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Female Muscle vs. Male Muscle #4

Question: In all of my previous polls, voters overwhelmingly agree that a female bodybuilder easily outmuscles a male bodybuilder. This time, she may be in trouble. A female bodybuilder and a male bodybuilder lock hands overhead in a test of strength. What is the likely outcome?
Created by: Chrispoll1 at 12:55:42 PM, Thursday, October 20, 2011 PDT


it all depends on the individual level of bodybuilding between females and male bodybuilders! i just think female bodybuilders do not get the respect they deserve! the female bodybuilder works just as had as male bodybuilder! but, do know there quite a lot of females power lifting and i do know their muscles are just as strong as or more than bodybuilders in general!

jonathanOct 21 2011 10:24am

I think fbb's and female lifters actually work harder than the men to achieve those results.

AnonymousOct 21 2011 2:45pm
Anonymous,the problem most males have a hard time accepting that it is possible for female bodybuilders to have stronger muscles than them! and i have seen female weight lifters or bodybuilders lifting heavier then the male bodybuilders! there are males that still live in caves!

jonathanOct 21 2011 6:04pm
Chrispoll1, It would be a one-sided massacre. Anonymous, A female bodybuilder or weightlifter, as Jonathan points out, can outlift a male. She doesn't even have to be as big. The fbb would win easily in a dominating victory.

TruDatOct 21 2011 6:29pm
you think a younger girl like a gymnast could destroy a muscleboy like zac efron if they lcoked hands in wrestling?

AnonymousOct 21 2011 7:15pm
and the power in a female bodybuilder's legs are pound for pound stronger than a male bodybuilder!a female bodybuilder leg power can squat more and leg press than a male bodybuilder!

jonathanOct 21 2011 7:48pm
Zac Efron is all for show! I'm a retired elite gymnast who still strength trains and I can pin down boys like him. Ofcourse by the end of that his c*ock would be so hard from wrestling with me hed want to f*uck me hehe

Chloe ( 22 2011 10:37am
wow but you have to admit he is strong, from that picture link he looks like a young bodybuilder! how badly could you beat him? how do your muscles compare in size and definition to his? are you stronger than him?

AnonymousOct 22 2011 10:42am
yeah c'mon chloe lets here what you would do to zac efron in a wrestle!

andyOct 22 2011 4:10pm
but, the real truth about female bodybuilders and the disrespect of they get is they are tested more then male bodybuilders! when people see female bodybuilders that are huge right away there is more suspicion about them then male bodybuilders!

jonathanOct 23 2011 3:56pm
Jonathan, Don't you ever sleep???

WallyOct 27 2011 8:45am
Chloe, I have had great admiration for women who are strong, and even muscular. My female hero has, for a long time, been Mary Lou. since you are an (retired) elite gymnast, I am sure I do not even need to mention her last name. She was, and still is, a little dynamo with power and physique to make guys like me drool ( at both ends). I am sure, from your self description, that you were a very exciting young lady to watch as you worked your way up thru your sport. I do have admiration for what i can only guess to have been your accomplishments. I know first hand that above all, you had to be (and continue to be) very strong to put yourself at a level to describe yourself as "Elite." When i was in the army, many moons back, probably those moons go back further than your own father can remember, i got together with a group of buddies and we thought we would start up a gymnastics team. I was probably the strongest of the group of four, but due to an eye problem, i proved to have less coordination between eye and hand. I could do fine on the single high bar until i let go. Then I was headed south with a sudden awakening as that damned mat came up to kiss me. The double bar, forget it. The mat was a bummer for me. every time i went airbound, i landed on my head. after two or three weeks of beating myself up, i decided to quit. i decided the good lord had other plans for me. I figured if i went against those plans, i would very soon break my neck and then i would have been useful to nobody. At the time, I was 21. I was trying to start at an age beyond which you are considered to be retired. Had i known somebody like you when back then, i am sure it would have been quite comical for anybody to have been watching the two of us working together. you would have made a monkey of me and i would have enjoyed every minute :P I hope you keep up with your gym workouts and maybe, someday, you will have the oportunity tto teach others your skills. I should like to hear of that some day in the future.

