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Ladies,do you have bigger thighs than your boyfriend?

Question: If so,how big are they?
Created by: RTL43 at 10:11:37 AM, Thursday, May 03, 2012 PDT


The numbers are in inches,by the way,not centimeters

RTL43May 03 2012 5:12pm

My thighs are 26 inches and i love using them in scissor holds and when the males scream i have the most incredible orgasms!

thunderthighsMay 04 2012 1:29pm
Thunderthighs,may I ask what it is that you enjoy about putting men in scissorholds?There seem to be a lot of different reasons,so I was curious as to what yours is.

RTL43May 04 2012 5:44pm
Women like thunderthighs are great. I am so attracted to adult physically stronger women. I am a professional, nice guy who would love to chat with and possibly meet a stronger female. email me at

Chris PMay 05 2012 12:40pm
my thighs are nearly 30 inches and so far all men i was with has'nt come nowhere near to me when it comes to legs and strenght in lower body.but i do have a quite weak & tiny arms.

saraMay 10 2012 9:31am
sara,what did you do to make your thighs 30 inches? and are your thighs all muscle? i just can imagine what kind of pressure you could generate put some one in any kind of scissors holds? the pressure i can generate i have been told is very scary! i have broken ribs not knowing my own strength and it doesn't take much to squeeze some one unconcious!

thunderthighsMay 10 2012 1:39pm
Hi,thunderthighs.To be honest size of my thighs has been my nightmare for me,since my childhood.My legs are naturaly very strong after my mom.When i was young as 12,I had 24inch thighs already and I was in centre of attention because of my quads of the size of the treetrunks.I have tried many workouts but couldnt make them any smaller as my legs are almost pure muscles.Now iam mid age woman,i dont mind anymore as many of guys find my strong legs sexy.Yes my thighs are now rock hard muscle,as they measured 32inch with bit of fat,but i cycled a lot recently,now they are 30,but defined.No i havent cracked ribs to anybody but i guess,i could easy do so as i am able to measure my power with electronic pressure switch placed between my thighs(my ex-boyfriend) idea,and i can generate over 920 lbs pressure by squeezing thighs.I never realy tried my max,but i guess in extreme anger or adrenaline rush,i could manage well over that.As i have mentioned my arms and upr body is very thin,when i look into mirror,70% of my bodyweight seem to be in my legs.All my partners had one in common,all asked me to wrestle them for fun,scenario ended up mostly him trapped helpless between my legs with no chance to move or freed himself.Even the biggest,very tall and muscular guy had no chance,even he put all power he could,he ended up breathless exhousted,had to give up.However he was almost twice my size,i could seriously cracked every single bone in his body and actualy kill him,if i wanted easy.He thought,he never realy realized how strong can woman be.I am not good fighter neither wrestler,but once i clamp my legs around man,there is no way for him to overpower me.I would overpower a grown bull,when trapped between my thighs really.My arms?-any teenage boy would beat me easy.

saraMay 10 2012 6:54pm
sara,when i scissor some one i can't help it it cause me to have an orgasm! what about you? when any male gets between my thighs and begs and scream it makes me very wet!

thunderthighsMay 11 2012 10:22am
sara,ne thing always be proud of your incedible thighs!and never be embarrassed by them and let no one tell you different!

thunderthighsMay 11 2012 11:28am
Sara and thunderthighs, you are my dream ladies

ObservingMay 12 2012 12:42am
Observing,what makes you think sara and i are you dream girl? you like strong girls with muscles? ever feel a girls muscle or wrestled one?

thunderthighsMay 12 2012 11:49am
i am one of the girls that works for ScissorVixen and have 15 inch arms and have 26 inch thighs and love putting men in scissor holds and get paid very well just scissoring men.i have been told the squeeze from the pressure from my thighs is like a iron press!times i have to hold back afraid of serious hurting the men.i have broken ribs and doesn't take me much to squeeze some one unconcious!

AmazonMay 12 2012 1:47pm
Amazon,what is your name at

RTL43May 12 2012 3:36pm
thunderthighs, I have always had a fantasy to be dominated by a very strong, powerful woman. In my younger days, back in the 1940's, when i first realized the kink, strong girls were looked upon as being very strange,(to put it very mildly) and guys looked down on such girls. i on the other hand, had somewhat of a desire for female power, but to allow such desire to surface was even more disasterous for the guy. I was the coward for hiding my feelings. Today, with the introduction of computers and the internet into my world, I have realized there really are women like you and Sara in the world. my own wife is strong, but having been brought up at the same time as I, she abhors any ideas that she could be very strong. She has, accidentally shown me that her legs are probably stronger than my own, but she would never show me deliberately. You ask how I know you are my dream girls. I hope this explains. I love my wife, so i would never go out looking for satisfaction elsewhere, so you will only reside in my dreams. Thank you for allowing the dreams. I know you could destroy me without breaking a sweat. My dream.

ObservingMay 13 2012 2:04am
Observing,its to bad your wife won't indulge you in your love of muscular women? she would find it very overpowering! but.i guess for you becareful what you wish for you might get it! she could turn into a night mare for you!

thunderthighsMay 13 2012 6:56am
Sorry RTL43, i am not allowed to give you my Scissorvixen name! thats one the things i can't do out of security reasons.there a lot sick crazy weirdos out there and can't take the chances!

AmazonMay 13 2012 11:49am
Well whoever you are Amazon- keep it up! Will keep dreaming of being squeezed by a muscle babe like you. 26" thighs is HUGE, would make any guy's eyes water I bet!

Glenn StormMay 14 2012 5:10am
That's alright Amazon-I was just wondering if I had heard of you before.Even if I haven't,I'm sure someone here has.

RTL43May 14 2012 2:56pm
RTL43,ever wrestled a girl and been put in a scissors hold to feel power of what a females thighs can produce?

thunderthighsMay 16 2012 2:33pm
No,actually that's never happened to me before.Are female thighs really as strong as everyone is saying?

RTL43May 17 2012 10:43am
RTL43,a females legs or thighs are as strong as everyone saying.we females can squat and leg press more than men.and when we females use them in scissor holds we can produce a tremendous pressure from squeezing!and it also have to do with when we females have babies!

thunderthighsMay 17 2012 12:38pm
Yah my thighs are bigger than my boyfriends and they're all muscle too. Mine are 20inch and his are 17inch. I show them off alot too cos we both love the look of them, its great!

