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Girl you stronger than me?

Question: I am a guy 18 years old, my height 5.6, weight 99 lb. My biceps 8.5 inches in a relaxed and flexed 9.5 inches. Girls do you think you are stronger than me?
Created by: Vens at 01:20:18 AM, Tuesday, October 18, 2011 PDT


Vens,you got to be kidding me that you are only 5"6 weigh 99 lb.and arms only 8.5 inches and flexed 9.5? there are girls in elementary school with bigger arms than you! in fact they probably could use you as a dumbbell to work out with!

jOct 18 2011 10:30am

Vens,you got to be kidding me that you are only 5"6 weigh 99 lb.and arms only 8.5 inches and flexed 9.5? there are girls in elementary school with bigger arms than you! in fact they probably could use you as a dumbbell to work out with!

jonathanOct 18 2011 10:31am
Chloe and Zanders,i am back!

jonathanOct 18 2011 11:00am
Heya Jonathan! Welcome back : ) Venus Im 15 and I could totally waste you!!! My biceps are 11inches. Yes I am stronger than you! I would flex my bicep in your face to show you what a real one looks like then make you feel how hard it is. I could own you easily, any girl could. You'd best watch out there are lots of girls 12-16 who dont know when to stop when they find out they're stronger than a guy. You could get raped by one!

ZanderOct 18 2011 2:24pm
Shame venus! My biceps are 14inch and I'm an elite gymnast, I'd kill you lol. Why do you want to know if we're stronger than you? Most girls younger would be stronger than you! Are you turned on by it or something? Lol

PhyliciaOct 18 2011 2:47pm
Zander and Phylicia, there are lot on non-believer males out there have a very hard time accepting that girls like you are stronger and have bigger muscles than them! but,knowing from experience that you are! males like me are turn-on from your amazing strong muscles!

jonathanOct 18 2011 3:23pm
Zander, how are your work outs going? have your biceps grown? i can picture your biceps and i get very hard thinking about them!

jonathanOct 18 2011 3:25pm
Phylicia,if Venus saw girls like you he probably have a nervous break down and piss in his pants!

jonathanOct 18 2011 3:46pm
Zander,you know showing off your muscles are great but,how strong are they?have wrestled guys to prove to them there is real strength and power behind them?

jonathanOct 18 2011 4:27pm
Phylicia,whats your favorite wrestling hold you love to apply to any of the males you have wrestled and is it a great turn-on for you hear that person beg to be released from?see,i have been wrestling girls for about 40 years now and have been put in many different holds through the years!i love feeling girls power and muscles in action!

jonathanOct 18 2011 4:52pm
Zander, you asked me about my fantasies are in another poll? when you on-line more!

jonathanOct 18 2011 5:03pm
Hahaha Vens your biceps only 9.5 inches? My 14-inch biceps, I break your hand in arm wrestling. I already imagine how hurt your feeble little body.

NinaOct 19 2011 2:12am
Nina,how old are you and what do you do to make your biceps 14-inches and have you ever used your muscles in wrestling any males?besides,i think its great you have 14-inch biceps! and its a real turn-on for guys like me to see girls like you flexing your "Guns"!

jonathanOct 19 2011 8:00am
Phylicia,if you feel uncomfortable commenting with me ask Chloe about me!

jonathanOct 19 2011 8:16am
I am 17 years old, I lift weights, pull up. Yes, several times I used my muscles to wrestling with the guys.

