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How to talk to a girl to scissor u

Question: So among all of u who fantasize about getting scissored by women I think it's safe to assume that at least some of yall have actually been scissored by them. My question is how did u talk them out? Have u ever had a random girl scissor u? Or was it always the girls u already knew and were in a relationship? Say if u see a fit girl with muscular legs u don't know on street, hotel, gym or other public spaces has any of u ever had any luck getting them to scissor u?
Created by: bootyoverbooby at 03:07:22 AM, Sunday, April 08, 2012 PDT


So far, at age 21, I've had 2 ex girlfriends scissor me my current girlfriend, my younger sister (17) and 2 girls I chat up at the gym and one at the university library :P I'm a legs and butt man through and through and the two ex's who scissored me and my current girlfriend all have muscular legs to die for. My sister has hot muscled legs she has no problem flaunting them off in her little shorts or hotpants for me or guys who find it attractive :P One of the two ex's wasn't happy with the idea and we broke up over it when she found video clips of mixed wrestling on my laptop, she let me have it big time. I must say I got an incredibly sound beating from a girl who was shorter than me smaller biceps but a strong athletic body from dance which gave her some powerful legs! The whole thing was full of ironies :D she figured I was gonna learn my lesson about how getting scissored by a girl wasnt pleasant and she was gonna waste me in the process. But I still get hard thinking about the beating she gave me. But my other ex, like my sister and current gf, was full of pure confidence, attitude and pride - cheerleader hottie who was always wanting to show off her rock hard thighs and have me feel them up : ) the two gym chicks I chat up - kinda approached that by offering to spot for on when she was bench pressing. Long story short I took her out for a drink, got a one night stand and wrestled on her bed for foreplay enjoying the luxuries of feeling up the flexed muscles all over her hard fitness model body and the exhileration of her muscly legs around my mid section and neck squeezing the life outta me. The other gym chick hit on me after she saw me eyeing her up on the hero curl machine. That day we secured a small room off the side of the gym all padded with climbing walls all round and it was basically the same as the previous babe minus the sex. The library babe, well the library was a different story. Our university library has plenty of places that are scarse of people alot of the time but there are plenty of hot student babes with nice legs anywhere on campus. Thing is though my first two attempts with hittin on girls with nice legs and requesting a scissor session went like this. The first girl freaked out and called me a psycho creep. The next one told me she hated guys like me and if i came near her again shed snap me in half with more than scissors lol! Then third is my friend Janelle who's competition to my current girlfriend on account that she wears short shorts every day and her and Alexa have this open rivalry that never really gets outta hand, thankfully. Janelle is a great wrestler and is a very sexy blond nerdish girl with a sexy milky white muscle body and Alexa doesnt know we're meeting up for quad and calf feeling sessions :P Alexa however is my goddess and I worship her! Oh god, we're four months into dating and I still get hard thinking about her solid steel legs, girly abs and biceps and her tan physique. She blew me away when we met and we clicked way better than Janelle and I did, shes better at everything academically and physically than Janelle and I put together and is always more than happy to give me a brutal head scissors, body scissors or have me feel up the smooth tanned thickness of her muscular legs : )

JarodApr 09 2012 1:05pm

Jarod,have any of the girls that scissored you ever knock you with their scissor holds?

enviousApr 09 2012 3:06pm
and what were the sizes of their thighs?

enviousApr 09 2012 3:07pm
Wow, what university do u go to?

AnonymousApr 09 2012 3:20pm
must be Scissors U.or thighs state!

anonymousApr 09 2012 3:42pm
My sister's the only girl to knock me out with a scissors. The first time she did it she freaked and when I woke up she was in the corner and shed been crying. She thought shed actually killed me! Hahaha. Then when I came too, she was the one who nearly died then she was all over me with hugs and apologies. Damn it was nuts haha! I explained everything to her and she was okay and we had a good laugh about it! She was only 15 back then. The second time she did it, she did it deliberately after showing off and said it was a show of her power. I have so much respect for my sister now. Damn! I am in my 3rd year of sports psych at University of Auckland. I've never measured the girls leg muscles. I'll have to see to that ; )

JarodApr 10 2012 12:17pm
Jarod,have you wrestled any girls with upper body strength? what i mean some times guys underestimates a girls upper body! i know girls legs are pound for pound stronger than a males!

Dr.NoApr 10 2012 12:27pm
Yeah Alexa's stronger tha me - upper body. Janelle's not as strong but you can feel her strength when shes going for it. One of the gym chicks I wrestled had stronger upper body than me. My sister is real strong upper body but more equal with Janelle.

JarodApr 10 2012 6:28pm
Jarod,what kind of wrestling holds have the girls you have wrestled put you in? i know if a girl knows how to apply a cradle hold its embarassing to be put in that!

Dr.NoApr 11 2012 7:26am
Pay them, simple lol

MsThangApr 11 2012 1:26pm
Jarod, how old is your sister now? and have you seen any of the girls Your sister, Janelle or Alexa wrestle any other guy other than your self. And what are your weights, heights and body types in comparison between yourself and the afore mentioned girls

CharlesApr 11 2012 2:02pm
Unless you're a male model, PAY THEM.

ObviousApr 12 2012 12:08pm
Jarod,you think any of the girls you wrestled are strong enough to lift you over head? and have any of the girls that you got scissored from had orgasms from squeezing you?

enviousApr 12 2012 3:38pm
Okay so Crystelle, Jarod, Gareth and Nial do not exist. They are all the same person and I can prove it by comparing the IP addresses where the posts from the above "characters" originate from. The IP address will be the same for all four. I also know who the person responsible for these bogus posts and I'm, at this point, putting a stop to it. So theres no more use in wasting any more of your time commenting on anything said by either four characters.

N/AApr 13 2012 11:00pm
Ah the suspense...will Jarod come back and call out N/A as full of poo? Interesting you're a Kiwi Jared, I'm an Aussie. Although, N/As super IP tracker should have known that already...Sounds awesome anyway, tell us more Jarod.

Glenn StormApr 14 2012 2:15pm
I have a general idea,how to get or convince a girl or woman to throw a scissors around you and crush your skull.Go to the park,throw her into bushes and try to pry her legs open! haha

AnonymousApr 15 2012 8:47am
Marry a Woman with powerful thighs who likes to climb on top of you.

obedient husbandApr 17 2012 5:46pm
N/A, you are just a clueless idiot that can't prove anything!

anonymousApr 20 2012 12:04pm
im 16 and my 13 year old sister can KO me with her thighs

AnonymousJun 06 2012 1:46pm
Girls with headscissors so strong that you can't pry their ankles apart when they squeeze your head from behind can have fun with their men. It's exciting for both parties if the woman can slip her feet under his shorts and while crossing her feet and continuing their scissor, hold the top of his penis between her feet. with an unbreakable scissor and gentle movement with the feet, she can force him to climax. Don't suggest this boys if you can't handle your woman dominating you and you couldn't live with the knowledge that she can play with your manhood against your will with her feet.

