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Future Female Supremacy : Is it coming

Question: Well is it
Created by: hardcockwanker at 04:21:24 PM, Thursday, April 05, 2012 EDT


My wife keeps me naked, she tells me of the future and how all males will be like me. She is quite a powerful lady, and seems to have influences in high places. Oh my. I am so scared, but the thing is I get aroused by the thought, I wont be able to stop her

hardcockwankerApr 05 2012 8:22pm

My pathetic stiff c*ck of a husband has put this nonsense up on the wall. He better start preying to the goddess, cause when I get in I am going to beat his sorry arse stupid.

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 8:24pm
See she really means it. Its not right. I havent done anything to deserve being treated like this, nothing at all. Its against my own human rights. She keeps me naked, and doesnt not allow me any sexual release, also refuses to allow me to be aroused. Its not fair and nots right. I hope someone out their can convice my wife to stop this. Last time she beat me so hard I couldnt sit down for weeks.

hcwApr 05 2012 8:26pm
Poor man. How can his wife be so cruel. Why do you treat a man like this Barbra. I cant abide such treatment.

Judith BostonApr 05 2012 8:27pm
POOR MAN! HARDLY. Do you want to know why I call him hard c*ck wanker?

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 8:28pm
Not hear darling, please Ma'am, not in public.

hcwApr 05 2012 8:29pm
I am interested to know Barbra

Judith BostonApr 05 2012 8:29pm
Of course you are dear Judith. Well he pointed out I have a sucessful high flying buisness job. Guess what, so did he. The pathetic worm lost it after being caught masturbating in the staff toilets. A female cleaner caught him at it, lodge a complaint of indecent exposure and he was instantly sacked. We worked out we could still live of my earners, but the digusting pervert was going to have to pay.

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 8:31pm
Oh! Ma'am, why did you say that. Please, no needs to hear it.

hcwApr 05 2012 8:32pm
Well my apologies Judith Boston, you go. Males like that need the chop or need to be fixed. I think you will agree.

Judith BostonApr 05 2012 8:33pm
Ms.Barbra, abosuletly. In fact I dont trust many males so I dont employ many males. To many distractions get them into so much trouble. I think they cant handle even the odd stocking top let alone a full frontal of a Lady.

Ms.BabraApr 05 2012 8:35pm
Well IMHO I believe you should of brought you husband before me, and let me give him a real punishment he deserves. I seen loads of wimpy pathetic males with indecent exposure problems. If I had my way, I would at least at the mimnimum cage you husbands c*ck up, but surely the maxium punishment should be castration

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 8:39pm
Oh no, here she comes, she has just got in. I am so so scared, but I am also very erect. Which is only going to make matters worse

hcwApr 05 2012 8:42pm
LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Off with his c*ck then. Bet it still hasnt gone down though. Dirty f*cking male wanker

Older Lady UKApr 05 2012 8:43pm
Right, sorted that out, my husband has recieved a harsh beating and I dont mean canes and spanks. I also mean faceslaps and ballgrabs and ball busting. He is now standing by my side. Lets start what hcw was hoping to wank over when he got some answers. FEAMLE SUPREMACY. What does the future hold (BY THE WAY THIS IS A FANTASY, SO DONT WORRY YOURSELF. ITS JUST A BIT OF FUN I AM HAVING WITH A CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND)

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 8:47pm
Well the fact that ladies like you and myself are making in the world should prove confirmation that Females are finally take what is rightfully theirs. We just need a Female Supremacist movement, to get the word out their.

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 8:48pm
Wow, great discussion, I hope males remeber that there was a time when females were considered the property of their father or husband. Times have changed! I believe laws should be changed and that males become the property of their mother or wife. Males should no longer be permitted to take part in politics or voting. Males education should be limited to giving him the training he will need to manage the basic tasks of keeping a household, such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. All property in a marriage should be considered the woman's property and all finances and money should be handled only by the female. I stop short of actual enslavement, because I am quite liberal

Ms. GailApr 05 2012 8:51pm
Well Ladies their is, its called the Vixen Authoritive Party, I am the head of it. We strive for the removal of many male rights, and if decided by female vote the introduction of male enslavement. The fact is, that the male and his c*ck need to be brought undercontrol, and no c*ck in politics is going to admit that as they are to busy f*cking with it or masturbating with it

Emily CartwrightApr 05 2012 8:53pm
Ah yes the VAP. Wonderful organisation, I get your paper all the time. Might I say I have had first hand experience with the 'self-abuse' plague thats going on. If you have seen my previous comments. Keep up the good work Emily

Ms. BarbraApr 05 2012 8:55pm
HELL YEAH! DAILY VIXEN. Its the only used paper I allow to be read in my office, the few remaing male staff complain about it, but they would, as those stiff c*cks know the truth hurts

Missy Linda Boss LadyApr 05 2012 8:56pm
Glad to see so many terms that originated from our paper and organisation, and glad to see its the ladies that are using them. Its just we feel that those males at home doing nothing spend most of their days up to something, which is not benifical to the Superior Sex

Emily CartwrightApr 05 2012 8:58pm
Say what you mean, you mean wanking. Thats what is happening. I dont know why males have become like this, but it needs to be stopped. You got my vote Emily. Just to see the looks on males faces as the VAP sweeps into power. How I will laugh. LOL! LOL! LOL!

Older Lady UKApr 05 2012 8:59pm
This nonsense has gone on for far to long. Emily Cartwright and all the Ladies on this board should stop saying such barbaric and outrageous things. The fact that the VAP is a majority party should mean something to you, like most people hate Female Supremacy. We are MAFS do not oppose Female rights, and are supportive of Feminist, but we draw the line at Female Supremacy. We must defeat it before the males of this world are enslaved. They can never take our erections!

