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Are you a male or a female?

Question: Just trying to get a consensus on who views this website.
Created by: nnn at 05:31:50 AM, Thursday, September 15, 2011 PDT


I am a male who wants to be ruled by a woman. I would say over 95% of this website is the same.

Submissive ManSep 16 2011 11:53am

i am 100 per cent male and i am not one of the males the do not want to be ruled by a woman.

jonathanSep 16 2011 12:49pm
I am a woman that IS the stronger sex!

Powerful WOMANSep 17 2011 12:48am
Powerful WOMAN, how strong are you and how big are your biceps? because i love Powerful strong WOMEN !

jonathanSep 17 2011 8:34am
jonathan, so you do want to be ruled by a Woman? you're first post has double negatives, and your second post indicates you want strong power Women. Sounds submissive to me.

Submissive ManSep 17 2011 9:35am
No i just like to wrestle women. i enjoy the physical body to body competition and i do enjoy strong muscular women but not to be ruled over by women.

jonathanSep 17 2011 11:32am
Just another excuse to air this feminist superiority rubbish.

AnonymousSep 17 2011 1:13pm
Anonymous, you are right about another excuse to air this feminist superiority rubbish! but, unfortunally, there a lot of men out there that believe in that stuff! probably had very controlling mother and very weak father!

anonymousSep 17 2011 1:20pm
^Female superiority is not rubbish, it's fact. But yes I did grow up in a house where my Mom made all the decisions and my dad always obeyed her. Also my sisters always had more privileges than I did, but I got used to it. Now I realize that Female Supremacy is the natural order.

RobertSep 17 2011 3:39pm
Robert, thats rubbish about Female Supremacy! you living in a fantasy world!

anonymousSep 17 2011 6:11pm
It may be a fantasy for some, but one day it will be the norm.

RobertSep 18 2011 9:41am
not in my world there won't be Female Supremacy!

anonymousSep 18 2011 9:52am
Robert you were manipulated ,abused & had your tender rights violated by your mother & sisters ---they belong to a jail cell or a lunatic asylum !!!

GASep 20 2011 10:02am
Robert you are a victim of corrupt and wanton feminists. Patriarchy is the true and natural world order ordained by the Creator.

Hussein HarrisSep 21 2011 11:18am
I don't think any guys here actually want women to be the dominant sex in our society. You guys need to understand that they reason why some guys have female domination fetish is because males usually have jobs that demand them to control others and take care of things around them in a very rigid manner. Guys do get tired of being in control all the time and the stress that comes along with can be too much at times. So they secretely desire to be dominated by women who controls them when they have sex as a way of "relaxing". Anyways, that's my little theory right there. Take it or leave it. It's your choice.

anonymousSep 22 2011 9:02am
Sounds reasonable anonymous. I wish we could have a female perspective too. I reckon the ration of men to women on this site is something like 15 to 1 about the same as the proportion of men on a site about embroidery, child care or interior decor. Certainly not the 60/40 this poll is showing. No way of proving it though.

AnonSep 22 2011 2:19pm

AnonSep 22 2011 2:19pm
thats because the women know you men are bunch of Idiots! and nothing here but stupid clueless males!

anonymousSep 22 2011 2:32pm
Perhaps you'd like to demonstrate your superiority by learning the basics of punctuation.

anonymousSep 24 2011 1:17am
even if u don't have women here u do have pussy-whipped Robert to give the submissive Worm's eye-view of his pathetic Femdommed universe !!!

GASep 27 2011 6:11am
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