ObservingOct 28 2011 12:57am
in real wrestling-grappling,most of time small woman wipe the floor with much bigger man.women are just stronger,lets face the fact.women are very very strong compared to men.

AnonymousOct 29 2011 4:53pm
From all of what I have read, women do have stronger muscles pound for pound because of superior muscular endurance. It seems now women are developing so much more muscle size that the girls often have bigger muscles than guys and it is starting in school with sports and strength training.

AnonymousNov 01 2011 10:20am
I've been comparing male to female in bodybuilding and it does seem that the women are outmuscling men. More more I see even smaller women do actually have bigger muscles! It's becoming more common to see the girl has bigger biceps. Look at genex website photos.

AnonymousNov 01 2011 11:06am
Anonymous man or woman, tell me more about evidences like for example a mixed armwrestling between FBB's and male bodybuilders. Tell me some stories about it. Is it true, that even a FBB with smaller biceps can beat a male bodybuilder?

MrJeanNov 01 2011 11:24am
I worked at a gym during my college years and something I noticed really impressed me. I could see that woem would do more sets and reps than men but with slightly lighter weights. For example women would curl say 15 lb dumbells for 10 reps and 4 sets while a man curls 20 lb dumbell 10 reps for 2 sets. I'm just using an example that seems to be a pattern. Anyway I began to add up the weight actually lifted overall during exercise. so 10 reps of 15 lbs is 150 lbs plus 4 sets equals 600 lbs. While 20 lbs time 10 reps is 200 lbs with just 2 sets it equals 400 lbs. The woman is actually lifting more than the man and over time I could see the female muscles getting bigger and bigger! I had to wonder about that and the results I was seeing.

AnonymousNov 01 2011 12:40pm
In the end women are going to beat men at bodybuilding. I've watched videos on youtube with girls muscles that are bigger than most male bodybuilders. I've seen girls biceps flexing that I really couldn't find any male bicep that was as big.

AnonymousNov 01 2011 2:19pm
when it comes to endurance,muscle power and stamina-female will tear apart any similar build male.

AnonymousNov 01 2011 3:53pm
She is stronger than men twice her weight! Wow! The average man can bench only about 130 lbs! So it's the truth that a woman or girl can have stronger muscles than a man even with his larger muscles! The girl that squats over 400 lbs is more than twice the strength of average men and she is just 4'10" tall!!! Do not underestimate the female muscle even when smaller!

MarcNov 01 2011 8:49pm
She's only been working out for two years! She started at 10 years old! LOL! She must have matched the average man's bench press within a year! She is stronger than most men. Pretty funny and it does prove a small girl or woman can become stronger than men!

AnonymousNov 02 2011 3:17pm
There's a video on youtube of a 9 year old girl doing deep squats with 180 lb. barbell. (9 year old Naomi Kutin Squats 180 X 5) which makes her much much stronger than most men. Her muscles are stronger than a man even with muscles twice the size. We now have girls and women with bigger muscles than most men. They are far stronger than men now.

LizNov 02 2011 4:01pm
Sorry jan can you send me a link to my e-mail address: I get the answer that they can't find anything.

MrJeanNov 04 2011 12:02pm
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 11:54am
Sorry, I meant "Mr. Jean"!

JanDec 01 2011 5:10pm
Sorry Jan, but when I type the whole link on Google, I don't get any list of sites?

MrJeanDec 07 2011 5:13am
Just paste the link into your browser and it will work!

JanDec 19 2011 12:29am
i tried everything, Jan: first type the whole link and then copy it with the right mouse button and paste it in the window of Google, but you only get a list of sites with the words of the link, but no video!!!!!!

MrJeanDec 21 2011 5:25am
OK, try this: Go to the top of this page where it says "Search" on the left side and type in "peaked bicep muscle" (don't include the quote marks). Then you will be shown a link to the poll. The photo in the poll question is beyond belief. The male bodybuilder has a bicep muscle peak which is superior to 99% of all males but he still loses when compared with the female bicep muscle peak. Check it out!!

