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Italian or Chinese Food??

Created by: Colosimo at 05:04:19 AM, Thursday, June 29, 2000 EDT


Try mixin' em', fusion cooking style!

an intelligent life formJul 10 2009 9:59am

You are so awesome for helping me solve this msytrey.

BqBXYhORqWsguyByOct 01 2011 12:29pm
Heyo :)

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:09pm
heyy!! so im just gonna say what i was going to say...mmhmm i hope you arent thinking of actually riding me ;3

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:14pm
u guys here lol

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:14pm
im here :3

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:17pm

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:17pm
Im back

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:17pm
lololol aye i said i hope you arent :P

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:17pm
cool lol

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:18pm
Was the last thjng I said on the last poll inappropriate?

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:18pm
so :3 u want me to -thinks- ewwwy XD

Kenzie:3Jan 24 2014 7:18pm
never said that hun :P *sticks my tongue out at kenzie*

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:19pm
lol the other day i told my friend tht i was gonna cut his dick off and sew it to his 4head...then im like..omfg that brings a whole new meaning to Headbanging!!!!!!

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:20pm
*facepalm* you you...what am i going to do with you hun xD

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:21pm
That coukd be kinky

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:22pm
and a new meaning to dick

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:22pm
why dont you two try that then xD

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:22pm

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:23pm
ahaha *flops onto the couch looking at you two* yall going to? :3

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:24pm
I dont think kenz would ever hurt me like that lol

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:24pm
I SAID NO!!!! :/

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:24pm
dont flatter urself hun :3

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:25pm
ahahah xD i was more just going for the dick cutting not the headbanging xD

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:26pm
Youd cut off my member?

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:26pm
thats the worst thing that could happen to a guy

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:27pm
uhhhh. yeah probably if u did something to hurt me emotionally..and yeah XD

Kenzie:3Jan 24 2014 7:27pm
*lays on my back*bllleehhhh

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:28pm
But id nevr do that to you or rawrz lol

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:28pm
-lays on u on my back- XD

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:28pm
Umm yeah mine was kinda cut of in the womb..and um a.,uh whole was put in its place XD....

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:29pm
*wraps my arms around kenzies waist* am i that comfortable?

Rawrz?Jan 24 2014 7:29pm
yes yew awre :3

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:30pm
*nips your ear* dont get too comfortable Zephyr is still here

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:31pm
Hey man, if yall need the room just say so lol

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:32pm kidding XD

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:32pm
im just laying here mate

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:32pm
did eithe of u see wat i said about 6comments up XD

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:33pm
yes i saw thats just no no dont want to think about that!

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:34pm
Heyo? Lol

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:34pm

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:35pm
-lays on u still but turns ly my head is on ur chest- hey..brb i gotta go let the horses in and feed them..dont leave this pole..lmfao..

Kenzie:D-brbJan 24 2014 7:36pm
hey im sorry to do this but my instance party is meeting up now so ill talk to yall tmrw! *huggggzzz* good night both of yall :)

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:36pm
Holy poo dude

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:37pm
well nevermind i guess i could wait until she gets back..

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:37pm
Oh ok bro, talk to you later

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:38pm
awwww ok :(...wats an instance party???

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:38pm
Then im taking my goodbye back for now lol

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:38pm
thats what i call my group of friends that i run raids with i told them i would meet up with them when theyre ready

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:39pm
i havent left yet..... its just they r probably freexzing their balls off..wait they r geldings..nvm XD

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:39pm
so ill talk to you guys tmrw ill be on most of the day ill try to be on all day

RawraJan 24 2014 7:39pm
Ah raids, always fun

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:40pm
kk lol... -hugzies bye :p

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:40pm
I just ran into my ex.....T.T wyy.....

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:42pm
oh...and? hey zeph brb i gotta et the horses in..there r only 6 lol...soo brb

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:43pm
Kk ill be here

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:44pm
ok im back :p

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:54pm
-hugs tightly- I need a hug.....sorry

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:54pm
Heyyy guyss so i could t resist coming back but im on my phone sooo might be slow responses from me :/

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:55pm
-hugs u back close and tight lays my head against yours- awww wats wrong...

