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Muscle Girl JENNA... WHERE are you???

Question: Where is JENNA... has anyone ever experienced a girl / GF / Wife that is both incredibly Adorable and yet even Stronger than you? JENNA has been on these polls before and she is quite the inspiration of muscle, beauty, sensuality, and pure confidence. Any other Adorable Girls with Over-Powering stories and how that makes her feel being Stronger???
Created by: AA34 at 11:20:24 AM, Saturday, June 09, 2012 EDT


Was this Jenna a fictional character? Or was she real?

AnonymousJun 10 2012 7:13pm

A34,i see you started a new poll?

NJun 10 2012 7:39pm
It's good to see a fellow android on these polls.

John 2.0Jun 11 2012 4:27pm
AA34,I am a strong muscular wife of 55 that has lifted weights for a very long time and my husband love my strength and powerful muscles.and he loves on what i can do to his body during sex.

LillyJun 11 2012 4:42pm
@ anonymous. JENNA was a girl in another post that made some really great comments and was quite aware of her own personal Empowerment and power over men, both physical and how she could take over your thoughts. She was fun and very strong and she disappeared so I thought it would be fun to make a poll with her name to see if she'd come back.

AA34Jun 12 2012 7:35pm
AA34,so whats happen to you? you given up on me? or you just could handle anymore? or was i to much for you?

NessieJun 12 2012 8:22pm
@ LILLY... well that sounds very interesting. How or when did you discover you were stronger then your husband? How did that make you feel? And when and how did you finally show him that you were stronger... what did you do???

AA34Jun 12 2012 9:15pm
AA34, i think you are never going to hear from Jenna! my guess she was scared off or got tired of this subject! The thing about polls like this women get tired because after awhile the men out there start to question if these girls that answer these polls are actually whom they say there are.and the girls get tired being called on this!

AnonymousJun 13 2012 7:50am
@ Anonymous. Great point. However I will say I did one other poll and JENNA was really fun and no one questioned her there. And what she talked about was very believable. So who knows, maybe she will come back.

AA34Jun 13 2012 8:30am
AA34,yea,i saw your last poll with Jenna in them and sound like an incredible young muscle girl and i hope she will respond like you hope? but,i wouldn't hold your breath!

AmyJun 13 2012 9:36am
@ AMY... oh I'm NOT gonna hold my breath and that is why I'm opening this poll to further the discussion. To hear about other empowering stories from strong girls. What about you Amy???

AA34Jun 13 2012 10:15am
AA34,go to the misc poll strong girls on top!then you can read about me!

AmyJun 13 2012 10:41am
AA34,its girls with strong legs on misc.poll! thats if you want to read up on me?

AmyJun 13 2012 11:23am
@ AMY... ok I read the other poll. Your HUGE!!!! WOW and crazy strong. 20 inch calves. I never even knew that was possible. Nice job!! Well you gotta make a youtube video and pose those calves!!!! You don't even have to show your face just your legs. Everyone will LOVE seeing that. Come back and post the link :))

AA34Jun 14 2012 3:15pm
AA34,maybe one day i will post what my thighs and calves look like on YouTube! and thanks reading the other poll on me! yea, my boyfriend love my muscles as much as i do!

AmyJun 14 2012 3:40pm
AA34,but what i really like to do or love to do? i love wrestling and using my muscles and strength! and i just don't wrestle my boyfriend! i wrestle other males as well!

AmyJun 14 2012 3:44pm
@ AMY.. yeah you should post video for sure. Obviously if you're worried about privacy, then you get make up a name and post it and NOT even show your face. Total confidential. ~~~ << what i really like to do or love to do? i love wrestling and using my muscles and strength! and i just don't wrestle my boyfriend! i wrestle other males as well! >> How does a guy get lucky enough to meet you to wrastle?? Or should I say unlucky enough since you are gonna inflict some pain, haha.