NinaOct 19 2011 8:56am
Chloe and Zander, i have a real story for you that just happened to me last week flying to San Francisco,ca to visit my older sister! while waiting for my flight i notice this very attractive young woman also waiting at my gate to fly to San Francisco! she was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans and it looked to me she might have some nice'guns' hiding under the sweatshirt!anyway,i pushed to the back of my mind waiting for my flight! by the way she is about 5'3 and like i said she had a sweatshirt on! anyway, it must of been my lucky day or what she ended sitting next to me on the flight and start talking to her and found out her name was Chloe also and started laughing or chuckled and told her i also knew some what another Chloe from New Zealand!anyway, we didn't get into that right away.back to the story Chloe sat next to me and took off the sweatshirt and when she revealed her upper body to me i thought i when to heaven. her arms were huge later i learned were 16-inch and a young woman of 5'3 looked fantastic! and very large breasts! but,it was the biceps i notice that got me hard very quick and i don't know how i did't explode in my shorts!as soon as i saw her arms i give Chloe a great complement! she gave this huge great smile and thanked me and told me most guys she has been around are turn-off by them! i told i am the opposite and told her i was really turn-on by girls with biceps and i am really turn-on by them! and told her i hope she isn't uncomfortable that that i am hard right now! Chloe reached down and felt my sex tool and could tell she was getting turn-on as well! i don't know if other passengers were watching or were paying attention what was happening so told her let me try get a blanket we can share and we wouldn't get an audience!Chloe loved flexing her bicep for me and love watching or feeling me get hard!half way through flight while the passengers were either watching the movie or sleeping chloe and i squeezed into the airplane bathroom together and i can tell it wasn't easy! i had her jump up on the bathroom sink and kissed and made love to her arms and finally pulled down her pants and was giving her oral sex at i don't know how high we were! anyway,because of the loud fan in the bathroom they couldn't hear her screaming orgasms! anyway, we got done and went back to our seats and got all these looks from a couple of passengers waiting for the bathroom! we landed and exchanged addresses in where we both were staying at San Francisco and saw each other a times! the first time i went to her hotel Chloe was staying at i got to test how strong and powerful her muscles were! we first had an arm-wrestling contest and seeing her huge pythons got me hard and had a difficult time concentrating on the match!it was a 3 out of 4 contest! as soon as we hooked up our hands together i never felt the power she had in them like that before.knew i had no chance.Chloe be me three straight! but,didn't mind as long as i could see her pythons! after the arm-wrestling we went to wrestling and wrestled until one of us had enough and were going to be submission only.we started and never knew what hit me! i never got one submission hold on her!and her also favorite hold was the camel clutch! anyway,after the matches i was her slave and serviced as long as she wanted! so,in between seeing my sister i was with this other Chloe!and then i told her about the other Chloe from New Zealand! and showed her the poll that other Chloe said1 she had really good laugh! anyway,thats my new adventure! we exchanged e-mail addresses so i don't if we are going to hook up with her again! if i do i will let you all know!

jonathanOct 19 2011 9:27am
Nina,ever use scissor holds while wrestling the guys you wrestle? because thats were you girls have a greater advantage over us guys! and i have a lot of experience feeling the power of girls legs! i have wrestled girls for over 40 years and love feeling your strength and power!

jonathanOct 19 2011 9:36am
Chloe,did you get my e-mail?

jonathanOct 19 2011 10:12am
Nina,did you know guys like me get hard-ons from girls like you flexing your 'Guns"?

jonathanOct 19 2011 10:31am
Zander,so,how many guys have you caused to get hard-ons when flexing your biceps for them? and how many of them couldn't hold it from coming? also,there are a lot of girls like you get off having guys worship their flexing biceps! it sounds like you would be very good at it! but,you will have to work them to get them bigger! if you are interested just go up on YouTube and look under Female Muscle Worshipping! let me know what you think! and i do wish you success to becoming like Chloe!

jonathanOct 20 2011 8:37am
most of 12year old girls would tear you apart in any physical contest.when you talk adult seriously solid build woman-ten guys like you(together)would have difficulties to wrestle and overpower her.

sashaOct 20 2011 10:05am
sasha,what about you? are your muscles bigger and stronger than vens?and could you defeat him wrestling or other strength contests?

jonathanOct 20 2011 10:54am
Girls, if Vens is 5'6 and weighs 99lbs? how many of you girls could lift him over head? and if applied a bear-hug on him could you squeeze him unconscious?

jonathanOct 20 2011 11:08am
Nina and Phylicia you sound so cool! You two should armwrestle to see who is strongest. Like have you ever armwrestled other girls your size and strength infront of guys? Jonathan I'm kinda online every now and then - not too sure when etc. I'm working my biceps with weights at the moment - doing 15lb dumbels and 5 sets of ten so pretty tired when I'm done. Myself and about 5 or 6 of the cheerleaders on our team are starting to get more and more defined and our coach said shes gonna start getting me to flex during routines for effect, she likes the way its getting people excited lol. Okay so far since you told me about guys getting hard when seeing me flex, I've made 4 guys get hard feeling my muscles. One of them is getting bicep action regularly and wants to f*ck me lol. Some of the girls on you tube getting their muscles felt up are way sexy! I know what you mean by girls getting off on it too - having a guy feel my arms gets me wet lol

ZanderOct 20 2011 11:22am
Zander,you are getting me hard right now picturing you flexing your bicep for the guys! i don't know if you want to do this but have tried a bicep job on one of your guy friends? what you do if don't know what i am talking about? you take his sex tool and flex it between your bicep and forearm and flex it around your guys sex tool and flex and he will have an Orgasm! both of you will get turn-on by it!

jonathanOct 20 2011 11:34am
Phylicia - You're like a lioness lol.

