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Letting you dad see you masturbate

Question: I was wondering if any other guys out there let your dad see you masturbate. I'm 16, and my dad allows me to masturbate in front of him, and he doesn't mind. I have three older brothers who are 17, 18 ad 19 years old, and they masturbate in front of our dad too. One time, my dad was sitting in our living room couch just watching TV, and I sit down beside him. He was watching a show with hot chicks in them, and I got horny from the show. I just unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my under wear down and let my erection out, and started jerking right then and there. My dad looked over and saw me pumping my 7-inch d*ck, and he just allowed it. All he said was, \
Created by: JakeSmith at 02:54:29 AM, Sunday, October 09, 2011 PDT


When I was 15, my dad and I lived alone together. There was one night he came home with a girl he met from work and they were gonna hook up. My dad asked her if she wanted another guy to join them, and he pointed at me. The girl was fine with it, even if I was only 15. The three of us ended in the bedroom with the girl and me stripping our clothes first. It wasn't my first time to have sex, and I already had sex with tons of girls from my school. The girl started giving me a bj, while my dad rammed her from behind. Then after a couple of minutes, we switched and my dad was getting a bj, while I had sex with her. My dad came in her mouth and the girl swallowed. I rammed her from behind a little while longer, and I yelled "I'm gonna come!" My dad told me to get near her head, and told me to let my semen go in her mouth. I shot about 20 times into her mouth, and my dad was holding my 8 inch d*ck to aim it in her mouth. He was whispering to me "That's it. That's my boy. Get it all in there." I shot so much, I filled her entire mouth, and my dad told her to swallow all of it. Then after, my dad forced her head to lick my d*ck some more to clean up the last drops of semen she didn't get to swallow. She still comes by from time to time, and we always have threesomes. I'm 16 now, and we do this every week.

StudOct 09 2011 10:19am

My two brothers and I live with our dad, and our dad actually likes it when my brothers and I masturbate in front of him. I am 16 and my brothers are 15 and 17 years old. Our dad tells us that we're only allowed to masturbate when he's there so he could watch us. Our dad tells all of us that we're not allowed to wash our penises and balls. So when my brothers and I go to the gym and get all sweaty, we don't shower afterward. Whenever we ejaculate semen all over our dicks, we're not allowed to wash it. Every Friday night, he calls all three of us in his room, and makes us go on his bed. He tells us to take our clothes off, and he'll take a look at our bodies. Whoever has the dirtiest and most sweaty balls, wins. We all lean back, as our dad inspects us one by one. He goes to my 17 year old brother first, and pulls his foreskin down, revealing my brother's penis head covered in smegma. The smegma was from all the sweat, semen and precum that he wasn't allowed to wash during the entire week. Our dad puts my brother's penis in his mouth, and sucks and swallows all the smega. Our dad says he likes it because it tastes really manly and it turns him on. When he finished with my older brother, his penis was all clean again. He moves to me, and pulls my foreskin down, and it turns out I have a lot of smegma too. My dad says I'm a good boy for having a lot of smegma, and he starts to suck my d*ck and lick all the smegma until my penis is all clean. He spent a lot of time licking my balls too since, I just came from the gym and my balls were all covered in sweat. When my dad was done, we moved to my little brother. WHen our dad pulled my 15 year old brother's foreskin down, he had the most smegma and dried up semen all over the head of his penis. Our dad dove in right away and started sucking my little brother's d*ck like crazy. Our dad sucked so hard that my brother started to cum. He started squirting his teen semen all over our dad's face and neck, and our dad licked and swallowed the semen too. Since my older brother and I had not ejaculated yet, our dad lies down his bed, and we get on top of him. We aim both our erections to his mouth, and start jerking off. My brother and I started shooting our semen at the same time, covering our dad's entire face. After, dad scooped up all the semen from his face then swallowed all of it. He sucked on my penis again to clean it, and he did the same with my brother. After, we go to our rooms to go to bed. Then it's another week of going to the gym, ejaculating, and sweating to get a whole new batch of smegma built up in our d*cks, so our dad can eat it again, and give us blow j*bs.

MichaelOct 10 2011 6:19am
Omg Michael lol, you are so incestuously gay! Lols!!!

Chloe ( 22 2011 10:44am
Great story .

CoreyDec 01 2011 5:48pm
I have jacked off with my dad and I'm his only son. My dad was single and I lived with him. My dad had a one room place so it was just easier for us to do it together. It started during my teens. It is not a big deal either. My dad is my best friend and I'm sure this has made us even closer. A great father and son bonding experience. It always feels awesome to shoot my load off with my dad. E-mail me, I live in Akron, OH and my dad (Dana Mark Haines)lives in PA.

CoreyDec 01 2011 5:55pm
Your gay guys

samanthaApr 10 2012 3:50pm
Your gay guys

samanthaApr 10 2012 3:50pm
like the sound of that story my number is07970175891 txt me tell me more

jonny boyMay 04 2012 3:59pm
Wow your story turn me on michael

SarahMay 08 2012 9:39am
Wow your story turn me on Michael

SarahMay 08 2012 9:39am
Iff your bi I will have sex with yhu if yhu want and suck your dick really good

AnonymousJun 05 2012 11:27pm
Gay boys

BryceJun 19 2012 6:39pm
I wish I had this relationship with my dad.

DaveJun 26 2012 11:20am

AnonymousJul 06 2012 11:27am
Is your dad hot

AnonymousJul 10 2012 2:19pm
most surely.... all fags!

JonJul 17 2012 11:33pm
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Jstcruise@gmail. ComJul 22 2012 9:09am
You guys are sick god is watching u

FatimaJul 23 2012 7:25am
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fatima fatherJul 28 2012 7:05pm
fatima is right Gods watching you

AnonymousJul 31 2012 10:29pm
fatima is right Gods watching you

ccJul 31 2012 10:29pm
I used to jack off with my uncle all the time (when I was a teenager, not a little boy). Someimes he'd touch me but I never touched him. It wasn't a big deal.

LeonAug 05 2012 11:19pm
My dad allways told me and my 5 brothers to be comfterble around the house...never had any women around so we guys would just walk around in the skin we had...growing up it was allways nice but when puberty hit i liked it even more. my brothers are all older than me and so i grew up seeing the development of the male dad is 45 my oldest brolther is 25 then 23 20 the twins are 19 and im 17. when you turned 15 my dad took him to a father son camping trip for a week and when it was my turn to go i found out the beifits of being a man. my dad showed me how to jerk off and we jerked off together and he jerked me off and it was amazing. when we got back we celebrated and all jerked off together as one big family. we were all so turned on by it that we came pretty fast but my dad went around and swallowed all of our cum. i figure my dad had a secret longing for men but me and all my brothers f*ck pussy all the time. me and my eldest brother once had a foursome with my girl and his was hot f*cking her with big bro next to me f*cking her. i dont thinkk anyone should judge anyone because if youve never tried it you wont ever know

family manAug 09 2012 7:54pm
im 18 and my dad and i have the kind of relationship that has allways been open...when i was 13 he told me about sex and even bought me my first porno. we watched it together and it was a bonding moment. he allways told me that we are sexual beings and that i had permission to f*ck anyone i wanted. i first had sex when i was 14 with a 17 year old..she was so hot and was so good. when i was 16 my dad walked in on me having sex with my girlfriend and he just smiled at me and said that my boy and i just kept going and drilling her pussy and finished like a pro. when i was 17 i took a cheerleader to the prom and my dad new what i wanted out of the night so he set me up with some condoms and a hotel room for the night. i love my dad. he remembers how it is when you are young and want to f*ck anything that moves. i f*cked that girl so many time that night. i told my dad all about that and he was so proud of me. i have jerked off with my dad before and not in a gay way but in a father son bonding way... the only thing about it was the porn we were watching was to babes going at it but thats just because me and my dad both really like that kind of thing...i think it would be fun to f*ck girl with my old man and see how he is with his pussy sence hes already seen me f*cking mine

...Aug 09 2012 8:04pm
sooooo horny

UnknownAug 09 2012 8:52pm
sooooo horny

UnknownAug 09 2012 8:54pm
Once when I was 15, my mom was at my grandma's for a week to help her out. It was me and dad alone at the house once I got home from school and practice. The second or like third evening I came downstairs and my dad was sitting in his briefs and my old wife beaters which was pretty tight on him. I walked in to the kitchen for some juice or something and yelled out to him what he was watching and if I could join in. He agreed and after I downed what I was drinking and came over to the couch. I popped off my shorts and shirt and sat down in my briefs and socks. He flipped through the channels and stopped at this one with hot girls doing yoga. He made comments about their tits and asses while rubbing his crotch. "Be back," he said. Dad ran up stairs and came back down holding a DVD. I said, "What's that." He squated and put the DVD in and turned it to the correct settings and channels. "Do you like slutty girls boy?" I said yes, but didn't put two and two together. He popped off his shirt and plopped down while an image of two girls sun bathing came up. I looked over and he already had his dick out the side of his briefs and was rolling it around. I was stunned when he looked over and he was all casual. "Aren't you gunna get off?" I thought. After a minute off silence, I wanted to, and with that, my briefs came off. We jerked it and we were having fun and laughing at some jokes and such. Half way through he asked "Can I lube up and use your pillow and jockstrap?" I agreed out of my lust, he ran up stairs and came back down with my jock on, a boner sticking out of a rip he made, lube, and my pillow. He made me hold my soft Temperpedic pillow while he made a tsunami mess with his lube (ruined pillow, but worth it) and humped the hour away grunting and making fantasy comments about the 14-year old neighbor girl. He finally came on my stomach and dick and thighs. After apologizing for the whole mess, he poured a boat-load of lube on my c*ck. I came and it shot everywhere.