JennaMay 17 2012 1:52pm
Jenna,what are you most proud of about your thighs the size or the power you can generate from the strength in them?and have you used them on your boyfriend wrestling him?

thunderthighsMay 17 2012 2:27pm
Heya thunderthighs! While I love how big my thighs are I'm definitely most proud of how powerful they are. Oh and how solid they are and look. I get plenty comments on how strong my legs look and the occasional feel as I flex. Makes me feel sooo sexy when a guy or a girl compliments me on them and specially if they wanna feel lol! So how'd you get such big muscular thighs yourself? How much can you squat, press and lift with your legs? Oh and who was the poor guy you broke his ribs, I can only imagine the orgasm you would built up with that one lol. I orgasm occasionally when I have my bf between my thighs and hes helpless after that lol. Knocked him out once with a neck scissors!

JennaMay 17 2012 8:38pm
Well,it does seem like there are a lot of women have big legs,but I still can't help but wonder which sex has stronger legs.I'm still tempted to believe that men have stronger legs.

Will41May 20 2012 8:40am
Amazon do you think you could a guy out with a body scissors?

mrniceguyMay 27 2012 8:02pm
Knockout I mean lol

mrniceguyMay 27 2012 8:04pm
Or any of the ladies

mrniceguyMay 27 2012 9:37pm
I could definately knock a guy out in a bodyscissors, I've come close a few times. My legs are very powerful from 14 years as a gymnast, and I scissor my husband all of the time. I'm also very flexible so once I get my legs around him it's usually over pretty quick. I squeeze my legs around his middle slowly tightening down, his face turns red, he becomes unable to get any breath in, and starts to struggle. But by this time it's too late and he has to submit to avoid passing out. I know if I kept on squeezing a little bit longer I'd knock him out. It's definitely a turn on to feel his body being crush between my powerful muscles.

AlyJun 06 2012 8:15pm
Gymnast? Wow I bet you can do damage. Never been in a bodyscissors before only a headscissors for a few seconds I've always wanted to though see what it felt like

mrniceguyJul 05 2012 11:41pm
You there aly?

mrniceguyJul 12 2012 9:10pm
You there aly?

mrniceguyJul 12 2012 9:26pm
mrniceguy don't believe Aly. She talking a load of rubbish. She has done gymnasts for 14 years and knock anyone out with her bodyscissors. I bet she has even scissor anyone her whole life. Thats the trouble with these girl they come and put crap on this sites, but when you want to talk to them, they f**k off and don't say a word or answer your question. Aly come on don't bulls**t me!

JamesAug 15 2012 11:10am
mrniceguy don't believe Aly. She talking a load of rubbish. She has not done gymnasts for 14 years and knock anyone out with her bodyscissors. I bet she has even scissor anyone her whole life. Thats the trouble with these girl they come and put crap on this sites, but when you want to talk to them, they f**k off and don't say a word or answer your question. Aly come on don't bulls**t me!

JamesAug 16 2012 11:33am
I'd let a girl break as many of my ribs as she can/wants to with a bodyscissor.

scissortoySep 03 2012 12:04pm
I don't know if you'd still say that after you felt the pain my legs could put you

AlySep 23 2012 8:14pm
Aly, Hopefully I wouldn't be in any condition to say anything one way or the other. ;)

scissortoySep 24 2012 4:26pm
Lol you're probably right, its hard to talk when the air has been crushed out of you ;)

AlySep 25 2012 12:13pm
Well, if I couldn't stop you from breaking my ribs, I'd deserve as much damage as you want to do. :D

scissortoyOct 08 2012 11:03am
Do any of the women with strong thighs posting on here at least have a Facebook? I email gift cards to strong white women who love talking about their strength.

JawanOct 09 2012 3:52am
Haha I don't know if I could break your ribs but I could definitely knock you out. When I am squezing a guy at full power it is impossible to breathe, and I can squeeze at full power for a long time

AlyOct 11 2012 7:11pm
Aly, I don't suppose you're anywhere near Arizona. hehe

scissortoyOct 17 2012 1:20am
Aly, i would love to email you gift cards. you can find me on yahoo at jawan_terrell

JawanOct 18 2012 6:55pm
5`9 135 pounds age 16

NickOct 26 2012 9:30am
nick are u a girl? if u are, are u on facebook?

JawanOct 30 2012 3:42pm
I believe aly,when my wife scissors full power its impossible to breath.Thats from horseback riding for many yrs

AnonymousNov 27 2012 7:07pm
She sounds like a strong lady, wonder who could make a guy give first, me or her. Do you think she could squeeze hard enough to break your ribs

AlyDec 02 2012 7:47pm
Aly, much like you I had a background in gymnastics as well as swimming and i am very flexible as well. That flexibility has helped me get out from a bad position and get my legs around my husbands head many times. We both know, once that happens its over and he will usually scream out a NO!! as I clamp my thighs around him. But his male ego makes him continue to resist. I have to say, i kind of like when he resists i just continue to pour on the pressure and get a chuckle out of his attempts to free himself.

ChristyDec 24 2012 4:06am
very funny to find this poll. I have a similar background to Christy's and Aly's. Gymnastics from an early age until I got too big at 14, I had a growth spurt and at 16 I was almost 6' tall and I had also filled out. I started to play basketball when I was 12 but at 14 when I stopped the gymnastics I really was into basket. I was by far the strongest in my class at 14, the boys were all shorter and weaker. At 16 a couple of boys got bigger and stronger but I was still a big strong girl. I have always loved to work out and my legs are very long and extremely strong, something that my boyfriends found out when we were intimate and also when we playwrestled. Today I am 47 years old, I am still in very good shape playint veteran basket and work out at the gym 4 times a week. My husband since 20 years back knows he hasn't got a chance when we wrestle. He is not a weak man at all, we have about the same strenght in our arms but the rest of my body is stronger than his and my legs can make him give up in minutes. He also says NOO when he realizes that I once again have succeeded in wrapping my pythons around him, body or head doesn't matter, he gives up in seconds. Just like Christys husband he struggles and I just love to feel him getting weaker and weaker between my legs until he is totally spent and gives up. We often have sex when he is totally exhausted, kind of strange you might think but I just love to conquer him. We have a totally normal relationship apart from me dominating him in bed.

