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taller and younger girls

Question: Did you ever stand behind a girl who was youner and taller then you?
Created by: gethewil at 06:30:18 PM, Saturday, September 17, 2011 PDT


I experience it all the time seeing younger girls taller than me. i stand 5'7 and does not bother me.My parents were average height so i got their genes from them.i was in Cancun a couple of years ago and two daughters and their mom were over 6 feet and the daughters looked very strong and powerful. and were teen agers!

jonathanSep 18 2011 10:08am

I always considered myself a fairly tall guy, I'm 6'1" and I'm 16, but over this past summer a lot of the girls in my town grew. Most of them were already tall, but now they're huge. Taylor is 6'3" and my age, her little sister Amanda is 6'1" and her best friend Katie, who is actually a freshman, is 6'0". Also one of my best friends that is a girl, Aubrey, is now 6'5"

JakSep 23 2011 9:42pm
My girlfriend's younger and taller than me. She's 20 and 6'7". Of course, that' why I'm attracted to her =)

ChrisSep 24 2011 8:58am
My girlfriend's younger and taller than me. She's 20 and 6'7". Of course, that' why I'm attracted to her =)

ChrisSep 24 2011 8:58am
i have been around teen age girls from Brazil and let me tell you they very tall and very strong and muscular! i have wrestled them many times through the years!

jonathanSep 24 2011 9:17am
I wrestle with my girlfriend a lot. She always wins, of course, but that's never really the point of the wrestling. The best I can pull off, if I get lucky, is a draw by: 1) avoid her thighs 2) getting behind her 3) try as best I can to keep her arms under control.

ChrisSep 24 2011 12:03pm
Chris, i have been wrestling girls of all ages for about 30 years now and always amazed at their strength!I am only 5'7 and there a lot young teen age girls taller than me!How big would you say your girlfriend's biceps are? and what is it like the power that your girlfriend's thighs like? because i know you can't always avoid her thighs!

jonathanSep 24 2011 12:11pm
Her biceps are a little under 15"(14.8-14.9) though she still looks slender/curvy because she's so tall. As for her thighs, lol, yeah, I can't always avoid them. When she gets me between them there's no way I'm getting out. They're just too big and I lack the mass to pry them apart. She doesn't try to hurt me, though - just keep me there.

ChrisSep 24 2011 1:24pm
Chris how big would you say her thighs are? and has your girlfriend ever lift you over head? I heard of this very strong and muscular wife that was married to very weak husband and she would use her husband as a human barbell! the wife would bench press him, do over the head shoulder presses ,bicep curls and squats with him! could your girlfriend do that with you ?

jonathanSep 24 2011 1:30pm
Chris, when your girlfriend squeezes you with her thighs do you get a hard-on and does she make you come? i have had that experience happen to me a lot! we men just can't help are selves!

jonathanSep 24 2011 1:33pm
Her thighs are around 24-25 inches - varies a bit over the months, though always not too far from my waist(28)! Yeah, my girlfriend can lift me over her head or squat me - I'm a 132lbs and she's around 200.

ChrisSep 24 2011 1:58pm
Chris, how does it make you feel to be lifted over her head? and how does she feel about it? have you to wrestled in the nude? its one of the erotic things you to can do! i have done that many times!

jonathanSep 24 2011 3:44pm
Chris, i guess when your girlfriend gets you in a head scissors? her thighs swallow up your head? i have wrestled girls with thighs that were 24-25 and the biggest was 26 inches and my head would get swallowed up by there girth and shear size. its amazing the tremendous pressure they can produce!

jonathanSep 24 2011 4:17pm
She hasn't lifted me over her head very often, but it probably makes her feel dominant and strong. I mean, I don't weigh very much to her. She does like to pick me up in general, though - like if I'm in the way in the kitchen, she'll just pick me up and move me out of the way. Not always, since that would get old, but enough for it to stay funny. Yeah, she can put me in a head scissor when we wrestle and her thighs look pretty huge from that vantage point. They look big compared to me generally, of course. Sometimes I sit on her lap to watch a movie with her and my legs look so small dangling alongside her thigh. She finds it cute - like I'm a kid or something :)

ChrisSep 24 2011 4:55pm
Chris, your girlfriend doesn't pick you up in public? i would like that if she was my girlfriend! but, if she did i guess there is nothing you can do about it?

jonathanSep 24 2011 5:00pm
No. I would find that disrespectful.

