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beated up

Question: My dream is it that a young girl beat up an adult male. Do you have the same fantasy?Are their menbers who did witness such a fight and who did win? Please post your story or fantasy.
Created by: gethewil82 at 05:54:27 AM, Thursday, June 21, 2012 PDT


Well,in the neighbourhood there was an attempt for rape of teenage girl by two masked men in their forties,who was caught on spot.Girl managed to fight them off after long struggle and scuffle inside house garage.She must be obviously very,very strong as two men couldn't overpower her.

AnonymousJun 21 2012 3:36pm

This not fantasy but fact! i am a very strong and muscular girl of 17 whom is bigger and stronger than members of my stepfamily who has no problem over powering them and manhandling them!

a very strong teenage girlJun 22 2012 1:24pm
Can you lift an adult male over your head ?

gethewilJun 22 2012 4:14pm
I am 220 lbs, could you lift me overhead, very strong teenage girl?

AnonymousJun 22 2012 4:15pm
I am 5'11 195 pounds of muscle! I have 16 inch arms,25 inch thighs and a 40 inch chest! i can bench 225 squat 350 and leg press 700 pounds! and i am 18 years old! and yes i can lift your 220 pounds over head! i am that strong! I have lifted my older stepbrother over head and he weighs close to 220!

a very strong teenage girlJun 22 2012 6:20pm
but u said you were 17

RockwaveJun 23 2012 1:54am
Do you think a younger girl could dominate a muscled boy like Zac efron in a wrestle? If so what age and how much bigger her muscles than his?

TonyJun 23 2012 7:00am
Rockwave,are you talking to me when you said i was 17?

a very strong teenage girlJun 23 2012 8:09am
Well very strong teenage girl. If you can lift me , at 220lbs, over your head you must be unbelievable strong. If you are 17 or 18 doasn't matter. Strong is strong and you seem to be very stroong.

AnonymousJun 23 2012 10:28am
Anonymous,there are plenty of girls like me these days that can over power men like you! men today are to lazy to go to a gym or health club and us girls are going to the gym and lifting weights! and while you men are getting weak we girls are getting bigger and stronger!

a very strong teenage girlJun 23 2012 10:48am
I agree, but I am a lazy old man and don't go to the gym because I am already 60 years old.But I love to hear stories about girls who are stronger then adult males. I consider girls as the stronger sex.I hate it that some man think that all men are stronger then all females. But as you said , there are nowadays more females going to the gym as males do. Girls are closing the gap with boys rapidly because most boys only play on their computers.

AnonymousJun 23 2012 12:15pm
Anonymous,there are even much older women your age that i have seen at my gym lifting just as heavy as as young girls like me to where there they are stronger than the younger men that work out!

a very strong teenage girlJun 23 2012 12:37pm
Okay, but as I told you .I am a male so I am lazy too.

AnonymousJun 23 2012 12:57pm
Anonymous, doesn't make you embarrassed and humilated that we younger girls are pound for pound stronger than you?

a very strong teenage girlJun 23 2012 2:21pm
No I don't mind it at all.It's how it is, you can't change it.If young girls are stronger then I am , that's okay with me.I am not that kind of male who thinks that males are the stronger sex. I know that some young girls are really strong.

AnonymousJun 23 2012 4:34pm
No I don't mind it at all.It's how it is, you can't change it.If young girls are stronger then I am , that's okay with me.I am not that kind of male who thinks that males are the stronger sex. I know that some young girls are really strong.

AnonymousJun 23 2012 4:40pm
My experience goes like this: I'm 17 and theres this guy in our neighborhood whos so far up himself I swear he could see what he had for breakfast. Yesterday! Hes an ass and I dunno why some in our group bother with him, hes 22, needs to grow up and get some friends his own age cos we're all 17, 16 and 14. The 14 yearold - Emma hates this guy (Dale) and shes straight up and in his face about how much of a c*ck he is all the time. She doesnt have patience for him at all, but shes generally the one who verbalises it and he doesnt like her much for it. Emma's hell cute with a rockin body, she works out and I've felt her muscle. Shes strong for a 14yearold girl and sexy! A few months ago she was wild with Dale to the point she was in tears. Every time she got into a verbal with Dale I so wanted so badly to see her waste him so I took my chance here and encouraged her to challenge him to a wrestling match and loser has to do what the winner tells them. At first she was like "yeah I wish" she was sayin how she really wanted to punch him but she didnt think she'd be able to beat him in a physical fight. Thing is I've armwrestled both of them and I knew Emma was stronger and Natalie who works out with Emma and gets it on with Dale said herself that although Dale has a muscle body all the girls love, his biceps are soft and she kicks his ass lol. Anyhow I encouraged Emma to do it and talked her up, she got serious about it, amped up her work outs and whipped his ass infront of everyone. It was so hot to watch too, seeing her muscles all tense and bulge while she put him in submission holds lol

KalanJun 24 2012 4:44am
Kalan thanks for coming in. Tell us the details of the match between those two. About their height and weight. The length of time for the whole match. How did it finally get started. And what where their attitudes and emotional reactions before and after the match.