ThomasAug 11 2012 11:46pm
wow im really clouse wid my dad i wonder if he woulf do that wid me

AnonymousAug 13 2012 12:03am

AnonymousAug 13 2012 12:59pm
I want Daddyy Dick

AnonymousAug 13 2012 1:00pm
what, the, f*ck AM I READING?!?!?

ElizaAug 14 2012 4:23am
my step dad sucks me off from time to time. i also suck my little brother off occasionally. my step dad was so proud the first time he was able to deep throat and he loves swallowing!

jack of all tradesAug 17 2012 2:10pm
I hate myself

A child who hates himselfAug 19 2012 7:24pm
I hate myself

A child who hates himselfAug 19 2012 7:24pm
I hate myself

A child who hates himselfAug 19 2012 7:24pm
stop putting all these dirty stuff

THE DON FROM KONGAug 28 2012 5:55pm
Guys life possess so much within,stop being this silly

VegaSep 01 2012 2:49am
Yes, sex is a part of life but just a part of life . . Look at the things around you and grow up as a real man ,a nice person

VegaSep 01 2012 2:51am
Du f*ck did I just read. I'm gayer than a rainbow shooting out of Justin Bieber's ass and I still wouldn't do this.

Rainbow PrinceSep 01 2012 7:26pm
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ShakeelSep 15 2012 3:28am
if it feels good to you do it, my man

antburSep 16 2012 4:11pm
like to here more son & dad and brother masturbation rights of passage. we men have to stick together, literally. hump man

antburSep 16 2012 4:14pm
Send more in e.mail i like the story i want to do that as well. I have never try, never had a girl to do that to me.

unknowSep 17 2012 8:14am
Weird.. Love the comment about the Justin Bieber rainbow ass thing imma Belieber it wuz funny... Luv the gays

AnonymousOct 01 2012 7:26pm
My daddy watches me play with my c*ck too, but he also joins in & helps me. It was weird at first when he reached over to grab me, but at the same time it was a rush too. Now most of the time he does it all for me - plus recently he stated its only fair if I do it for him too in return so I jerk my daddy off too. I don't mind at all since he's got a lot more c*ck to stroke for sure!

GOct 06 2012 8:48pm
i love dick i live in PA but my dad left my mom so all i have is porn

yourloverOct 09 2012 11:54am
i will do anything you like, if you want to hook up sent me your number

yourloverOct 09 2012 11:55am
One day I walked into the bed room and saw my dad jacking off and he ask me if I would like to join him , I am 13 , so I said sure . My dads c*ck is big he asked me of I would like to touch it I said sure it felt big . He said it was almost 7 inches . So now any time mom is gone for a long period of time we both sit on the couch and jack off , he watches me and I watches me . My dad is really hairy and we really like bonding this way. Sometimes when we drive around in his truck we will jack off .

good sonOct 09 2012 8:47pm
This can't even be true. You guys are weird.

AnonymousOct 17 2012 12:25am
My 13 year old nephew stays with me during the summer holidays, whilst my brother and his wife go on holiday. He's a horny little c*nt, and often comes into my bedroom at night, asking if he can sleep in my bed. At first, I refused, explaining to him that he was too young, telling him to go back to his room. I could soon, hear him masturbating; it was incredible how vocal he was whilst CUMMING, always, he would yell, ' AAGGH f*ck I'M GONNA CUM,' just as he did. One night, I submitted, as I am a boy lover, ( my nephew didn't know this), and I let him sleep with me. It wasn't long, before he was wriggling his little, tight toosh up against my rigid prick, ( I love skinny boys like my nephew ), resulting in me ramming my tool up his clutching twat. I didn't stop pumping him, until my bollocks were totally empty, spunkless, clean, dry. He f*cking loved it, and now he sleeps with me every night when he CUMS to visit. He hasn't twatted me yet, but I can assure you, it won't be long until he does. ONE SATISFIED UNCLE.

ANONYMOUSOct 19 2012 5:02pm
How do you masterbate any way

AnonymousOct 19 2012 8:52pm
Having sex with a minor is a crime.incest in south africa is a crime!the contact number for kids to call is 08600 not be forced to do something you are not wanting to do.

Vander walt (captain. S.a.p.s)Oct 21 2012 2:40am
I am 17 and at times,my stepdad cums into my room,undresses me and starts squeezing my hurts at times,he grabs my balls that i will faint!he says that i start shaking and it turns him on!when i cum round,he just sits there,telling me that he wanked all over me,he recently bought me a necklace as he says he likes a guy wearing a necklace and unconscious.

ShaneOct 21 2012 3:25am
my mom passed away when i was 16,i am now 19 and my dad has sex with started when i was 17,he told me he wanted sex and asked if he could sleep with me.he uses condoms,i put it on his penis and then he penetrates me,he sucks my breasts,kisses my neck and he has even fingured me.normally,he will put his penis in me and he keeps it there,when he wants to shoot he cums on my boobs.he tells me when i want sex i must tell times,i work around the house with just a tee shirt,no panties,becoz he just comes up to me,and penetrates me,my dad has bought me condoms ,the flavored ones as he enjoys me giving him a blow job

BelindaOct 21 2012 5:01am
To anonymous asking me 'HOW I MASTURBATE.' Well, son, when I'm not f*ckING my nephew, I normally drain my BOLLOCKS three or four times a day, I prefer emptying my load up a wet TWAT, but having an enjoyable WANK, acts as a good second best. I normally start by slowly massaging the underside of my horny COCK; the SHAFT, placing my forefinger and middle finger under my erect pole, and my thumb over my BELL HEAD. This, immediately stimulates the RUBBER BAND, the blood engorged VEIN, that starts to throb under my PRICK. I start to pull my FORESKIN forwards, in a motion that brings the fleshy skin up and over my PLUM. ( I NEVER PULL MY FORESKIN BACK OVER MY RIDGE AT THIS STAGE OF MY WANK.) As my STICK proceeds to harden against my belly, I start to produce my PRECUM. Sometimes, I beCUM so WET, I can hardly grip hold of my TOOL HEAD. I ROGER and EDGE my COCK HEAD for about an hour, ( I HATE CUMMING TOO QUICKLY.) By now, spew is f*ckING everywhere, I've got a LOB-ON no man would believe, AAGHH HEAVEN! Now my ROCK HARD COCK is swelling, the underskin of my FORESKIN is PUFFED and FLARED, bouncing over my BLOOD FILLED BELL HEAD; My WANKER VEIN is bowing like a plucked guitar string, longing to lob my CUM. Just as I am about to CLIMAX, ORGASM, CUM, I switch from how I want to bring myself off, to actually bringing myself off. Just before I want to RELEASE, I still use my forefinger and middle finger, and thumb, only now, I jerk my FORESKIN back, HARD, right back, over my BELL HEAD, so hard and fast, until it's half way down my ROD. My SPUNK straight away, ZIPS and SPURTS out of my JAPEYE, so much so, that my COCK SLIT is LIKE A f*cking GAPING FISH MOUTH, trying to cope with the swell of JUICE shooting out of it. As I CUM, I drag my FORESKIN back further, right back to my NUTS, watching myself SPASM, BUCKING AND CONTRACTING, BUCKING AND CONTRACTING, until every drop of my SEED has been unloaded from my HEAVY, ACHING BOLLOCK BAGS, c*ck oysters everywhere. After my SHAG, I watch my MASTER slowly deflate, until the next time it tells me to WANK it. AND THAT, MY SON, IS HOW I MASTURBATE. Now tell me how you WANK.

I completely agree with about 52% of you. THIS IS GROSS!!! How would your parents do something like this to you? I kinda get the feeling that you are making this up. BTW, you are at an illegal age for sex AND incest of any form is illegal. :) Just a bit of info. I thought you might like to know! THAT RHYMED! XDXDXDXD

??Oct 21 2012 7:13pm

nskjkswjOct 22 2012 6:30pm
men are men , doesnt matter if their father and son as long as their adults, im fine with it used to seeing my dad and brothers pissing and wanking,but if its goes as far incest thats wrong and against the law, seen my dad f*cking a women he met in a put and he was doing a good job too, lol, and when he finished the slut f*cked me then my bro so we all had a good night,im the eldest son my dad had me in his teens so we look more like brothers ,same build and height and penis size

meOct 22 2012 6:36pm
My step brother enjoys fingering me,i'm 19 and he's 22.normally he cums on me,or he will put his c*ck in side me.he makes sure that he uses a condom,sumtimes he does me from behind.i am a waitress,and he normally picks me up and he fingers me then i suck him,sumtimes we make out in the car

AnonymousOct 25 2012 1:26pm
My step brother enjoys fingering me,i'm 19 and he's 22.normally he cums on me,or he will put his c*ck in side me.he makes sure that he uses a condom,sumtimes he does me from behind.i am a waitress,and he normally picks me up and he fingers me then i suck him,sumtimes we make out in the car

BelindaOct 25 2012 1:26pm
I am 21 and my cousin has this thing that when i shower he joins me and we make out,we are roommates,we both work and only once did he cum inside me,and he put me on the pill.he has a huge thing,i love it when he just penetrates me.

Lorna uysOct 25 2012 1:50pm
Am 25 and once i spoke to my brother that my boyfriend asked that we have sex,i was a virgin so my brother asked that we have sex so that i feel a man's penis.that nite he came into my room,pulled down my panties,we made out,i put a condom on him and he entered felt goooood.when i had sex with my bf,it was great!

MandyOct 26 2012 12:44pm
You people are sick and need help!!

Danny(south african police)Oct 27 2012 3:50am
Most people here are doing thngs that probably is not true. Let live instead of judging anf harassng. Danny who the hell cares if yor a cop... You're from South Africa... Do you think you corrupt police department can do anything? Unless these people are all from the same country you are fom, peole dont care that you're a freggin cop.

