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Girls you can beat your brother or your boyfriend at arm wrestling?

Question: My sister can easily beat me in arm wrestling, her biceps 14 inches and my not even 13 inches. She knows what is stronger than me and she likes it.
Created by: Hier999 at 11:06:13 PM, Saturday, October 01, 2011 PDT


Hier999, has your sister ever beat you in a wrestling match? and does she work out with weights?

jonathanOct 02 2011 8:20am

I have two brothers, I can easily beat them both.

HannaOct 02 2011 8:46am
Hanna, can you beat your father arm-wrestling? and are your biceps bigger than your father's?

jonathanOct 02 2011 9:37am
I can beat both my brothers, younger - takes me 30seconds, older - takes me just under a minute.

ChloeOct 02 2011 12:41pm
Oh and I can beat my boyfriend in just over a minute :P

ChloeOct 02 2011 12:43pm
My wife beats me in armwrestling. She has been working out hard for several years and has become much stronger than me. I can't even last a minute against her.

KeithOct 02 2011 2:46pm
Keith,what is the size of your wife's biceps and have you to ever wrestled?

jonathanOct 02 2011 4:13pm
My girlfriend shocked me about a year ago when we armwrestled. I wasn't near her in strength. We have since then armwrestled quite often, I started to work out but I still haven't been close beating my gf. It didn't get any better when she had two of her girlfriend over for dinner. They started to armwrestle and I once again got a shock when my girlfriend lost to both her friends. My gf just looked at me and smiled, but luckily she didn't say anything about our matches. But I honestly feel that all women around me are suddenly stronger. Need to work out more.

GaryOct 03 2011 12:23am
jonathan, no, I can not beat my father, his biceps bigger than my 1 inch.

HannaOct 03 2011 1:07am
Hanna,just because your father may have a bigger bicep than you doesn't mean his bicep is stronger than yours! you should challenge him to an arm-wrestling match and then you can see where you stand with him strength wise!

jonathanOct 03 2011 10:38am
gary,how big would you say your girlfriend's biceps? and have you two wrestled?

jonathanOct 03 2011 2:43pm
jonathan I've challenged him, but lost = (

HannaOct 04 2011 7:24am
Hanna,thats great you challenged your father in arm-wrestling contest! did you lose badly or did you give your father a run for his money? and how does your father feel about you having bigger biceps then your brothers and be stronger than them?

jonathanOct 04 2011 10:08am
Jonathan - My wife's biceps are over 15 inches in size. She overpowers me in armwrestling. Its over pretty quickly. Yes I have wrestled her too. It's the same thing now, she beats me pretty badly.

KeithOct 04 2011 6:47pm
My new boyfriend came back to my house for the first time to meet my mother. She is a single mother, never knew my father. It was my first visit for 8 months since I have been away studying in another town, where I met my boyfriend. After dinner my mather asked me if I had gotten any stronger, we have always armwrestled and wrestled and I have worked hard to try to get stronger than my mom (she has always been sporty and athletic and I have followed in her foot steps). My boyfriend was surprised seeing us matching strength in a very tight armwrestling match, a match that mom won after a long struggle, the closest match we had so far. My mother asked my boyfriend if he wanted to take her on. She was of course tired after the match with me but she seemed to be sure to win anyway. I didn't think this was a good idea at all, I was sure he would loose since he is not a very strong boy but he stupidly accepted the challenge. My mother, still a bit shaky from the tough match, slowly forced his arm down and then slammed his other down since she was fresh in that one. He looked very embarrassed and blushed. Later when we were alone in our room he asked me if I thought that I was stronger than him, he had of course seen me doing better against my mom. I said that I was 100% sure and that I had knewn that from the start, I was very attracted to him anyway. He was cool with that luckily. And more than so, he seems to be attracted to my strength but we haven't so far talked about that.

GiselaOct 05 2011 4:53am
Keith, has your wife used her legs in scissor holds on you? because a woman's real strength is in her legs and thighs! and having wrestled girls close to 30 years now i can tell you from experience the power in their legs are lethal! and taking nothing away from their upper body!girls these days are getting stronger and bigger muscles than us males!

jonathanOct 05 2011 9:05am
Gisela,how big are your moms biceps and how big are yours? we men have take a back seat to you girls when it comes to muscles and strength! i see in the gyms i work out in there are more girls lifting heavier weights than the males are! so,it doesn't surprise me that your mom and you are stronger than your boyfriend! and can imagine your boyfriend having a hard time accepting it!

jonathanOct 05 2011 9:11am
Jonathan. Yes, my wife has used her legs on me. Her power is scary, it really frightens me because she can hurt me so bad. Luckily she holds back when she sees that I am in too much pain.

KeithOct 05 2011 7:10pm
Keith,has your wife ever applied wrestling power holds on you like bear-hugs and such? and has she ever lifted you of the floor or over head?and does she make you worship her muscles?

jonathanOct 06 2011 10:25am
Yes! I can! Whooped his ass :L

AnonymousOct 06 2011 10:51am
Anonymous, are you Keith's wife? and if you are how do you feel having bigger biceps and have a more powerful body than him?

jonathanOct 06 2011 10:57am
Anonymous Keith's wife, ever wrap your legs around him in a scissors hold around his body and Keith will get a hard-on or around his head and while getting a hard-on you can make him come!

jonathanOct 06 2011 11:02am
Girls, did you know if you take your husband's or boyfriend's sex tool and place it between your bicep and forearm and flex it around his sex tool he will have the most amazing Orgasm but you can't squeezed real hard with hurting him but squeeze it! and you to girls will also have a Orgasm!

jonathanOct 06 2011 11:35am
Keith's wife is it fact or fiction you have bigger biceps and stronger muscles than your husband? and do you apply wrestling power holds or submission holds on Keith?

jonathanOct 07 2011 5:26pm
Jonathan She has lifted me off the floor and over her shoulder. Yes she has put me in bearhugs, which also lift me off the floor. She often makes me worship her muscles.

KeithOct 07 2011 7:26pm
Keith, was that your wife anonymous that said i can whoop his ass? and has your wife wrestled you in the nude and her also nude? i have wrestled many girls in the nude and its very erotic! and especially,when she has you in a head scissors and your tongue can reach her woman hood!

jonathanOct 08 2011 5:28am
Jonathan. Yes we have wrestled in the nude. I like that a lot.

KeithOct 08 2011 8:19am
Keith,was that your wife that said i can whoop his ass under anonymous?

jonathanOct 08 2011 10:42am
I don't think so Jonathan. But she definitely can. I admit that.

KeithOct 08 2011 12:24pm
Keith,it was kind of curious after i ask you about your wife applying power wrestling holds to you and someone said i can whoop his ass! so,i assumed that it was your wife! anyway,what was it like the very first time your wife over powered you in a physical battle of wrestling? i guess you had a had time accepting that your wife is stronger than you?

jonathanOct 08 2011 1:29pm
Yes Jonathan. The first few times I had a very hard time with accepting it. I was competitive about it and felt bad. But it arroused me too, so I was all mixed up.

KeithOct 08 2011 1:45pm
Keith,not me! i find women like your wife are a very big turn-on! There is something about a strong muscular powerful girl! my feeling if there were more girls like your wife there would be less wife and women abuse!

jonathanOct 08 2011 2:26pm
Keith,have any kids?and if you do how do they feel about her being bigger and stronger than you?

jonathanOct 08 2011 2:29pm
Kids are young still. They know she is real strong and view her as the authority figure. Her physique is much more commanding. Its obvious to them already that she is in charge.