Oh goddess, the stupid fools from MAFs once again showing that they not only are obbessed by their meat and two veg, but think with it. We are second at the moment boy, power is in our grasp. Once we are in we are going to round you lot up. Dont worry we wont kill you or send you away, we will just get some Ladies to spank you live of TV. Just to show how far we have come. Bend over my knee MAF supporters. You know you love it, if not then why is you little penie sticking up, huh?

Emily CartwrightApr 05 2012 9:05pm
VAP have come and gone, their time has passed, it was just a mere blip on world history. You mad old bags have peaked, and now the only way is down

Gov_Officer_Worker1222Apr 05 2012 9:07pm
I am thinking of making hcw vote for the VAP too. I hope that isnt consided an offensive to the wonderful organisation. Also GOW1222, you sound worried, really really worried, still it doesnt hide that tent pole in your trousers

Ms. BarbraApr 05 2012 9:08pm
Not at all we need as many votes as we can get, and we dont care if they are from male or female alike, just that if we do get in power it wont be long till a male would never vote.

Emily CartwrightApr 05 2012 9:09pm
Typical VAP relying on the votes of a scared weakwilled male to get them some inch of power. Sad indeed

Gov_Officer_Worker1222Apr 05 2012 9:10pm
SHUT UP CLIVE SMITH! We have files on you and your websiting browsing history. Turns out clive is just as pathetic as Barbras husband. He spends most of our tax payers money on subscribing to FemDom sites. Seems like the man is very much in deniel

Emily CartwrightApr 05 2012 9:11pm
PMSWL!!! LOL! LOL! LOL! Isnt always the way with some of these men. Clive is a pervy submissive. Bet he cant wait for VAP to get in. I reckon you should keep him on to help you with some of the male rules you are bound to be introducing. LOL! LOL! FEMALE SUPREMACY FOREVER!

Older Lady UKApr 05 2012 9:12pm
Hi I am clare starling the famous Daily Vixen coloumist, and I wish to share you my lead coloum for today. As election day comes closer and close for the first time the VAP have taken the lead. A massive scandel eurupted in the government when it was found out that officers in the government where spending money on porn, lap dancing clubs, prositutes and subscriptions to porn sites. Dont say we didnt warn you girls, but like I said, the c*ck is the males downfall and our misfortune. The time has come to grab the male by the balls and say no more. Emily Cartwright inches close to becoming the leader of this great world, we can only hope that she doesnt reserve to much pity for these male wasters. Seriously castration is to good for them. When the VAP get in power they should force strip all male government workers and make them march through the streets pleading for forgiveness from the Superior Female. Not saying we should, but we should, right? Its getting quite exciting isint Ladies, really, is this it?

Claire StarlingApr 05 2012 9:16pm
the c*ck is the males downfall and our misfortune...could agree more Clair, so true

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 9:17pm
LOL! Just been out, saw Claires words across a billboard. It really is coming. Oh my Goddess and I am still around to witness it, I have waited for this day for so long HIP HIP HORRAY FOR FS! LOL! LOL!

Older Lady UKApr 05 2012 9:19pm
I totally agree Clair, these males are a drain on us hard working females. Strip them and kick them out, maybe even try them retro-actively. I am sure I would be quite up for it. Really I would.

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 9:20pm
This is just stupid, why are you Ladies and a few males voting for these Ultra Female Supremacist. It goes against everything in this world. Its not right to deny a human being his rights. I think personally, that both males and females are equal. I work hard, I get paid a pittance, but I never complain, but still, I wouldnt want to be paid nothing. Really you people need to get you head sorted.

JonApr 05 2012 9:21pm
Your not my equal boy! Apologies, seriously do apologies as when the VAP get in I will order your arrest for treason. Really I will be able to do that. How dare you, probably a fat overweight shelf stacking loser who was probably naked and hard as he wrote this have in common with me. f*ckING WORTHLESS COCK! Apologies

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 9:23pm
I agree, jon should apologies, I think the VAP would be in their right to silence equalitists and machoist

Ms. GailApr 05 2012 9:24pm
Come on Jon apologies. Males like you are all mouth and no trousers. Which is what you might end up with one day, no trousers. SAY SORRY!

Judith BostonApr 05 2012 9:25pm
NO! I wont, I dont see why I should be scared of a lot of empty threats from someone claiming to be a High Court Judge. Really, do you believe her.

JonApr 05 2012 9:26pm
How can we allow such an insult of a hard working lady, all this worm does is hard wanking. SAY SORRY, or get you c*ck out of our faces.

Judith BostonApr 05 2012 9:27pm
What a creep jon is. Picking on a wonderful lady, I would never let hcw get away

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 9:27pm
of course you wouldnt as you have pretty much destoryed you husband for one minor slip up. Its amazing that he stays with such a bitch like you.

JonApr 05 2012 9:28pm
Such terms Jon is using, when we get to power will be denied to be used by males. Jon I would be very careful if I where you. Really I would. You should take notice at the latest opinion polls, 2 days to go and we are 6 points clear. Enough to become the new government of this world. Seriously, we will be able to trace you down, and bring you to judgement. males need to learn what life is really going to be like in VAP world

Emily CartwrightApr 05 2012 9:30pm
The moron still hasnt apologies though. He is really begining to wind me up. Why cant we make this a Female board only

Older Lady UKApr 05 2012 9:31pm
Oh look at me, I am an older lady, who just finds other people discomfort amusing, I am an a old bloody hag who has seen better days, and then decides to take it out on us males

JonApr 05 2012 9:32pm
Seriously I was undecided but now Jon has convinced me. I am going to vote for the VAP. FEMALES OVER male!

Francescia_4_VAPApr 05 2012 9:33pm
Well Emily, I think its you who is in for a shock, as the polls you quote are the ones published by you rag of a newspaper, The Daily Vixen. Really, I wouldnt be suprised if you finish fourth. If you do, I am going to have one long wank to celebrate. High Court fat cow, you wont ever get an apology from me.

