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Favorite Restaurant

Created by: gwen at 08:37:19 PM, Sunday, June 25, 2000 PDT


The Pappas chain off resturanst si hell better then those poo resturants

pappaAug 20 2001 6:59pm

Chinese resturanst

AnonymousOct 01 2002 11:33am
well seen as i dont live in america....none!

miss u.kApr 27 2006 8:33am
yank sing in killeen texas

fat girlApr 02 2012 3:47pm
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WYBKXZKGRDyeNtinHJul 02 2012 12:38pm

lizzzNov 25 2013 1:06am
Heyyy anyone up for chatting :)

JadenJan 03 2014 2:25am

GabbyJan 19 2014 11:21am
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XDJan 19 2014 11:22am
Ummm ok...

GabJan 19 2014 11:24am
I'm bored...

GabbyJan 19 2014 11:24am
Well I guess no one wants to chat... πŸ˜” I miss Brian!!!πŸ˜ͺ😱😩😫

GabbyJan 19 2014 11:27am
Ugh he knew I loved him but I guess it's pay back for leaving him for like four months : /

GabbyJan 19 2014 11:28am
That awkward moment when you watch a music video and the video is actually better than the music lol πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜œ

GabbyJan 19 2014 11:32am
Anyways even doe I'm talkin to myself it's ok I'm FINE like WHATEVER!!!...😜😬

GabbyJan 19 2014 11:34am
LANA DEL REY!!!! #Beautiful #Flawless πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‹πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜œ

Gas byJan 19 2014 11:37am
Stupid phone!!!! Meh!^^^^

GabbyJan 19 2014 11:38am
Well I'm bored!.-. >_>

GabJan 19 2014 11:42am
Someone!!anyone!!!!Talk to me!!!!!!!!

GabbyJan 19 2014 11:45am

GabyJan 19 2014 11:46am
Ppl wtf I'm not gunna bite know!?!?!?!?!?!!!!... I just might kisses/hug/lick you but that's it!!! Like fr. -.-

GabbyJan 19 2014 11:50am
Hey, what's up

KiritoJan 19 2014 11:51am
No!! what's up??? Really????? I'm pregnant n!gga!!! Jk jk jk Nm..

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:02pm
Sup with you...;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:02pm
Damn dat ass doe!!πŸ˜—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜πŸ˜³πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œ

Gabby Jan 19 2014 12:03pm
No what?

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:03pm

GabJan 19 2014 12:03pm

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:04pm

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:04pm
Sup with me? I'm not really doing anything

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:04pm
Omg omg omg I just noticed I don't like being single.-.

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:05pm

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:06pm
I don't think anyone likes it

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:06pm
Ha yea

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:07pm
How do you type so fast? You respond really fast

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:08pm
*licks your lips* mmmm! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:08pm
Why are you licking my lips?

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:09pm
Hahaha idk I guess I'm just really good at typing fast...;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:09pm
Mmmm idk cuz I like you!;P

GabJan 19 2014 12:09pm
Are you using a laptop, or phone, or what?

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:10pm
*pokes your cheek*Awwww your cute!!;))

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:10pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:11pm
I'm using my phone!xD

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:11pm
Your Welcome!

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:12pm
Omg bear!!

Gabby Jan 19 2014 12:12pm
Oh, okay

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:12pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:12pm

Gab Jan 19 2014 12:13pm
Why are you laughing?

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:14pm
I love you!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:14pm
I know you love me, you told me before

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:14pm
I gtg to dance so I'll be on tomorrow!;)

Gabby Jan 19 2014 12:17pm
Alright, see ya

KiritoJan 19 2014 12:18pm
Omg gabby like lilgaby where have u been

TritentJan 19 2014 12:54pm
Ummm...I'm bored

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:41pm

GabJan 19 2014 6:43pm
I think ppl think belly dancers are weird! Idk I guess cuz I'm like a belly dancer!;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:46pm
Ugh I'm bored!!!

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:47pm

AaronJan 19 2014 6:49pm
I want to get pregnant!!!;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:50pm
XD lmfao hey Aaron!;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:50pm
thts.....nice :P

AaonJan 19 2014 6:50pm
hey how've u been bestie ;)

AaronJan 19 2014 6:51pm
Lol I like belly dancing I've already won like 23 competitions!:)

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:52pm
I've been good!;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:52pm
How have you been!;$

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:53pm

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:54pm
nice!!! I am our star Basketball player ;) hahah..and my Hockey team i am also....we won every game for basketball this the championhip

AaonJan 19 2014 6:54pm

GabJan 19 2014 6:54pm
i have been great...