KeithOct 08 2011 3:16pm
Jonathan. Its a very big turn on now. AT first I was upsaet and confused and aroused at teh same time. Now I just love it this way.

KeithOct 08 2011 3:18pm
Keith,men for so long always thought they were the stronger sex and now we men realize that women are the stronger sex and we men are the weak ones!i see it at the gyms or health clubs i work out in! there are more girls lifting heavier weights then men!and the girls love having muscles and us males worshipping them!

jonathanOct 08 2011 4:07pm
Hi im arianna, i'm 14 and i managed to beat my 16yearold brother in a wrestling match the other day! It was infront of mum and dad and my little brother and sister. They all think im awesome now but my big brother is still embarassed lol

ariannaOct 08 2011 9:48pm
arianna, hts great you can beat your 16 year old brother in wrestling! do you work out and if so how big are your biceps?

jonathanOct 09 2011 5:43am
Jonathan. I believe you! It is becoming very noticable.

KeithOct 09 2011 7:13am
Keith, we men have to get use to be the weaker sex and girls are the stronger sex! and working out for about 40 years i could see that if girls got real serious about lifting weights that we men could be in trouble! but,back than i thought it was a turn-on for girls to have biceps and stronger muscles!and yes,i have had many years experience sexually with them!

jonathanOct 09 2011 8:00am
Jonathan. That is great. Sounds like you have had a fantastic experience. I find it an amazing turn-on too. I prefer now being the weaker sex.

KeithOct 09 2011 8:45am
Keith,i did hear that a very strong muscular powerful wife would use her weak husband for a human barbell! she would bench press him,do over head shoulder presses,bicep curls,squats and leg presses with him! has your wife ever do that to you? and the way you describe your wife she would have no problem!

jonathanOct 09 2011 9:00am
Keith, you have any daughters? and if you do i can see her getting to be like her and instead of one Amazon wife you could have an Amazon daughter!and that would be very scary for you?

jonathanOct 09 2011 9:04am
Yes Jonathan. I have one daughter and one son. They are both young. Yes it is very scary thinking that by her teenage years, that my daughter might be much stronger than me too.

KeithOct 09 2011 9:28am
Keith, i hope your daughter doesn't have a power trip with you seeing you are telling me that she might be stronger than you!What's her age and how big are her muscles? and it seems to me also the older she gets and her muscles and strength get bigger and stronger you are not going to be able what to do!

jonathanOct 09 2011 9:32am
Keith, i see your daughter is going to see this as a power trip and its going to be a very big turn-on for her to know her muscles are going to be bigger and stronger than you!

jonathanOct 09 2011 9:46am
Jonathan. She is only 8 but she shows all the signs of a very athletic build and is very strong for her age. Thats why I am afraid that she will be stronger than me in a few years

KeithOct 09 2011 10:43am
Keith, i feel its a good thing for your daughter if she wants to be muscular and stronger and i hope you and your wife will encourage her because there is too much female abuse and if she trains now you wouldn't have to worry about her!

jonathanOct 09 2011 10:52am
Damn lol! You guys are really into this female power thing! Jonathan you sound like you know a whole lot about this stuff. Do you have a gf who has muscles and stronger than you? My biceps arent huge, when I flex theres a hard bump and I kinda wanna build them now and make them stronger after reading what you've said about how it turns alotta guys on lol

ariannaOct 09 2011 11:23am
arianna, i have been working out for about 40 years and have trained girls in weight lifting and i could see back then you girls could get bigger and stronger muscles then us guys! see, i have had a very long love affair with girls with muscles and it does turn me on and i also have wrestled or trained girls to wrestle! to me there is nothing like feeling the power of you girls muscles!

jonathanOct 09 2011 11:29am
arianna, if you go to the poll girls strength and muscles up above this one i have a lot of things to say about girls like you! when you get done let me know what you think?

jonathanOct 09 2011 11:33am
arianna, seeing i work with girls i get them to flex for me all the time and they enjoy me feeling their muscles!

jonathanOct 09 2011 11:43am
Jonathan. I will always encourage her. As scared as I am, I want her to grow up muscular and strong like her mom.

KeithOct 09 2011 11:47am
Keith,if you are so scared of your daughter be coming stronger than you? get to the gym and start lifting weights your self and if you don't know ask your wife to start training you!

jonathanOct 09 2011 11:50am
Arianna, how big are your biceps any way?

jonathanOct 09 2011 12:59pm
Arianna, i hope if you read my postings on the poll above this one doesn't scared you off?

jonathanOct 09 2011 1:14pm
Arianna, i hope if you read my postings on the poll above this one doesn't scared you off?

jonathanOct 09 2011 1:14pm
jonathan - nah you havn't scared me off lol. my biceps are 10.30inches

ariannaOct 09 2011 6:39pm
Arianna,glad i haven't scared you off! so,how big do you want to get your muscles? i have worked or train girls like you to get to where they want to be! and let no body tell you different! reading your comments my guess you are from Great Britain ?

jonathanOct 10 2011 5:07am
Arianna,guys also like very strong muscular legs as well as strong looking biceps! just think if you legs were very strong and muscular what kind pressure you could produce from using scissor holds!

jonathanOct 10 2011 11:16am
Arianna,they change these polls all the time! they give these polls a couple of weeks and send the poll like this down the list here! i am only going to be on-line until late tomorrow night and then i am going to be off line until next tuesday! i can be found on other polls and would still like commenting with you as long as you like! thats if you want to?

jonathanOct 10 2011 3:58pm
Jonathan. Why are you scolding me? I do work out. I just can't seem to gain any size.

KeithOct 10 2011 6:35pm
Keith,i am not scolding you! i was only trying to help! maybe you should take some karate or something like that!i read in one of these polls where a 13 or 14 year old daughter would do bicep curls with as a human barbell!

jonathanOct 10 2011 6:50pm
Keith,it should say she used her father as a human barbell doing bicep curls!

jonathanOct 10 2011 6:52pm
Keith, what is your size and weight and your wife's and daughter?

jonathanOct 10 2011 6:56pm
Chloe,if you read this! the poll girlsmuscles and strength is 127 down on the list!

jonathanOct 11 2011 9:18am
Jonathan. I am 5'9 160. My wife is 5'9 175. A daughter used her father as a human dumbell?

KeithOct 11 2011 6:00pm
Keith, yes, a young muscular daughter use him for a human dumbbell! Her brother said it on one these polls! and also a father in one of these polls describes his 15 year old daughter lifting him over head and then squeezed him unconcious be squeezing in a bear hug! maybe thats what is in store for you in your future!

jonathanOct 11 2011 6:29pm
Is the whole above dialogue true? Do Hanna, Gisela, Arianna really exist? Or is it a fantasy dialogue made my only one man to fullfil his sexual fantasies of woman strenght? Are Keiths and Jonathans stories true? Because everything has to do with female power fantasies. This is an honest answer: I don't want to insult anyone. I am just curious about it. Maybe this dialogue is made between different persons who also have the same fantasy? Or maybe also everything could be 100% true. I would apreciate if you tell me, what is the case here.

"soul researcher"Dec 14 2011 2:11am
Soulr Researcher, some threads seem to be entirely one guy under dozens of names, male and female. You can tell from the spelling etc. I guess someone gets a kick out of it Personally, I'd like to hear from more real women on these polls. I've met plenty who do like armwrestling, so they do exist!