AnonymousSep 24 2011 5:07pm
Forgot to say that was me, haha.

ChrisSep 24 2011 5:07pm
Chris, if you had to guess what fitness girl or female body builder would your girlfriend look like?

jonathanSep 24 2011 5:09pm
She's not really defined like a fitness girl or a bodybuilder so none, I guess.

AnonymousSep 24 2011 5:16pm
Chris, thats too bad she doesn't look like anybody thats a fitness or a body builder! what about an actress?

jonathanSep 24 2011 5:23pm
Hmm....Jessica Capshaw but with a slightly wider face and higher cheekbones.

ChrisSep 24 2011 5:37pm
Chris, thats cool! So, has you girlfriend cause you to have hard-ons will squeezing you in a scissors hold and make you come? like i said i have had that experience many times!

jonathanSep 24 2011 5:43pm
Well yeah, my girlfriend's aroused me. The scissor hold's one way of doing that - not my preferred ways, though.

ChrisSep 24 2011 5:50pm
Chris, i bet it made your girlfriend very turned on seeing she made you aroused? does she have you go down on her? i have done many,many years now! i find the girl you wrestle is never satified until you do after defeating you!

jonathanSep 24 2011 6:02pm
Chris, so you are real her small boy toy?

jonathanSep 24 2011 6:04pm
Yeah, I think it turns her on to make me aroused :). Sometimes I go down on her. It's exciting to have her thighs to either side of me. Other times she prefers it the more traditional way. I like it when she's top - her weight feels great. But yeah, I am definitely her boy toy(in private). I love that she's so much bigger than me in every way and she knows it too - so she compares herself to me.

ChrisSep 24 2011 6:15pm
Chris, when your girlfriend Orgasms does she forget her strength with her legs and squeeze you unconcious? and does she have any girlfriends just like her?

jonathanSep 24 2011 6:23pm
Chris,have you met any of your girlfriend's family and are they all that tall? and what do they think of you?

jonathanSep 24 2011 6:26pm
Chris, what was it like the first time you too met? and was it love at first sight?

jonathanSep 24 2011 6:29pm
first question: no :P second question: no, though one is about 6 feet. third question: Yeah, I've met her family. Both her parents are pretty tall - her dad is 6'7" and her mom is 5'11". I think they like me. My girlfriend hasn't had too many boyfriends before and I think they're glad she found someone who accepts her height. Fourth question: the first time we met was at the start of a history class. It was a second year class and she was looking for a place to sit. I, of course, could not fail to see the girl who was as tall as the door frame she was standing next to so I waved at her and told her she could sit next to me. Turns out she had been looking for a friend who never showed up to class(thank god, if she had, my girlfriend would have never sat next to me!). I'm not sure if it was love at first sight, but I definitely wanted to get to know her better at first sight. And that interest only grew when she sat down next to me. I was pretty wide-eyed at the time and she just gave me this knowing smile that said "yup, I'm tall." That first class, I didn't do much other than examine her(I ended up getting the class notes from her later :P). First thing I noticed was that she had to stretch her legs out because the writing desk was too low. The problem was that the seat in front of her was too close as well, so she needed to stretch her legs to the side. That let me get my foot pretty close to her foot - it wasn't even close. After a few classes, I worked up the guts to ask her if she wanted to go out for a coffee and well, that's that.

ChristSep 24 2011 6:53pm
Chris, good job! whats your girlfriend's name if you don't mind me asking? i know you are not looking into the future with your girlfriend or are you? and if you and her have kids i could see you having daughters and them all being taller than you! i guess when you two go out? you two look like the Odd Couple?

jonathanSep 24 2011 7:00pm
Well, we've been going steady for two years now. It looks long-term to me! We haven't really discussed kids, though I imagine they might end up taller than me. Yeah, we look a bit odd. I'm about as tall as her neck/chin so she tends to not wear heels very often. When she does, *then* we get the stares(or rather, she gets them even more). I like it, though. I've been told we look like a mother taking out her pre-teen from far but if anybody asks I reply that my awesomeness requires that much more woman in my life.

