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Girls, your biceps bigger than your brother or boyfriend (size) and whether you win at arm wrestling with him?

Question: I'm 15 years old, I have a 17 year-old brother. I have 14 inch biceps, my brother of 12 inch biceps and very soft. I easily beat him in armwrestling, I really like that he is weaker than me.
Created by: Nikki1996 at 02:22:18 AM, Friday, April 06, 2012 PDT


Does being stronger than your brother make you feel aroused? When did you became stronger?

hapaneroApr 06 2012 10:48am

Sounds cool Nikki - is he taller than you? Heavier than you? How did you get 14" guns - for sports?

Glenn StormApr 06 2012 10:13pm
Hey Nikki! You sound exactly like my kid sister, I'm 18 shes 16 and she kicks my ass! She's an ex gymnast but keeps pumpin iron and strength training and I cant keep up with her. Her biceps are bigger and she has awesome ripped abs.

NialApr 07 2012 5:19am
Just because girl's biceps maybe bigger than brothers or boyfriends doesn't mean she is stronger!

anonymousApr 07 2012 9:41am
Glenn Storm. Yes it is a bit taller than me, and heavier than 11 lbs. Yes, I do sports

Nikki96Apr 07 2012 10:41am
Nikki96,how does your brother deal with you having bigger biceps and are stronger than him?

CalApr 07 2012 11:27am
Nikki do you make him feel your biceps? What are your abs and legs like?

NialApr 07 2012 12:39pm
Nikki96,what you are telling us about your muscles being bigger and stronger than your older brother is really true?

I don't knowApr 08 2012 9:24am
Its definately true, my sisters biceps are bigger than mine and shes stronger and same age difference between us.

NialApr 08 2012 11:58am
I don't have a brother, but I beat both my uncles armwrestling. They're both in their 30's and I'm 16. They're taller than me, but it was easy to beat them. I lift weights 3 days a week at school. When I flex my biceps are 16 inches, but I admit I have a bit of fat, so it's not all muscle.

MandaApr 08 2012 7:49pm
How the hell did you get so strong Manda? How long have you been lifting for? Do you play any other sport or anything?

NialApr 09 2012 4:51am
I play volleyball and basketball at school. I've been lifting weights for 3 years at school and before that I did gymnastics since I was 6. I like being strong and I like playing sports at school when you play sports then people think it's cool that you're strong and have a muscular body

MandaApr 09 2012 6:59am
my sister is 3yrs younger when she was 16 and i was 19 her biceps were bigger and stronger her legs were stronger whe she was 12 she could beat me in a race.i see girls and women with more muscle than me men must accept women and girls have become more musclar and stronger they arnt the weaker sex.

fan of female muscleApr 09 2012 10:01am
Wow Manda, you sound amazing! I thought youd have a gymnast back ground and be pretty sporty to have muscles that big. My sister aswell as lifting and strength training is also rowing and swimming competitively. Shes the most powerful 16yearold girl I know and has a killer muscle body, all my mates are keen on her and I gotta admit she is pretty incredible to look at. Im gonna see if she'll let me measure her biceps and the muscles in her legs. What do your abs, biceps and your legs look like when you flex them Manda?

NialApr 09 2012 12:27pm
Just because girls have bigger biceps doesn't mean they are any stronger than their brothers or boyfriends!

WillApr 10 2012 11:04am
I don't think anyone is saying that Will. It just often happens that the girls who are stronger than us also have bigger biceps to go with that. For ages my sisters biceps were smaller than mine but 10 time harder and stronger. Last night after dinner Ella and I armwrestled, I'm lifting weights at the moment so I wanted to see how long it would take her to beat me. There was no improvement : ( she told me its gonna be hard for me to catch up but that my biceps are looking great. Then I asked her if I could measure how big her muscles were and she said yes. Her biceps flexed are 13inch, thighs flexed 20inch and calves 16 and a half.

