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Would You Smell a Boy's Butt

Question: For example, if a teenage boy was sound asleep and wouldn't find out, would you take his pants down and take a whiff out of curiosity? Have you ever had a friend/boyfriend whose butt you would want to sniff?
Created by: KROCK123 at 03:54:50 PM, Tuesday, May 15, 2012 PDT


You bet I would! Nothing is sexier than the scent from a teen boys buttcrack and his hole

possumJun 11 2012 5:03pm

Absolutely. When I see a group of cute boys, aged 13 - 16, I think about how each boy's butt smells. I would love to compare a few boys to see if there is a difference in smell between them.

CuriousJun 16 2012 2:09pm
Boys' asses are the best. There's nothing better than the smell of a cute boy's ass.

BelieverJun 16 2012 2:11pm
The smell of boy ass gets me hard every time.

BoyzJun 17 2012 10:26pm
I'm a girl and this may sound strange, but I actually like to sniff a boy's butt. The sweaty, musky smell is sexy.

DonnaJul 12 2012 11:04pm
My friend's brother. He is so hot. I would love to pull his pants down and sniff his cute little ass (and his penis). How do I ask without him (or my friend) freaking out?

L.B.Aug 01 2012 10:59pm
LB, don't ask. Try to come on to him. Don't bring up the ass thing. Just concentrate on getting his pants down. He'll let you down on his penis. Have him lay back. Pull his legs up while you work on his balls. Let your finger roam around his backside. When he's not looking, take a whiff of your finger. Ask him to lay on his stomach for a massage. Rub his back and butt. Comment "nice ass" or something like that. Play with his cheeks and spread them apart. Tell him he has a cute little hole (assuming he does). By now his inhibitions will be at their lowest. Now go for it! Bring your face in and take a whiff. I'm not sure if you're into licking, but if you are, give his hole a few licks. He'll love it. He's all yours now. Good luck.

RGPAug 18 2012 8:56pm
You look at a cute boy with a perfect face and perfect body and want to see if there is anything imperfect about him. The likely answer is his butt smell. After all . . . I think knowing that such a perect boy might have an imperfectly smelling butt makes it intriguing. When you finally get a whiff, you know that that smell came from such a perectly cute boy. Now the smell of his butt becomes "perfect"

TheorySep 01 2012 1:03pm
I Will Love To Sniff And Lick A Boys Ass Thats What I Want.

TimmySep 29 2012 4:55pm
Nothing turns me on as much as a cute boy's ass smell. Glad I am not alone in this

ButtloverOct 17 2012 2:17am
My wife and I have 4 children: 3 boys and 1 girl. When my oldest son was about 11 I started noticing skidmarks on the seat of his tighty whities when I helped with the laundry, and I couldn't help but take a whiff. Strangely enough I found myself getting aroused by the smell, and I eventually started jacking off with my face buried in the seat of his undies. I started staring at boys' butts (including my own sons) and wondering what they smell like. My favorite is when they're wearing tight jeans or tight shorts and I know the smell is rubbing off on them. I makes for some incredible orgasms later while I'm snooping through their dirty clothes hampers.

boisdaddyii@yahoo.comOct 23 2012 2:01pm
Wish i could help u sniff I love boys wearing sweatpants, pajamas, basketball shorts, dazzles and everything else I Would love to sniff ass on boys wearing that love it ass is my favorite on a boy mmmmmm mmmm mmmmm

I Love Boys AssOct 24 2012 5:43am
I'll Sniff there Ass, Lick There Ass and There Balls Have Fun I'll Do Anything and they will love it

I Love Boys AssOct 24 2012 6:15am
im the same as many others i love to smell a hot boys ass especily if he is wearing tight jeasn ill even snif fhis farts up an lick his ass crotch an whole body all over nothing sexier than my nose up a hot boys as for hours id even sleep wiht my nose in a boys ass

James From Florida Nov 22 2012 3:40am
im alwasy lookin for hot sexy slim boys who will let me smell there butt an farts that will siton my face so i can sniff them an lick them out especly if they wear there jeasn tight James in North FLorida

james in north florida Littleman32064Nov 22 2012 3:43am
can never get enough of teh smell of a hot young slim boys butt an farts its like smelling gods ass right outta heaven

littleman32064 James in North Florida Nov 22 2012 4:47pm
where's all the sexy hot slim,trim lean built stud boys betwen 18 to 45 yr old who wear there jeans tight?? they need to come to north florida an let me smell there hot ass an lick it out

James S.Dec 14 2012 2:13am
I Like tumbler boyz smelly butt funk, I call my best bro buttfunk ;)

buttfunkDec 28 2012 8:35pm
I love how cute boys butts are lovely and soft and smell so nice

MattJan 05 2013 4:10am
I love to play with one of the boy I minds penis I feel it and thug it through his trousers never been brave enough to take them down also love to rub and finder his butt hole. He seams to be ok with it sometime he will kiss me. He has two brothers a almost 3 year old have fingered his butt and he's ok with it his other brother is 1 but have not done anything with him

GaryJan 05 2013 8:26am
When I was a teenager< I went to a party at a friend's house. His younger brother was about 12 or 13 and got drunk probably the first time in his life. He couldn't handle it and fell asleep right on the floor. I told my friend I would help by bringing his brother to his bedroom. Even though I was carrying and dragging him to bed, the kid wouldn't wake up. I layed him face down and pulled the blanket over him. The kid was cute. I got a little curious and let my hand brush against his crotch until I felt his little bulge. Then I got more curious and yanked his shorts and underwear down to expose his little butt crack. It was so cute! My curiosity then got the best of me, and I put my nose right up to his crack and pried his cheeks apart. I had to look around to make sure no one was coming in the room. I saw his little hole and took a whiff. I was actually sniffing a boy's butt, and instead of being grossed out, I was turned on by the sweaty, musky odor. I developed an uncontrollable hardon. I knew this was wrong, but I couldn't stop. The kid remained fast asleep. I pushed my finger against his hole and it gave way and let me enter. I knew if my friend or anyone else saw< i'd be in deep trouble, but I almost didn't care at that point. I pushed and puled my finger a few times and then pulled it out and took a good whiff of my finger. I pulled his shorts back up and left him to sleep it off. I went back to the party, hoping no one would be able to smell my finger (but wanting to smell it myself). I saw the kid a week or two later, but apparently he didn't know what happened. I hoped I would get another chance to "know" this boy again, but it never happened. He was, however, the subject of many jerk-off sessions, even years later. Ahh, the smell of this boy's ass!

KurtJan 10 2013 8:37pm
Yes I'd love too. I love the musky sweaty boy scent.

AnonymousJan 14 2013 8:47pm
i need some hot tight jean wearing skinny slim country boys liek myself to get wiht me an let me smell there hot tight jean ass an lickit an then maybe unzip them an suck them dry, ill smell ther farts also James here in North florida

Littleman32064Jan 15 2013 1:23am
id smell a whole bus load of cute boys ass an lick them out as well hell just let me live in teh boys gym dressing room ill smell ther ass an lick it for them

james in Live Oak LForida Jan 15 2013 1:17pm
My freind Aaron is so small and cute but he is not gay I want sometimes in the change room when were alone to walk over to him while he has his pants off and make out with him and his bum I would love to smell his bum so badly if I could I would stay in hi bum hole forever hopefullyhe doesn't wash there

Aaron bum smeeling loverJan 21 2013 9:19pm
I want to smell Justin Bieber's and Cody Simpson's ass. I wonder if they smell the same.

TomJan 22 2013 8:30pm
i do it with my younger brother.i love taste of his rosebud.i hv to be slow not to wake him.little bit poop is always there.

pakistanJan 23 2013 8:25am

JoshuaJan 23 2013 3:51pm
Anyone got some pics or videos would love to see them

LeeJan 23 2013 5:49pm
Im 16 and me and my best friend smelt each others ass he fingered me and i fingered him it was nice and smelly i imediatly gt a hard on and after that day we have had some good memories in bed

Johnny 1996Jan 27 2013 5:41pm
I once turned into the spiraling endless endless, and remained for the fourth incoming of the baker's wife to come home and invert the 14th pasted liver of the living room to turn into the great goat god of the golden glow of the beetle-crest lighting I hope that answers your question

wednesday FRIIIIJan 27 2013 8:43pm
I came across a teen boy drunk in the park, it was a summer late evening almost dark, he was in the wooded area near the river, I'd been fishing, he was alone and well asleep, 4/5 beers cans around him , probably not drunk b4, he was face down , wearing a tea shirt and baggy jeans, his jeans were half way down his butt showing his red boxers , I felt a little hard by then, almost excited, I likened around nobody was about, I nealt down next to him, said are you ok and gently tapped him, he was miles away, I got this urge to sniff his jeans , I did , not really noticing mush of a scent, I pulled his jeans down to his knees, his butt looked amazing , even with the boxers still on, I looked around again, we were still alone, I pushed my noes against his crack, and sniffed, wow it smelt good. I licked his boxers. Down further now I pulled his trousers to his ankles, then his undies followed , they were heavily stained and smelt very strong of bottom. Checking he was still fast asleep , with my heart pounding with excitement I gently pused my noes against his crack sniffing his sweaty bottom. He was well fit, I wanted more so I gently pulled his cheeks apart then licked his smooth strong smelling hole. My heart was racing. I took of his jeans socks and boxers, spread his legs a little then pushed my finger slowly into his crack that felt warm and sweaty , further and further up his hole if went. In out in out , I removed my shorts and boxers then rubbed my balls across his butt cheeks , with my c*ck leaking pre cum I rubbed it the length of his crack I belt over him and masterbating over his butt sniffing my finger at the same time. Splat spat splat I shot over his butt. I wiped my cum of him with my undies, then re dressed him , but keeping his boxers as a gift. I managed to awake him pretending I had just found him asleep, he was still drunk and said he'd be fine and his folks were away for the night . And home I went.

