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Defeated and outwrestled by girls

Question: Are their males who were outwrestled and defeated by girls?
Created by: gethewil at 01:19:41 AM, Thursday, September 15, 2011 PDT


Gethewil. when i was in high school i joined the wrestling team because i was very small for my age and got tired of being pick on. so, one of the wrestling matches i ended up having to wrestle a girl and thought it was going to be easy and no way a girl was going to beat me. well, i found out the hard way.the moment we started wrestling the girl took me apart.and i found a real respect for the power in girls!

jonathanSep 15 2011 11:02am

and I still haven't been able to find the video where Envy (Christy Resendes) squeezes scale, But trust me it was on Youtube! I also wanna know how strong Jennifer Thomas can squeeze.

anonymousSep 15 2011 1:27pm
Has anybody or any man out there actually wrestled a woman or just fantasize what its like by watching it on YouTube? i have wrestled women for close to 30 years and i do the real thing!

jonathanSep 15 2011 2:16pm
Anonymous, how would you know girls arms are stronger then boys legs? and are male or female?

jonathanSep 15 2011 2:48pm
Jonathan are you a male or a femal.One time I think you are a woman and with the next message it looks like you are a male.

seaverSep 15 2011 3:58pm
Seaver, i am 100 per cent male!

jonathanSep 15 2011 4:01pm
Girls, i would like to hear about you mixed wrestling matches against us males! how does it feel to beat us males?

jonathanSep 15 2011 4:04pm
Okay, sorry,but I thought that you wrote somewere that you were a female.must be another person.

seaverSep 15 2011 4:07pm
Seaver, i am the same person that answers and writes in other polls just like you!

jonathanSep 15 2011 4:12pm
During the summer at the beach at night I was at a party and a teenage girl and boy started wrestling. She had him pinned and had arm arm locked with his and held his wrist as they struggled and she curled her arm I could see her muscles were bigger than his and she continued wrenching his arm with hers locked together until I heard the guys arm break! His upper arm broke right across her bicep! After I witnessed that, I said to myself women are the stronger sex and we are finding that out now! She was pushing her upper arm against his and his arm broke! Off he went crying with ice on his arm from a beer cooler to the hospital! I kept rewinding it in my mind and could not believe what I saw! The sound of the bone breaking! Ouch! Big teenage girl broke the guys arm like a stick! She tightened her arm and his arm snaped! I was amazed!

RonSep 15 2011 7:28pm
That girl must be strong as hell Ron.Breaking somebodies arm like that is not easy at all.

seaverSep 16 2011 9:56am
Ron did you also witness mixed armwrestling between teen girls and teen boys? Tell us!!!!!!

MrJeanSep 16 2011 10:53am
Girls, i would love to hear about your mixed wrestling matches with your husband,boyfriend,brothers and any other male that you have wrestled!

jonathanSep 16 2011 11:53am
You are right Jonathan.I would love to hear those stories.

seaverSep 16 2011 1:22pm
At the beach party the teen girl was pretty strong with an athletic build but on the heavy side. With the guys upper arm under her upper arm she put her weight on his upper arm, so I could see her upper arm pushing against his upper arm and his broke! There wasn't any more guys wrestling girls that night. This happened when I first got there at sunset, later she was back and I couldn't help notice her size and good shape she was in. Boys kept there distance and she sat sort of by herself until some girls showed up she knew and they were talking about how she broke the guys arm with shocked looks! She then flexed for her three girl freinds and they made jokes about her breaking his arm! The girls taking turns feeling her muscles! Never seen anything like it until then. Wrestling but nobody gets hurt. Girl can be very strong and I could tell she was strong because she was big and solid. It would take a real tough guy to deal with her. Because it was right in front of me I'll never forget it! It was like slow motion, the guys upper arm was flattened across her bicep and I could see his upper arm bending over her bicep! It looked bent! Her weight was on top and she tightened her arm and that's when his arm broke! I was shocked! I later thought she did this on purpose! But listening to her talk to her friends, it sounded like she was shocked as well! But the other girls feeling her bicep and laughing was to much. Maybe rude. One of the girls imatating the boys cries and reanacting her breaking the boys arm! She wasn't well defined at all but really thick and muscular! She was heavy! But you know kids laugh about stuff like that, I know guys that break bones on skate boards! Cry when it happens and laugh later! I just never saw a girl break a boys arm! I still think about it because it impressed me so much! That a girls arm or even her flexed muscle could break mens bones! I could see her bicep was pushing against his arm that was bending for a moment over her muscle before it snaped! All of her weight was on top of his arm and her bicep was big! His arm like folded around her muscle as it broke! I was so effected by this that I believe girls are stronger. They are the stronger sex.

RonSep 16 2011 10:17pm
Sports and training strengthens a girl's bones. Look it up.

AnonymousSep 16 2011 10:25pm
"His arm like folded around her muscle as it broke" Ron good discription and explaining how it happened, I can picture what you watched. Did she flex her bicep or contract when his arm broke?

AnonymousSep 16 2011 10:39pm
Yes she was contracting her arm or muscles as she tightened. She was on top of him with his arm pinned and his arm pushed against her bicep that I could see was contracting and that;s when I noticed her hard looking big bicep and how hard it was pushing against his upper arm. Like I said his upper arm was flattened against her now visible bicep and looked like it was bending which it was because the bone broke and his limp upper arm folded aroung her big bicep! It was facinating and creepy at the same time. The sound! I could hear crackling as I watched his arm bending and then a loud pop! She was continuing to curl her arm with a lot of force and her bicep was flexing and expanding and pushing against the bone! It was a combination of all her weight on his arm and her curling and like bending his arm across her flexing bicep that it was way to much on his arm that it looked like his arm broke so easy it was a shock! She leaned on his arm full weight with his arm pinned and her bicep pushing against his upper arm the bone just folded around her big muscle! It was not long ago so I'm not over it. I'm amazed by what I saw! After his arm broke she held him pinned for a few seconds intil she realized what had happened. In that short time it seemed like slow motion but his upper arm was limp meat wrapped aroung her bicep like a rubber hose being stretched around her muscles! His flesh looked stretched tight in perfectly wrapped around her muscles as his bone broke or fractured several places making his upper arm like a rubber hose. Really strange to see and sickening but the thought that the girl did this is amazing to me! I think the bone like crumbled or fractued the whole length!

RonSep 16 2011 11:09pm
Ron, how heavy and big was the girl? What kind of build did he have?

JanSep 17 2011 12:45am
Ron, i did see on YouTube a mixed wrestling match where the girl the guy was wrestling and you could hear the guys arm being broke!But, for a female to break a guys arm she has to be very strong!

jonathanSep 17 2011 8:25am
As a male that has wrestled many of women i can tell you guys out there never underestimate the power they have! i have found out their upper body strength can be totally amazing and to me the real power of a female is in their legs. when the girls get you in any type of scissors hold it can be like wrestling a python snake and the women can produce a tremendous amount of pressure on ones head or body.and there is no escape unless she lets you out!

jonathanSep 17 2011 10:24am
Thanks for the story Ron.

seaverSep 17 2011 11:52am
I've just never admitted that girls have bigger muscles and never talked about it and I'm seeing it in the gym. I am envious of the girls muscles I now know. The other day at the gym the girl had such big calves while mine stay thin, in the mirror her muscles were twice the size of mine! Her thighs huge with rolling rippling muscles so much bigger than me!