AA34Jun 14 2012 5:13pm
AA34,actually i bring guys home to wrestle with my boyfriend watching! he enjoys watching and we both get off me put guys in holds and have them scream and beg for release.especially when i use my legs in scissor holds! my boyfriend says his favorite scissors hold i use is the reverse head scissors because he told me watching me squeeze some guys you can really see the frighting power of my legs because of the size of my thighs a guys head gets swallowed up by the massive size of my thighs!

AmyJun 14 2012 5:24pm
@ AMY... WOW... so how big are you legs. I mean a 20 inch calf is enormous!!!! So your legs must be close to 30 inches. Are you gonna post a YOUTUBE of your LEGS soon?? Again you don't even have to show your face so totally confidential. You know we all want to see this and YOU LOVE that we LOVE it, haha.

AA34Jun 14 2012 5:53pm
AA34,my thighs are 26 inches! just imagine the power thats in them! and if you remember reading in the other poll? i can squeeze a watermelon in half by! squeezing it! the watermelon almost explodes from the pressure! I have knock out my males with out really squeezing! because if i gave it full force i could crush a males skull

AmyJun 14 2012 6:02pm
AA34,i also have 15 inch arms and a 38 inch chest on a 5'3 185 pound muscle!

AmyJun 14 2012 6:05pm
@ AMY... oh my god... your 185lbs at only 5'3. I'm over 6 inches taller than you and I weigh 185lbs. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!

AA34Jun 14 2012 6:26pm
AA34, just imagine that i could reduce that 185 pounds you have with the power of my legs crushing your stomach! and i bet it would not take much to squeeze you out?

AmyJun 14 2012 6:37pm
@ AMY and you get off on this stuff, it turns you on??? Is it inflicting pain on men that arouses you or using your power in sensual ways? I like the sensual power part myself. I have a few experiences with a gf that were pretty amazing!! But you are BIGGER!!!

AA34Jun 14 2012 6:42pm
AA34,not to inflicted pain to which guy i wrestle but let them feel the tremendous strength and power over them and there is nothing they can do to get out my holds unless i let them! has your girlfriend ever squeezed you out? and how does your girlfriend feel about the power she has in her legs?

AmyJun 14 2012 6:56pm
@AMY, she's nowhere near your size or strength but does have pretty strong legs. She's not dominating and never suggested squeezing me out. I'm NOT into that, and I'm NOT sure if she is. She's very very sensual and very into lifting me. I had no idea how or why a girl gets off on that, but she does and I don't know why it does something to me, but it does. I could tell you some of her special lifts that are sure to have a waterfall dripping down your legs. Even if you have done it, these stories would put you in a sensory overload for sure!!! And the first time was mind blowing... a shock for us both. And I have the story written out too... you ready to swim in that waterfall????

AA34Jun 14 2012 7:05pm
AA34,for me its over powering that my body has the power and strength i have over a male! and to have them helpless! i would imagine your girlfriend has the same feeling she has over you? whats our girlfriends muscles look like?

AmyJun 14 2012 7:34pm
@ Amy, she has pretty solid legs and shockingly she can leg press 500lbs for 3 reps. Her arms have some definition but now really that big. Her lower body though is much stronger than her upper body. However her back is really solid. I swear the story I have would turn your into a waterfall of bliss.

AA34Jun 14 2012 7:39pm
AA34, Cum on man, let's hear it

ObservingJun 15 2012 12:18am
AA34, Cum on man, let's hear it

ObservingJun 15 2012 12:27am
AA34, i was always strong as a young girl that was always involved in sports! and when i was 13 my parents sent me to a all girl's school and was introduced to rowing that really started to mold my body.and then was introduced to weight training because of the rowing and at 13 i started to get strong and muscles.after i graduated from the girl school went of to college where i met my now husband about 30 years ago at the school gym.and i was lifting weights and my now husband spotted me working out and came over to me introduced himself to me and said i love your muscles and think watching you lifting weights was very impressed what i was lifting.I thanked him and he asked me to coffee or lunch after i got done.I said yes and we went for lunch and was love stricken for my muscles and strength.He asked me to flex my bicep and started to feel it and i could he was getting excited and then i said to him lets go back to my place and the minute we got there.I was all over him and i did things to him with my muscles and strength and we loved it both.Now 30 years now i am much bigger and stronger that loves to show her man what i can do!