Chloe ( 20 2011 11:40am
Zander,the best thing about a bicep job is you don't have to f*uck any of your guy friends and also when you get stronger from your weight lifting and stronger muscles than your guy friends you can have strength contest like arm-wrestling or just wrestling and your guy friends will have to defeat you before you let them f*uck you!

jonathanOct 20 2011 11:42am
Chloe,are you pissed off at me for some reason you are not commenting with me?

jonathanOct 20 2011 11:43am
Jonathan - yup I did get your email, thanks heaps : ) your American friend Chloe sounds amazing. You have a thing for Chloes now dont you hun? :p hehe. Damn you must have had sex with thousands of muscular fitness babes by now! You're like a rock god lol! And I see you're already teaching little Zander the tricks of the trade lol

Chloe ( 20 2011 11:43am
Chloe, thats my dream or fantasy to have girls like you Zander and other girls flexing their wonderful amazing biceps! and if not i like to encourage girls to see how sexy and turn-on for guys like me! So.who is this Phylicia?

jonathanOct 20 2011 11:48am
Phylicia - You're like a lioness lol.

Chloe ( 20 2011 11:49am
Jonathan - Phylicia is the champion gymnast at my old highschool. Shes awesome! She moved here last year and shes like super awesome! I met her through my gymnast friends and I hardly see her but when we do hang out, watch out lol! Shes very muscley, very talented on the bar and in the sack (I'm told). Oh we did bicep jobs on Gavin and Scottie last night too hehe. Ofcourse Scottie got lucky with Phylicia after watching her dominate me lol

PhyliciaOct 20 2011 11:55am
Sorry! Kinda still wakin up lol! That last post was from me!

Chloe ( 20 2011 11:57am
Haha yah I was confused! Wow I so wanna give a guy a bicep job! I've never heard of that before! Holy sh*t my guy friends will go crazy!

ZanderOct 20 2011 11:59am
Chloe, i think you and your friend Phylicia should have a wrestling match with the two of you taking on your boyfriend and brother Scottie! a battle of the sexes! and just do submission matches! and you can tell me how the matches go! just thinking about makes me hard and wanting to jack off!

jonathanOct 20 2011 12:01pm
Aww honey you have me on the brain lol! You're brothers still asleep, hes an incredible f*ck btw! I dunno how you two cope, you're both mega f*ckable babes! So are Kira and Jake! No wonder Kira's getting so much action!

PhyliciaOct 20 2011 12:02pm
Zander,and you can control any guy you do it on! you will have the power in your biceps or your hands so to speak! you know if you wanted you could charge your guy friends for the pleasure! let me know how it goes!

jonathanOct 20 2011 12:05pm
Phylicia, i hope in time you can consider me as a friend as well! i love hearing from girls like you!

jonathanOct 20 2011 12:15pm
Chloe,if girls like you and Zander learned bicep jobs there would be no accidental or un plain babies!

jonathanOct 20 2011 12:44pm
Phylicia,have you ever lifted a guy over head? Chloe tells me she has lifted Gavin over head!

jonathanOct 20 2011 12:50pm
Zander, i don't know how strong your legs or thighs are? but,if you know how to give your guy friends or get them in scissor holds especially,body scissors and squeeze and even head scissors you can also make your guy friends get hard-ons and make them have orgasms!

jonathanOct 20 2011 1:17pm

AnonymousOct 20 2011 10:33pm
Anonymous - whats with the date?

Chloe ( 21 2011 3:32am
Jonathan, the muscle feeling is just for fun really. If I started charging for sexual pleasures wouldnt that almost be like prostitution? Maybe when I'm 18 that could be a fun way to make lots of money. For now I'm just enjoying all the attention. We're alowed to wear sports bras in gym class and our cheer uniforms show off our tummies so my abs are getting me a whole lotta attention now. Im close to picking a guy for a boyfriend and then he will get me exclusively hehe

ZanderOct 21 2011 3:50am
zanders,going to have to tone it down some what with you a bit because some others are getting the wrong idea about me!but,still like commenting with you! hope you understand?

jonathanOct 21 2011 5:00am
Chloe,i am not this monster that Observing things i am that preys on young girls! and do realize what and whom i am polling with! like you said i do think people take this polling way to serious! and also to anyone that thinks i have been going over the line with Zanders i am sorry! i never attented to offend anyone!