LumberOct 30 2012 8:46am
Typing on a cell is nasty for all the mistakes.

LumberOct 30 2012 8:47am
You all gay

NOct 30 2012 5:18pm
Lumber,i wish u cud say that to my face!i suppose u do this poo!

SapsOct 31 2012 5:33am
Well all this boils down to is animal instincts, we are all primative mammals and sex within the family unit isnt uncommon, many animals do this. were only doing what our ancestors did years ago. the only reason a law was put in place was to protect ofspring deformities as they say that incestious couples have a higher chance of creating life with a deformity. so why the law on gay incest.

daniel13333Oct 31 2012 9:10am
Alot of people are sick,at least in sum countries like zimbabwe,zambia,south africa a person goes to prison,that law i like.

Masunda edmoreNov 01 2012 2:23am
WTF IS WRONG WITH U! go f*ck a prostitute or some poo! not family related people! WTF!!!

ima, ima cunt.Nov 03 2012 7:19am
i wanna have sex with my dad and masterbate with him all the time

AnonymousNov 03 2012 12:04pm
Gross...wont be back.

AnonymousNov 03 2012 10:46pm
when i first masturbated i was 14 and it felt like i m in heaven. now i am 19 and i really want to cum inside a girl.

peterNov 06 2012 11:58pm
I'm 17 and my husband is 24...I got pregnat and had our son when I was 16...I have always fanisized about watching my husband f*ck another woman, and he has always talked about making my mom suck his c* I figured ask her and see what she says???we talked to her, and the next morning she came over...I was sitn in the computer chair,my husband sitn on the side of the bed playn with my pussy,while my mom was sitn on the bed next to him...I asked my her if she liked what she was seeing???and she smiled and said yes!!!so I told her get naked and lay on the bed on your back and ill join then my husband had already taken his pants and underwear off...I asked my mother if she liked and wanted his c*ck???she nodded and said yes!!!my husband then pulled out my toys and started f*cking me and her with MY TOYS...while f*cking us with my toys he started eating both our pussys,it felt amazing!!!I came quicker than I thought I would...but I loved it!!!I then told my mother to flip over and get on her hands and knees,and with no hesitation she did...I looked my husband in the eyes and told him to f*ck her in the ass!!!while he f*cked her in the ass with his huge c*ck I f*cked her pussy with my toy...then we switched I f*cked her in the ass with my toy,while he pounded her sweet pussy untill she came all over his stiff c*ck...and we all enjoyed it so much that she is coming over this morning to suck his c*ck and hopefully ill be able to lay back and watch my mom get f*cked down by my dear husband!!!

my husband is the best!!!!Nov 07 2012 4:08am
Okay so I was 15 and my boyfriend at the time ( my now lovely husband ) was 22 when we got together ... some may think or say that's wrong or nasty , but to me I think its hottt as a bitch !!! There's not a day that goes by that my 17 year old brain , doesn't have some amazing poo that its thinking up !!! I would so love to take a lil teenage girl and mount her on my husbands big c*ck !!! It makes me wana cum right now just thinking about it because , I know that the day I bring a younger girl home and tell my husband to just go at it , that he isn't going to turn it down and I just want to lay back and watch ...

me me meNov 07 2012 3:26pm
So I guess no one is interested in the things that actually happen????

my husband is the best!!!Nov 07 2012 8:55pm
God love that a wife would let her husband f*ck a younger girl that's so hot text me wife 4232852089

jtNov 10 2012 9:35am
I love seeing different sides to my husband I'm learning more and more about him everyday .... and the only way to see new things is to try new things right ???

my husband is the best!!!Nov 10 2012 3:32pm
I am 16 and just recently have i felt a man's c*ck!my dad and i were discussing sex and he asked if he could demonstrate,he undressed me and inserted it inside me!before he cum he pulled out and let me suck!amazing

TrishNov 11 2012 1:16am
hot, hot , hot

matt Nov 13 2012 8:33pm
I love it when people watch me and my husband f*ck and I love braging about the sex we have !!!

me me me my husband is the best Nov 14 2012 1:14am
I want a dad..............I am so curious

MikeNov 14 2012 10:44am
I am 17 and my dad has inserted his penis in me just for me to feel wat its like.he squeezes my boobs,he does wear a condom,and he likes it when i get wet,he does finger me.

AnonymousNov 19 2012 4:05am
I am 17 and my dad has inserted his penis in me just for me to feel wat its like.he squeezes my boobs,he does wear a condom,and he likes it when i get wet,he does finger me.

BiancaNov 19 2012 4:05am
One time, I was jumping on my bed. I was having so much fun, I passed out.

MuffinTopNov 20 2012 9:58am
My dad is a widower,i am 19 and he said to me that he had a fantasy to do it with a girl who was unconscious,i told him he could do it to me.i told him that i had no problem with it!a few days ago when i got home,as i walked into my room,i felt a knock behind my head,i don't remember anything more,i regained consciousness,and was naked,with condoms beside me,i was lying on the dad came in as i was groaning and waited for me to cum round properly.he said he hit me with a mallet!i was unconscious 2 hours!i still have a headache but helped my dad with his fantasy

MariaNov 22 2012 10:21am
incest isnt illegall retards and some of this is probably made up

haemdnzleNov 22 2012 5:37pm
Im 15 i been havein sex since i was 13 I told my dad that I have had 3 dreams of havein sexy with him so he came over made out wit me & fingered me so good & licked my tight wet pussy & f*cked me I sucked his nice big c*ck he said I was better then his gf/my step mom mmmm he made me cum 3 times I want more

BabygirlNov 23 2012 2:51pm
I want to have a dad like this

Anonymous Nov 24 2012 11:55pm
I'm a 14 year old boy and walked in on my dad the other day masturbating.... I then ran out of his room as he chased me to the living room (with just a robe on) and said im sorry for letting you see that. I then told my dad that it was ok and he went back to his room as I was thinking about how big his c*ck was. The next day I woke up and told my dad that I was gay, he then said that it was ok and that he was proud of me for coming out of the closet. I then proceeded to tell him that I have had fantasies about him non-stop. He then freeked out and threw me on my bed and I said sorry. He then said that he was mad that I hadn't told him earlier when he had his hard on. Then he ripped off my clothes and said I've always wanted to f*ck your tight a$$hole and started to slap my as*. He then stuck his 10inch d*ck into me (I was not paying attention) and I screamed really loud so my curious neighbor came over and knocked on our door. My dad swiftly threw on his robe and answered the door my neighbor said he thought he heard screaming and I heard the door close, and soon after that moment the bedroom door flew open as I see my dad making his way to the bed with our male neighbor. I started to suck his d*ck as my dad continues to make out with him. I then went and tried to get my dad hard again but then he said no and pulled out a 3inch in diameter and 12inch long d*ldo and then shoved in me as instantly I gummed everywhere. Now every day I wake up to my dads raging boner in my back. Coming out was the best decision ive made in my entire life.

AnonymousNov 25 2012 10:52pm
one tip when i was 18 my and my friends were at my girlfriends house she lived with 81 year old grandmother. well were down in her basement hanging and a friend of our came over with some exctasy pills. we all took a couple pills and like a hour later we were rolling hard everyone was having a great time dancing around to the music around this time i started feeling really horny and went upstairs to the bathroom and had to pee. i couldnt resist jerking my dick it felt so good like never before, thats when i heard a noise and got paranoid. i came out of the bathroom and heard this noise again i went to see what it was and i walked into a room and found my girlfriends grandmother laying on her bed passed out. i''m not sure if she was having a bad dream or not, i do know she was on heavy pain medication and was drugged up most of the time. she was just laying there in her nightgown and big floopy titties were popping out. i was so horny and pulled them out and stared playing with them it felt so good i took my penis out and flopped it on her face and rubbed it on her lips and in her mouth i then thought i hear someone coming upstairs and went to check it out. i was really thirsty so i went into the fridge to get something to drink and seen a huge pack of hot dogs i dont know why maybe cause i was really high but i grabbed the hot dogs and snuck back into her room i started jerking off on top of her sucking on her tits i then took a couple hotdogs and slide them into her pussy and sticking my penis in and out of her mouth it it felt so good cause she didnt have any teeth. she stared making noises in her sleep like she was enjoying it. i took more hot dogs and jammed as many as i could into her pussy i think i got about 13 hotdogs in there. it was pretty stuffed so i put like 4 more in her *sshole. my dick was so hard i was jamming it down her throat i never came so much in my life all over her face and in her mouth it was so kinky. i then got worried i would get in trouble so i ran across the street to the grocery store came back and threw a bunch of have eaten watermelon, fried chicken, and dumped a bunch of grape soda and cans all over her bed. then i ran downstairs they asked what took so long i said i was upstairs taking a poo and i heard these weird noises and when i came out i seen two black guys come out of her grandmothers room they looked like they were high on crack or pcp. they seen me and took of out the front door. we all came upstairs and went to check on her grandmother when we opened the door my girlfriend started screaming cause her grandmothers face was covered in cum with hotdogs shoved up her pussy and ass layng in a pile of fried chicken,watermelon and grape soda all spilt all over the place. we called the cops and they came and took down the story later the next day they said they think the have the black men responsible for doing this. i said i didn't get a good look at their faces so i couldn't identify them in a line up but the grandmother wanted to try she identified two of the black men and they ended up getting arrested. the police were so digusted by the attack they threw the book at them. later i found out they both got killed in prison by a white power supremist group.

richard stainNov 26 2012 12:40am
WTF did I just read?!