N .R.SJan 28 2013 5:28am
When I was 16 I use to babysitting for a family I had a thing for Mark their 10 year old son he was so cute slim nice blond hair and a ass that was so hot I use to get into bed with him and fondle his penis and feel his ass. He seamed to like me dry humping him I so wanted to take his pants down and put my penis inside his cute butt but was to afraid he would have let me to I would say as he enjoyed me dry humping him. He could not wait to go to bed. I remember his Mam catching US and his bro saying I was in bed with him his Mam just said let them regret never going all the way with him fondled a few other boys to but he was the best

LBJan 31 2013 6:30pm
I'm 16 and I wear skinny jeans, I also noticed my ass sweats a lot during the day, sometimes even enough to show through the crack of my jeans. I didn't know some people liked this, wish somebody could come lick me clean :<

HilolFeb 04 2013 6:24pm
I would love to lick you clean :-)

MarkFeb 04 2013 11:27pm
Im 14, me and my ex did lots of stuff, the thing he liked the most is when I licked he tight *sshole.

DJFeb 08 2013 3:43am
Hey DJ whats your email address would love to chat

markFeb 09 2013 7:24am
The best is when a 12-14 year old boy sits on your face while he plays with your dick. There's something about a boy's sweaty anal smell that turns me on. I've sniffed my nephew's ass a few times. It is the best smell ever.

ChadFeb 12 2013 8:54pm
Wow nice Chad or any aged boy that would be up for it :-)

DarraghFeb 13 2013 2:27am
My grandfather always cleans my penis and *sshole with his tongue.

GeorgeFeb 14 2013 2:20am
How old are you George are you ok with that?

CainFeb 14 2013 3:33am
Nothing like the feel of young butt cheeks spread across your face and then the musty smell that follows and of course the sweet aroma of sperm !

PaulieFeb 14 2013 2:03pm
My dad rubs his penis on my hole i luv it im 13 and i luv men

oskarFeb 16 2013 10:09pm
Wow Oskar would love to have some fun with you

MFeb 17 2013 12:50am
Yo quiero que me huelan la cola y me metan el dedo en la cola tengo 12 años.

PepeFeb 17 2013 7:33am
Me too M. Whats your email?

oskarFeb 17 2013 7:34am
Dale Pepe Yo te Huelo esa Cola Papi Te Lo Como Completito Mmmmmm

I Love Boys AssFeb 17 2013 10:41am
there is the bottled "smell of cute young boy's ass" for sale in japan.just google it or go to amazing!

I love cute boysFeb 18 2013 10:07am
I love to sniff cute boys asses and watch them take a poop.

ShaunFeb 23 2013 7:37am
Hey Oskar you can get me at M xx :-)

MFeb 28 2013 2:29am
nothing else i`ve ever seen or experienced more than doing this on a small boy`s ass

danMar 01 2013 1:28pm

AnonymousMar 02 2013 1:11pm
I smel my friend butt lastly six year " and he love dis

aplonsMar 05 2013 2:50am
How old are you Aplons and where are you from

AnonymousMar 05 2013 3:51am
it was

AnonymousMar 05 2013 7:07am
It was what?

DeanMar 05 2013 7:12am
The funniest comments ive ever seen LMFAO

DickMar 08 2013 12:50pm
Tf did I read

JoeMar 08 2013 5:33pm
You are all weird

bobMar 11 2013 1:52pm
What are u doing on here so Bob?

AnonymousMar 12 2013 9:07am

bobMar 12 2013 9:29am
So there for your just as weird @ Bob

AnonymousMar 13 2013 7:53am
My name is not bob

nobMar 13 2013 10:18am
Who gives a f*ck what you name is the fact your on here makes you the same fact

AnonymousMar 14 2013 6:47am

MarkMar 14 2013 11:32am
Now that's just plain nasty I don't care for your bad language goodday!!

bobMar 15 2013 3:32pm

bob Mar 15 2013 3:34pm
im a 15 year old boy, i have a girlfriend and i sniff her ass everytime i get the chance, i also finger her there and then smell my finger, if horny enough, ill lick my finger. but we also have anal sex, vaginal on an occasion, but an anus is..well, it smells sooo damn good! i also like giving her a good licking there, she has a very big ass and her anus is small, tight and in a line shape rather than a hole. i like to sniff the ass before i lick it or else all the ass odurs go away, i once remember i smelt it after she had a shower, it smelt like skin. but recently, i keep fantasising about smelling a boys ass, or even get my ass sniffed, i sometimes rub my finger on my crack and sniff it and boy does it smell good.

thomas.laidleyMar 20 2013 9:55am
i love to smell little boy ass i get a boner every time

jrMar 20 2013 2:10pm
Nice Jr :-)

AnonymousMar 21 2013 2:55am
One time my 22 year old brother asked for a spanking, so I did it, spanked him hard, then after I did it my hand smelled nice from his ass.

A strangerMar 21 2013 10:13pm
I like Caucasian and Hispanic boy butt. Sorry no black or Asian.

Anonymous.Mar 24 2013 12:00pm
Asian little boys have hot butts

AnonymousMar 24 2013 2:31pm
Once I went to a Birthday party in my friend house. He has two brothers, very hot! They came to party because they are sleeping in their bedroom. I went their room, They are already in deep sleep. Both are very cute. I waked them up. We spoke for some time, then one of them went to bath, and he took shower. He came back without towel. His ass looked very yummy and it began to rise up and stood very nice. His brother called him near and started rubbing his ass and took him on bed and started licking his ass gentely he took his pant down and asjed me to lick his cute little yummy hot ass I was first to all those things I felt happy and just spreaded his legs i saw little i wondered what it is, i went to its close and a fragrance attracted my nose to his hole i puahed my finger in that hole it feels hot inside. i pushef it out and taken a sniff its very tasty i got curiosity to lick it and I did he felt very Happy. Then we all had a normal sex. That's is very very nice that day. That's a pleasant day.

Nikilesh GowdaMar 24 2013 10:31pm
Wow Nikilesh wish I had friends like you

AnonymousMar 25 2013 2:01am
I love the smell of little butts when you do a diper change

AnonymousMar 25 2013 8:46am
im 13 and want my ass licked....leave ur emails and age

???Mar 28 2013 10:40pm
Where are you from?

AnonymousMar 29 2013 3:15pm
I live with my friend he is 19 he is very sexy, but very straight, we sleep in the same room but seperate beds. He sleeps in is spandex undies. He wears his pants dwn below his ass, which is very sexy and plump, i make comments about it all the time he just chuckles. I wish i knew when he was in a deep enough sleep that i could explore his tight beautiful ass. I bet it has the most arousing smell ever. I often Jack off to the thought of it, wwen he takes showers i peek in at him through the crack and under the door.

AnonymousMar 29 2013 5:44pm
I would just get into bed with him and start feeling him up see where it goes and how he takes to it you never know he might even like it

DeanMar 30 2013 2:53am
Im so scared of him getting pissed if he wakes up to my nose and mouth in his Butt

AnonymousMar 30 2013 4:44am
im 13 and want my asss licked so bad

???Mar 30 2013 6:02am
Maybe just say to him that you want to try the fact that he laughs when you pass comment about his butt may mean he's ok with it. No harm asking so what if he thinks your gay after it nothing wrong with it

AnonymousMar 30 2013 1:18pm
@ wanting you ass licked where are u living?

AnonymousMar 30 2013 1:19pm

???Mar 31 2013 4:28am
I am not in the State's :-(

AnonymousMar 31 2013 8:31am

???Mar 31 2013 9:27am
One time I had to go and walk a family friends dog because they were on holiday. I had a bit of a crush on their 16 year old son he was blonde and had a good body, pale smooth skin and a cute smile. I thought I'd have a snoop around his room and when I went in I saw he was asleep on the bed in his boxers he hadn't gone with them. His boxers were tight and showed his ass perfectly. I couldn't resits so I pushed my hand down his boxers and rubbed his ass cheeks, they were so smooth and plump I was getting a hard on. He was still asleep so I pulled them right off and he was completely naked. I kept rubbing and squeezing his beautiful ass cheeks. It turned me on so much I took my penis out and started pumping. I thought about entering him but it was to risky so I just fingered his hole instead it was tight and warm. After a few minutesI pulled out my fingers and sniffed them whilst pumping. They smelt musty and sweaty but it was so good. I cummed into my hand. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and returned his boxers. He never knew the dirty things I did to him and I forgot to walk the dog in the end. I see him round now and again and I can't help but stare at that beautiful ass I enjoyed so much.