DaveJun 24 2012 7:04am
Hey Kalan, could she lift him over her head? How did she beat him up?

AnonymousJun 24 2012 9:11am
a very strong teenage girl. yes i was talking to you

RockwaveJun 24 2012 10:50am
Dave, the match between Dale and Emma was pretty one sided, nothing Dale tried was gonna work. I'd taught Emma a bunch of wrestling moves i.e. full nelson, school girl pin, camel clutch, body and head scissors and figure four. She'd had a bit of time to practice them and I tell ya what, she hurts!!! Shes gotten way stockier too which looks great! Emma's 158lbs and 5'6 and Dale would be around 185lbs and he's same height as me so 6'0. Emma drew the match out to around 20mins I think, something around that, no more than half an hour. Match was organized for a Saturday morning in our basement, Dale was a dumbass, he was more than happy to wrestle around with sexy Emma and he was pretty c*cky about it which lead to a lot of trash talk from both sides. I mean not only did she really make a show of it physically, but verbally it was funny as hell too, at the start by the both of them then for 90% of it it was just her giving him sh*t and him gasping and cursing etc. He was pretty pissed off by the end of it and full of dumb excuses, I don't even think he was fully convinced of haha. She was elated, very happy with herself and told him she'll think about what shes gonna make him do as per the agreement but he can start by treating her with respect and everyone else he usually criticizes and trash talks. She hasn't lifted him over head yet.

KalanJun 25 2012 9:15pm
How do their muscles compare ? Does he bodybuild? Or is he a weak boy she is fighting?

RamonJun 27 2012 7:54am
Hell no he doesnt body build, doesnt even work out. Emma's muscles are 11inches flexed, his would be 12 and a half at best. Her biceps, like her abs, back and leg muscles are very very hard.

KalanJun 27 2012 12:43pm
So he a weak un muscular boy. How would she do vs a true muscle boy, vs Zac efron for example ?

RamonJun 27 2012 2:06pm
Thanks Kalan... Has Emma or Dale ever thought about a rematch? And what is Natalie's athletic background and how do you think she stacks up against Dale?

DaveJun 27 2012 2:08pm
Nah Dale has muscle but compared with Emma's they're soft and have less definition. They armwrestled the other day and I was with them. Emma flexed up and made Dale and I feel how hard it was then made Dale flex and told me to compare how hard they felt. Emmas was alot harder. Her biceps are now nearly 12 inches. Both of them after the fight hit the weights and worked out alot but Dale's muckin around and hasnt focused on it as much as Emma, now hes playin catch up and he's losing lol! Natalie is 16 and a gymnast so shes stocky and strong. Natalie's stronger than Dale and Emma put together, she can beat me at wrestling.

KalanJul 02 2012 9:50pm
Kalan what is your athlectic background? And would you share details of your match with Emma?

DaleJul 03 2012 8:04pm
Excuse me Kalan I mean't Natalie?

DaleJul 04 2012 6:26am
Natalies real cool! We've been good friends since we were little, shes a year younger than me, rock climber, rower, mountain biker and does surfing and snow boarding with me. My athletic back ground is surfing, mountain biking and snow boarding, I also do weights. Natalie and I were each others first and we've had half a dozen one night stands in the last 12 years. Shes very very strong in upper body and loves to show it off by pinning her opponants down flat on the ground. She makes short work of me waiting for me to tire out then bends me in half, scissors me and loves her full nelsons.

KalanJul 04 2012 8:17pm
You sound like you really enjoy Emma's and Natalie's strength and muscles. Sounds like you might be hot for Emma :P

NavaraJul 05 2012 1:09pm
When I was 21 I got wasted at my birthday party. (just like the previous three years) so my c*cky drunk ass tries go grab a feel of my little step sister's big tits. Apparently my mom was prepared and video taped the ensuing events. my sister was just 15 and she has a fit lean body but I didn't think she was very strong. She saw what I was trying to do and grabbed my hands and pushed me to the ground. Then fairly easily she pinned my arms to the ground sat on them with her knees and slapped me 8-10 times. Then she flipped me onto my stomach put me in a full nelson wrapped her legs around my sides and squeezed to the point that I was screaming in pain. Afterwards she sat my limp body up and wrapped her legs around my head until I passed out. I've kept a healthy respect for her and her womanhood ever since.

