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Sex with muscular girls

Question: Last week I met a muscular girl at a bar. We started to date and it was my first time I had sex with such a girl. It was the best ever by far. I never imagined what fun are female musces. What do you think? Do you have your own experience (guys only)?
Created by: petrel111 at 06:00:36 AM, Sunday, March 11, 2012 EDT


Muscular legs are so hot.

AnonymousMar 11 2012 1:52pm

girl's biceps are also hot!

satanMar 11 2012 2:54pm
My female roomie is quite muscular from dance and weights. We've had sex several times since we met and moved into the same house beginning of the year. I didn't realise how incredible the experience of having sex was with a girl with muscles either! Iv really gotten into feeling her abs and biceps in particular and she seems to love to show em off so she flexes in bed and its damn sexy!

EthanMar 12 2012 12:43am
Ooo wanna have sex with me? I have muscle and I'm a girl :P I have a 6pack you can see when I'm not flexing. My legs are lean but muscular and I have pretty big calves from dance that are hard all the time and when I flex my biceps they are very very hard :P Also I've gotten guys excited by showin off my muscles more than once and had sex with them lol.

CrystelleMar 12 2012 12:57am
f*ck yes I wanna have sex with you Crystelle! Holy poo you sound sexy! So you're a dancer too then? Wanna compete with my roomie? Shes into dance big time. So hot!

EthanMar 12 2012 8:15am
Crystelle,what do your muscles really look like? and are they really that strong? and have you wrestled any males?

bonerMar 12 2012 12:58pm
Hey boner! Yup I've wrestled against several dozen males and beaten most of them. They underestimate me lol. See, I'm an ex gymnast and I still train hard, lift weights and do hiphop dance. My muscles look kinda bit bigger than a tennisball and egg shaped - real defined :P Still got a boner?

CrystelleMar 12 2012 2:06pm
Crystelle, which is strong your upper body or your lower body? Hell yes i got a boner reading what you are saying!

bonerMar 12 2012 3:04pm
My lower body would be strongest I guess, but not too much different to upper body. I strength train pretty hard :P So, what do you do when you get a boner from what I'm saying? hehe. Email me if ya want -

CrystelleMar 12 2012 8:15pm
Had sex a few times with a relatively strong girl (ex-personal trainer), but I'm definitely hanging out for more. Crystelle, it sounds like you know what the guys want :P Tell us a bit more about yourself if you like: how old are you, how big are your muscles, does giving guys boners just with your muscles get you going as well? Or we can just do this via email if you like, I'll send you one :)

Glenn StormMar 13 2012 3:48am
Crystelle is not a real female muscle girl and really a dude!

????Mar 14 2012 9:58am
Well you may be right...or you may be wrong...that's why I'd like to know more. Come back Crystelle and prove your awesomeness ;)

Glenn StormMar 14 2012 8:32pm
???? Wouldn't know sh*t, would you?! Like you know for sure anything about any one who posts on this site. How can you just come to the conclusion that I'm a guy based on nothing at all. What a dick! Hope you never become a lawyer - youd suck in court! Idiot!

CrystelleMar 15 2012 2:21am
Crystelle, i hope idiots like ? don't piss you off enough to not too post! there plenty of us guys that appreciate and admire female muscle! my guess is ? a male feels threatened and question his manhood!

bonerMar 15 2012 5:53am
you r all f*cking idiots here,seems.

AnonymousMar 15 2012 10:27am
My girfriends biceps and triceps are hard and defined. They bulge when she strains and flexes. And her forearms get all veiny. I love feeling her arms during sex. Its my favorite part of her to touch and it excites me so much.

LeoMar 17 2012 9:39am
I am sixteen year old girl whom has 14 inch arms and can bench 150 and love guys watching me work out and i can see them get hard when i flex. its quite funny. i also like to wrestle males and love to use my legs in leg locks.guys are always under estimating my strength.

AnnMar 17 2012 11:45am
Ann. I have to admit that I get hard and wet when I see girls like you lifting heavy weights and flexing. It has such an effect, its so sexy.

AnonymousMar 17 2012 1:41pm
Anonymous, what i really like is when apply scissor around their stomach and watch them get hard.