EmersonApr 05 2013 4:13am
anyone in york UK email me:

AnonymousApr 07 2013 4:53am
This is so hot. Anyone into this stuff or anything else like it email :P

JoshApr 07 2013 7:04am
I want to so bad if you have pics

ManApr 10 2013 5:37pm
In the U.S. Will lick/smell anyone's ass, preferably not hairy. Email

JoeApr 14 2013 2:58pm
Anyone from Ireland on here?

AnonymousApr 14 2013 5:05pm
Would any boy want to sniff my butt cheeks ? And lick my balls ? I am 14

PaulieApr 23 2013 2:36pm
Yes paulie where are you from?

hotApr 23 2013 5:37pm
England, I don't mind how old your are ?

PaulieApr 25 2013 2:44pm
Just jacking off Oops made a mess again in my belly button as usual !

PaulieApr 25 2013 2:58pm
Where is everyone ? Just shoved my finger up my arse Mmm one last tug then to bed for school, night :)

PaulieApr 25 2013 3:29pm
Hey im 15 anyone my age or younger and older too lol email me!

MikeApr 25 2013 9:53pm
Im from england to paulie where abouts

hotApr 27 2013 10:31am
Paulie send me some pictures to

hotApr 27 2013 10:38am
I sure would even lick it

AnonymousApr 28 2013 4:52am
That. Is my biggest wish to lick a boys ass I'm 50 any boys can add me on face book it's Norman Cacciattolo or add me on kik stormie49 only teen boys please add me

AnonymousApr 28 2013 5:14am
People kik me mikedan98 Im 15;)

MikeApr 28 2013 6:56am
mHey oskar kik me:) im 15! Mikedan98

MikeApr 29 2013 9:36am
Any boys like getting their butt pounded? I love it :-)

AnonymousApr 30 2013 10:53pm
How old are you?

AnonymousMay 01 2013 7:49am
I like trains

HiMay 01 2013 12:54pm
Paulie where u gone

hotMay 02 2013 5:34pm
hey im 15 email me i send pics of my virgin hole and text me

AngelMay 02 2013 6:27pm
I like to be facesat on and farted up my nose by someone really young

timmeryMay 02 2013 7:39pm
im 44 gay and proud of myself i like young men/boys any other"s get intoutch

markseymourMay 03 2013 6:36pm
Hey Mark what's your email address?

AnonymousMay 05 2013 2:35am
Just back from Germany so many hot little boys with the lovely blonde hair and butts to die for

AnonymousMay 06 2013 8:32am
Don't reply to Angel he's a time waster

AnonymousMay 08 2013 1:02am
im 14 and this post made me rock hard. anyone want to sniff, lick then f*ck my bum?

charlieMay 09 2013 1:31pm
Yes please Charlie

AnonymousMay 09 2013 2:14pm
Any gay boys from the UK want to message me preferably younger I am 22 from england xx :)

gayboiMay 10 2013 3:56am
anonymous old are you? do you like the smell of sweaty teenage butt?

charlieMay 10 2013 6:52pm
29 yes I love it

AnonymousMay 11 2013 1:28am
When I was probably 16 I started to get the urge to smell my best friends ass, he's a hot guy with a perfect bubble butt. We used to make bets and I would lose so he would have to fart in my face but he always had underware on.. I just wanted to take them off amd smell his bare ass, and give it a lick but I didn't wanna ruin our friendship. He's a very heavy sleeper so I would always smell his ass while he was asleep. I would get such a hard on his ass smelled so good. Night night we were smoking weed and he was farting a lot. He fell asleep before me and he was out. I was pretty high so I went for it. He was laying on his stomach so I pulled his shorts down and started smelling his ass through his boxers. This got me so hard, I checked to make sure he was still asleep then started to pull his boxers off, he started to move and I froze.. But he didn't wake up, he just moved and the way he moved was even better. His ass looked so hot and I slowly moved my face closer and closer. The smell was so good and my dick was so hard. I smelled his ass for probably 10 min then started to lick it. It tasted soo good. I grabbed his ass checks and spread them apart. His ass hole was so perfect. After rimming him for a little I stopped and smelled it again then pulled his boxers back up. Sniffed again with them on then pulled his shorts back up. I then went to the bathroom and jacked off with the smell and taste of his ass still lingering on my face. The next morning he told me he had a really weird dream but couldn't remember it. I did this a few other times, amd loved every second of it. I love boys ass, the smell look everything. I can't wait for him to fart in my face bare ass. His farts smell so good ;)

Ben May 11 2013 1:35pm
ben, if i were you, i would have jacked off whilst sniffing or licking that ass! btw, your story got me hard :P

andyMay 11 2013 7:13pm
@Ben try a bit more get to c*ck inside his *sshole and try f*cking him and suck his peins

AnonymousMay 12 2013 2:45am
When I was 16 I used to mind 7 children one was a ten year old boy Mark he was gorgeous blond hair lovely bun and hot body when he was sleeping I use to get into bed with him and start playing with his penis which he loved I also dry humped his ass but was afraid to but my penis inside his butt he may of let me as when I dry humped him would push his butt into my penis I think his liked this as he would push his butt against my penis. One night his mam came into the room and I heard his brother saying me and Mark were sleeping together she just said let them and walked out. He had a younger brother who was 5 and would put his arms around me and kiss me I used to finger his butt while he done this and he loved it. Mark used to ask his mam for me to come over to babysitt and could not wait to go to bed. I always regretted not doing more with him and maybe even having a relationship when he was old enough

AnonymousMay 12 2013 2:58am
Haha thanks guys, I wanted to do more but I didn't want him to find out. I was nervous doing what I did but he's such a heavy sleeper and we were stoned so that's how I got away with what I did. I just want him to sit on my face and let me smell that sexy ass haha ;)

Ben May 12 2013 5:30am
Get him drunk and go for it

AnonymousMay 12 2013 10:48am
when i was 14 i had a neighbour called jerome. he was half black half white and had a really firm butt. he was 12 at the time, but i managed to convince him that if he acts like a female, he isnt gay lol. he went with it, i bent his creamy beige ass over the bed, took a whiff and it amazed me, then i started jerking him off whilst licking his butt and he loved it. he licked mine in return. i bumped into him the other day (im now 28 & his 26) and we talked. things got heated, words turned to stares, stares turned to kisses, kisses to blow jobs, to ass sniffing, ass licking then eventually f*cking. oh my, such a big beige dick all in my butt, then the same to him, oh how he loved the taste of his own ass, that got me off so bad. i then cummed in his *sshole and watched him creampie. oh lord, how i want that ass in my mouth again!

bernieMay 12 2013 2:31pm
So when I was probably 13 or 14 my older brother had this one friend who was 18. I always remember thinking he was really hot, well because he was. He was really popular and good looking. He had a huge ass too. I would always hang out with him when we he was over which was a lot because I thought he was the coolest kid ever and I had a bit of a crush on him. I would always stare at his ass and would always try to catch a wiff when he farted. I stared looking forward to when he would fart because I loved the smell and I loved his ass. Anyway, one night he was over and my brother didn't feel good so he was hanging out with me. We were just hanging out in my room watching a move. It was hot so all he had on was boxers and a shirt. Needless to say I didn't watch much of the movie because his ass was huge and I'm pretty sure his boxers were small because they hugged his ass cheeks so tight. I could see the exact shape of his ass. He said something but I wasn't paying attention because I was staring at his ass. I looked up and he was smiling. He said he saw me staring at his ass for like 5 min. And he said he had noticed me looking at it before. I got so scared and he grabbed my head and pulled it into his ass. He said I know you like the smell because your always smelling my farts, and right then he let a loud fart go with my face in his ass. I loved this and just kept my face there smelling his sexy ass. Then he pulled down his boxers. He forced my face into his ass and told me to start sniffing. So I did and he farted again. It was so good and I loved it. He told me to lick his ass.. I kinda wanted to but was scared but he told me to and I wasn't going to pass this up. I started to lick his ass and he started moaning, his asks tasted so good and the smell was amazing. He slept in my room that night and I asked if I could sleep with my face by his ass all night and he said sure and laughed. I loved when he came over and my brother would fall asleep before him because he would come hang out with me and let me smell and lick his beautiful ass. The more we did it the more we would do. He started sitting on my face and then I started touching his dick, and eventually I got to where I would suck his dick. He never did anything to me I was always doing it to him but that was fine with me. I didn't mind sucking his dick but I really loved his ass, the smell and taste. It was so hot. This went on for a while till he left for college, I see him sometimes but he acts like nothing ever happened. I really miss him and his ass

JJMay 12 2013 4:45pm
JJ, hot story your very lucky!! I wish that was me lol

AnonymousMay 13 2013 3:45pm
I'm 18 and love the smell of guys ass. And I like to lick ass, and I'll let anyone smell and lick my ass ;) email me if you want to talk ;) or kik me

Brandon690t@yahoo.comMay 13 2013 5:11pm
any boys that love ass have kik?

ass admirer May 13 2013 10:44pm
im straight, and never had any fantasies about guys. but when i recently smelt my girls *sshole accidentally whilst 69'ing her, i fell in love. now i just think all ass must smell and taste the same, and when i found out about this post, i get hard after reading some i gay? or do i just love so much ass that id go through drastic measures?

tedMay 14 2013 6:20pm
Well would you like someone to do that to you or have you been fantasizing about doing it to someone else?