AlanaDec 26 2012 2:16am
Do you ever crush your guys while making love, I think that would be hot

MikeDec 29 2012 5:28am
Alana, how much can u leg press? I can do 260 and im sure its more than u...or any woman for that matter, i dont understand how girls think their legs are so strong...and they have tried to squeeze me, easy toput pry out...especially around the body

AdamJan 09 2013 8:14pm
Aly what's your email? I think I could take your scissors honestly.

MrniceguyJan 28 2013 10:24am
Eh, Adam, I've personally known several women who leg press WAY more than 260. One of my exes could leg press 800 for reps, and she wasn't a bodybuilder type, just tall and wiry.

scissortoyJan 28 2013 7:52pm
Every guy on here that thinks they're stronger then these women are stupid as hell and need to get taught a lesson by one of these girls.

Barack ObamaFeb 13 2013 10:57pm
i play soccer, im only 17, and i probably have the strongest legs around!

melFeb 15 2013 10:39am
Mel, just cuz u play soccer doesnt mean u have the strongest legs around....i played football and im sure u cant do 260 on the leg press....and if we wrestled my core is too strong for any kind of scissor moves or whatever....girls think its so automatic once they get u in a lock with their legs....its not! Especially around the silly

AdamFeb 16 2013 12:08pm
My ex girlfriends legs are easily twice the size of mine, I work out a lot!! And can't seem to get any bigger. She was about chin height and I loved laying next to her with my leg between hers and know I stand no chance no matter how hard I try and get them bigger, there's no hope. Girls do your mans legs feel tiny compared to yours

Jealous:(Apr 01 2013 1:03pm
bigger thighs than my boyfriend? Yes, far more big, up to 32 inches and his are like stick, my waist is however smaller than his.

SoniaJul 13 2013 10:01pm
sonia are you serious 32 inches OMG thats tremendous size i've never seen thighs like this before my wife thighs are 27 inches and i feel like kid when we compare our legs mine are 20

DavidAug 01 2013 6:27pm
I don't believe any of this. It's all fantasy!

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UBjBnPvNKSUAcAWFRSep 24 2013 6:11pm
one of the first dates with my gf was in the summer, I had of course notices her big, muscular yet beautiful tanned thighs but this specific time I had shorts on and she had a short skirt. When we came to her place we sat down beside each other and we both looked at our thighs at the same time, and she started to laugh and said that my thighs looked like a kids next to her, and she was right. She asked me how big my thighs were and I said that I didn't have a clue sinced I had never measured them. She just took out the tape tp measure, mine were exactly 40 cm 15,7 inches and her's measured 26,2! Not all of it muscle but what a difference. She asked me if I liked to feel her thighs and I started to feel her up. She then surprised me throwing leg over me to catch me in a body scissors, she laughed and urged me to get out of her grip. She didn't even have cross her legs to keep me in this grip. She moved me around the way she wanted and then started to undress me. The difference in our leg strength is huge, she is also stronger than me in her arms but not my much but wrestling her is just for fun since she could crush me if she wanted. Kind of sexy with big strong female legs.

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Thomaslenny92@yahoo.comOct 25 2013 5:37pm
Oh, so glad to see there's girls like me. Ever since i was very young i've been really big, and my growth has been always dramatic, at 10 i could make wood chairs creack using my legs, and trousers my age were impossible for me to wear; and i just kept getting bigger. Now im 17, and my thighs have gotten to 35, my calves 21 and my upper body is quite big too, im 6'1

ErikaNov 16 2013 7:05pm
35" that's huge!! Does a skinny guys leg feel little between yours if your laying on your side and him on his back.?? I've been with a girl who would lock her ankle and laugh because it hurt with out trying at all!

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-1'Mar 14 2014 9:31am
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DTpXiMNnrPsApr 01 2014 8:23am
Here right if woman thighs are so powerful why are man better at cycling and sprinting. Mind you it does sound sexy

GApr 09 2014 4:03pm
Of course women have stronger legs than men. I'm surprised someone even asking the question. For most men it's enough to simply compare size, and no - it's not all fat. Currently I legpress 500kgs (3 sets, 5-8 reps), and my boyfriend can't even lift 200kgs, so...

Molly TApr 30 2014 10:51am
Molly.have you ever laid on your side next to a man and had 1 of his legs between yours. If so, how much bigger did your legs feel compared to his? Have you ever squeezed and hurt someone?

Jealous :(May 08 2014 10:22pm
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My thighs are maybe twice the size of my boyfriend, who has skinny legs, but my legs are pretty average-looking for women I'd say. I'm no bodybuilder or anything. I've never really hurt my boyfriend, but we ocassionally enjoy some play-wrestling. He has a quite strong upper body, but I'm sure I have the capability to hurt him if I get him in a leghold, because my legs are MUCH (!) stronger than his arms/chest.

Molly TJun 01 2014 9:49am
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auSulfqNthxGmAug 05 2014 4:35pm
My girlfriend has bigger thighs than me, but it's close now. I had weaker legs before (don't miss leg day, bro), and when I met here and realized she had an ass more muscular than mine, I started working out my thighs. Since then, we compete each other to see who's gonna have the stronger ones, by feeling up the other one and trying to see who's the best. I'm going to catch her soon or later, and I beat her last time, but it was interesting to see that :) A good motivation to work out.

JackAug 14 2014 5:46pm
From the nature's side, women are meant to have stronger ass and legs, so i think you will probably have a hard time beating your girlfriend, but good luck to you. I have worked out my legs for years, but my girlfriend (who doesn't work out) still has thicker (and MUCH stronger thighs), from horse-back riding and other natural activities in her daily life.

Billy, 25Aug 19 2014 1:10pm
Girls! When he is on his back and has 1 leg between yours while you're on your side how much smaller does his leg feel compared to yours? If you squeeze could you hurt him??

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mine are 41

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Jealous :(Oct 21 2014 8:09pm

testOct 25 2014 5:39pm
My legs are quite strong at only 20 inches once I pranked a guy I wore 3 muscle suits and padded my legs they were then 34 inches and they looked leggit then I sciccoerd the poo out of him I were this suit to scare people

Mega thighsOct 31 2014 1:04pm
i'm a boy, i have 20 inches quads and my gf have 22.5. I love it but she keeping jokin about this. She is thin and fit.