BobSep 17 2011 3:22pm
Bob, i have wrestled women for over 30 years and i can tell you from experience that a women's legs are incredible powerful and once she gets you in a scissors hold its like being crushed by a python snake!

jonathanSep 17 2011 6:20pm
These statistics are interesting because women are now taking the lead in beating up men! Samios, M., & O'Leary, K. D. (1987). Prevalence and correlates of physical aggression during courtship. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2, 82-90. (Used Conflict Tactics Scale with a sample of 270 undergraduates <95 men, 175 women> and found 30% of men and 49% of women reported using some form of aggression in their dating histories with a greater percentage of women engaging in severe physical aggression.) Bernard, M. L., & Bernard, J. L. (1983). Violent intimacy: The family as a model for love relationships. Family Relations, 32, 283-286. (Surveyed 461 college students, 168 men, 293 women, with regard to dating violence. Found that 15% of the men admitted to physically abusing their partners, while 21% of women admitted to physically abusing their partners.) Billingham, R. E., & Sack, A. R. (1986). Courtship violence and the interactive status of the relationship. Journal of Adolescent Research, 1, 315-325. (Using CTS with 526 university students <167 men, 359 women> found Similar rates of mutual violence but with women reporting higher rates of violence initiation when partner had not--9% vs 3%.) Bland, R., & Orne, H. (1986). Family violence and psychiatric disorder. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 31, 129-137. (In interviews with 1,200 randomly selected Canadians <489 men, 711 women> found that women both engaged in and initiated violence at higher rates than their male partners.) Bohannon, J. R., Dosser Jr., D. A., & Lindley, S. E. (1995). Using couple data to determine domestic violence rates: An attempt to replicate previous work. Violence and Victims, 10, 133-41. (Authors report that in a sample of 94 military couples 11% of wives and 7% of husbands were physically aggressive, as reported by the wives.)

AnonymousSep 17 2011 11:21pm
Girls, what are your favorite wrestling hold you like to apply to your husband,brother,boyfriend, father or any male partner? and is your upper body as strong as your lower body such as legs very strong? and do you like applying scissor holds?

jonathanSep 18 2011 9:11am
Love to play a game of mercy with my husband. I love feeling strong when my stronger wrists and hands forces his back and he has to go down on his knees. I then continue to push him to the ground, still holding his hands. I then stand with my foot on his chest and he has to admit defeat. I don't know why I like this so much but it makes me feel powerful and strong. And I guess that's what I am.

blondieSep 19 2011 6:54am
After six months of strength training I beat my husband in armwrestling and found he could no longer beat me any longer. I thought about this and began to look at my build and my muscles compared to his and dicided to try wrestling him! I'm stronger and can pin him in a hold and feel him weaken as he gets tired. This has been one of the biggest thrills in my intire life! When I discovered that I had become stronger than him I wanted to workout even more! I did and the results are crazy! I just love to feel my muscles overpower his! Like you Blondie, I enjoy how it feels and see how his body isn't as strong and he can't stop me! It's a turn on to overpower the "stronger sex" and beat my husband. I like to flex in front of him after I win. He just stares at my muscles in disbelief!

PatriceSep 19 2011 10:34am
Blondie and Patrice, have ever used your legs in scissor holds on your husbands? pound for pound a female's legs are stronger than a man's. and once you girls apply a scissor hold there is no getting out for us men. unless you let us out and if you know how to apply a reverse head scissors you girls can produce a tremendous mount of pressure!

jonathanSep 19 2011 10:55am
I'm a sophomore in college and took a self defense class that included grappling. Now when my boyfriend and I wrestle, I win.

JennaSep 19 2011 11:05am
Jenna, is it quite a turn-on for you to wrestle your boyfriend and able to beat him?And how strong are you?

jonathanSep 19 2011 11:38am
Blondie,Patrice and Jenna, how big are your biceps?

jonathanSep 19 2011 11:48am
How big are your thighs at their thickest part (right below your crotch) Blondie, Patrice and Jenna?

anonymousSep 19 2011 12:35pm
Also, are your thighs bigger than your boyfriend's head?

anonymousSep 19 2011 12:37pm
sometimes you guys ask the most stupid questions how big are your girl thighs? no wonder these girls never answer your comments! you guys sound like little children!

anonymousSep 19 2011 2:06pm
Actually, your thighs contain the biggest muscle group in your whole body. Asking thigh measurement is completely appropriate and is not anymore absurd than asking how big someone's bicep or chest is.

anonymousSep 19 2011 4:16pm
but, i think it creeps out the girls to talk about their thighs! i am sure girls have no problem talking about their biceps!

anonymousSep 19 2011 4:37pm
What exactly would they be creeped out by? I'm sure all the girls here (if there actually are any) are already aware, or should have noticed by now that this is a website dedicated to femdom and guys who have female muscle fantasies. If they are comfortable enough to share their wrestling experience with boyfriends then they surely wouldn't mind talking about how big and muscular their thighs are.

anonymousSep 19 2011 5:20pm
it seems to me that you really don't have a whole lot of females responding to this type comment by defeated and outwrestled by girls! i enjoy very much reading from comments from the girls and can't understand why they don't respond to these comments thats all! i am sure it frustrates you to?

anonymousSep 19 2011 6:01pm
I sure do share your frustration. I'm guessing that there ain't a lot of girls on this website. I'm suspicious that some comments that pretend to be written by girls may actually be guys. But there's no way to tell.

anonymousSep 19 2011 6:16pm
Anonymous, one would think that girls defeating us males in a mixed wrestling match would love commenting about it? and especially, when the girls are applying a bone crushing scissors hold with their powerful thighs ?

jonathanSep 20 2011 6:25am
I (34yo 5'10" 145lbs) play wrestled my 12 yo niece (5'3" c140lbs) for the remote. She trains regularly for softball, and she was slightly stronger than me. No way I could overcome her. I don't do any regular exercise. That was a year ago, so I'm certain she'll be bigger and stronger than me now. Some of the stories here may be fantasy but this is 100% true.

SteveSep 20 2011 7:33am
Steve, when your niece realized she was stronger than you what was her reaction to that? and now i guess your niece is going take pleasure that she will be bigger and stronger than you! how big would you say her biceps are?

jonathanSep 20 2011 9:35am
jonathan - It is a turn on to outwrestle my boyfriend. I like it when I can feel him begin to weaken. He'll struggle until he is exhausted.