AnonymousMay 14 2013 7:05pm
Where has Charlie gone want to hear more

AnonymousMay 15 2013 7:52am
These stories are so hot. I love the smell of a boys butt. Drives me crazy!

AnonymousMay 15 2013 7:44pm
hey im 15 email me to trade pics

AngelMay 16 2013 4:10pm
I've once fingered & smelled a 4 year old boys butt before ;D

JohnMay 17 2013 12:26pm
Nice John how old are you?

AnonymousMay 19 2013 1:09pm
im 18 now, but i was 16 when i did it ;)

JohnMay 19 2013 3:31pm
How did he responded?

AnonymousMay 19 2013 11:06pm

AnonymousMay 20 2013 12:10am
Hope Charlie comes back soon missing him

CianMay 20 2013 10:48am
Are you online John?

AnonymousMay 20 2013 1:02pm
too much homework this weekend, still doing it. then going to exercise and get my bum all smelly hehe. oh lord im really hard, need to finish homework for. see you soon guys, got school in the morning!

charlieMay 26 2013 11:48am
Love to see some pics of you naked Charlie

AnonymousMay 26 2013 1:34pm
Charlie whats ur email dude would love to chat :) or email me at

hotMay 26 2013 1:54pm
Hey Paulie your email address is not work :-(

AnonymousMay 27 2013 11:02am
Where is everyone?

AnonymousMay 31 2013 9:07am

boybuttsJun 01 2013 2:56pm
Yes I would

Boy butt personJun 03 2013 8:18am
Where's everyone gone there's been none of the regular guys on in a good while :-(

AnonymousJun 03 2013 9:18am
Come back soon Charlie love you :-)

AnonymousJun 03 2013 9:20am
This website is great. I like it.( 557697cbc43deb8fbe920e52b5c6e94e

-Jun 04 2013 5:33pm
What it's just about cars?

AnonymousJun 05 2013 1:42am
If anyone wants some buttfun, email me, I'm in surrey camberley UK, we can meet up for fun :)

AnonymousJun 10 2013 1:47pm
Anyone in Dublin Ireland I'm 15 any age will do we can meet up if u like

AlexJun 10 2013 3:49pm
f*ck I wish I could find a kinky boy to let me worship his ripe ass all day and all night

AnonymousJun 11 2013 3:34am
Hey Alex im 29 and in Dublin what your email address?

AnonymousJun 12 2013 4:29am
I'm 13 and my smelly ass needs some licking. Anyone interested?

AnonymousJun 12 2013 2:12pm
Yea where are you based ?

AnonymousJun 13 2013 2:46am
I love to smell my bf's butt but why all these pedophile comments on here. That's terrible. I really hope u guys trolling. Fingering a four year old boy. Sad.

Tara24Jun 18 2013 12:25am
This webpage should be shut down end of

AnonymousJun 18 2013 2:38am
yea... if he were 18...

AnonymousJun 22 2013 10:49am
Kik me @AyoAaaron

anonJun 23 2013 1:43am
Btw im 14

anonJun 23 2013 1:44am
I wish I could sniff and lick a young boys ass that's my biggest wish I'm 50 male I'm in Australia. Any young boys wanna add me on kik it's stormie49 or any one. Have pics

stormie49Jun 23 2013 5:29am
You like them down under lol bad joke ;-)

AnonymousJun 23 2013 9:22am
Alex you still around mate ? Im in Dublin

AnonymousJun 23 2013 9:27am
I'm 17. I think my butt is so cute. Whenever I jack off I stare at it and it turns me on. It's just so small and a little bubbly. It smells so good too. I'm addicted to my own little cute ass

AnonymousJun 23 2013 11:03pm
@A Stranger: 1) How old were you when u spanked ur 22 y.o. brother? 2) Did he say why he wanted you to spank him? If yes, why? 3) Are you glad you got a wiff of his ass afterward on your hand?

DGBLJun 25 2013 8:07pm
Anyone want to see my ass? I'm 17 and it's hella cute

VerycutebuttJun 27 2013 5:30pm
How sad is that having a thing for your own ass you need to get a life

AnonymousJun 28 2013 1:27am
I've a boy in my class, not hot but very cute and he always shows his butt even in school trip. Once my friends and I were playing a game of beating and I escaped so he went after me and pushed me down and set on me. Sadly, I couldn't take it more far because another kid has came.

random userJun 28 2013 4:00pm
I want my ass licked. How can I make this possible

BoybuttJun 28 2013 4:08pm
I have been addicted to nice boy butt since I was first in my junior high locker room. It's almost impossible not to take a look sometimes even when someone might notice. I'm in my late 20s now and I only started messing around with guys a few years ago. When I was younger I used to tell myself that it would not be as good as I imagined probably. Maybe even gross. I was so wrong! Yeah, if a guy doesn't have good hygiene it's no good, but if he does and he's hot it's total ecstasy and I could lick it for hours. The best way to tell if a guy's butt smells good is to make out with him. If cleans his mouth right he'll clean his butt right too. Doesn't have to be just-washed, but you know what I mean. The sweaty, slightly dirty smell is what makes it so hot. When I first meet up with a guy and want to lick his ass I don't bring that up at all. If we make it as far as me sucking his dick I'll then decide if I'm going in if it smells right under his balls. If a guy is borderline a little too funky down there, but he's really good-looking, I have licked my fingers and kinda casually cleaned it up a little first. After I know a guy and like his butt smell the first thing I'll do when we get our clothes off after some making out is turn him around and smell his butthole through his underwear. That will pretty much get the precum going every time. I live close to a big university and there are a lot of young, hot guys who post on craigslist when they want to experiment.

midwestJun 28 2013 5:08pm
Anyone want to sniff my buttcheeks? I want to meet some more boys

Aaron5060Jun 28 2013 8:48pm
I'm 17

Aaron5060Jun 28 2013 8:48pm
Yeah Aaron, where are you from? I'm 16.

random userJun 29 2013 3:42pm
California. What's your email?

Aaron5060Jun 29 2013 5:05pm
I'm from Israel

random userJul 01 2013 1:03pm
I Want to sniff a boy's ass so bad, I Could be there all day or night if they like that. They could sit on my face for me to enjoy it better. I'll Sniff and Lick it Good Mmmmmm....

AlexJul 03 2013 9:35am
Aaron5060 I Want to sniff your ass if you like that I'll lick it good also

AlexJul 03 2013 4:30pm
I would love that!! Please do it. What's your email Alex? And how old r u?

Aaron 5060Jul 04 2013 10:32pm
Any men like to fart in my face ima divo my Facebook is carriesamona moss

carrieJul 07 2013 2:32pm
Anyone want pictures of my butt? Give me emails and names

Aaron5060Jul 07 2013 3:27pm
I want to suck off and rim a boy under 13

JimbobJul 10 2013 8:58am
Damn Jimbob Mmmmm.... Me I Want To Suck a Boy Off Suck there Dick, Sniff There Ass, Lick It Good, Sniff it Naked, On Underwears, Pajamas, Sweatpants, Shorts, I'll sleep with an ass on my face all night, I Want a Boyfriend that would let me do that to him everyday. I Want to Lick ASS And Sniff it u would love it...

I Want AssJul 11 2013 7:22pm
Are you both pedos what would that achieve only a long jail therm where you will get some big guy make you his whore and destroy your hole like you would this kid

AnonymousJul 13 2013 12:58am
Describe the cutest boy butt ever and what you would do to it. details.

cutebuttboyJul 13 2013 9:45pm
Have you noticed how many hot guys are at Scheels? The guys that work there and the customers both. I'd sniff about 3/4 of them. It'd be hot to go around sniffing them. I wouldn't even care if some buttholes need a shower; for them I'd just not go in as deep. One time in my apartment building my neighbor left his dirty laundry by the washer waiting for mine to get done. I could tell it was his because he worked for a lawn service. I couldn't believe my luck. I was shaking a little when I dug in and found his underwear and I felt bad about it because I'm not a thief or anything. But I took a pair of his dirty beat up boxers and stuffed them in my shorts quick. I jacked off with those on my face till they didn't smell anymore. He was about 20, very straight, 5'10", cute, blond/blue, a little built with a great ass. Damn I love dirty boy underwear. But it's only hot if you want to f*ck the guy that wore em.

boysbikeseatJul 14 2013 11:16am
Anonymous Im 15 soon to be 16 from denver, co

I Want AssJul 16 2013 5:07pm
Aah ok so how young would you go when you say below 13 ?

