right Jonathan.I think i will gdo that.Thanks for the suggestion.

seaverSep 14 2011 4:14pm
seaver, besides you don't to want to have female with bigger biceps also giving a heart attack?

jonathanSep 14 2011 4:20pm
Anonymous, are you male or female that feel that school girls have better muscle developement than boys? i agree with you!

jonathanSep 14 2011 5:09pm
I'm a boy. Girls are becoming more muscular than boys. Girls have weight training at school and like other classes they work harder than boys. I have seen girls in the gym and how their muscles look. Most boys have thin arms and legs and the girls have thick muscles and get stronger faster. Boys do not have big thighs and calves like girls, the girls muscles grow fast and have stronger legs. Some girls have unusually wide shoulders and are stronger than boys. Girls have bigger muscles. Even when the boy is taller. Some of the girls muscles have gotten bigger that sit in my class in math. I can tell when they have been to the gym. Their muscles are bigger and sometimes they will continue to sweat. The girls muscles look swollen and much bigger after gym. Girls are into sports and are getting stronger. They will even fight a boy now and beat him up.

AnonymousSep 14 2011 5:57pm
Anonymous,when i was your age i was very small for my size althrough high school and because of my small height i was pick on by girl whom were bigger than me.i got tired of that and started weight lifting and joined the wrestling team! and back then there were strong girl but,not like is today! the girls are more advance in weight lifting and have bigger muscles.but, for me i have been lifting weights for about 40 years and are amazed at the strength and the muscular size of the school girls you speak of! all i can say if you are intimated and scared of the girls in your school? start going to the gym!

jonathanSep 14 2011 6:33pm
Many girls want badly to go to college on sports scholarships and they are into sports and are taught that they must be as strong as possible to be competitive. I'm not kidding you, the girls will workout like bodybuilders and many are starting to have bodybuilder muscles! A girl sitting right in front of me in a class plays basketball. Her shoulders and back kept getting wider and wider and her muscles a lot bigger! She is bigger than me now in one year! Her biceps are bigger than most all boys and she grew so much my eyes are at her shoulder level now. I had teased her and called her names in the past and I'm sorry I had done that. She's very good looking but so big! Her calves are as big as my thighs and even teachers look small next to her! She's a basketball star. She's outgrown me.

AnonymousSep 14 2011 7:19pm
According to men's health, the average male biceps flexed is 12 inches. I workout and my biceps flexed are 14 1/2 rock hard inches!

JanetSep 14 2011 7:37pm
Jonathan and Seaver, I am a lot older than either of you. I have always been small, but also have always admired muscular women. when I was in HS, I knew a few muscular girls, but in those days, such girls were looked down upon. I was ashamed that i sort of went with the crowd. eventually, i dated a girl who was stronger than me. We had a lot of fun, but never serious. Her legs were very powerful and she could push me all over the lot with ease. I loved it. I was strong, but not a wimp. I worked in construction for many years and could always lift more than many larger guys that i worked with. In those way back days, girls were embarrassed if they had muscles. I have wished it was the way it is now when i was growing up.

ObservingSep 15 2011 12:53am
How old are you Observing?

seaverSep 15 2011 1:52am
As I am sitting in the bus and those schoolgirls come in.Girls from14 up to 20, then I often see as they fix their hair or do something else were they have to use there arms by,then I see often their arms grow bigger because of the muscles they already have.Not all girls ,but a lot have already big biceps.Glad I am not their dad ,because if I wanna say something they don't like they might beat me up.

gethewilSep 15 2011 8:12am
He Gethewil, you are right what you write about the arms, but how about the legs?I've been walking around the streets and see those teen girls you mention,between 14 and 20, walk by in their jeans.Most of the girls have big legs.As I compare those legs with the legs of teen boys and adult man then I must say that the girl's legs are much bigger.So the legs of teen girls are stronger then those of the teen boys or adult males.If a teen girl would get in a fight with a boy or adult man and she gets her legs around their body the boy and adult males are lost.Fortunately for us males the girls don't know it yet that their legs can destroy even adult males.If they find out that they have stronger legs and sometimes stronger arms they can control their homes and the schools,because then nobody ,even the teachers can stop them. And I don't mean all girls,but just the girls with the big strong legs.

seaverSep 15 2011 9:06am
Janet, my muscles are around 17-18 inch so as average my won't qualify as most men?

jonathanSep 15 2011 11:12am
Girls, what do you like the most of having bigger biceps and stronger muscles then the boys or even grown men?

jonathanSep 15 2011 12:44pm
Jonathan.Do you have biceps of 17/18 inch?I have biceps of hardly 14 inches.That means that yours are 4 inches bigger.they must look gigantic.

seaverSep 15 2011 3:23pm
Seaver, yes my biceps are between 17-18 inch. so,i appreciate it and admirer young girls or teen age girls that have also big biceps!

jonathanSep 15 2011 3:35pm
Girls, how do you feel there is much interest and admiration for you developing impressive biceps among use men?

jonathanSep 15 2011 3:39pm
Anonymous, i don't care about studies on why teen age girls are stronger than boys. i see it at the gyms and health clubs i work out in.i see teen age girls lifting heavier weights than boys are doing. so it is no surprise to me what is happening!

jonathanSep 15 2011 4:17pm
This was pointed out on another webpage on likelike. It does make me wonder if that has anything to do with the fact girls are becoming stronger than boys. I'm not sure but the strength gap is closing. I'm stronger than most guys I know.

