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That ankward moment when a taller and stronger girl pick you up

Question: That ankward moment when a taller,bigger and stronger girl who alway's been a bully with you in the past, drag you alone in a corner and lift you off the ground and pin you helplessly against the wall to tell you that she actually in love with you.
Created by: josh64 at 01:54:22 PM, Thursday, April 19, 2012 EDT


i did that once to a guy.... the dif was i never bullied him in the past.......but i did tease him in the past :)

kitty :PApr 20 2012 1:15pm

did you still see him? Did he enjoy it or was he scared?

AnonymousApr 20 2012 11:19pm
Lolz... he was like 'what the f*ck?'

kitty :PApr 26 2012 11:16pm
I think kitty was awesome, how did it feel to have that power and use it?

Chris PApr 27 2012 4:46pm
Wow! Must have been cool to see! Was he scared after that?

AnonymousApr 27 2012 8:27pm
he was like '*looks around* o gawd ummmmm *blushes* ' Rofl

kitty :pMay 01 2012 1:24pm
Well I would love to be with a woman who enjoyed her strength. I am single and love stronger women.

Chris PMay 02 2012 5:44am
Thanks for sharing Kitty, that must be a sight to see! if you have other story like that or from some friend's, feel free to share

josh64May 02 2012 7:02pm
Lolz o-tay ^.^

kitty :pMay 02 2012 10:15pm
Any more story of that kind?

AnonymousOct 14 2012 8:42pm

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