AnonymousJul 18 2013 4:03pm
No more than that once im 18 will be 18 and up

I Want AssJul 19 2013 12:38pm
Yes I love it, the smell of a boys sweaty bubble ass. I usually go into the locker room after basketball practice when no one is around and find out jusy how much. My dad is the principal of the school so I have the master key to the building. There is this guy with the hottest bubble butt ass I have ever seen. We always shower when we are done with practice so I always see that sweet ass of his showering. I always stand by him in the shower so I can secretly see his butt cause I know in about 10 min. Ill be smelling it. I know his locker by heart and he never locks it so when everyone has left the building, I grab my key and head to the locker room. I always have a huge hard on by the time I get to his locker. I always watch where he sits on the bench naked to put his clothes on also. After I sneak in, unlock the locker room door, I first grab his sweaty underware from his locket and sniff his light skid mark where that hot ass was and then the seat that still is wet and the scent of his sexy musty ass is still on it. I then beat off smelling both. Even with a girl, the erotic smell of his bubble ass is mind blowing. Im not actally gay or think about guys but with him, I very well could be. He has very sexy smooth legs and long eye lashes like a girl with full lips plus hes not very tall. When im done and take it any more, my load is so intense I cum for what seems an hour. The nicest thing is I take his underware home, and return it before any one knows. Oh, I also sleep with it covering my nose. Oh soooo good. I hope to someday get him drunk and have my way with him. He is very sexual with the girls like me, so I am am know ill be able to somday and he drnks heavily. I dont like guys and never really did but with a body like that and an ass smell that drves me crazy, I could do him all day! Im hard already!!!!!

NickJul 20 2013 12:00am
Aww yeah, the smell of a bubble butt sweet. Can I cum on the locker room with you and smell those benches. Your lucky to have access to the locker room!!!

assboyJul 20 2013 8:25am
I do kinda the same thing but I take a long smell of the bike seats at school when no one is looking!!!!!

ass boyJul 20 2013 8:40am
How old are you ass boy?

KellyJul 20 2013 8:46am
Im not saying but im getting out of middle scool. why man think u cud handle my little butt. it smells great

ass boyJul 20 2013 8:55am
Your starting early!!!! you like them sweaty musty buttholes?

AnonymousJul 20 2013 9:40am
Your starting early!!!! you like them sweaty musty buttholes?

KellyJul 20 2013 9:41am
wy am I early? iv always got off on a dudes ass tho I like girls. I lik the look of my friens ass cheeks when they staa over atmy house and get.dreesed in front of me. my dick gets.hard. sometimes wen they r asleep I sneak a look of there *sshole & I get a nice wif of there butt hole. I even get a stink finger so I can go to the bathroom and beat It. They never know

AnonymousJul 20 2013 9:56am
theres a guy that was in my class that always wears these tite pants I sat right behind him in english. hes caut me steering at his apple butt. he smiles at whem he catchs me so im.gonna take him to were the buses park and f'k him inside one of them next year. Everone does it

ass boyJul 20 2013 10:11am
I smelled a hot guy's bike seat a couple weeks ago at my apartment's gym. He brought his bike inside and nobody else was in there. He went to the bathroom right away so I went over and smelled it and licked it. He was sweaty like he'd been on it awhile and the seat was still hot. He wore thin mesh shorts so his *sshole was right on it. It smelled as good as he looked, and he was a hot young blond boy. I wish I had the time and privacy to jack off with it. When he came out of the bathroom all I wanted to do was spread his butt cheecks and lick his hole. I was checking him out and I still had the smell of his butt on my nose. Hot.

JakeJul 20 2013 10:15am
Thats HOT Ass boy!

AnonymousJul 20 2013 10:22am
That's HOT Jake! I'm hard now.

AnonymousJul 20 2013 12:59pm
I love to smell bicycle seats from hot ass boys....mmmm. I just want to put my hands in their shorts and finger thier tight little butts then wipe it on my nose so I can smell it all day!!! F'kn HOT!

NickJul 20 2013 1:06pm
Yeah, and another thing is his bike seat was really small so it got right up in his ass. His butt was bigger for a skinny kid so that bike seat smelled just like if I got my face in between his legs. I could tell exactly the spot where his *sshole rubbed on and towards the front it smelled more like his balls. It's hard to find the right situation and not get caught. I've thought about it after a hot young guy gets off a bike at the gym and nobody's around, but who knows what was on it before him so I don't. There's something about getting the chance to smell a hot straight boy's butthole that just about makes me cum in my underwear without even touching myself.

JakeJul 20 2013 2:04pm
Just the thought of spreading a younger boys butt cheeks and sniffing it plus putting a couple fingers in his hole so I have the scent on my fingers makes me hotter than anything. I used to wrestle in school but I had to stop cause I sometimes would get a woody when I was either on top or I wrapped my arms around their ass and id get my arm as far between their butt cheeks a I could. I could smell it later but only during practice when I playfully wrestled the younger skinnier ones. I didn't wrestle long cause I figured id get a hot young one someday and id get a big boner during the match.

NickJul 20 2013 2:52pm
I know I couldn't wrestle a hottie without getting hard. Impossible. It's too much like sex! It's only natural to get hard if you like the guy. Just check out Youtube. There are a ton of videos of high school wrestlers getting boners.

JakeJul 20 2013 3:01pm
Really? I'll have to check that out! It was hard not to get a boner though. I used to love putting them in a firemans carry where they were at my either and my dick was right against their butt. yeah it felt damn good. Id always slap thier bubble butts when we were done, that was very hot. When they got up, their wrestling uniform would always be riding up their ass. It was fun also when he is on the bottom and I'm the top to start off then id have to get behind him and push my groin in his butt to break him down. I got to wrap my legs around his so he doesn't move then litterly ride him on top. Talk about nearly cumming right then and there, poo! Very hard to control my dick from getting hard! Needless to say, we were both sweating and his ass smelled f'kn awsome when in the right position.

AnonymousJul 20 2013 7:59pm
Really? I'll have to check that out! It was hard not to get a boner though. I used to love putting them in a firemans carry where they were at my either and my dick was right against their butt. yeah it felt damn good. Id always slap thier bubble butts when we were done, that was very hot. When they got up, their wrestling uniform would always be riding up their ass. It was fun also when he is on the bottom and I'm the top to start off then id have to get behind him and push my groin in his butt to break him down. I got to wrap my legs around his so he doesn't move then litterly ride him on top. Talk about nearly cumming right then and there, poo! Very hard to control my dick from getting hard! Needless to say, we were both sweating and his ass smelled f'kn awsome when in the right position.

NickJul 20 2013 7:59pm
Hey ass boy, Nick and Jake. Where are you guys from!? I'm 17 and I'm from CA. Looking for someone to smell and finger my little ass.

AaronJul 20 2013 11:12pm
@ Jimbob how old are you ?

Max Jul 21 2013 8:12am
You ever hear of a wrestling move called the butt drag? It's when you grab a guy's butt and put your fingers in his *sshole to gain leverage but mostly to distract him. There are a lot of Youtube vids with that move in it too. Singlets are so hot and plus you get see a guy in every position. My favorite weight class is around 160 lbs because the butts start to get nice and round but the waist is still small. Always exceptions to that rule though ha. A butt's got to start smelling good after getting sweaty on the mat. Damn Nick, I wish I could've smelled a nice butt like that when the guys legs are spread apart a little. Hey Aaron, I'm in Omaha. I do alright here, but you're lucky you're in CA because you can't throw a stick there without hitting some hot boy ass.

JakeJul 21 2013 8:12am
@ Max how old are you?

Aaron Jul 21 2013 10:52am

Max Jul 21 2013 12:13pm
I love the smell of a diaper

AnonymousJul 21 2013 12:16pm
I really want to see Harry Styles's butt. Smell it too...

AnonymousJul 23 2013 10:33pm
Hes ugly

AnonymousJul 24 2013 9:15am
I'd lick Scotty McCreery's butt and swallow his cum too.

AnonymousJul 24 2013 2:52pm
we are from Iowa. I agree with 160 pound class, there butts are perfectly round and little with a small waist. perfect for Ass smelling and fingering. Mmmmm. they are fun to wrestle with! gets my dick hard

NickJul 25 2013 3:07pm
I played truth or dare with my friends a little while back while we were drinking and he dared me to sniff a guys butt. so I picked a cute guy and we got in the closet and he pulled down his pants. I spread those cute little butt cheeks and smelled that cute little ass. it was awesome. later that night when everyone was asleep he told me to finish so I lick his ass again and sniffed it then f*cked him. he wasmy first guy it was awesome. I didn't wash my stinky finger all day yummy!

assboyJul 25 2013 7:01pm
Those guys thought it was punishment and laughed about it. I said I'd do out in the closet thinking that I wouldn't but little did they know I couldn't wait... I was shaking so hard. The other guy accidently felt my hard on and literally gasped not thinking it would be. That guy didn't think id do it. He ended up hard too shed tried covering it up before we got out if the closet. I got stink finger in that closet. While I was in the kitchen getting something to drink, one of my friends walked in, I told him to smell my finger, and he said seriously? He smelled it and said he didn't think I really did it. He said that it smelled awsome, but said he's not into guys them I said me either but with that apple butt, Ill be for 15 minutes. My friend laughed and said I think he could too, then jokingly showed me his hardon. That's one of my first instances with a sweet smelly butt that I came to like!

ass boyJul 25 2013 7:29pm
Jake .are you going about omaha Nebraska/Iowa where you live?

