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Teen girls muscle and strength

Question: Are athletic teen girls really stronger than the average male adults? Some say girls are becoming stronger everyday and that athletic teen girls, for example gymnasts, cheerleaders, swimmers, athletes and others, are stronger than average male adults. I am a bit skeptical about this. Teen girls are in average pretty smaller than the male counterparts, especially the gymnasts. Can they really be that strong like many people state? What is your opinion on this subject?
Created by: PeterMartins at 09:10:18 PM, Thursday, December 01, 2011 PST


I once dated a gymnast and let me tell you she had some muscles. Especially her thighs were big. She was much stronger than me.

AnonymousDec 02 2011 8:33am

There is realy something i can add to this topic,as my daughter is doing gymnastics since 5years ago and she is turning 15 now.She is very light weight,anyone who may see her dressed in sport's tracksuits on the street would say,'that little chick would'nt lift a shopping bag'-until she would expose her legs-at that point most of people get shocked and start asking,omg-what do you do?however she is light weight,most of it is in her thighs,calves and i can guarantee you its not fun to wrestle against her,as she have tremendous strenght and would make two average adult men like me to be tossed all over the mat,like two rag dolls.She have stamina like no other too,for me its impossible to keep up with her,after few rounds of grappling.

olegDec 02 2011 10:07am
The average teen girl who is involved in sports at school now spends hours in the gym strength training. If you look up the average man's strength you can see how the girls do become stronger than men. The average man can only squat about 110 lbs. while teen girls in traing often double that lift and even do sets. many are now capable of squating several hundered pounds. Youtube has a video of a 9 year old girl doing sets with 180 lbs and a single squat well over 200 lbs. Nearly twice the strength of an average man!

AnonymousDec 03 2011 5:12pm
Teenage girls who are in sports are stronger than the average man.

AnonymousDec 03 2011 9:20pm
OMG,thats unbelievable strong girl.Im adult man and i cant manage that weight to squat!imagine what weights she be squatting with,when she grow up to adult.Id say she will squat 600lbs like Beca Swanson by the time she be 14-15.When she reach her 20ties she be squatting with whole mid-size car on her back.Terrific leg strenght.

donDec 04 2011 4:42pm
i red that she managed to squat over 100 pounds,when she was 6years old.

AnonymousDec 04 2011 4:44pm
thats a truly female legs power!amazing

AnonymousDec 04 2011 4:46pm
Men's Health Mag say's the average man can squat 110 lbs. so the girl is quite a bit stronger! That's real muscle power!

AnonymousDec 05 2011 10:32pm
I remember a party a lot of my class mates were at when we were about 16 over at a friend's house. I forget the details as we were messing about, but I do remember there was a girl named Lucy who did gymnastics. She lifted the back end of one of the cars in the driveway until the wheel just cleared the ground. And I remember me and some of the other guys trying it, but only succeeding in raising the suspension. She was freaky strong for a girl.

AnonymousDec 07 2011 4:39am
she must be an animal,to lift the car clear of the ground!i know what are you talking about,i was trying once too.there are few vids on you tube girls lifting cars-unbelievable!

tonyDec 10 2011 11:19pm
Sorry,there is no way a teen girls muscles and strength is better than a male even if he is a teen ager or any male of any age! its all fantasy by adult males that get off that are delusional!

AnonymousDec 14 2011 9:20am
Hey Anonymous,you are really stupid.Not every male is stronger then all teen girls.There are a lot teen girls who are stronger than a lot adult males.

gethewilDec 14 2011 11:37am
my daughter and her friends have been lifting rather heavy at the gym for some years. They are today 16-17. The weakest of the girls can bench 70 kgs and the strongest 85 kgs. Very good. My husband can lift 60 kgs in the same machine as the girls (not free weights). I am almost as strong in my arms as my husband since I can bench 55 kgs in the same machine but we are both weaker than the teenage girls.

CindyDec 14 2011 12:52pm
Cindy Well you are stronger then me. I can bench 30kg once so you muscles would overpower mine

David RiceDec 15 2011 8:16am
teen girls legs are usually very strong

YGJan 11 2012 2:43pm
Cindy, I guess you use the same type of Nautilus bench machine as I do. I have been working out for 2 years now, had an awful lot of problems with my upper body and was very weak. I can now bench 40 kgs for three reps and 45 kg for one rep in the machine. I would say that most women at my gym can bench as much or more than me. When I started going to the gym I could only lift 25 kgs, I know, really weak so I have gained strength but I am more and more sure I will never be able to lift much more than let's say 60 kgs, a weight I can't move one little bit today.