ChrisSep 24 2011 7:13pm
Chris, as long as you love each other! who cares! does she work out with weights?

jonathanSep 24 2011 7:22pm
No, but she plays volleyball.

ChrisSep 24 2011 7:26pm
Chris,i know girls whom play volleyball have tremendous powerful thighs! so,i guess hers as well?

jonathanSep 24 2011 7:57pm
Haha, yes.

ChrisSep 24 2011 8:21pm
Chris when your girlfriend lifted you over head were you scared? seeing that she is 6'7? that had to be at that height!

jonathanSep 25 2011 8:12am
Actually, with her arms outstretched it's closer to 7 feet. No, it doesn't scare me. I feel vulnerable, but not scared because I know she wouldn't let me fall(at least not on purpose). What she tends to do is put one hand on my upper back and another on my thighs to keep a balance.

ChrisSep 25 2011 9:25am
Chris, so it was a great turn-on for you that your girlfriend lifted you over her head? did she do reps with you?

jonathanSep 25 2011 9:34am
Yeah, I like it. She doesn't really do reps with me though.

ChrisSep 25 2011 9:39am
I'm 13 and there's this girl who lives next to me, Cate, who is three years younger than me but i'd say 2 or 3 inches taller. I feel so little when I'm with her that I end up getting on the tip of my toes to be closer to her height.

AnonymousSep 25 2011 9:40am
Anonymous, does Cate have a muscular body?

jonathanSep 25 2011 9:50am
Chris, whats the most erotic thing your girlfriend did to you wrestling? and have you two wrestled in the nude?

jonathanSep 25 2011 9:52am
Yes, we've wrestled in the nude. Most erotic thing? All of it! Well, okay, there's one moment I'm really fond of. So we were wrestling and she had managed to get behind me and wrap both her arms around my waist but not my arms. She was lifting me up and squeezing me against herself so that my back was rubbing against her breasts. My feet, meanwhile, were dangling over a foot off the ground and ineffectually trying to buckle her legs. It wasn't working so I tried to pry myself free of her arms. I couldn't pull them apart, though that didn't really surprise me. My best chance was to untangle her hands. So I tried to pry them open - big mistake. She squeezed me against her chest to keep me there and then freed one of her arms to grab my forearm. Then she did the same thing with her other arm. So now she had both my arms trapped while I was still squeezed against her while dangling off the ground. It was intensely erotic to be stuck there, helpless, unable to move and totally in her control. I could feel her biceps squeezing mine, feel her long and large hands wrap themselves around my forearms. I thought it couldn't get any better. Then, she turned around and pushed me against the wall, her body holding mine in place. Her hands grabbed my waist and she told me to stay still. She wanted to try something. So she lifted me me up and pushed me against the wall. Up and up I went until she learned forward to keep her weight on me - my waist was now above her face and my legs were trapped by her body. My c*ck was just about eye level with her mouth. Yup, you guessed it and I had by then too. So she lowered me a bit till it was at the proper angle, and then she moved in and sucked me right then and there. It was intense, to be so utterly dominated - to be literally up against the wall while she gave me a blow job. That was the first time she did that and I'll never forget it =).

ChrisSep 25 2011 12:38pm
Chris, that sounds like a great erotic wrestling match ! to bad you guys didn't video it? i have to admit it got me hard thinking about in my mind! i sure envy you! but. i also was put in that position too long time ago!If you want your girlfriend to learn more wrestling moves go to Mixed wrestling holds gallery!

jonathanSep 25 2011 12:53pm
Chris,what was it like when your girlfriend gave a blow job to you while she was holding up eye level with you joy stick?