AnonymousJul 25 2013 7:51pm
Jake, are you going about omaha Nebraska/Iowa where you live?

NickJul 25 2013 7:52pm
Love smelling and licking 18 yo boys ripe butts especially while they are sleeping. Most erotic thing for this old guy in CA. Makes me cum hard.

coast46me@gmail.comJul 25 2013 9:36pm
if I saw a ten year old boy And he was laying on his stomach in his underwear and he was shaking his legs very fast you bet I would sniff his cute little butt! I would put my hand on his butt! there is nothing more sexy than a boy shaking his legs and his bed! I also like the sound of the bed shaking if he started peeing on my hand so what I even love the smell of wet and stinky underweaar you go boy shake thous legs and make your self pee!

JoelJul 26 2013 11:40am
Oh yeah esp when they are sleeping! If I know they are sound asleep, I usually take my dick out and beat off standing next to them so I can lean down and smell their hole all the time im whipping my dick. I really stroke my meat hard when their ass really smells hot and so I have to stand and not wake them. I can usually get a stink finger a bunch of times cause I smell it so hard the smell goes away and I have to rub his butt hole again. Just looking at that round ass and smelling his forbidden ass scent, it doesnt take me long to drop a huge load of cum and be able to do it all over again. By the time im done, my fingers and my nose where I whipped his ass smell on is completely covered with the sweet smell of my undisturbed, unknowing, sexy ass boytoy. In the morning he has no idea I invaded his bodily scent and figure. Sometimes a take a picture and add it to my ass album with a pair of his used underware next to it... My bad!

PhilipJul 26 2013 12:03pm
Any other guys do this or similar ways?

PhilipJul 26 2013 1:21pm
How old are you Philip ?

AnonymousJul 27 2013 12:45am
I am 19.

PhilipJul 27 2013 7:38am
Wow nice post! I have to admit I freakn love the smell of a guys butt hole! I have a few friends that I experament with at school when we stay at one of our houses overnight. We all three found out finally that our butts when we take our pants are sexy! So at times we all three leave our house and walk over to the river way in the forest and take off our pants then we take turns licking and sniffing each others butt hole! My dick always gets so hard doing this and so does the other guys. We then give each other a bj. I just cant swallow that stuff but them too can. we all make sure when we leave that our noses still have butt smell on them. yesterday one of the guys askd me if I wanted to try fuking. my gf had stuck a finger in my hole once and I kinda liked it so I said what the heck ill try it. after he liked my butt hole he tried to ream me. That fuking hurt!!!!!!!! I finaly got usd to it so it wasnt so bad. I told him not to put jism up my butt or id hit him but he did anyway, actually turned me on. Ha ha . Then I said it was my turn and he screamed about as loud as did starting out! I jismed in his butt so he could see what it felt like, I think he loved it he he! Wish my gf would let me lick and smell her sexy butt hole, she thinks its wierd! Anyway, there ya go!

PatrikJul 27 2013 3:37pm
Damn that made me hard! How old are u Patrik?

luvn itJul 27 2013 3:39pm
Oh hey there! that was fast! K take a guess

PatrikJul 27 2013 3:45pm
Your probably id say 15???

luvn itJul 27 2013 3:46pm
Dam how the heck did you know???? You sikeick or something?

PatrikJul 27 2013 3:49pm
Good guesser ha ha ! Let me ask u, you all do this alot? And if so my friend, like how often? I take it your not gay, just young and full of cum!

luvn itJul 27 2013 3:53pm
ha ha ill have to remember that saying. I dont know prob 8 or 9 times a month! Beats beatn off at home with a porno mag! No we arnt gay we all have a gf, well 2 of us the other broke up with his. Hes the one that jismed in my butt and told him not to. We all do it now anyway no big deal. We are all cool with it. I know one really does this stuff and we dont tell anyone but its fun and we all get off, sometimes 2 times. We arent attracted to each other just our butts ha ha!! And we all are always horny!

PatrikJul 27 2013 4:04pm
Ok I just f*ckn came in my pants! Let me smell you're sexy ass, hell all 3 of ya! Poo!!! I need a cold shower!

luvn itJul 27 2013 4:08pm
My friend and I played truth or dare alot and one time he dared me to sniff his butthole. I had a crush on him at that time so of course I wanted to do it. He pulled down his boxers and squat over my face and I pushed my nose as close as I could to his butt. Not only did I finally get to see my friend's butthole, I got to sniff it too. It was clean of course, but had that cheese smell that I love. I finger my own hole all the time and sniff my finger and love the fact that his hole smells the same. Its so more erotic smelling that smell on another boy, other than on your own finger. I have a boyfriend now and we rim each other alot. Best of both worlds- I get to smell and lick the cheese lol.

AnonymousJul 28 2013 2:48pm
Wow you people are disgusting.

What the fu*kJul 29 2013 12:20pm
If had a chance to smell a nine year boys butt I would do it in a heart beat there is nothing more sexy than a boy laying on his stomach on his bed and seeing him shake his legs and hearing his bed shaking and putting my hand on his butt and seeing his butt cheeks clench together and him moaning and making him pee in his underwear and feeling his warm pee on my hand and then smelling my hand because my old boyfriend let me do it!!! it was great!!!!!

JoelJul 29 2013 1:48pm
Joel I think we can pretty much classify you as messed up guy

Take offence Jul 29 2013 7:12pm
Why would someone like the smell of a boys ass wtf. It's full of waste yay real sexy you fuc@$rs

The police Jul 29 2013 7:14pm
hi it is me again There is nothing more sexy than a boys butt. I get hard every time I see a boy in white underwear and he is laying on his stomach And he is shaking his legs and his bed very fast! I get really horny when I see his butt cheeks clenching together and I also hear his bed shaking and I hear him moaning, even if he started peeing on my hand. I even like spanking him in his underwear

Joel please email meJul 30 2013 10:24am
@Joel How old are you? btw I tried emailing you and it didn't work. Email me at

AnonymousJul 30 2013 12:20pm
You guys are pretty much molesters wow I would hate to have a babysitter or someone like you in my household.

Not Tolerant mother Jul 30 2013 2:15pm
Open for some anal hook up with me f*ckers

Sit on meJul 30 2013 2:17pm
Yal is nasty dam wtf

DisgustedJul 30 2013 2:17pm
Reporting All of you to the police

Child abuse Jul 30 2013 2:18pm
once upon a time thr was a homosexual bull... but he didnt have a penis... so to have sex he would stick his horn up his boyfriends butt holes... after years of sex his horn grew weak and it got stuck up a bull named Roger...