JanDec 21 2011 8:55pm
Hi Jan, thanks for the advice and I found the poll question and all the reactions and answers, but guess what, no pictures!!!!!!!!!! I read something about Musclecompare. Is there a special site for it?

MrJeanDec 23 2011 10:37am
OMG!!! Female bodybuilders are so strong!!!

AnonymousMar 03 2012 12:23pm
Tell me anonymous person, how strong they are and about strength battles between them and male bodybuilders!!!!

MrJeanMar 06 2012 10:25am
How u think her muscles compare to Zac efrons ?

AnonymousJul 27 2012 10:59am
male endurance muscles are superior to female muscles

Dr.RizwanOct 30 2012 4:39pm
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JebediahNov 15 2012 4:41pm
Dr Rizwan, your obvious ignorance alone is fertile groungs for having you struck off. Nobody needs a Muslim Freakshreiker in the medical profession!

an intelligent life formDec 06 2012 3:58pm
the fbb would smash his arms completely and unfortunately for him she could then crush his body to death even with her hands

teoApr 07 2013 3:35am
Here's the thing FBB's I admire but a woman is not stronger than a man. Point being all the world records in power lifting Bench-Squat-Dead Lifts are dominated and held by Male Power Lifters. Point in case world's strongest female bench press Becca Swanson. Cannot remember the gentleman's name off hand I think his first name is Andy his bench is around 1000 pounds. That's quite a bit stronger than 600 pounds people.

BHBApr 27 2013 8:22am
Do you think we will see womens muscles explode?and get alot bigger than the biggest muscle men in the gyms?

AprilJun 01 2013 4:48am
I don't think so April, you have women with big muscles, when it's all natural and men with big muscles and it's more in the genes. Mostly men have because of their testosterone, more muscle growth.

MrJeanJun 19 2013 2:53pm
musular woman are big strong and powerful with rock hard biceps 6 or 8 pack abs thighs that could kill a man amd calves you would die if you see them they could crack men like us into 2 halves in less than 2 minutes their muscle are so powerful enough to kill a man easily

anonymusJun 28 2013 10:01pm
Since women have to work harder than men to attain muscle once achieved that muscle is stronger than anything. I once saw a fbb bend a steel plumber's pipe wrench in half! LOL

abbaJul 24 2013 2:03pm
True, women must work harder to attain the same SIZE of muscle, but that same muscle is 15% STRONGER! And that is why patriarchal men obsess over maintaining artificial 'feminine weakness.

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Males are stronger

Charles Dec 02 2013 8:28pm
Only 'cos they're usually bigger.

AnonymousDec 03 2013 3:58pm
It appears that there is a lot of wishful thinking here or observations based on individual anecdotes. To consider the question empirically and with large numbers, all you have to do is look at wrestling as a sport where women have competed against men at the same weight class and with similarly levels of training (in fact, often the females have trained harder because men are more prone to loafing and because the women seek out tougher practice partners). Only at the lightest weight classes, and usually with more experienced girls against less experienced boys, have girls risen to the top here and there. Female champions who have gone on to the collegiate level have lost badly against men. The teenage girl who was the very first to win a state championship (Alaska), was on her men's team at an Oklahoma University for awhile. She lost every match against guys "except" for one--a team that lost every match due to a forfeit. Women's wrestling teams at the collegiate level often have a few male wrestlers to assist in the training; these guys are typically 20 lbs or so lighter than the women on the team in order to make the match competitive. Nevertheless, generally speaking, men have more explosive power and women have more endurance power, relatively speaking. A woman with equal muscle mass to a man will win an arm wrestling mass only if her arm muscles have a more favorable insetion point compared to his. However, if she does not have this leverage advantage, the man will win.

AngelDec 13 2013 7:30pm
corrections: 'similarly should be 'similar' and 'insetion' should be 'insertion'.

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Actually the worlds most powerful human being is a male. Whoever in these above mentioned articles thinks that female Bodybuilders are stronger and more Piwerful than the male Bodybuilders are either delirious, or are living in a fantasy world or maybe in a cave somewhere. Google the recent Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, then come back and tell me the name of any Female Bodybuilder who is even remotely as big and as strong as this BEAST!!!! Trouble is U will find no FBB's anywhere near as big as Mr. Heath!!!!