JennaSep 20 2011 12:22pm
Jenna, if you have very strong legs and do scissor holds on your boyfriend? if you wrap your legs around his body or head he will get a hard-on and he will come with out you touching him! i have wrestled many of women thats happens to me a lot! its quite erotic to feel a women's strength as you girls squeezes us males!

jonathanSep 20 2011 12:36pm
To anonymous, there was a whole thread here not long ago on asking how big girls' thighs are. Lots of girls responded just so you know that they may not be as shy as you think.

anonymousSep 20 2011 12:53pm
and i hope the girls with big thighs will keep responding! i really enjoy the girls comments about girls defeating and out wrestling us males!

jonathanSep 20 2011 2:00pm
its too bad not enough girls tell us about their wrestling matches with the males they out would think when a girl defeats a male in wrestling match it would be a tremendous turn-on for you girls?

jonathanSep 21 2011 7:46am
Jonathan, you said on one of your earlier posts that girls are actually strong enough to crush a guy's skull.. Then how come you're still alive? lol

anonymousSep 21 2011 8:07am
Anonymous, thats because most women that you wrestle and use her legs in any type of scissor holds know how much pressure to use! What good is it if the girl you are wrestling crushes ones skull? but, have been squeezed unconscious quite a few times!

jonathanSep 21 2011 8:13am
So none of the scissors you got into were 100%?

anonymousSep 21 2011 8:33am
Anonymous, why don't you try it yourself and find out about the strength of a women's scissors hold? i take it you are nonbeliever?

jonathanSep 21 2011 8:54am
where and how do I get scissored by women? And will they not be creeped out?

anonymousSep 21 2011 10:28am
anonymous, go to Diana The valkyrie ! and they have list of women wrestlers in your area or close to it and you can live out your fantasy!

jonathanSep 21 2011 10:34am
jonathan - He 'll get a boner as son as we start wrestling. It's funny that getting turned on seems to make him weaker while it makes me stronger. Once he has a boner, he's as good as pinned. It's only a matter of time.

JennaSep 21 2011 11:31am
Never knew that so many guys thought that wrestling was so hot.

JennaSep 21 2011 11:34am
Jenna, their plenty of males of all ages love wrestling females. it can be very erotic.and if you really love to wrestle males such as your boyfriend you can make really good money doing that.and if you decide to build up your body lifting and work on your biceps just flexing them in front of males is can be also hot for you!

jonathanSep 21 2011 1:00pm
Jenna, also when you use your legs in a scissors hold? you should try a reverse head scissors on your boyfriend that can be very erotic for both of you and if you think your legs are really that strong you can try a grapevine hold on him. a grapevine hold is were your legs are between his and you push his legs apart with yours and it will make him have a boner too!

jonathanSep 21 2011 1:17pm
Jenna, what is your height and weight and what is your boyfriend? and how big are you biceps and your boyfriends?

jonathanSep 21 2011 2:21pm
Jenna, do you scissor your boyfriend regularly?

AnonymousSep 21 2011 4:45pm
Girls, after you defeat your male partner in a wrestling match or make them cry out from squeezing him with your powerful thighs, do you make him satisfy you orally with his tongue? i have had to do it many times wrestling women for along time!

jonathanSep 21 2011 4:51pm
Girls, when they eat you out while being scissored between your thighs, do you scissor them even harder as you reach orgasm? Or do you release your hold?

AnonymousSep 22 2011 9:14am
Depends on a males technique when eating out a girl while being scissored! and whether, the girl is satisfied? there a lot of men out there have no clue about Oral Sex!

jonathanSep 22 2011 9:29am
Tell us about some of your oral sex techniques jonathan! what's the best way to please girls?

AnonymousSep 22 2011 9:59am
its going to be my secret! but, the best advise i could give is practice and practice!

jonathanSep 22 2011 10:03am
lol come on dude, we all wanna know! at least give us some hints!

AnonymousSep 22 2011 10:06am
Sorry! Besides i have had over 30 years of experience of wrestling girls and sometimes back then i had to learn the hard way!

jonathanSep 22 2011 10:10am
Jonathan, do you ever feel scared when the girl puts you in a headscissor hold?

AnonymousSep 22 2011 10:37am
Anonymous,the very first time i wrestled a girl about over 30 years ago and she got me in a scissors hold i got scared! but, after that i had no problem with being scared.

jonathanSep 22 2011 10:41am
Do their thighs feel warm once they get wrapped around your head?

AnonymousSep 22 2011 10:43am
Anonymous, why don't you find out for yourself to see if a women's thighs will feel warm wrapped around your head?

jonathanSep 22 2011 11:00am
How come we never see guys eating girls out in mixed wrestling or scissor videos on Internet?

AnonymousSep 22 2011 11:02am
actually, there are mixed wrestling videos or scissor videos guys eating out girls while being scissored. go to L.Scott Sales,Inc.!

jonathanSep 22 2011 11:08am
Jenna, have you enslaved your boyfriend yet by beating him in wrestling matches?

jonathanSep 22 2011 11:32am
jonathan - I've used that grapevine a lot to hold him still after mounting him from the front, scissor his waist then rollinghim over onto his back. I keep him in a headlock then slide down and grapevine his legs. a lot of the holds i know are lifted from bjj - rear naked choke, then scissoring one or both of his legs right below his hips - ha- he's completely helpless in that one.

JennaSep 22 2011 12:00pm
Jenna, what are your heights and weights of each other? and have you tried a reverse head scissors on your boyfriend? you girls can produce a tremendous amount of pressure from that type of scissors hold!

jonathanSep 22 2011 12:06pm
ur boyfriend will love your headscissors

AnonymousSep 22 2011 12:08pm
Jenna, whats the best thing you like about having your boyfriend totally helpless when you are applying wrestling holds on him?

jonathanSep 22 2011 2:16pm
Jenna. have you ever wrestled your boyfriend in the nude? i have wrestling a lot of women with both us naked and it is the most erotic thing to battle one another nude!

jonathanSep 23 2011 12:22pm
For all you girls like to know how to wrestle and like to learn how to apply holds to your male partner's go to Mixed wrestling gallery! they explain how to do these things!

jonathanSep 25 2011 10:14am
While I'm wearing him down, I like to feel him squirm and struggle between my thighs. I wear panties or a thiong, and he wears tighty-whities. Once he's on his back, I'll pull his underwear half way off to restrict his legs.

JennaSep 26 2011 11:33am
Jenna, if you go to Mixed wrestling gallery on-line and they will give you instructions on how to apply holds on your boyfriend! you should look them up! i have a feeling you will be a nightmare for your boyfriend!

jonathanSep 26 2011 11:49am
Jenna, i bet you putting your boyfriend in head scissors your boyfriend has gotten very good at Oral Sex?

jonathanSep 26 2011 11:51am
Jenna, is there a fitness girl or female body builder out there you look like or actress? or whom do you think you look like?

jonathanSep 26 2011 3:48pm
I look like Kate Winslet's younger sister, and I'm curvy like she used to be. I'm cute but not drop-dead beautiful. I'll check out that site and see about adding a few new tricks. My bf was already good at oral. I don't think I could beat him up in a fistfight, maybe if I got him on his back and pinned his upper arms with my knees.