jonathanSep 25 2011 2:52pm
It was intense and surreal. My head was touching the ceiling and from my vantage point I was looking down on her, something I had rarely done before. I could see her brown roots and, beyond them, an expanse of blond hair that hid my c*ck. The pleasure coming from there was amazing. Her tongue was swirling all around me and her full lips were sucking and popping, pulling me in deeply, then squeezing when she pulled me out. I could feel her flesh pushing against mine, her breasts touching my thighs. Her hands covered my abs my own were firmly clasping her forearms. Like I said, I like comparing, and it was just so arousing to see my thin stick-like forearms running alongside her thicker and more muscular ones. I think it's because I get turned on by feeling humiliated and submissive over my size. Regardless, it was quite a sight, seeing her tall, firm figure holding up my firm one. It didn't take that long for me to cum. So I guess that's the most erotic wrestling moment - there are other things I find erotic, but they're not wrestling - like when she sits me on her lap or between her thighs(she sometimes styles my hair when she does that). Or when she compares her bicep, hands or feet to mine :)

ChrisSep 25 2011 8:07pm
Hey, jonathan, in response to your question, I would'nt say she has a muscular body, since she's ten, but she's definitely stronger than I am, because she's also a bit chubby. I'm really fascinated with her size, so I often ask her to pick me up or to compare heights, feet, etc. I feel intimidated but at the same time it turns me on when she treats me like I'm just a baby when actually she's the one who is only 10.

AnonymousSep 26 2011 11:23am
Anonymous, just wait until she grows up and what they say Be careful what you wish for you might get it!and seeing she is stronger then you now! she could be a nightmare for you! If you go up to YouTube you can see a 10 year old girl flipping over a 250 pound truck tire!

jonathanSep 26 2011 11:40am
Chris, is your girlfriend proud of her height and being much stronger than you or is she embarrassed by it?

jonathanSep 26 2011 11:42am
Glad I found this. I'm a 16 year old guy, 5ft3 (160cm, short, yeah, but not that short), 130lbs (not skinny, but not really fat either). A lot of younger girls tall over me, and I'm kinda used to it, even though some times it's still embarassing. I have a few episodes which I can tell, so if you want me to just feel free to ask :)

Digz12Sep 26 2011 11:55am
jonatham, me and cate are friends and it's all in good fun. i enjoy looking up to her and being carried by a "little" girl, but that's all. i'll prolly grow taller than her in a few years.

AnonymousSep 26 2011 12:01pm
anonymous, but Cate might get a lot stronger than you and bigger muscles!

jonathanSep 26 2011 12:09pm
Digz12, sure would like to hear your stories about being smaller than younger girls!have ever had to wrestle any of them?

jonathanSep 26 2011 12:11pm
Glad I found this. I'm a 16 year old guy, 5ft3 (160cm, short, yeah, but not that short), 130lbs (not skinny, but not really fat either). A lot of younger girls tall over me, and I'm kinda used to it, even though some times it's still embarassing. I have a few episodes which I can tell, so if you want me to just feel free to ask :)

Digz12Sep 26 2011 12:14pm
Glad I found this. I'm a 16 year old guy, 5ft3 (160cm, short, yeah, but not that short), 130lbs (not skinny, but not really fat either). A lot of younger girls tall over me, and I'm kinda used to it, even though some times it's still embarassing. I have a few episodes which I can tell, so if you want me to just feel free to ask :)

Digz12Sep 26 2011 12:14pm
Yes, I've wrestled a younger sister of a friend of mine. I'll tell you in a few minutes.

Digz12Sep 26 2011 12:15pm
Didz12, did any of these girls have bigger muscles then you? and how big would you say their biceps are?

jonathanSep 26 2011 12:18pm
Jonathan: She's proud of her height but it wasn't always that way. From what she's told me, she got teased a lot by classmates when she was younger and it made her really sensitive about her height. That changed when she started middle school, though, because she could pass as a junior or senior and her friends thought that was really cool. Romantically, she said she was still insecure because she was too tall for the boys in her class and too young for the juniors and seniors. I'm not sure if she liked it at first, but she definitely enjoys being stronger than me now. She sees me as her willing "little guy" that she can do whatever she wants with.