JanSep 15 2011 5:39pm
Jan, i am as a male wish there were more women like you that want to be strong and muscular. my belief is if more women worked out with weights and got bigger muscles and stronger there would less women abuse! i just wish it not take you girls this long to want to become strong and muscular!

jonathanSep 15 2011 5:55pm
Jan, so how stronger are you and have you ever used your strength in wrestling a man?

jonathanSep 15 2011 5:58pm
I have suspected teen girls using steroids because I know girls at school who are in sports and quickly get muscular. I really don't know but the girls are muscular and even my girlfriend is in track and is now more muscular than me. She sprints but her shoulders and arms are bigger than mine from weight lifting. She lifts weights almost every day and has developed big muscles. But she is very anti drug use so I don't think my girlfriend would do that. Her muscles are so big I had worried she did drugs and when I asked her she called me a jerk! Then threttened to beat the f**K out of me! 'how dare you... I should just beat the f**K out of you!' She's ripped like a bodybuilder and bigger than me! What am I supposed to think? She's going to college in track anyway so more power to her.

PhilSep 15 2011 6:00pm
Phil, that's a lame excuse for the fact that girls outwork boys in school and that includes in the gym. Go wrestle your girlfiend and get a dose of truth. She earned and payed for her muscles, you should test yours against her.

JanSep 15 2011 6:05pm
Phil, thats because when a woman like your girl friend needs to appreciated on how she is developing her strength and muscular body. and men like you feel intimidated of her strong body and muscles.So, how strong is your girlfriend and how big are her biceps?

jonathanSep 15 2011 6:09pm
I would say I'm 50% stronger than the average man. I regularly bench 150 - 175 pounds for sets.

JanSep 15 2011 6:11pm
Phil, if you don't watch out your girlfriend will make you her BITCH!

jonathanSep 15 2011 6:11pm
Jan , thats impressive that you can bench 150-175 pounds for sets! so, whats your size such as height and weight?and how strong are your legs?

jonathanSep 15 2011 6:14pm
Maybe I over reacted or I'm sort of intimidated by my girlfriend. Her biceps are almost 15" and she's 6' tall. She grew so fast in the last year that she is much bigger than me. She says she loves me. I'm 5'9" tall and we were the same height. She's gained weight and it's muscle maybe 30 lbs. at the same time she has little fat if any. She is ripped. I envy her body I know.

PhilSep 15 2011 6:20pm
Phil, you should be encouraging your girlfriend and be her biggest fan.but, probably one day you will say the wrong thing and your girlfriend is going to crush you to dust!

jonathanSep 15 2011 6:32pm
I love tall girls with big biceps,so as my girlfriend had 15 inch biceps and was 6feet tall, I'd admire her.In high heels she would be taller then me.(6ft1)

seaverSep 15 2011 9:28pm
Jonathan & Seaver, you think I should encourage her to get stronger? Be her biggest fan? Do you think that would help our relationship? I love her and want her to be happy, she is happy strength training and when I don't show encouragment she gets moody. Maybe you are right. I feel inferior and less manly when she has better muscles. I will try seeing things fromher view and she asked me if her being bigger than me bothered me? I said no but it does, she smilled so big and said good. I should act on that and enjoy her bigger strong build? She is beautiful. Men stare at her at the time and her legs make men turn heads. She looks good in high heals but is muscular. Men seem to like that. I'm trying to get used to it but can't. We've been together for 4 years when I was bigger than her. If she suspects her being to big for me, she cries. If you like big muscles on girls she's the one. Track star sprinter and solid muscle. I just feel funny next to her now, should I relax and enjoy the bigger girl? I admitt I have some hidden attraction to her muscles but feel wierd about it. Like it is a strange fetish. She wants to flex for me but I tell her no. I'm ashamed that she is better built. I'm probably wrong to treat her that way and should just try to enjoy her muscular body. Would you do that or seggest I try it? Maybe I'm old fashion and looking at it that way.

PhilSep 15 2011 11:45pm
You are right I should THINK about what I say to her. She is sensitive but also so big and strong. I will try encouragement. I really have not encouraged her now that you point it out. Everyone wants that and she actually deserves it. I used the steroid comment to hurt her because of envy. As a man I do not have muscles so developed as her. Please give me some advice when i think about how she treats me I know she loves me. I will miss her when she goes to college.

PhilSep 15 2011 11:57pm
Jonathan, Let's just say I have been 39 longer than i wasn't. When i grew up, I did know a few very strong girls, but they kept their strength a secret. I guy who liked strong muscular girls/women was considered to be queer or a freak. I did date two different girls who were stronger than me. One had three brothers, all much bigger than me who I could whip in a wrestling match any time. I got to fooling with her one nite and she pinned me to the side on my car so I could not move. She stopped seeing me because she was stronger. Another girl I took out had tree stump legs and could push me around at will. Her brother was over 200# to her 130 and she could push him around. We had some great times but I had to go in the service. I never saw her again. I have often thought about her tho.