JonApr 05 2012 9:34pm
I was browsing infomation concerning the VAP as I expect to vote for them in the next election, but when who should I find but my step-son Jon, being incredbly rude to a few Ladies. Well Jon, I think we might tell them a few homne truths about you.

Marion_withwayward_ssonApr 05 2012 9:36pm
You wont, you would embrasse me Marion. You wouldnt dare

JonApr 05 2012 9:36pm
*pulls up the chair grabs a cup of coffee smiling* I am a waiting Marion. This should be fun.

Superior High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 9:37pm
Well, I never had a problem with his habits until he got a lot older, and seemed to have not grown out of them. He used to steal knickers from my draws. I would often find porno mags in his bedroom, etc etc. I just grinned and beared it for a while. Until he was laid of from an office run by the Lady who has appeared on here already (which is probably why he was attracted to this board). He said it was because he was male, which you know it probably was, but I didnt mind to much as long as he did his chores or look for a new job. He didnt do either. First time I caught him wanking was when I had a few friends over. Jon was unaware of these Ladies, and when I caught him, instead of me getting angry, Jon just launched in to a foul tirade against me, his c*ck was hard at all times during this. I just shook my head and told him enough, but he followed me naked and hard to the front room, where to his shock their where a few Ladies staring back at his erection. Jon went crimson. He couldnt bear the humiliation, strangely though his c*ck remnained stiff.

Marions_withwayward_ssonApr 05 2012 9:41pm
LOL! LOL! LOL! How pathetic, I think it shows you his attiude if he thought you where in the wrong. Really just show how little Jon understands. I do feel sorry for the ladies though. OMG!

Older Lady UKApr 05 2012 9:43pm
I wasnt stiff infront those Ladies. Thats just a lie. Really Ma'am, you are liaring

JonApr 05 2012 9:43pm
Hahaha, oh yes you where Jon. One of my friends, who is a VAP supporter came over to their beliefs because of many experiences like that with males of a similar ilk, you being one of them. Dont try to hide it. What mistake Jon constantly made was that he prefers to masturbate fully nude, so its very hard to get dressed if caught. I remeber me and my lovely neighbour popped out for a drink, and then returned home, we caught jon in the process of trying to get his clothes back on, but his c*ck was sticking out outrageous, but what made it even more embrassing was jon was wanking over the Daily Vixen. Can you believe that.

Marions_withwayward_ssonApr 05 2012 9:46pm
*Is rolling about the floor in tears of laughter* Really, he was, Jon has issues, maybe thats why he is so rude. He just needs to be placed over the knee of a Lady

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 9:47pm
Well thats the thing SFHCJ. I do. He has been over my knee many times. Isnt that true Jon, dont worry, I am now using his computer to type this, he will be on in a momnet, I just needed to tell him to not only apologies to you, but to get over my knee for being such a sad little agressive small c*ck. His c*ck is tiny btw, very small, about 4 inches. He blames all of female kind for being a small c*ck loser.

Marions_withwayward_ssonApr 05 2012 9:49pm
OTK, the most traditional way and the best to deal with a fully grown inferior male. Also, lol, he was having a go at hcw but at least his c*ck is much bigger then Jons. Like SFHCJ says, Jon has issues, which need to be addressed.

Ms. BarbraApr 05 2012 9:51pm
The rightful place for little boys, wherever in the world, Is lying in the mud, beside the feet of little girls. To lick their boots and bow their heads and instantly obey, The orders, their superiors, see fit to send their way. All boys should learn, at tender age, across their sister's knee, To humbly accept, what is their natural destiny. For nature has designed the male, from cradle to the grave, To dedicate his life, to serve and act as woman's slave

FEMALE FS POET_VAP4meApr 05 2012 9:55pm
I am so sorry to all you ladies, espcially SFHCJ, I am ever so sorry. Marion has made sure that I also vote the right way tomorrow

JonApr 05 2012 9:56pm
The females aint been on here for quite a while, are any of the males out there. This is so scary isnt it.

hcwApr 05 2012 9:56pm
Oh I agree. It is. Where is that MAFs bloke. I wish to contact him

JonApr 05 2012 9:57pm
oh me and him are great friends. I will secretly get in contact with him

hcwApr 05 2012 9:57pm
I am totally opposed to the VAP and feel that they arent going to win as big as they make out. Daily Vixen is just so used to making up lies that sometimes it believes them. We need to keep control of our c*cks and lot lose our trousers. We will fight to keep equailty if the VAP try to take it away from us we will protest. Protest today at 12:00 PM, march the streets and make your voices heard.

MAFs KEEP EQUALITYApr 05 2012 9:59pm
You heard the man Ladies, looks like the two male wankers have really let the cat out of the bag. I am arranging a counter protest. Ladies come on down and take you crops, a few bad males need a good hard whipping. 12:00PM

UrbanGirlGurilliaVAP4EVERApr 05 2012 10:01pm
Jon if you go to that march I will have those clothes of the back of you. You dont not have my permission.

Marion_wayward_ssonApr 05 2012 10:02pm
Well hcw isnt going anyway, his balls are far to big and tender, after I ball busted the MAFs memebers name. I passed it on to the VAP. Poor hcw, he still cant close his legs as his balls are so swollen.

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 10:03pm
Thank you Ms.Barbra, the Daily Vixen has printed details of the male wankers march and is planning to outnumber them on a march for Female Supremacy. We need millions of Ladies to march on the c*ck and balls. Come on girls, its our time. LOL! Check out todays election eve copy of Daily Vixen 'DONT SAY WE DIDNT WARN YOU!' very apt

Claire StarlingApr 05 2012 10:05pm
Just using my mobile to send you some updates about the protests. Only 400 males turned up and over 1 million ladies turned up. Game set and match FS. Infact Marion, I think your step-son might of snuck out. Does he have greasy hair, a few spots, a fat stomach and fleshy legs? Cause if so then he is really taking the piss. FS FOREVER!