AnonymousJul 30 2013 2:19pm
When I was a teenager, the thought of getting caught mid-coitus by my parents – or anyone's parents, for that matter – filled me with more fear than anything. But I didn't want to miss out on the action, so my formative years were filled with lots of heavy petting in adventurous locations. But there was one house party that put me off sex outside the bedroom forever. The Bacardi Breezers were flowing, everyone was horny, someone was already getting fingered behind the DFS sofa. So my then boyfriend and I, in search of a secluded spot to get sexy, decided to sneak off into the back garden. We found a pitch black cubby space behind the shed, so I got on my knees and down to work. After about five minutes, his polite groans suddenly turned into yelps of unsureness. And then came the sudden wetness. I remember thinking, 'Well, that didn't feel like semen and it definitely didn't taste like semen, and why is he panting so much? Oh god, it actually kinda really tastes like.... blood.' I had broken his banjo string. My (gentle yet skilfull) blowjob technique had ripped his hood away from his peen and he was now pissing blood everywhere. Like, everywhere – on my face, on the shed, on the ornamental water feature – everywhere. By the time we'd both stopped freaking out and realised what had happened, he needed to get to a bathroom ASAP before he passed out on the lawn with his dick out. In the shock of the moment, I totally forgot I was drenched in blood and casually flung open the patio doors to take the only route to the toilet, i.e. back through the entire house party. Have you ever walked through a crowd of drunk teenagers with blood and pre-cum all over your face? Start praying that you never have to. DEADLY CUNNINLINGUS After going our separate ways for uni, my puppy love girlfriend and I decided to meet up and see how we’d changed as human beings over the past couple of years. She was curious to see if I’d stopped being such a prick, while I wanted to know if she’d learned any new sexual positions. After getting formalities like drinks and emotional blackmail out of the way, we ended up back at my place, peeling away items of clothing and licking the booze off each other’s breath. Sadly, I couldn't have foreseen what was about to happen. Pulling off her thong, it seemed like someone had cracked open a can of fermented Baltic herring. The stench was so strong that all my hair fell out and a pack of stray cats started clawing at my window. I don’t know if she was playing dumb or she'd lost her sense of smell snorting cheap cocaine, but she seemed completely oblivious to the fact that her lady bits were making my eyes water. Not that it stopped me from going down on her. In retrospect, that was a terrible, terrible idea. I woke up the next morning feeling like I’d been exhumed. I ached all over, was drenched in a cold sweat, had a 39-degree fever and my throat felt drier than a cream cracker in a furnace. Antibiotics treated the viral throat infection, but catching an illness that wasn't an STD directly from a vagina has irreparably damaged my love of going down on girls and makes everyone I tell that story to retch in their mouths a little bit, which is kind of upsetting. POPEYE THE CUM SPLATTERED MAN I’ve had a lot of nicknames over the years – "Gator Joe", "Düdemeïster", "Pussyman" (I could never tell if that one was positive or not), but much like the herpes sores, they all faded away over time, except for Popeye. That one’s an albatross around my neck that I’ve never been allowed to forget. About seven years ago, I was dating a girl from a good, Catholic family, and after about six weeks without even a glimpse of anything her end, it began to dawn on me that I was trying to break into the Fort Knox of chastity, meaning our sexual relationship mostly revolved around her awkward handjobs. Anyway, we were getting intimate one Friday night and the tedious routine was taking even longer than usual. I could tell she was getting disheartened so I suggested she slip me a finger and fish around for my G-spot. Normally this would be out of the question, but she decided to spoil me that day, so I hoisted my feet up on the mattress while she knelt on the floor, fingering me with one hand and jerking it with the other. This horribly unfortunate alignment of face and genitals directed the ensuing orgasm into my own face, with a stream of baby batter hitting me square in the eye. Popeye’s signature jingle has followed me around like a cum stain on my character ever since. NEVER TRY TO REASON WITH A SCORNED FATHER I'd hooked up with this girl at a party in Peckham and she took me back to her house where we carried on with what we'd started. She'd just moved there and, from what I'd gathered, so had her meek, timid mother and wildly overprotective C*ckney father. Obviously that meant very little at the time, as I was far more concerned with rolling around on her cellophane-covered bed. Maybe I should have paid a little more attention, because a sudden smashing and crashing soundtracked what looked like Reggie Kray's dad – complete with old man vest, quiff, denim jacket, a BIG f*cking dog and, bizarrely, a box of tools – bursting into the room and screaming at a naked me. I immediately started trying to remonstrate, but there aren't many effective tactics when it comes to talking your way out of being caught f*cking an angry man's daughter, so I made a run for it instead. Being drunk, I obviously tripped about three steps into my escape and felt, first, the chomp of the dog's teeth on my ankle and second, the tip of psycho Del Boy's boots so hard into my nude balls that it felt like he'd passed over every clichéd threat and actually succeeded in kicking me so hard that my balls found themselves lodged in my throat. I jumped up, still completely starkers, and made a mad dash for the front door, with the dog gnashing dangerously close to my balls and the dad splitting his screams of anger between me and his daughter. I spent what seemed like days huddled naked behind a bush in the front garden, trying to gently throw stones at the window I hoped belonged to the girl, before she hurriedly threw my clothes at me, leaving me to trudge home, ankle bleeding, pride battered and balls feeling like they'd been epilated, stomped on (they had) and deep fried. Moral of the story: if you enjoy having sex with the daughters of angry men, buy a cup. WHAT'S THIS SHIT ABOUT? So my story is short, sweet, icky and sticky. My then boyfriend and I had been out for a friend's birthday, which involved too much absinthe and lots of blunts on a roof overlooking Greenwich Park. It was a beautiful evening spent amongst our closest friends and we thought it only fitting to round it off with some drunk, sloppy sex when we got home. As far as I remember, we were going at it for a good hour or so – nothing crazy, mostly missionary, a bit of me on top and certainly no anal. When he eventually finished up, my boyfriend pulled out and let out the most disgusted noise I've ever heard, which isn't exactly the first thing you want to hear after having sex. Somehow, his dick, the majority of his stomach and the whole of my back was covered in poo, like saturated in the stuff. We were far too drunk to do anything about it at the time, so to round off an excruciating hangover the next morning, the entire bed and most of our bodies were coated in a thin layer of faeces. To this day neither of us have any idea how it happened, but my best guess is a poltergeist who specialises in explosive diarrhoea from a height. Credits vice team

Lick meJul 30 2013 2:21pm
I crave the smell of boy's butt...I guess imm bi curious and wanna hook up...I live in Ca

EmauAug 02 2013 4:41pm
The hottest time ive had with a guys butt is when i stayed all night with a bunch of my friends house and he invited us to come over and watch his dads porno while his parents were out of town for the night and drink some of thier alcohol. We were all getting very lit up on vodka and orange juice which i later found out were called screw drivers i guess. Needless to say we all had boners from these movies. We were watching this one video where they were licking and smelling this girls ass and me and this other guy thought that that was hot and liked the smell of ass. So we were goofing around and stuck each others fingers in one anothers butt and smelled our fingers. Well no one seen us do this cause they were to busy watching the video. We smelled our fingers jokingly and instantly both our dicks must have grown 4 inches and there was no hiding them. It was just like we seen a hot girl stripping in front of us. We looked at each other and i think we both new it was time to sneak away for a moment and thats what we did. We went outside for more. I was so f*cking excited i couldnt control myself him to. We both pulled down our pants and took turns smelling each others butts. That was the hardest my dick has ever been. We both got our fingers ripe and we went to town stroking each others dicks smelling our fingers. I think we both must have shot a load 6 feet away. We went back inside laughing and with another hard on. We watched more movies with the others but side by side fingering each others butt and sniffing our fingers. I dont remember how many times i came that night but it was intense. We went to the bathroom several times doing it again and again. We traded underware by morning so we could take each others home for the next day. I still have his underware but the smell is almost gone cause i sniffed it so many times. We havent met each other since then but i cant wait someday when i see him again! I think we'll do it again!

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FBI are on to you you have been warned

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Haha I know these bastards are gross @FBI

HahaAug 21 2013 8:39pm
@aarons younger bro your Internet activity is being monitored by the FBI

FBIAug 23 2013 3:35am
Love young holes

AnonymousAug 23 2013 4:14pm
Can anyone describe what it tastes like to lick a young boy's ass?

DonAug 26 2013 7:22pm
i just sniffd a strt. tall kid butt n sukd his bum dot.... 28 n fresh kid/ wild scent..... he rub n my face! do U think he want me 2 do it again tomarrow??? Tommy

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AnonymousAug 26 2013 9:36pm
What's you contact info?

AnonymousAug 28 2013 1:50pm
Hey crack lickr, the way you misspell words and write almost incomprehensively, I'm going to guess you're an eggplant.

TonyAug 29 2013 7:02am
I first got turned on by butt stink at 10 years old when a 15 year old black kid in my neighborhood who was a high school wrestler and used to sit on me while practicing his moves. He had big butt cheeks and a musty crack with sweat. He would sit on my chest and stomach and make my shirt wet with his butt sweat. I let him sit on my face so i could smell his musty butt. I have been hooked on musty ass ever since!

22191Sep 02 2013 8:54pm
You guys need serious help

AnonymousSep 04 2013 4:37am
jh4hFf Thanks for the blog.Much thanks again.

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For me, it's cute 15 - 18 year old boys. I'll seize any chance I can get to sniff their little buttholes. I need some boy ass.

TomSep 06 2013 8:38pm
I love the smell of a boy butt age 10- 12 even when he has not changed his underwear in 3 days! I rally like it when he is laying on his stomach and shaking his legs very fast making him wet his underwear I like to put my hand on his butt cheeks while he is doing it! and then smell my hand There is nothing more sexy than a ten year old boy laying on his stomach in his underwear and seeing his butt cheeks clenching together and hearing him moan, and also watching him get wetter and wetter! while he is doing it!

Joel please email meSep 09 2013 7:32am
I have a neighbor boy that rides his bike all the time and comes over to our house to visit our family. He always wears these hot shorts and hates wearing underware cauae he says it always makes him too hot so sometimes he comes over and after awhile asks to go to the bathroom to take them off. I tell him to just leave them there and ill wash them for him. He has the sexiest little ass and legs. When he gets out of the bathroom i always go in there and smell the part that was next to his hot butt hole and jack off to it. I keep the underware and give him new ones that match his older ones. Keep them with the rest of his used ones i hide. Damn you talk about a hot sweet smell of ass.... mmmmmm! I cum very hard! I have to admit i am a lucky neighbor for this to happen and hes always doing this! Sometimes he spends the night and sleeps here always with just underware on so i sneak in the room late at night since he is a very hard sleeper where a bomb wouldnt wake him up and carefully pull down his underware. I have gotten it figured out that i can slowly spread his cheeks and smell his butthole while I jackoff quietly. Its f*cking awsome! Its soooooo f*cking hot!!! Talk about cumming a gallon! Mmmmm

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Hey cool site man. K im a horn dog for my age, 12and a half and dont care but i am hookd on my friendz butt raunch smell. I may be wieed but no one nows and i dont givs a poo and you *ssholes dont now me ether haha. I found my moms strong sleeping pills and so i give it 2 to my friend when he stays all nite with me and he says it makes him go to sleep finally and it nocks him compleatly out so i set my alarm cloc and get up at night to do what ever i dam well want to him and he doest even now hahaha! I Heyday take off his shorts and rub my dick on his stinky *sshole put my fingers up his butt and rub the sweaty stink hole all over my nose and push his butt cheeks together around my f*ck shaft and fu k his butt. The dum ass dont know i do it. Hes not realy my freind but i fake it for this reason cause i like his round butt and hes looks like a girl so he only is my freind on weekends. Hes my f*ck bitch and has mo idea! I lick his butt too and kiss him its awsome! Funny thing is im not gay just a horny mofo you bitches! He cant figure out why his butt hurts in the morning. Yeah i f*cked his ass to its dam awsome homies! Im getin him again this weekend the dum sexy ass bitch!