DougAug 01 2012 5:06am
just ask her:) i guy wouldnt need to ask me twice before i would squeeze me inner thighs around his neck.. i love it

miss 25 inch girlAug 05 2012 9:43am
miss 25 inch girl if ask you to squeeze me with your inner thighs around my neck would you? Have you ever scissored anyone and you ever knock anyone out with your thighs?

JamesAug 15 2012 12:22am
if we were friends i would of course squeeze you:) yes, i have scissored many guys, and many of them got knocked out. it is not difficult to knock someone out with a scissor hold

miss 25 inch thighsAug 26 2012 1:35pm
can i have your mail miss 25 inch thighs?

anonymousOct 03 2012 3:24am
I've had several scissors girl and I have never removed, or is a myth or the kids are very weak

salvi_f1@hotmail.comMar 02 2013 10:04am

AnonymousMar 24 2013 9:02pm
anyone alive in this forum

AnonymousMar 24 2013 9:03pm
Well, I don't know if someone has been scissored by a preteen girl, but I have to say that a little girl can also hurt you when she scissors you. One day when I was 31 years old, my tiny younger niece was just 11 years old and she was laying on the sofa watching TV, I approached her and sit next to her, I began to tickle her to have some fun and she told me to stop because she wanted to show the program on TV, but I continued, she got mad and warned me to stop, but I kept tickling her. That was when she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my neck and squeezed. I couldn't believe the strength in her legs, I tried to pull them apart but in vein. I was there captured by her legs and then she began to slap my face withe her hand and back hand. I begged her to stop because she was hurting me, she started laughing at me telling me I was a wimpy and I was begging a small little girl not to hurt me but I was asking for it. She managed to twist me and I was now facing the ceiling while she was still squeezing my neck, she now was doing a figure 4 leg and was impossible for me to escape; she continued showing the show on TV while I still begged her to leave me, but she squeezed even harder and I was now a little dizzy and then I passed out and all went black. When I recovered I was lying on the sofa, the show on TV had finished and I was alone. Then she entered into the living room, asked me how was I and warned me that I had to obey her when she told me something, or else, I said to her that I would do it and left the room too humiliated. She had beated me so easily. When I passed her she slapped my ass and told me next time she was going to put me in her lap and hit my nice ass and make me cry and beg her to stop.

AnonymousApr 13 2013 2:31am
a girl i go to school with wears lulu lemon pants and her thighs are really muscular, i wish she'd wrap her legs around me!! im 17 shes 17 going on 18

iwishApr 14 2013 6:50pm
My gf and I always do wrestling mathces. She does them for the workout but I do them because it turns me on like nothing else. I also have a foot fetish and she uses that to her advantage a lot of the time. She has never knocked me out but I wish she would one time. Just to see what it is like you know. She gets really scared when I get close to passing out and stops. She has dancer legs but I am a very strong guy so she can't beat me unless I let her get her legs around my neck. I however have never let myself win because I enjoy losing too much. I am too busy managing my boner to worry about winning. I can still picture the one time we wrestled and she tried to squeeze my dick with her feet. It only gave me a huge boner and I just enjoyed it! Her favorite move is to get me in a reverse headscissor (She can easily ko me with that) and squeeze my balls until I tap. She really wants to win! I wish that she would dominate me more!

amazing gfApr 23 2013 6:50pm
Miss 25 inch girl do you have an email? & my gf will scissor me all the time, she's even been trying to get her friend to help her out

HazardMay 20 2013 6:26am
Mits 25 inch thighs*

HazardMay 20 2013 6:27am
Miss 25 inch thighs**

HazardMay 20 2013 6:28am
miss 25 inch girl, what first inspired you to want to scissor in the first place? Was it per chance Sonya Blade? :P

My?ter?Jun 24 2013 8:19am
i didnt believe a girl could ever beat up a guy and told my friend who is a girl this and damn i was wrong! we wrestled in her basement and i attacked first until boom suddenly she had me ina headscissor!the last thing i remember her saying is " your done!" she knocked me out fast and next i remember was waking up with my hands tied up and her saying "now its time to humiliate you" the next half hour was hell between those legs

cooooolAug 14 2013 10:53pm
no, sorry. I havent played mortal kombat. But i remember Xena from James Bond. But i think i got inspired by myself and the feeling i get when i wrap my thighs around a guy

miss 25 inch thighsSep 10 2013 1:57pm
I have crushed bodybuilder women between my thighs

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mJtSmxTCQvtFAug 05 2014 11:44pm
Once i had an arguments with my neighbour friend. That argument at a point made her angry and she slapped me. After that she gave a kick with her ankle directly at my chin. I fell down in pain, she stomped me at my face and stomach.she than picked me up and took me to the bedroom.she again punched and kicked me and locked my head under her arms and squeezed tightly. I screamed in pain and requested her not to do but she did'nt listened. She switched on tv to wwe. She said that she will try all the holds which she will see there. That humiliation continued for nearby three hours. She gave me bostan crab, camel clutch,armbar,fig four leglock, and many other holds. When i was caught in bodyscissors, while trying to escape the hold, my head mistakenly switched between her thighs. She didn't take much time to lock her ankles and squeeze the life out of me. She enjoyed myself being caught between her thighs. For the last one hour she played by squeezing me. She was just squeezing, loosening, squeezing, loosening. My head was totally red and was begging for air. Now whenever she sees me, she just shows me her legs. And when we talk and she gives me any task, i cant say no to her as before my "no" she recalls that Day's torture.....and what i have to to give her a smile and silently...without any excuse....complete that work....but ya she never made me or treated me her slave....we were friends than an we are friends now too......

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NTRGwyPvbGjJan 15 2015 12:19pm
All who likes scissors,let us make a what's up your number with country number is 919880169826

VishvishFeb 15 2015 8:57am
miss 25inch thighs i bet i could get out of your scissor hold

samMar 01 2015 4:01pm
quite a few women have scissored me. and i haven't been able to get out of any of them. their legs are just too strong. witch i don't mind. the stronger the better.

samMar 02 2015 10:57am
i need to get scissored. is there anyone out there that can do it? i'm looking for a woman in her 20's to 40's.

samMar 02 2015 12:47pm
Miss scissors 25 what do you look like

AnonymousApr 02 2015 2:01pm
Miss thighs 25 whats your favourite hold

AnonymousApr 02 2015 2:04pm
Any girls want a wrestle

AnonymousApr 03 2015 7:48am
married Ronnie Charles seymour

AnonymousApr 06 2015 3:21pm

JakeJun 04 2015 2:04pm
Anyone there

JakeJun 04 2015 2:04pm
Any girl interested in leg csiccor chat?