ChrisSep 26 2011 12:41pm
Chris, i know how classmates her age could be in sensitive about her height! me, i was the opposite, i was very small for my age althrough high school! i was a real late bloomer and didn't grow until i graduated from high school! but, because of my size i was picked on! but,i discover the weight room and lifted weights and joined the wrestling team!

jonathanSep 26 2011 12:50pm
I got picked on too, but not because I was small(though I was small - 5ft, 76lbs, 13years old).I had geeky interests growing up - power rangers, pokemon, videogames, pretending to be superheroes in the schoolyard and it followed me until late middle school. My size only came up a couple of times - once, when the jocks wanted to show off to the girls that they could lift me over their head(one of the girls asked if she could rock me in her arms - I said yes :P). I was either in 5th or 6th grade. A second time was within the same year or two when a bully/semi-bully wanted to show me that he could lift me off the ground by my neck during recess. A third was with the same bully-ish/not quite a bully when he wanted to show me something with my hands. I don't remember what he wanted to do, but my hands looked really small when he held them in his. The three moments aren't really bullying, I suppose, just moments I remember concerning my size.

ChrisSep 26 2011 1:03pm
Chris, why did you just go work out and lift weights or take karate or something? Its going to amazing for if you marry your girlfriend and end going to your class reunion and you can get your wife to get revenge for you!

jonathanSep 26 2011 2:04pm
Well, I'm lazy for one =). But also because I genuinely don't like it. I tried working out and there's just no appeal in it for me. I see it as tiring myself out followed by pain the next day. I know there's a long-term reward but I really don't enjoy the process of getting there. I tried tae kwon do as a kid and I ended up not really liking that either. As for sports, I've tried soccer, swimming, badminton, skating, skiing, snow-boarding, baseball and golf - I'm not really into any of them. I do try to keep relatively healthy though by doing stuff like push-ups, sit-ups and some walking. That's improved my endurance and cardio and toned me a little, but it hasn't really built me any mass. Aside from not liking working out, though, I always felt I got the short side of the stick genetically speaking. I've always been thinner than other people. Even the thin people aren't as thin as me. So I felt that, if I were to work out, I'd have a lot more work to do catch up. The average male bicep of someone who doesn't work out, for example, is 13 inches. Mine are 10 inches flexed. I'd have to gain a whole 3 inches just to be average =P. So all those factors are why I don't really bother with building mass.

ChrisSep 26 2011 2:41pm
Chris, you should check into Brazillian Jujtsu! its sort of like wrestling. you might like it?

jonathanSep 26 2011 3:03pm
lol, yeah. I might get turned on =P

ChrisSep 26 2011 3:15pm
Some time ago I was at Mike's place (Mike's a friend of mine) because he has a pool and we just like to hang there. It was me, him, Sam (another male friend) and Sam too, who is a girl who also hangs with us. The Sams are the same height, quite a bit above me, and Mike, well, he's a big guy, very tall and strongly built. My height is not a taboo between me and my friends, but they know I'm not that comfortable with it so they avoid bringing it up. However, when during that afternoon I was standing next to Mike's sister, Anna, who was just passing by, Sam couldn't avoid histerically remarking that she was now taller than me. Anna is only 12, but she's just really big, and maybe because of that, also very shy. Her body structure is just like that of her brother's, tall and well built, even though she looked to me chubbier than Mike. After Sam's remark, she just froze and said "yes, well, but I'm pretty tall anyway...", almost as saying sorry to me with her eyes. I was embarassed with that merciful look she gave me, but she also gained my respect with that. She clearly knew how I felt, towering over all of her classmates she must have felt just as out of place as I felt looking up to mines. After that small incident, she just went inside and that was the end of it. I came back to Mike's the day after, as it was Summer and we didn't have anywhere else to go. During the afternoon, as I went inside to go to the bathroom, I bumped into Anna. It was a bit awkward, and that was when I first realised how big the height gap between us really was. She must had been at least 3 or 4 inches taller than me. I must have stared at her for a while, because she seemed to notice, leaned towards me and said, looking as embarassed as I was, "I'm sorry if I embarassed you yesterday, you're not even short, it's just that I am freakishly tall...", and I answered "No, it's ok, and you're not freakishly tall". Then, suddenly, se asked if she could try to pick me up, as if the words had come out of her mouth. We both blushed, but I nodded, and she put her hands under my armpits and I felt my feet dangling. It was one of the greatest sensations I'd ever had. She proceeded to put one of her arms under me and I stayed there for a while, sitting on her lap, forgetting that this was my friend's little sister and how awkward it would have been if Mike had found us there. Anna seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. She squeezed my arm and commented on how small my biceps were and then, sitting me on the sofa, she showed her muscles off. I was so impressed: I had always found her a cute chubby little girl, but now I was looking at a developed young woman. She still had some baby fat, but she was unquestionably stronger than me. She commented that se thought I was really mature and attractive, "and I think you're just the perfect size", said her. We compared feet size, hands, we armwrestled, and she beat me in all that. Finally, we compared heights, and I hardly came close to her nose. When we were there, I just couldn't resist and put myself on my tip toes and kissed her. A day before I would've never dreamt of doing that, but Anna really had surprised me. She had become very mature and attractive, and I didn't regret it. We dated for a month without Mike knowing, until she eventually broke with me because she thought she wasn't ready for a long term relationship. But it was great, though