LillyJun 15 2012 11:59am
Would any of you girls be able to overpower me?

David RiceJun 16 2012 1:46am
@ LILLY... WOW. So how bit are you? And what are some of your impressive lifts in the gym? Squatting 500lbs?? ~~~ < i am much bigger and stronger that loves to show her man what i can do! >> Ok so what do you do????

A34Jun 16 2012 8:29am
@ LILLY, that's supposed to be how BIG are you?

AnonymousJun 16 2012 8:51am
AA34, i am 5'11 195 pounds and although i am 55 its all muscle! my arms are 15 1/2 chest 40 inches and legs 24 inches! and when i am in the gym i can bench 225 squat 300 and leg press 625 pounds.and its funny i see much younger guys working out and i get stares from them that a much older women can lift that much! but,like i said i don't lift for them just for my husband! We do have two younger daughters that want to follow in their mothers foot shoes.I forgot to say what my husband size and what he weighs.He is 5'8 161 pounds.

LillyJun 16 2012 9:17am
@ LILLY... WOW... you're MASSIVE. You might as well gain 5 more pounds and go for an even 200lbs. The guys in the gym must be in AWE of you and I bet you love that. And you're tall as well so it's even better you got all that muscle. What a presence you must be to see and touch in real life!!!! Your husband is small, you must be able to CURL him for reps, haha. < i am much bigger and stronger that loves to show her man what i can do! >> Ok so what do you do???? ???

AA34Jun 16 2012 9:23am
AA34,i do more than curl my husband! when i know when we are alone late at night together although i have caught my daughters watching us.I lift him over head and parade around the room with him over head which he loves and i also during the day when i think we are alone i can bench press him that drives him crazy and after displaying my strength to him and muscles.We have the most intense sex! the only thing is? i don't know what my daughters are thinking when they see me doing these things to their father?

LillyJun 16 2012 9:58am
@ LILLY... Unreal!! << I lift him over head and parade around the room with him over head. i don't know what my daughters are thinking when they see me doing these things to their father? >> Well yeah your daughters are one thing, but MY GOD... what I'm thinking right now...

AA34Jun 17 2012 12:21am
If my wife could do all that to me, I would be shivering and shaking. Not from fright, but from the sheer anticipation.

ObservingJun 17 2012 1:17am
AA34,last night was an incredible wild time with my husband that was unbelievable! Our daughters weren't home! before that incredible night i had a work out at home which we have a built gym in our garage! and after a intense work out i was very horny because of the strength and power going through my body! My husband was in the kitchen and i walked up to him and wrapped my very strong arms and lifted him up and gave him a playful squeeze and he gave out a moan.I put him down and took off his clothes and mine as well! and i could see him get very hard. One thing i forgot to tell about my husband he has a very large Penis and at his age he can keep it up like a younger male.anyway,i then picked him up again and placed his penis in my mouth with out much effort and gave him a blow job until he orgasmed!I then put him down and he returned the favor and he was amazing! I finally orgasmed!but had to be careful not to crush his head with my thighs.Then i reached down and through him over my shoulder and carried him upstairs to our bedroom.When we got to our bedroom i lifted him over head and did a couple of reps and then through him on to our bed.I jumped on the bed after that and started wrestling him.I picked him up again in a bear hug from behind and a grabbed his penis again in my strong hand and stroked it to get hard when he was ready to orgasm i held his penis till he didn't orgasm. then i turned him around to face me and lifted him up again and placed his penis between my breasts and again i took him into my mouth and he had an incredible intense orgasm.I then picked him up and carried him into the bathroom to shower together and give him time to recover.and after a long shower after washing each of our bodies i could see his penis getting new life after drying each other off!I again picked my husband up again and carried him to our bed laying him down and with his penis coming back i mounted him with me doing all the work with me on top and then changed position with my husband on top and i lifted him up and down like he was my own private sex toy.We finally had the most incredible orgasm together fell asleep in each others arms!