AnonDec 31 2011 5:16am
i can now beat my dad in a wrestling match i think he feels scared thoe because me and my mom have around 16' biceps while he barley has any muscle. Psany help i want to be my slave for me any ideas thanks ahed of time

haily (real girl)Jan 06 2012 7:42pm
Ps i want him to be my slave

haily mistakesJan 06 2012 7:43pm
haily, interesting situation. what do you want to make him do as your slave?

anonymousJan 08 2012 2:13pm
Arianna when you defeated your older brother in wrestling did you win via a submission hold? Which hold was it? Thanks.

AndyJul 16 2012 6:02pm
lol, and I wonder if these girls that can beat their brothers, would pass a antidoping test.

JimSep 14 2012 10:37pm
hi i have a sister who beat me at arm wrestling and we get along playfully well, she was drinking a glass of watter when i noteced that her exersises had made her bicep and triceps veary thick, right after we arm wrestled i felt the thing and it was soooooo powerfull!

danDec 22 2012 10:54pm
I have a dad that keeps on winning on arm wrestling.What should i do?

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Sie hob mich mit einem Arm noch höher und fasste mit dem anderen Arm an meine Schulter und schmiss mich so in den Sandhaufen. Ich war jetzt schon k.o., aber sie hatte gerade erst angefangen. Ich sag zu ihr hoch und sie spannte ihren Bizeps an. Oh mein Gott, ist der groß, dachte ich nur. Ich hatte ja auch einen Bizeps, aber im Vergleich zu ihr war der mickrig. Ich hatte 31cm Oberarmumfang, aber sie musste mindestens 36 oder 37cm haben. Sie hat mir wieder hochgeholfen und dann mit einem Arm zwischen meine Beine gegriffen und mit dem anderen an meine Schulter und mich hochgehoben und ist mit wieder eine runde gelaufen, als wenn wir Zuschauer haben, und hat mich wieder zu Boden geworfen. Das macht solchen Spaß, sagte sie dann zu mir. Ich wollte eigentlich nur noch weg und hatte Angst, was sie mit mir anstellen will. Ich hatte gegen ihre Kraft null Chance. So was habe ich noch nie erlebt, noch nicht mal die starken Jungs aus meiner Schule haben so viel Kraft wie dieses Mädchen. Sie hat mich wieder hochgezogen und mich dann mit dem Rücken nach unten auf ihre Schultern gelegt. Das tat so weh, aber ich konnte mich nicht wehren. Zum Glück hat sie mich dann wieder in den Sand geschmissen. Ich habe die ganze Zeit gebettelt, dass sie aufhört und ihr gesagt, dass sie gewonnen hat und viel stärker ist als ich. Sie lachte nur und zog mich wieder hoch. Sie packte mich mit beiden Armen unter den Achseln und hob mich mit ausgestreckten Armen hoch und hielt mich da. Dann sagte sie zu mir, das machen wir jetzt öfter mein kleiner und ließ mich wieder ein Stück runter, um mich dann wieder hoch zu heben. Sie machte das ein paar Mal, um ihre Kraft zu beweisen. Dann setzte sie mich wieder ab und hob mich wieder auf ihre Schultern. Sie sagte, jetzt will ich mal was ausprobieren und fasste zwischen meine Beine und an meinen Brustkorb. Dann hob sie mich noch höher, bis sie ihre Arme durchgestreckt hatte und ich nun über ihrem Kopf hing. Panisch griff ich nach ihrem Arm, der sich unglaublich muskulös anfühlte. Sie lachte und ließ mich wieder zu Boden. Dann sagte sie, spann deinen Bizeps an und ich tat was sie wollte. Sie lachte über meine Muskeln und sagte, so sehen Muskeln aus und spannte ihren Arm an. Ein dicker Bizeps füllte ihren Armen und dicke Adern kamen zum Vorschein. Wir verglichen unsere Arme und ich kam mir wie ein kleiner Junge vor. Ihr Arm war so viel muskulöser und größer als meiner. Ich konnte es nicht glauben, ich wurde so gedemütigt von einem Mädchen, einem so starken Mädchen. Zum Schluss zog sie mich noch einmal hoch und fasste mit einer Hand an meine Kehle und mit der anderen unter meine Achsel. Und dann hing ich schon wieder in der Luft, sie hielt mich nur mit einem Arm am Hals fest und lachte. Dann schmiss sie mich in den Sand und sagte, ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal. Dann spannte sie zuletzt ihren Bizeps an und ging dann los.

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I have beat boyfriend bill several years ago and i seen him last year at the lake and i beat him again! Firrst time i was 46 yrs old and last year i was 54 and embarrassed him again! Woman power!

Sherri girlOct 15 2018 11:27am
I beat a guy at the gym a couple weeks ago He was very embarrassed because several other women were watching cheering me on. He turned so red from losing to a woman. Guess he thought he would win easy! Other girls were high fiving me while he sulked off to the locker room to hide. Lol I'm 52 yrs and he was 43 yrs. Bet he will remember it forever!

TinaOct 31 2018 3:55pm
I‘m a men and i couldn’t believe for a long time that women can be stronger than men. But it‘s true. Since i visit a gym near to my home i see that men hardly stronger like women. The most women will become much stronger if they start weight training. For a long time i would not, see experiences with women i have made. Do you tell me your stats?

HenniNov 11 2018 5:42pm
I am 5'-4" and 155#. I have 13" biceps and a 38DD.

TinaNov 15 2018 10:17am
Tina, do you do sport in a gym? Can you outlift some guys? I was fit some years ago and now i start to train again but i noticed that 27 pounds are a little heavy for me in some sets!

HenniNov 18 2018 10:10pm
Henni, i do a little weight training but mostly Pilates and aroebics and zumba classes.

TinaNov 19 2018 7:40am
May i ask you what do you mean with a little weight training? Do you think most men are stronger than you or are they weaker than you?

HenniNov 19 2018 12:36pm
Henni, i usually do some curls, bench press and overhead press for arms. Squats and leg extensions for legs. Most average men are probably weaker than me.💪

TinaNov 20 2018 6:39pm
Tina, i can not always imagine that. Do you like to tell me how much you can raise eg benchpress and curls and how often and how many sets? On the bench i working for to press more than 154 pound actual only 6 or 7 reps. Biceps curls i‘m better, i lift 25 pounds for 15 reps and even got 30 pounds for 10 reps.

HenniNov 20 2018 10:46pm
Tina, I‘m sorry if i defeat you with my values! I did not mean it bad! I hope I did not offend you because I'm stronger!

HenniNov 24 2018 9:51am
Henni, what makes you think you are stronger than me? Because i am a woman? Wish i could armwrestle you. I would show you how a woman can beat a man. I've done it before and embarrassed the men! I loved it!

TinaNov 24 2018 1:15pm
Tina you can beat me on distance! In a comment above I wrote some strength stats of me. Can you keep up with me? I‘m really honestly! After you don’t answe for some days i‘m afraid i offended you. But i‘m curious, please give me some of your strength stats and please be honesty.

HenniNov 24 2018 3:05pm
Tina, i think your silence will give me right! You can’t keep up with me! But it’s ok, strength is not all we need!

Henni Nov 27 2018 10:53pm
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dlrCnagrTGtDec 21 2018 1:37am
Henni, where do you live? Come to Missouri and armwrestle me. I think you will get beat by a woman!

TinaDec 27 2018 10:14am
Sorry Tina, but i‘m far away in Europe. Let us do a challenge over this distance. Tell me how much can you lift. Curls, shoulder, bench, legs and so on. I will answer truthfully. Also, should I be weaker than you!

HenniDec 27 2018 11:56am
Henni, some men are weaker than me and other women. They don't want to admit it and are very embarrassed when it happens to them! Lol!

BillJan 01 2019 6:04pm
Had Bill admit this to you! Beat him again armwrestling! Tina muscles!