AnnMar 17 2012 4:46pm
Sounds cool Leo - you're living the dream :) Tell us more. And Ann you sound interesting. Do you work out for sports? Or just because you like having muscles and being strong? Sounds like you've taken down quite a few guys - thats great. You can tell us more too :)

Glenn StormMar 18 2012 2:43am
Glenn It's become the dream for me, yes. I have realized how much the muscle attracts and excites me. Maybe it has made me less of a man, but I accept it. She is the strong one, and I respect her for it. She has bigger and harder muscles than I have ever had.

LeoMar 18 2012 11:35am
It's that overpowering sensation Ann, as they feel the immense strength of your legs. They are like me, that feeling gets us so hard.

AnonymousMar 18 2012 11:43am
Glenn, i use to do gymnastics and grew to big which i am 5'8 and 170 lbs.and discovered weight lifting.i enjoy being strong and love how big and hard my muscles are.but,my real strength is in my thighs. and yes,i have many males scream and cry being between my scissor thighs are about 21 inches closing in to 22 inches. and it makes very wet seeing the males begging to be released.

AnnMar 18 2012 1:09pm
often i imagine sex with leggy muscular woman,never had a chance in real life.anybody there to help?

AnonymousMar 18 2012 4:55pm
Less of a man Leo? No I don't think so, she is just more of a woman! I know what you mean though. I know for me that part of my attraction to strong women is the fact that I am a relatively weak man and I guess I look for that strength in a partner instead of hitting the gym myself. You could probably hit the gym and still be the weaker partner!

Glenn StormMar 18 2012 7:23pm
Ah yes Ann, gymnasts (or ex-gymnasts) and their super strong legs :) Im guessing you look for guys to wrestle all the time, now that you know how turned on it makes you feel to overpower us. You must have a few of the boys at school a bit scared - and quite a few very excited too ;) When did you discover how 'exciting' wrestling was? Are there other girls like you at school who work out for strength and to get muscles? You could start a school wrestling club :P

Glenn StormMar 18 2012 7:28pm
More and more girls are on school wrestling teams >>> and winning in tournaments against BOYS. what is surprising about that is that highschool wrestling, as well as the junior leagues leading up to HS, favors upper body strength.

ObservingMar 19 2012 1:08am
Glenn, my mother is the one whom taught me how to use my legs using scissor holds.Its funny when one looks at parents such as my mother that they would know such things.

AnnMar 19 2012 4:03pm
how to i get i get my vagina hole open

lala sexyMar 19 2012 9:49pm
Your mother? Interesting :) She probably has used her legs on your dad for ages, although maybe you don't want to picture that lol What sort of training are you doing Ann? You lift heavy I bet. Do you want to get even stronger or are you happy at current level and size? Already your muscles are bigger than mine (im 6'2", 150lbs and i have 12.5" biceps and 20" thighs). But calves are my best muscle, around 14.5", how big are yours?

Glenn StormMar 20 2012 3:44am
I do hit the gym Glenn. I workout a few times a week. But still I am definitely the weaker partner.

LeoMar 20 2012 5:23pm
Thats cool Leo. Has she always been the stronger one? Or did she come from behind to pass you? Did you suspect she was stronger than you when you met?

Glenn StormMar 20 2012 6:18pm
Glenn, we were pretty close when we met. I think I was slightly stronger. She passed me and got much stronger than me.

LeoMar 21 2012 5:40pm
Nice. When was the magic moment that you found out she could outmuscle you? Was it the same moment you found out you liked her being stronger? :) Your experiences seems to be more and more common: women who can gain strength and muscle pretty fast if they work hard at it, maybe faster than a lot of men.

Glenn StormMar 22 2012 3:11am
Ann what do you look like? Hair colour, skin tone, eyes, how long is your hair? Also do you have great abs like a gymnast? Can you desctibe what your biceps look like and yours legs? Thanks, you sound f*cking sexy! : )