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Honestly girls are only kept back because of society. Men are stronger on average due to gender roles. Also men tend to be stronger naturally. But there are some incredibly strong girls. My senior year in highschool my sister had a friend who was just incredible. She was only 14 but lifted and did sports just like the guy, except she was better! She was around 155 of pure muscle. I'm talking 8 pack abs, huge arms and everything. She was even benching 245! This definitely isn't normal but its posdible

nateApr 23 2014 7:10pm
Mate, girls like her only prove that gender told, not nature, are responsible for women's artificially enfeebled state.

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I’m middle aged man who has always been athletic and very well built (5’8” and 215# solid).... all these years I have been used to there being no question which sex is physically stronger. But in recent years I’ve gulped at the sight of more and more women joining my gym and lifting weights. Let me be very clear that I am fully convinced that a muscular woman can easily beat a much more muscular man at lifting heavy and probably at wrestling if skills were even somewhat comparable. I’ve seen college girls join my gym and balloon to beasts in a few months. I remember years ago in bodybuilding we used to have couples posing. It was nice and graceful. Now it would be very uncomfortable for most men as women can easily match them in size..... picture posing on stage with a woman next to you who can match and beat your upper body mass, dwarf your quads, and possibly even make you worried if you had to pull your trunks off and go toe-to-toe for a size comparison of genitalia. Even without women using steroids I’m convinced a lot of men have much to be intimidated with. If I were a bodybuilder in my twenties today, I’d avoid competing with women because there’s a strong chance we’d be equal or she would be bigger and stronger than me. I honestly wish this weren’t true. Seeing these massive women makes me very uncomfortable. I try not to even look, but you can’t deny they exist and what they are capable of.

AnonymaleSep 27 2018 5:44pm
Anonymale, why are you afraid of stronger women? There is always one who is stronger! Since some years women can be stronger than men. You should not provoke a stronger women equal a stronger guy too! It makes no difference!

SinaSep 29 2018 7:02pm
Honestly, there’s one woman at the gym who is massive and very strong. She is one larger and more muscular than most of the men at the gym. I think it changes women and it changes men too when a woman is that strong and muscular. I’ve heard that she has been dating some of the younger bodybuilders at the gym. The truth is they like her because she f*cks these strong young men in the ass with a strapon. She is emasculating the next generation of males and they let her. I just don’t like that a woman can do that to the male sex and and make them want to be the women in bed.

AnonymaleOct 04 2018 9:26am
There are two who like to do that. But it‘s really disgusting. Maybe the men she dating like what she do?!? I‘m muscular too and stronger than much men but I only wrestle or armwrestle them.

SinaOct 04 2018 11:20am
Anonymale, are you scared to me?

SinaOct 08 2018 12:04pm
h8sZcr Thanks again for the post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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Of course he is afraid of you. Only less men can admit that they are weaker than a girl. And they are scared that the girl can show in public they‘re weaker then her.

SaraOct 14 2018 7:47am
SO true SARA!!!!!

SUEOct 22 2018 2:21pm
Fine since you women seem to be ganging up on me and I don’t have to show my face I can admit that it’s very possible that if I had to fight this woman at the gym she would probably beat me silly. Not sure about any of you replying to me though. Her lower body is superior to almost all guys at the gym and her upper body is one of the best there. Easily comparable to mine. What bothers me more is thinking what she can do to me if i were in bed with her. Same as those young bodybuilders she would probably get the upper hand and rip me apart and emasculate me. I am very uncomfortable being around her because I know she can achieve it because she is bigger and stronger than me. Yes, there you go I admitted it but I don’t like it so I avoid her. I hate seeing the young bodybuilders leave with her at the end of workouts because I know what she does to them in bed. I don’t have to be at peace with it because I prefe being the stronger person especially over a woman. But this woman like many female bodybuilders have changed everything forest men. Their strength and muscles and appearance have altered the way men feel about their manhood and male sexuality altogether. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it or enjoy the thought of being penetrated from behind by a muscular female. Are you going to tell me I should like it because of some stupid reason?

