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whY do guys Always go 4 the sl*ty girlz??

Question: Hi...can any1 plzz tell me why da hell guys always pick the girl with big boobs and is willing 2 do anything bcz she has no self value @ all!?!
Created by: letsnot&saywedid at 10:33:45 AM, Sunday, May 13, 2012 EDT


You sound like a dumb illiterate slut yourself

AnonymousMay 14 2012 6:43pm

@Anonymous, your one too; and they dont know better.

^^Anonymous Up There Is A Bitch^^Jul 19 2012 3:31am
Theyre not slutty theyre sexy.why do you think we prefer chicks who wear skirts up to their ass and nice boobies then we can keep playin allday

raydarDec 13 2013 7:45am
Cause we turn them on lol. When i was in 5th and 6th grade i was a huge slut and im getting back into that now, back then i had sex with every guy in my grade. I used to tease them and make them really horny, my favorite was to wear a skirt and no panties and spread my legs so a boy could see my pussy. I never said no to any boy.

LisaManiacJul 20 2021 6:30pm
Did you already experienced that a boy don‘t want f*ck you?

AnonymousAug 21 2021 8:06am
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