Digz12Sep 26 2011 3:22pm
Digz12, that was incredible! do you have any more adventures with the opposite sex? when, i was 10 years old i wrestled a 8 year old girl and she beat me and pinned me! at 8 years old she was a couple of inches taller than me and i was 10 ! it took me quite awhile to get over it! at the time i always assumed that boys were stronger than girls and even at my size at the time!

jonathanSep 26 2011 3:37pm
Digz, that sounds like it was a great experience.

ChrisSep 26 2011 6:15pm
Chris, you know if your girlfriend is very good at wrestling and if you and her are comfortable about this! she could make a lot of money wrestling other males!

jonathanSep 27 2011 12:24pm
Yeah, she knows about the amazon videos that you can find online and stuff. Neither of us would be comfortable with it, though, because it's something intimiate. It's one thing to talk about it, but something entirely different to do it and be paid.

ChrisSep 27 2011 1:53pm
Chris, there also a lot of men into female muscle worshipping and women as well! you can go on-line or put it up on YouTube without any males around just you! i know men would love seeing her flexing her biceps!

jonathanSep 27 2011 1:58pm
Again, that's an intimacy issue.

ChrisSep 27 2011 2:09pm
Chris, i understand! does your girlfriend have any girlfriends that are big as her?

jonathanSep 27 2011 2:12pm
No, she's pretty much the tallest one in her group of friends. There's one girl who's six feet and a couple who are in the tall-average range like 5'7 or 5'8" but that's as tall they get. One of them is pretty stocky though and probably weighs 160 or 170.

ChrisSep 27 2011 2:27pm
Chris, does her friends get a long with you? and how do they feel about you being her very short boyfriend?

jonathanSep 27 2011 2:31pm
Well, there's only the girl who's six feet who's taller than me. I'm 5'10" so the rest are at best a little shorter than me. It's just her who's really tall =). I get along well enough with them - some I'm more fond of than others.

ChrisSep 27 2011 2:33pm
Chris, so her friends are very protective of you? and look out for you?

jonathanSep 27 2011 2:35pm
Not really. She has her friends and I have mine. There's one or two that we tend to share and those would look out for me. I mean, we get along and we don't hate each other, but we probably hang out more because I'm my girlfriend's boyfriend and they're her friends than because we both want to hang out with one another explicitly.

ChrisSep 27 2011 2:40pm
I think it's more my friends who have concerns/thoughts about my girlfriend really tall. Some of the shorter ones are eye level with her breasts :P

ChrisSep 27 2011 3:00pm
Chris, i guess your friends are in envy of you and jealous that you have an Amazon for a girlfriend! there would be a lot of guys or your friends would love to be in your place!

jonathanSep 27 2011 3:07pm
Actually, I don't think any of my friends would want her as a girlfriend. They like her and think she's nice, but she's too big for them. They would feel emasculated being seen in public with a much taller woman. They all want short petite women that make them feel strong and protective. Even my biggest friend, who's 6'3", works out and weighs like a 100lbs more than me, wouldn't want her because, as big and tall as he is, he would still look short in comparison. I'm sure some guys would like it, but they're not on list of friends =)

ChrisSep 27 2011 3:16pm
Chris, i guess other guys would feel less of a man around your girlfriend? There is a saying different strokes for different folks! as long as you love each other!

jonathanSep 27 2011 3:20pm
lol, yeah, that's one way of putting it! I'm pretty sure they already feel less manly when she's around. They probably wouldn't be able to bear it if she was their girlfriend. In public, she's really respectful but in private, when she gets to know people, she can be quite a teaser. More than one of my friends has been on the receiving end of a pat on the head and a hair scruffing followed by her bending down to their eye level and saying "oh, you're so cute!" when they've teased her.