Anonymale Oct 25 2018 10:21am
Anonymale, you do not have to like it but you have to accept that more and more women train for strength and muscle gain. And in future you will see more women who are equal strong or stronger than men. I know many women who train in gym to become stronger and most of them love that‘s visible how strong they are. And yes! It‘s funny to show men that a women can be stronger than they are. The most women in my gym want to train to become clear stronger than most men. And in most cases they are strong enougth to kick mens ass! But they don‘t want to rape men! What the FBB bitch done with men is disgusting but if the men who go with her and she love this you can not do anything against this! But you can keep away from her! It‘s normal that men are scared of stronger women! Keep it simple!

SinaOct 30 2018 7:44pm
Sina thank you for the response but I don’t understand what you mean.

AnonymaleOct 30 2018 10:48pm
What do you not understand? That you have to accept?

SinaOct 30 2018 11:50pm
Hey Anonymale little boy, it is not very friendly not to answer!

SinaNov 04 2018 12:37pm
Sorry but it’s become a little uncomfortable tocdiscuss this. Understand that I’m from a generation where the men are always naturally stronger. I’ve done some research since we spoke and saw unbelievable videos of young female wrestlers beating male wrestlers in state competitions. Not only in high school but college as well. Like I said before it’ is very hard for me to watch a woman become so large muscular and strong like the one at my gym. I say it makes me unfcomfortable but it’s really because I think that if I had to challenge her to a strength test in front of everyone that this much more muscular woman would beat me. I don’t like that from a woman. In fact I would feel like she destroyed my manhood so I avoid her. Am I curious to see how large she is getting? Yes. It’s because I hope to see that her growth has slowed down but instead she gets bigger while I get smaller as I get older. I also am threatened by knowing what she does to the younger male bodybuilders at the gym when she has sex with them. You don’t underatand Sina! I heard that she becomes the man in bed and destroys them!!! I never in my life heard of a woman doing this to a man!! It makes me very insecure about my own strength and ability as a man. I haven’t even spoken to this woman and she has already made me fearful just by knowing this and seeing her massive muscles. How do you feel about all of this? How do you as a woman feel about doing this to men?

AnonymaleNov 11 2018 10:20am
Anonymale, i think you don’t need to become afraid to this women. Yes, maybe she is bigger and stronger than you but she doesn‘t do things you absolutly don‘t want! Compared with other men i‘m similar large. Many men are smaller than me and often weaker too. Some guys ask me for a session to let them self defeat from a girl. But i don‘t do this always and if, absolue no sex!

SinaNov 19 2018 12:55pm
I am glad to hear that Sina. Women like you can really destroy a guy’s manhood.I have begun to learn that many women do that and many men are into it. I don’t understand. We will have a generation of broken men who are unable to be strong in body and mind because they were dominated physically and sexually by very muscular women who behave like the man in during sex with them. I don’t know when men began to think this was healthy and whe it became enjoyable. Maybe I am the ignorant one but I doubt it. I know these women are capable of ducking with the strength of two muscular men and put most men to shame but I don’t like to think about it because it does scare me. I don’t want to be defeated. I like being a strong alpha man. Yes, I understand they perform much better than men in bed with better stamina like thrusting much longer and much stronger than men but do you think this is a reason for men to pull their pants down and immediately bend over? I heard at a group sex party that the female bodybuilder at my gym selects the women she wants first and all of the men back away until she is finished. They have sex with whoever she does not want. When she is done with women then she has men and the other women watch her destroy the men from behind. I don’t know what you mean by sessions, but they do not pay for sex. Can you believe this? Men are being destroyed slowly and it’s not leading to a good future. A future where men are broken. I’m glad to hear that you are thoughtful and choose not to do this to men. They need their manhood to grow mature and strong. To have families and be fathers, good fathers and role modes to their children. If a woman breaks then and destroys their manhood, they have no future. I’m glad we can discuss this and I am so interested in your philosophy on what I said Sina.