UrbanGirlGurrilliaVAP4EVERApr 05 2012 10:07pm

UrbanGirlGurrilliaVAP4EVERApr 05 2012 10:11pm
A rumour has spread that a male was caught wanking in the bushes not to fair from the male protest. A kindly Police Lady has yet to confirm if he was a protestor, but its really made these ladies disgusted. The pathetic male march is streaming past us, we boo and his and yell out insults. Hehehe, Marion, your step-son looks gloom. I will take a picture of him and send it to you. The Police Ladies are trying to hold a few of the more Hardline FS supporters back, but the wanking 'incident' true or not has really ignited this counter protest. I think something is going to happen.

UrbanGirlGurrilliaVAP4EVERApr 05 2012 10:13pm
OH MY GODDESSS...The FS hardliners have broken free and charged the males with there crops. These attractive and atheletic rich ladies are the original core of the FS movement. They are beating the crap out of these male protestors, stupid c*cks dont fight back as they are pacifists. Tough poo then, males are running all over the place. The Police Ladies are trying to regain control by beating the male protestors, as they see it as their fault for doing such a provactive act the day before voting.

UrbanGirlGurrilliaVAP4EVERApr 05 2012 10:16pm
lolololololol!!!! HAHAHAHAH! Watchin it now on TV, did anyone see that man get thrown to the ground, his legs where kicked apart they pulled down his trousers and kneed him in the balls. Its such a funny moment. f*cking wankers had it coming.Lolololol

Older Lady UKApr 05 2012 10:18pm
I think I just saw Marion sson, I think it was, he was getting a good arse whipping, a lady had raised her knee and put him over it and began whipping his arse. LOLLOLLOLLOL! OH GODDESS, poor wanker, she has pushed him off he has stumbled back and guess what, his stiff c*ck is for all to see. Jon is being humiliated on world tv.

Older Lady UKApr 05 2012 10:22pm
Hey you ladies, is this how its going to be. Have you ladies no shame, you FS followers are horrible imagine assulting peaceful male protestors. Also its quite clear to see that the Police are on their side, probably cause its now completely staffed by Ladies, and has been infiltrated by the VAP. Democracy is dead.

MAFs supporter_124mApr 05 2012 10:24pm
I have been watching the tv with complete outrage, how dare he go without my permission and how dare he expose himself like that on TV. Jon has reached an all time low. When he gets back we are packing his clothes away, whilst he is under my roof Jon will be completely naked. I did warn him, and told him, but he wouldnt listen. He is going to vote for the VAP tomorrow and then he is losing his clothes forever. Disgraceful way to act.

Marions_wayward_ssonApr 05 2012 10:26pm
trouser off time for Jon. Who says FS cant be fun

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 10:26pm
Having a look at recent updates, and it turns out the MAFs supporter_124m is the one they found in the bushes rubbing himself away. The Police have managed to get him away from the angry crowd of Female FS followers. Still, a Police Lady said that she had never seen some many arse whipping and ball bustings in one day. A man to the right of me is being spanked the old fashioned way. A Daily Vixen female Photographer is taking a picture,surely that will be the election day front page. Each hand slap on the poor inferior males arse is greeted with a hooray for fs. Wonderful

UrbanGirlGurrilliaVAP4EVERApr 05 2012 10:29pm
I have seen the distressing scenes and I must say the all Female Police force has done a wonderful job in controlling the macho male c*ck rights march. They had been warned that they might infurate many of our hardcore and hardline supporters, but they didnt listen. If we lose tomorrow this is what will happen again. Males thinking way above their stations, and treating FS as a forum to debate equality. It is not, otherwise it wouldnt be called Female Supremacy. Last stand of the erect c*ck, that man caught on camera with a stiff c*ck will be consided the last time a male could brandish such an offensive site to a female with out facing harsh and probably barbaric punishment. He represents the patheticness of the males stiff c*ck and stupid balls. VAP FOREVER!

Emily CartwrightApr 05 2012 10:32pm
I am using a friends mobile to say that I feel us males where treated harshly and in no way warrented such an attack. Also that it is quite clear that VAP arent as popular as they think they are the anti-FS press has published polls which suggest that the VAP is around the same position as last time. They arent going to win. Last stand of the erect c*ck, well we shall see Emily. Cant wait to talk more tomorrow.

JonApr 05 2012 10:36pm
Jon,get you worthless inferior male arse back here now. You are in such trouble. Really you are. I want you here by tomorrow or I will wait to the VAP get in and send the police to find you. With a new FS Government in charge they would be brutal and harsh. Your c*ck has brought great shame on me and my home, you need to learn what you new role in life is going to be. You are living in CFNM house laws, you where warned but now, I am afraid, its too late.

Marions_wayward_ssonApr 05 2012 10:39pm
oh my, my wife asked me to type this, I have just returned from the voting booth and have ticked the box next to VAP, I feel like I am a traitor to the cause of all males. My wife found the thing quite amusing

hcwApr 05 2012 10:40pm
Hello Marion, I have just found you step son hiding in my shed. Being a VAP voter and reading these message boards and having seen him showing off his wares on tv, I decided to inform you. I will bring him round sharply. Just thought I would let the other girls know. One vote for VAP!

Becca_francis_2021Apr 05 2012 10:41pm
LOL!LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!PMSL! Oh my goddess, poor hard c*ck wanker, still I bet he was hard in his trousers when he was doing it.LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

Older Lady UKApr 05 2012 10:42pm
*nods head* Of course he was.

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 10:43pm

Older Lady UKApr 05 2012 10:43pm
Wonderful front page picture *its the picture of the male getting a good old fashioned spanking' And alongside it it has the headline 'FEMALE SUPREMACY FOREVER!' Subheading 'males be dammed'

Daily Vixen EditorApr 05 2012 10:45pm
Only one paper has predicted a FS win. Suprise suprise its the Daily Vixen. What a bunch of losers they are.