jonathanOct 21 2011 5:24am
Zander,i did not realize you are only 15 years old and i am sorry if i offended you or make you feel uncomfortable! but,if you still want to comment with me we will have to tone it down! there others out there think i am a monster and preying on young girls!

jonathanOct 21 2011 6:34am
Chloe or anyone else out there i have a big heart and i try very hard to help girls of all ages to reach there physical potential and i do not prey on anyone ! it really upsets me to think there are some out there think i do!

jonathanOct 21 2011 10:01am
Jonathan, I'm not going to tone it down and you shouldnt have to o either! There's nothing on this site that says we should, this site is fair game for what ever we want to talk about and I want to know more about what turns girl muscle loving guys on. My thighs are big and solid too and my calves are round and defined, my guy friends enjoy feeling them up as much as my biceps. I was at my friend Dan's place yesturday afternoon and two other of our guy friends were there too. I stripped down to my bikini and let them all feel my flexed muscles all at the same time! Omg i feel so f*cking sexy hehe. They measured my biceps and they're still same - 11inchs, my quads are 18inch and my calves are 14inch. Like? I get my muscles from cheerleading and we do alot of weight training to stay strong and toned.

ZanderOct 21 2011 2:24pm
zander,do you lift weights for Cheerleading? i know people put you girls down saying cheerleaders are not athletes! but,i do know what you girls do to train and to me you train just as hard as the other athletes!

jonathanOct 21 2011 2:45pm
Thankyou Jonathan : ) yes we are very athletic. Most of us have dance or gymnastic backgrounds too. Im curling 20lbs and benching 35 at the moment :P do you have big muscles yourself? How big?

ZanderOct 21 2011 2:49pm
Zander, i have 17 inch arms! i lift 4 or 5 days a week 2 and a half hours and do over 90 minutes of cardio! and i have been doing this for about 40 years and yes i do run into girls stronger and more powerful muscles than i and like i said i have lifted a long time!

jonathanOct 21 2011 3:01pm
Zander I think you are probably stronger then me. What do you think?

David RiceOct 21 2011 3:04pm
Zander, you remind me of the Quiet Riot song the young and the restless! if you are not sure what i am talking about? go up on YouTube and look for the song!

jonathanOct 21 2011 5:43pm
actually its the wild and the young! thats the Quiet Riot Song up on YouTube! sorry for the mix up!

jonathanOct 21 2011 5:45pm
This is the 21st century.If people can't take it when you girls talk this way,why do they visit these polls I would say.

AnonymousOct 21 2011 11:58pm
Yup that is me! I'm almost 16 and I have bigger biceps than you Vens. David, you don't even have biceps - how old are you by the way?

ZanderOct 22 2011 5:31am
Okay I just showed my 8yearold sister your bicep pics and she doesnt believe you're 18 she thinks its a joke and then she flexed her own bicep which looks exactly like yours. Omg you are so weak!!! David you make every girl look tough with arms like that. My kid sister is still giggling about what she saw lol!

ZanderOct 22 2011 5:41am
Zander, is there any female fitness or female bodybuilder or actress that you look like? i like to picture what you girls like! if you are wondering about me? people have told me i look lie Jimmy Buffet with muscles! but, i can't sing!

jonathanOct 22 2011 5:57am
Zander,what do you think your flexed biceps look like?apples,baseball or something else? and do you and friends dress up for Halloween? i once dressed up or painted my body green and dressed up as the Incredible Hulk!

jonathanOct 22 2011 8:32am
Zander, I am 45, I don't think I would last against you in arm wrestling. You are powerful for sure. If you want to write me you can at Thanks

David RiceOct 22 2011 10:50am
Zander,WOW! very impressive! hope you will continue lifting weights and can imagine what you are going to look like keeping it up!

jonathanOct 22 2011 11:03am
Zander, Does you little sister have bigger biceps then me?

David RiceOct 22 2011 11:07am
David Rice, how does it make you feel to have younger girls than you with bigger and stronger muscles than you? and have you ever arm-wrestled or wrestled a girl?

jonathanOct 22 2011 11:10am
Zander,how old were you on that picture in the school changing room?They look very hard to me.

gethewilOct 22 2011 11:49am
Jonathan, Yes, I have arm wrestled a girl before. I have always liked muscular girls so it is okay if they win.