JWFIFNov 26 2012 8:59am
Just shot a load reading all this

jaredNov 29 2012 4:25pm
Yall so freaking nasty!!! Yalls babys going to come out looking like something in the circus

real bitch 101Nov 29 2012 9:57pm

AnonymousDec 03 2012 1:01pm
im 14 and one time i was talking to my uncle about how curious i was be gay turns out he was too so we went to his house and both got naked we started jerking and then it led to making out he is fat and hairy with a huge hairy dick we got on the floor and started sucking it felt great then i penetrated his behind and i almost came but stopped he turned me around and penetrated me it hurt we ended off sucking and blowing we both came in eachothers mouths it was great

curious nephewDec 04 2012 8:43pm
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Cum Here DaddyDec 05 2012 7:01pm
Well some people are just weird.

OmgDec 09 2012 11:11am
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MichaelDec 12 2012 9:48pm
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ToniDec 14 2012 7:21pm
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ToniDec 14 2012 7:24pm
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KidDec 23 2012 12:49pm
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AnonDec 25 2012 4:59pm
WTF? You people are seriously disturbed! This is NOT NORMAL, your fathers should be put in a mental asylum, and you lot need professional help, ASAP!!! BEYOND DISGUSTING!

What is wrong with you people!Dec 25 2012 8:16pm
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AnonymousDec 28 2012 11:54am
Sick!u people need help urgently and i suppose this is white peoples mentality

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Horny ukDec 31 2012 1:34am
I'm 22 and when i was 17,i spoke with my mom bout sex!she said that she would get sum1 to explain it to me,that nite my step dad came into my room with my mom and they both discussed it with me,then my step dad touched my mom said it was ok,he then started to kiss me,i started to groan,next thing my step dad was putting a condom on and i was penetrated,all the time mom watched,am now much older and have great penetration from my boyfriend.

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sstupidDec 31 2012 11:23pm

AnonymousDec 31 2012 11:23pm
I bet most of you are American... But it still sounds good!

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WTF AM I READING? i came on this to play a game and it friggin put me on this. YOU ARE ALL SICK AND NEED TO GO TO A MENTLE HELTH CLINIC BCZ THAT IS FAMILY YOUR DOING AND THAT IS JUST WRONG!!!! don't you know god is watching and he knows liars. he won't allow this to go on. faith is more important than your sexual prefrences. i hope this message put some sesnse ito you sick sick people.

000Jan 05 2013 7:50pm
It is not healthy to suck your boys.

joeJan 06 2013 8:31pm
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horny Jan 07 2013 8:10pm
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imgayJan 08 2013 7:46am
I wish my dad and I jerked together and f*cked... Any tips how I can get him to have sex...

Tony123Jan 08 2013 10:35pm
you all have something very wronge with you all of you peope can go to hel

hottie 101Jan 09 2013 12:11am
1/2 of the comments: THIS IS SICK 1/2 of the comments: fake storys didint this all start out from a question? yes it did...NO...the answer is no! p.s. love the comment bout being gayer the a rainbow comeing out of J.B.s @$$

some one smart...Jan 14 2013 3:47pm
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YOU ALL SICK PEOPLE GAYS!Jan 15 2013 3:06pm
I'm 48 and bisexual, i've taught my son that it's okay to be bisexual. Me and my son have sex almost every night when his mother isn't home, i can't say i'm not ashamed of it but i'm afriad i can't help it. He would knock on my bedroom door and come in naked (of course, being bisexual, this turned me on) And so i would close my eyes and just wait for my son to give me a blowjob and strip me. Then, i'd do the same to hiim! Just the other night we began to do anal, and it was holy. I didn't do it to him but he did it to me. He didn't even go slowly, he just banged his balls up against my ass and made me make amazing sexual sounds. Tonight i'm going to do anal on him and i will f*ck him very hard, sliding my penis into his ass. I'm even thinking of cumming in it! Bisexual is a normal thing.

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I personaly think that it your life it up to you what you do with it. I'm honestly addicted to sex. If people dissaprove they can suck my a**

suger <3Jan 27 2013 10:37pm
That's all a load of bullpoo people

AnonymousJan 28 2013 1:55pm
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who is about to vomit because of those sick fags :-&Feb 09 2013 11:03pm
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bitch plzzzzzzzFeb 11 2013 11:35pm
sexual preferences are yours to choose stop being haters

hate hatersFeb 14 2013 8:24pm

PUERTO RICOFeb 16 2013 10:22am
omg i read ever comment and i want to jank of with my dad how i need help

masterbaterFeb 17 2013 12:16am

SnndbxFeb 17 2013 3:40pm
Go for it

AnonymousFeb 17 2013 8:07pm
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Cali_BoiFeb 18 2013 9:30pm
I'm 14 years old and I always wank to myself. The thing is that I want to have sex and suck my 18 year old brothers c**k...what should I do?

Mitchy...Feb 19 2013 3:17pm
Just ask him i asked my brother once and we both loved it and it brought us closer

JohnyFeb 25 2013 11:43am
Go for it

CaserFeb 25 2013 11:47am

AnonymousFeb 28 2013 9:43am
Sickos as f*ck

Ur muder was gud last niteMar 01 2013 3:01pm


Milly.Mar 03 2013 8:58pm
Given the title why would anyone read then complain about what they read?

SamMar 11 2013 5:11pm
one time i was jerking of in front of the tv and my sister came in she just stood there and then asked me if i wanted to have sex p.s. im 12 sos she so we ended up having sex and she invited over one of her freinds and we started to do a 3som me on the back f*cking my sister while she sucked her freinds d*ck.

random kidMar 15 2013 7:16pm

AnonymousMar 17 2013 9:56pm
I have a stepson that 13 years my junior. When he was 17 his mom & I decided to tell him about his mom, who likes to f*ck other men. We have an open marriage & we're very open with our son. He already had an idea of what was going on & we didn't want to hide anything from him. My son & I would masturbate together & watch pron movies since he was 14 & watched me masturbate & cum over myself. After telling him about his meom, he got more & more curious & wanted to know more & more details. The more info he wanted, I more I told him, detail for detail. One day he opened up to me & told me that when he mastubated, he would fantasize about his mom getting f*cked & how she got f*cked. At 17 he had an 8 inch thick cut c*ck. When we had sex, my wife didn't care about leaving our bedroom door open, our sons room was just across the hall. One day my wife had a "friend" over, he was a black man she had known for a while from work, my son came home from school, now 18 told me later he had stood at the bedroom door & fufilled his wish to watch his mom get f*cked, he told me he pulled out his c*ck out & started masturbating until he came all over the floor. The door was only cracked open but enough for him to watch. Thw black guy is a friend of ours & plays with my son, they would talk about he satisfies his mom. Our son has turned into a very sexual man, eagar to put his own c*ck into his mom.

MikeMar 19 2013 9:39am
I wish....

RandomMar 22 2013 2:40pm

GUADALUPEMar 26 2013 1:08am
Hey Mike, How old is your wife? And your friend? Has the son already done his mom yet? Has his mom already done anal sex? If not, I think the right to take her virginity belongs to her son, even if she is reluctant, she owes her ass to her son.

RevilMar 26 2013 6:48pm
i feel bad for being horny reading these stories...

why am i here?Mar 27 2013 11:02am
Tell why you think you're here. Is it the taboo? Did you google to find something on this topic?

SamMar 30 2013 5:31am
My wife is 13 years my senior as well. My stepson is now 18, I'm 31 & my wife is 44. Her black lover is 33. He works with my wife & f*cks my wife regularly. My wife likes younger guys. Henry, the black guy, introduced my wife to black c*ck. My wife's taken a few men, but Henry is by far the biggest. He comes over often & plays a lot with my stepson. Their conversation always leads to how he satisfys his mom, like men talking about sex. Henry's told me whatever my stepson asks about his mom, he tells him. In converstions I've had with my wife, she knows her son masturbates thinking of her, she knows he's watched her take c*ck, both from me & that time when Henry was f*cking her. She's admitted that if her son wants her, there's no turning back, she's already come this far. Mike

AnonymousMar 30 2013 7:40pm
Oh & forgot to add that my wife has seen her son masturbating his 8 inch c*ck, she's told me she's watched him, she opened his bedroom door quietly once to see if he was sleeping & saw him masturbating & until he shot his load.

MikeMar 30 2013 7:47pm
My mom died when I was 11 and one night I heard my dad jerking off, I got hard and after that I started jerking off one day I came home and I sat on the sofa in my boxers and sock and started jerking off my dad came home early that day and he caught me when I walked in, I was shocked, he walked up to me and he told me that it was ok to do it and that he does it to... After that I started to jerk in front of him when we would go driving I would unzip my pant and start jerkin off, when we would watch tv I would take off my pants and shirt and jerk off too soon after my dad would join in I was 13 when this started. One time my dad caught me looking at his dick while he was jerking ... He took his big hand and started to jerk me it felt good with his big muscle hand and my 13yo c*ck I came the most I ever had ... And later he would let me f*ck him in his ass Iam 16 now and it's still going on

???Mar 31 2013 11:46pm
I grew up sharing bedrooms with my older brother, when I was 11 I remember sleeping to be woken by my 17 year old brother jerking his beautiful 7 inch cut c*ck, I would pretend to still be sleeping, watching him until he c*ck would explode with sperm. I would mastubate thinking of those visions. My parents were away a lot & my brother would care for me, he would walk around the house completely naked, I remember I couldn't take my eyes off his beautiful c*ck, then one day I was masturbating when he came home from school, he walked in on me completely naked, he dropped his things & stripped naked & told me to continue mastubating, he got hard like a rock & started masturbating too, I shot almost immediately looking at his huge c*ck, he walked over to me & started shooting his sperm over my chest & then the rest into my mouth, forcing me to take c*ck, he commanded me to swallow his sperm which I did, later that night he taught me everything to know about sex, I got my frist blow job from him & learned haow to suck c*ck & taste more sperm. I also got f*cked for the first time, he told me I was going to grow up to be a bitch & take c*ck. we've been having sex now for 5 years, I continued high school getting as much c*ck as I could.