AnonymaleNov 20 2018 10:22pm
Anonymale, i think women doesn‘t want to destroy men’s manhood. Anonymale, i think women doesn‘t want to destroy men’s manhood. They love to make sport and build muscle and strength. Yes some women have a good genetic to build muscle and it‘s easy for them to become stronger muscles then much men. Some guy love to become big abd strong. But some women love this too and they can do it today. The same as men do women love to show their strength. It not our goal but sometimes it‘s a great feeling to make a man afraid if he earned it! But mostly womens does only their sport and nothing more.

SinaNov 22 2018 10:17am
@Anonymale Dude I think you’re obsessed with this chick and secretly wish she would f*ck your in the ass. Sounds like she already cut your balls off just by flexing her muscles. Doesn’t say much about you as a man if you’re so intimidated by her so easily and you haven’t even spoken to each other.

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TO ANONYMALE I know where you’re coming from but times change. Pegging which is what you’re describing is getting more common. I’m a big guy in my twenties. 215# and solid. Not the kinda guy you’d consider weak or gay and I get it done to me a lot. My girlfriend is in her forties and is a hulking she beast. I’m fine telling you she does the f’ing almost all the time while I lay back and take it in. I don’t think of myself as being wimpy in other parts of my life. I run a construction company and maanage a lot of guys. I’m no wimp and I plan to have a family one day. I’ll nevevr forget the first time a couple years ago she introduced me to it. I tous involved but she stared using her tongue till I got used to it and then a finger or two. That was after having sex only twice with her. Before the third time we had a talk cause we realized where this was heading. We set a date and went away for the weekend to a nice casino. That first night she took me from the back and broke me good. I never went back after that. Gotta be honest it hurt real bad as she broke me open but I wanted it so bad. After a few more times I started having the best orgasms. I never turned back. There’s been times at sex parties when I’d be on a bed on my back while she and another muscle girl would tag team f’ing my ass while other couples watch. Maybe I’m weird like that but I don’t feel like a lesser man. To each his own. I hope seeing your female friend at the gym doesn’t bother you anymore.

AxxxDec 30 2018 3:14pm
Axxx, do you think it become normal that women become bigger and stronger than we men? Do you think woman f*ck men in future but not versa?

AITDec 30 2018 5:23pm
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@AIT I think muscle women will taken over for men in the bedroom. They f*ck much better harder and stronger than men. I could definitely see this happening. Also, I could see couples inviting muscle women into their bedrooms to f*ck the wife and probably the husband too.

AxxxJan 02 2019 9:32pm
Axxx, do you think the husband could enjoying it or was he raped? Is a man able to defend him self against a muscle women?

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Why do you immediately think of rape?

AxxxJan 03 2019 9:42am
Axxx, sorry but it’s hard to imagine that a women f*ck a men. Especially if the women is much stronger then he is and he is unable to defend him self!

AITJan 03 2019 11:51am
For the record, EVERYTHING I discuss is consensual acts between people. Rape is not a part of my experience in any way. Maybe you should have that discussion elsewhere.

AxxxJan 03 2019 2:37pm
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@AIT. Would you please describe what you are afraid would happen if you are facing a much more muscular woman than you ? Your opinion is very interesting

AxxxJan 06 2019 11:21am
Axxx, well she can force me to do things, i don‘t want. Possibly she threat to do even more bad things to me and i‘m scared to contradict her!

AITJan 06 2019 12:04pm
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AxxxJan 06 2019 12:48pm
What things would she do AIT?

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Axxx, i‘m afraid that she could force me to accept a strapon and so on. Im not sure if i want this!

AITJan 06 2019 5:16pm
AIT.....compared to her are you a large muscular man?

