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do you drink pepsi?

Question: do you drink pepsi? choose yes or no.
Created by: poppyflake at 01:12:51 PM, Monday, June 26, 2000 EDT


Jul 24 2000 7:20pm

anyone who sets Michael Jackson aflame is okay by me.

MeancatJul 24 2000 7:20pm
pepsi is waaaaaaaaay better than coca cola, but diet coke is wwaaaay better than diet pepsi

FonGJul 21 2003 10:44pm

YAY, PEPSI!!!!!!!!!!!!Jun 14 2009 3:25am

PEPSI! U BET ITS AWESOME!Feb 06 2011 9:46pm

gSep 07 2011 8:40pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:05pm

DracoDec 29 2013 9:14pm

Aphrodite:3 <3 Paramore!Dec 29 2013 9:14pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:14pm

DylanDec 29 2013 9:14pm
hey lilli

DracoDec 29 2013 9:15pm
Hey :/ @lilliana

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:15pm
Hey dylan:)

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:15pm

DylanDec 29 2013 9:16pm
Nm just at a party but than i got sad n i came to a my friends room up stairs=/

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:18pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:19pm
Aw wat happened?

DylanDec 29 2013 9:19pm
*walks out side*

DracoDec 29 2013 9:19pm

DylanDec 29 2013 9:19pm
I can't say what happened or what i did to someone right now.

Gabby would if she couldDec 29 2013 9:20pm
Plz for me plz I will date you if you tell me

DylanDec 29 2013 9:22pm
Ha shìt my hip hurts!:c XD

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:22pm
Really???-_- wtf do i look like!?!?!

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:23pm
show me show me how you work. drop that ass and make it twerk

Shreve turnt upDec 29 2013 9:25pm
Im sorry i really like you but forget it im out bye

DylanDec 29 2013 9:26pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:26pm
Who the f*ck would like a f*ckin slut like meh!?!?!?!?!?

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:28pm
hey slut wana have sext

loganDec 29 2013 9:28pm
leave her alone

Shreve turnt downDec 29 2013 9:29pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:30pm
sis u ok =(

girlyDec 29 2013 9:30pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:31pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:34pm

DracoDec 29 2013 9:35pm
and gabby your not a slut your just......sexually hyper

ShreveDec 29 2013 9:35pm
c= that made me laugh a little jeremy.

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:36pm
is there anything u wana say to me befor i leave this post gabby

DracoDec 29 2013 9:37pm
i knew it would (evil laugh)ner ner ner nnnnnneeeeeerrrrrrr

Shreve turnt up againDec 29 2013 9:39pm
Umm.....I honestly don't know what to think or say......not just about you... just right now i really don't know anything.....

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:41pm
ig not

Draco :( gone from the postDec 29 2013 9:42pm
never mind that^ n well i saw ur sorry post

DracoDec 29 2013 9:42pm
Im just go back to the party'and if i come back on in a littlle is because i'm still sad....

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:44pm

ShreveDec 29 2013 9:44pm

ShreveDec 29 2013 9:44pm
oh sg :( im sorry for wat i did to u the one day *hugs u tight*

DracoDec 29 2013 9:45pm
I think its better if I just hurt myself probably even kill myself .-.

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:45pm
no no no no no :(

DracoDec 29 2013 9:45pm
okay bye finr thang ^_^

AnonymousDec 29 2013 9:46pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:49pm
whoa scratch that post didnt ik she was going to put^^^^

Shreve turnt down to zeroDec 29 2013 9:49pm
v.v every friend that i had on here either left or hates me and im such a stupid idiotic moron that is not worth anyones time i give up :c

DracoDec 29 2013 9:51pm
If I was in a room full of people and I killed myself no one would notice me.-.

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:51pm
:'( dont fcking say that

Draco bout to bash his head in with a hammerDec 29 2013 9:52pm
but its true.

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:53pm
i woukd notice i would care *grabs a hammer*

DracoDec 29 2013 9:54pm
okay can both of yall calm down <_< >_>

ShreveDec 29 2013 9:54pm
I am calm or maybe its just the liquor.

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:56pm
*starts bashin my head in with the hammer* x.x

Draco dead and goneDec 29 2013 9:57pm
-_- and he ignored me like that

ShreveDec 29 2013 9:58pm
Welp ima go get f*ckin high!

GabbyDec 29 2013 9:59pm

Shreve Turnt Up Again Dec 29 2013 10:00pm
turnt up but all alone......hmm

Shreve turnt up Dec 29 2013 10:05pm
Welp I'm bored.-.

GabbyJan 19 2014 2:47pm
Whats up

KiritoJan 19 2014 2:48pm
sucks to be you *eats cookies*

ShreveJan 19 2014 2:48pm

GabbyJan 19 2014 2:50pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 2:51pm
When a girl says that nothing's wrong know that there's always something wrong....o.o

GabbyJan 19 2014 2:52pm
Okay, I'll keep that in mind

KiritoJan 19 2014 2:53pm
When a girl says fine it's cuz she knows she's right and your wrong and you need to shut up!..

GabbyJan 19 2014 2:53pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 2:54pm
When a girl says whatever it's her way of saying screw you!...

GabbyJan 19 2014 2:54pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 2:55pm
When a girl says go do it than it means she is testing you and you should not do it basically it's a dare that you should not do....

GabbyJan 19 2014 2:56pm
I know that one

KiritoJan 19 2014 2:57pm
Lmfao I am scared of Elmo and ants!

GabbyJan 19 2014 2:57pm

GabbyJan 19 2014 2:58pm

KiritoJan 19 2014 2:58pm

GabbyJan 19 2014 2:59pm
I don't like you!@The wall

GabbyJan 19 2014 2:59pm
Ugh....Idk but like god damn I look sexy!!c=

GabbyJan 19 2014 3:01pm
You hate the wall?

KiritoJan 19 2014 3:01pm
Okay then

KiritoJan 19 2014 3:01pm
I gtg with my daddy! Soooo...bye-bye!;)

GabbyJan 19 2014 3:02pm
See ya

KiritoJan 19 2014 3:03pm
show me show me how you work

ShreveJan 19 2014 3:07pm

BrianJan 19 2014 6:18pm
show me show me how you work. drop dat ass and twerk twerk twerk xD

ShreveJan 19 2014 8:44pm
Imi3qF Spot on with this write-up, I really think this website needs far more consideration. I'll in all probability be once more to read far more, thanks for that info.

ZpszsrtfQoyuDec 20 2014 5:16pm
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