JuniorApr 02 2013 11:57am
Hot stuff? Feels good to get it out. Any dads caught or spyed on their boys?

SamApr 03 2013 8:35pm

yXEfWwhqQApr 05 2013 7:42am
Hey there Revil, anything else you want to know about the situation with my wife & her son?

MikeApr 16 2013 10:58am
Have they done anything?

RevilApr 17 2013 5:24pm
Hey there Revil, might an e-mail to you be better or do you perfer for me to write it on here.

MikeApr 21 2013 10:02am
Continue to write here. I have some more questions. Have you ever done your wife together with her lover? Is your son bigger than you?

RevilApr 21 2013 6:07pm
Sorry I wrote son instead of stepson. And also, do you usually watch your wife with her lover or they do it alone?

RevilApr 21 2013 6:33pm
Yes, my wife usually gets f*cked about 5 or 6 times a week. Her hormones seem to be racing & she can't seem to get enough c*ck. She's 5'8" and about 160lbs & her most sexual attribute is her large natural tits that hangs down a little with its weight & what turned me on to her more than anything is she also got big pink nipples that no matter how hard you suck on them, they stayed soft & pink. I'm a tit man & so is her black lover. I usually f*ck her with her lover whenever I can, I enojoy it most when I just watch what he does to her, just pretending that I'm not there, watching her take that black c*ck until he shoots his sperm into her pussy. I'm the smallest of the men, my c*ck is about 6 inches uncut, my stepson is 8-8 1/2 inches & thicker than I cut, & her black lover is almost 10 inches cut. When I'm with them together, it's all sex & f*cking, when they f*ck alone, it's more sensual & love making, I know she also loves her lover, he satisfies her in ways I can't but it turns me on a lot to know another man is satisfying her pussy, her lover is 6'2" maybe 230lbs but all muscle, well built & very much like I, a tit man, he's constantly sucking on her tits, I'm 5'6" 157lbs & my stepson is also 6'2" about 200lbs also well built & working out all the time building his body up. Let me know what else you want to know. Working on getting him up to f*ck his mom.

MikeApr 22 2013 9:26am
mmmm...this is hot stuff.

SamApr 23 2013 7:16pm
Mike, How frequently does Henry do your wife? And how often do you? What kind of activities do you perform on your wife when you do her together with her lover? Do you do other women besides your wife? Does Henry please other women? Is your stepson well experienced? And successful with girls? Is your stepson endowed like her previous lovers? Have you already talked with your stepson about him f*cking his mom?

RevilApr 24 2013 6:04pm
Henry f*cks my wife about 2 or 3 times a week. I f*ck her about the same. She's also got a white guy, Steve that f*cks her about once a week, her relationship with Steve only just started, it's another co-worker of hers, I've already met him, so he's knows what's up in our relationship. He's even younger than Henry, who's 33, Steve is 25. He's into older more mature women & as you know, my wife likes real young guys. Apparenetly Steve has a big c*ck too, I haven't seen him naked yet but he knows that I would like to watch him f*ck my wife. Right now he wants her all to himself. He also knows about Henry. I don't do other women, I'm bi-sexual, I perfer to watch or join in sometimes but mostly watch. My wife knows I'm bi which is why I think she likes to be satisfied by other men. Henry I'm sure does other women, he lives alone but I know he's got other girl friends. He like Steve likes the idea of satisfying another man's wife. My stepson is not that experienced with other women, since we first masturbated when he was 14 he's real curious about his mom & the things she does, but also curious about men, I've tasted his sperm & he has mine, he likes the taste of cum. Like I said he's about 8 1/2 inches of cut c*ck with a nice big head. My wife would like to take her son, there's no doubt, she has told me it be hot & fulfilling for her to know that her son's c*ck was inside her & that she would satisfy him to shoot his sperm into her wet pussy. That would be like full circle for her to have had her son as a lover. I've brought the subject up with him already, got to run for now, will add more later today.

MikeApr 26 2013 11:22am
How can u get caught by my dad

AnonymousApr 26 2013 2:45pm
I licked my cats bum, it meowed loud enough for the neighbourhood cats to come to the location of the meowing to have their bums licked too. My tongue tasted like pussy afterwards. The tabby was the best followed by the Siamese I thinks. Yum

bumlickerApr 29 2013 4:16am
you are one sick puppy mikeyboy

incest policeApr 29 2013 4:55am

HcYiEXXkPGFuMay 02 2013 7:53am
Wouldn't that make you just as sick for being on this site & reading this?

AnonymousMay 02 2013 8:06am
My father's name is Jeff, he used to be a big Porn Star and he used to do it with his girl and boy friends in front of me when I was a baby in my crib. My mom is now out of the picture, but my Dad and I get it on with his Huge cut Horse D*ck all the time together or with chicks who love watching him make me take it in any of my holes. He shoots pretty gooey loads and sometimes our friend Jim comes over to share me with Dad and his Transexual girl and boyfriends too. I really wish he'd videotape me doing it with all of them together. I've learned that being a sex slut is o.k. and I love it so much more because my father and his business manager Jim taught he these things. I'd probably have never learnt this stuff living back home in Oklahoma with my grandparents. My grandfather would make me lick his penis and those of my cousins, but here in North Hollywood, California, I get to do my dad, uncle Jimmy and the other people, too. Yee Haw! My Dad also recorded a musical video called Pop You In the Pooper....Little Johnny.

Little JohnnyMay 03 2013 12:00pm
I can fap with my tongue. nuff said

Fap KingMay 04 2013 1:52am
Email me if you can help me get my dad to let me have sex with him (

bmatzMay 05 2013 4:42pm
Start off by offering to give him a blowjob, and see if he accepts.

AnonymousMay 09 2013 11:57pm
Hi everyone. I see there are still some writing.

SamMay 11 2013 6:54am
hi so i offered my dad a blowjobe and he just riped his clothes of and we started f*ckin it was so goo when his 11" di*k was in my ass

JEBMay 11 2013 11:03am
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Agent007May 11 2013 3:07pm
Any one here love looking at boys penis in public toilets

BobTheBuilderMay 11 2013 3:08pm
God bless you all.

Anonymous May 14 2013 8:40pm
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AbsharMay 15 2013 8:49pm
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johnMay 16 2013 1:34am
u know what song pops up into my mid when readingthis BS? Hellfire, Hellfire...

lesmizloverMay 17 2013 8:21pm
Well this may not be the site to ask but does any of you like Les Misèrables?

lesmizloverMay 17 2013 8:27pm
I Dreamed a Dream In Time Gone By When Hope Was High And Life Wroth Living.......

lesmizloverMay 17 2013 8:30pm
''Master of the House, isint wroth my spit. Comforter Phillosipher and life long poo. Cunning little brain, regualuar voltaire, says he quite a lover but there's not much there! What a cruel freak of with such a louse... God knows how Ive lasted living with this bastard inthe house!'' -Madamme Thendiaur les mis

lesmizloverMay 17 2013 8:35pm
*Sigh* I love Les Misèrables. If any of you sickohhs would come out of the dirty rocks you live in and read Les Mis then you would realise that what your doing is wrong! Having sex should actually be about love not because of love. Fantine, a carecter in Les Mis, proves that point WELL because she ended up being a prostitute! Just think about this next time you have one of your lttle sessions with your own FATHER! :( i feel reall bad for all of you.

lesmizloverMay 17 2013 8:41pm

lesmizloverMay 17 2013 8:47pm
God will always love all of his children forever. So will Jesus. It breaks there hearts when he sees you doing what you do with yuor own father.'For God so loved the world that he gave his only forgotten son....' Jesus was litterally nailed to a cross to redeem our sins and yo show your love for him by...... Please consider tellimg a friend you trust about your problem. Insect is wrong. Satan wins every time you do what you do. It may be hard but kidding aside, you people who do have sex with your dad`,need professinal help. It may be hard to do but with courage and God's love, HE will see you through.

lesmizloverMay 17 2013 8:55pm
Here is my backround information. I am a 17 year old girl still in school. My mother died when i was young and my Dads still alive. I wont be sharing any personal iformation, butyou can call me Fantine.

lesmizloverMay 17 2013 9:01pm
Fantine is right.

TWILIGHTMay 17 2013 9:11pm
anyway, if i said what i was going to say 2 u f*ckers who do f*ck your dads i would be everythin BUT a child of God. :l

TWILIGHTMay 17 2013 9:15pm
You'll always be a child of God o.o

lesmizloverMay 17 2013 9:17pm
Oh lord.....

TWILIGHTMay 17 2013 9:19pm
There was a time when men were kind when there voices were soft and there words inviting.There was a ime when love was blind..And the world was song...And the song was exiting..There was a time... Then it all went wrong I Dreamed a Dream in time gone by when hope was high, life wroth living. I Dreamed that love would never die..I dreamed that God would be forgiving. Then I was young and unafraid, and dreams were made, used, wasted there was no ransom to be paid! No son unsung no wine untasted. But the tigers come at night...With their voices soft as thunder as they tear your hope apart... As they fill your Dreams to shame! He slept a summer by my side, he filled my days with endless wonder, he took my childhood in his stride! But he was gone when autumn came! And still I Dream he'll come to me that we will live the years toghter! But there are dreams that cannot be and their are storms we cannot whether! I had a dream my life would diffrent from this hell Im living so difrent now from what it seemed! Now life has killed the dream.......I Dreamed

lesmizloverMay 18 2013 3:49am
That song is called I Dreamed A Dream by Fantine from Les Misèrables

lesmizloverMay 18 2013 3:52am
One day more! -Les Mis

lesmizloverMay 18 2013 4:40am
les mis! is a crap flim! and i'm no man of your fake god! god isn't real! and profe of that is all over the world! GOD IS FAKE! so don't bring your comments into this and btw if you don't like what your reading... then why read it?!

johnMay 18 2013 3:07pm
so think about that then!

johnMay 18 2013 3:11pm
Y'all need jesus.