TinaJan 01 2019 6:06pm
Bill, are you weaker than Tina too? I would admit that I‘m weaker than her but i can’t believe that. Also why don’t she she write how much wight she can lift? I wrote it above! Bill how much wight can you lift?

HenniJan 01 2019 11:36pm
Henni, hate to admit it but I guess Tina is stronger than me. When we Armwrestled she did beat me. She definitely enjoyed it embarrassing me. As i tried to push her arm down with no success i looked up at her face as my arm was weakening and she had a big smile on her face. I gave everything i had but my arm was being forced towards the table. Another push by Tina and I was beaten as she pushed my arm to the table. How embarrassed I was. Tina giggled and did a double biceps pose. She has big boobs and I was surprised at how they jumped up when she flexed her arms. Don't know how much she could lift but she is strong. So embarrassed I was glad no one else was there to witness my defeat by a woman.

BillJan 02 2019 8:29am
Bill, do you tell me how much wight you can lift? Sorry to ask you but i would like to imagine how strong Tina be!

HenniJan 02 2019 9:10am
Henni, don't know how much I can lift. I usually workout with light weights for reps. I can try next time i go to gym. What exercises? Curls and bench press?

BillJan 02 2019 10:20am
Bill, please try both! Pity that tina does not reveal her statistics.

HenniJan 02 2019 10:47am
Henni, I don't think Tina lifts weight. She's about 5' 4" and maybe 140 lbs.

BillJan 02 2019 11:19am
Bill, she wrotes above that she usually do curls, bench press and over head press. It sounds that she do strength training. I would be interested if she is stronger than men in her gym.

HenniJan 02 2019 1:38pm
Henni, I see that now. She also weighs a little more than I thought. I will ask her about how she compares with men at gym when I see her tonight at a friends birthday party. Solid woman.

BillJan 02 2019 1:49pm
Henni, I asked Tina if she thought she was stronger than some of the men at the gym last night. She flexed her biceps and smiled at me and said you know I am. Wanna try armwrestling again? I turned red as one of her girlfriends heard this. I walked away as she said something to her friend and I could hear them giggle as I walked away. She must have told her about our armwrestling experience. Bitch!

BillJan 03 2019 8:10am
Bill, are you scared that she will embbrass you? Looks her bicep big next to her? Who was the other women? Does she look stronger than men too? One question, do you tried how much wight you can lift? Sorry for so many questions.

HenniJan 03 2019 11:46am
Henni, yes i I am scared she will embarras me. She did last night and when she beat me armwrestling. Her biceps look bigger than mine and better definition than mine. Her girlfriend is Linda. Don't know if she is strong or works out. Short stocky woman. Didn't get to gym to try lifts. Went to birthday party after work. Maybe tomorrow.

BillJan 03 2019 12:17pm
Bill, i think in this case to embarassed by a women, i would be scared too. Were you in the gym and has tried how much you can lift?

Henni Jan 04 2019 12:48pm
No didn't make it to gym today. Bad weather here today.

BillJan 04 2019 4:31pm
Bill, today i was in the gym since a long time ago. I saw a women who train regularly since some months. She made really fantastic progress. We talked about streangth training and how strong women can become with strength training. She challanged me to train with her to compare our strength. I have accept this because i thought that she couldn‘t like strong as me. But i was wrong, she uses much heavier weights that i can not even lift. I have to admit that i‘m much weaker than this women. It was embrassing but exciting at the same time.

Henni Jan 06 2019 11:55am
Henni, must have been awful for you. I was very embarrassed when i lost armwrestling to Tina. She loved it. Couldn't believe she was that strong. I guess going to the gym regularly makes these women very strong. I better get myself to the gym alot more before I ever try to armwrestling another woman. Was so embarrassed. Had flu all week so feel pretty weak today.

BillJan 07 2019 7:34am
Yes Bill, it was ver unconfortable for me to lose against a women who is so much stronger than me that she could even easy beat me in this contest. And the women arround us giggling and i heard that some mean that i‘m one of many weak men too who couldn‘t believe that women can become much stronger. It was terrible to realize tht most of this women look bigger and stronger than me!

HenniJan 07 2019 12:14pm
Very embarrassing. Damn muscle bound bitches! How do they get so strong? I have had two women beat me armwrestling and one beat me wrestling to! Dammit!

BillJan 07 2019 5:15pm
Bill, i afraid that strong women train more and much harder than we men! Women become also often taller than in early time. Do not you think so?

HenniJan 08 2019 4:00pm
Henni, are you a short man? Do tall women intimanate you. Yes some women do train alot. Gyms have more women these days. I seen one woman at gym about 45 yrs old who always wears tank top when at gym to show off. Would like to challenge her to a armwrestling match to shut her up. But after seeing her biceps I'm having 2nd thoughts. If she beats me I would be so embarrassed. Especially with other people at the gym watching. But I would love to whip her butt and show her I'm stronger!

BillJan 09 2019 6:04am
Bill, actually i‘m a tall man but today many womens become nearly so tall as me, only few inches smaller. If they wears heels mostly they‘re taller than me! I think you should keep careful with trained women. We men are simply not ao strong like trained women!

HenniJan 09 2019 11:48am
Henni, her muscles kinda scary and strong looking. But I would love to beat her armwrestling and flex my smaller man biceps in front of her and her girlfriends!!!

BillJan 09 2019 6:58pm
Bill, why don’t you do it? Maybe if you and she are alone? Maybe you can meet her somewhere? But please be careful! I heard that female muscles are more effective than male muscles. Probably she should be stronger if she had smaller muscles than you. But you said her muscles are bigger than yours. Therefore you are probably very much weaker than she! Please let me know if you want to to it!

HenniJan 10 2019 10:04am
Henni, I do want to do it. Maybe that will tame down her big ego and being a show off. Maybe next time I see her.

BillJan 11 2019 8:20am
Bill, i wish you luck! Please let me know how has it finished!

HenniJan 12 2019 2:16am
Bill, i like to ask you something! Are you interested in strong girls or are you scared about strong girls?

Henni Jan 14 2019 12:05pm
Henni, I don't know. Both I guess.

BillJan 14 2019 12:11pm
Henni, scared of being embarrassed by one again!!!

BillJan 14 2019 12:33pm
Bill, i afraid it will happen again and again. Today many women train better and more often than men. It’s no wonder that they become stronger.

Henni Jan 14 2019 1:21pm
Henni, no way. I need to get my pride back and beat this one. She is a show off at the gym and kinda loud to. But she does visit the gym often with her girlfriends. Kinda stocky too.

BillJan 14 2019 1:57pm
Bill, you wrote that she and her friends train more often and they’re bulky. I’m sorry but i think we men become more and more weaker than women. I made the same experience like you in my gym, you remember?

Henni Jan 14 2019 2:50pm
Bill do you tried how much you can lift? We had wrote about above!

Henni Jan 14 2019 4:31pm
Henni, weights i work with when at gym are 120 lbs on bench press for 10 reps curls 20 lbs for 10 reps and sitting overhead press 50 lbs for 10 reps.

BillJan 16 2019 9:09am
Sorry Bill but you are really average. But i couldn’t lift much more too!

Henni Jan 16 2019 5:21pm
Henni, should still be enough to out muscle a woman don't you think? Hope so.

BillJan 16 2019 6:51pm
Bill, i‘m afraid that you can impress untrained girls but girls they are well trained and in good shape you can amuse only! Sorry for that!

HenniJan 17 2019 9:17am
Henni, we will see soon. She may not even want to try it!