NialApr 10 2012 12:09pm
Nial,how does your sister feel about the size of her biceps being bigger than some adult males?and what does she do to make them that big?

WillApr 10 2012 12:15pm
Shes usually pretty proud of her muscles and strength. She retired from gynmastics last year to get into competitive swimming and rowing. She strength trains and lifts weights to make her more powerful for her sports.

NialApr 10 2012 6:24pm
Nial,do you think your sister is strong enough to lift you over head and how would you feel if she did?

WillApr 11 2012 7:23am
Yeah hell yeah she could lift me overhead and It'd be humiliating so I hope she does it when no one else is around : )

NialApr 11 2012 3:42pm
Nial,you think your sisters bicep is strong enough to place an apple between her bicep and forearm and crush it in half! i have seen it done!

WillApr 11 2012 4:11pm
Those are some pretty big muscles on your sister Nial, 16.5" calves in particular is quite big- they must look great. How old was she when you found out that she was actually the stronger one? I bet you took it well :P Tell us more!

Glenn StormApr 12 2012 5:00am
Manda,you r only sixteen,girl and already capable to manage bigger adult men physicaly.Do you think you could physicaly be able to wrestle two guys at once?lets say if they wanna harm you,or tie or handcuff you?

AnonymousApr 12 2012 7:51am
Ella's bicep when she flexes, is about the same hardness and size of an apple. I dared her to try what you described and after a few minutes of determined straining, she managed to make the thing split apart and break in three! You should have seen the look in her eyes she was pumped and goes "i dear you to lick it clean" I'd kinda lost my senses a bit so I licked the juices of my sisters bicep. I think cos of the nature of it, we both enjoyed that a whole lot more than we suspected. I was 13 and Ella was 11 when we discovered she was stronger and no I didn't take it well at first. I hated how she could pin me whenever she wanted, she was also faster and her muscles always alot harder. She showed me it was okay for her to be stronger and that it feels good when your little sister who loves you so much can show you whos boss and you can feel safe around her. Its a weird feeling and probably sounds weird but its all good for us now. Ella's legs are chunky and amazing to look at and see such big muscles on a girls legs!

NialApr 13 2012 6:07am
Sounds awesome Nial. Yeah I guess it does sound a little weird, but it's not really my place to judge - if the two have a good relationship, know exactly where you stand and are comfortable, then sure lick her bicep, it sounds hot! Yeah must have been a bit crushing for you, to be weaker than your younger sister at only 11 :) What was the big event that proved she was stronger than you? Some wrestling? Does Ella like outdoing guys now as well? If I was a strong girl, I'd love to show off and tease guys. Those legs in particular sound like they are most impressive, very helpful in rowing though. I bet she gets a lot of jealous looks.

Glenn StormApr 13 2012 2:08pm
Okay so Crystelle, Jarod, Gareth and Nial do not exist. They are all the same person and I can prove it by comparing the IP addresses where the posts from the above "characters" originate from. The IP address will be the same for all four. I also know who the person responsible for these bogus posts and I'm, at this point, putting a stop to it. So theres no more use in wasting any more of your time commenting on anything said by either four characters.

N/AApr 13 2012 10:56pm
The IP WILL be the same for all, or ARE DEFINITELY the same for all?? Post some evidence and I might believe you. Although if you do have everyone's IP address, you are a master hacker indeed...I'm aware there are plenty of fakes on these kind of polls, but there are also quite a few real people and experiences. I know because when I offer my email address for contact, I've made quite a few friends out of it. So if you wanna post, don't be put off by N/A...

Glenn StormApr 14 2012 1:38pm
My wife was an athlete in high school but after that she didn't do much. Her and her girlfriend did PX90 a 90 day workout. When she was done I was shocked! She had muscles bigger than mine! Even her abs with bigger and thicker and she could pump her abs up bigger! I didn't know it could happen, that she would have bigger muscles that fast and beat me at arm wrestling. I have average man's biceps about 12" but her biceps built up fast to over 14" in a few months! She tells me this is just the start!