MAFs 4everApr 05 2012 10:46pm
FYI, I have just voted and got jon to vote VAP, now he is at home, his clothes have been stored in a suitcase with a lock and the key is hidden. When jon needs to go out he will be allowed to put clothes on, but when he is under my roof he will be naked. Jon right now is doing the washing up. Quite a site to see a naked male doing the house work

Marions_wayward_ssonApr 05 2012 10:47pm
Got used to it Marion, in a few years time, you can forgo the suitcase as I am sure the CFNM laws will become a legal requirement in public as well as private. The next 10 years are going to be such VAP!

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 10:49pm
One for Emily, one for my husband. He is voting VAP. Again I dont think he wants too.

Judith BostonApr 05 2012 10:50pm
Emily Cartwright seems pretty sure of victory, she just offered me a job in the government. This is getting better and better....also I have some intel that shows a lot of Ladies kind of lost faith in the weak male show at the protest, they saw how pathetic and wimpy males have really become, some even suggest this reason is because of male wanking. Nothing new to us FS, but finnally, more mainstream Ladies think wanking is a important issue.

Claire StarlingApr 05 2012 10:51pm
Watching some of these c*cks on TV just saying how unlikely it is for an election to be won on wanking and slavery. Oh goddess, lol, this is going to be such fun.LOLOLOL!

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 10:52pm
Look at our leader dimissing Emily as just a one off, stupid stiff c*ck that he is, she is the beginning you stupid wanker. I voted VAP!

Ms.GailApr 05 2012 10:53pm
I have to agree with Claire, before the protest I was dead against FS I didnt believe in anything they said, and thought their views where utterly bizzare. Having which how pathetic males have become, and having heard the suggestion that its through male complusive c*ckrubbing, I have decided to vote for VAP! They will get those stupid worthlee bits of meat back working and not wanking.

Norma1323Apr 05 2012 10:55pm
How can you seriously think you will win. Equality is what makes this world great not Supremacy. Dont believe Emilys hype. They are going to lose.

malerightsApr 05 2012 10:57pm
exit poll in. Can I just say. LOL!

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 10:57pm
oh my, its a crushing landslide for the VAP. How did that happen, they have got 76% of the vote. This isnt right, surely their has been fraud or rigging. This is not happening.

malerightsApr 05 2012 10:58pm
@ malerights..oh it is happening, now get those clothes off and starting kiss our heels. This is amazing. LOL!

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 10:59pm
Oh girls you should get a look at jon, I will upload a picture, he looks so sad, yet his c*ck is rock hard!

Marions_wayward_ssonApr 05 2012 11:00pm
His c*ck is hard!LOL! When isnt it hard. Still loving the picture. This is a gloriously funny day.

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 11:01pm
hcw looks the same too, and is stiff as a broom, he is trying to tell me it doenst have to be like this. I am just laughing, and I have told him, no it doesnt, as its just going to get more fun. His c*ck did a little nod to that!

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 11:02pm
His c*ck is hard!LOL! When isnt it h....dirty stiff c*cks the pair of them. Still at least they want have to endure the loss of rights every male will experience. Cause they didnt have any to begin A male voter is on the verge of tears on TV, as he is roundly mocked by a new VAP coucillor. She isnt letting this go. She even did the snip snip finger thing...the chop, right males, got those c*cks down or off they come. Surely Emily will have to combat the wanking epidemic. Wouldnt you ladies agree.

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 11:05pm
Agreed, we must begin at once as well. I am as we speak tabling a law which will forbid arousal in public and ban male wanking (without permission) in public and private.

Claire StarlingApr 05 2012 11:06pm
@Clair you cant do that, this world wouldnt allow such a thing surely. You can ban masturbation in private. What is it to you. This is going to cause the world so much trouble.

malerightsApr 05 2012 11:07pm
@malerights oh shut up and take your hand away from your c*ck. Claire that sounds like wonderful news.

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 11:07pm
No offence Claire I love the law, but my sson has quite an appaling habit of being hard most of the times. What of his arousal in public. I mean, whilst he should be punished, I cant have him being punished all the time.

marion_wayward_ssonApr 05 2012 11:09pm
@oldladyuk please stop saying such things. You FS followers are obessed by male penises, not all males play with their stiff c*cks I mean c*cks.

malerightsApr 05 2012 11:10pm
@malerights So you c*ck is stiff is it? No surprise their. Typical whiney male inferior.LOL!

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 11:12pm
I am going to find me a male with a stiff c*ck to celebrate with. Me and girls are on the look out.

UrbanGirlGurrilliaVAP4EVERApr 05 2012 11:12pm
@Oldladyuk no it isnt, I dont get stiff in public I do....

malerightsApr 05 2012 11:13pm
@malerights poor fella probably in a rush to fit in some wanking before the ban. Such a rush he couldnt finish his sentances.

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 11:14pm
@OldLadyUK Hmmm, I think malerights is tasting a bit of the crop Old Lady UK. We found our male with a stiff c*ck. Even though the bloke was denying it, he in fact was rock solid.

UrbanGirlGurrilliaVAP4EVERApr 05 2012 11:15pm
@UGGVAP4E Give the c*ck a ball bust from me darling.

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 11:16pm
On it Old Lady UK. Actually given him quite a couple, then we are going to take him home and he will be our slave for the day tomorrow. A proper FS celebration. Your more the welcome to come.

UrbanGirlGurrilliaVAP4EVERApr 05 2012 11:17pm
Ladies I do wish to annouce the first new law to be brought in for the new government is 'the male self-control act' and also the 'the private CFNM act' also a measure currently being discussed is 'the male back to work programme' males will be required to either actually prove they are looking for work, or go for daily teast at the worlds job centres, where they will be inspected for any signs of masturbation. Males dont have to work, but if they choose not to then they cant spend their life on our benifits masturbating. Its only fair. We are also phasing out DTV and introducing FDTV. This station will be under our firm control and will not show anything to undermine the spread of FS. We are also looking into a new FS law enforcement group, whos main objective will be to keep males in line with FS thinking. Also we cannot avoid the issue of the chop as many in the party have been campaigning for the use of it when dealing with compluisve masturbators and those with low self control. This I am afraid ladies though is still quite away off.