RickMar 22 2012 7:15am
I had my first sexual experience with a muscular girl tonight at a party. Unfortunately it wasnt actual sex and right now shes still f*cking some other guy in the next room. I got invited to a party at this house and theres three chicks got wicked athletic muscle bodies. One of them had her boyfriend with her and the other two got roots, but earlier in the night I thought I had this one girl sorted after she'd beaten another girl at an armwrestle. I told her how amazing her arms and her abs were (she wore a little boob tube and short skirt). She was all smiles taking in my compliments then flexed her right bicep and told me to feel it. Like she has biceps on her arms you can see without her needing to flex! This was the first time I'd ever seen a girls bicep flexed upclose and it was f*cking hard as steel - beautiful definition and sexy looking. Shes sexy all over and really hot. She took me up to her room and gave me an awesome double biceps flex, challenged me to an armwrestle, beat me in half a minute then made me feel her bicep some more and then told me to sit at the end of her bed. She took out my c*ck from my jeans and sucked me off while I ran my hands all over her muscley arms! f*ck it was heaven! She even let me feel her flexed right bicep while she jerked me off with her left hand. The look of pride on her face alone nearly made me cum! Then when I did cum, she cuped her tongue and held her head so I could see the cum going onto her tongue! She got her lips round me again and sucked the very last of my cum then stood up, looking at me raise her arms and flex and swallowd proudly. Holy f*ck I was wild for her by now. I was like "Can I f*ck you Bailey?" she told me not tonight and just then someone knocks on the door and its my mate Bryce who shes f*cking now. I had to settle for a skinny non-muscley chick whos way hot and sexy but Bailey would have been incredible to f*ck! Im so gonna get her in the sack sooner or later though!

MattMar 22 2012 7:48am
Im a muscular girl and I've had sex with three guys now who have made a big deal about my muscles during or before sex and came back for more lol. Im also very fit and have great stamina. Im pretty strong, I get my muscles from gymnastics and cheerleading.

GenevraMar 22 2012 10:59am
I was 10 years old and in my bed sleeping when a bang and a scream woke me up. i got up to check out what i heard which led me to basement. as i slowly climbed down the steps but stopped half way down.i saw in amazing sight my mother wrestling my father in the nude and my holding my father over head like nothing.and her muscles looked like a Greek goddess.see my mother is a female powerlifting bodybuilder and seeing them in action wrestling my father made me tingle like i never felt.and to see what a woman can do to male was amazing.see my mom stands 5'11 and 200 pounds of powerful muscle.her arms are about 18 inch and chest 40 inches and thighs 26 inches.and after finding out my parents were doing i wanted to see,every night i waited to hear them going at it.and every night my mom would put my father different holds.but,little did i know my mother knew i was there,one morning after a week my mother during breakfast asked me what i thought about watching her and her dad wrestling and told her i about my tingling.and told my mother one day would like to be like her.and now i am 24 years old and we look like two amazon mother and daughter.I am 6'0 and 200 pounds of muscle like my arms 18 inches and chest 40 inches and thighs 26 inches but,my mother at the age 51 is still much stronger then me.

wendyMar 22 2012 1:48pm
Sounds amazing Wendy, you do bodybuilding competitions? Good on ya Matty for sharing, sounds like a pretty good night on balance ;) could have been better, but still pretty awesome I'd say. And Genevra, that's great - you are one of the growing group of strong girls running around! Do you like guys focusing on your muscles?

Glenn StormMar 22 2012 2:11pm
Glenn,no i don't do bodybuilding competitions.i just lift weights because i like to be strong.and like the look my muscles look.

wendyMar 22 2012 2:32pm
Glenn,the reason my mother taught me how to use my legs in scissor holds is. my mother would see me come home from school upset and angry.there are a lot a**hole males that think they own the school and look down at females that work out and don't think we girls can be as strong muscular wise like them and my mother showed and trained me how to bring males down and teach them how to treat people especially my mother showed how scissors can be the great equalizer.i would invite boys home thinking that we were going to have sex but i had other ideas meaning to be able to use and practice my scissor holds.and Rick i have been told i look like eve mendes with muscles.

AnnMar 22 2012 3:08pm
You're not the real Satan. Satan hates strength and independance in women.

Elohist.Mar 22 2012 3:29pm
Well Wendy you are probably beyond bodybuilding contests anyway, they often have weird criterias and favour a look that is just so. You would be too big for them :) Your size is astonishing really - 18" biceps, is 5.5" bigger than mine! Legs are 6" bigger than mine! Did you start working out straight after you discovered your parents wrestling ie. when you were just in your early teens? You must have had an interesting time at school :) Using the knowledge that your mother gave you, that women could be very strong, i bet quite a few guys fell victim to you, yes? And dare I ask, but is a lot of your love of being strong about the 'tingling' and sexual nature of it all? Seems it is for quite a few women.