ObservingSep 16 2011 1:15am
I don't know what advice I must give Phil.I've never been in such situation myself.If my girlfriend was bigger then me I'd love it,but yeah I like big,strong females.

seaverSep 16 2011 3:04am
There is not much going on here.mostly males who send messages.We had Liza,Jacqui,Jan,Leah and Annie, if that are females?we don't know.Bit if so , they write a few things and thats it.What am I saying? It's not a message board.So forget what I wrote. Roxy and Jacqui have you had another fight with your brothers? Leah did you armwrestle with your dad and did you beat him? Annie ,for a 14 yeqar old girl you are awesome strong.Lifting your brother of 120 lbs over your head.I can't do that, thats for sure.Have you lift other persons then your brother? Its amazing that you, Annie , have 16 inch biceps.bigger then most adult males.I think you easely can beat up males if you wanted to. Jan and Liza you arte really strong too, I think.

seaverSep 16 2011 9:53am
Phil, you should love your girlfriend no matter how bigger and stronger she gets.If i had your girlfriend i would love her flexing her muscles for me.i would worship her and her strong muscular body.just because you are smaller than your girlfriend. maybe thats why she loves you.

jonathanSep 16 2011 11:17am
Seaver, i would also love hearing from Liza,Jacqui,Jan,Leah,Annie and Roxy! i love hearing about their muscles and great strength!

jonathanSep 16 2011 11:30am
Phil, if you don't start appreciating your girlfriends muscles and great strength she is going to find some one else that admires and appreciate her when she goes off to college.and you will lose her!

jonathanSep 16 2011 11:50am
Sad they don't write her to hear the stories about their strength

seaverSep 16 2011 12:03pm
Seaver, you are right it is sad the girls don't want to tell us about their muscles and great strength. i thought girls love telling about their muscles and great strength!

jonathanSep 16 2011 12:16pm
You are right Jonathan.I would love to hear those stories.

seaverSep 16 2011 1:23pm
Seaver, you thing there is any chance we will hear about the girls muscles and strength?

jonathanSep 16 2011 1:34pm
Don't think so.They first tell us how strong they are ad then they don't tell anythng at all.I hope it's because it's almost weekend.Hope they will continue with their messages.

seaverSep 16 2011 1:43pm
Guys, i don't understand why you are so scared of your muscular sister or girlfriend? To me they deserve respect and admiration!

jonathanSep 16 2011 2:18pm
You must not have a sister Jonathan. My sister is obsessed with exercising and workouts has a body like a jock and will beat up on me just because it's MORE workout! She watches ultimate fighting all the time and then wants to kick my ass! She's strong and nuts!

NateSep 17 2011 12:57am
If that is your sister,which I doubt because Nate didn't sen it but Anonymous,then it's the woman of my dreams.i love them this way.Beautiful face,big boobs ,big strong arms and big legs.Looking at the picture I think it's taken in Greece. Nat can you tell if that's your sister or is it a picture from someone you don't know.Anyway it is the woman of my dreams.

seaverSep 17 2011 4:31am
hello...a lot of strong woman here:)) i have 13.5 inch biceps..all woman have big here:) hehe i am male 24.

firemanSep 17 2011 7:44am
Nate, i have an older sister but nothing like what you have! i would have loved having a sister like you have.if i had a sister that was into getting strong and muscular. it would inspire me to train also. i might never match her strength or muscles.thats okay with me.and i think its great what your sister is doing.i wish there were more like her and there probably less women abuse.

jonathanSep 17 2011 8:19am
Jan, i enjoy your strong point a view on women's superior muscles and strength to men these days! so,how long have been lifting weights and how long did it take to realize we men are the weaker sex?

jonathanSep 17 2011 8:30am
Girls, just because you have bigger biceps than your brother,boyfriend,father or other male partners do you really believe that you are stronger then them?

jonathanSep 17 2011 10:15am
Jonathan, this is why we are stronger... Jonathan, you say "just because a girl has bigger muscles, does it really make them strong?" that may be a true state but the fact is in general the bigger your muscles the stronger you are. The fact is there is no difference in male and female muscle, muscle is muscle but female muscle has more endurance and is less likely to become injured, strained, or torn. Medical science has revealed why. Estrogen protects muscle from tearing. During a contraction not all muscle fiber actually contracts to produce power. In men much of the fiber is scar tissue that no longer contracts and this is the results of muscle fiber tearing and in men about 80% of the fiber contracts. In women because the muscle are protected by estrogen, there is far less scar tissue and far more active muscle fiber that contracts producing power. So when comparing male to female muscle of equal size, the female muscle can have greater strength because a higher percentage of muscle fiber is contracting. The female muscle pound for pound can be stronger for this reason. A man usually must have a size advantage to be stronger. Of course a small er man in better shape can be stronger but we are talking about the facts and what they mean in general. Obviously if both male and female muscle is equal in size and condition but 80% of the muscle fiber contracts in male muscle but 90% in female, the female would be stronger. Sinse this is how it really is, the female muscle is stronger. The real reason women often beat men at armwrestling even when he is bigger is 1. More muscle fiber contracting. 2. Girls usuall have shorter limbs, this increases leverage and results in more strength. For example if the girl's forearm is 2 inches shorter than the man, it requires less muscle force to produce the same pulling power. Now if the girl has the shorter arm and bigger muscles the power advantage will be much much greater because of three things. More muscle mass, greater leverage, more active muscle fiber. Do you understand? This is what every day people are finding out. This is one reason why most polls favor girls as the stronger sex. In real life men and women find this out when comparing strength. Also women are working out and increasing their strength. It is not uncommon for girls to double their strength when training which passes the strength level of average men. These are facts.