LillyJun 17 2012 9:53am
@ LILLY... thats some pretty intense HEAT and you are insanely strong!!! << i then picked him up again and placed his penis in my mouth with out much effort and gave him a blow job until he orgasmed! >> How do you do this, is he on your shoulders like a front shoulder ride or are you pressing him overhead with your arms while doing this?? << i mounted him with me doing all the work with me on top and then changed position with my husband on top and i lifted him up and down like he was my own private sex toy >> HOW did you LIFT him in this position while he was on top of you?? Oh my mind races...

AA34Jun 17 2012 11:01am
@ AMY... where did you go? Did you like Lilly's story? Have you tried all that yet?????

AA34Jun 17 2012 11:02am
AA34,i can i lift my husband in many ways to give him blow jobs because i can! and lifting my husband while having sex? i can lift him up and down while having intercourse sort of bench pressing him!

LillyJun 17 2012 11:59am
@ LILLY... so the lifting blow jobs, so you can lift him overhead with just your arms and do that? MY GOD, I didn't even think that was possible. I can see it being done as you carry him on your shoulders, but just with your arms is insanely powerful. And benching him while having sex... so you put your hands on his waist and grab by his hip and just press him?? AMAZING. You are a sexual amazon for sure!!!

AA34Jun 17 2012 12:29pm
AA34,yes i am my husbands Sexual amazon wife! and seeing i have my own gym to work out! sometimes when i know our daughters are not around my husband will come into the gym and watch me work out in the Nude! Sometimes i have to stop lifting and take care of his very hard penis and give him a blow job or mount him with him lying on one of the work out benches!

LillyJun 17 2012 1:17pm
So it really is true, some women get off being Sexual Amazon and having all that power. Lilly you're doing things I didn't even know were possible, and you're 55... Unreal. How do you feel having guys half your lusting for your Amazon Powers???? I'm NOT half your age but I'm 185lbs and I'm fairly certain I would be overpowered by you and HOT from it.

A34Jun 17 2012 1:24pm
A34, i really don't care if other guys are lusting after me although its good to know! All i care is pleasing my wonderful husband!

LillyJun 17 2012 1:33pm
@ LILLY... Lucky Husband :) And it is good to know right how much guys LOVE your sexy power. I know you say you don't care... then do you write on this board because it arouses yourself to read your words about being a Sexy Amazon or do you get just a lil aroused hearing how in AWE of you we are?? I'm going with BOTH... It sure feels like a mutual exchange of energy between you and us guys. THANKS!!!

AA34Jun 17 2012 1:56pm
AA34,no problem! maybe you need to go to a gym and find yourself an much older stronger muscle woman like me to full fill your fantasy?

LillyJun 17 2012 2:08pm
@ LILLY... well the gyms I go to... I go to a few different 24 hour fitness locations and I have YET to see anyone like you in there.

AA34Jun 17 2012 2:25pm
AA34,those aren't real gyms! you have to go to a real one like gold's or world's or bally's!

LillyJun 17 2012 2:34pm
LILLY, which one do you go to?? Are you one of the biggest and strongest girls in there? And you never did say... why you like to post your sexual muscle exploits on here?? Diary of a Sexual AMAZON :))

AA34Jun 17 2012 2:59pm
AA34,i guess i am a show off and i have no problem telling about my sexual muscle exploits through this! I use to go to a world,s gym! then my lovely husband had a gym in our garage and he put in much better equipment than what they have at the world,s gym. He had built for my birthday 10 years ago! so,i work out in our own gym,

LillyJun 17 2012 3:25pm
AA34,sorry to go off on you on the other poll like that! I was getting angry from Idiot men whom want me tp prove to them i am what i say i am!How would you like if i asked for them to first post their picture first or yours?