ChrisSep 27 2011 3:28pm
Chris, thats because there is nothing your friends can do anything about her teasing your friends! she would pick them up and crush their little bodies!

jonathanSep 27 2011 3:37pm
Well, my friend who's 6'3" would probably win against her. He's shorter, weighs more and has more muscle, but she would probably give him a decent run for his money. My other friends though wouldn't really stand a chance. Most don't weigh as much as her and the few who do aren't nearly as tall and have more fat than her. One friend, Tim, got a little drunk and tried to arm wrestle her once. She really didn't want to but he insisted. The rest of us snickered as her hand pretty much engulfed his. He lost. Bad. =P

ChrisSep 27 2011 3:52pm
Chris,just because your friend is 6'3 and has more muscle doesn't mean his muscles are stronger than your girlfriends! and i bet her legs are much stronger than his!

jonathanSep 27 2011 4:47pm
That's true! She might very well beat him in leg strength. If her thighs are 24-25 inches in size and her legs are 38 inches long, that's a whole lot of muscle!

ChrisSep 27 2011 5:04pm
Chris, whether you want to believe this and there are quite a few men that don't like to hear this but women's muscles are pound for pound stronger than a mans!

jonathanSep 27 2011 5:09pm
Chris, whether you want to believe this and there are quite a few men that don't like to hear this but women's muscles are pound for pound stronger than a mans!

jonathanSep 27 2011 5:10pm
Oh yeah? How come?

ChrisSep 27 2011 5:19pm
Chris, it has to with the muscle structure between males and females! and muscle endurance!

jonathanSep 27 2011 5:33pm
Well, my girlfriend certainly has muscle endurance. It seems like she can leg press me forever.

ChrisSep 27 2011 5:39pm
He Chris if she lifts you over her head with her arms outstretched you will be at a height closer to 7ft 7 then to 7 feet.

gethewilSep 27 2011 10:54pm
You're right, Gethewil. I'm sorry if the statistical screw-up ruined your fantasizing.

AnonymousSep 28 2011 5:21am
Chris,has your girlfriend ever put you in a cradle wrestling hold? i have been put in this hold many times by girls i have wrestled and its a helpless situation and especially if the girl you are wrestling has a strong upper body!

jonathanSep 28 2011 10:50am
No more stories?

AnonymousOct 08 2011 1:33am
Hi, im not using real name and im ten. i like this twelve year old girl but shes like 5 feet taller. it makes me worried and deprressed

not using real nameFeb 16 2012 11:19am
chris your a pussy

joshDec 03 2012 6:56pm
your right

chrisDec 04 2012 3:02pm
I have a 13 year old cousin, and she is 5'8". Beautiful girl. I am 15 and 5'4". I used to be taller, but she steadily outgrew me. Over the summer, I saw her. She laughed when she saw that she was taller. "Hey little cuz" she greeted me. Later, when our families were at the beach, we were alone in the house. I was lying on the couch trying to sleep when she walked over. "Come on shorty, let's go to the beach." "make me" I foolishly responded. She pulled me off the coach and looked down at me. I felt very humiliated. She looked down at our feet. "My, you're like a little boy" she laughed. Her feet were so much larger than mine. She humiliated me for not listening to her. She made me strip in front of her. I tried to cover up my small penis, but she pulled my hands away. She laughed at my hairless "manhood" and I looked down at our feet. Mine between hers, which were so much bigger than my own. I started to wank a little in front of her. She slapped me, and I fell to the ground, humiliated. I came on her big toe, the toenail painted red.

AnonymousDec 31 2012 9:41am
Jonathan is a queer

chrisDec 31 2012 1:39pm
My 13 year old sister has a friend that is huge compared to me. I am 5'5" and she is 6'1".