BillApr 15 2012 12:54pm
I can beat my older brother at armwrestling. I think my muscles are bigger than his but I have never measured his arms flexed. I'm 14 years old and my arms are 14 inches from school strength training for sports. I like to look at my muscles in the mirror and flex! The estrogen info is interesting and does mean stronger muscle fibers! I want to compare my muscles next to my brother but don't know how to ask, being a girl and beating him and all is embarrassing for him but I want to look at my muscles next to his and see what it looks like. When armwrestling I could see his bicep and other muscles and how they were smaller than mine, I won and he just left. Upset at his losing, so later I'll do push ups or something and then ask him to flex with me! I can beat my brother at flexing bigger muscles! He knows who's stronger now but I want to show him his muscles next to mine. We are getting stronger!

MarshaApr 15 2012 10:25pm
Welcome to the growing club of strong girls Marsha - 14" biceps is awesome, bigger than most adult men (including me...)! To compare with your brother, just ask him to measure your muscles. Tell him you want to know how big they are and it's awkward to do it by yourself - he doesn't need to know you've done measured them already :) Then just ask if you can measure his at the same time to compare. Reassure him if he's scared to do it ;) What are your height and weights? and how old is your brother?

Glenn StormApr 16 2012 5:12am
Interesting with the female/male muscle issue. I read somewhere on this board a posting where the man and woman had a series of armwrestling matches with push ups in between and that the woman's endurance made her over all stronger. I was curious to see if that was also the case in my relationship. I am bigger than my girlfriend and the few times we have armwrestled since we met I have won comfortably. Wrestling has always been very playful so none of us have won. My girlfriend is physically active, works out, yoga and doing push ups and situps almost daily. I am working out as well but not as often as my girlfriend. When I told my girlfriend of the competition she was straight away game. So we started out armwrestling, both arms. I won easily with my right arm (our strongest) but had to use most of my power to win with left. My gf smiled and I guess she thought that she had a chance with that arm. We then did 20 pushups. I already now felt that my left arm was tired. So I again won with right arm, not as easy but anyway. Left arm was a loong struggle before I won. Now 15 pushups,I had big difficulties doing the last two reps with my left arm. Gf looked fresh. My right arm felt really tired and the match was really hard, the theory seemed to be true. But I won. Left hand was another story. My gf more or less could slam it to the table. Yes!! she screamed with delight, her first victory. But 5-1 to me. We had decided the winner to be first one to 10 victories. Now we did 10 pushups. Both my arms were really shaky but I could do them, Normally I can do three times 25 pushups without too much trouble but with the armwrestling in between my strength dissappeared a bit too quickly. The right hand match was perhaps one minute long but my gf came out as the winner! And left hand was no match. Suddenly the result was 5-3. I understood that I really needed to do my best with my right arm next time or I would be the looser. So we rested 5 minutes (both agreed) and then did 10 more pushups. The rest hade made it possible for me to do 10, my girlfriend now looked very confident since she could do 10 pushups without any trouble. So we gripped right hands and now my girlfriend had a new strategy. She just held my right arm still in the upright position, slowly draining the little power I had. I understood that my only chance was to throw in everything that I had. I took her halfway down before it was stop again. She smiled and slowly took us up again to the upright position and then just pushed my hand to the table. She didn't say anything but we now both knew that she would win this competetion. Left hand again was no match. It was a draw 5-5 but I wasn't sure I could do 10 more pushups. My gf was no so sure of herself so she agreed to have a 10 minute break. She of course by now knew she recovered much quicker than me. After the 10 minutes I could do 10 more pushups and give my gf a rather good match with my right arm but she was never close to loose to be honest so now it was 7-5 in her favour and I gave up, I knew I couldn't do 10 more pushups even with a 10 min break and most of all I knew she was stronger than me at that time. I wasn't embarrassed loosing to her in this way, it is a rather fair way to compete. My gf really loved showing me that she was strong and had good endurance. This happened almost a year ago. My gf has increased her work outs and added one extra day at the gym building max strength. She can now beat me with left arm but I am still quite a bit stronger in my right, that is if we armwrestle once. Anybody else tried this?