AmyJun 17 2012 3:59pm
AMY, thank you apology accepted :)) Now I don't have to come and WHOOOOOOOOOOOOP YO BUTT for being RUDE, haha. Just joking. Yeah I understand what you mean, some guys just don't believe how Sexy and Powerful Women can truly be. I get it, I know!!! And I BELIEVE YOU. This poll is new to me only a couple of months ago and it blows my mind. At first I didn't believe that girls got so turned on being so strong. I even read some believe it's guys writing out fantasies and then posting them pretending to be a girl. But after a while you can just feel a woman's energy in her words. And from your posts, I BELIEVE YOU. You sound insanely strong. ~~~ << How would you like if i asked for them to first post their picture first or yours? >> Sure... you want to see me, no problem. Where do I send you my photo?? I'm NOT posting it here nor would I ask you to do that. How would I like it... do you have any other fun HOW WOULD I LIKE IT QUESTIONS??? How would I like to feel the Power of AMY??? That's a good one too, haha :))

AA34Jun 17 2012 6:42pm
AA34, i am done with the other poll and will only answer yours although i don't want to talk about me posting a picture for guys to see if i am telling the truth.The only person i have anything to prove is my boyfriend! but,i will gladly answer anything else! I hope you understand?

AmyJun 18 2012 10:38am
@AMY... I said apology accepted and now I don't have to WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP YO BUTT for being rude to me on the other poll, haha :)) Yeah I saw that one guy was being rude to you... but NOT to worry I'm not gonna be rude to you. Besides rumor has it, its dangerous to piss off a girl with 20inch calves, who can squat like 400lbs with 26 inch legs.

AA34Jun 18 2012 8:40pm
Amy, A thousand words are worth any picture ... er ah! do i have that right?

ObservingJun 19 2012 1:09am
AA34,yea its best not to get me angry and it does take a lot to get me angry!But,when i do watch out! Like last summer,i was invited to my boyfriend's sisters home for a pool party for the first time and met her not so bright husband! and what i have learned from my boyfriend that doesn't like him very much!but,is nice to him when he is around his sister! and also learned the husband thinks we women are weak and couldn't match men in physical strength! So when i heard this i wasn't planning to do anything to him because of my boyfriend and his sister!Well he said something to me which was rude and i spent the next hour putting him in all kinds of scissors holds and i really punished him to the point i knocked him! so,like i said its never a good idea to get me made!

AmyJun 19 2012 9:38am
Observing,you have that right!

AmyJun 19 2012 10:03am
@ AMY, so how did the Hubby react to YOUR POWER? What about everyone else, how did they react???

AA34Jun 19 2012 10:20pm
Amy, You have painted a beautiful picture. Very graphic indeed. Beautiful

ObservingJun 20 2012 1:01am
AA34,i don't really know how my boyfriend's sisters husband reacted to punishing him? but, i heard my boyfriend's sister enjoyed it and her two teenage daughters did! They thought it was really cool a woman could do that to their father and how amazing my muscles and strength could look on a woman! and their father doesn't know i have been invited to their summer home at the seashore where they have their house! and its going to be this weekend! so,we will see what happens? i hope he behaves and not being rude to me or it will be a very long weekend for him! I have to tell you my boyfriend really enjoyed what i did to his brother-in-law and after what happen last time we had an incredible sex after that when we got home!I wonder what would happen if i trained my boyfriend's sister and daughters? it probably his worse night-mare!