David RiceOct 22 2011 11:58am
David Rice, i also been a very big lover of girls with muscle and we are talking over 40 years or so! i discovered my love when i was 11 or 12 and was looking at Life Magazine and saw girls working out and flexing there biceps!but,back then i could never tell anyone because kids my age would have made fun of me and think i was weird! so,i kept it to myself and i was intrigued by the thought that girls could get strong also! and to me these days it is amazing how young these girls with these fantastic biceps! and they do know they turn-on use guys just flexing their muscles and biceps! so, i marvel at girls like Chloe,Phylicia and Zander that love to turn-on use guys by their muscles and great strength! i just wish these girls were around i was growing up! it makes me wish i could be the guys around and with them!but,can't turn back the hands of time! i just think these girls are AWESOME!

jonathanOct 22 2011 1:22pm
Zander, i also think your pictures on YouTube are AWESOME! like i said it makes me want to be young again!

jonathanOct 22 2011 1:27pm
Chloe and Phylicia, you girls are also AWESOME as well!

jonathanOct 22 2011 1:52pm
Jonathan, I also think these girls are awesome. They put a lot of hard work into this and it is well appreciated. Nothing better then muscular girls.

David RiceOct 22 2011 10:55pm
Zander wow, your biceps looks so big in comparison to mine, on the left hand I have even less of a 9-inch biceps. And how big biceps your sister? And you could beat me in arm wrestling for example?

VensOct 23 2011 3:14am
Zander - Wow wow wow girl!!! Your bicep is beautiful honey!!! You flex those guns with pide! Your hot too! Your new man must be pretty happy with you :P

Chloe ( 23 2011 4:51am
Zander, now that you are getting close to your birthday and what you are planning with your boyfriend! but, seeing your going to be 16 years old and i guess you are going to be able to drive a car now? so,what are you looking forward more being with your boyfriend and having that special moment or getting your driver's license? it must be a very scary for your parents knowing you are going to be driving? so,Zander,whose muscles stronger your boyfriend's or yours? and if you two have wrestled which one is better than the other?

jonathanOct 23 2011 8:27am
David Rice, i do agree with you girls flexing their biceps are AWESOME! i rather look at girls muscles than mens any day! and i do get to exerience the power and the strength in them! i have been wrestling them for over 30 plus years!

jonathanOct 23 2011 8:32am
Zander, how big do you want your biceps to be? and no matter what you decide,don't let anyone discourage you to what you want! and don't even let your boyfriend tell you different!

jonathanOct 23 2011 9:12am
Hi, I'm 14 year old girl, I'm pretty strong in childhood and often use the weights of my brother. Vens your biceps looks so small and weak, I was the first time I've seen that guy was so weak! How much weight you can lift with one hand?

MikuOct 23 2011 11:50am
Omg David im 30 years younger than you and i have bigger muscles than you! My little sister has bigger biceps than you haha. Are you actually okay with that fact? And no, i think i would slam your arm into the table if we arm wrestled lol! Did you ever have muscles or have you always been a weakling with a female muscle fetish?

ZanderOct 23 2011 12:55pm
Thanks Jonathan for your support and encouragment, how hard did you get when you saw my bicep? Did you have fun? :P My parents arent too worried about me driving its all the guys I have swarming around me. I even showed mum and dad all my muscles the other day and told them I could handle myself pretty well. Im pretty small im 5'4 oh and my biceps are now 11.5!!! And they look huge on my arms lol i dunno if the guys measured right the other day. Okay so my new boyfriend's name is dan, hes so cool, my best friend and hes really hot :P his muscles are smaller than mine and not as hard, they're hell sexy though! Im nervous about armwrestling him i reckon it will be funny if i'm stronger which i probably am lol.

ZanderOct 23 2011 12:56pm
Thankyou so so much chloe for your encouragement too, your advice is good and we should email each other I want to get my biceps atleast 13inches while I'm in highschool then big 14inch like yours after that. Email me some time : )

ZanderOct 23 2011 12:57pm
gethewil that pic was taken at the beginning of the year so I was 15 and yeah my biceps are very hard, they're like steel :P wanna feel em? Lol

ZanderOct 23 2011 12:58pm
Miku you're awesome girl! How big are your biceps and how much are you lifting?

ZanderOct 23 2011 12:59pm
vens my biceps are way way bigger than yours! My sisters biceps are same size as yours and when she bends her arm right it looks like a golf ball lol and shes only 8. She already knows how to flex real well and wants to armwrestle you and david lol. How hard is your bicep? How does it feel knowing you have same sized biceps as an 8yearold girl and smaller than a 15 yearold highschool cheerleader? Does that scare you or turn you on?