Stronger or?May 03 2012 2:56am
Nikki my biceps is also 14" do you think you have any chanse against me i am 52

MattJun 11 2012 2:16pm
My biceps are 14 inch also but I prefers to work out my chest more right now I have a bra size of 42 dd

AnonymousNov 22 2012 6:15pm
I don't believe half of the girls that say that their biceps are 14 inches. Mine are 14.3 and I'm an 18 year old male. I'm stronger than my sister btw. PROOF!

AnonymousDec 01 2012 10:21am
I don't believe any girl on here who says they have 14"+ biceps. Without proof anyway. If you actually do, email me a picture at I'll believe it when I see it.

Mackenzie Jan 01 2013 5:57pm
My sis beat me in arm wrestling and mocked me for it. I beat her in a friendly match of Kendo. Safe to say the match was over in 2 seconds with my wooden bokken at an 1" from her neck. I told her if it had been the real deal she'd be headless. No doubt though, she was shaken up, like fear was in her heart of something. Understandable, because if I had slipped her neck would be broken. :-\

AnonymousJan 05 2013 12:58am
I feel little awkward already reading most of those posts. I'm a very skinny type of guys (5'10" and 117 lbs). I never tried arm wrestling any girl by any chance as it makes me awkward about myself. but, I think I might be easily beaten by any girl who works out regularly and lifts some weight from time to time. the weird part is that I'm always turned on by the look of some muscles on girls let alone the fact that they're good for them. oh! did I mention that my arms are 9.5" when flexed, and I'm not lying about this (take it or leave it)

johnnyJan 20 2013 10:47am
My boyfriend is 2 years older than me and I am 14. I am taller than him at 5'8 and he is 5'4. I am also much more muscular than him. I have 14" biceps the last time I checked and I can beat him at armwrestling or wrestling or any feat if strength. I don't know if this makes me sadistic but I enjoy him being much weaker than me. I can literally lift him over my head. I have been swimming since I was about 6.

kimApr 01 2013 11:23pm
How could you be so strong Kim?? being so young you have too big biceps...donĀ“t you think? which is your weight? does your boyfriend like being so weak comparing with you?

XabiApr 02 2013 1:28am
I am 24 year old girl i work out 5 days / week and i am alot stronger than my boyfriend . my thigs is 4 " bigger than my boyfriend and just rock hard muscles my biceps is 13,5" compared with his 13" and i am still getting stronger . I get hot by defeating him in any kind of fights . I love to wrestle him down sitting ontop of him and force his legs down between his face feeling him struggle to get free and nothing is so exiting as if i beat him in front of my other female friends

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AnZRLRZxSyxOct 16 2013 7:42am
Thank you Michaela Yesterday i forced him to wrestle me infront of two of my friends it was so hot when he struggle against me infront of the other girls who laughed at him when i grab his arm and twisted it until he screamed out in pain and fall down on his back and i got ontop of him and humilliated him with my rock hard bigger biceps as the girls told him to get me off his chest . i moved up on his face and he struggle hard to get some air. Wow i love it more every day that i getting stronger and stronger

AlexisOct 19 2013 12:27pm
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Alexis, if you keep humiliating your boyfriend like this, don't be surprised if he leaves you. If I was your bf I could handle you being stronger but the embarrassment of other people knowing would force me to leave you. Are you sure this won't happen to you ?

TarquinJan 05 2014 2:54am
Alexis, why do you work out so hard, what are your motives ? Do you like the idea of being really strong, do you just like lifting heavy weights, or do you like the look it gives you. I am fascinated to know why some girls work out so hard, maybe it is an addiction. Anyway whatever the reason I love it and wish more girls and women would do the same as you. How strong do you want to get ?