JennaSep 27 2011 10:25am
Jenna, wow you look like Kate Winslet's sister! i am trying to get a picture of that and you love to wrestle your boyfriend!I hope your boyfriend knows what a lucky guy to have an Amazon like you? and keep letting me know what mixed wrestling holds you have applied to your boyfriend!

jonathanSep 27 2011 11:41am
Jenna, if you get real good at wrestling you could make lots of money wrestling other males if you want to? but, i guess your boyfriend would have to have an open mind on that!

jonathanSep 27 2011 12:20pm
Me and my best friend James have been wrestling for years and I've always won. We're both 17 now but I'm a lot bigger. We met when we were 5 in the karate class both our parents put us in. Our parents knew each other so they introduced us. I remember being a little taller than most of the boys. It was the same with James. That first class I remember us learning how to stretch and there was this other girl with us called Michelle. Michelle and James had their feet up against one another and Michells' foot was bigger. Jame's toes ended a little under half way up Michelle's toes. Michelle then wanted to see if she had bigger feet than me so we put our feet against one another. Her toes ended half way up to my toes. Then James compared his foot with me. His toes didn't even reach my toes. They were just a bit short. My foot was wider too, like I could have fit six of James toes on mine. My mom had always told me that I was going to be a big girl because I had big feet so I knew then that I was going to be a lot bigger than James. Today he's only 5 foot 3 and about 110 pounds and I'm 5 foot 11 and 195 pounds. We took a calculator and I'm 177% of his weight. He's 56% of mine. Almost half! Wrestling him isn't much of a contest for me. It was a little harder when we were younger but when we hit puberty I got even taller and bigger and started weight lifting. But we like it. We've always liked it even when it wasn't explicitly sexual.

MeganSep 27 2011 2:44pm
Megan.whats your weight training regime like? i mean whats your lifting or how strong are you? and how big are your biceps?

jonathanSep 27 2011 3:12pm
Hi Jonathan. I can bench press 200 pounds. My arms are 17 inches around but there is some fat on them. I'm working on trimming it off.

MeganSep 27 2011 4:33pm
Megan, thats impressive that you can bench press 200 pounds and your biceps are 17 inches! i am always amazed at the power you girls have and i am great admirer of girls that lift heavier then us grown men! and how strong are your legs? to me thats were the real power is! and when you have wrestled have you used your legs in scissor holds?

jonathanSep 27 2011 4:54pm
Megan, also is there any female body builders or fitness girls you look like? or some body else? i always like to get a picture in my mine what girls like you look like! and does it embarrass you to know girls like you are great turn-on for guys like me that love very strong and muscular girls that have the dedication and the desire work out!

jonathanSep 27 2011 5:00pm
Wow, Megan, you sound really strong to be that weight at that height. Are you a lot bigger now compared to James then when you were younger? How big are your feet now compared to his? What do you do when you wrestle?

ChrisSep 27 2011 5:36pm
Thank you Jonathan and Chris. That's a lot of questions. I'll try to answer all of them and I will start with Jonathan. For the female body builders, are you talking about my face or my body? I don't think I compare to many of them in terms of body because they are fit and lean and I still have work to do on that. I like that it turns on guys that I'm a strong and muscular girl. It turns me on to be stronger than men. How strong are my legs? Just recently I have been able to squat 240 pounds. When I wrestle do I use scissor holds? Yes Jonathan I have used scissor holds with James. It makes me feel quite big and powerful to do it. Someone made another comment about how they liked to feel their boyfriend or husband squirm between their thighs. I like that too. It turns me on to feel James push against my thighs with his arms or when he tries to pull them off his belly. It's gotten much easier for me to keep the scissor hold over the years because my legs are getting heavier and heavier. I would not be surprised if they weighed as much as James now. Chris, thank you. I am a lot bigger than James now than when we were younger. When we were kids, the top of his head would reach my nose. Now his head touches the bottom of my chin. As for my feet, I wear a size 13 or 14 men's. James wears a size 6 1/2. His toes come up to the bottom of my toes and his feet are a lot narrower.

MeganSep 27 2011 7:24pm
Jonathan - re: the other poll - no I didn not get a hiding from Gavin lol - fat chance him ever outmuscling me hehe. Just been real busy lately so havent been online alot which is why i dissapeared. Hey what happened to the other poll we were discussing stuff on? Megan you sound pretty impressive! Do you flex your biceps for James and have him feel them up any?

ChloeSep 27 2011 9:04pm
Chloe, glad to see you are around! these polls get switched around! i guess they have to make room for new polls! i was afraid i was going to lose you but, i am glad you found me! so, did you try the backbreakers on Gavin or some other poor male victim? it just gets me hard thinking about you trying out the backbreakers!

jonathanSep 28 2011 8:28am
Megan, whats the size of your thighs? if you squat 240 you must have tremendous thighs! have you ever lift James over head? and you know if you squeeze James or any other male in scissors hold he will get a hard-on and you can make him come?

jonathanSep 28 2011 8:46am
Jenna,Chloe and Megan, here is another wrestling hold you can apply to your boyfriend or whom ever male you are wrestling! its called a Cradle! you will have the males you wrestle helpless!You girls trap the male you are wrestling,his head and leg,one under each of the male you are wrestling,arms,then locks the male's hands together immobilizing the male you are wrestling! if you can master that you will have them helpless specially,if you have strong arms! if still not sure go to Mixed Wrestling Hold Gallery! i have been put in this hold many times and it is a helpless feeling!

jonathanSep 28 2011 10:46am
Hey Megan, Are you Megan Abshire or Megan Avalon?

AnonymousSep 28 2011 11:46am
Chloe, i love talking to you about anything you want! you definitely give me so many sleepless nights dreaming about you wrestling Gavin and the other males and keeping me hard all the time!

jonathanSep 28 2011 2:51pm
Girls, does it really turn you on when the male you are wrestling especially in scissors hold listening the male begging and crying to be released from the great strength in your legs?

jonathanSep 28 2011 3:02pm
Lots of questions again. I like that. Thank you Chloe for the compliment. Yes, I flex my biceps for James and I force him to feel them. I make him rub them with his hands and when we are standing I make him stretch on his tippy-toes to kiss them. He likes that. Jonathan, my thighs are 26 inches but like my biceps there is still some fat that I must work to trim off. Yes, I have lifted James over my head many times. I'm a lot more developed now than when we were younger so it's a lot easier. He's very light. Yes, I know James gets a hard on when I put him in a scissor hold. He cums sometimes just from that but I like to make it happen more often by scissor hold his hips and crotch and rub him between my thighs. His penis feels very hard and small against my thighs. It really, really turns me on. I have never tried the Cradle but I will check it out! Anonymous, thank you for the compliment but no, I am neither of these very muscular women. They are much older and very low fat percentages. I hope to be something like them someday. Jonathan, I do like it when men beg to be released from my scissor hold. It makes me very turned on to know that I could crush them if I wanted to. This is especially the case with James. He cries sometimes when I squeeze too hard and begs me to stop but he is always happy when we are done.