ZanderOct 23 2011 1:03pm
zander,you are welcome! and yes to the YouTube video of you! i think you on your way to being an Amazon and i hope for your boyfriend sake that he is going to be working out himself just to keep up with you! you just may wear him out! trust me it takes guys like me to be in shape to be able to keep up and satisfy strong muscular and powerful girls like you! and if you say dan's muscles are smaller then yours? you will have no problem beating him in any thing that deals with strength! and if you want to learn more about wrestling power moves? go to Mixed Wrestling Holds and you can learn what wrestling holds you can able to Dan!

jonathanOct 23 2011 1:09pm
Zander, i bet your young sister could probably beat him in a wrestling match! how embarrassing would to be for and 18 year old male to be pinned by an 8 year old girl!and then would flex her biceps in front of his face and made to feel them?

jonathanOct 23 2011 1:14pm
Zander, My biceps are not hard, I can squeeze his fingers. The fact that you and your younger sister stronger than I am a little scared. I have already lost in arm wrestling 13 year old sister, my friend, when she laughed at me, I was very embarrassed that I'm aware of weaker but I liked it ... And what do you feel knowing that you can be so much stronger than 18 year old boy?

VensOct 23 2011 2:06pm
Vens, do you work out at all? its hard to believe your biceps are not very big or you? did your parents give you the wrong genes?

jonathanOct 23 2011 2:10pm
Zander, here is my e-mail address if you want to e-mail ?

jonathanOct 23 2011 2:19pm
Miku, With one hand I can lift about 11 lbs. Do you think that you're stronger than me?

VensOct 23 2011 2:29pm
Vens, you know if you go up on YouTube you can see a 12 year old girl flipping over 250 pound truck tire over! just imagine what she could do to you!

jonathanOct 23 2011 2:31pm
jonathan, I am very thin, so small and biceps. I have not played sports, and my father was quite thin.

VensOct 23 2011 2:34pm
Zander,if i can help you or give you advice on how to make your biceps bigger or want to get stronger feel free to ask me! glad to be able to help you!

jonathanOct 23 2011 2:34pm
Vens,what is your mother like? is she the one that wears the pants in your family? and do you have any sisters?

jonathanOct 23 2011 2:37pm
Zander, I have had more muscle in the past. I agree with Jonathan I rather see female muscles, It would be fun to try to arm wrestle you and your sister Zander. I would give it my best shot.

David RiceOct 23 2011 3:02pm
Zander, To answer your question I am totally fine with you stronger then me. No issues there.

David RiceOct 23 2011 3:16pm
David Rice,maybe we could put you zander or zander's sister arm-wrestling you on YouTube or pay-per-view in t.v.! and when they defeat you! they could show you worshipping their biceps and other muscles!

jonathanOct 23 2011 3:19pm
David Rice,so,how long have you had this thing for strong young muscular girls? and what do you like the most on a young muscular girl? biceps,chest,legs or something else?

jonathanOct 23 2011 3:27pm
Zander,how big are your biceps?

gethewilOct 23 2011 3:37pm
gethewil, i believe her biceps are 11 and a half and look bigger on YouTube! you ever feel a girls bicep?

jonathanOct 23 2011 3:41pm
Phylicia,how are you doing? you are AWESOME !

jonathanOct 23 2011 4:01pm
I just like female muscles, all is good, yes good idea about the match with Zander on you tube, are you up for it?

DavidOct 23 2011 7:20pm
Jonathan where have you seen me on youtube? This is news to me lol

ZanderOct 23 2011 7:22pm
Jonathan.No I never have.

gethewilOct 23 2011 10:35pm
Wow Zander you have one sexy bicep muscle there ; ) looks way hard too! No wonder you like to flex and have the guys drooling over you. By the way, I don't know if you knew this, but by flexing your muscles it helps with definition : )

PhyliciaOct 24 2011 3:55am
Phylicia, I did not know that flexing helps with definition. I will have to flex more

David RiceOct 24 2011 7:00am
Zander, I have a 12 1 / 4 inch biceps, I use a 18 lbs weight of my brother, the maximum weight I do not know. ^_^

MikuOct 24 2011 7:01am
Miku, I think your biceps are bigger then mine.