JakeJun 06 2015 3:02am

1Jun 08 2015 8:29am

-1'Jun 08 2015 8:30am
Howe do I get a girl to headscissor me

Claw931 Jun 12 2015 12:48pm
Hello, any women there who can convince me with a real story of how they can dominate a guy with leg scissors?

JonnJun 28 2015 3:19am
A woman who I work with asked me to babysit her 16 year old daughter as she was going out and her daughter was grounded! I had the job of keeping her in check! I arrived and her daughter had grown so much since I last saw her, She was around 5'10" tall with legs and hips to die for! We sat next to each other on her bed whilst on our phones. She decided to grab my phone and throw it under her bed, I looked at her in annoyance! I crawled under her bed to retrieve my phone, unaware that her legs were hovering over me. I got my phone, crawled out and mistakingly lifted my head up. She moved her legs onto my shoulders, stretched out and relaxed, but not crossed. I tried to lift her legs off of me, but couldn't even move them. She smirked down at me as I struggled....and then suddenly, she crossed her ankles. I am in a frontal headscissors, trying to prize her thighs apart while she giggles down at me. She puts in a little squeeze and I scream in agony, she bursts out laughing and says "wow, I am not even putting that much effort in"! This continues for most of the night as she taunts and takes photos / videos of me between her thighs! How embarrassing, a 35 year old babysitter being tormented by a 16 year old girl!

AnonJul 07 2015 7:16am
Anyone want to head scissor me

curtis 1Jul 09 2015 10:23am

AnonymousJul 20 2015 11:05pm
My thighs run my family. If my son doesn't behave, he better run because my leggy prison is waiting to squeeze him into order. And my husband refuses to buy me that designer bag, he knows my pythons will attack him when we get home. He has spent thousands on me since he discovered my lethal reverse scissor. They both fight back, of course, but there is no escape from my 25" thighs.

ScissoringMomJul 30 2015 6:50am
Very good, scissoring Mom!

BazAug 03 2015 4:26am
I'll take you on scissoring mom

ltrAug 03 2015 9:59am
Itr, my husband had the same attitude as you when I first introduced him to the world of scissors. In all honesty, the discovery was accidental. We were playfighting, as couples tend to do, when he got his head between my legs. It then just felt instinctive to, well, squeeze. I thought he was pretending to struggle, until his face went red and he started pulling at my thighs LOL. I made him promise to take me out for a meal before I let him out. 5 years later, he still falls victim to my legs. Now, how my son learnt about my powerful pythons is another story.

ScissoringMomAug 04 2015 8:57am
So, I have been searching the web the last couple of days and, wow, some of you guys are really into this stuff, ain't you? I mean, before I googled "squeezing men with legs" last week out of pure boredom, I had never met anyone who was interested in scissoring. But now

iAug 05 2015 3:58am
(sorry for accidently pressing enter too soon) I have met plenty of men (and women) who would love to be in the place of my Husband or Son. Maybe I should teach them to be more grateful lol. Anyway, I now know lots more moves to torment them, thanks to the wonders of the internet. How did I not think of using my big booty as a weapon before?

ScissoringMomAug 05 2015 4:01am
Scissoring Mon no girls can apply scissor hold because girls are not strong

mr wasAug 05 2015 8:19am
Well, anyone 'can'apply a scissorhold, since all you have to do is put your legs around something and squeeze. But I suppose you are saying that no girls can apply scissors EFFECTIVELY, and to this I must disagree. I mean,my thighs are not the most muscular or biggest (is 25" big?) but I can still keep men of many sizes in my scissor holds. Maybe it is the psycological effect. Why would a guy put effort into getting out of a girl's soft,smooth thighs and the delights they lead up to? At this point, just lightly squeezing will keep them from escaping (but where is the fun of just lightly squeezing? Go hard or go home, baby!)

ScissoringMomAug 05 2015 10:09am
Anyway boys, I would love to post hundreds of stories on here, but I don't want to get in trouble for spamming. So, I created a blog! I have plenty more stories to tell, and I don't plan on slowing down with my wrestling antics (I did my first facesit last night, still can't believe I never thought of it before!).

ScissoringMomAug 05 2015 10:14am
Scissoring mom can I know your name and which country you are from

mr wish Aug 06 2015 12:27am
I prefer the thought that I could be any mom, even the mom that lives next door to you. Say, have you ever heard suspicious grunts from the house next door? Just ask her nicely, and she may show you if her legs are as strong as you think ;)

ScissoringMomAug 06 2015 1:59am
I am from India,no girls are strong enough to do that.although I am small guy weighing 58 kg and height 5.6 feet.don't mistake me,in my opinion no girls are good in scissoring holds.scissoring mom

mr.vishAug 06 2015 5:28am
Maybe it could be a genetic thing, but where I'm from I have spoken to many girls, who can all at least give scissoring a good go. One friend of mine did not know her own strengh. She had monsterously strong legs. They had been toughened by years of horseback riding and long distance running. They were not big, but they turned into smooth iron bars when she scissored (they maybe a tad stronger than mine, I know it sounds impossible but it's true!). Her and her boyfriend were round my house when I was explaining about scissors. The bf was doubtful, so she decided to challenge him. She got him in a scissor, and squeezed 100% (something I rarely do, I prefer to make him suffer). Well, he was out in seconds. Maybe come to the Western side of the world sometime Mr Wish, I'm sure many girls would love a small guy like you to dominate! I tell you what, since you are so confindet girls are not strong enough, let's have a bit of role play. We are on the mat, me in a red one piece swimsuit and you in whatever you want to wear. What's your first move, little guy?

ScissoringMomAug 06 2015 7:11am
I'd love to try to take you on the mats and see if your thighs really are as strong as you say i think it would be fun

ltrAug 06 2015 1:36pm
I think you would loose scissormom

ltrAug 06 2015 2:22pm
I don't know any move's cause I don't see any wrestling live.just I saw in tv 📺 WWE.i am an engineering student and I am 20 years old by the way scissoring mom

Mr. wish Aug 06 2015 6:02pm
And I seen many mixed wrestling's just fake.every one know girl is weak and she only win.what kind of fantasy is it....scissoring mom

Mr.wishAug 06 2015 6:05pm
Scissormom If me and you had a scissor fight what would be your most effective hold mine would be front way you could get out

ltrAug 06 2015 10:49pm
Itr, what are your stats? My best hold would be the reverse figure four. My big butt is not fat, there is a lot of muscle in there. My thighs could crush you, I nearly broke my husband's jaw in this hold. And even if you did break the hold, I would just turn it into a facesit.Do you think you will be able to lift 165lbs off your face while I pin down your arms and smother you? Why would you want to?