Black Woman from the Ghetto!May 18 2013 8:02pm
jesus and god are bloody fake! the evidence to prove that is every where just look at the hoble telescope and all its pictures not once have they seen god on a cloud! so leave your fake god and jesus at chruch. when humans die we all rot in the ground and not go to heaven or hell!

johnMay 19 2013 2:16am
p.s. i love sucking c*ck 07526508943

johnMay 19 2013 2:25am
Some may not be able to read. First, read the title of the link. Then if it ain't your cup if tea. Move on. Just saying.

SamMay 20 2013 7:45pm
thanks for backing me up sam were you the one who called me???

johnMay 21 2013 2:42pm

lesmizlover!".May 22 2013 3:13pm
if les mis was a crap film why did it win 11 acadamey awards?!

LES MIZ LOVERMay 22 2013 3:19pm
i got so f*cking horny reading those comments above! dammmmmnnnn! lol

penis bigger than yo mommaMay 22 2013 3:21pm
On My Own, pretending he's beside me. All alone, I walk with him till morning..Without him, I feel his arms around me and when I loose my way I close my eyes and he has found me. In the rain the pavement shines like silver, all the lights are misty in the riverin the darkness the world around me changes and all I see is him and me forever and ever. And I know it's only in my mind that I'm talking to myself and not to him. And although I know that he is blind..still I say there's a way for us.. I love him but every day I'm learning all my life I've only been pretnding! And without me, his world will go on turning a world that's full of happiness that I have never known! I love him... I love him...I love him, but only on my....own. -Epioneen les misèrables

lesmizlover!May 22 2013 6:29pm
Lovely Ladies waiting in the dark waitin' for the customer who only comes at night! Lovely Ladies what's a lady for?! Sailor men and ally cats and any type of scum! Even stokers need a little stoke! - Prostitutes/Whores les misèrables (but thats only some of the chours!)

lesmizlover!May 22 2013 6:35pm
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MikeMay 23 2013 11:17am

lesmizlover!May 23 2013 3:26pm
les mis is not stupid fantine has a point. les mis is pretty good....

joeyMay 23 2013 7:36pm
thnxs joey at least theyre is someone normal here ;)

leesmizlover!May 23 2013 7:38pm

joeyMay 23 2013 7:40pm
well joey who is ur fave charecter in Les Misèrab?

lesmizlover!May 23 2013 7:42pm
fantine. ill be on later k?

joeyMay 23 2013 7:44pm
k byeya!

lesmizlover!May 23 2013 7:45pm
i still stand by what i said and god is a peace of poo coming out my ass hole

johnMay 25 2013 4:50pm
Listen, John.. Why do you need proof that God is real? Why dont you believe in him? Maybe because you dont want to believe that there is somone UP there its just you cant see him? Well we know that there is air in our midists but we can't see it. John, I may be in alot of AIS classes, but I do know that there is a loving God who loves you very much. God loves you andhe wants to be a part of your life. Here is a show I highly recomend you watch: ''Touchd By An Angel''. If you have DirecTV, its on channel,338. If you dont have DirecTV I suggest you buy the fourth season. Please Consider!

lesmizloverMay 26 2013 7:38am
If you dont buy the DVD, because they are pricy, go on Youtube and watch episodes "Reedeming Love", "Spirit Of The Liberty Moon'', "The Trigger",''Eligah". tv-PGlv

lesmizlover!May 26 2013 7:43am
Then, in Youtubes search enigine, watch "Paslm 151'' after watch 'Famous Last Words".

lesmizlover!May 26 2013 7:47am
Then tell me if you believe in God or not. Love ya honey boo boo.

lesmizlover!May 26 2013 7:49am
Poo poo poo poo

pooMay 27 2013 2:05pm
MY FAVORITE TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL EPISODES!! Season 1.) "The Southbound Bus".tv-PG. Monica is an Angel,from heaven, dispatched to earth to help people with their problems. Monica's first assingnment is a young boy who is left at home by himself alot because his father stays at work a long time. After his wife leaves him, Jared spends most of his time devoted at his work and lies to his son about his mother telling him that she is dead. With help from her tough as nails boss',Tess, Monica finds David,her assingnment, mom and eventually brings her home,while unlocking painfull secrets along the way. I loved that line Tess says to Monica, ''Do you want to argue cauze I'll be here for weeks Miss.Wings.''. Sassy! This is one of my favorite episodes cauze it's the first one...Duh! Season 1 Episode 4.) "Fallen Angela".tv-PGdv. This Tbaa episode was hard and yet very uplifting. Monicas assingnment is Angela whos husband desperatly wants to become mayor. Angela at a campaign thingie recieves a letter from a man named Carter. it reads 'Im back and Im watching'. Monica is *new* on the block on wich Angela and her husband live. Tess tells her that she must be there for Angela no matter what. Monica soon enough becomes good friends with Angela and learns of Carter a customer of Angela's long ago. When Angela was kicked out of her house, she turned to prostituion (les mis refrences are buzzing in my min) to make a living. Carter was one of her customers and had been black mailing her with money ever since. If Angela didnt get a payment in he would find het where ever she was, get her alone, and beat her until she promised to get him the money. Monica with her angelic ways gives Angela hope and she finds Carter and in public tells him enoughs enough! That dosent do it though. After anotherbrutal beating, Carter threatens to tear her husbands carrer upside down if she didnt get the money.

lesmizlover!May 27 2013 8:25pm
This is for all of you religious nuts ALL of the world's religions were derived from the zodiac. Watch this and learn >>

AnonymousMay 27 2013 8:48pm
(continued) Later, Monica notices Angela's marrige begins to slowly fall apart. Towards the end Monica begins to cry and pray and *ding* Tess shows up. Monica and Tess pray toghter for Angela. Monica takesa walk towards Angela's favorite dock and she sees Adam,The Angel Of Death,waiting nervously. "Adam?" Monica asks stopping in her tracks and looks at Adam crouching by the water. "Monica!" he exlaimms over joyed to see her, "Hurry there's not much time left! It's Angela she's decided to drown herself! Light up baby!" he says in a hurry. The small problem was Monica was afraid of water! But using her angelic *powers* she reaches Angela and as usual begins to glow. "Angela" Monica whispers, "Angela, its me Monica.''. Angela treads in water her eyes watering from crying. "M-M-Monica w-what a-a-are you doing here?'' she whimpers trying her best to stay afloat. "I Am An Angel, sent by God, Angela", Monica says. Using her *powers* she makes a small raft appear and pulls Angela out of the water and onto the raft. With the beautiful light shinning from heaven upon beautiful Monica, she continued her message to Angela. "God loves you. He hates to see you like this, Angela in so much pain. He wants to be apart of your life so much. Evil men like Carter will lookuponhigher authority someday but all of this can end if you put your life in God's mericful,loving hands! Oh Angela your whole life has been full of evil men starting with that can of beer and your father. But Angela, the father in heaven loves all of his children and never gets angry, but He does get hurt. He dosent want to see you hurt. He wants to see you smile! Will you say a prayer with me?" At the end of the episode, *Officer Tess* escorts Carter to jail, Angela explains why she lied to her husband, and he forgives her, and Monica eventually will hopefully get over her fear of water! What I liked about the episode was that tbaa brought up tough issuses such as prostitution.. Good Job! Tbc...

LesmizloverMay 27 2013 8:49pm

AnonymousMay 27 2013 8:52pm
SEASON 8 EPISODE 808.) "Famous Last Words". tv-PG LV Fantastic episode! What I Liked About It; I like how TBAA brought up tough issuses such as the death penalty. Yes, it is a matter of oppinion, but if you ask me its wrong! I like the music at the end! So Sad! I looove Monica's gift as she sees what Shelly was hiding all those years living with her abusive husband. I abslutley adore Gloria in this episode! Who Says stupidity is a bad certain situations. I Like how Tess is so stern to Monica And Gloria when they go to visit Michale at the jail with Shelly. Its like it wasnt part of the script it seemed so real, what Tess says. But mostly- wait- I love how Shelly takes the eight other blows for her son heart breaking!- But mostly I just love the script so much! The writers did a fantastic job! What I didnt Like:, Why did the writers have to put Michales message to Shelly?! Yeah i know I said I loved the script, I Do, but honestly I wanted to cry/hit him at the same time! Parts that made me cry; When Michale is saying how much he loves Shelly. With the award winning song in the backround...Damn that was good and so sad! But excellent. Another was when Monica was telling Shelly she was an Angel... great speech Monica! Parts that made my jaw drop:, When Andrew wisely sticks up for Monica and Tess after Michale calss them freakin weridos... wise words from Andrew! Finally this episode reminded me that God loves me very much! FANTATIC JOB WITH THIS EPISODE!!

lesmizloverMay 27 2013 9:12pm
Get the f*ck outta here lezzielover and quit shoveling your poo on this board.

AnonymousMay 27 2013 9:16pm
Dont call me a religous nut please.

lesmizlover'May 27 2013 9:17pm
Bitch please! Your a piece of garbage and I hope u rot in HELL BITCH!

lesmiz is Amazing!May 27 2013 9:20pm

lesmizloverMay 27 2013 9:26pm

lesmizlover!May 27 2013 9:29pm
btw, i know why u want me off this site so that u can read more DIRTY messages! Well i wont leave not as long i can try to stop this BS from being read! HMPH.

lesmizloverMay 27 2013 9:31pm
taa taa for now! but ill be back.

lesmizloverMay 27 2013 9:34pm
Where do you gays come up your sick twisted fantasies?