JanSep 17 2011 11:58am
When I was young and wrestled my brother and other boys, I could feel their strength level and knew I was stronger as my arms controled and overpowered there arms. If Iwas the weaker sex, why weren't the boys stronger than me? That's what I began to think at about 12 years old. I notice boys muscles were not as thick and not as hard when flexed as mine and other girls. Also as girls like me got into sports we grew bigger and bigger and when boys started to catch up in later teen years many girls have devoloped so much that the girls maintian the advantage. Espesially when girls continue after several years of training in high school. By the time girls enter collage sports most are much stronger than the average man.

JanSep 17 2011 12:09pm
College sports requires years of training in the gym. pound for pound girls muscles are stronger than average men once the girl is in college sports.

JanSep 17 2011 12:12pm
Jan, i believe you on the males today. there are weak and have no muscles and you women do. My belief about men these days they want muscles and strength now and when it does not happen they either quit or start doing Steriods or takr growth hormones or something and you girls just keep at it.

jonathanSep 17 2011 12:20pm
Jan, when you work out and lifting weights and the men around you see that you are stronger and have bigger muscles then them how do they react to you?

jonathanSep 17 2011 12:28pm
Jan, i just like to hear from other girls and their experience with bigger muscles and great strength! and whats it like for them.

jonathanSep 17 2011 1:26pm
You are right Jan, a lot of man still refuse to see that a lot of girls and women are stronger then man.If the teen girls would know how strong they can get more girls will go to the gym to work out. I have no problem that girls/women are becoming stronger,in fact I love it.Some man think that because they are man they are stronger,but they are wrong.I think if teen girl would go more to the gym soon they would be the boss at home,beating up their brothers and fathwers.Some could even lift their fathers over their heads to show him his place in this world.

seaverSep 17 2011 1:42pm
Seaver, one question have ever been to a gym or health club and actually seen females lifting weights?or seen teen age girls that are strong?

jonathanSep 17 2011 1:56pm
No I haven't .Its more a fetish from me.I know that it will not happen often that a teen girl lifts an adult male over her head,but in my mind it's the most impressive thing a teen girl can do.From the things I get excited by is the over the head lift from an adult male by a teen girl number one.On second is a girl giving a bear hug to a male and third a girl beating up an adult.Maybe a lot of people think I am a strange ,sick person,but I can't help it. I never abuse teen girl, I don't even try to talk to them,just live my own life and bother nobody with my fantasies.

seaverSep 17 2011 3:15pm
Seaver, if you ever saw a young girl lifting a male over head or put him in any kind of wrestling hold such as a bear-hug would you have a heart attack?

jonathanSep 17 2011 6:38pm
Girls, how do you feel about the guys here that want to hear about your biceps and great strength that you used on your brother,boyfriend or other male partners?

jonathanSep 17 2011 7:34pm
Jonatan.No I don't think I would get a heart attack.I would love to see it,but that would be all.

seaverSep 17 2011 10:59pm
I love big strong females,but I also love to sit in the garden in the morning and listen how the wind goes through the trees and make the leaves move a lot.The rustling of the leaves can make me happy too.

seaverSep 17 2011 11:58pm
I also love tall females.But being 6ft 1 myself it will be very difficult to find a female who is much taller then I am.

seaverSep 18 2011 12:56am
Wish I was only 5feet, so I had to look up at women whole day long.

dunjaSep 18 2011 1:00am
Girls, how big are your biceps? and are they really bigger than your brother,father,boyfriend or a male partner? and how do you feel about that?

jonathanSep 18 2011 9:05am
We have strength traing at school and that's when I first noticed my muscles getting bigger and than some veins began to show and even the veins started getting bigger. I like how it feels to get pumped up and how strong I feel so when my brother went in the military, I took his weights and bench and started workouts. I think in less than a year when I was 15 years old, my muscles were much bigger than my father. When I could see this myself it drove me to really workout as I became more muscular, I compared with my father and could tell it embarrassed him but thrilled my mother. I can beat my father at armwrestling. My mother measured my bicep at over 14 inches and my father about 12 inches. I'm now 16 and 5'9" at 170 lbs. My shoulders are broader. Sometimes I feel embarrassed that I'm BIG and would see thin girls and feel upset with my body. My wide shoulders and big calves and all until I found out it turns a lot of guys on! I'm mean let me tell you, I flex and they get instant hard on! Why? Why the turn on? Boys I date want to feel my muscles and get all turned on! It's fun! Flex my arms and they get aroused badly. That makes me want to workout. The guy I'm kind of getting close to wants me to workout and likes to watch. Weird but now I'm starting to like it and wear sexy workout outfits! I'm stronger than he is and he seems mesmerized by that! OK with me! The stronger I get the more turned on boys get so I like getting strong! I can now see both envy and fear from small girls when boys want to look at me.