AxxxJan 06 2019 7:05pm
I am a bodybuilder and I take the strapon from my girlfriend all the time. When I first saw her naked I realized how much bigger her muscles we’re tahn mine. She was also much stronger. But was shocked me the most was the size of her clitoris. It was so massive it was almost as large as my penis. It hurt my ego because she was clearly the alpha and I was not. Our first time having sex and she had two fingers inside my anus. She would not stop pushing them inside me. I kept yelling harder and harder until I had the stronger orgasm. I realized at that moment that she will also be the man in the bedroom. She was the best. You need to know that although I am young o was always a very aggressive and dominant alpha male. I never expected a woman would break my anus with strapon ever. It is te best orgasm but it needs to come from the right woman. My girlfriend is a true alpha and men around her know it. Have you had any experience like this before? What do you think of the experience I just shared with you?

AxxxJan 06 2019 7:26pm
Axxx, i‘m not a small man but compared to her i‘m smaller. You are a bodybuilder and your girlfriend is stronger than you? I‘m not a bodybuilder and probably weaker than you and much more weaker than your girlfriend! But it shows a general trend, we men are the weaker sex!

AITJan 06 2019 11:54pm
AIT this is definitely a trend. Women are getting bigger and stronger. I discovered that I like these type of women early in my life and I’m lucky to have a girlfriend that made me realize it. She is a great person. I let her penetrate me because I her size and strength were powerful. It was clear that she should be in control. During our first sex she kissed me and touched me like I was the woman. It felt so nice. It was easy for me to bend over because she made me want to surrender my ass to her. I can’t explain it any different. You never answers my question. Have you ever had this experience or feelings at all? What do you think of this?

AxxxJan 07 2019 6:45am
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Axxx, it was interesting you wrote about but for me i don’t like this. I will accept your choice but for myself i‘m scared that a women can do this with me! Axxx please tell me how big are your muscles and your girlfriends muscles. How much stronger is she compared to you?

AITJan 07 2019 12:23pm
AIT she f’cks women much better than me. For example she f*cks women from a squat position. I can’t do that because my legs are not nearly as strong. Also she sometimes uses just a double dildo without strapon and sometimes with her big clit.It really crushed my ago the first time I saw her f*ck a woman especially in that position. It’s hard to watch a woman f*ck other women better I can. It was the next shocking blow to my ego in my relationship with her. But it wasn’t too bad because she had already broken me before that. I’m 220lbs and she is 197lbs and three inches shorter than me. She has 19” arms mine are 21” but her arms are definitely stronger and I still can’t understand why. She does more reps with 50lb dumbbells than I ever can. Her quads are only one inch smaller than mine but she squats 45lb more pounds than my maximum and do reps with that weight. I can do only one rep. I don’t understand but her muscular strength surpasses mine. When we try to share another woman in bed she always f*cks the woman. I do not. She likes to lift me for the other woman to see how mischievous stronger she is than a young male bodybuilder. AIT, tell me what you like about this and I can share more. But you really need to write much more than you did before. It looks like I am doing all the work here and I don’t like that.

AxxxJan 07 2019 1:25pm
Axxx, i'm much smaller and weaker than you and your girlfriend too. It sounds crazy that a women can be so strong that a big strong bodybuilder seems weak compared to her. She could squeeze me without any problem! If your girlfriend f*ck another women, is the other women equal strong like your girlfriend? Are you the weakest in this moment?

AITJan 07 2019 2:13pm
AIT. I’m usually the weakest when she f*cks female bodybuilders but mostly she f*cks and regular build women. But I think I am the weakest mentally when she f*cks regular women. Those are the types I’ve always had as girlfriends. Now she is their man and they like her better. Do you think it’s unhealthy for a yong bodybuilder like myself to be involved with this kind of woman who uses a trap on on me all the time? What do you think of guys like me? You do not share enough of your opinion and I’m not sure how I will be interested in this conversation much longer with you.

AxxxJan 07 2019 3:14pm
Axxx, I find it’s very interesting that you are weaker than two women but in my friend circle most girls do weight training too and i‘m mostly clear weaker then the girls! But the difference is not as big that i‘m completlely helpless. But some weeks ago i see a women in the gym. She is reallly buff and have big, hard muscles. Compared to her my muscles are tiny and after you told me that you as bodybuilder are much weaker than your musceld girlfriend and some of their female friends, i‘m scared to talk with her.

AITJan 08 2019 4:19pm
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