ChrisSep 28 2011 5:44pm
Chris, i thought you were Megan?or you really Chris? who ever you are what is your favorite wrestling hold you love to apply to James? and have you ever try a bear-hug or back breaker?

jonathanSep 28 2011 6:28pm
Chris or Megan,you know you could make very good money wrestling us males or do Female muscle worshipping with males worshipping you! and the wrestling you sound stronger than a lot of adult males!

jonathanSep 28 2011 6:34pm
Megan or Chris, and Jenna if you read this and stiil like commenting with me i am all over the other polls! so,i am easy to find!

jonathanSep 29 2011 12:25pm
Jenna, i am other polls if you want to commenting with me? the self-defense you are learning is it Brazzillian Ju-jus?

jonathanSep 29 2011 5:01pm
My girlfriend grew huge a little while ago and when i tried to break it off she beat the crap out of me. She wrapped her legs around my waist then used her left arm to hold both my hands behind my back. I was immobilized and then she repeatedly slapped me in the face.

joeDec 05 2011 3:29pm

smJul 05 2012 4:34pm
When i was in the service my x wife came over to my barracks room. Somehow we got into a wrestling match totally naked. At first I was winning and ended up on top of her about to end the match.However, she brought her legs up and squeezed me between them.She then pulled me down with both legs and pinned me long enough until she could sit on top of me and pin me for good.I couldn't believe it! How could this happen? We men usually underestimate women and many times pay the price.

smJul 05 2012 4:44pm
every guy i date have to wrestle with me.. on the bedroom, in the living room, out in public.. everywhere.. i cant get enough of dominating guys, sitting on their throat or squeeze their head between me thighs.. and if you ask the guys i have been dating, the answer to your question is yes:)

miss 25 inch thighsAug 07 2012 2:59am
every guy i date have to wrestle with me.. on the bedroom, in the living room, out in public.. everywhere.. i cant get enough of dominating guys, sitting on their throat or squeeze their head between me thighs.. and if you ask the guys i have been dating, the answer to your question is yes:)

miss 25 inch thighsAug 07 2012 2:59am
One night me and my husband were sitting in bed with nothing but our underwear on when I noticed that my legs looked a lot bigger than his.I asked him which one of us had stronger legs,and he said,"Are you kidding?I'm a man,of course mine are stronger than yours."That made me mad,so I suddenly wrapped my legs around his waist to show him who was stronger once and for all.After a few seconds I let go,but then I put my legs around his head.Even though I was barely even squeezing him,I could tell he couldn't get out."Which one of us is stronger?"I said mockingly.He said something in reply,but with his head engulfed in my thighs I couldn't understand him.He tried prying my legs from his head with his hands,but my legs are so strong that he couldn't budge them.I said,"Trying to get out?"He started getting more and more frustrated,and finally he said,"Let go of me,b***h!"I was so mad then that I threw my leg up in the air and slammed it down on his neck and started squeezing so hard that he could hardly breathe.Before he passed out I rubbed his member with my foot just to show him who was the boss.These days he treats me like a queen,because he knows the price he'll pay if he doesn't,lol.After that night Istarted working out with my legs even harder and now they're about twice as big as his.I still sometimes surprise him by wrapping my legs around him,just to remind him that I'm stronger than him.He hates it when I squeeze him with my legs,but there's nothing he can do about it.He has stronger arms than me,but his arms are no match for my legs.It's so much fun being stronger than my husband!I don't know if women are usually stronger than men,but they sure are in our house.:)

RachelAug 24 2012 6:19pm
I hope to read here more exciting stories of women/girls who beat their male opponents!!!! Especially stories of girls like Jenna and maybe from girls who wrestled for the first time a man/boy and I hope also with female audience or at least a lot of women in the audience. Are there also women who like it to cuase a little bit pain to the man or that it happened to them, that the man screamed it out of pain?! I want to know.

JeanAug 30 2012 5:35am
Check out this:

JohnSep 04 2012 3:40am
HI I also really got turned on by overpower my husband .He is 30 year older than me ( i am 23 ) and i work out at the gym 4 days / week my biceps is rock hard and i love to feel him struggle under me and slowly getting weaker and weaker then i facesit him and force him to make me cum

AlexandraDec 12 2012 12:59pm
I fought a woman, although I didn't think it would end up the way it did. She was much older than me but beautiful. It was after a Christmas party. She was interested in me all night, and I couldn't stop looking at her ass. She came to my room afterward to have a c*cktail and talk. She was wearing a satin dress, nylons and had long black hair that she let down as soon as the door was closed. "You,ve been looking at me all night. Now do something about it." I started to say "Wait . ." but she hugged me and kissed me. Then her foot was behind mine and she tripped me. When I was on my back, she sat down on me. I was stunned but tried to push her off. She seized my wrists and pushed them down next to my head. "This is what you wanted. Admit it!" I fought back weakly, but she sat harder and gave an incredible squirm. I got hard beneath her, and she felt it. She put my hands on her breasts and slid forward on me until she was sitting on my chest. By now her dress was covering my face. I was looking right at white panties and a garter belt and black nylons. In another second she was on my face, and rubbing slowly back and forth. She sat down then and I couldn't breath under her. By now I was really fighting. When I had almost passed out she slid back to straddle my waist. "Had you there didn't I?" She let my hands go, but I was out of fight. I began to feel her satin clad body while she slowly rode on me. By the time she let me up I had experienced the best orgasm of my life, embarrasing myself. She gave me a knowing smile as she let herself out. "Don't ever look at a woman like that unless you mean business."

AnonymousJan 02 2013 9:05am
If a girl would lift me high over her head I would be in heaven.

gethewil82Mar 13 2013 4:32am
When we were kids we used to stage matches like WWE for the other kids in the neighborhood to come watch. Sometimes I would wear a black ski mask, black sweatshirt and sweatpants. Then I would be the bad guy and lose. One time before a match with my neighbor, as the masked guy, his sister pulled me into their shed where two other girls were waiting. She and her friends wrestled me down and took my outfit. They tied me up and tied a bandana around my mouth. His sister dressed up as the masked guy, went out and kicked his butt. Then she stood with one foot on his chest and took off the mask. The kids were stunned and she motioned for her friends, who carried me out bound and gagged in my underwear. That was the most cheers we got and the most they talked about one of our shows, and me and the other boy who started it both got beat up by the girls.

the unmasked marvelApr 06 2013 9:27pm
It's amazing to me, a leg man like supposedly two-thirds of the men on earth are, how the 2/3rds of the females on the planet who are not big-busted and who envy the busty girls are frightened if they think they have big thighs! ........ What else are thighs FOR but fun, just like big breasts, lol ? And legs DO more, I think. ........ On topic : I once had an encounter with this topless dancer in a private room. I suggested some wrestling. She was my height and probably 15-20 pounds heavier -- all in the legs. She was not a gym girl, not "defined" or veined. She was merely an average night-owl at a turnpike joint that has since closed. So we wrestled, from a kneeling position. Boom. I'm downed and on my back in seconds, and those big knees and legs (25-inch thighs) kept me pinned. It was more like a burial than a pin. ........ She also had an enormous bodyscissors that later forced out the worst sounds of submission I ever remember. I think that session counts as "being defeated and outwrestled".