AmyJun 20 2012 1:02pm
I'm a guy and I have to say that girls can definitely be stronger than men. In fact, pretty much all of the girls in one of my winter classes were bigger than me - granted, I'm a thin guy and these girls weren't all full-blown muscle, but they were still large, well-built women. I actually ended up comparing my arms with one of them. We were talking about weight, and when I told her I only weighed 132lbs she was surprised because I was taller than her(I'm 5'11) and she's only 5'7". She had expected me to be light because at my height you can't help but look slim at that weight, but not that light. But, sure enough, when I rolled up my sleeve to my elbow to expose one of my arms, she could see how small I was. That's when she put her arm next to mine and it was *a lot* bigger. Her wrist was almost as big around as my forearm. So then I pulled up my sleeve further to expose my bicep and she looked *really* surprised to see that her arm was so much bigger than a man's. My bicep was smaller than her forearm and her bicep, well, it was big. She told me she probably had arms bigger than me when she was 12 or 13 =P . It was fun.

MattJun 20 2012 3:12pm
@ AMY... oh yeah, can't wait to hear this!!!! The Power of Amy, behold!!!!!

AA34Jun 20 2012 10:00pm
Amy. I hope he has a loooonnnnngggggggg weekend. As for his wife and sisters, wellll, you just might end up with a nice job.

ObservingJun 21 2012 12:23am
Well, I don't know anything about Jenna, but I've experienced female strength a lot of times. First time was 5 years ago when I was 18. We were visiting my father's co-worker. He has a 17 years old daughter. We were hanging out in her room. I kicked one of her slippers under the couch by accident. The easiest way to get it back was to lift the front side of the couch and in the meantime the other one slides underneath and takes it. Or so I thought. Normally I as the man offered to lift it. I grabbed the bottom of the couch and tried to lift it enough for her slide under. But try as I might I could not budge it for more than 10 cm. She smiled at me and said that I let her try. I looked at her incredulous and moved back a little. She positioned herself and started to lift it. She held it up with apparent ease. I was dumbfounded by her display of strength and just stood there like a cat flashed by the carlight. I noticed her biceps bulging and veins popping under the strain. I was gazing at her arms for about 10 seconds while she held the couch upwards the whole time. She scolded and reminded me of my task. I quickly went for the slipper. She released the couch and looked at me with a proud look on her face. I was really impressed by how strong she was, apparently much stronger than me eventhough I had at least 15 kg on her. I complimented her, still under impression, and she took it well. She was enjoying the whole situation. She challenged me to armwrestle. I quickly accepted as I wanted to know how strong she really is. So we locked our arms and I put it all I had since the start. I couldn't budge her arm even a little. She smiled at me and teased me. I was all red and sweaty trying to move her arm just for a bit. She started to push after about 20 seconds and I couldn't do anything to stop her, not even stop her progress a little. She slamed my arm down easily. She flexed her right bicep and a pretty big peak rose from her slender, although sinewy, arm. I touched it and it was hard as stone. I was very aroused and my hard-on was clearly visible to her. We left the room and she showed me to the adjacent room. It was a home gym filled with different sets of weights and other equipment. She went to the bathroom. In the meantime, I was waiting for her in the gym room. She returned dressed in a short gym outfit. I was mesmerized by her physique. This girl was all pure, rock hard muscle from head to toe. She asked me to help her workout. It was incredible, she was lifting so heavy and intense. I was enjoying watching her sweating and lifting such weights that I couldn't even handle. When she finished she even flexed her pumped ripped body and I was in heaven. I've dated her for a couple of months. Since than I've always been into muscular girls. I've met a lot of strong muscle girls and let me tell you they are clearly the stronger sex.

AnonymousJun 21 2012 4:38am
I am Jennifer,i am 5'1 135 pounds,quads 23 inches,11 inch biceps can bench 225,squat 275,leg press 860 and can bicep curl 65 pounds.I am a former female bodybuilder thats taken up wrestling and have a great knowledge of wrestling power holds.and its a great turn on for me to have the males i wrestle begging and screaming to be released from my holds!

JenniferJun 21 2012 10:28am
You don't bench 225 with 11 inch biceps. Niki Fuller had 18 inch biceps at her peak and benched only 50lbs more.

AnonymousJun 21 2012 11:02am
Yes i bench 225 with 11 inch biceps!

JenniferJun 21 2012 11:17am
You don't bench 225 with 11 inch biceps. Niki Fuller had 18 inch biceps at her peak and benched only 50lbs more.