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NyArjwVUsiaXVbVFeb 05 2015 6:58pm
I was teasing my GF because she oould not do a single proper push up. Shes got skinny weak arms and upper body while mine is muscular with good size but not huge. I work out at home a lot but almost entirely upper body expect for some cardio. She is a figure skater, dancer and now likes to work out her legs with certain exercises to supplement her sport. Well, she asked me to try a sit spin position and get up. I could not while it was easy for her. Then she took my barbell and squatted it over 50 times. I could only do about 30 and my legs gave out. She prover her lower body was in much better condition for strength. Then she teased me calling me the muscle man with weak legs Darn it I got chicken legs when compared side by side with hers and she got more leg muscle too. They are about 2 inches larger at the thigh and 1/2 large in the calves. Oh well I got 16 inch arms to her stick arms.

DeanFeb 23 2015 6:29pm
Her are approx 24 inches at the top of the thigh. Mine 22 but cause hers are more muscular and shorts they make mine look small.

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EcxJcFXSlaNdRMar 07 2015 2:50am
I have skinny runners legs and my wife has huge muscular legs from years of sports and workouts (and from genetics). Since I am skinny all over and she has an upper body to match her big powerful lower there is of course no doubt who is stronger. We often playwrestle for fun and it is just funny that I can't beat one of her legs with my whole body. In bed on her back she straightens one of her long, muscular legs up and teases me that I can't pin her one leg. And damn it if I can! I push and put my whole body weight behind it and sometimes her legs moves a bit but it always ands that she catches my body with her one leg and presses me to our bed and I can't get loose. She loves being dominant and as you can understand I love being dominated this way. She is also much stronger than me in her arms so it is a total role reversal. We don't have any kids and are now close to 50, playing around like children. Lots of wrestling, playful spankings (guess who gets spanked) arm wrestling, anc carrying. She often lifts me up in her arms, I sit in her lap. And we actually have more sex nowadays than when we were younger. My wife's legs get a lot of attention when we are out. She often have short skirts and shiny pantyhose and men and women stare at her muscular legs. Some are disgusted but most look excited and many men imagines who it would feel to be between these legs. I can say it is fantastic but more than once my wife has hurt me by mistake. It is a wonderful feeling to feel her thighs in sheer nylon, she is my fantasy come true...every day.

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MuWmNFkTgDmvMUbJpFMay 30 2015 7:02pm
Girls when you lay down with your man on your side and have his leg between yours does his leg feel little between yours?

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qWSfHGWBbsAug 03 2015 12:59am
Me and my husband have never really compared leg strength, but my thighs are defo stronger then his arms. Not tat his arms are weak, if anything they are stronger than average due ho his work on construction sites. But when I get my 25inch thighs around his head or belly, that arm strengh rarely helps.He may occasionally pry my legs apart, but there is no point. I wll just get him in a tighter scissor and make him submit, having used up all his energy escaping the first squeeze. Besides, why would he want to escape when he can stay and enjoy the view (I noticed he hardly ever tries to escape the reverse, I wonder why (‿ˠ‿)

ScissoringMomAug 04 2015 2:00pm
Scissoringmom are your thighs bigger than your hubbys?

loveslegsAug 07 2015 4:41pm
I think we are about the same. But his has less muscle and more fat. I know how to use mine

ScissoringMomAug 09 2015 2:06pm
Thats awesome!I had an ex girlfriend who loved making fun of my skinny legs. Her thighs were 28 inchs and mine are only 19. REALL SKINNY. She use to pull my leg between hers and pin mine so easy and squeeze making fun on how much bigger and stronger hers were. I liked it but did feel kinda pathetic at the same time? Does that mean she wore the pants?

loveslegsAug 10 2015 1:39pm
If a girl knows how to scissor, then she can wear the pants in any relationship. If your partner disagrees with you, just wrap those legs around him and you will get your own way. Me and my hubby do not do a lot of legs vs legs stuff, but I love to show how much stronger my leg are then his arms. Guys love to boast about their biceps, so it is always a joy watching them try to pry my legs apart. My son was getting really c*cky about his arm strength, but after I showed of my headscissor on him he pretty much threw away his muscle tops. Loveslegs, have you ever been in a scissor?

ScissoringMomAug 11 2015 2:32am
Yeah all the time! Love big poweful thighs. When a girl wraps her legs around my head or even my body I love the controll they have over me. I cant help the feeling how much bigger girls legs are and what can come of that. I work my legs all the time but nope...chicken legs haha! Especialy when she lays on her side and I have 1 leg between hers and mine feel so small. Best feeling. Even better when a girl OWS her huge thighs

loveslegsAug 11 2015 7:16pm
Scissoringmom what made you go onto this page?

AnonymousAug 11 2015 10:07pm
Your poor husband scissoringmom he must dread coming home

happyAug 13 2015 12:54pm
Why would he dread coming home? Although he tries to fight it, he knows he loves my thick thighs.

ScissoringMomAug 15 2015 12:15pm
I could take your thighs. Girls aint that strong

happyAug 15 2015 2:43pm
Sorry last comment seamed abit rude im not saying girls are not strong. I just don't get scissoring.

happyAug 15 2015 3:09pm
What don't you "get" about scissoring?

ScissoringMomAug 22 2015 4:14am
Well how hard can it be to escape I've never been scissored but it all seams a bit fake to me

happyAug 22 2015 9:06am
It all depends on a number of factors. Who is scissoring who, the stamina of the people involved (a scissor does not require too much effort, so if you are both tired in the fight a scissor can end it all). Also, more often than you think, a man will not put up too much of a fight. Why would a man want to get worn out trying to escape my reverse headscissor when he can just surrender and admire the view as my pythons send him to sleep.

ScissoringMomAug 22 2015 9:25am
But if me and you are in a room how would you even start to get me in to a reverse head scissor. I would just trip you up or something its like people would just let you do it

happyAug 22 2015 9:34am
I have my ways... Men are easily distracted. Just put on some tight leggings and lipstick, and start flirting with them. Sure, in a competitive fight I may not win, but you will not be in fighting mode all the time. With a lick of my lips or me ever so clumsily dropping something which means I have to bend over right in front of you, your guard will drop and your boner will rise. Then mommy's pythons come out to play.