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I loooooove the smell of a sweaty musky ass of my school friends i hang with! Our butt looks like a girls butt all smooth and poo and guys like to f*ck more than girls so why not. And they are tighter than girls butt. Smell just as good Jess's

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Im getting 6 of us boys together for a private f*ck fest and ass smelling contest. Come join me at our high school. Were a private club called "Smack down's". Smell My Ass Crack Kid - Dudes Only With Nasty Sex. After lots of talks with boys my age over alcohol, youd be surprised, most of all think the same, we are all horney and wed all f*ck a nice guys ass in private and we all love the smell of a nice sexy sweaty ass! Score!!!

AnonymousSep 09 2013 12:36pm
You put on blind folds, the guys all get naked and get on their knees doggy style facing out. It starts with every one getting sweaty for 30 minutes then one guy starts at the end smelling each boys butt one at a time. You cant lick cause that takes away the sexy stench. U write down whos ass is whos at the end without looking. When everyone is done smelling as mych as they want, we see who matched with who. That group f*cks for 10 minutes only then it starts over agai but this time itas the dick in each butt for 3 minutes and wrte down who is who. Winners get to f*ck for 10 minutes. Then its blow jobs...etc...etc... This game is mind blowing and it gets the cum building up,..very hot!

AnonymousSep 09 2013 12:56pm
I do i do i do i want to join! Im an ass smeller. Damn that sounds HOT!

ass boySep 10 2013 12:36pm
Well im 14 yrold and take wiffs on guys butts. Hell i started that when i was 12 messing around with a group of guys after a wrestling match in the showers. We were all goofing around taking showers and got into talking about dogs and how they are butt sniffers so me and my friend played around acting stupid like a dog and stuck our noses in anyones butt that we could and started smelling. Well believe it or not we all had a boner in the shower. Talk about f*cking embarrasing. Then the other 3 did it and they said they liked it. We all laughed and said the same. We got out and jokinly kept doing itwhile getting dressed. Then started poking each others butts for a laugh. After we got dressed we all bragged about stink finger and took wiffs of each others fingers. After the others left, me and this guy stuck around in the locker room to playfully poke each other well that ended up with my dick in his *sshole. We never told anyone yet but i wacked my meat again to my stink finger that night. We still f*ck without anyone knowing it!

johnSep 10 2013 12:56pm
Totally hot!

MikeSep 10 2013 8:00pm
I love giving and taking c*ck and having my c*ck sucked

AnonymousSep 11 2013 2:42am
Sweet hey im 15 and I see nothing wrong with this smelling thing. Let me tell ya, I did a while ago. I was riding bikes with this new kid i met in school and well he basicly has this butt that i would say looks like my girlfriends but and just couldnt stop looking at it when i was beside him going down the street. We went to his trailor after we were drenched with sweat and change clothes. We went to his bedroom and he took off all his clothes before he looked in his drawers for clothes. I was sitting on the ground waiting for him to find something for me. I was teasing him on how he stinks so he comes over to me and puts his butt right in my face and said smell this then. I did as he said and he just stayed there and didnt move. My f*cking dick got instantly hard smelling his hole and well he saw that in my shorts. He then told me he was curious about being with a guy and i said me too. You should have smelled his f*cking ass it was mind blowing awsome! I never even thought butts could smell so f*cking hot! I asked him if he wanted to smell mine and he said yes so i got up he sat on the floor and i sat on his face. I bet he smelled my rear end for 30 minutes with a complete f*cking hard on. I had to jack off while he was doing that and so did he. Ass smelling is HIGH on my list now. I smell guys bike seats every chance i get and my girlfriends butt to! Yeah baby lol

ChadSep 12 2013 12:05pm
You all are wierd

AnonymousSep 12 2013 2:10pm
I do it! 21yr old, thats right mofos lick my butt. I need boy ass now!

demarcusSep 12 2013 2:15pm
I can relate man, those bicycle seats smell dam good after a boy gets off it. Avid smeller here... i even beat off smelling them so lick my balls

horney young fuckerSep 12 2013 2:19pm
Mmmm smells like sex, dick hard now

new york stuffSep 12 2013 2:21pm
I get stink finger every chance i get. Boys love sex so i get all i can get which is prob 10 a month. 16 yr old here

boy slutSep 12 2013 3:03pm
I'm a wrestler at school I'm bisexual and I admit that the only reason I wrestle is not for the competition but to feel these guyz bodies and smell their ass. And that's the only reason! And Broadway I get a hell of a lot of it. No one knows and I keep it that way. Taking a shower with them is the best. They all have a very hot ass!!! I'm a feminine looking guy with a great body so I get a lot of them boys that love to wrestle me and ride on top of me. They love it and they know it so get a hard on and I don't sayanything. They don't want to say anything and let me do what I want to them cuz it gets them off and I get a smile as much ass as I want.

wrestler slutSep 12 2013 3:26pm
These stories are so damn hot im jacking as i read them. I love boy ass!

sethSep 12 2013 7:20pm
Whew i thought i wa the only guy that liked the smell of a boys butt! Theres tons of us!

AnonymousSep 12 2013 7:24pm
I remember the first time i smelled a boys ass. I was in a school bus coming hone from a field trip in the dark and it was a long ride back to the school. I was sitting in the back of the bus with a gay guy that i had no choice to sit next to. I tried being macho to my friends about it but deep inside i deaaly wanted to. I always thought he had a very sexy ass, body and was extremly cute with his long blonde hair so i didnt fight sitting there. As the night went on the person sitting across the isle moved to another seat so it was just him and me back there which is what ireally wanted. I knew this guy liked me cause i always caught him checking me out then smiling. If no one was looking id smile back. As the radio someone was playing and the kids were crouched in there seats sleeping, we did too but we were both wide awake. I figured this is a chance of a lifetime so i went for it. I slowly eased my hand over barely touchuling his leg and started to rub his leg. He looked at me and gave me that sexy smile again. Then on i knew he was mine on that bus. We both nelt down to wear no one could see us and i leaned over slowly which he did also and french kissed him. Never kissed a guy before so i gilot reaaly turned on by it. As we were kissing i reahed down the back of his psnts and slowly started to rub his anus. I pulled my hand out and smelled my fingers. He seen me rool my eyes up and say f*ck thats smells f*cking hot. He then carefully and quitly pulled his pants and underware down and lean against the window. I leaned over and litterly stick my nose on his *sshole. I moaned loudly luckily no one heard me. I smelled and licked that hot ass for probably 30 minutes. My dick got so hard it started to peak out the top of my pants. He started to rub it as i smelled his ass. I then said after we get back your mine. He responded as if he just got done running a marathon and said hell yes. As we arrived back and pulled our pants up, we got off the bus and both of us snuck around yo the back of the school to the other parked busses. We found one open and went in away from the bus we just got out of. When we got in we bith tore our clothes off sonfast we didnt know where they landed. We started french kissing hard and feeling each others bodies. I took him and layed him on his stomach and dove into that hot sexy ass. I smelled the sweetest ass smell i have ever smelled. I licked his ass and up and down the inside of his legs. I turned him over sucked his dick and he responded the same until we couldnt take it any more. I then sat in the seat and leaned him over the seat in front of me and buried my nose again in his tight little round hole. I lowered him slowly on my dick as he moaned like a little girl. I finally got my dick in his ass and proceeded to f*ck him. I pulled out after a bit cayse he wanted my ass too. He layed on the seat and i sat on his face. His dick grew instantly hard. He licked and smelled my ass for prob an hour. I then turned him over and sat him on my lap with him facing me. We french kissed so we could each smell our asses. We both came very hard at the same time. Needless to say we f*cked until daylight licking and smelling our forbidden holes until we couldnt take it anymore coming probably 3or 4 times. So thats my first ass smelling experience.... loved it!

loves to smell boy assSep 12 2013 8:49pm

shit!Sep 12 2013 8:55pm
jB6WPQ Thanks for the blog post.Thanks Again. Want more.

uYMAjTgFptYHSep 13 2013 7:30am
Anyone from Dublin on here?

AnonymousSep 13 2013 9:20am
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