BillJan 17 2019 10:22am
I wish you look! Please give me feedback!

Henni Jan 17 2019 2:39pm
Henni, Gym after work today. See if the three women are there again.

BillJan 18 2019 8:47am
Have luck and fun!

HenniJan 18 2019 12:31pm
Henni, I hope it's fun! Maybe she won't be so load and show off then.😄

BillJan 18 2019 3:07pm
Were you in the gym and do you met the women? What was the result of arm wrestling?

Henni Jan 19 2019 2:17am
Henni, We had ice and snow storm here Friday afternoon and Saturday. Roads were dangerous so i didn't get to gym. Going today and will let you know if those ladies are there.

BillJan 20 2019 8:36am
Bill, actually I wanted to go to the gym today but I was too tired. How was it with you?

HenniJan 21 2019 3:48pm
Henni, not very busy at gym on sunday. Bad weather. Going back later today.

BillJan 22 2019 7:18am
Bill, have you ever noticed that women are getting braver and wearing sexy clothes? In my gym many girls wear string bikinis or hotpants with mini bras and so on.

HenniJan 23 2019 1:46pm
Henni, wow! Never seen that at any gym here. Where do you go to the gym? Where do you live?

BillJan 23 2019 7:52pm
Bill, i‘m from germany. Maybe that will happen in the future! Somehow I like it though

Henni Jan 23 2019 10:49pm
Henni, would like to see that. Women working out with very little clothes on. Must be able to see all of their muscles if they are fit and strong.

BillJan 24 2019 8:57am
Bill, it‘s really incredible! You can see all their muscles working during theirs training and how they pump their muscles bigger and bigger. I would very much like to touch but its not recommendational.

HenniJan 25 2019 2:09am
Henni, I would like to see that. Would love to wrestle with one of them to feel how hard and strong they are yet soft and smooth also.

BillJan 25 2019 7:36am
Bill, me too! But during their training i can see how strong they are and i have to admit, i‘m not up to these women.

HenniJan 26 2019 12:29am
Henni, Those women must be amazingly strong and powerful. I can't imagine women being that strong. Going to gym today. Hope Mary lady is there. Finally talked to her earlier in week. Would like to try her armwrestling but after what you have been telling me don't know if I dare. She looks strong.

BillJan 26 2019 6:33am
Bill, we have apparently to learn that not we are the stronger sex rather women are stronger. We men are simply weaker.

HenniJan 26 2019 9:50am
Henni, I'm going to go for it and challenge her to a armwrestling match now that i have met her. Men should be stronger than women! Will give it my best. She is shorter than me by 5 or 6 inches I hope that's a advantage for me.

BillJan 26 2019 4:22pm
Henni, went to gym today after work. Mary and girlfriends were there also working out. They were there before me so they were getting pumped when i came out of locker room. Mary seen me and asked me to judge armwrestling between her and her friend Linda. So I did and was in awe as they struggled against each other their muscles were on display straining against each other until Mary forced Linda's arm to the table. It was exciting but them she looked at me and asked you next? My heart raced as I didn't know what to say with several women looking on.

BillJan 28 2019 6:45pm
Henni, I got a surprise when I was walking into the gym on Saturday. As I was going in Tina of all people was coming out. She said she goes to Planet Fitness on the north side of town normally but decided to go to the one on the south side of town that day because it's closer to where she works. There are 3 Planet Fitness gyms in our town. Just my bad luck. Hope she doesn't make a habit of going to the one I go to. After she told me that she just smiled and said workout hard and left.]Crap!

BillJan 29 2019 10:13am
Henni, gym after work yesterday was not good. Started a light workout when out of the aerobic area came Mary and her friend Linda. Mary asked me to armwrestling her. I thought okay lets do it. Then I seen Tina was there also.

BillJan 30 2019 8:17am
Oh oh! And do you had armwrestle her? Who has won? How look Tina? Do you think she has become even stronger with her training routine!

HenniJan 31 2019 3:57pm
Henni, yes i did armwrestle Mary. Her friend Linda had us put our arms on the table as she was going to start us. As we gripped hands I noticed my arm was longer so I figured that would be to my advantage. Linda said go and let go of our hands. I pulled hard but so did she. I noticed then that my arm being longer I had to lower my arm away from my body to grip her hand while she kept her arm more upright and closer to her body. Linda said come on Mary do it. Then I heard another voice say whip his butt. I looked to see who said that to see it was Tina had come over to watch. My wrist was now bent back as Mary had a slight advantage and had pulled my arm farther away from my body and closer to hers. This put more strain on my bicep and it began to burn. I looked at her arm as mine began to weaken she slowly pushed my arm further and down to the table. OMG! Was I embarrassed. Linda and Tina gave Mary high fives. Tina then said to me come on I'm next. I said my arm is tired to which she replied are you chicken. Linda said don't be a wimp. I slowly put my arm on the table as Tina unzipped her sweatshirt. I also noticed that two women and one man over by the weight machines had stopped their workouts to watch. I turned back to Tina as Linda put our hands together I seen Tina had a sleeveless shirt on. Her shoulder muscle looked bigger and rounder than I remembered. Linda said go and I pulled as hard as I could. I was straining hard but my arm was weakening and being forced towards the table. Tina had a big smile and then forced my arm to the table. She then did a double biceps pose and her big 38DD's jumped up as she did. The girls were laughing as I walked away towards the locker room. As I walked past the weight machines the two women there had big smiles on their faces as I made eye contact with them. The man there just turned away lik he hadn't seen it. How embarrassing!

BillFeb 01 2019 10:23am
Bill, can you imagine that you was the physically weakest between the women? Does the womens muscles look big and strong compared to your muscles if you was closer to the women?

HenniFeb 05 2019 12:14pm
Henni, I didn't think Mary would beat me. She had long sleeves on. Didn't know Tina was going to be there. But when she challenged me I was hoping I would win the rematch. When she took her sweatshirt off and only had a sleeveless shirt I knew I was in trouble. Her shoulders are big and round. As soon as we started armwrestling her bicep jumped up and was bigger than mine. I could see her look at my bicep and then at her own. She then looked at me and smiled and began forcing my arm down to the table. So embarrassed and disappointed. I should have tried to armwrestle Linda instead of Mary or Tina. She is the smallest of the three. But she is kinda stocky.

BillFeb 05 2019 2:16pm
Henni, If you were asking about the two women on the weight machines I don't know. The way they were smirking at me when we made eye contact as I walked by them I looked away as fast as I could.

BillFeb 05 2019 2:53pm
Bill, maybe you should try to arm wrestle Linda, should you? But i’m afraid that you will loose again! Bill is it ok to ask you? Do you think men are the stronger sex or women? Do you have lose against more women or do more women lose against you?

HenniFeb 06 2019 1:16pm
Henni, I think most men stronger than most women. But I think more women are catching up. There are more women at gyms now lifting weights and doing strength training. Would like to armwrestle Linda to help my ego. Maybe if I can catch her there alone so I don't have to armwrestle Mary or Tina again I will try. As for armwrestleing women I haven't armwrestled that many. Mary and Tina recently. Tina a few years ago and ex girlfriend Sherri several years ago and again a year and a half ago st the lake. Only wrestled with Sherri several years ago. These women really enjoy defeating a man. I know Mary and Tina enjoyed that others seen them do it. When I armwrestled and wrestled with Sherri no one else was there to see her embarrass me.

BillFeb 07 2019 8:33am
Bill i must admit that most women in my gym lift more weight than men! The few men who are stronger than average just lift a little more than the weaker women but by far not so heavy wights loke the stronger women!