MarcySep 19 2011 12:41am
Maybe you are just a pretty girl and the muscles are for a lot of boys what makes you prettier then the other girls.

dunjaSep 19 2011 5:25am
Marcy,all of us males of all ages or some of us get turn-on by females of all ages when she flexes her biceps.and i can certainly tell you i do as a male.but, if you really want to try something with the males around you? i don't know how strong your legs are? if you know how to apply a scissor hold or apply a body scissors? wrap you legs around a males stomach or ribs or even a head scissors most guys and squeeze! your male partner will get a hard-on and most males will come with out you even touching him! we men can't help are selves. its happen to me many of times and its quite a turn-on for you girls!

jonathanSep 19 2011 11:33am
Jonathan, I know, I'm just not comfortable talking about it and I have experienced it many times. It is almost always when I overpower the boy or have him pinned. Also when his strength fades and I can feel the boys becoming weaker. Strange it happens when all hope fades of beating me sets in and sometimes if I'm facing them, I can see it in their facial expression when they can feel I'm stronger than the are and it will happen and the boy will cry out! Even say strange things! Some while feeling my muscles in private. I didn't touch them, it just happens. The stronger I get the more it has happened. Why? I am curious but afriad to mention this. I don't understand why? It is almost always when I prove to be stronger. He is pinned or I'm overpowering. I do not have sex.

MarcySep 19 2011 2:44pm
Marcy, thats because you are stronger than the boys and girls like you are starting to like the control you can have over the boys! the boys probably see you as young Goddest! i have learned that women love the power they have over us men! you should learn to embrace the power!

jonathanSep 19 2011 2:52pm
Marcy, there are a lot of young women out there just like you that are starting to like wrestling guys and can make a lot of money from doing that.and if you keep lifting weights and get stronger and bigger muscles i bet your going to be a powerhouse!

jonathanSep 19 2011 2:57pm
Dave, the reason the girls biceps separates into two muscles is because their muscles are bigger and stronger than us guys!

jonathanSep 19 2011 3:01pm
Marcy, you can make the boys come after a good squeeze from your powerful legs without sex with the boys!

jonathanSep 19 2011 3:05pm
girls, how many of you girls ever put a scissors hold on a guy and made them get a hard-on and make the boy come in his shorts? it has happen to me many times from feeling the great strength in your legs! and i understand you girls get turn-on by it!

jonathanSep 19 2011 3:28pm
As a girl I started to become interested in this because of the huge number of polls, bloggs, forums, all on the subject of female muscular strength. I found that 90% of all of them agree girls are the stronger sex! I have been strength training and testing my strength against boys and it is true! I'm stronger in most any strength test! Mercy, armwrestling, wrestling, weight lifting, and sprinting. The boys muscles are weaker and not as firm as mine. I'm average in my sport of gymnastics.

LizSep 19 2011 11:13pm
Liz, the real reason girls such as you are bigger and more muscular then the boys round you and even the grown men these days is pure laziness and no desire to go work out.and girls like you love going and lifting weights and getting stronger and more muscular. i think once you girls realize that you can be stronger and more muscular then the males you are round it can be a real power trip.and i know when girls such as you find it a great turn-on!

jonathanSep 20 2011 6:13am
Liz, the real reason girls such as you are bigger and more muscular then the boys round you and even the grown men these days is pure laziness and no desire to go work out.and girls like you love going and lifting weights and getting stronger and more muscular. i think once you girls realize that you can be stronger and more muscular then the males you are round it can be a real power trip.and i know when girls such as you find it a great turn-on!

jonathanSep 20 2011 6:15am
Girls, are you a shamed that you have bigger biceps in your family or are you thrilled about it?

jonathanSep 20 2011 10:01am
I love to lift weights and enjoy my workouts but I do get embarrassed by my muscles being bigger than boys. I know many boys who do not get enough exercise and have their pants hanging down and skinny legs and arms. A boy will look scrawny next to me and it makes me feel funny like I'm weird. I play school basketball and we strength train a lot and most boys do nothing. I have muscles in places they have nothing! But they will make fun of me! Boys will make jokes about me but I tell them they are weak and I could beat them up! Still I don't like it when they tease me for being bigger. After a while I really want to beat them up. I could go to college in sports and boys are not even as good in school besides being mostly scrawny! I fantasize beating them up and crushing them! Boys make me want to smash them sometimes!