ScissoringMomAug 06 2015 11:09pm
It's all fantasy move

Mr. Wish Aug 07 2015 12:17am
Fancy some role play scissomom

ltrAug 07 2015 12:59am
What's a fantasy move? The facesit? I agree if a skinny girl is holding down a bobybulider just by lightly sitting on his face, but let's use Mr Wish as an example. I would hold his arms down with my shins, so he cannot grab or lift me off. And when my butt goes on your face, you will not be able to breath. Plus, the rest of your body is defenseless ( I would be reverse facesitting, facing your feet), so if you tried to wriggle out I would just punch you in the balls. So, unless you are able to lift 165lbs with just your head, you may want to reconsider your statement.

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 1:00am
Reverse head scissors alwase wanted to be in one

ltrAug 07 2015 1:06am
Come on me and you on the mats you start

ltrAug 07 2015 1:09am
Well scissormom you up for it

ltrAug 07 2015 2:04am
Okay. I am wearing my famous red one-piece swimsuit. You are distracted by my body, aren't you. I give a little twirl. No rules, just submissions. We lock hands, and we appear equal. Then I knee you in the balls. Well, I did say there were no rules, didn't I sweetie?

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 2:22am
I get u in a head lock pull you to the ground I've herd about your thighs but don't bother me il keep you their until you submit

ltrAug 07 2015 2:29am
As you try to make me submit, the pain from the ball kick starts to amplify. You try to keep the hold, but the pain distracts you. When you are at your weakest, I escape the head lock. You are on your knees in pain, your head right in front of my thighs. You know what that means- scissor time!(btw, can you post your stats, it makes thing easier to write)

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 2:34am
13 stone 5"11 just thinking of been between your thighs weekens me but I'd never let you head scissor me

ltrAug 07 2015 2:38am
And as no rules I've snuck some oil in can't her hold of me now scissormom i have upper hand

ltrAug 07 2015 3:49am
I am sure itr wants to dominated by the girl 👧.

Mr. wishAug 07 2015 3:53am
Itr and anymore who likes to dominated.please give your email or facebook I'd or what's up number to connect.let me study you

Mr. wishAug 07 2015 3:55am
Where you gone scissormom

ltrAug 07 2015 4:26am
I pause the match. "Let me get a drink.". You plan to surprise attack me when I am distracted drinking. I get something out of my bag, taking time as I bend over. You love the sight of my butt, as you sneak over. You are distracted by it, so you don't notice my foot heading towards your balls like a sledgehammer. You double over in pain- again. I grab your arms behind your back. I wasn't getting a drink - I was getting handcuffs. You are still rolling in pain as I lock the gym door. I grab my towel and wipe the oil off of you quickly, before kicking you, making you weak. I ask you "I'll let you choose- what hold do you want to be put in first?"

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 4:27am
Reverse head scissors always wanted to try to get out of that one but can u get me in one

ltrAug 07 2015 4:32am
I take my sweet time walking over to you, taking my time to swing my hips and lick my lips. When I do this to my hubby, he might as well be knocked out already as he is not gonna put up a fight. You are the same. I see your excitement in your pants. I walk over you, standing above your chest, turned away so you can stare at my ever so big butt in this ever so small swimsuit. Your jaw drops... then I drop 165lbs of woman onto your chest. You splutter as the drop takes all the air out of you. Then I quickly slide up your body and slam my thighs around your face, your nose tickling my ass crack. Your neck is compressed, you can't breath and no blood is going to your head. Your hands are useless, they are handcuffed behind your back. I lay on your belly, low enough so your legs cannot get me. In 30 seconds, you will be KOed by the thighs of a 45 year old. I laugh at how pathetic you are.

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 4:47am
Also, I apologise if I don't reply quickly. I am a busy woman! xx

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 4:50am
But i flip you over get out the cuff now I'm on your chest with my big one resting on your chin i get the oil out and cover u in it now what u going to do

ltrAug 07 2015 4:50am
I know what u mean about being busy and its ok no need to apologise i love talking to you. Now where was i. That's it I've got u down got u well oiled round 2 i think lets make it a slippy one

ltrAug 07 2015 5:18am
Okay, hold it. How did you get out of a pair of handcuffs and out the scissors in 30 seconds? Please, be realistic. Okay, start from my previous post.

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 7:08am
Ok sorry. In between your thighs cant breath but don't ko me just yet give me another go il take you this time

ltrAug 07 2015 7:35am
Scissormom could u please describe your self so i know what you look like

ltrAug 07 2015 9:08am
Haha, you had to ask. Okay, I'm 5"8, white, and 165lbs. I'm pear shaped, B cup boobs (a big B, but B nethertheless) as all my weight goes on my butt and legs. Brunette. I am like Kelly Brooke with smaller boobs haha.

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 11:29am
Okay, I'll give you a second chance. This time there are rules. Submissions only, no oil or other such obstructions. And no dirty fighting (bites, scratching). I will let you start.

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 11:31am
Ok we square up lock hands in worry about your thighs as sexy as they look i pull you to the mat sit on you for a change you struggle but i pray u tap you seem good better than me i cant afford to loose again

ltrAug 07 2015 11:40am
You try to use my own move on me? Ha, a man reduced to using a woman's move because he is part of the weaker sex. But you don't have the technique. You sit too far up my chest and allow my arms to go unpinned. I buckle and you fall off me. I am now on top of you, pinning your arms with my own. You put up a fight, but you ignore my legs coiling round your own. Your arms vs my legs and you may stand a slight chance. But my legs vs you legs? Game over. I stretch your legs and pin your arms, while my breasts dangle above your face.

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 11:49am
I'm getting a bit hot under the pants with your breasts in my face this is bad i manage to roll u over still worrying about your thighs brake free and get u in a body scissor now i got you

ltrAug 07 2015 11:57am
Once again, your legs prove too weak. I am a slippery bitch, and you ain't squeezing that hard. I get out of your scissor, and now you are weak. It's time to finish this. From behind, I get you into a full nelson and bodyscissor. Normally you could escape the nelson, but you are weak and horny and you are in pain from the bodyscissor. You can feel my thighs constrict, squeezing like a python. Nearly lights out, but don't struggle. There will be treats for you when you wake up. Who knows, if you don't resist me then I might get rid of this swimsuit tehehe

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 12:07pm
I love the site of you in that one price it's what makes me weak just don't hope i wake in a reverse headscissors don't think i could take it so i must not give up but the treats sound good

ltrAug 07 2015 12:13pm
You are roling on the floor, desperate. Still, you can't escape my pythons. Maybe I should name them, they seem to have a life of their own! Anyway, I turn the nelson into a rear choke. Your arms start to go limp. Nearly Nighty night! Are you goint to put up a desperate last struggle, or will you get close and personal with me when you wake up?