ScissoringMomAug 22 2015 9:42am
Ok so you cheat i like you're stile ha ha but what if i don't fall for that leggings never really done it for me. Any way what do you look like you sound pretty cool

happyAug 22 2015 9:49am
Hi scissoringmom how about me and you scissor the hell out of happy i love to squeeze men and like you i get turned on by it lets get him a Bonner

jennyAug 22 2015 3:09pm
Jenny sounds fun :) how big are your thighs?

loveslegsAug 22 2015 5:21pm
Oooh, I have never double teamed a guy before. What do you two look like, it will help me know where to scissor

ScissoringMomAug 23 2015 1:24am
Im 5"6 med build short black hair u telling me that you and jenny would take me on bring it

happyAug 23 2015 1:28am
If jenny is up for it.

ScissoringMomAug 23 2015 1:43am
Hi i am so up for that il make happy understand scissors. So scissoringmom lets talk outfits im going to put on some short shorts that creep up my nice round ass and a tiny bra. And in 5'7 nice thick legs ample boobs lite brown hair

jennyAug 23 2015 1:54am
Do i get a say in any of this ha. I mean you sound hot jenny. What do you look like scissoringmom. And Is like a play acting mach. Like i said never done scissoring before all new to me

happyAug 23 2015 2:09am
Get a say not when you're in the ring with me happy. Put it this way im going to squeeze squeeze squeeze you. Just waiting for scissoringmom. Cant wait to see what she's got

jennyAug 23 2015 2:14am
Scissoringmom what do you look like

happyAug 23 2015 3:25am
Happy looks like we will have to start with out scissoringmom. Just visualise me stood there in my tiny shorts breasts popping out my bra.I'm getting exited already

jennyAug 23 2015 3:38am
I think jenny and I must be twins haha. I am 5'8, 36B cup boobs (sounds small, but try telling that to my husband when his face is deep in them). I am proud of my lower body, my butt is huge but not fat. I measured my thighs just for this chat, and they are 25 inches thick. Even my calves are deadly when I apply pressure, but I prefer the total dominance that comes with scissoring with your thighs. I am wearing a black catsuit, not one of those BDSM ones, but a comfy matte that feels like heaven and clings to me. If it was peach coloured you would think I was naked. Underneath I wear a push up bra that makes my breasts easily a D cup (padding does not matter when you are being smothered) and ... well, you will see. I don't usually wear make up, but today I'm wearing seductive red lipstick and black eyeliner. My black hair rests on my shoulders. Are you ready to be humiliated happy?

ScissoringMomAug 23 2015 3:53am
Gulp. But I'll do my best can you start because i don't really no where to start

happyAug 23 2015 4:03am
Well happy its on i run at you put your arm behind you're back bring you to your knees stand over your neck and squeeze your head between my sexy thighs let go now your on your back .he's all yours scissoringmom

jennyAug 23 2015 4:25am
I don't know if i want to run or stay and fight. Its quit sexy in a strange way. Jenny u seem to know your stuff.scissoringmom I've yet to see but i wont go quietly

happyAug 23 2015 4:40am
Oh she will have her go in fact I'm going to tie your hand's with my tiny bra and keep you on your back.scissoringmom why don't you reverse scissor happy so i can stand and laugh at him. That's right I'm topless that should put you off I'm going to make you really happy"

jennyAug 23 2015 6:34am
(Firstly I apologise if I am delayed in replying, I am a mother who has lots to do outside of scissoring. So if I do not reply after 3 or so hours, I will eventually. Also I am on GMT, so from about 10-6am I will most likely not reply. Anyway, on with the humiliation of happy)

ScissoringMomAug 23 2015 7:34am
I'm waiting to see what you got scissoringmom jenny thinks she got me but i will get my hands out and when i do pay back

happyAug 23 2015 7:42am
Wow your boobs are huge! I havent seen many apart from mine, but I must admit I would not fight to escape if you smothered me (I am not bi, but never say never. How about we face each other after happy is over with). He is well and truey tied up, I can do whatever I want with him. Let's start with testing his strengh. I wrap him in a side bodyscissor, my thighs over his abs. He's putting up a fight, trying to tense, but even the mighty lion must surrender to the python's squeeze. I have always liked that image, the king of the jungle being slowly drained of energy, his pride in his strength now vaporised as the python tightens her grip. Your claws cannot reach me, your meaning it is just a matter of time before you collapse. Your ab muscles weaken, until there is no more resillience. Then I squeeze full out, making you cry in pain. You say you submit, but for good measure I squeeze for another 10 seconds. My pythons unwrap. He is on the floor, for me and jenny to play with.

ScissoringMomAug 23 2015 7:45am
Hoe about you remove that cat suit i really want to see u reverse scissor happy that would turn me on then when u have knocked happy out me and u can have a play scissoringmom

jennyAug 23 2015 7:49am
You 2 are Savage im with jenny do a reverse scissor on me but don't knock me out I'd love to see you 2 at it. You out of that cat suit and Jenny topless cant wait. plus I'd love to know whats under that cat suit

happyAug 23 2015 7:58am
Go on scissormom give him hell but sexy hell cos i really want to play with you sorry happy

jennyAug 23 2015 8:53am
I make sure I have your attention as I start to slowly strip away the catsuit. My creamy skin makes your eyes widen , and I am afraid they will fall out of their sockets as my bra becomes visible. I give jenny a look, and she looks on knowingly, a shared bond of female pride and supremicy, symbolised by our breasts. I turn around, letting you see my ass as I take of the catsuit and reveal a tiny red thong. My ass looks phenominal, if I do say so myself. I have only worn this thong once, for my husband's birthday. It was his best birthday present since he got a bike aged 6. I throw away the catsuit and start walking over to you. Your jaw drops as I stand over your face, ready to put you in my legendery reverse scissor. My ass is in touching distance, you can practically feel my thighs on your face. Jenny looks on in awe, and you know my scissor is mere seconds away. But I am not going to do it. At least, not until you persuade me to. I want you to beg me to scissor you, to beg me to cause you pain. Go on, you know you want to. So beg ,happy.

ScissoringMomAug 23 2015 9:14am
Please scissor me with them sexy thighs i want that ass in my face and the view I'm getting hard hear

happyAug 23 2015 9:24am
Go on scissoringmom i want to see him struggle finish him. But finish him in the pants first milk him I'm getting so horny just watching. Then its just me and you scissoringmom.

jennyAug 23 2015 9:59am
Scissoringmom pleasssse get it over with before i blow my load.i cant take any more

happyAug 23 2015 10:28am
Sorry to take so long lol. I'm feeling generous, so your wish has been granted. I am not always this kind. Just ask my husband, who had to promise to be my slave for the day just so he could go down on me. Who knows, I might just squeeze you until you give me your wallet. But for now, I want to ahnialate that face. Your face fits perfectly up my ass, and my thighs stop the blood flow to your head. I take you to the brink, and just as your ar about to go to sleep, you are released. Now jenny I want you to make himm cum, but make sure to keep him concious. I still have one thing I want to do.