CindySep 20 2011 8:01pm
I think when you beat up some boys badly the rest will stop making jokes because of fear, Cindy.

anonymousSep 20 2011 9:24pm
Cindy, the real reason the boys in your school make fun of you and your bigger muscles is jealousy of your muscles.and you are right the boys are weak because they are too lazy to lift weights.How big are your biceps? because next time the boys make fun of you flex your biceps in front of their faces and i don't know if you are any good at arm-wrestling.but,if you are challenge the boys to one and as you do make sure the boy can see your bicep flexing! and always be proud of your big muscles and being stronger than the boys in your class or school!

jonathanSep 21 2011 7:29am
And cindy, if you were my daughter or sister i would be very proud of you being very strong and have bigger muscles!

jonathanSep 21 2011 8:06am
I have heard of this very strong and muscular wife that would use her very weak husband for a human barbell! the wife would do bench pressing with her husband,milatry presses over head, bicep curls and squats. i wonder if there are any girls out there that has done that with a brother,boyfriend,husband or father?

jonathanSep 22 2011 9:54am
What I would like to know is: How big are girls' thighs compared to the size of guys' head? Any girls wanna answer?

AnonymousSep 22 2011 10:52am
Anonymous, it would be great fun to see your head get popped from a women's thighs as she is scissoring you!

jonathanSep 22 2011 11:04am
I'm sure it will be. Problem is, no girls wanna do it!

AnonymousSep 22 2011 12:08pm
Anonymous, maybe if you piss off enough females they would scissor your head off! go to a gym or health club! i am sure you maybe find the girl of your dreams!

jonathanSep 22 2011 12:11pm
lol i guess, but chances are that they'll get turned off, thinking that i'm a pedopile of some sort. I doubt any girls would actually scissor me.

AnonymousSep 22 2011 12:26pm
besides, i don't think girls are strong enough to actually pop open a head.

AnonymousSep 22 2011 12:28pm
I don't think they actually want to have their heads squeezed off. But I think what turns them on is the thought of their head completely being engulfed in girls' thighs when they scissor or facesit them.

anonymousSep 22 2011 12:35pm
Girls, do you like the power you have over us males as you are squeezing us with your powerful thighs?

jonathanSep 22 2011 12:38pm
hey jonathan, r u telling us then that ur not a fan of headscissors?

headscissor is the sexiest hold in mixed wrestlingSep 22 2011 12:42pm
I am a very big fan of females giving scissor holds to males! matter of fact i have been scissored by females over 30 years! it would be great if we got the females side of the squeezing!

jonathanSep 22 2011 1:10pm
But, the question here is ! is Girls how big your biceps compared with your friends,brothers and fathers? nothing to do with scissor holds!

jonathanSep 22 2011 4:28pm
Girls, have you ever taken an apple and place between your bicep and as you flex your bicep mashing the apple with the flex while its place in the crook of the arm and bicep?

jonathanSep 23 2011 12:45pm
Its too bad we don't hear from young girls with huge biceps anymore!

jonathanSep 23 2011 3:25pm
Females have better things to do than participate in forums like this. Talking about the power of Female muscles is mostly a male activity, as it should be.

AnonymousSep 23 2011 3:41pm
i guess the other women that have comment on this poll aren't real females then?

jonathanSep 23 2011 6:30pm
And i don't know what females you have been around about the power of female muscles? i know a lot of strong muscular young females that nothing gives them a thrill to know that their muscles are stronger then we weak males! and especially when their biceps are bigger than their brothers,friends and fathers!

jonathanSep 23 2011 6:47pm
As long as I can remember, I have been a fan of female strength and muscles. However, when i was growing up, it was considered taboo to look lustfully at women with muscles. there was something wrong with a guy who liked muscular women. i did manage to go with a few girls with great strength, but between us, we always kept it a secret. It would be embarrassing for both of us if others found out. I have talked with young men who used to work out with weights, but quit out of embarrassement when they discovered too many girls were outlifting them. could it be that guys are still stuck with the old taboos of the 40's and 50's and are getting lazy because they are afraid to see women are getting so strong? Are they surrendering without a fight?

ObservingSep 25 2011 1:09am
Observing, not me! i am not scared of these strong muscular girls! i have been wrestling these girls for 30 years and love feeling their strength,muscular body and their power!

jonathanSep 25 2011 9:01am
I think most men are not like Jonathan and fear female muscle but things are changing for sure and many men are openly admitting their attraction and effection for stronger girls! I'm a very strong and muscular girl and I've seen how things are changing. Look at how both Serena Williams and Samantha Stosur both being more muscular than almost every male tennis player! The girls are very popular and the girls big muscles are accepted now as part of their athletic prowess! The progress continues!

JanSep 25 2011 10:25am
Jan, thats because i have always had an open mind about girls with muscles and strength ! and have been a big admirer! like i said their a lot of men out there still live in the dark ages and have a hard time accepting it!

jonathanSep 25 2011 11:05am
Jan, i find it rather amusing that their are men out there think it only a man's thing to talk about female muscle power? when i know girls these days love to talk about it! the girls i talk to give them a thrill and a very big turn-on knowing their muscles are strong than a mans!

jonathanSep 25 2011 11:11am
The progress of Females has been a slow steady march ever since the discovery of the superiority of their XX chromosomes over the male Xy. Knowing that the Female is the basic template for the human body has empowered women to challenge the old entrenched ideas of male superiority. Now the house of cards of patriarchy is tumbling down and Women are emerging as the superior sex in every way. Muscles are one of the last male bastions. But we can be sure that Women are going to outmuscle males on a regular basis.