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 12:19pm
I'll put up. I'm turned on by your thighs if you can beat me with them I'm all yours do to me what you want. I've got images of me in a reverse head scissors and u having your way with me.but make no mistake I'm not to tired to get u wet just yet

ltrAug 07 2015 12:27pm
I'd love to get up and personal with u

ltrAug 07 2015 1:42pm
Sorry i forgot to ask where you're from scissoringmom im from the south west of England

ltrAug 07 2015 2:27pm
Aw, bless you, you actually try to escape! But while you were debating whether to surrender or not, I have solidified my hold. My rear choke hold is now air-tight, not an inch of space in there. And now your rib cage is deep inside my thighs, where the most muscle is. I might crack a rib before I choke you out. You are desperately trying to stand, but even the mighty lion cannot shake off a python once it is in it's grip. You splutter for air as you topple and fall onto the mat. I do not let go until you are knocked out.

ScissoringMomAug 07 2015 11:18pm
Don't ko me what happened to the treats scissoringmom. I demand a rematch.

ltrAug 07 2015 11:34pm
Ok you win I've just woken up can't believe i lost again your so good at wrestling.its like you enjoy kicking what now

ltrAug 07 2015 11:52pm
Hey scissoringmom i recon i could take you

bossAug 08 2015 1:32am
Sorry boss we aint done I know i could take her

ltrAug 08 2015 2:45am
Take it you've had enough scissoringmom. Well it was so nice chatting to you hope we can catch up again soon :-) :-)

ltrAug 08 2015 4:35am
I am up for a challenge. Two of you (boss and itr tag team) vs me. Submissions only, no cheating or dirty fighting. However, one of you has to start in my scissorhold. Up for the challenge boys?

ScissoringMomAug 08 2015 6:20am
I'll start in you're scissor hold but witch one that way i know how to get out

ltrAug 08 2015 6:39am
It looks like its just me and you scissormom

ltrAug 08 2015 7:35am
Come on scissotmom let me have another go this time i might let u loose the famous red onpice u up for it of are u chicken

ltrAug 08 2015 8:09am
Will be ready soon, just got out the gym (inspired to start up again recently). Just got to get home and shower. Don't get too aroused thinking of me shower!

ScissoringMomAug 08 2015 8:17am
That's hard wrestling you is a turn on but you in shower drives me crazy.

ltrAug 08 2015 8:23am
So what kind of match would u like this time be ready to loose il even let u start

ltrAug 08 2015 8:36am
Ha, I feel kinky today, so lets do strip wrestling! (I hope you are over 18 lol) This one goes down a treat with my husband (and a few other men, but shhh). Start with 3 pieces of clothing. You can wear shirt, shorts and pants and I will wear... well, you will see ;) The loser of each round has to remove a piece of clothing. The first one to become naked loses! Just getting in shower, will be ready soon. Would you like this match to take place somewhere more private than likelike?

ScissoringMomAug 08 2015 8:43am
I'd love to sounds grate but where more private

ltrAug 08 2015 8:47am
In 32 by the way

ltrAug 08 2015 8:52am
I'm 32

ltrAug 08 2015 8:53am , join team scissormom

ScissoringMomAug 08 2015 8:57am
Have to do it on likelike my computer playing up

ltrAug 08 2015 9:06am
And cant on phone cos my girl friend uses it sorry.any way lets get down to it I'll let u have first move

ltrAug 08 2015 9:08am
Im waiting for our match or have u chicken out scissotingmom

ltrAug 08 2015 9:30am
I come into the room wearing a push up bra (my boobs now look like DD's), red bikini bottoms that hug my rear so so tightly and a pair of knee-high boots. You are wondering what piece of clothing to take off first. Hair in a pony tail, lipstick and light eye liner. I look good, and you know it. Your tshirt and shorts are tight as well. Damn, you have quite a good body! Weak legs and arms that will no doubt fail you in the end, but still. When I strip you naked, well, no one is using this room for the rest of the day. You still want me to go first? Okay. I run up to you, your eyes not knowing what jiggle to focus on, as I put my hands on your sholders and fling myself at you. You stagger back as I wrap my legs around your chest and my arms around your neck. I start to squeeze while you try to regain balance. You managed to stay standing, but you are not prepaired for what is next. I push my chest towards your face, my breasts covering your mouth and nose. My arms snake around the back of your head, forcing your head deep into my cleverage. You are confused, suffocated, distracted and aroused at the same time. So, when I start to twist and turn my body to put you off balance, you start to stagger like a tree in a hurricane.

ScissoringMomAug 08 2015 9:45am
Any way I'm happy on likelike letting everyone know what they missing out on

ltrAug 08 2015 9:46am
I get my balance grab you from behind force you down wrapping my legs around your head I squeeze and i mean squeeze u go limp and i rip you're top off

ltrAug 08 2015 9:53am
Ooh, going straight for the top? Now you can see my hard nipples. I do enjoy wrestling, but I enjoy winning more. Now, time to make you regret not taking off my boots. I land kick after kick to your balls in a flurry of anger. Then it is a few knees to the stomach (softening it up for my finisher that you will see later). It may not be elegent, but I am pissed. You fall to the floor in pain, as I step on your throat. You splutter out a submission. You can barely stand as I remove your top.

ScissoringMomAug 08 2015 10:02am
I'm feeling weak but i pull you leg out you fall i get on top if you holding your arms down I slip on to your neck turn to face you're feet sat on your face and unzip your boots and rip them off

ltrAug 08 2015 10:07am
You may be 2-1 up, but you are weak. my earlier ball kicks and knees have left you tired, physically and mentally. Time to bring out my secret weapon. As you prepair for round 4, I stand up slowly, letting you see my well-shaped breasts dangle. Then, when I am standing, I take my time readjusting my bikini shorts, pulling it up super tight while facing away from you. When I turn back around, you are erect. It's bigger than I thought! But there will be time for that later. I put my hand out "Honey, you are too strong, can we just stop the wrestling and get to the fun part?". Your jaw almost hits the floor. With that, I leap at you, our toungs intertwining, your hands going to a million places on me at once. The kiss gets more and more intense, and you try t break away for air. At this point, I bring my legs around your midsection, scissoring your arms and stopping you from getting away. You cannot get out of the kiss, so you start frantically tapping. I continue the kiss for a few more seconds and let go. You fall away, the score even. But there is no time for taking off your clothes yet. It's time for the finisher. You are still breathless as I push you against the wall and kick your already shattered stomach three times. Then I place you in a reverse headscissor while you stand, my ass in your face as I stand in a handstand. I squeeze 100% and start punching you in the balls. It takes you 10 seconds to fall on your back. Then I stand over your face, and see you barely moving. I drop my butt onto your face. The first time you got crushed by my right buttcheak. The second time your nose goes right up my crack. The third time, I don't get up. 30 seconds later you are out cold. You wake up with your shorts tying up your hands, your pants tying up your feet and my panties in your mouth. You see me lock the door. This is going to be a fun night

ScissoringMomAug 08 2015 12:26pm
It looks like I'm all yours just get it over with and sit on this hard one the site of u in them shorts them thighs them breasts. Sod the wrestling lets do what we really came for. How about you reverse scissor me play with my balls and i. Well lets see how much pleasure u can take

ltrAug 08 2015 11:40pm
Just do me one favor get that oil out of my bag lets spice things up scissoringmom

ltrAug 09 2015 2:50am
Where u gone scissoringmom

ltrAug 09 2015 10:31am
I want to continue, but I don't want to get dirty on this site. I don't really trust it. Is there any other way I can chat to you?