Glenn StormMar 22 2012 7:50pm
Thanks for explaining Ann. I understand completely. Girls with muscles or who are strong are still yet to be accepted by most guys. Sometimes it's that the guys are intimidated or threatened, but I think most of the time a girl who is strong is just something completely new to guys, and the first reaction is usually a defensive one unfortunately. Hence the teasing, or nasty attitudes or accusations of steroid use etc. etc. I know when I've tried to hint to my mates that I like girls with a bit of muscle they come out straight away and say they look like men, or that id have to be gay to like that blah blah Attitudes have gradually changed over time at least, now women with at least some muscle tone are accepted eg. fitness model types. But anyway, I like that you've helped prove that girls deserve a spot in the gym, and that you've been able to put a few stubborn guys in their place :) Who was your proudest takedown- was there a particularly strong looking guy you've trapped while wrestling? Even with your arms and not just in a scissor? And if you look a bit like Eva Mendes with muscles, then its no wonder they guys were keen to come home with you ;)

Glenn StormMar 22 2012 7:51pm
most of girls/women i ever had sex with had tiny upper bodies,but most of them had very strong and muscular legs with large thighs much bigger than mine.people and statistics use to say that women have so powerful looking legs just because its fat.i will disagree with statement as such,as most of my ex-lovers,had a bit of fat,but once they flex their legs,it always felt to be rock hard women i use to have sex with had such tremendously developed calves muscles,they were thicker than my thighs,she always wore a high heels witg miniskirt and that atracted attention from whole public wherever we walked or dined out.people were amazed and just kept staring at her calves,turning heads and so,as huge razor sharp muscles poped out of them.

DragoMar 23 2012 8:51am
Glenn - the first feelings I had is I loved her getting more muscular. I was excited with her getting more and more muscular like a bodybuilder. The first magic moment with strength was when she first started beating me in arm wrestling. I was embarrassed and upset with losing on the one hand, but at the same time I also got sexually arroused by her overpowering me> from that point on I got more and more hooked and aroused by her overpowering me.

LeoMar 23 2012 10:24am
Leo, you never described to us what your girlfriend's muscle look like! like what size are her muscles compared to you! and if you are having a hard time her beating you arm wrestling? just wait until she tries to wrestle you!

AnnMar 23 2012 11:34am
Hi Ann. Her arms are very muscular. Her biceps and triceps are visible even if she is not flexing. Her forearms are really defined and veins pop out if she tenses then at all. Her biceps and triceps really pop if she tenses or flexes her arms. And her atms are really hard. My arms are slim with some defintion, but the muscles do not really pop and flare. Her biceps are over 4 inches bigger than mine, which is a huge difference.

LeoMar 24 2012 9:25am
Leo, you think your girlfriend's bicep muscle is strong enough to take a apple put in between her bicep and forearm and breaking in half by flexing it? i have done it many of times.our bicep muscles are stronger then your male biceps.and does she know how to use her legs in scissor holds?

AnnMar 24 2012 9:56am
Leo, don't you feel as if your with a man with her arms so muscular and veiny?

AnonymousMar 24 2012 10:38am
She sounds great Leo, treat her right and you'll be able to enjoy feeling her muscles for a long time! 4 inches bigger - wow! Did you start out with bigger arms than her? How long into your relationship did that armwrestling match happen where she first beat you? And Ann, have you done apple smashing with just your bicep in front of guys before? How did they react? I think that would excite me. Drago, thanks for sharing. Shame you haven't kept with the woman with massive calves, they sound awesome.

Glenn StormMar 24 2012 12:13pm
Glenn,i have smashed apples with my bicep in front of guys all the time.Its quite a turn-on to watch them get hard. and after smashing the apple i love kissing and licking my bicep. and i have also crushed watermelons between my thighs.and Leo don't let anyone tell you or get on you about you loving your girlfriend's muscles.It takes a real man to appreciate that.

AnnMar 24 2012 1:11pm
My name is Lisa.I am 17 5'5 165 pounds of muscle.I have been weight training since 12.I have been doing this because of school sports.and once i discovered weight training was making me stronger.i really love how powerful my muscles look.and males of all ages that i come across seem to get looks of disbelief look of the size of my arms are 15 inches,chest 35 and thighs are 20 inches.anyway,i live at home with my mother and her ass-hole boyfriend.and he has always putting me down because my muscles are bigger than his.but,i don't think he realized how strong i am.anyway,while my mother was at work.and i was home.i finally snapped after one last put down from the boyfriend.The boyfriend is 6'0 and probably 160.So.i reached for him and put him in bear hug and lifted him off the ground and squeezed and could feel his breath being crushed out of him.I let him slide to the floor and then grabbed his hair to pull him up and put him on my shoulders and started spinning him around in airplane spin. i could hear him yelling and screaming.but,i could believe how wet i was getting for destroying an adult male!anyway,then i went to work with my thighs.after i got done with him he looked like he got run over.