Emily CartwrightApr 05 2012 11:24pm
Oh Goddess, he wont stop. I am arguing with my stupid stiff c*ck of a sson about these rules and regulations. He cant quite get why we are allowing this. He wants to talk. I am going to let him. BTW FYI he is stiff and naked. So what ever he says remeber that ok. On you go Jon

Marions_wayward_ssonApr 05 2012 11:26pm
How can any of you Ladies think that any of this is a good idea. You cannot be serious. This is obscene, I didnt expect FS laws to be introduced so quickly. Its not right. We should all be allowed to vote on these issues. I cant believe that a lady such as Old Lady or SFHCJ are sitting their thinking its fair and just. How is it fair and just. This FS stuff is cruel and unusual and we need a brief rest bite, then a discussion about such rules.

jonApr 05 2012 11:28pm
I cant believe you are saying this whilst sitting down infront of a computer with a massive stiff c*ck. Surely maybe you should think about that thing between your legs? Does it ever go down? Really. As every time Marion is online she will mention how stiff you are. You think that self-control is obscene, well thats only because you aint got any.LOL!

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 11:30pm
Not only do I think its fair and just you little stiff c*ck, but I am looking forward to the day you pass through my court. I cant wait to sentance you and you offending erection to the chop.

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 11:32pm
I wouldnt like to be a male right now, espically one like jon. Oh give it up you pathetic piece of crap. Are you going to always be on here banging on and on about your rights. You had your chance its gone, FS is the way forward. Get used to it, and get that stiffy of yours down. Even hcw can get it down...well once in a blue No blue moons ever around Marions house. You have my sympathy Marion dear.

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 11:35pm
@Ms.Barbra I think my rights matter more then anything as Ladys like you and all you other FS mates are planning to take them away, us males are heading for slavery. Which is a step back, dont you think?

jonApr 05 2012 11:36pm
@jon lol no.

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 11:37pm
only a pathetic inferior male like yourself would see a golden oppotunity of mass male enslavement as a step back. You really a c*ck stupid arent you. You really are. Slavery is the end game of true FS theory. Its what we should be striving for, not going against. Males like you should be denied all rights including the right to live, sounds harsh, but its only fair for the mess you males got us in. Step-Back, more like a giant leap forward.

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 11:39pm
So you should think that if I disappoint my own step-mother she should have the right to kill me, cause that is what you are saying right SFHCJ

jonApr 05 2012 11:40pm
@jon yes, yes I am. Do you have a problem with that you worthless wanker? Really do you? Even as I type this I am still picturing you with a stiff c*ck. Maybe Marion could fill us in.

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 11:41pm
@SFHCJ Yes, yes he is. Quite funny really. Watching him get all worked up but his c*ck is standing to attention. Bless the poor little hard dick.

Marions_wayward_ssonApr 05 2012 11:42pm
@jon I cant take you seriously then boy, really I cant, how can you be serious whilst debating with me with you c*ck hard.

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 11:43pm
So any of you females agree with SFHCJ? Any of you heartless ladies agree?

jonApr 05 2012 11:44pm
@jon with SFHCJ, yes, totally. These laws are mearly a start. I mean I think that it will be done on a referendum, but hopefully by that time you will be denied the vote

Judith BostonApr 05 2012 11:45pm
I think males should keep the right to vote, but they have to got to the election room, get their c*cks out get them hard, and then rub their c*ckheads in ink, then use it to mark the box. Of course the box will be choosing by a Female supervisor who will make sure the male does the right thing. Would be wonderful dont you think

Superior Female High Court JudgeApr 05 2012 11:46pm
LOL! Would be fair too, as it would then be the choice of the male not to vote...and can I say I agree 100% with SFHCJ. Infact I dont think I have ever disagreed with her.

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 11:48pm
Really would be good, as we could have slaves talyor made to a real niche purpsose, like outside heel lickers, put them in a box, head at ground level, c*ck peeking out in the middle just at the right height for a quick flick of the switch if he isnt doing the job properly, that job being a heel licking slave. Sounds quite a good idea.

Ms.BarbraApr 05 2012 11:50pm
@MsB Wonderful idea, such a great use of a male. I reckon you could use really useless males as ashtrays for example. LOL! In a night club or bar or something.

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 11:51pm
you ladies cant be serious. No one would ever put up with a man being treated like that

jonApr 05 2012 11:52pm
0h no we are being very serious, and who would of vote 3 years ago that wanking would be one of the issues that won the election for FS. Who would of thought that 10 years ago males would one day be denied their own c*cks. Who would of believed that male castration would be openly discussed as a normal topic? Who would of thought jon. Stop assuming and look around you. There is no going back, one way ticket to slavery, could be 5 years, could be 10 years, could be 20 years, but dont worry jon, you will be around to have you self enslaved by the VAP. I just hope I am around to see the look on your face.lolololololololol!

Old Lady UKApr 05 2012 11:55pm
Taken from the newspaper TEN THINGS WE HOPE TO SEE FROM THE VAP GOVERNMENT (1). The introduction of the chop for compulisive male masturbators (2). Outlawing (unless stated otherwise) of males being clothed in public (3). Open discussion on male enslavement or failing that the reduction of the male to a second class citizen (4). A national chastity campaign. Free belts for ladies who wish to place thier males into (5). Banning of all pro-male, and machoism and MAFs asap (6). More FS oriented programmes on FDTV (7). The removal of all males from places of power and importance (8). A c*ck tax on those males who work but spent more then 2 years unemployed before the VAP victory. A rate of 75% on their wages, to pay back what is owned (9)A FS victory parade (10) (which is actually happening right now) A chain of resturnats with attractive bottomless males with erect c*cks, stiff bars they are to be called.