ScissoringMomAug 09 2015 10:40am
Not that i can think of sorry. So do u want to end it i hope not :-)

ltrAug 09 2015 10:45am
Where you from im from England if you are we could text but that means given numbers and like u i don't trust it

ltrAug 09 2015 10:50am
Oh, I just had a naughty idea. I want you to beg me to continue talking to you on here (I have always liked making men beg, even before I discovered scissoring). You have one chance to impress me, otherwise Scissoringmom will have to say bye bye!

ScissoringMomAug 09 2015 10:53am
Pleas please don't go i look forward to your posts every day and the images u give me I will do any thing I'm at your mercy

ltrAug 09 2015 11:02am
Describe your body, in detail. If I think you are lying, these legs will have to scissor someone else

ScissoringMomAug 09 2015 11:13am
Come back scissoringmom how about another session me in some super small boxers and you in some super small booty shorts. Come on you know you want to or are you to chicken. Cluck cluck

ltrAug 09 2015 11:14am
I'm 511 small 6 pack not skinny.short black hair green eyes 13 stone and slite stubble

ltrAug 09 2015 11:17am
Have you ever gotten your girlfriend to scissor you? You obviously enjoy it.

ScissoringMomAug 09 2015 11:19am
No not her thing. I recon you love given scissors more than i like to receive them.

ltrAug 09 2015 11:28am
U up for a session or not :-)

ltrAug 09 2015 11:41am
Have u sead bye bye

ltrAug 09 2015 12:03pm
Do you know any other sites we could chat on scissoringmom

ltrAug 09 2015 1:12pm
Cute, you are so desperate for me. Time to give into my more dominating side. "DommyMommy". That's a good name. I want you to always be watching this page. I will comment, and I want you to reply in 30 minutes or no more chit chat for you. I will be kind, I won't post during your bed time (you are on GMT, are you not?). What, are you not able to check this page every half an hour? Well too bad. Who knows, if you do well enough I might get my camera out...

ScissoringMom (now DommyMommy)Aug 09 2015 1:34pm
Ok dommymommy So is the scissor sessions over now. Hope not il miss them unless u have something else planned.and its 10pm hear just chilling in bed at the mo

ltrAug 09 2015 1:55pm
I am training you. By getting you to respond, you are slowly devoting yourself to me. I could pick any man ff the street, rub my ass in his crotch and he would be mine to scissor as I please. But not many men would be so desperate for me that they would check a page every 30 mins to satisfy me. If you can do that, then I will know you are not some random guy who just wants my ass, and then we can take things... further (a bit overdramatic, but I love being a dommy)

ScissoringMomAug 09 2015 2:08pm
Ok scissoringmom trust me I'm not some random bloke. must Go to bed now up early for work i fin a 5pm shall we pick it back up then

ltrAug 09 2015 2:19pm
So you want round 5

ltrAug 10 2015 9:45am
Where you gone scissoringmom

ltrAug 10 2015 12:20pm
Have you remembered to check every 30 minutes? I hope so.

ScissoringMomAug 11 2015 12:19pm
Yes of course

ltrAug 11 2015 12:32pm
Wow you actually have been! Not even my husband is this committed (and if he was it might stop me scissoring him as much). Apologies for not being very active, I have spent most of my time writing blog posts ( see I will continue the fight when I can

ScissoringMomAug 11 2015 12:39pm
Ok but when you do you go first this time im ready for you

ltrAug 11 2015 12:42pm
I said hi on your blog on top 4 scissor holds don't know if it worked

ltrAug 11 2015 1:11pm
Please don't reply on your blog my email shows and my girl friend uses it I'm going to leave it now :-)

ltrAug 11 2015 2:33pm
A lot of mixed wrestling pics at - updating weekly!

StephanieAug 22 2015 9:32am
Stephanie do you wrestle

mikeAug 22 2015 10:28am
Scissotmom I'd love a few rounds with you

boggleAug 25 2015 5:27am
Oh really boggle? What are your stats? I would love to see you try to beat me lol

ScissoringMomAug 25 2015 11:56am
6foot 1 blondish hair 14 stone. But how would youbeat me? Your very c*cky

boggleAug 25 2015 12:02pm
I'll tell you what just give me until ten tonight to out chat wrestle you that's 2 hours i promis i wont keep on like that ltr bloke he seamed abit to attached hope you don't mind me saying :-)

bAug 25 2015 12:13pm
Sorry last one was from me boggle

boggleAug 25 2015 12:55pm
Opps out of time i win lol

boggleAug 25 2015 1:59pm
Are you still there boggle? I was out last night, so I couldn't fight you. How about a rematch?

ScissoringMomAug 26 2015 1:01am
Yes you can start il give u a chance

boggleAug 26 2015 1:14am
.i was just having a read of this page your quite kinky lol looking forward to visualising in the ring but it dose not mean i will let you win know matterwhat tiny little outfit you choose.

boggleAug 26 2015 9:51am
You still their scissoingmom

boggleAug 27 2015 9:40am
5zFSAc Very good post. I will be experiencing many of these issues as well..

lzuLTsADSPUiSep 02 2015 8:20am
Any females out there who would like a wrestle

jjSep 02 2015 9:11am
Hay scissoringmom you seem like you like to dominate what got you in to squeezing men between your legs

malkSep 05 2015 8:33am
Come on then scissoringmom where you at

boggleSep 13 2015 12:25pm
Oh well i was looking forward to a chat with you scissoringmom never mind i will check in time to time

boggleSep 14 2015 1:22pm
Sorry for being gone for a few weeks. Life is life. Anyway, where were we?

ScissoringMomSep 15 2015 12:10pm
Nice to have u back i think u challenged me to a wrestle

boggleSep 15 2015 12:36pm
Well when i say challenged .lol i see you like your outfit's good luck picking one that will put me off. .in not easy distracted but I'm betting you will do you're best well bring it I've a few tricks of my own. you go first I'll give you a sporting chance.

boggleSep 15 2015 12:55pm
You still about scissoringmom

boggleSep 17 2015 12:00pm
3HOnQK Thanks-a-mundo for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on

YxrrHyzTdKKSep 27 2015 11:30pm
4uJuMI Really enjoyed this blog.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

ZiqgyjyhfbciOct 16 2015 4:07am
Hay scissoringom I still check in time to time u still about

boggleOct 27 2015 11:25am
hQd9ez Wow! Thank you! I continuously wanted to write on my site something like that. Can I implement a part of your post to my site?