BenjieJan 22 2012 3:29am
My best friends daughter has been a gymnast and swimmer and is noe lifting weights after she stopped compete in gymnastics and swimming. She is 17 years old now and she can slam both my arms to the table when we armwrestle. She is also stronger than her father, and her uncles. So I know that an athletic young woman can be very strong

Bill SJan 22 2012 3:31am

gabriela schulienApr 13 2012 9:43am
25/35 years ago, i coached both girls and boys. I ended up coaching only girls as i actually had no real skill at the sport. i was strictly a volunteer and there were dozens of men who were in demand to coach boys teams. I was only one of very few who were willing to coach the girls teams and the girls wanted me to work with them. I ended up finding how hard those girls (I worked with ages from around 8 to 18) could work. they worked as hard, or harder, than any of the boys teams. To back track, i had run sprints in track when i was in HS. In those days, even boys would not lift weights as they thought too much muscle would slow them down. I had lived on a farm and with every day work had built up my body to be very muscular. I was very fast as a result. I did not believe that garbage about muscle slowing one down. When I got ino coaching, i tried to encourage my girls teams to get into lifting. They would not as they thought it was unladylike to grow muscles and boys would not like them. I was not, myself, into weight lifting in gyms, but my work was every day, for 8 hours or more, lifting very heavy weights and i was very muscular. I could outrun all of those girls in any sprint across the field. Eventually, some of the girls did go into the gym for light lifting. i kept encouraging them to be stronger. One day, I was putting the team thru fast, but short windsprints. i was suddenly surprised as two of the girls passed my like i was standing still. They had been quietly working out in a private gym for over a year. I told them how poud i was of their strength and speed as a result of their strength. today, i understand a great many young women work out and are capable of tremendous strength. My wife and I watch women's basketball and it is amazing to see the muscles on some of the college players. Today, the girls have developed strength to a point where several young women can even dunk in games.

Old TimerDec 15 2012 2:18am
I can bench press 500kg I am on Metrx Strongest man in the world gymnasts are weak

weight lifterJan 21 2013 9:36am
My girlfriend is a gymnast of 16 years, 2 years younger than me. She has been training hard all her life. In addition, she does a lot of strength training at home. She lifts heavy weights 3-4 times per week, does pullups, pushups and other training routines on a regularly basis. I don't know where she finds the strength and energy to train so hard. I really admire her commitment. Anyway, all this effort has resulted in her body being insanely muscular, chiselled and strong. We love to wrestle/armwrestle, although is always an one-sided contest. She completely destroys me without breaking a sweat.

AnonymousJul 19 2013 1:08am
Teen girl vs men bicep comparisons Lots of phosos on topic here, check it!:

DeepJul 19 2013 3:05pm
Unfortunately its become very one sided in some cases. All of the top 5 strongest kids at my school are girls. If they just put their minds to it, girls can become stronger than men. I lift weights 4-5 days a week and I'm no where near these girls. They are just flat out more muscular and stronger.

NickJul 27 2013 7:23pm
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iYUkrnGznJan 08 2014 12:38pm
Teen girls nowadays are very strong in my experience. Most of the girls in our school are heavy into sports from gymnastics, cheerleading, basketball, athletics, swimming to others. They are very committed and train very hard. The gym at our school is usually filled with girls after school. I go there once in a while and I am one pf the few guys there. Also girls are really becoming proud of their bodies and they show their muscles proudly. I speak with them in the gym and they really love having muscles and being stronger. And they are really strong. The guys that go to the gym know that. They lift more than us, they have much more stamina and they have bigger muscles. We know that we cannot compare with them, but the other guys the non-gym goers are sometimes ignorant. The funby thing is when we have athletics competitions at our school. The girls always win the competitions. They win the throwing competitions, long jump, and the sprints. In the 60 m competition in the final were 6 girls. It was really embarassing. Also the difference in physique was impressive. Girls looking like real athletes, muscular bodies with no fat on it. Guys like some wimpy geeks, soft bodies, no muscle and a lot were fat. There was a lot of teasing involved. The next day I went to the gym again and I saw even more girls there. Even some thar did not go there came after seeing how the other girls destroyed the guys in every competition. They wanted to become like them. Anyway, since that moment it was established who was the stronger sex at our school. They are proving that time after time on a regular basis. The girls are really confident now and always challenge guys to armwrestle during the breaks. They are so much stronger they easily win and then tease the losers and proudly flex their biceps. Some of them have really big biceps. I am sure they are also stronger than our male teachers.

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pdXkRdIweKGsJan 30 12:21pm
Hi all. Im m 21 female and an ex gymnast too. I lifted a car off ground when i was 19. Im very toned and impressive muscled. If u wanna see a pic plz contact

Kiara112Feb 19 5:08am
Hey Kiara, can you put up a link to your pic?

AnonymousFeb 22 1:27am
If you matched up 50 men vs 50 teenage girls each fight individually or one on one there would be an overwhelming amount of adult men victories! Guaranteed

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