AnonymousSep 25 2011 12:39pm
anonymous,i don't really care about the physics why girls are getting superior to men in muscles and strength! i just think its a great thing and not one bit scared why its happening!

jonathanSep 25 2011 12:59pm
My wife & i recently attended a wedding reception. At first, there were a lot of male/female couples dancing. It did not take long before there were only women dancing. Every one of those women, and there were a lot of them, were in high heels and they were really getting wild. The women danced for hours while the men gravitated to the bar. When a woman managed to drag her husband/boyfriend/any man out onto the floor, the guy would only last a few minutes before he was worn out. I was amazed at the strength and endurance of ALL of those women. In my younger days, the guys lasted a little longer than that. I remember during the late 30's and into the 40's when there used to be marathon dances. Often, it was the ladies who ended up supporting their male partners as the dances went on and on. The women were stronger even in those days, but dancing was the only way they showed their strength and endurance. Jonathan, you make a big thing about your prowess, but you do not know how it was long before you were even born. Say twenty and thirty years before. We carry a lot of baggage from back then. not scared, just differences of perception.

ObservingSep 26 2011 1:18am
Observing, i can see your point of view as well on the women of the past. but, i bet back then in different part of the country women were just as strong as men back then. the women just didn't show it! i understand when the circus traveled around they had strong women instead of strong men!

jonathanSep 26 2011 11:01am
jonathan, I do have memories of strong women of the past. one who i especially recall was Joan Rhodes. I had run across a small magazine (like a small People Magazine) with an article about her. I was in korea and I carried that mag with me for 18 months. Another, who i actually saw at Circus was Vicky Unus who twirled high above rotating her body on one arm for well over 100 rotations without stopping. I had a girl friend with me and got a hardon that would not go away. girl got mad because I was so excited over, not her, but Vicky Unus. you can find articles on both by Googling. Another was Mildred Burke, a wrestler with huge bi's. I found a pic of her in a double biceps pose that I carried for a long time. i always thought it was strange that i had such attractions until many years later I discovered the internet. I was, by then, already a grandfather, so now, if i show any sort of attraction, I'm just a dirty old fart with a bad back and a few spare parts and aches and pains. I was just born a few weeks too soon. Like twelve hundred and fifty weeks too soon. Oh well, maybe in my next life.

ObservingSep 27 2011 1:56am
Another memorie: A neighbor's father weighed over 200#'s. I was 13 at the time and weighed about 110 or 115 of very solid muscle, having been growing up on a farm. Several of my friends were trying to pick the man up by his elbows. they were. all much bigger than me but could not succeed. the man's daughter, who was my age, but a little bigger, came along and asked to try. She weighed, maybe about 130 or so. She struggled, but eventually was able to curl his weight. i got a great errection, but had to try the lift. having spent much time working in fields and other farm chores, i knew how to lift heavy loads. I found it impossible to budge the man by curling, but I did find success by lowering down so i was pushing straight up on his elbows. by doing that, i banged his head to the ceiling. I still was far more excited over that girl lifting by curling the weight while i could not. I had many a hardon that needed much relief over that episode. I think the other guys had the same problem, but all managed to hide one way or another. That's how it was. Today, i see strong girls (in late fifties or younger who are not afraid to show their strength or muscles anywhere. That almost never happened, but if it did, I man had to hide.

ObservingSep 27 2011 2:10am
Observing, if you go to O.J.Heller! he has a huge collection of strong and muscular women of the past and now!

jonathanSep 27 2011 10:29am
there was a girl on my school's wrestling team who lifted the most in every excersize. She was 5-11 and 180 or so lbs. She beat all our asses easily and placed third in states. Now looking back i wish i had asked her out because she was smoking hot, especially her abs.

JustinDec 05 2011 3:12pm
I have trained arms from climbing. My arms are 11 inch and when I flex the biceps becomes 13 inch.

Climber25Dec 22 2011 11:22pm
is there any pics(real life or pencil drawn)or videos anywhere of girls aged 8 to 13 yrs.old with real big biceps for their age,punching boys or brothers,or brothers friends that are bigger than them,really hard in their stomachs?

bigbicepgirls searcherJun 16 2012 4:21am
i know two pictures of two girls maybe 7 or 8 years old(don't know for sure) that are flexing a pretty impossible big bicep and impressive one for their ages. just go to and type in: young girls biceps in search box.

anonymousJun 16 2012 7:16am
not to many people get answerd very much very often here huh?

anonymousJul 29 2012 11:38pm
Jonathan I you have been helping everyone out here. I thank you for that

AnonymousAug 26 2012 7:14pm
Hey Roxy,if you use dumbbells as part of your weightlifting,you should have the weights facing forward and back when hanging,then turn your wrists upwards as you curl the weights up to your shoulders. You'll get more strength and size to your biceps that way.

bigbicepgirls searcherAug 27 2012 2:26pm
Check out this:

JohnSep 04 2012 5:21am
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Arnold SchwarzeneggerOct 11 2012 4:17pm
do any guys here possibly get turned on from any girl aged 9-13yrs. with biceps the size of those blue rubber hand balls?