WaynieDMay 23 2013 12:15pm
I really like and appreciate your article. Fantastic.

fSFMTuQERJun 10 2013 2:29pm
I find that girls you romance don't like to "win" at some things. Not against their guy, their shield. So just about all of my wrestling against steadies is of the light, giggly sort. The gals at the gentlemen's clubs, several hitchikers I picked up, dancers, and the on-line escorts are by far more competitive and tend to be in better shape. Too bad it costs money, but for me it is always a better wrestling experience ....... One busty young lady at a massage spa recently was 5'6, said she weighed 160, and told me she session-wrestles against this 6-foot 190 pound cop and wins half the time! After me losing to this pretty girl six straight times at armwrestling (over two sessions), being positively bombed over every time at legwrestling, and once having felt her squeeze me unconscious with a neckscissor (24 3/4-inch thightops), I don't think there is any way I could take this gal at body-wrestling once if we had a dozen falls ....... Oddly, I could endure her bodyscissors (she on her back and both face-to-face). She said that her bare ankles kept slipping because of some lotion. But she told she she got the cop to give several times that way.

WaynieDJun 11 2013 8:20am
I had been holding mixed wrestling matches in my apartment for a little while, with many matches to write about, this one really sticks out. We allowed MMA style Barefisted fighting as well all though very seldom had fights, Ashley, my attendant, helper, set up a fight between me and her young daughter TAE TAE, all matches were held topless, stripped to the waist in barefeet, wareing only a wrestling thong, on a foam mat, anyone under 18 must have parental approval and participation, I am 54 white 6'5 260lbs all man, TAE TAE is very young 4'8 105lbs Black, she is dark like her mother who is also there to see the fight, TAE TAE'S grandmother Marge, Aunt Kilmira, and 2 girlfriends her age, TAE TAE'S fists were well known as she was in fights all the time, bad mouth, always suspended from school,, beating up other girls, blackening their eyes, breaking their noses, busting up their mouth, TAE TAE:S small bare blackfists were weapons, female weapons, and to any man who knows, knows, what it's really like to be defeated by a woman, girl, they know, your life is changed forever, to be beaten by her Barefisted, devastating. TAE TAE was punching the air with her young black barefists, mine were up by my face, TAE TAE, looked intimidating, dark black braids, hair pulled up, tats on her arms, legs, baretits jiggling, began punching, hurling her barefists at my face, grazing me with her young knuckles, TAE TAE, pounded my bare unprotected belly with her Black barefists, i groaned, dropping my hands to protect my stomach and slow her down, TAE TAE, swung upward hard with an uppercut to my now unprotected jaw, i had the privilege of feeling TAE TAE'S hard barefist, a power left to my right cheek, a wicked, wicked right to my chin my knees buckled, once, twice, i feel hard to my ass me Ken, all 6'5 260 of me, put there by this girl's young very young Black barefists, her mother Ashley sprung up yellin for her daughter to take me out, I shook my head not believing what was happening as TAE TAE, dropped down on her knees right in front of me, Black baretits jiggling, eyes looking straight at me, i could not prevent the young elementary school Black female from breaking my nose with her hard, very hard barefist, a left hook, my arms feel useless to my sides, Marge! TAE TAE'S grandmother, looking at me in disgust, gettin u ass kicked in a fist fight by a little niggar girl, Marge would never, never respect me as a man again, TAE TAE'S friends looking on in fear, knowing how tough she already was now rose this kid way up the school tough popularity list taking out a man, an older much larger white man with her small, fast, very fast, hard Black barefists, Ashley screaming, crazy, TAE TAE STRIKE, I looked straight at my conqueror as her sassy eyes met mine, i could see her pull her barefist all the way back, extending her arm, pounding me in the mouth hard with her right Black barefist, eyes glazed over immediately and before seeing only darkness, i looked at her barefist in my mouth, tats on her arms, braids, eyes, face, little baretitties, i was knocked out, TAE TAE knocked me out cold wiih her right barefist, i fell to my back, TAE TAE jumped on my chest and continued to pound my face with her young hard sledgehammer like blows, a hard right, left, nother hard right to my mouth, Ken's body reacting violently to each blow on his unconscious face. Finally, acting ref KILMIRA, jumped in pulling TAE TAE off my beaten body, raising her hand, declaring her winner, Ashley enjoying watching her young daughter beat this big man senseless with her young barefists, and Tits, well girls have Tits Ashley laughed, physically defeating a man gives a girl empowerment, Ashley said, and today my little niggar girl is Black empowered, still out from those very young small Black barefists, i didn't notice TAE TAE, putting her young 4th grade Black barefoot on my white grey hairy chest, BLACK GIRL POWER, WOW

kenJun 12 2013 2:10am
BxpK3n Thanks so much for the article post.Really thank you! Awesome.

QwHpjUMEJwVZJun 19 2013 4:10pm
Although we never wrestled per se (only light wrestling), a girl named Daisy, who I speak of elsewhere, could most likely take me maybe six or seven times out of ten. And that's back when we were steadies and she was her 145 or so pounds. She had bigger upper arms than I had, was very busty and had a lot of upper body weight. Later, she put on a lot of weight. But when she was her lightest, I could not pin both her wrists at the same time. She was very strong upstairs ....... One night she downloaded a submission bodyscissors from the front, with us face to face. It was like being torn apart and electrocuted at the same time. Her upper thighs were (estimate) about 22 1/2 inches, and with no trace of looseness. So I figure that at the least, she'd fend me off and match me in the arms, and then finish me with her legs ....... Several years later she was about 180 pounds when we fooled around, while I had stayed my usual 145 or so. I suggested she get me in a full nelson / scissors from behind. I must have been in that writhing and grunting for three minutes without being able to even come CLOSE to getting out of those big arms (estimate 13 1/2 inches) ........ If I surmise that I'd have trouble beating her at wrestling when she was 145 pounds, she would have been impossible to outwrestle at 180. There would be no way for me to get her off her feet. She could probably pin me easier than I could pin her, and she packed that devastating legscissors besides.

WaynieDJul 18 2013 7:28pm
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rbWicpnmkAXZkaSep 24 2013 7:18am
Yes, I when I was in high school, I was often picked on by the girl bullies. They would pin me down and sit on my chest.