LisaMar 24 2012 6:14pm
Ann - I'm pretty sure she could crush an apple flexing as you describe. Her arms are rock hard. Much more powerful than an apple.

LeoMar 25 2012 8:08am
Glenn - her arms were a litle bigger than ine when we first met. Now they are considerably bigger. It was about a year into the relationship when she first started beating me.

LeoMar 25 2012 8:11am
Leo,how does your girlfriend feel having bigger and stronger muscles than you? and how much stronger and how much bigger does she want her muscles to be?

AnnMar 25 2012 8:47am
I see that you didn't answer my question Leo. Are you a fag? It sounds like you feel her muscles like she's a man.

AnonymousMar 25 2012 9:19am
Well I can tell you Mr Anonymous that Leo very likely ISN'T a fag. You can appreciate muscles without being gay. I know because I can look at pictures from bodybuilding contests where both men and women have been involved, but the male pictures do NOTHING for me. I think because it's what the muscles mean, not the actual muscles themselves. Girl with muscles means she is willing to go against the grain of society and very confident in her body. It means she's stronger than me which I find attractive - whether she has muscles or not. So if I am 'worshipping' a girls muscles, I am really worshipping her power and strength, and her confidence, not because I am obsessed with the way X muscle is shaped. So there's more to it than saying: women has muscles, gay men like men, men who often have muscles - therefore man attracted to muscular woman is gay. Because no, I've never thought about being with a guy at all, men are ugly beasts, I pity women for sharing a bed with us sometimes :)

Glenn StormMar 25 2012 12:34pm
Lisa - sounds awesome. It's funny how guys can tease girls about their muscles and somehow think they are not 'real' or functional. Fact: female muscle is just as strong as male muscle! Arguably a little stronger, as studies have strong female muscles have some better attributes than male. Anyway...well done to standing up to him, sounds like you destroyed him! I love how so many girls are working out now for school sports. What were you a gymnast? cheerleader? And Ann, haha - watermelons too? I'm not sure I want to go to grocery store with you! What can you do with a banana?? haha Tell us some more of your exploits please, I love them :)

Glenn StormMar 25 2012 12:41pm
Oh 3rd post sorry...but I notice topic has disappeared for the 'new' section. I've had some nice contacts from a couple of the topics here, so I just thought I'd offer my email again if anyone wants to keep talking and sharing about their experiences. So Ann, Lisa, Wendy, Genevra...if you feel like bragging some more :) shoot me an email - I'd love to hear some more, and even you guys feel free to email me too, and we can share what it's like to love girls with muscles. Sorry if that makes me sound creepy, but it's hard to find muscular and strong girls here in Australia sometimes, so the internet is a great place to meet and discuss them. If anyone is interested: Or I can even be your friend on facebook if you dare :)

Glenn StormMar 25 2012 12:48pm
Anyone here ever come across or experience the dilemma of having an ultra hot, sexy muscular younger sister who drives her brother wild with her flexing and showing off her dancer/gymnast physique. Email me if ya want, kinda need some tips etc

EthanMar 26 2012 7:51pm
The anonymous fellow sounds like a s.h.i.t. scared patriarchist!

HEY, CHICKEN DOO!!!!!Mar 30 2012 4:48pm
All of these posts by "girls" are either guys looking for a raise or girls exaggerating. Where did "Chrystelle" run off to? "She" ran away when "she" found out everyone realized "she" is really a HE.

ChrisApr 07 2012 1:01pm
Lisa how old is your mothers boyfriend.Amd have your mother found out that you physically overpowered her boyfriend. and how does he treat you now?

CharlesApr 11 2012 2:31pm
Sorry to say, but Lisa = Ann = Wendy.