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Does anyone still read these lol? I have been away a while, but I have SO MUCH more to tell

ScissoringMomAug 12 2016 8:42am

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AnonymousOct 17 2016 9:36pm
1AlKbg It as hard to come by experienced people for this subject, but you sound like you know what you are talking about! Thanks

BwoMvgYYfFSpNov 26 2016 6:31pm
I'm Rob. Never been in a headscissor before, but have always wanted to experience it :). Any ladies here wanna talk bout their favorite scissor holds or roleplay?

RobDec 10 2016 5:18am
Anyone still here?

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Jake PDec 26 2016 2:47am
Oh cool.

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dPkBufQyQbOCUaOHAocMay 10 2017 4:07am
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victimMay 29 2017 1:24pm
My first girlfriend put me in a bodyscissor when we were in college. she had long legs.

victimMay 29 2017 1:26pm
any gail lift me naked plzzzzzzzzz

sachinJun 25 2017 3:13am
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CqBxZWGljimJul 10 2017 3:28pm
When I was 18 my girl friend who was also age 18 scissored me on our fourth date. She had great legs and I really wanted to caress and kiss them. When we arrived at her house after a movie and her parents were at the Country Club she and I were alone. She was in nylons and high heels that displayed her magnificent legs and gave me an erection. I asked her if I could kiss and caress her legs and she said sure you can. She led me to her room and told me to lie across the bed. She stood on side of bed with legs apart and told me I could caress and kiss her legs. As I enjoyed the feel of the nylon hose and gazed upon her legs rising from high heels she told me to kiss her calves and thighs. After a few tender kisses suddenly her thighs clamped tightly against me neck. I was stunned. Then she crossed her legs and locked her ankles securing my head in a standing scissor hold and applied pressure until I was helpless. Damn were her legs strong and sexy. She said now I've got you and there is nothing you can do. Asking to kiss and caress her legs I was hoping she would say yes and being so close to her legs maybe she would lock me in a scissor hold. I didn't expect it to happen but if it did I thought it would be more of a playful squeeze. I never expected her legs would to render me helpless.

RichardAug 26 2017 5:55pm
My scissor hold experience is similar to Richards. Doris, my best buddies sister who I dated a couple times was 17 and I was 18. At 5'8" She had great legs with thin ankles, defined calves and solid thighs. When she was in hose and high heels I wanted so badly to be scissored between those fabulous legs. We had returned from a dance and were alone when I got up the nerve to ask her if I could kiss and caress her legs. She replied yes I would like that. Doris laid on the sofa with her head against the arm rest and great legs straight out on the sofa. I knelt beside her and caressed her legs from ankle to thigh and then began kissing them. She parted her legs and told me to kiss her calves up to her thighs. When my lips reached her thighs she suddenly snapped her leg over my head and imprisoned my neck in a scissor hold. With legs crossed and ankles locked the feeling the hose against my neck and seeing her great legs in high heels I became aroused and when she tightened the scissor hold and began applying pressure to my neck I was completely helpless. She began to tease me that she had me and there was nothing I could do to get free and seeing my erection she began stroking my penis and since I could not move I eventually shot my wad much to my embarrassment and to her enjoyment. I never thought when I asked her if I could kiss and caress her legs that she would lock my neck in a crushing scissor hold

BobSep 07 2017 12:40pm
Below is a link to a poll for women who like to headscissor men.

AnonymousSep 16 2017 4:16am
Ladies, ever squeezed a man into screaming submission in a reverse headscissor? If so, then take the poll below.

AnonymousSep 16 2017 4:36am
Attention! if there are any dancers out there who have ever crushed a man with their thighs then please take the below poll.

AnonymousSep 16 2017 8:15am
leg scissors followed with saliva soaked palm clamped over my mouth

RussSep 19 2017 9:07pm
the saliva forming a sticky air proof glue letting no air in at all

RussSep 19 2017 9:14pm
NP2yF6 pretty practical stuff, overall I consider this is well worth a bookmark, thanks

sGcSRDtjIpffKTUJXbWSep 19 2017 11:21pm
I want to chat to a woman that loves leg scissoring men

tomSep 20 2017 7:01am
Want more hot foot fetish videos watch

AnonymousSep 24 2017 2:44am
I am 51 and since early teens have had an addiction for shapely sexy legs of attractive females and a stimulating sexual satisfying fetish to have neck scissored between such legs. My wife's dearest friend Karen has legs I want to die for and for years I wanted to ask her to scissor me. I finally got the nerve one summer afternoon when my wife had me take her a cake for her 42 birthday. Karen was in shorts and Tee relaxing on sofa in the Den. Her gorgeous legs were like magnets as I could not keep my eyes off of them. Karen saw me ogling her legs and said "What goes through your mind when you stare at my legs" I replied: "Always wonder if they are as strong as they are beautiful and capable of rendering me helpless" Smiling she said; "Do you want to find out" and I excitingly said yes. Karen laid on the floor and told me to kneel beside her. She told me to place my head on her thigh which I did. She then place one leg over my head and locked my neck between her solid thighs and slowly squeezed her scissor hold tighter and tighter until I gasped for air and begged her to ease the pressure. I was helpless and Karen knew I was so she asked: "Does this answer your question?" She then told me she was going to put me in a couple other scissor holds. Karen secured my neck in front scissor and figure four ending and finished with me in reverse scissor hold. I was a bit embarrassed as her legs had given me an erection that was struggling to escape. Noticing my embarrassment She said: "I see my legs have turned you on." Finally after I had cum in my shorts Karen unlocked her scissor hold from my neck and let me go free while teasing me as to how enjoyable it was for her feeling my neck between her legs, seeing me helpless, watching me struggling to get free and hearing me beg her to stop squeezing. I thanked her for feeding my addiction and the fetish I had for her fabulous legs. My wife doesn't know about this and I am hoping Karen will keep it our secret.

MatthewNov 07 2017 9:07am
X5qt4Q When some one searches for his essential thing, thus he/she wishes to be available that in detail, therefore that thing is maintained over here.