AnonymousFeb 08 2019 12:49pm
There are a few women at my gym that lift heavy weight and workout longer than the men. A couple of them have amazing biceps on them that I wish i had on me! Big thighs also.💪

BillFeb 09 2019 9:41am
Bill, do you think these women are stronger than average men?

Henni Feb 12 2019 12:26pm
Henni, yes. Definitely!!!

BillFeb 12 2019 3:59pm
Do think those women become more? In my gym i made the experience that stronger women become more and more!

HenniFeb 13 2019 3:58pm
Yes here too. I see them working out and sometimes armwrestling each other. Some have amazing arms on them.

BillFeb 13 2019 5:11pm
Henni, Have you ever armwrestled or wrestled with a woman?

BillFeb 16 2019 7:06am
Yes, sometimes in early times but today i do it less common. If a women ask me mostly i try to prevent.

HenniFeb 16 2019 1:14pm
Good idea. Some are surprisingly strong. It can be very humiliating and embarrassing. As I found out. Couldn't believe it!

BillFeb 16 2019 1:22pm
Yes it’s true! When i was boy sometimes i armwrestle girls. Most of them were 2 or 3 years younger than me.

HenniFeb 16 2019 1:40pm
Did you win because they were younger and smaller than you. Most girls develope a year or two before boys do.

BillFeb 16 2019 1:55pm
Yes, when they were younger but when they become older they overtook me mostly.

HenniFeb 16 2019 2:04pm
Oh no. I hope no one was there to see it when you lost to any of them.

BillFeb 16 2019 2:15pm
Unfortunately yes!

HenniFeb 16 2019 2:23pm
Embarrassing. Happened that way to me also twice. When I lost wrestling to a woman we were only ones there. Thank god for that!

BillFeb 16 2019 2:29pm
After i was beaten by her i wished the same! This is the reason why i try to prevent any kind of strengthtest with women.

HenniFeb 16 2019 2:48pm
If you do try, make it in private!

BillFeb 16 2019 5:24pm
Thank you for this hint! But many girls like it to beat a men in public to show that they are stronger than men!

Henni Feb 17 2019 1:46am
Yes you are right. They like to show off and humiliate and embarrass men. They really enjoy this I think. They even look for the opportunity to do this in front of other people like Tina did to me when I was not expecting it. Her and Mary enjoyed humiliating me with others watching.

BillFeb 17 2019 3:35am
Sometimes i ask myself if girls were always so strong. With my first girlfriend sometimes i wrestled for fun and mostly i’ve won, later i realized that she could do things i’m couldn’t because i’m much to weak to do it. Or in my sport club. In the first three years we were only boys but later there come more and more younger girls to us. They start to keepup in a fraction of time we boys needed and later they were mostly much stronger. It was really embarrassing if you realize that much younger girls overtake you in a couple of months for things, yourself couldn’t reach in three years!

HenniFeb 17 2019 6:32am
Maybe we need to workout more to keep up with them. I want to win and not be embarrassed next time one of them wants to challenge me at armwrestling!

BillFeb 17 2019 7:46am
Bill, i’m afraid that it will be very hard for us to keep up to women. After i have seen that women reach a strength and fitness within a couple of months and men aren’t reach this strength after three years in will be unprobably that we men could keepup to women.

AnonymousFeb 17 2019 4:55pm
I need to try to get my ego back. Damn women shouldn't be stronger than me!!!!

BillFeb 17 2019 6:03pm
Bill we men must build our ego elsewhere! Compared to trained women we are simply much to weak that we could keep up with them.

HenniFeb 18 2019 1:49pm
Maybe try Linda at gym. She is smaller and doesn't look as strong as Mary or Tina. She wears long sleeves on at gym so I never seen much of her arms. But she is usually there with her girlfriends and then they may want to armwrestle again also. Would be nice if she is there by herself one day.

BillFeb 19 2019 7:16am
Is she smaller than you too? In my gym some girls are less smaller than me but often they are more muscular.

HenniFeb 19 2019 1:39pm
Smaller woman but usually i see her in baggy sweats. Does mostly aerobic exercise and sometimes weights.

BillFeb 19 2019 5:36pm
I'm a 17 year old boy. I am very active. I do lots of sports. I play basketball, soccer, cross country and track. I lift when I am not in season. I am skinny but I am pretty cut and muscular. I am 5'9 about 155 pounds with a 12.75 inch bicep I have a younger sister she is 5'5 and only 14. I am a junior and she is a freshman. she has always been pretty athletic and she has always been smaller than me, but with a decent muscularity. She plays volleyball and is really good, but I'm busy and I never watch her games or pay much attention to her. She always talks about her workouts but I figured that they are to lose fat or tone. Today she told me that she had gained 20 pounds in the last 8 months of working out. I asked how much she weighed now. She said she weighed 150 pounds. I didn't believe her so we went and she weighed her self and she weighed 153 pounds. I got on and I still weighed 155 . I couldn't believe she weighed so much. She said that she must have more muscle than me. She was wearing a swetshirt and sweatpants so I couldn't tell if she had any muscle. I said there's no way. I'm way stronger and more athletic. We decided to have a competition. My parents are gone all week so we decided to do it at my house throughout the week. Tomorrow we are just going to compare and measure our muscles then the events will start. The events are arm wrestling, wrestling, weight lifting, ab punching, a 200 meter Sprint, a 1 mile run, leg wrestling, and boxing. We haven't decided on the order yet. I can update you throughout the week.

IsacFeb 19 2019 8:47pm
Wish me luck

IsacFeb 19 2019 8:48pm
Isac, hope for you, you will win! Keep us up to date please. Wish you luck!

Henni Feb 19 2019 10:48pm
We compared muscles today. We both wore our swim suits. When I first saw her I couldn't believe it. She wasn't enormous but she was extremely cut and defined. She looked more like a fitness model than a then someone bulkier like a bodybuilder. She was defined with a nice six pack and some decently broad shoulders. We stood next to each other in the mirror and looked at each other. She said "I'm way more muscular than you, look at your tooth pick legs, mine are much more muscular." I said "muscle isn't everything my legs will be stronger from the running I do and my abs are just as good as yours." She laughed and said " ha I'm not even flexing my abs yet, now look at that." She had a perfect six pack, it looked intimidating. I have a decently defined 4-pack. We finally decided to measure each other's muscles. Because of basketball I haven't lifted in a while so I wasn't expecting any improvement. I didn't have any. My biceps were 10.5 inches unflexed and about 12.75 inches flexed but my sister could squish it down to about 12, my bicep used to not be squishy. My forearms we're 10 inches, I have small forearms. I had 13 inch calves and 20 inch quads. Now to my sister's measurements, her biceps were 10 inches unflexed and a little under 12.5 flexed and they were rock hard. I couldn't squish them at all. When I tried to, she said "that's what real muscle feels like not your squishy biceps." I said "we will see who's talking after the competition." She had 10.25 inch forearms and they were rock hard too. Her legs were 24 inch quads and 15.5 inch calves. After we finished she said " this competition will be easy." I said if you are so confident then we should start today. She agreed and we decided on only 2 events today. She wanted to do a point system so if you win by a lot and dominate you should get more points. We would decide on how to decide a dominant win before each event. It's based on a point system from 1 to 5. She told me to pick our 2 events. I didn't like how she was talking down to me so I told her to oick. She said "okay let's do the running events first." I agreed. We decided a point for every .25 seconds on the 200 dash and for every 2 seconds on the mile. I assumed she wanted to get her losses out of the way. We went to the track. She called one of her friends to do the timing. She was talking smack before the race saying she would win from all the cardio she does. I said she was to shirt to be fast. Her friend said go and we started. I started in the lane farther ahead and I was looking at the gound at the start because I always do that, after about 30 meters I looked behind me and I didn't see her, SHE WAS PASSING ME and I started in front. I tried to increase my speed but she kept pulling away after 100 meters my legs were turning to jelly and I was slowing down but she just kept turning. He muscular legs kept pushing her to greater speeds. By the end she finished about 15 meters ahead of me. I came sputtering to a stop at the end. She wasn't even breathing hard. It was really embarrassing. We checked the times, she had beat me by over 2 seconds. It was so embarrassing. But I regrouped. We got ready for the mile. We started and I took the lead right away and set the pace. I was running comfortable, and she was still behind me about 600 meters in, I started to increase my pace to pull away but she stayed with me. After 1200 meters I increased my pace again but she stayed with me, and I was getting tired, I was making out. We got to the last 200 and she went into a kick and she passed me just like in the 200 and I was struggling to hang on. I had a poor finish and I lost by 9 seconds so she got 4 points. When I finished she wasn't that tired again and she said "I could have gone way faster but I thought you were better and would push me harder, but oh well, I still have the early 9 to 0 lead. I am so mad that I lost. I'm supposed to be the distance runner but somehow she was better. I'm not in my best shape but still.