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:56pm
yay lol Rawrz

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:57pm
*awkwardly hugs Zephyr* whats wong?

RawrzJan 24 2014 7:57pm
I saw my ex......shes the girl I love moet in the world and I just saw her with another hurts

ZephyrJan 24 2014 7:58pm
aww no man that hurts...i seen my ex with another guy.......i was heartbroken...(the ex was my horse i gave up) ik its not the same...but i loved him more than anything....

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 7:59pm
sorry..i uh..didnt help any did i???

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:00pm
*hugs ypu both tightly* .......thank you guys

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:01pm
You did help. You both did...I never had anyone here for me before now....

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:01pm
Dude trust me i know how you feel...when i left LL i couldnt talk to my gf and when i came back i saw here with another hurts....but pain us only temporary

RawrzJan 24 2014 8:02pm
ur welcome...and just think about something tht makes u happy....i didn leave my room for almost a month after Thomas died...i didnt even go to the barn..and my life isrevolvd around my horses....but i stayed away..i didnt wanna get hurt by things i love the most....

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:03pm
Thsnk you...ill do that...thank you both

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:05pm
Hey man youre my friend and im always here for my friends ive got youre back

RawrzJan 24 2014 8:06pm
np....i mean...the first time i went back into the barn and seenhis stall empty..and all his stuff in the storage room...i wanted to die....

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:06pm
Same to you both. Im here ni matter what

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:07pm
i just made myself cry :'( ugh=...... and im here 4 u guys to

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:10pm
Ehy did you cry sweetheart? *pulls you into a tighht hug*

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:11pm
i thought about thomas...

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:12pm
*wipes your tears from your face* no sweetie. Dont do that to yourself, youre much too beautiful to cry ok

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:14pm
aww y thank you -hugs u- ur too handsome to be tied down to a past relationship...

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:15pm
*hugs you tightly and rubs your head gently* I know but my ex was so special. She was actually a lot like you, thats why we get along so well I think

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:18pm
But..i miss Thomas soo much..he was my bestest friend....ppl said he was just a was my friend..we had a unique bond tht no one could break.... he would always stick his head out over his stll door and nicker to me..he didnt do tht to nyone else...he followed me around..i cnt explain everyhing he did...he ws like person...

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:20pm
*keeps rubbing your head* I get that. I was to have a dog named champaign, we grew up together since she was a puppy and I a baby and we would always watch tv together eat together play together and everything els3 and when she passed it tore me to pieces but I know shes always arounf me, keeping me comoany. Just like thomas is there with you now, you may not see him but hes always there and always will be

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:23pm
-hugs u close- ugh u r too sweet

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:24pm
*hugs you tighter* no, im just a very understanding person, I know pain and the horrors that come with it and I hate when people, especially people so sweet and caring as you, suffer from it

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:26pm
-looks into ur eyes- :) aww

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:27pm
*looks back into yours with a smile* I want you to kniw thwt youre a special person in this world. The world today is soaked in blood and cloaked in pain but youre one of the special few in the world who have an undying light in you. Youre just a very happy person to talk to. So whenever youre hurt or sad, ill be here for you To nuture you as your friend, I promise

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:31pm
-leans agaist , kisses u softly-

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:31pm
*stares unexpectantly as I kiss back* oh my

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:32pm :/

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:33pm
*blushes very very deeply* no no, dont be sorry, please dont be. I liked it

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:34pm
i...i did to. -holds ur hand, and leans towards u-

Knzie:DJan 24 2014 8:35pm
*blushes even more and leans in to kiss you gently*

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:36pm
-kisses u gently, smiles- i do luv you....