AnonymousMay 05 2012 6:01am
Chris, maybe Crystelle had better things to do than waste her time listening to narrow minded losers with preconceived ideas they cant cope with being challenged. And everyone didn't realize she was a guy, someone made an accusation and she took exception to that, no one else commented. There's no proof anyone on this site is or isn't who they say they are. No one here is in a place to make that call because you DON'T KNOW! You can't know. When you make baseless judgement calls about stuff on what you personally think is possible or not doesn't make you right, it just pisses people off who otherwise might have an interesting point of view or experience to share.

sick of narrow minded trollsJun 25 2012 5:02am
would love to meet you Crystelle

richAug 05 2012 12:07pm
where do you live crystelle. would like to have sex with you.

richAug 05 2012 12:20pm
Hello I'm charles i have been into fitness for a while. i dont really know the how big my biceps are. But when i look at them in the mirror i feel great but when i feel them. i get depress. they feel like fat. i like to compete with girl that are stronger than me. And yes i do get jealous. But at the sametime i like it.

Charles MichaelAug 25 2012 3:57pm
I wouldn't know cause I am a girl, but I do know that guys love muscular girls from my experience. Usually in public they are too ashamed to admit it. I am 27 years old and I've always been athletic and strong (gymnastics, climbing, ...). Last years I've also lifting weights a lot and doing boot camp training (training with your own bodyweight, push ups, pull-ups and many other routines). Those hard hours made my body ripped and very strong. All of the guys i've dated have been attracted to my muscles. At first they were just grabbing admiring and touching my muscles try not be too obvious, but when I encouraged them they were loving it. They really worshipped my muscles and it made me feel sexy and strong. I also like to show them how much stronger I am in every possible test of strength. So definetely, muscles on girls make sex much better.

Petra984Sep 02 2012 11:56am
Petra984, you sound hot and very strong. I totally agree with you though. I've always been into muscular, strong girls. So I know plenty of such girls, some of them I've even dated. It's not better than a pumped muscle girl in bed.

MartinSep 03 2012 6:12am
Hey Melissa if you are reading this...great to hear from you, but I haven't been able to reach you by email - it keeps getting bounced back to me. Can you try from another address?

Glenn StormSep 05 2012 1:45pm
I shot a barrett 50 cal sniper rifle it was so powerful

Glenn stormSep 06 2012 3:26pm
Me too

NobodySep 06 2012 3:27pm
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...thanks for the comment random impersonator!

Glenn StormSep 07 2012 12:24am
Anyone ever had sex with a ballerina?

RicoNov 07 2012 10:38pm
I find muscular woman a terrific turn on and fantasise about getting to grips with such a sexy beast

PagsyDec 16 2012 10:43am
love em

joelDec 25 2012 7:35am
Wow Sex with a gymnast is incredible

AnonymousJan 20 2013 12:52am
f*ck yeah

AnonymousJan 22 2013 3:32pm
Hey-lisa I just want to meet you. Are you on some social networking sites or fb??? Must tell me!!!

AVMar 02 2013 8:32pm
Any muscle girls out there who love having their abs came on?

JMar 04 2013 8:14am
And is there any way I can cum on them?

JMar 09 2013 2:58pm
sex with muscel girl..hmmmmm intresting .did any musculer blondes wana sex with me...

AnonymousMar 20 2013 12:39pm
i am also musculer....did any musculer blonds wana sex . Then wellcome ....

nvnMar 20 2013 12:41pm
Crystelle sounds awesome!!!!

AnonymousMar 31 2013 7:11pm
Crystelle sounds awesome!!!!

DMar 31 2013 7:16pm
yes and i have. the pussy is very tight and the ass is sexy

my dickMay 16 2013 1:50pm
any 15 or 16 year old girls with big and hard biceps here that would like to just jerk me off really really hard until i squirt majorly? i'm only 41 but real young looking for my age. i developed later than my cousins did,so i don't have any real medical problems at all,and over all my bed sicknesses,so i'm healthy as a horse. i'm not very musclely,but not fat or skinny necessarily either,but i'm pretty strong for my age,so i can take some really hard squeezing and a bunch of jerking on my "u know what!" you can even flex your biceps before and after you do me! so how about it? oh,i also would like to be made to squirt on your bi's when i cum,only your holding my "thing" when i do. i think that would be very cool and very worth it!!! let me know for now until i get an e-mail up and running,then you can msg. me. it'll be most likely in yahoo. in the mean time give me one here. thanx! _

girlbiceps luv'rJun 07 2013 1:30pm
satan,i totally agree with you. girls biceps are hot as "aich ea double hockey sticks!"

girlbiceps luv'rJun 07 2013 1:32pm
God my pussy is soo f*cking wet

AnnJun 23 2013 6:06pm
if any of the girls in here wanna talk more e-mail me at love muscular women those are the only kind i date!

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