ScissoringMomAug 23 2015 1:53pm
Ok my turn for a reverse scissors. I wrap my thighs around hsppys neck all you can see happy is my tite little shorts creeping up my ass i grab your man hood and slowly tug up and down. Oh that was quick.i told you I'd make you happy i release you your awake but just. All yours scissor mum

jennyAug 23 2015 2:09pm
Can i just ask one more thing scissoringmom don't put happy out i want to keep him around we should tie him to the ropes so he can watch and we can drag him back in any time we like. I mean us girls have needs.the need to scissor

jennyAug 23 2015 2:19pm
Have you girls ever crushed anything with your thighs, other than men?

loveslegsAug 23 2015 9:53pm
Ohh scissoring i cant wait to see you're plans for happy

jennyAug 23 2015 11:39pm
U two just don't give up do you. I'm starting to know how you work now and when i get my chance you've both had it

happyAug 24 2015 9:36am
I think scissoringmom gone and i wont carry on with out her. Come on scissoringmom lets finish this wimp and get it on xx

jennyAug 25 2015 9:55am
You wonder where I am, until I run up and drop on your face, my ass wiping you out. You wonder how something so big, soft and feminine could be so deadly. Don't worry, it's clean. However, you may smell some deoderent down there, that is just my son. He too was down there not too long ago. I know he is family, but his face is just made for facesitting. Your face is not too bad either. You cannot breath, cannot move (even if you wanted too) as mommy's booty claims another victim. I should get all their heead hung up, like hunters do to their prey, so I can display everyone who has lost to my butt. I enjoy this fantasy as you tap out. Now it is time to fight jenny. How old are you jenny?

ScissoringMomAug 25 2015 12:11pm
28 my thighs vs yours then but im going to go get changed i suggest you do the same put something sexy on cos i know i will I'm not bye I'm the same as you.just want to try something different

jennyAug 25 2015 12:26pm
I might need to *chat* to my husband about getting some expensive new outfit. I think I know just how I will persuade him hehe. Are there any celebrities you look like? I have been told I look like Kelly Brooke, just taller and smaller boobs (but perhaps I have an even better butt).

ScissoringMomAug 25 2015 1:50pm
Wow you sound cute. No sorry i have not but i always get hit on when im out so that must count for something. I'm very proud of my thighs and butt and can't wait to test them on you lol. So I'm wearing stockings tite french knickers and im topless and a small amount of greese just so i catch your eye it helps show my nice tan

jennyAug 25 2015 2:06pm
What I'm out :( you never even gave me a chance i had big plans for you two but now you will never know.i think you were just pooing your self's 2 girls loosing to little me.good luck to the both of you wimps

happyAug 25 2015 2:30pm
Pffft, these girls couldn't even pop a baloon beteween there legs haha

da funkAug 25 2015 10:06pm
Happy i might consider you coming back later but its up to scissoringmom right now its just me and her isn't that right scissoringmom

jennyAug 25 2015 11:45pm
happy, you aren't out. You just tapped. Now, sit in the corner nicely and let the superior sex have their fun. And da funk (if that is your real name), why don't you ask your girlfriend to scissor you. What's a matter, don't have one? Of course you don't. You are propably sitting there, alone, jerking off to the thought of mommy's thighs and butt. And jenny, give me a minute and I will start the fight.

ScissoringMomAug 26 2015 12:55am
Cant wait and happy gets to watch. This is going to be so much fun cant wait to see what you got. And just so you know i got loads to show you

jennyAug 26 2015 5:25am
I am wearing a red swimsuit, generic I know but I do love it. We are both smiling as we meet on the mat, and you make the first move...

ScissoringMomAug 26 2015 7:17am
I run at you chest first my boobs smack you in the face you go down flat on your back i clime on top of you and smash my breasts in your face smothering you looking like your loosing but loving it

jennyAug 26 2015 7:33am
Sorry went away for a few days.are you still up for it scissoringmom

jennyAug 29 2015 11:34am
And happy where you gone. Where has every one gone i hope i have not chased everyone off im not weird i just love to wrestle. That's not weird. is it?

jennyAug 29 2015 11:47am
Jenny whats it like dominating and squeezing ribs? Does a head feel small between your goergous thighs?

loveslegsSep 01 2015 6:10am
Calling Jenny and scissoringmom

happySep 21 2015 10:55am
UEx9yX Thanks for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

XAaSJqwqGdUTpSep 28 2015 7:08am
7Ugjtn Thanks for the article post.Thanks Again. Great.

kjfvfsqTMvIOct 16 2015 3:59am
203bgR Muchos Gracias for your blog.Much thanks again. Awesome.

MnSMOXrJtgXHDtUEVXiOct 16 2015 4:45am

AnonymousNov 20 2015 12:47am
Any big thigh crashed me koi he jo apne thigh se mujhe head sciors kr paye any strong

AnonymousNov 20 2015 12:50am
gqAIIu I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are amazing! Thanks!

fssQVSFHnXbfZoTNov 28 2015 5:32am
hi this thread still going? 28 male here 20 inch thighs what do other guys here have in their quads measurement

Hero87Dec 05 2015 12:35pm
Scissormom, could you crush a coconut?

MattDec 23 2015 6:09am
matt whats size of ur thighs? big for guy or what

Hero87Dec 26 2015 6:03pm

NoImYKzsIKecnDec 31 2015 5:48am
My girlfriends thighs can crush mine so easy!

dominated!Jan 24 2016 4:35am
jHqZTY What would you like to see out of a creative writing short story?

dizpGVgHVMar 01 2016 1:24am
1vMlxO This particular blog is really educating additionally diverting. I have discovered helluva interesting stuff out of it. I ad love to go back again soon. Cheers!

MGHKjxJglOHYrHPePApr 06 2016 2:35am
@ Hero87. Just a measly 20 inches, Scissormom could crush me like a bug!