AaronJan 19 2014 6:55pm
i missed my GabbyGab

AaronJan 19 2014 6:55pm
;) lots of guys think that belly dancers are sexy but ha nahhh...I ain't sexy;p

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:56pm
Hahaha Elmo scares me!.-.

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:56pm
no u r not sexy -_-

AaronJan 19 2014 6:57pm
Awwww I missed you too😘😜

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:57pm
Thanks I know I'm not sexy! :D

GabbyJan 19 2014 6:58pm
Ur beautiful ;)

AaonJan 19 2014 6:58pm

AaronJan 19 2014 6:58pm
hello u there

AaronJan 19 2014 7:01pm
h.e.l.l.o. o.o

jack the jackass :D Jan 19 2014 7:03pm
o.o i guess nobody's home maybe i should watch pewdiepie throw a kid off a bike in happy wheels xD

jackJan 19 2014 7:08pm
omg i love tht guy :D

AaronJan 19 2014 7:08pm
xD ikr

jackJan 19 2014 7:19pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:33pm
Ok I just like idk I guess I got in to a fight with a "friend" f*ck man she cut my arm .-.

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:34pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:35pm
No one f*cks with me cuz they will end up being dead or in the hospital... Dat bitch got lucky dat she in da hospital and not dead but when she gets out she will never ever see anyone! She will be dead.-.

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:37pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:38pm
So anyway...what ya doing?;p

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:38pm
Oh just a friend.

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:38pm
Watching TV, you

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:38pm
I may be small and skinny but I'm strong and smart I will kill somebody if needed. :)

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:40pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:41pm
I'm just laying on my bed. What ya watching?;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:41pm
What do you think? SAO

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:42pm
.-. I'm bored again! *kisses you on the lips* mmmm did you know I sleep naked.;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:43pm
Ehehehe #^_^# I wuv you!!!!;$

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:45pm
Why did you kiss me? And, no, I didn't know that

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:45pm
I like grapes

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:45pm
show me show me how you work. drop dat ass and twerk twerk twerk

ShreveJan 19 2014 8:46pm
*whispers in your ear well sweetheart now you do* I teddybear

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:47pm
Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😜😝😚😘 omg omg omg I love you sooooooooo much *sits on Jeremy's lap and kisses him deeply*

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:49pm
I'm kinda tired.-. Should I go to sleep?

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:49pm
<_< you said you hated me and called me a spoon

ShreveJan 19 2014 8:50pm
No, I still want to talk to you

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:50pm
Ok. :D@kirito hahaha you know I love you Jeremy even tho you are a spoon!;P

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:51pm
-_- mhmm *rolls my neck*

ShreveJan 19 2014 8:52pm
I'm not gunna lie but like I really am tired.

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:53pm
But I still want to talk Gabby

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:53pm

Gab Idk what video this is sooo yea:DJan 19 2014 8:54pm
You want me to watch it Gabby?

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:55pm
<_< why else would she put it up man? come on now

ShreveJan 19 2014 8:57pm
Okay, brb

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:57pm
I hate it when girls say "you wouldn't imagine what I can handle not just sexually but emotionally!" It like bitch stfu and do it look like I f*ckin care!?!?!?!? No!! XD lol

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:57pm
Lmfao but anyways I like sharks!!!!c:

GabbyJan 19 2014 8:59pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 8:59pm
mhmm *writing in a notebook*

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:00pm

Gab lmfaoJan 19 2014 9:00pm
and i like sharkiesha <_< shes kinda like a shark

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:00pm

GabJan 19 2014 9:01pm
I like Jeremy!😁😏

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:02pm
I like pie!πŸ˜‹

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:03pm
Pie! Grapes! Apples! Cream! Cum! Jeremy's cum! Jeremy's c*ck! Mmmmmm!!!!...;) lmfao

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:04pm
I watched the video, it look like the kind of party you would see at a bar

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:06pm
I want to have Jeremy's babies!