IsacFeb 20 2019 5:18pm
Isac, ok this is embarrassing but mostly women have more endurance. This could the reason why she was faster than you and i‘m sure she must struggle to win! Wish you luck that you can show her who the stronger is!

Henni Feb 21 2019 3:06pm
We decided to do leg wrestling and ab punching today. I was really confident going into them. We decided to do ab punching first and leg wrestling second. We decided that ab punching would be worth 3 points no matter what and leg wrestling we would do 5 rounds rotating each legal. I walked down to my basement to start and my sister was already there and I had my shirt off and she laughed and said "your so chubby this won't even be a contest". I said "yeah well let's go." She had been really c*cky throughout the day and I was ready to get some punches on her. It was until someone submitted. She said "I feel bad and I want to give you an advantage, I'm going to give you the first five punches." I laughed and agreed because I needed a win, I knew this was going to be easy. I asked if she was ready, she said yes. I punched her as hard as I could in her abs and it was like punching a brick wall, my wrist hurt really bad afterwards. I didn't show it though. I didn't even want to punch her again. But she said "that's it, I know kindergarteners that punch harder." This made me so I then punched her the next 4 times as hard as I could and on the last one I cried out in pain because it hurt bad. She laughed and said "you were supposed to hurt me not yourself, that's what punching real abs feels like, let me see if punching your pudding that you call and hurts me like it hurt you." She punched my stomach and I fell to the ground, I felt like my stomach had caved in and my stomach started cramping really bad. She said "Are you kidding! O hit you once and you can barely breath, you hit me five times and I didn't even feel it, you are pathetic, do you give?" I didn't want to give in so early but when I tried to talk I got a stomach cramping and couldn't speak. She said " I'm taking that as a yes." I finally said no and she said "I don't want to hurt you so I will make a deal, you punch me until you get tired or I drop to the ground and if I drop then you win otherwise I do." At this point I was pissed so I agreed. I punched and punched and punched and I couldn't do anything to her. I punched close to twenty times before I ran out of strength in my arms. I gave up. She said "brother you aren't doing very well in the events you actually have a chance." I said let's go. We layed next to each other to start with right legs. She said "look how much bigger and more muscular mine are." I said shut up. We went 3,2,1 go and I was immediately flipped over. I accused her of going early and cheating. She said " fine I will take longer than half a second to win then." 3,2,1 go, I pushed for a second before I was completely flipped. I said "let's go left." This is my kicking leg so it should be better. 3,2,1 go and I was immediately flipped again, and this is when I knew her leg muscles weren't for show. They were dominating mine. We went right, and left again and I lost just as bad. She hadn't said anything which I thought was weird. She finally said "let's try something this time. You use both legs and try to win." I agreed cause I still needed my first win. 3,2,1 go this time there was a struggle at the top and I went all out and it lasted a bit and then finally I got her, it lasted longer than all the others combined. She said well it looks like the score is now 16-1, you better bring your bug boy pants for arm wrestling and wrestling tomorrow. I don't know when she got so strong in her abs and legs but I'm going to win tomorrow in upper body because I'm a guy and then I will shut her up

IsacFeb 21 2019 9:23pm
Bunch of made up lies. Your an idiot liar.

AnonymousFeb 22 2019 5:46am
Isac go ahead and ignore comments like before this one. I wish you luck!

Henni Feb 22 2019 4:13pm
We didn't do anything yesterday because we were busy so we did arm wrestling and wrestling today. We started with arm wrestling. Both of them would be best of 5. I was really confident going into it. Before we started my sister said "let's compare biceps one more time." So I flexed and she grabbed it and squished it diwn, she said "your biceps squishy and weak, I bet you can't squish mine." She flexed and I tried but it didn't squish at all. We put our right arms on the table to start. 3,2,1 go. Nothing happened at the start we both slowly increased pressure to feel the other one out. I'm right handed and she is left handed. I started to get close to my Max and she hadn't budged and I went all out and she was trying hard and we battled for about 20 seconds before she started to take me down and once I started going down, I was done. I lost. I was so embarrassed, I put my head in my hands. She put her left on the table, and I did too. We started and I went all out right away and after a but, she said "are you trying". I said yeah. She smiled and said oh, then slammed my hand to the table. The next three matches steadily got worse as I got tired and she seemed unaffected to the point where on the last one with the right hand, she slammed it to the table after only a couple seconds. She was really c*cky and there was nothing I could say because I now knew her abs, legs, and arms were all superior to mine. I wanted to wrestle still to try to win something because I have experience in it. We started the first round and I immediately knew it was a bad idea, she dominated me. Her muscles we're too much for me. She ended up getting me in a grapefruit with her legs and I had to submit because she was tearing my legs apart. The next round wasn't better, she threw me around for a bit before finally overpowering me and pinning me. She got me in a headlock in the third round and I had to submit again. The fourth round she put me in a head scissor, and at this point I was physically exhausted but I still had another round. I knew at this point she would be overconfident and I was able to pull a quick one and I got her in a headlock and won. This just made her mad and she wanted a sixth round and she didn't underestimate me. She just dominated me and she pinned me and wouldn't let me up until I admitted that she was stronger. Today was the most embarrassing day of my life

IsacFeb 23 2019 3:35pm
She got you in a grapefruit? Lol. I suppose she got you in a tomato too! Ha ha ha! Idiot.

AnonymousFeb 23 2019 4:42pm
Isac, this is really embarrassing but maybe you had simply a bad day? I have to admit that I’m older but nevertheless less fit and that’s why am weaker than you and even much weaker than your sister!

HenniFeb 24 2019 6:44am
I think it was a bad day. We are goin weight lifting together today because I think she has good technique and that's why she won

IsacFeb 24 2019 8:28am
You are right Isac! I think she has won because her technique! Let me know how the wight lifting was.

HenniFeb 24 2019 1:11pm
Watch out for the grapefruit, tomato s, green beans, apple sauce and the turnups. Lol.