AnonymousJan 07 2013 10:54pm
I'm gay and like big handsome shemales. I guess that does or does not make me gay? Chris, are you sure your girlfriend isn't shemale too? I wouldlike that very much so! Shemales wrecking better thantall women!

JonathanJan 21 2013 2:16pm
I'm 13 and short. A girl next door is just 10 but already head taller. She always lifts me and cuddles and doesnt let me down. I cant get away and always get hard when I dangle there. She notices it too and sometimes even starts kissing me.

MikeApr 24 2013 5:20pm
I am very big. I am not ripped but I have a lot of muscle on my wide 6 ft 1 frame underneath the thick layers of fat. I am 18 years old and over 370 lbs.

AnonymousApr 25 2013 5:04am
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bUzyxxxxTPOct 24 2013 10:11am
My girlfriend is soooo much taller than me two foot taller I'm 4 ft 5 she is 6ft 5. I love her she loves me and it doesn't bother us

AnonymousNov 01 2013 6:27am
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OwKCGIvlJan 31 2014 2:17am
Im pretty average in height, neither too short nor too tall, im 17 and stand 5'7 and stopped growing long ago but im ok with it. I have a little sister, she is 6 years younger than me, at the begining of course i was taller than her, but by the beggining i mean until 6 years ago, when i noticed she had caught up with me, and then i started noticing her growth. It didnt seem like much at first, but it scalated. When she became 8 she was 4'7, a few inches taller than me, and her body was developing impressively, she already had wide hips for her age and very strong looking legs, and her chest would lift her shirts if she didnt wear big ones. But overall she was my sweet little sister and we got along just fine. But later it became more evident that her growth was way above the average. At 10 years she was already standing 5'7, and was becoming a real woman, she had curves that would drive men and women insane, and a natural way of moving that just emphatized that, plus, due to her growth rate her quickly outgrown clothes would reveal her incredibly fit body, not ripped or buff, but very well defined, she didnt even do sports but she looked strong as an athlete, and then her breasts, which would put to shame some of the more gifted teenagers. Just one year later, last year, she hit 6 feet 2, i had stopped growing and she towered over me. She had also started skipping grades, as she was proving to be extremely inteligent. Being 6'2 at 11, even among students older than her she would tower over them, as well as most teachers, and her body had more than kept up. Most of her height came from her impressive legs which she couldnt fit under any desks from her class, she had to use the ones from the upper years. She had developed an incredible hourglass figure, wide hips a small waist with clearly visible abdominal musculature and an incredible chest, her breasts were already easily the size of cantaloupes, and any bras she wore would be too small a few days later, just like all her clothes. I'd like to say her growth has slowed down, but it seems to be picking up even more pace. This year she is 12, and 8 feet 1, 8'4 on her heels. She is just a sight to behold. Endless powerful legs, each taller than me, and which she has proven can kick doors and even some walls down. Ridiculously wide hips followed by an amazingly thin waist with a superbly well defined washboard stomach, hard as stone. Calling her breasts watermelons would be an insult, they are closer to beachballs by now, on any other woman their weight would cause severe backpains, but with her strength they apparently feel just outright weightless to her. Even extra large shirts look liked cropped tops with large cleavage on her. She has even started to show some muscle size on her arms and apparently has been winning some money with armwrestling. Also, she recently transfered to my class, and i can just stare at her when she stands to correct with perfect skill the most complex problems, how she has to bend down to write in the blackboard in her absurdly undersized uniform. I'd also like to comment that she seems to have a thing for me, and it just makes me so nervous to have her always so close, specially since she is still me little 12 year old sister, even if she has de body of a growing amazon

BigBroMar 09 2014 10:57am
A lot of young girls are bigger and stronger than me. I'm a very small and skinny guy.

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iCQdvajXEKmGynSJul 18 2014 9:09pm
I hate height of body, I want height of mind, i.e want to increase of Knowledge, i want only God, so i want to increase my knowledge height, not gf or any thing. Thanks God. :) God bless everybody, and please teach them about spiritual words. and try to make them as Virgin.

AnonymousJul 26 2014 1:44pm

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