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Well I'm 13 5.7 145lbs been in gymnastics all my life just 1 year lifting n I'm way more muscular n ripped than my 17yo brother I can wear one of his shirts n hulk out of it he's taller than me but I love to bench him beat him in armwrestling n his friends to feels soo good I have 15.5" arms my guards r 24" 8 pack here

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jGDrGGbrAug 05 2014 7:49am
All of these girls put me to shame. At 17 I was 5' 7" tall, weighed 114lbs and my biceps were 11.5" on my right arm and 11" on my left arm. I would have been no match for any of these girls in a wrestling or arm wrestling contest.

A male weaklingSep 09 2014 3:31pm
i love you

daoudNov 03 2014 3:02pm
Thanks guys well I'm just proud of my body now I love out muscling older guys now I noticed my lats are coming out good to be honest my older bro is a bit scared btw I'm 14 now hehe I love when I flex and compare with my bro I dwarf him haha

cristinaNov 12 2014 2:50am
My arms are 16inch and my guards are 28inch put my big bro to shame 12inch guns more like water pistols and his guards are 18inch hahaha cuz I used to drink dads protein shakes and squat everyday and jump rope .

LeahNov 24 2014 11:01am
Wow u guys have big arms leah did u ever punish ur bro with your machine guns or crush him between your two tanks of legs

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Thanks to genetics my 'big brother' gained my dad's skinny body and my mom's small size .I gained my mom's big muscle mass ad my dad's height.

CholeJun 26 2015 3:59pm
I am 14 years old and my brother 16 years old my biceps are 15.8 u flexed and 17.2 flexed .My brothers armed are almost 9 inches FLEXED.I weigh 10 pounds more than him .he is a Skelton while I'm a ripped BULL with my biceps streching my shirt

CholeJun 26 2015 4:08pm
WOW CHOLE Have you ever wrestled your brother

jackJun 26 2015 4:08pm
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QEagCUBcLAfJun 30 2015 6:37am
I did wrestle him once I threw him around like a sack doll he couldn't do anything because I am 5,11 and weigh 170 pounds my build is Bulky but my body fat is17% which is good he is 5,2 and weighs 90 pounds HAHAHAH his body fat is low (there's nothing on him at all he is just a stick)

CholeJul 13 2015 5:11pm
@Chloe can u lift him?

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CwrnSIIIGbXwGyzNov 08 10:21pm
My brother is weak.I wear his shirts some times they look better on me they are tight on me while they are baggy on him

CholeNov 11 3:11pm
@Chloe can u lift him?

AnonymousNov 16 2:56pm
I've been married for about 7 years now. I'm bigger taller and more muscular than my husband.

Woman Nov 20 5:12am
@woman before getting married he was stronger? how he lives this change? are youmuch stronger?

AnonymousNov 28 5:12am
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oaaTZtWUzzirfPYYqNov 28 9:06am
No he was weaker since we were engaged. But through our marriage years i gain more weights and muscles while he lost the few muscles he had. So the difference now between us is extremely big. Of course due this difference i contrl the marriage and his life 109% he's totally submissive husband

Woman Nov 28 9:37am
@woman I suppose you can win at every strength competition with him

AnonymousNov 29 3:17pm
Yes absolutely he can't compete with me at all. When we wrestle it's a training for me. He fears me so much.

Woman Nov 30 3:35am
maybe off topic but womens legs stronger and bigger than male counterparts here?

Hero87Dec 08 12:38pm
Yes you're right. Women are becoming stronger than their partners especially when it comes to legs power.

Woman Dec 10 3:56am
thats true

chloeDec 19 12:36pm
Chloe, are u weaker than ur woman?

Woman Dec 20 12:30pm
@Woman, Are u the big Woman from Turkey ??!!

MarkDec 30 7:54am

AJKIinQpwtpLDec 31 1:18pm
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