Daily Vixen editorApr 06 2012 12:00am
Attention ladies, I am set to open a stiff bar if you are interested in visiting. Please feel free to indulge in the males working at the bars, they understand their duties. Phone 09821 323 442 to book a table.

Ms. GailApr 06 2012 12:02am
@ Old Lady Right, I still think you are living in a dream world when it comes to or own enslavement. Its never going to happen and you know that. Stop thinking it will. Its not nice and its quite distressing to here

jonApr 06 2012 12:03am
@jon so distressing that you aint got down yet. I bet. I can tell. Wish Marion would

Old Lady UKApr 06 2012 12:04am
this c*ck just cant stop. males should been seen and not heard. If slavery was introduced I would make so much savings. It would be a goddess send. Why cant this thick male idoit get it into his spunk filled brain. YES ALL WOMEN HERE SUPPORT SLAVERY! YES WE ALL HOPE IT WILL COME SOON! BUT WE ALSO KNOW THAT IF IT DOESNT COME THEN THEN IT WILL COME LATER. a pathetic male like you cant stop it.

Missy Linda Boss LadyApr 06 2012 12:07am
lol...of course not Old.

Marions_wayward_ssonApr 06 2012 12:07am
bet the dirty wanker wants a good old rub down their. I bet he just wants to grab it and wanking himself stupid.

Old Lady UKApr 06 2012 12:08am
actually, might have a bit of fun with it. wait for it.

Marions_wayward_ssonApr 06 2012 12:10am

jonApr 06 2012 12:10am
lol. did he actually right that.

Old Lady UKApr 06 2012 12:11am
yes he did, he wrote that, cause I gave him a few tugs on his stiffy. Thats one of the little, and I mean little, joys of have a permantly stiff male. When you rub them they say and do anything.

Marions_wayward_ssonApr 06 2012 12:12am
at last the stupid c*ck is making sense. How easily lead males are.

Ms.BarbraApr 06 2012 12:13am
It is one day after this thread was created and and so far 147 postings and and not one vote

AnonymousApr 06 2012 7:11am
The sooner you Vacuous Airheaded Poltroons and Meatheaded Arsehole Farts destroy each other, the better.

an intelligent, sexism hating life formApr 07 2012 4:52pm
Female Supremacy is here. The patriarchal system is like the Titanic. It has already hit the iceberg and it's just a matter of time before it sinks! Meanwhile, the smart thing to do is to get on the Female Supremacy lifeboat and sail into the future!

AnonymousApr 07 2012 5:59pm
If that's the best you can come up with, we're all sunk.

an intelligent life formApr 10 2012 3:14pm
women will and always carried the weight of whole planet on their robust strong hips,thats why their legs are so strong powerful and muscular next to chicken-men legs

AnonymousApr 12 2012 8:15am
Sounds like an exerpt from one of them whack-job creation myths.

an intelligent life formApr 14 2012 4:16pm
Women vote in greater numbers than men. While they aren't nearly the majority of politicians yet, they have more clout than men as the biggest voting block. They are starting to have more power economically and control most of the money. They have more say in marriages and relationships. The power of women is building and building and will soon snowball into total supremacy. Men aren't going to be able to talk their way out of this. They must accept it and submit to their new masters, women.

AnonymousApr 18 2012 12:21pm
And when that happens, the women will destroy or suppress all evidence of anticident male dominance they can get their 'grubby little hands' on. this is the main cause of us never learning from past mistakes, because the extant dominant sex always hides the history of the former dominant sex's dominance. Then when things come full circle once again, like a stuck record, the same old folly is repeated.

an intelligent life formApr 18 2012 4:26pm
Where in the world is this happening. I am ready to serve my goddess if its anywhere near where I stay

BradFeb 28 2013 1:17am
Future Female Supremacy: Is it coming? The future belongs to women. They will rule. How far will they go? I don't know. I hope they don't go so far as to make us males second class citizens and oppress us to the extent we oppressed them. Or worse!

Scared male.Mar 09 2013 4:39pm
How can I join the movement and help the Ladies in accelerating the take over of the Superior Gender?

rob, humble servant for Ladies!Mar 12 2013 9:16am
Be careful what you wish for, rob. When women have more power than men, there will be gender reversal. It won't be fantasy land where naked men are led around in chains. It may be simply a reversal of what we have now, where men have collectively more power than women, but not much more. It may be a reversal back to the 1950's, where men would have the vote but almost all government, executive, professional, and college professor positions would be held by women. Our wives (girl friends) would be the head of the family (relationship). We would be discouraged from aspiring to be doctors, lawyers, judges, legislators, or anything important because we just didn't have the intellectual capacity of women. Or it may be a reversal back to the 1800's, where, in addition to our status in the 1950's, we wouldn't be able to vote or own property in our own right. Our wives or girl friends would give us allowances and we would have to get their permission for most everything. We would do the shopping, cooking,serving of meals, dish washing, laundry, ironing, and house cleaning. When our wife/girl friend tells us to make a sandwich for her, we would make it and serve it to her. We would do all the diaper changing and wiping of runny noses. Our work would never be done and it would be drudge work, not exciting. I doubt any man would like the reality of 24/7/365 gender reversal like that, even those who fantasize about a Female Supremacy.

Scared maleMar 15 2013 8:21am
As one of the few enlightened males who believe in Female Supremacy, and truly want it, i'm very proud to say that i serve my girlfriend. When Female Supremacy truly does happen, that will truly be a day of days. IF this inferior male may ask a simple request, please let it be known that this boy has never preformed any actions against a Woman and that he HIGHLY disapproves those that do. Please, forgive this boy for asking something which may be out of his bounds. Thank you, Goddesses, for making this truly beautiful and righteous dream become closer to reality. - P.S. If it interests the Superiors, this boy already lives a Female Supremacy lifestyle as often as possible.