AnonymousFeb 24 2019 4:22pm
We went and lifted yesterday. We decided to start by maxing out on back squats, this is when I found out how strong my sister's legs are. I maxed our at 245, she maxed out at 360. It wasn't even a contest, she could do 18 reps on 245 and I could do one. Then we decided to wall sit. She said she would give me an advantage and she held a 35 pound plate while she did it and she still beat me by 15 seconds. Then we went to upper body. We maxed out on bench. I maxed out at 155. She maxed out at 185. We had a pushup contest after that and she beat me. I did 28 and she did 44. We had a pull-up contest after that and I could only do 2. She started laughing at this and said let me show you how to do pullups like a man. She then did 15. We went on to bicep curls after that. We both grabbed 20s, I did 8 with my left had and 12 with my right hand. She did 20 with her right hand and 27 with her left. We moved up to 25s. I did 3 with my left and 8 with my right. She did 14 with her right and 18 with her left. Then we did 30s. I couldn't do one with my left and I could only do 2 with my right. She did 5 with her right and 9 with her left. We were basically done at this point and I was super tired. She was super pumped and said this has barely been a workout. She flexed in the mirror and said come flex by me and I did and her bicep looked bigger then mine at this point. We then had a planking contest. I made it a minute and 30 seconds. She lasted almost 4 minutes. I was tired so I just watched her workout for a while after that and I was amazed and pissed by how much stronger she is.

IsacFeb 25 2019 11:25am
Isac, how big are her muscles? I have to admit that your sister is very strong, probably much stronger than most men.

HenniFeb 25 2019 2:18pm
Her measurements are in my second post. Her biceps were 12.5 inhes but they looked closer to 13 when they we're pumped

AnonymousFeb 25 2019 3:06pm
That's not from anonymous, that is Isac. I forgot to put my name on the list one

IsacFeb 25 2019 3:06pm
Isac the idiot liar! Moron! Your lies ruined this thread. Loser.

AnonymousFeb 25 2019 9:18pm
Isac, you‘re right! But than it’s no wonder that she is so strong. You should compare if you have pumped muscles. But you should know her muscles can be even bigger with pump. Does she wan to get even bigger muscles?

Henni Feb 25 2019 10:51pm
She works out every day do im assuming that she wants to get bigger muscles

IsacFeb 26 2019 3:14pm
I have 15 inches biceps. I never met a woman with bigger arms...

TopicmasterMar 07 2019 2:02am
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fsiaCTDrApr 15 2019 9:26am
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JwNOUN Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and also the rest of the website is extremely good.

NvECArBMApr 19 2019 4:12am
If you look arround you, you will see some kind of different girls. Many are small but many are pretty tall and many between that. If you compare tall girls and tall men its mostly the fact that the difference is small but men are little bigger. If the girl is involved in sport it will be normaly reverse and men are smaller than girls. With strength it seems the same. Sporty tall girls are normaly stronger than men. My last girlfriends are all heavier and stronger than me and all my male friends. I think this shows that we men smaller and weaker than girls.

Henni Jun 29 2019 5:09am
Henni I agree I’m bigger stronger and heavier than my boyfriend and his mates and this show that you men are smaller and weaker than women

AnonymousSep 01 2019 8:55am
May I ask you how tall are you and much do you weigh? How do you and your boyfriend discovered that you are stronger than him and how does he treat you since them?

HenniSep 03 2019 4:27pm
I’m 6 feet tall my boyfriend is 5.6 I’m about 200 lbs but I’m not sure from his weight. I think he’s about 130. It was obvious that I’m stronger but officially it happened once while I wanted to have sex with him and he was so tired to do it. So, I lifted him and put him on his bed he was trying so hard and he couldn’t do anything. It was obvious that I’m not using my power. Anyway my BF is a slim guy who’s into fashion and sports at all so we both knew that I’m stronger

AnonymousSep 04 2019 1:47am
Wow, you are really pretty tall, I’m nearly 6’-3” but i weigh 180 pounds. From this view you are right, i’m smaller than you too! Do you workout regularly? On which level do you train? Do you have any stats?

Henni Sep 04 2019 6:14am
Wow you’re tall. It’s quite embarrassing to be shorter but still heavier 😁. Anyway I am very athletic I work out a lot almost daily, and I box as well. No specific stats depends on the day. What about you?

AnonymousSep 04 2019 7:18am
Well I think you are more muscular than me because you do much sport. Muscle mass is heavier! And as women you have the advantage you can wear heels, do you? Do you workout in a gym? I do only a little sport a few days in month to stay fit!

HenniSep 04 2019 8:12am
Ya you’re right I’m muscular woman. Yes I work out in a gym. For high heels I wear but of course not while working out or boxing 😁

AnonymousSep 04 2019 8:23am
Of course it doesn’t work with high heels. When do wear high heels and how high the heels you wear normally? How much weight do you use in gym for example for dumbell curls, biceps, triceps, benchpress and so on?

Henni Sep 04 2019 9:09am
Usually biceps 18 kg triceps 20, squad 120. I don’t usually wear heels but when I do i wear 15cm.

AnonymousSep 04 2019 9:24am
Normally I wear my high heels when I have a meeting or wedding. But sometimes if I haven’t any event for a while i will wear my heels in the house. Also, I have high heels shoes especially for the beach, so I wear high heels on the beach. And sometimes if i want to wrestle I wear my heels to look big as I’m not that tall

AnonymousSep 04 2019 9:43am
Wow, you very strong. I must admit that i struggle if i try to use 14kg for biceps curls and for triceps i have problems with 12kg. In your high heels you are clear taller than me. You are 6’-6” tall. I would feel me small and weak next to you!

Henni Sep 04 2019 10:07am
Really, thanks I didn’t relies that I’m that strong. There’s big difference between our weights. But again I’m athletic person so don’t feel bad. I like being taller than men, but we have to meet in a meeting or wedding to see me taller than you. So no worries you won’t feel small 😅

AnonymousSep 04 2019 10:15am
Well, i tried to lift 18kg, i can‘t lift a so heavy dumbell with one arm. It is impressive to be next to a women bigger and so much stronger than myself. It‘s even not a little more but it’s much more! you are able to lift. But i‘ve already seen it becomes more and more today that women workout really hard.

HenniSep 04 2019 11:12am
Really, I didn’t know that it’s that hard. Do you see lots of women working out hard? Do you want to be stronger but you can’t? Or you just don’t want to be stronger? Because my boyfriend he’s not into sports at all. He is possessed with his size to slim fit no more than medium. He follows models he’s on diet all the time, he doesn’t like to swet or to hurt his soft hand in the gym. Simply he’s my opposite 😅

AnonymousSep 04 2019 11:17am
How many men in your gym can keep up with you? Do you think that it could be that more girls as men keep up with you? Compared to some years ago there are much more girls as men in most gyms i know. I see lots of girls who train really hard but only a less men. In early times it was odd by socity if girls had muscles but today it is the new trend ‚Strong is the new slim‘. Since then many girls love to build muscles and they love to show theire muscles. Some of them workout especialy to get bigger muscles than guys and become stronger! In my gym where i workout sometimes there are some girls who wan this. They love to be stronger and made fun over guys who are weaker than them. I would love to become stronger but i have not enough time to train more and take care to my health or my nutrion. May i ask you are you older or younger than your boyfriend and how many month or years?

Henni Sep 04 2019 1:03pm
This poll will be closed after ~300 posts, please go to this poll:

Henni Sep 04 2019 1:06pm
7kbRVZ Major thanks for the article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

NwgoMlMgqufOct 25 2019 9:27pm
HwkB1j there right now. (from what I ave read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

RYZbPRUOlNov 07 2019 3:40am
5glpoN Im no professional, but I think you just made a very good point point. You naturally know what youre talking about, and I can really get behind that. Thanks for staying so upfront and so sincere.

rtMJchNXwpzMMar 25 2020 9:41pm
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