MattApr 22 2016 1:20am
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GeorgMay 08 2016 5:03am

KaiMay 09 2016 10:25am
Oh yes, my thigs are much bigger than the legs of my brother. 33inches

AliceMay 11 2016 2:53am
Yes mine are 31 full of muscles, my husband are 12

Woman May 11 2016 11:51am
I truly appreciate this post. I?аАТ’аЂа†ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You ave made my day! Thanks again

jpziFahfvXwVwgUMay 13 2016 4:00pm
PBKWr8 Wohh just what I was looking for, thanks for putting up.

FuIgdjdaQgNSzTEbGohMay 16 2016 2:56am
Anyone want to continue this thread?

scissormomMay 18 2016 1:35pm
Have you girls crushed anything between your thighs? An ex girlfriend popped a soccer ball!

Skinny legged guyMay 20 2016 2:50pm
No I have strong legs, but I prefer to crush men rather than stuff

Woman May 20 2016 5:14pm
Hello woman why do you like to crush men andw what's your stats

bring it May 21 2016 4:14am
And scissormom was reading some of your stuff with Jenny as myn name says bring it

bring it May 21 2016 4:16am
It makes me excited see men struggling under my muscles

Woman May 21 2016 5:33am
Would u do it to me

bring itMay 21 2016 6:28am
Cos I think i could get out easy how hard can it be

bring itMay 21 2016 6:33am
Sure I like to do it. I'd love to see you screaming and begging for mercy.

Woman May 21 2016 6:33pm
Go on then how would you do it you start I'll try to get out like I said can't be that hard to get out. What's you're favouriteh hold

bring itMay 21 2016 7:00pm
Probably I can start with reserve head scissor, but I should remember you my thighs are 29 inches

Woman May 21 2016 7:04pm
I think I can handle it and you what do u look like and are u up for a wrestle

bring itMay 21 2016 7:13pm
Good you're confident. I'm 190 cm, 105 kg, thighs 29 calves 21 biceps 19. Experienced wrestler and boxer for more than 10 years. 32 years old married (theocraticly) what about you??

Woman May 21 2016 7:30pm
33 years old 5"10 medium built not as big as you mean that in a good way so how about a friendly cyber match

bring itMay 21 2016 7:50pm
Sure, How??

Woman May 21 2016 11:18pm
Are you married or do you have a girlfriend?

Woman May 21 2016 11:49pm
I have a girl friend but not her thing. We can have it on hear if u like ?

bring itMay 22 2016 2:32am
I just want an idea of what it's like or dose that sound wired

bring itMay 22 2016 2:35am
I asked because usually I challenge people the loser will be owned by the winner for whole night including sex. For me my husband is okay with that I don't know about your girlfriend

Woman May 22 2016 2:38am
Probably not to be fair just wanted a role play kind of thing

bring itMay 22 2016 2:42am
Where you from ?

bring itMay 22 2016 2:47am
Turkey. What your challenge?

Woman May 22 2016 2:51am
How about a scissors and pins match. I'm wearing some boxers and a dash of oil just to give me some help as you have alot ofe experience I'll let you decide what happens to the looser

bring itMay 22 2016 2:56am
Okay on it. I wrestle topless, do you have problem with that?

Woman May 22 2016 2:59am
Not at all and what u got on just so I got an idea of what u look like I'll let you start the match

bring itMay 22 2016 3:19am
I wear underwear only, black one. And oil my muscles

Woman May 22 2016 3:23am
What's your first move im ready for you intact I'm going to put loads of oil on lets make this interesting

bring itMay 22 2016 3:30am
Probably I'll attack you immediately, put you head down between my thighs and start pressing

Woman May 22 2016 3:41am
Then I'll lift you from your legs, so you'll be down, and I'll be sitting with my 105 kg over your back. I'll start pulling your legs to me while my ass will be above your neck. Tell me your moves

Woman May 22 2016 3:45am
With all this oil I slip out get u in a head lock and wrap my legs around your waste holding u

bring itMay 22 2016 3:55am
Are you scared?? Okay so I'll proceed, Then I'll stand up on you placing one foot on your head, and the other one on your back. Again 105 kg on you, then I'll jump on you, put this time I'll give headlock with my arms, of course you'll try to resist, but I'll be placing my feet on your hands so there's nothing you can do.

Woman May 22 2016 3:56am
I don't think so 29 inches thighs you can't escape it easily.

Woman May 22 2016 3:57am
Not scared but enjoying why do u think iv used all this oil makes your thighs less hard work.

bring itMay 22 2016 4:03am
I know, but I'm trained wrestler and know how to keep men there. Answer can you take 105 kg, sitting standing or jumping on you

Woman May 22 2016 4:04am
I'll give it my best shot how about who ever gums first looses just a thought

bring itMay 22 2016 4:07am
I ment cums first let's jaz it up

bring itMay 22 2016 4:08am
What do you mean?? I know you'll be crying after I stand or jump on you

Woman May 22 2016 4:09am
I mean sex fight or we can just carry on up to you because you a wrestler im not so iv got to have something on my side

bring itMay 22 2016 4:12am
Okay, so you admitted you can beat me in wrestling. Let's move to sex fight.

Woman May 22 2016 4:13am
Plus your thighs sound hot

bring itMay 22 2016 4:14am
Thank you. Should we start it naked. Just make you aren't gay. Right?

Woman May 22 2016 4:15am
The thought ofa reverse head scissors driving mem mad think I know my weak point

bring itMay 22 2016 4:16am
No I'm not gay and we should start with somethin on I've got tite boxers on

bring itMay 22 2016 4:18am
Okay I've got only a string. White one.

Woman May 22 2016 4:23am
Sounds hot I'll start by oiling u up nice and slow but this is turning me on looking like u already got the advantage

bring itMay 22 2016 4:25am
Hahaha, you never know what if you don't like my muscular body??