Happily enslaved maleMar 20 2013 11:25am
Happily enslaved male: Well, there are rare exceptions to every rule and you may be one of the rare ones. However, I still have my doubts. Is your girlfriend young, pretty, and sweet? Well, I can understand a personal relationship like that by choice. However, do you realize there is a difference between a personal female supremacy relationship and total society female supremacy? Do you realize that in the latter you would be subservient to every old, fat, ugly, and bitchy female? There are more of them than the young, pretty, and sweet ones. Is that what you really want? If you do, then you are one of the really rare males.

Scared maleMar 21 2013 6:50am
It's rude to discuss a lady's age. She is amazing. It's not by choice, because there is no choice, it is simply the natural order. There truly is no need to fight the natural order of things, to do so will only prove futile. A Female led society, world wide, is a truly beautiful thing. Honestly, i see nothing wrong with being subservient to a lady. It's rather rude, though, to say a lady is "old," "fat," "ugly," or "bitchy" just because She doesn't meet some imaginary 'attractive' scale that most of the male half of the human race seems to place on the obviously superior half. As for wanting the natural order of Female Supremacy to be realized, I absolutely do. If nothing else, it will stop horrible crimes against Women from happening.

Happily enslaved maleMar 21 2013 8:29pm
Happily enslaved male: OK, your are one of the really rare males. 'nuf said.

Scared maleMar 22 2013 8:34am
so many sick people. Maybe women will rule one day, but not with men as slaves or second class.

AnonymousMar 24 2013 10:27am
Alright everybody, to be completely 100% honest, I seriously cannot stand all this argument and debate over this question that is COMPLETELY obvious!! It's really a rhetorical question if you think about it, but like I said since I am so tired of reading all this debate I REALLY want to tell you all what the truth in this matter is, and hopefully many of you can agree with me, and I think you will because this is NOT my opinion, IT'S FACT AND REALITY YET TO COME, HONEST IT IS, I'M NOT IN FAVOR OR AGAINST SOMETHING BECUASE OF MY SEX, I'm just speaking the truth, that's all!!!! So here I go with this, again I hope many of you out there will be with me on this!!

Reed, A TRUE MANSep 04 2013 9:18pm
Ok, so, everybody, both women and men say that this is coming, but some people like Jon and men like him really disagree and hate this, but out of everything that anybody says, the real future reality of the world is going to be under FEMALE control because of many reasons that I could go on FOREVER about, but I will just put only a few more things here to tell you all why this is true and NOT fantasy or my opinion!!

Reed, A TRUE MANSep 04 2013 9:20pm
The future is, YES, under complete female supremacy and under a matriarchal society!! All women have been superior to men in every way, except physical strength, but that doesn't matter when you are talking about superiority!! All women are way ahead and always will be!! It's scientifically true!! And in our world today women surpass men in just about every concept, especially wisdom and emotion, which is key to being superior!! And all my life any girl or women has never bothered me in any way because deep down I knew that they were superior and knew more than me, so doing something against it would be pointless!!

Reed, A TRUE MANSep 04 2013 9:25pm
And today, I fully accept the truth, NOT SEXISM, but reality, and I hope one day soon, the world can become a better place with women as ruler!! It will only be perfect or almost perfect when all females rule!! There are lots of credible sites about true female supremacy and the facts similar to it's truth!! It is completely undeniable and can never EVER be changed, just because men hate it and are thinking the opposite way, that will NOT work whatsoever, that is also pointless too!!

Reed, A TRUE MANSep 04 2013 9:28pm
I can also fully understand how some people think that we people are sick and need to get a life, but what I am saying IS LIFE, and it's NOT bad in any way, it's so good for the world and once it happens, our planet can become a much better place to live on than it is now, BELEIVE ME!! I'm NOT sexist, I'm NOT in favor of anything, I'm just being honest with you all!! You can debate, hate, say that I'm wrong and criticize me all you want!! I just hope someday soon most people can finally accept the reality of the universe and stop living in a male superior dominated fantasy that is NOT true, we all know men being superior is so wrong, just look at the evidence and facts of the world!!

Reed, A TRUE MANSep 04 2013 9:33pm
So that is the truth about female supremacy and a matriarchal society, they are both TRUE AND UNAVOIDABLE folks!! Please accept it sometime in the future, it will be good for you, trust me, it was for me!! Oh and this may seem kind of in favor of things, but I COMPLETELY AGREE with all the girls on here who want to start a female supremacy movement!! That is a WONDERFUL AND SMART IDEA!! It can get our message truly across to the world, and just like the civil rights movement, in the end, we will SUCCEED or WIN or get all of our goals reached!! And all men like Jon who hate this, you seriously are not going to change any of these girls minds or what they do, and you won't change anything because of how you hate all women being superior as they truly are!! Enjoy this time of men still ruling, because that will change drastically within the next 5 to 10 years!! many expert people say that by the 2020's most of the world will be dominated by women and male slavery might start all over the world!! I know that sounds cruel to a lot of men, but come on, it is reality and totally un escapable and undeniable!! Just accept it and deal with in in the future, OK!!!! Female supremacy forever!!!!

Reed, A TRUE MANSep 04 2013 9:40pm
AVEk1n Very neat blog article.Really looking forward to read more.

RuAdIjqYOsnueRvMhwSep 06 2013 2:18pm
I live in a family ruled by women, my mother in law and her two daughters (my wife and my sister in law). All women in that family are staunchest believers and practitioners of female supremacy and as you might figure out they keep their husbands under a severe regime of female tyranny. My brother in law was forced to marry a woman who usually give him beatings and treats her husband as her domestic servant. My mother in law has a motto "A well domesticated husband should tremble in fear when on realizing that his wife is angry" so you can imagine the kind of treatment that she often gives her husband. Such is the life who have to endure the men of this family, including me of course. But after all it is not as bad as it seems, we have finally learned that women are superior, that we are being educated as good husbands and that they have every right to treat us as they please. If you live a similar situation, you might want to share experiences:

Tamed husbandOct 22 2013 3:07pm
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