AnonymousJun 21 2012 11:27am
Anonymous.its obvious you don't know what you are talking about!but,then i couldn't care less if you believe me or not!and i know what i can do!

JenniferJun 21 2012 11:41am
AA34 and Observing,I have heard my boyfriend's nieces which are 12 and 13 are interested in me training them! but,don't know about his sister? And i would be very glad to train his daughters! Now that would be a trip! his daughters over powering him!

AmyJun 21 2012 1:09pm
@ AMY, yeah that would be a trip having his daughters overpower him. ~~~ But it would be more of a trip to experience your power and see IF you could overpower me ????? :):):)

AA34Jun 21 2012 10:13pm
@ JENNIFER. You got some crazy power too. And sure I'll take your word for it. If you say your lifts are true, I'll believe it. So you wrestle guys?? So you do sessions? How does a guy get the chance to wrestle YOU??

A34Jun 21 2012 10:21pm
Jennifer, I remember a few years ago watching Olympic weightlifting/womens'. I remember one young lady who was very thin looking, but very strong. I seem to remember her name a Goff and she was from, I think, Georgia, USA. I don't remember her weight nor how much she lifted. She just looked totally out of place for such competition, but oh what power in her thin body. Yes, to the unbelievers, there are some women out there who do not look the part but have tremendous strength.

ObservingJun 22 2012 12:55am
I meant to note that the thin girl won her weight division. The other winner from USA that year was huge. She actually looked fat, but she was also very powerful.

ObservingJun 22 2012 1:23am
AA34,you would be no match for me!as soon as i wrap my legs around you its over because you don't get out unless i let you!and i will make you scream in pain and beg for mercy from me squeezing with unbelievable tremendous pressure! It will be like a python snake squeezing you! or i might use my legs to spread your legs apart in a grapevine and decided to see how flexible you are?

AmyJun 22 2012 10:36am
@ AMY... oh come on Amy... are you sure about all that? What about LIFTS, how do you like to lift these guys??? But the way you love your power, its intoxicating for you and for me :)

AA34Jun 23 2012 9:37am
AA34,yea,i am sure you won't be no match for me! and yes i have lifted males! i do that to my boyfriend all the time! which he loves!and i could probably have screaming for mercy from me squeezing you lift my legs in scissors! and i could knock you out with out really trying!

AmyJun 23 2012 10:02am
@ AMY... < i could probably have screaming for mercy from me squeezing you lift my legs in scissors! > How do you lift me like that??? I guess I'm just not seeing what you mean... so how do you lift a guy like that?

AA34Jun 23 2012 2:44pm
AA34,it should say squeezing you with my legs in a scissors hold and knocking you out! yea,it would be fun getting you in my reverse head scissors with your face buried into my ass and my squeezing you in and out of consciousness and finally knocking you out because you would see or feel the tremendous power i have in them! hack my thighs would swallow up your head!

AmyJun 23 2012 3:04pm
@ AMY... how turned on by all this do you get when you feel your power surging in your body and feeling yourself overpower men????

AA34Jun 23 2012 3:13pm
AA34,i get turn on by a lot from using my body over powering men! and i doubt there isn't a girl like me that won't!

amyJun 23 2012 6:27pm
AA34,what happen to your poll? you should start another one!

AmyJun 23 2012 6:29pm
@ AMY... WAS your BF the first guy you had a sexual relationship that you used your great physical power on? Or have you always been stronger then your BF's and always showed them?? WHEN did you discover that you were stronger and LOVED it? And when and how did you realize you got so turned on by overpowering men, be it with your legs or lifting them????

AA34Jun 23 2012 7:39pm
@AA34 Hey dude, you sound like alotta fun : ) I reckon we would get on real good - email me -

ElenaJun 17 2013 2:38pm
where u from amy; i'm from canada, do u lift men too; i'm 5f6 and 180 pounds; am i good match 4 u

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