Woman May 22 2016 4:28am
What if I do

bring itMay 22 2016 4:33am
It's your problem. Plus you already have a girlfriend and not willing for sex. While me married to a weak man who can't f*ck. So you have advantages

Woman May 22 2016 4:37am
But u got experience

bring itMay 22 2016 4:49am
Not, in sex fight. Plus it's very rarely to me to have sex, due this useless husband

Woman May 22 2016 4:52am
Well let's get started you can use your wrestling moves to get me going and I'll do certain things to get out mainly things that give pleasure looking forward to your thighs

bring itMay 22 2016 4:56am
Should I pleasure you as well or just wrestle you

Woman May 22 2016 4:57am
Both sounds good and I'll do my best to fight back

bring itMay 22 2016 4:59am
Are u on multimedia

bring itMay 22 2016 5:02am
I'll jump on you, lift you and throw you, then lay down above you, with my huge boobs on your face. I'll spread your legs with mine, then use one of my hands to play with your dick, until you're hard. Then stand up lift you up and down take off your boxer, suck your dick and you're the loser

Woman May 22 2016 5:04am
Just like that youd didn't give me a chance was hoping for a few sexy scissors

bring itMay 22 2016 5:06am
Hahahaha, I focus on winning only. Later I'll own for a full night

Woman May 22 2016 5:08am
Best out of 3 and full matches go on u have to work for it

bring itMay 22 2016 5:10am
Hahaha, I already won 2. Then when I wrestle a man I get him, I get him with his approval or not

Woman May 22 2016 5:12am
One more to go then Chuck in a few scissors and I'm yours not over so quick this time let's make it fun

bring itMay 22 2016 5:16am
Wish we could go somewhere morep private

bring itMay 22 2016 5:30am
Okay, the next match I'll enter it with my black string. We'll star the fight each one trying to reach the other underwear, i manage to lift you above my shoulder and throw you on the floor. Then I'll give you head scissors but from behind so your head will be laying on my pussy. You'll be in pain, but I always mange to touch your dick with my big foot. Then I'll change my position and I'll sit on your face. I manage to take off your boxer, and play with your dick by my hands. But you start eating my pussy as well. I won't be able to continue with the same power because you're eating my pussy in a horney way. So I'll change and give you reserve head scissors, so I can suck your dick. You'll be able to take off my string, and a match of cum will start I'm sucking you dick and you're eating my pussy. At the I win and lift you to my house humilited and exhausted to own you there fow hole night

Woman May 22 2016 5:57am
But I geta second wind as u carry me I play with yourn nipples the pleasure is to grate u put me down andf fall to your knees I get in a standing reverse scissors reach round to your c*nt and start to play and u love it

bring itMay 22 2016 6:03am
Yes true but i win fairly. 💪🏻 shouldn't I own you now

Woman May 22 2016 6:06am
Not yet I don't give up that easy I know how to pleasure a woman I think some wrestling for play is a good idea what do u think

bring itMay 22 2016 6:09am
I think I want my reward now. My foot size is 47 and I want you to wash it, kiss it lick it, ans suck it and worship it

Woman May 22 2016 6:16am
Anything but that ha I don't like feets so sorry

bring itMay 22 2016 6:20am
More a thighs and leg man and breasts

bring itMay 22 2016 6:21am
It's not an option so sorry. Plus it's more fun if the man hates the feet. My husband hates it and he spent his days doing it. Explain every satge I said, with your reaction about it. Hahaha and remember it's 47

Woman May 22 2016 6:22am
No more thighs and breass until I got my feet with every stage: washing, kissing, licking, sucking, worshipping

Woman May 22 2016 6:24am
If I do this can we go a few more rounds and I get to choose what u ware and the type of match I think that's fair and will even include your feet

bring itMay 22 2016 6:27am
Okay, but first tell me how would you wash, kiss, lick, suck and worship my feet & toes

Woman May 22 2016 6:29am
In details

Woman May 22 2016 6:32am
Okay first I'll give you a nice foot massage gently running my fingers up and down your feet them start sucking your toes one by one then I'll ad some soap washing them gently all all over I can see u like it

bring itMay 22 2016 6:32am
Then kissing worshipping more sucking. How would you feel if I entre my entire 47 feet on your moth?

Woman May 22 2016 6:41am
Do I have a choice but I'll give it a go

bring itMay 22 2016 6:43am
My feet for my men should be holly things. They should enjoy worshipping them, and spending hours by them

Woman May 22 2016 6:47am
And as u put them in I'm massaging the bottom of them watching the pleasure on your face as you play with your tits

bring itMay 22 2016 6:47am
Nice now you're on the right track

Woman May 22 2016 6:56am
How aboutt that wrestle and if u do what I want I'll play with your feet as much asu like is that a deal that way we both get what we want fair

bring itMay 22 2016 6:56am
U on Facebook

bring itMay 22 2016 6:57am
No I'm not. Just describe how you're going to kiss it even if you hate it

Woman May 22 2016 6:59am
I'm going to start with your toes and kiss my way to the middle up to your ankle all the Time tickling the bottom of your foot so gently it makes you cum

bring itMay 22 2016 7:03am
It's true I don't have much sex, but not that fasy. But it seems you know what are you doing. Does your girlfriend force you to massage her feet too?

Woman May 22 2016 7:08am
No she not a feet person ha I've had a lot ofp practice in the bedroom. But would like more on the Matt's

bring itMay 22 2016 7:18am
Can we have our match now ? Iv got just the outfit for you and as we are at yours we can wrestle on your bed

bring itMay 22 2016 7:24am
Just imagine my head between your thighs and giving your feet some love bet you would love that

bring itMay 22 2016 7:45am
That's great give my feet your love. If we're at my place my husband will be watching? What I'm wearing

Woman May 22 2016 7:52am
How about some really small booty shorts that creep up that sexy ass of yours I want you to scissor the poo out of me how about I start by hanging my head over the bed waiting for them thighs I'll let u continue in detail please ha

bring itMay 22 2016 7:56am
And your husband just gets to wish he was me

bring itMay 22 2016 7:59am
Sounds good seeing your head hanging over the bed is tempting for my thighs to squeeze. What I'm wearing on top, or I'm topless? Yes my husband is looking at his uselessness with being able to do anything.

Woman May 22 2016 8:02am
Your topless and looking hot can't wait to be between your thighs with that ass in my face don't mind if you tickle by balls your poor husband look what he's missing

bring itMay 22 2016 8:06am
Oh yes I'm topless squeezing my tits, teasing that pussy man. And looking forward to destroy you.

Woman May 22 2016 8:08am
Well whatu waiting for I recon I can handle it

bring itMay 22 2016 8:11am
This poll will close at 300 comments move to the one above this one

Woman May 22 2016 8:12am
I put your head between my 29 thighs and start to squeeze on your head to the get thr poo out of you. Your faces is turning red, and I'm keep squeezing on my huge tits. I can see your dick getting bigger and bigger. And my husband is watching and opening his mouth.

Woman May 22 2016 8:15am
This is the top one is there another one

bring itMay 22 2016 8:16am
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