-HomoproblemoMay 29 2013 3:23am
I doubt if there are any real dads and sons posting here -- just gay pedophile pervs writing about their wishful fantasies.

HomoproblemoMay 29 2013 11:52am

KidMay 29 2013 3:21pm
Sorry I took so long for another reviwe! But I was in Washington and extremley busy for 3 days! Episode 420.) "The Spirit Of The Liberty Moon Parts 1&2". What I liked about this episode: I just love Jean! She has to be one of my favorite herione of all time! Shes so brave and eager and determined. I love Edward and Monicas little chat after Jean is captured. So cute! I love how Tess finds Gus in the manojorie and explains how we know God exists. Good for you Tess. Andrews line after Monica and the gang walk back from the prision..''It just breaks my spirit to talk about how Gus died. It even hurts my soul''. Heartbreaking! I love how Monica stands up to Edwards friend (I cant remember his name).GO MONICA! I really liked how Tbaa showed actual footage from the Titeman Square, reminds me just how brave Jean is. I love this episodes musical score! I find it very apporpriate for Jeans heartwrenching death scene! Pia Yoie is an awsome name! Monica is amazing as she protects Jean from her beating, by those people. My favorite part of this episode would be Jeans death scene....really powerful! I love Jeans convorsatoin with Jean about God. What I didnt like: I loved this episode so nothing goes here. Awsome episode. 2hrs 10seconds. Season 4. tv-PG LV

lesmizlover!May 31 2013 9:05pm
Episode602). "The Occupant". What I loved; First of all I love how Tbaa brought an actual demonic charecter on the set, yeah I know..Kathleen was a demon but Greggory was much better at scaringbyou than Kathleen. And yeah Monique was a demon but still Greggory was much more destructive. Anyhow, I loved the big scare scene at the end! Wicked! I love how Dr.Marc and Lonnie/Greggory was once friends, that just goes to show how evil and cruel demons are. Tess explainning to Dr. Marc that there is good and evil on the earth is a good life lesson. I love Carol Lee's song in the intro. And I love that they straitend Monicas hair in the episode, she looks more stunning than usual. I love Monica's line to Andrew, "Lonnie shares his body with a demon", gives me chills. Andrew looks so vunerable in his little sute!AwwwCute! What I Didnt Like; Why did Greggory have to be so mean to Andrew? Geez! "Shut up! His body will be decayed with all the good out of it. Hes mine now and Im gonna drag him strait to hell you bastard!". Geez Greggory got me angry when he said that. Plus because Tbaa onlu uses mild cursing, this was a bit R rated for Tbaa. Parts that made me cry: When Monica begins to yell about God's love for all of us..even Satan. Tears of joy! I cried when Greggory told Andrew to sht up. In past assingnments, Andrew was told shut up but I Dont know... it seemed more harsh coming from a demon. Another part that made meh happy; That Tbaa brought up a difficult thing once more, it still makes me wonder. Is it true that demons can posses you? On a scale from 1-10 Id give this episode a DLV.1 hour 49 seconds. Season 6.

lesmizloverJun 01 2013 2:16pm
Sorry I didnt put all the information I should've. "The Sothbound Bus".tv-PG. 1994. Episode 1. "Fallen Angela".tv-PG DLV. 1994.Episode 4. "The Spirit of the Liberty Moon Parts 1&2".tv-PG LV. 1998. Episode 420. "Famous Last Words" tv-PG LV. 2002. Episode 808. "The Occupant" tv-PG DLV. 1999. Episode 606. Touched By An Angel actors are; Monica...Roma Downey. Tess...Della Reese Andrew...John Dye Touched by an Angel also had frequent famous actors and actress'. The heavenly show aired from 1994-2003 and won 11 Emmy's. It is still beloved by people from all around the globè.

lesmizloverJun 01 2013 8:36pm
People pull ur head out of ur ass!!! god is a religious fable created by man. BTW dads SHOULD teach their sons how to masturbate and dad son bonding is fantastic!!!!

Be Real PeopleJun 02 2013 3:35pm
Be Real People, honestly you dont know what believing in God is like. He loves you! And by the way dad and son bonding is great, but it shouldnt be taken to the point of incest.

lesmizlover'Jun 02 2013 6:14pm
Go preach your religion somewhere else LEZZIE LOVER -- you're obviously starved for attention. And for the rest of you ... this is the LAST WORD on religions. They are ALL manmade.

AnonymousJun 02 2013 11:50pm
"God so loved the world that he gave his only forgotten son.." Bible.

lezmisloverJun 04 2013 7:13pm
ANYMOUS I AM NOT LEAVING THIS SITE UNTIL....WELL UNTIL IM FINISHED LIKE IT OR NOT! If you dont like it, I sugest that you take your bussniess elsewhere. Thank you and have a lovely day! ;)

lezmisloverJun 04 2013 7:17pm
Sorry I took so long for a review, I was catching up on Pretty Little Liars. Episode300.)"Black Like Monica". What I loved; Well I must say Tbaa did a pretty good job with this episode, but Im only saying that because Not enjoy many episodes (Exluding Amazing Grace Parts1&2"), in the third season. Well I loved to see Monica human bound and scared, it shows how fragile Monica can be in some episodes. No, I hated to see those men chasing her with guns because she was black, but I liked to see how faith can creep up into anything even your final last words. (I can sooo make a Tbaa reference right now...). I loved Tess when she finally appeared when Monica was explainning to Ms.Parks she is an Angel, such a sweet scene between Tess and Monica. I loved howMonica narrated the episode! It was great to hear what was going on in an Angels' mind. The Reancher Brothers were really intimidating, and Im sure thats how racists' were back in the day. I loved how Andrew was immedeatly there when the Reancher Brothers were about to beat poor Monica, I swear if Monica and Andrew werent Angels..violà! Cute couples. Tess line, "Dreams can change everyhing" is awsome! So true. I loved Monica's little prayer before she is struck, "Lord, Im so scared and I....Im just so scared! Why does it feel as though youre gone? Please.." So heartbreaking, though it reminded me of her prayer in "Seek and Ye Shall Find". What I didnt like; How is it possible for Monica to die?! I know that Tess only mentioned it but she, Monica, is an ANGEL! Isint that like...dammnation? Not possible. Why must Andrew be shirtless? Since he is an Angel and a holy being,it felt wrong to Hubba Hubba at him, I really didnt like that!o.o I cried alot through this episode as I always do for every Tbaa episode, exluding a few. Its been a pretty rough week, my cousin died, and it finally delt nice to sit infront of my HD screen and watch Touched By An Angel at 6,7,8,9,10,11 on ;) See you l8ter!

lezmisloverJun 04 2013 7:45pm
There was no room for this above! LOL. tv-PG DLV. Oh, be sure to check out the show The Fosters on abc family Mondays at 8:00pm. Amazing show! Director/Producer Jenifer Lopez. tv-PG DLSV.

lezmisloverJun 04 2013 7:50pm
Episode500.)"Paslm 151". What I loved: This episode is a very sad one and Because I have seen it before, I wasnt sure I wanted to watch it, to many sad goes nothing. I loved Petey in this episode because hes such a sweet caring boy. I must admitt that I agree with Tess, "I really dont like bugs!". I think I almost fainted when Celiene Deòin came on! Yaaay! Lucky kids! Waw I just realized that John Dye met Celiene in person.Huh. Audrey's "Testify To Love", song broke my heart as Petey slowly dropps his notebook looks up at Andrew and says,"Your coming too"! Gawd! *sobbs*. Monica crossing off, Go To Heaven, is touching. When Audrey's revalation scene happens I have to admire Tbaa's writers. Award winning speech from Monica. Celiena's dad is a jerk! But Celiena's really cute! I love Tbaa's message, learning to let go. Thats still something Im trying to learn. Andrew looks so fatherly, holding Petey.....Its handsome. I love how Tess is the chours leader at Peteys death scene..I love how Monica blows on the, Petey Is Here, falg. I love the beginng of the episode, Monica giving her lovely speech and Tess and Andrew are all,''Yeah, Yeah, the icing is meallting,'' haha. This episode is one of my favorites so I really only have a few clichès! What I didnt like; I didnt really like how Petey, who was only 12, thinking of suiside! God that breaks my heart! Why did Martha have to put that in their? Well thats all ya'll! Cant wait to review tomorrows episode. tv-PG. 1998.

lesmizloverJun 05 2013 7:03pm

lesmizloverJun 05 2013 7:07pm
"Black Like Monica", 1999.

lesmizloverJun 05 2013 7:11pm
Episode 910.)"Shallow Water Parts 1&2". What I loved: This episode wouldnt be one of my top 10 but it was still pretty good. Dianna is very very...strange and a bit bi-polar in this episode. First, she thinks she is seeing her dead son, then she realizes hes Hmm. This week, UP split the episode (like it was before) in two days so seeing Westward Physoclogical Center kind of scared me! It was lovely to see Rue McCHalan in this episode, Not slutty (Golden Girls!!). Mary wad hilarious! Telling Tess to zip it was, funny, because NO ONE Tells Tess to zip it. He he. I loved Monica in this episode, such powerful revalations for so many people from her! Excellent! BTW, Sexy hair Monica. I love Tess' line, "Evil finds its way into the smallest things in life.Evil is all evil knows". True. The walts between Andrew and Elizabeth was so cute! Elizabeth was gorgues! Andrew was cute! The bus crash scene was AWFULLY SAD! The scene where Jim goes up to Randy Travis and starts playing his instument with him was awsome! I really need to do that some time. Shallow Water the song is great. Gloria...*sigh* bless her! Mary and Tess bickering annoyed Jacob and Andrew but it sure as heack made me laugh! When they took Trevor off life support, I cried. Not seeing Tommy was a bit disapointing because hes such a cute kid! What I didnt like: Andrew's attitude! Yeash,I love Andrew but I kind of wanted to slap him! I didnt like Sassy's revalation, too pretictabel. I didnt like to see Rue McCHalan being slapped! Too sad for me. Touched By An Angel did a fantastic job with Monica's hair, Really Stunning! Elizabeth was H-O-T! Yawzaa! 2002. tv-PG L.