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:37pm
*my eyes widen then I smile softly* well, ive been crushing on you hard and I do love you too..I really do

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:39pm
but there is one problem....:/ i love my bf..and dont wanna loose him :/

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:40pm
*watching yall kiss* well hell that escalated quickly

RawrzJan 24 2014 8:42pm confuesed right now -_-

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:44pm
I completely understand.i truly do. *puts both yourhands between my hands* youre an amazing woman and he is so lucky to have you. i have feelings for you but nurture him and love him sweetie. And if one day, things dont work, Iill be here for you. I love you sweetheart but I can't let you mess up what you have now ok

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:44pm
I had a feeling rawrz was there. Idk why just did lol

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:45pm
I feel all awkward now...i wanna go back to how it was on the 1rst post..funny and fun...not ...awkward

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:45pm
Yeah well ill just let myself out *grabs a coke and walks out*

RawrzJan 24 2014 8:46pm
-jumps on Rawrz- noo stay pwease ;D haha

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:47pm
Wait rawrz dont go bro. Can we just go back to joking arounf and being weirdos? Its not the same without you

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:47pm
Orrrr yall could go back to kissing and being lovey dovey *takes a sip of my coke and sets kenzie down*

RawrzJan 24 2014 8:49pm
OMG NO..NO...NO..IM SCARED THERE IS S RLLLY BAD THUNDERSTORM HERE..... :( ima cry..i hate thunderstorms :(

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:49pm
I..idk wha to say to that @rawrz

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:51pm
no...Rawrz..i didnt mean to do tht....i..i love Tobby....

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:51pm
Yall picked your poison and im not going to choose my poison quite yet so yeah *starts walking out*

RawrzJan 24 2014 8:53pm
NO!!!!! I RUIN EVERYTHING >:( ugh i shoulda never even came back....... -runs upstairs hides im my closet- WHY WHYWHY...

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:54pm
Rawrz please dont do anything to hurt was my fault, I was the one saying all the nice things..idc wha you tell anyone about me or anythung just....dont hurt her

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:54pm
I wanna go back to how it was earlier..just forget about da kiss, and nice things we said....

Kenzie:/Jan 24 2014 8:56pm
Hurt her? Im just stating what i saw im not telling anyone but just know that ill be watching the thing is YOU better not hurt her i dont care you guys kiss behind her bfs back or even fück just dont hurt my kenzie

RawrzJan 24 2014 8:56pm
All I want is her happy. Idc what that takes rawrz I swear. It hurt me to see her so down, I couldnt just let her be sad...

ZephyrJan 24 2014 8:57pm
i stoped it!!!! im never gonna do it again plz understand..i never ment to do that rawrz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz dont be mad....i like the friendship we have

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 8:58pm
Im not mad i should be the last person that you should be worrying about for what yall did i dont care really

RawrzJan 24 2014 8:59pm
i told him..he said he understands.......can we please go back to the way it was earlier plz Rawrz, Zeph

KenZie:DJan 24 2014 9:01pm
ok....sorry can we still talk 2morrow...

Kenzie:DJan 24 2014 9:05pm
If im on i have work tmrw

RawrzJan 24 2014 9:06pm
ok :3 im sorry i screwd up again....u still my best buddie right Rawrzies :-)

KenzieJan 24 2014 9:09pm
Ill talk to you tomorroe sweetheart

ZephyrJan 24 2014 9:10pm
can you not call me that plzz... its awkward....l....

KenzieJan 24 2014 9:12pm
...sorry, I understand....

ZephyrJan 24 2014 9:12pm
ok listen...when i kissed u..i think itwas cuz i was upset and so were u..then i said i love in like a brother....,not like...a sorry....i just likeu as a best rawrz he is a rlly close friend and i love him like one..nothing more.....du understand....

KnzieJan 24 2014 9:15pm
.....yes...I understand completely

ZephyrJan 24 2014 9:17pm
im gonna go....see ya :)...:/ ok nighty

Kenzie 'out'Jan 24 2014 9:18pm
.........night kenz.......

ZephyrJan 24 2014 9:18pm
im sorry... can we be me nd rawrz...

KenzieJan 24 2014 9:19pm
...of course kenz. Im here for you

ZephyrJan 24 2014 9:20pm
:) ok good cuz i love ya like a i do Rawrz..and u can call me watever u want..i dont mind..soo talk to you tommorow??

KenzieJan 24 2014 9:21pm
...ill talk to you tomorrow, no wrries..

ZephyrJan 24 2014 9:22pm
ok..back to how we were earlier :D nighty night :D :P

Kenzie:D 'gone to beds'Jan 24 2014 9:23pm
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