b.b.g.s.Oct 12 2012 1:30am
hah,arnold s. like he was really actually here....hees wayee to beesy for sshtuff lieek thees!

achmed thee ded headOct 12 2012 1:36am
i speek half normil,half miee laieen guish,wheech ever i choooose...

achmed thee ded headOct 12 2012 1:40am
any boy here age 15 ever have a big fantasy of ever wanting to just and only just be majorly j*rked *ff by a 8 or 9 yr. old girl with said sized biceps(as i described above)really hard and until you can't take anymore,and she's twisting her hands around while doing so,making her biceps flex majorly while "doing you?" and,do you evr look for those girls those ages or older with similar sized biceps in stores or restaurants in real life just to highten your fantasy later at home?

b.b.b.s.Oct 12 2012 2:06am
try... pullups at 9 on youtube...

bicepkidOct 31 2012 11:12pm
My biceps are 13 inch and I can do 42 chin ups

AnonymousNov 22 2012 6:17pm
i,m 13 years old boy with 12 1/4 inch biceps flexed and 10 1/2 inch none flexed

boDec 13 2012 3:21pm
Hey are there girls that are 13-18 that lift weights?

GuyDec 22 2012 11:33am
I am a pro woman bodybuilder. I don't want tell my real name. I am 35 yo, my biceps r 14 inches. My husband is 38 yo and have 16,5 inches biceps. My son is 13 yo and have 14,2 inches biceps (him already overtake mine, damn it). My other son is 10 yo and have 11,5 inches biceps. We are a very sporty family.

JaneJan 15 2013 6:20am
hej er en tynd fyr på 32 år er 187cm høj og vejer 63kg kan se at mine tynde overarme ikke er særlig store da de kun måler 27cm i omkreds

ralfFeb 11 2013 2:26pm
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-May 25 2013 11:50am
my right bicep is 15 1/2" solid, my left arm is hurt from an accident but I still try to stay fit.

BricelynJun 08 2013 2:36pm
Shut up these girls are not very big im a 11year old boy 12 in july and my biceps are13in sure i run 3-4 times a week but i dont work out worth a poo and dont start going all genetics nether of my parents are very built

AnonymousJun 16 2013 8:06pm Pictures on topic

DeepJun 18 2013 12:24am
Bricelyn you sound really strong how old are u

Great808Jul 01 2013 12:18am
Girls,do u like be stronger then guy?

MeJul 21 2013 4:07pm
Honestly I would be embarrassed if a Guy around my age had bigger muscles than me. I'm in high-school and I do cheer. I lift weights regularly and I have around 16.5 inch arms.

Annie Jul 28 2013 6:27am
Really your arms are that big I don't know how to respond to that

Great808Jul 31 2013 1:49am
Annie, Your arms are bigger then mine by far.

David RiceAug 12 2013 9:22am
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QzpqXYtuuXvVIcMAinhSep 24 2013 1:49pm
i am 28yo guy my biceps 11.8inches(30cm) flexed,is there any girl stronger than me?

steve Sep 29 2013 10:10am
i can biceps curl max 55lbs(25kg) barbell for 1 rep max,and i dumbell curl 20lbs(9kg) for 3x8reps

steveSep 29 2013 10:11am
I'm impressed with the size and strength of the women on this site. Annie, you're awesome! Big muscles are very sexy on a woman. My biceps were 12". When I worked out, I could get them only to 12.5" My girlfriend's were 13" with no work outs. She was 5-6 130#. I'm 5-11.5 155#. We were about the same strength in wrestling and arm wrestling. Her thighs were an inch bigger than mine: 21" vs. my 20". After she worked at the shipyards with me for a few months, her legs became very muscular and big, much bigger than mine, and her weight increased to 175#. All leg muscle. We never did leg wrestle. I'm sure she was much stronger than me. She was 19, I was 23. Since then, all the women I've met have bigger biceps than me, and most were stronger. Their biceps were mostly in the 12-14" range. One had 15", another, 16.5". Some of the women had bigger feet than me. I measure a size 10.5 C US (10.5", also) on a women's scale. Some of them were as big as size 13. Lots of size 11s out there. Check Celebrity shoe sizes on Google. Oprah and Meg Ryan wear 11s, Sandra Bullock wears 10.5s.

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Some of the girls here are full of poo. According to them, 15 and 16 year old girls have bigger bicep than professional female bodybuilders. Would love to see that. :)

JohnJun 30 2014 8:04am
And the funniest story was about a girl at the age of 12 who was more muscular than her father. :D

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After few years of being married me and my wife started to go to the gym to stay fit I was spending my time in the weight room and she was doing aerobics, at that time I was much syronger than day she got a car accident and get injured , she stayed home 2 months to recover and I pretty much quit any activity to take care of her needs. When she started the rehab after some month she fell in love for weight lifting and for how nice she fell her toned body, and I was very supportive. In three years time I've never bern again in the gym , maybe I was too lazy to start again but my wife keep growing and getting stronger till nowadays whete she is cleatly stronger and more muscular than me and study all ways to tease me and show me how bigger and stronger she is...I wonder If someone else ever had similar experience or I'm the only one in the world

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