lesmizlverJun 06 2013 6:34pm
Episode520.)"Fool For Love". What I loved; I loved that Jazmine Furty sang 'Bring On The Rain', in this episode because it was a nice touch to the tough scenes! I loved-and hated- that Caraline refused Andrew's help cauze theres a lesson, Learn to live with the decsions you make, cause they arnt going away. I love how practilly everyone leaves when Caraline begins her story....Nice save Monica. I loved the scene where Jesse was told off by Tess, knowing what a jerk he was, I cant wait untill he has to deal with higher authority-even if he is fictinal! Whatever. :l I loved Sam in this episode because he saved Caraline from one day without a beating... I have a question about my fellow man.Why do we resort to viloence? Jesse beat Caraline. Caraline was beat by her step dad. Cant we handel situations in OTHER ways? Count to 10 or something. Abuse makes me cry. I love Monica's speech to Caraline about God. I think she focused mainly on Jesus though. Tbaa once more brought up a tough situation, child abuse and physical abuse in general. Caraline getting beat was awfully sad! But Tess is right, this happens every day to alot of people, awful! I think the ending was so sweet! All along from the time Caraline put her baby in that church, I was really hoping she would get her back! Yay. Les Misèrables has a point in this episode, I think Fantine and Caraline and Caraline's mother can all relate. "He slept a summer by my side. He filled my days with endless wonder! He took my childhood in his stride! But he was gone when autumn came! And still I Dream he'll come to me! That we will live the years toghter! But there are dreams that cannot be and there are storms we cannot whether!". Just think about those lines... What I didnt like; I really enjoyed this episode so nothing. Although like most Touched By An Angel episodes, I cried. Especailly when Caraline was being beaten... Gosh so sad. Really great job with this episode! 1998. Season 5. tv-PG DLSV.

lesmizloverJun 07 2013 7:41pm
Favorit quote from Monica: ''Humans are delicate. If you break them, they litterally break into a million pieces, and theyre whole lives get turned upside down! But if you put youre life in God's hands He will mend you, because he loves all of his children.."

lesmizlover'Jun 07 2013 7:47pm
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Love my dadJun 07 2013 8:55pm
*Rolls eyes*... That is nasty. Sorry guys! Im late for a review I'll be sure to review a Tbaa tonight....Sorry!

lesmizloverJun 09 2013 8:02am
Episode 401.) "Breaking Bread". What I loved: I loved the scene where Monica saves Max from being blown to bits in that explosion! Awsome Tbaa scenes, one of my favorites. I love Tess' snarkiness. Hilarious! I love that The whole town got toghter and shared that bread, and then Maxs' courages speech, confronting the Devil! Gawsh, that gives me goosebumps. Satan gives me goosebumps in this episode, especailly his eyes in that one scene...ugh! I love the intro! Not the violence, but when The Angels appear walking up that hill after those two men were beaten, good picture. I loved that Max kept talking to Tess then to Tommy,Blake,Harry,Amanda and Sarah. Back and fourth but the towns people couldnt see Tess! *Ha*. Monica telling Max she was an Angel, was a really touching scene. Blake kinda creept me out. I mean realy, The whole Ouja board thing... I loved that Tbaa kept reminding us of God and his love for us, cauze this episode really scared me! LOL. What I didnt like; The scariness! Jeewizz! Really Mrs.Willamson? I know that evil tempts us in many ways but you coulda' edited out a few things....I didnt like Andrews line, ''What would it be like if evil were to run a city, or a town, or..the world?'' I really dont care to find out. Further; Did Tbaa say the f bomb in this episode? Right before the bomb goes off, Brian walks in sees the bomb yells ''Oh-" I think he said F*** ? tv-PG LV. 1998. SEASON 4

lesmizloverJun 09 2013 7:50pm
Episode 908.) "Remember Me Parts 1&2". What I loved: O.M.G. I looved this episode so much. I loved Monica's message to Nathan about Alzhemeries, Angels, and God..Beautiful scene. When Jake was telling Monica about how she must move on, but hold on to her memmories was really moving! I cried right when Tess started crying about leaving Monica. So sad. I felt bad for Tess because she seemed so..empty. I loved when Gloria said, "Obviously, Angels cant be stuck with..Alzhemeres or whatever the case may be because Monica was blind for 3 months and she got her sight back, And now Tess is talking to Ruth". Awww! Gloria's so cute. I would have liked to know Hannah's situation on why she left Nathan. David, in part one made me cry. The whole I dont know you, are you my son? Thing is sad. I cant imagine what it would be like for my mother not to know me....I wouldve liked to know Shammal's life story more. I loved that Sam glowed to Monica, it shows Angels' have feelings too. Monica's line, "Im so angry at God!" makes me think she'd make a good assingment. I liked Monica's practice what you preach speech (that Rhymes ;)). Monica saying goodbye to Tess at the end of part two made me cry, but also most of this episode I cried through. Monica rocking Tess singing, "I Will Walk With You", made me cry. I missed Tess' spunk and angelic ways in this episode. Roma Downey did a good job with the script. What I didnt like: I loved this episode so the only thing that botherd me was that Monica was hard on Tess, jeez give her a break Monica. It wouldve been interesting to see how Satan would've effected this assingnment. "God Loves you" has never been more true throughout this heartbreaking episode. Fantastic episode!!! tv-PG L. 2002. SEASON 9.

lesmizloverJun 10 2013 8:27pm
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lesmizloverJun 10 2013 8:31pm
CHRIST! Is she finally gone yet??

AnonymousJun 13 2013 10:10pm
Nope Im still here baby!! I was absent dew to a.... Well that dosent matter. You can expect MOOOORE reviwes though, tonight Im actually watching the fifth season on DVD right now ;).

lesmizloverJun 14 2013 7:47pm

-AJun 14 2013 7:49pm
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Walter CampbellJun 24 2013 11:22am
Ugh this is just.....N-A-S-T-Y! Episode 211.) "Evil". What I loved: Monica Vs Johnny at the end was awsome, a bit creepy but awsome! It wasnt great but it wasnt bad. I usually love the episodes with Satan or a demon in it but this one was too weird. Andrew was sooo cute in his lil blue tie! When Jared was about to murder Katie kinds scared me! Dark ally, man appears jumps on girl, punches girl, almost slits girls throat. Lovely. Thank Heavens(get it) for Monica's appearnce. This episode kinda reminded me of,"Paslm 151" because of Katie's death scene. Monica and Andrew giving an exorsisim....powerful scene. Instead of this episode being 2 hrs, I thought there should have been a 3rd part cause it wouldve been interesting to see more of Joe's story. I have to give a hand to the writers, Tess' line about evil wasting no timebwas great. Satan only came in the middle of the show wich botherd me because there was Monica, Tess, Andrew and Clara for one person. If Satan came earlier it would have been a better plot. I loved the Revalation scene! Amazing!!! The exorsisim part scared me, it was a bit to satanic for Tbaa....... Come to think of it, maybe this episode SHOULD be rated tv-14? Tess as always has a wonderful voice! Good touch with her singing during the exorsisim scene. What I didnt like: The evil! Too much of it. One murderus demon, And Satan? But this episode was well done I think. tv-PG DLSV. SEASON 8. 2hrs.

lesmislover.Jun 24 2013 11:58am
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ColinJun 30 2013 5:57am
I can't stop reading.

FredJun 30 2013 4:56pm
Well, Fred, im sure you couldnt stop reading my angelic comments eh? (Say no and i will find you and kill you). ;)

lesmizloverJul 01 2013 8:59pm
You can read my reviwes on Touched By An Angel wiki.

lesmizloverJul 02 2013 8:45pm
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Lovethebate Jul 10 2013 4:05pm
Episode 705: ''The Invatation''. tv-PG V. What I loved: Waw. This episode scared the hell out of me! Monica was just briliant in this episode. Altthough when Janet is almost killed and Monica pushes her outof the way of the van, kinda reminded me of 'Breaking Bread`'. I loved how Monica was fearless and blunt to Satan. Monica was extremley brave!! Tess and Andrew revealing themselves to Rick, Kaite, and Janet was really....motivating. Monica's message to Annie that Tarot cards are just card board illastartions and fake was extremelly true. The good and evil Monica VS Satan thing was freaky but inspiring. The script was fantastic. I felt bad for Annie...she was so helpless. Dang I wanted to smack Dennis as we find out he's the he watches Annie writhing in pain is sick. Tbaa got a bit too violent with the whole human sacrafice thing....I loved it when Monica lit up and prayed with Annie. Is it me or does Annie look like J LO? I could've sowrn Satan was Cal! Cal was just creepy. Rick was stupid to believe that Cal would've taken the money to charity. Andrew was so..Firm. Good job though Andie. Im still wanting to smack Dennis! Extremley good episode that generated nearly constant suspense- Oh wait! Marla Gibbs guess starred yay! I loved her line to the ambulance driver, ''My nails are wet, dont mess with me Sunny''. HA! But to think such satanic practices like Tarot cards would drive people to suiside...sad. Oh and Roma was really hot in this episode and so was Andrew. Good job. 2001, Season 7.

lesmizloverJul 10 2013 8:41pm
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