David RiceOct 24 2011 7:30am
Zander, i saw your video up on YouTube under girls with muscles! and your biceps look impressive! you put a lot adult males to shame with your growing biceps! and i bet you legs are stronger than quite a few males also! just keep up the hard work!

JonathanOct 24 2011 11:01am
Miku, how long do you lift weights?and do you work your legs? and its one thing to have big muscle but,if you don't have strength in your muscles there are just for show if you know what i am saying?

jonathanOct 24 2011 11:05am
Wow your arms must look awesome flexed miku! Does your brother see you lifting his weights? What does he think of your muscles? Your biceps are an inch bigger than mine and im 2 years older than you lol

ZanderOct 24 2011 12:24pm
Zander, did you see your video up on YouTube under girls with muscles? i would love to see what they look like now! i bet they look impressive! and like i said i be glad to help you make them bigger! i do have a lot of experience in training girls like you!

jonathanOct 24 2011 1:01pm
Zander, do you have names for your biceps? i know some girls that love to name their biceps!and whats the strength in your thighs or legs like? what do you squat and leg press?

jonathanOct 24 2011 1:04pm
Zander, He did not use them properly, so he gave them to me =) He knows that I am stronger than him, he is afraid of me ^ ^

MikuOct 24 2011 2:19pm
Miku,it doesn't surprise me that your brother doe not know how to lift weights! i see it all the time at the gyms and health clubs i lift weights at! and it doesn't surprise me that you do know what your doing and are getting bigger and stronger than your brother! and if i can help you with your lifting with advise be glad to help you! see, i work as a personal trainer when i am not working out myself! and i do train a lot of girls like you!

jonathanOct 24 2011 2:27pm
Miku,and i have been at this for over 30 years training girls!

jonathanOct 24 2011 2:30pm
jonathan, Ok if I have questions I'll ask you =)

MikuOct 24 2011 2:42pm
Miku, any question you like! be glad to help you!

jonathanOct 24 2011 2:51pm
Miku,just so you know! they change these polls all the time when the people in charge think they have run there course! but, you can find in any of these polls when you decide i can help you!so,when this poll isn't where it was don't get discourage!

jonathanOct 24 2011 3:26pm
Miku do you flex your biceps for your brother and have him feel? How old is he? Its so much fun showing up an older guy with our bigger stronger harder biceps lol

ZanderOct 25 2011 9:07am
Zander,i bet your biceps are looking pretty good these days! how big are your biceps these days? and how big do you want to get them?

jonathanOct 25 2011 12:39pm
Zander, I showed my brother my biceps. He was 16. Yes, it was fun to differentiate amongst his face at that moment! ^___^

MikuOct 25 2011 12:57pm
Zander, I showed my brother my biceps. He was 16. Yes, it was fun to differentiate amongst his face at that moment! ^___^

MikuOct 25 2011 12:58pm
Miku, have you ever arm-wrestled your brothers? or wrestled them? and if you have wrestled your brothers ever use scissor holds?

jonathanOct 25 2011 1:15pm
Miku,and you don't have to be scared commenting with me!

jonathanOct 25 2011 1:17pm
jonathan, Hmm, arm wrestling? I have not tried this, but I think I can win easily. =) Yes, I wrestled a couple of times with him, and what is "scissor holds" ?

MikuOct 25 2011 1:33pm
Miku, a scissors hold is when you take you legs or thighs and wrap them around lets say your brother! you wrap your thighs around his body or stomach and using your thighs and squeeze with you locking your ankles together or you could wrap your thighs or legs around his head for a headscissors !but,you have to be careful when you squeeze you could break ribs when using a body scissors!if you want to practice before trying them on some one try squeezing a pillow! see.Miku,i have personal train girls weight lifting and teach them how to wrestle1 and have been doing this for along time! is amazing to me how strong and how big i can get girls muscles and i do all ages! and teach girls all age wrestling!

jonathanOct 25 2011 2:40pm
Miku,when you arm-wrestle your brother or whom ever male! when you lock hands together for the arm-wrestle let them see your bicep as you are wrestling because you really can intimidate with your Python of a bicep muscle! and when you beat that person make him feel it!

jonathanOct 25 2011 2:49pm
jonathan, Then hold down his body between my thighs and squeeze? I will try today or tomorrow, I hope I did not "break his ribs", apparently it hurts. =)

MikuOct 25 2011 3:08pm
Miku,i wish you luck on trying on trying a scissors hold on your brother! you know when trying the scissors hold you don't have to squeeze to hard but just enough squeeze! like i said practice on pillow then you can practice or tell how much pressure to use when using a scissors hold!anytime i can help you let me know! be glad to help you! good luck!