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:06pm
Lol nahhh it just a party lol

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:07pm
Just a party huh, lol

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:08pm
Yeah baby!;) xD lol

Gabby Jan 19 2014 9:08pm
Well you have to get in line Gab <_<

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:09pm
That is not an ordinary party Gabby

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:09pm

Gabby loves this song;)Jan 19 2014 9:10pm
I'll look at that too

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:11pm
Well all the party's I go to look like dat!xD

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:11pm
What dont you do Gabby

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:12pm
I don't go in to random cars! Lmfao XD

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:13pm
but i do ;p

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:14pm
Okay then, also, that blonde is pretty good at singing

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:15pm
Lol I go in to random houses doe ;p I love bad guys they're sooo sexy and like omg just perfection!;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:16pm
Well then that's why you like me then Gabby

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:17pm
Ik she's good I hate her lol I'm the one that showed her how to hit the right notes in the song! ;p

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:18pm
Did you now

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:18pm
Emo guys doe ;) they're just beyond perfection!!!!!;p

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:20pm

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:20pm
Again, me, my friends say I'm goth because I like black, darkness, and other things like that

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:21pm
Exactly my point your beyond perfect!!!o.o

Gabby Jan 19 2014 9:23pm
everyone says i act emo and im like <_< what you been smoking

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:23pm
Gabby, how did you know those things about me anyway

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:25pm

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:26pm
Ha I have my ways of knowing a lot bout ppl!;$

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:27pm
aint pretty in the face but she super just thinking with my d*ck xD

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:27pm
you dont know shΒ‘t about me <_<

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:28pm
Lmfao wow!

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:29pm
So you're psychic Gabby!

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:29pm
You don't know what I know about you Jeremy.-. And I'm sure not going to tell you wtf I know!

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:30pm
Let's just say I know where half of the ppl on LL live .-.

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:31pm
mhmm -_-

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:32pm
So you are psychic

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:32pm
well that easy for you the guess where i live -_- i already said it on here

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:33pm
I know a lot about you Jeremy .-. Even doe you haven't told me sh!t about you!

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:33pm
give me an example

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:34pm
I know your address so yea Jeremy.-.

GabJan 19 2014 9:35pm
what is it -_-

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:35pm
HA like I would tell you what I do and do not know about you.-.

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:36pm
I know a lot now I literally cant find my teddybear...

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:37pm
You tell me you love me, and you know that

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:37pm

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:37pm
What does it look like Gabby

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:38pm
Lol yea Ima slut how dafuq would I know what actual love is ;D

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:38pm

Shreve mad at his girl Jan 19 2014 9:39pm
your not a slut Gab <_< just sexually hyper

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:40pm
I don't know. You actually call yourself a slut Gabby?

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:40pm
Nahh...but im not a slut just sexually hyper!;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:44pm
told you ^_^ heheheh

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:44pm
Yeah, I kind of know that, you have licked my lips, kissed my lips, sucked on my cheek, and probably other things I can't remember. Also, why did you do those things anyway

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:45pm
Haha yea!#^_^# Jeremy I love you! Why cuz your a f*ckin carrot!xD

GabJan 19 2014 9:46pm
You really wanna know daddy?;) @kirito

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:47pm
What do you mean when you call me a carrot Gabby?

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:47pm
Yes, I really want to know!

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:48pm
no. im just a nappy headed black guy with a goatee ^_^ and a eight pack

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:48pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:49pm
thats not right screwing around with the poor guy Gab <_<

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:51pm
Ok one direction fans call ppl carrot, spoon, or fork cuz like they hate those ppl but I love both of you!;) and I did those things cuz your soooo sexy and like hot!!!! Mmmm!...;) @kirito

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:53pm
Oh, well, thank you

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:54pm

Gabbywabby Jan 19 2014 9:55pm
I meant thank you about the I'm sexy part

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:55pm
we know

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:56pm
Also the hot thing. Why you laughing

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:56pm
I know daddy!;P

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:56pm
Lmfao my dad just walk in and I'm not wearing clothes!;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:57pm
Why are you calling me daddy?

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:58pm
<_< really man

ShreveJan 19 2014 9:58pm
Lol I think I'm going to sleep in my dad's bed with him!;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 9:59pm
Does he even care you were naked? Or is he one of those pare ts who don't care what their kids do

KiritoJan 19 2014 9:59pm
XD cuz your my daddy!;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 10:00pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 10:00pm
I am?

KiritoJan 19 2014 10:00pm
My dad f*ckin raped me so he don't care he still f*cks me!;P

GabJan 19 2014 10:01pm
i want cranium ;p

ShreveJan 19 2014 10:02pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 10:02pm
Go to the poll under this one c;

AnonymousJan 19 2014 10:03pm

AnonymousJan 19 2014 10:04pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 10:04pm
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