ADCmzqlnNov 08 2017 9:23am
One summer afternoon when I was 20 years old my Mom and I were sitting side by side relaxing on floor in the Rec room. Mom was in shorts displaying her fantastic legs that always had an effect on me sexually. From age 10 to 14 we playfully wrestled and she would always make me give in by scissoring my neck or waist between her thighs or knees. Mom was now age 42 and her legs still magnificent. Having not felt her scissor hold for six years I got up th nerve to ask if her legs were still capable of making me submit. I told her being 6'3" and 180 pounds of solid muscle I didn't think her legs could still render me helpless. Suddenly she shoved my head down to her thigh and snapped the other leg over the top securing my neck between her thighs. She straightened her legs and crossed the ankles and slowly increased the pressure as I struggled to get loose. I could not move as she had rendered me helpless. I was shocked at how easy and quickly she got me in the crushing scissor hold. After she made me beg for mercy she said: "I am not finished as this is fun and I haven't worked you over for quite a number of years. Mom then locked me in a figure four, front, rear and reverse scissor hold making me beg for her mercy before she would release me. Finally she stood and told me to kneel on all fours. She shoved my neck between her thighs and crossed her legs and ankles squeezing me in a choking standing scissor hold. Needless to say I got a huge erection and ejaculated which was embarrassing but very sexually satisfying. When my Mom finally stopped applying scissor holds she said: "Son, I am certain you just found out that you will never be too old or too big for me to make you obey me or beg for my mercy my locking you between my legs." This is how I got my Mom to scissor me and shocked and embarrassed she was able to render me helpless with her fabulous legs.

RobertNov 17 2017 11:52am
At age 52 I have had success from my teens in asking a girl to scissor my neck between her legs. The line I have used is very direct. I will say: "You have gorgeous legs and I can't help but wonder if they are as strong as they are beautiful. Would you lock my neck in a scissor hold" Many females accepted my invitation and after they had rendered me helpless or made me beg for mercy some would tell me what a stimulating satisfying experience it is having a males necks locked between their legs and seeing them struggling to get free.

Scissor Hold Addict Nov 23 2017 11:53am
Scissor Hold Addict -We would love to hear more about you being at the mercy of girls thighs.

rhsNov 26 2017 2:55pm
Ladies, have any of you had experience of squeezing a man in a reverse headscissor (see photo)? Would you do it to your boyfriend if he asked you? Please take this poll...

AnonymousNov 26 2017 4:22pm
This is for rhs who wants to hear more about my being at the mercy of girls thighs. In addition to the line I have used: You have gorgeous legs and I can not help but wonder if they are as strong as they are beautiful. Would you lock my neck in a scissor hold" I have also said: "You have fantastic legs I would love to caress and have my neck or waist scissored between them." Two females responded to this invitation and let me caress their legs and scissored my neck squeezing me into submission and making me cum.

Scissor Hold AddictDec 02 2017 6:18pm
Scissor Hold Addict- You are lucky to find women who are willing to crush you into submission. Did they enjoy controlling you with their thighs?

RHSDec 11 2017 10:46am
Anyone wants to scissor me?

1Dec 19 2017 5:29am
just kidding

1Dec 19 2017 5:30am
I'll scissor you.

LisaDec 25 2017 5:46pm
Scissor Hold Addict method of getting girls to scissor him reminds me of what I said to a girl that resulted in my being scissored. I was sitting next to a beautiful blond at the hotel bar. She had gorgeous legs displayed in high heels. We became quite friendly and when she dropped her lighter on floor I knelt down to retrieve it. It took me a couple minutes and when I returned to my stool she said: "What took so long?" My reply: "I was eyeing your fabulous legs wishing I could be scissored between them" She told me if we go to her room and she would let me feel the strength in her legs. In room she removed her skirt and still and stretched out on bed telling me to place my head between on her thighs. With legs straight and crossed, ankles locked she had me in an excruciating scissor hold rendering me helpless. With pulsating pressure she tightened the scissor hold telling me the only way I will get loose is when I submit and beg her to unlock my neck. It was a sexual stimulating experience for both of us.

Another Scissor AdictJan 13 2018 11:38am
I have a unique way of getting a girl with gorgeous legs to scissor me. At age 52 for 40 years I've been addicted to shapely legs and have a fetish to be scissored between them. In my teens I read article on what determines the perfect female leg. To have a Perfect female shaped leg it should measure 7" between ankle and calf and 6 inches between calf and thigh. In my 20's I started carrying cloth measuring tape on dates and to house parties. I would bring up in conversation measurements of a perfect female leg. Most females were very curious as to how their legs compared to perfect legs. If they were not in heels I had then stand on toes to define their calf muscle. Kneeling down I would measure ankle, calf, and sometimes the thigh. After sharing the measurements I would tell them their legs were almost perfect. Then would say: "I can't help but wonder if your legs are as strong as they are pretty "To determine their strength you need to scissor my neck between your thighs or clamped between your calf muscles and see if your legs can make me beg for mercy." This line worked 9 out of 10 times as female or females would sit or lie down with my neck between her thighs or kneel on all fours with my neck between her calves. I would tell them I am going to try and get loose. All of the females would lock my neck tightly between their thighs and no matter how I struggled I could not escape. I always had to beg them to stop and plead with them to let me go free. It was the same experience kneeling with my neck crushed between their muscular calves. Every female seemed to enjoy physical stimulating pleasure seeing me struggling unable to get free, listening to me begging and pleading for mercy and to be set free. Over the years my fetish became common knowledge as new females at a party would ask if I had tape measure with me to measure their legs. You can imagine how much sexual stimulating satisfaction I have had these past 40 years. I have been married for 20 of these 40 years and my wife at 5'7" and 135 pounds has almost perfect legs so shapely, solid, strong and I have been scissored between her legs many times and not once was I able to get free. She accepts my leg addiction and the fetish to be scissored and get great satisfaction seeing other females get my neck in an inescapable scissor hold

Leg AddictJan 15 2018 12:21pm
Leg Addict experience with measuring females legs to see how close they come to being perfect shaped legs is one of the most creative ideas I have ever heard. Then to tell female that he wonders if her legs are as strong as they are beautiful and would like for her to scissor his neck between her thighs turns me on just reading his comment.

Another Leg AddictJan 19 2018 12:23pm
Leg Addict - To end a date with a girl with her thighs wrapped around your neck headscissoring you mercilessly until you screamed submission would be heaven.

RHSJan 20 2018 12:05pm
I haven't talked a girl into scissoring me. What I do when dating a girl or in getting a friend to scissor me I wait for the opportunity to caress their legs while they are relaxing. Most of the females seemed to like that and as they let me caress their shapely smooth solid legs I will bend down and kiss them keeping my head on the legs. Most of the girls not only liked it but would scissor my neck often saying since you like my legs I am going to keep you locked between them. What I found out was the girls displayed a sense of physical sexual stimulation and of course I did too with a hard on often experiencing and embarrassing ejeculation.

Scissor LoverJan 20 2018 12:11pm
anyone want to headscissor me

AnonymousJan 24 2018 4:37pm
lisa do you want to head scissor me

AnonymousJan 24 2018 5:07pm
I'd love too

LisaJan 25 2018 3:46pm

AnonymousJan 25 2018 3:47pm

AnonymousJan 25 2018 3:56pm
im anonymous

awesomesauseJan 25 2018 3:58pm
lisa you there

awesomesauseJan 25 2018 4:09pm
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