jonathanOct 25 2011 3:33pm
Miku,see girls legs or thighs are pound for pound stronger than a boys or males!

jonathanOct 25 2011 3:35pm
Miku,all wrestling holds can hurt! you just got to learn to know your own strength and how much to use!

jonathanOct 25 2011 4:08pm
I tried arm wrestling with my brother, I won for 5-7 seconds. He was in shock! XD

MikuOct 26 2011 12:56pm
Miku,well done! did you flex your bicep in front of his face and make him feel it?

jonathanOct 26 2011 1:08pm
Miku,how does your parents feel or should say dad feel you being stronger and have bigger biceps then your older brother?

jonathanOct 26 2011 1:11pm
Jonathan: You appear to be a very dangerous man. While you are highly submissive you are also a predator and possibly obsessed.

Dr. SusanOct 26 2011 7:13pm
To everyone out there this the last time i am going to be on likelike poll! and like i said for anyone that was offended to what i answered on these polls i am sorry! i am not what people are making me out to be! so from now on i am going to be silent and will not be heard from again!

jonathanOct 27 2011 6:28am
Jonathan,we are living in a free world and if people don't like what you are writing,they musn't read it.There is freedom of speech and a lot of man have given their lives for it.That somebody put Dr. for their name doesn't mean they can decide what happens here.

gethewilOct 27 2011 10:39am
Dr. Susan, thankyou for backing some of us up. This guy does not quit. I am not sure what mania he has, but i have googled "manic compulsive" for starters. That is not his exact problem, but close enough for starters. My kids once had a toad. it was amazing to watch that toad sit motionless until a fly flew within reach. All of a sudden, the toads tongue would flip out so fast you could not see it. With one flick, the fly was his. I see this guy sitting and waiting for every new young woman/girl and then he pounces. and he is off and running. Sick.

ObservingOct 29 2011 1:19am
Hey all - this is a great comment thread. Jonathon's got great passion, but sometimes he comes on a bit strong - would be a shame to lose you though, stay around please. I'm Glenn, just turned 31 and I'm noticing lots of young women and girls that are working out these days. It makes me embarrassed a bit because I'm tall and skinny and many of these girls and women have bigger muscles than me. I'm 6'1" but my biceps are only around 12 inches - left arm is 12.5, right arm is 11.75. So Zander, with a little bit more time in the gym you'll have matched one of my arms, and Miku's well on the way to beating my left arm as well as my right! It's a bit humbling to know that 14 or 15 year old girls that are much shorter also have muscles as big as mine (probably much harder too). But I think I could beat at least beat you Vens - your biceps are puny I'm afraid. If anyone wants, find me on facebook, just search for Glenn Storm muscle or something like that on google and you'll find my page. You'll be able to tell it's me by my flexing profile pic. I'll challenge any of you girls to a facebook flex off :) And guys - add me as friends :) Peace, Glenn

Glenn StormOct 29 2011 2:34pm
Oh and Zander - very nice pic over at girls with muscle. That's a very firm looking bulge in your arm :) You look nice too, no wonder you're a cheerleader. Your BF is a lucky dude :)

Glenn StormOct 29 2011 2:38pm
Yeah Right. Glenn Storm is Jonathon. Nice try dude.

CharlesOct 30 2011 1:43am
heh whatever man, if I start asking the girls 17 questions in a row, THEN I might be jonathon...

Glenn StormOct 30 2011 7:07am
Who knows if the person who signs with Dr. is a real Dr?Everybody can put that in front of his or hers name.Maybe there is one person who uses different names.Nobody can tell.

gethewilOct 31 2011 9:21pm
I'm little cute prettyboy Lenny my biceps r 10.3 thighs r 17.2. I'm 17. 5.5tall 105 lbs. I love to wrestle girls. Lol I'm at thomaslenny92@ text 6142883681

AnonymousMay 06 2012 5:02am
I'm 5.5 ft tall. 23 year old guy. My biceps are 8.5 inches as well. Zander you think you are stronger than me?

AdamMay 10 2012 7:34am
Hey Melissa if you are reading this...great to hear from you, but I haven't been able to reach you by email - it keeps getting bounced back to me. Can you try from another address?

Glenn StormSep 05 2012 1:45pm
Hey 8 year old sister is 4'8" and 100 lbs with 10.5" biceps..she could beat the crap out of you without breaking a sweat! ha ha ha!

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