Small GuyOct 01 2013 5:17pm
We faced each other looking, we met about 2 weeks ago a couple blocks from my apartment, talking, texting, and now here we were getting ready to rumble, her name is Chrissy, white, maybe 40, lean with big tits, blondish hair, 140lbs. I am ken of course 54 white 6'5 262lbs, Chrissy said wrestling and boxing really turned her on especially Barefisted fighting, but she never expected to box a man, Chrissy was intimidated by my size, apparent strength and above all was a man, being a little scared she had drank some beer first. We were both stripped to the waist in barefeet, waring only a wrestling thong, her somewhat big tits jiggling, blondish, brown hair, nice body, some hot tattoos, long arms and although she talked as if she had no chance against me, her fists looked like hammers. We approached to shake hands, two of her girlfriends were there, one while, the other black, the black woman was acting ref also, Kiana and the white girl:s name was Rachel, Chrissy looked in my eyes, "GONNA BEAT UP ON A WOMAN, ON ME", she exclaimed, we walked back and waited for Kiana to start the fight, my stomach was full of butterflies, Chrissy's fists looked so hard, but like she said, she's just a girl, "FIGHT" Kiana yelled, we approached each other again, fists held high, Ohhhh god I thought was is the appeal making it so erotic, MALE vs FEMALE, BATTLE OF THE SEXES, with women always being looked upon as The Weaker Sex, softer, a victory for her would bring Surprise, Shock, but also much Respect and EMPOWERMENT, yes EMPOWERMENT, the ultimate fantasy of every girl, woman, to physically defeat a man in combat, make him submit, knock him out wow, with my barefists, what a feeling just thinking of it Chrissy thought, nothing but shame, disgrace, and humiliation for me if I lose, ken thought, if fact the thought of it was to great and he put it straight out of his mind, but inwardly he knew he was submissive and to lose would make him feel so submissive and he loved that. Her baretits were distracting me more than I thought, ken realized, bouncing up and down lewdly, he shook his head at her as she began throwing haymakers, girl punches at his head, ken was blocking them, losing the butterflies, when incredibly, out of nowhere, Crissy, titties jiggling hit me with a fast, hard, very hard barefist to my eye, the power behind the punch was devastating, I staggered back, Chrissy, shocked, looking at her right fist, closing and enclosing it, Chrissy's friend Rachel, yelling for her friend, the unbelievable upset maybe, Kiana looked at me "U OK, DO U WANNA STOP, YIELD, " she said, "NO" I muttered, Chrissy advanced on me, arms up in the air, causing her tits to flop up and down, I had my hands high up for now and was visibly wobbly, Chrissy pounded me in the stomach with her hard right barefist knocking the wind out of me, as I dropped my guard, Chrissy extended her left arm all the way back and hit me right in the mouth with her hard female fist, it felt like getting slugged in the mouth with a ball bat, arms fell useless to my sides, knees buckling, over and over, Chrissy was crazy, I'M BEATING A MAN IN A FISTFIGHT", she exclaimed, "KICKING HIS MALE ASS", I see her coming, Ohhhh no God, please, please don't let her knock me out, her barefists ken thought, how can she hit so hard for a woman, a topless woman, he started swinging his fists at her in vain, the big man hit the top of the bitch's head, "she don't have the guts to do it, got to-------, then his mind changed immediate course as Chrissy, inflamed with female bitch empowerment, power, ARGGGGGG, YESSSSZZZ, as Chrissy swung up long and hard with all her might and punched ken with a thunderous uppercut as if to separate his head from his shoulders, ken straightened up, eyes rolling up into his eyelids, "a million lights went off in my head, I could see barebreasted Chrissy, hands on her hips, looking at her tits as I lost all control of my senses, ken's head began rocking up and down from the powerful blow from the baretitted skinny white bitch "Ohh my God" Chrissy thought, looking at her barefists and only 3 punches, wow indeed. "I'M taking out a man, big man, beating the poo out of him with her fists, ken fell to his knees, head still bobbing up and down from the powerful uppercut, eyes blank and fell flat on his face "she knocked him out " body, head still twitching, Kiana began to count ken out " 1,2,3,4,5 Chrissy very excited and a little drunk fell down interrupting the count, Kiana pushed her back and continued "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 YOU"RE OUT. Kiana waved me out and raised Chrissy's hand in shock victory, knocking the biggest man up in the neighborhood, out cold with her barefists, Rachel sprang up, not believing what she just seen, hugging her friend, raising her hand, pointing to her phone which recorded it for youtube, ext.Chrissy was parading around, flexing, showing off her fists, what a bitch, still so hard to believe she beat a man, and so brutally, Chrissy walked to me purposely jiggling her tits so as to leave no doubt that a female won over a male and contemptuously kicked me over on my back, still out cold, and out her bare foot on my grey hairy chest "U AIN'T A MAN NO MORE, U A PUSSY, MY BITCH

kenOct 09 2013 9:33am
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GWTHPKwAIOct 23 2013 8:18pm
Another match really, really, sticks out in my mind was a no holds barred mixed wrestling match between me ken 6'5 263lbs 55 year old Alpha White Male vs Rae Rae, a somewhat large 5'8 155lb 11 year old dark black young girl. She was supposable extremely strong, many older girls fearing her, she had started an argument with me on the streets, infront of her friends, pushed me, challenged me, and here we are. Ray Ray's stepmom, Michelle, older sister 15 year old sister Brianna, two young girlfriends, and her 16 year old brother Mat. We came together to shake hands on the mat, Wow, older, tall, strong, white man, shaved head VS very young Black child, built very big for her age, hair pulled back in thin braids, rather large bare breasts, tatts on her left arm, Ray Ray's, black titties jiggling as we came together, she stared me straight in the eyes, "READY TO TAP OLD WHITE MAN" Ray Ray exclaimed, we turned and walked back to our corners. MY GOD I thought, what a young little bitch child, Get Her Down, Pull on her arms, make her submit, "WRESTLE " Ray Ray's young Black friend yelled, acting ref also it looks bout Ray Ray's age, we began pushing each other, GOD SHE IS STRONG, I thought, when Ray Ray, surprised me and the audience by pushing my large white arms aside and wrapped her Thick, Black, Young, Very young, NIGGA arms around my waist and unbelievablely Squeezed me in a powerful BEARHUG, I felt so humiliated between her Black 11 year old dark arms, girls yelling, cheering for Ray Ray, I was thinking of how lewd and ridiculous this was, when I was very rudely reminded that this was submission wrestling, by Ray Ray Squeezing her arms again and Ohh God I mean Squeezed again the young Black female's age mean nothing to me, as I let out a Shameful moan ARGGGGGG, Involentaryly throwing my arms back, MY GOD THE PRESSURE, ARGGGGGG, I moaned again, Ohh God Please not this, I thought, being Squeezed by a young Black Female Child, in a BEARHUG, a BEARHUG, a hold of submission, strength, mainly for men who only and here I was, a 55 year old White Large man, moaning in pain to an 11 year old dark young Black girl, I reached back to try and unlock her young fingers behind my back, when Ray Ray Squeezing, Tightened her arms around my ribs, OHH GOD, I moaned, as I pushed against Ray Ray's young Ebony shoulders, looked her in the eyes, she was grimacing, lips clenched, Black baretits touching the bottom of my grey hairy chest Ohh God, I didn't want to, but the pressure was overwhelming, ARGGGGGG, I moaned again like a bitch, throwing my arms backward, "GIVE UP, GIVE UP" her young pretty friend taunting me, looking me in the face, "SUBMIT U OLD WHITE PUSSY" Ok Ok I thought, she is so very strong, but here, in front of an audience, dressed in only wrestling thongs, here in front of her stepmom, sister, friends, brother, for God's sake, here in my own apartment, being filmed by cell phones, here, bein takin out, defeated by this big 4th grader, "OHH GOD OHH GOD, RAY RAY, I CAN'T BREATHE, OHH GOD PLEASE RAY RAY PLEASE ",I begged this 11 year old Bad Black NIGGA Girl, "TAP CRAK"ER" TAP OUT ON MY TATTOO'S TAP" Ready to Yield, giving up all male ego, knowing full well I was about to lose, Give In and to this very young, too young, humiliatingly young topless Black Female, waving my arms, feeling so submissive, groaning again, arms straight up in the air, ARGGGGGG ARGGGGGG, crowd screaming, not believing what they were seeing, I looked the young pretty Black ref in the face and shamefully admitted defeat to this child, I SUBMIT I SUBMIT, SHE HAS BEATEN ME, I GIVE UP, looking back at RAY RAY, her strong thick dark Black arms, braids, titties jiggling as RAY RAY Squeezed, those TATTS on her left arm, OHH GOD, the BLACK POWER FIST WITH THE BLACK FEMALE SYMBOL, tribal markings, OHH GOD PLEASE RAE RAE PLEASE, YOU'RE ARMS ARE TOO STRONG, YOU'RE BREAKING MY RIBS" I begged like a bitch, "PLEASE RAE RAE PLEASE, LET ME GO"and began tapping out on her 11 year old dark black left arm, like a bitch over her Tattoos TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP, like a submissive white male bitch over her, BLACK POWER FIST TATTOO, TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP. She had fulfilled her promise to me and all around makeing me SUBMIT and TAP, OHH GOD, I tapped on her TATTOO, like a silly bitch, TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP, Tapping out on a young Black female's arm, 11 year old dark black left arm, TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP, ARGGGGGG ARGGGGGG, I moaned again in pain, between RAE RAE'S to young, strong thick dark Black arms, as the young Black Female Child released me, I fell to my ass, then to my elbows, RAE RAE, strutting around the mat, arms in the air, oversized baretitties bouncing, she walked over to me, pointing down, this 11 year old Bad Black NIGGA Girl yelled "HAD ENOUGH, WANT MORE OLD WHITE MAN" I looked up at RAE RAE, MY GOD, I thought, she is stronger than me, forcing me to Submit, Tap, to a BEARHUG, MY LORD, an 11 Black year olds FEMALE BEARHUG, looking at RAE RAE, I submissively laid on my back and placed RAE RAE'S 11 year old dark black barefoot on my 55 year old White grey hairy chest, showing to all RAE RAE'S victory, and my defeat.

kenOct 24 2013 9:08pm
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mEzUiJOqpSYKLSQmNov 02 2013 3:01am
My story. Being a small weak guy, I've been getting harassed and bullied by bigger girls my whole life. At work there is a girl who is bigger then me, and really tough. She finds ways to get me alone with her in room, then she'll pin me down by sitting on my chest, while she taunts me verbally. Aside from the obvious humiliation of getting beat by a girl. It can also be quite a scary experience. Lying on the floor with her on top of me, looking down at me, feeling very powerless and vulnerable. It will usually last for at least half an hour. Although often it can go on for much longer

Small GuyNov 10 2013 10:04am
MbxltD I really liked your article. Much obliged.

YshDKPuSysEuJfpDec 15 2013 11:34am
Up till i was fourteen i lived in a small farming community and us kids used to have little else to do after school but run about,play ball and get into mischief..both boys and girls competed on an equal basis at everything including fighting ,which we did a lot of at that age.because of the variation in ages the girls were often higher up the pecking order than a lot of the boys.some of the girls were very proficient and enthusiastic fighters and at least , if not more ready to settle any imagined slight with fists and knees. When there was a falling out we used to meet up at a place in the wood where we had our camp,and we would si t in a circle whilst they settled their differences.there were some great battles as of course we all wanted to be the heroic one cared much about the odd black eye or skinned knee farm kids are like that,in fact we wore them like a medal! top of the tree was tony,he was the oldest and biggest, then below him was a real tomboy called marie ,champion tree climber,ball player and fearless fighter.if there was any sort of scrape she wouldbe first in. She had three older brothers and two younger and had learned the hard way.the next in line was a boy of thirteen who was big but lacked the killer instinct required to beat her and had been soundly thrashed each time theyd crossed swords ,however i knew he smarted at having been publicly bested ,especially by a girl,and was exercising and practicing with his best pal against the day hed challenge her again.i had a thing for her and hated the idea of her getting beat.she was a tanned,lean and well made girl,freckled with ginger hair and always in shorts ,tshirt and gym shoes. I knew tony would be going away to college the next fall, as there was only a small school anywhere near,and dreaded the other kid trying to take over,not that he was a bad lad,but i knew she wouldnt let it go.she must have realised too,because she started to slap him down at every opportunity,and thingsgot quite uncomfortable for all of us,with some siding with him and some with her,until we all talked about it one day at the camp when he wasnt there and we said itd be best to settle things between them by offering him a chance to come out and challenge her if he wanted to,and get it over with.she didnt seem quite as keen as usual, but told his mate to tell him that if he wanted to,shed be at the camp that evening after supper. We all went home and returned at eight, excited and boisterous.she was there waiting and a little later he arrived with his pal.tony said are you accepting the challenge? And he nodded. Then both enter the circle and face each other .they stood waiting till he said fight.immediatelly she lowered her shoulders and charged him like a bull, arms fastening around his torso and neckand bearing him to the ground,caught by surprise he was slow to react and she was over him lashing hard little fists into him until he grabbed her round the waist0and they rolled wrestling wildly over and over,dust rising like a cloud round them as theyfought ferociously, cursing and could hear their fists as they hammered away at each one point he threw her off whth his knees and she fell into the watching kids, who pushed her back into the fight. We were screaming and shouting encouragement as they settled into a yelping swearing bundle of limbs that rolled back and forth between us.but slowly he seemed to be getting the0better of her and at one point she rolled off him and he threw himself after her climbing on her back and fastening anarm round her kneck and despite her increasingly desperate attemps to get free ,wore her down and even though she refused to submit we eventually parted them and declared him the winner.

paulJan 03 2014 9:12am
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