TerryJul 05 2012 1:33pm
Terry, how long ago was that and did you have any other experiences?

BillJul 05 2012 2:59pm
Bill, I'm 30 years old now so 9 years ago. Yeah had an experience a few days after that. It was the first time I'd talked to her since that night, but I'd already seen the footage. She half-jokingly made fun of me and said stuff like "wanna try to grab my chest again?" and I quickly responded saying I was drunk and that's why she could beat me up so easily and that I could get a good long grab of her "little" breasts whenever I want to. She grabbed my head in a rear headlock and whipped me to the ground. Then put me in another full nelson/ body scissor until I yelled out that she stronger than me. She once again followed that with a head scissor but wouldn't let me pass out this time. She picked me up then wrestled me down and pinned me flat. She mocked me again then picked my head up and pressed it extremely firmly against her huge breasts. She said "Yeah? How small do my breasts feel when they're suffocating you?" she threw me against the ground and my head hid hard I was dazed but I saw her flex her biceps while she sat on top of me, they were pretty huge considering uflexed they looked like any other skinny girls arms. She hasn't spoken to me about either incident since but I did learn that she works out quite frequently.

TerryJul 05 2012 3:30pm
Wow do you know what she lifts or how big her arms actually are?

BillJul 05 2012 3:32pm
Sorry, I don't know either of those and I'm scared pooless to ask

TerryJul 05 2012 3:39pm
Sh,it man! She wasted you twice! Did you get turned on my your step sister when she was kickin your ass, breast smotherin and flexin?

NavaraJul 05 2012 9:46pm
Yeah it was pretty hot the second time but I can't remember the first but considering I tried to grab her breasts I was probably turned before I got my ass kicked.

TerryJul 06 2012 6:39am
very strong teenage girl. Did you ever lift a man or a woman in a military press overhead ?

mikeOct 28 2012 7:28am
Re beat up, and young-old ...... Maybe this is legit. I was in one of those truckstop - topless places one night. They don't call those places "Fantasy Bars" for nothing. I wound up with some tall, solid looking girl, 5'8, my height, outweighed me by maybe twenty pounds, with a nice hourglass figure and unbelievable legs. Like a Rockette with some extra -- 25-inch thighs. She looked in her mid 30s. I was 40. I wasn't impressed with her arms. We wrestled as a start. In maybe three seconds I'm on my back and those big knees are pinning my shoulders solid ....... We legwrestled then, on our back style. I had NO chance against those big curves ....... I asked for a bodyscissors, face-to-face. This gal wrenched out the worst noises of submission ever forced out of me ..... We armwrestled. Despite not being espeically big there, she pinned my knuckles in a slow but frustratingly steady display. Wow! ..... One last request was for a neckscissor, with me facing her knees and calves. She must have known the incredible power her upper legs could grip with because she got me to squirming level only and just held it there -- just below submission. I stupidly tried to swallow and wound up coughing instead. Her thighs had pushed my throat almost all the way shut from the sides. She let me go. I had a sore throat for a few days and pink marks under both ears from where the pressure of her thighs had been doing the damage. Wow, could this gal do it all! What limbs she had! ...... I don't know if there is any more convincing way to being beat-up and not wind up in hospital.

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There is a "fantasy showbar" in South Jersey I have gone to a few times. One of the girls (maybe the supervisor) I asked if she was available for a private room session. She went about 5'6, 5'9 in heels, and it would be impossible to fit more or bigger leg curves on a girl with a waist as trim as hers. Incredibly voluptuous ...... It was mostly talk and measurements plus some Indian-wrestling. She brought along a buddy. I guess that's the rule ...... I felt out a few delicious legscissors of hers (I think she took it easy on me, since she packed 25 1/4-inch thighs). And then I noticed her arms. They had been overshadowed by her incredible leg curves. Her arms were not real toned, but at 12 inches they were 3/4 inch thicker around than mine. She did not have the good side of the bench in the small room for leverage when we armwrestled. But she won! With little leverage compared to mine, she still put on the strongest surge I ever felt from an opponent. In maybe ten seconds one pull had me halfway down and then she went into "resist" mode to hold me. I couldn't get a fraction of an inch back. I pulled away when she re-loaded and drove me almost to the benchtop. Lovely girl, too! Envision a voluptuous 5'6 1/2 or so Olivia Newton-John ..... I cannot comprehend how I would have approached this gorgeous girl in a wrestling match. I'd either be flat on my back or croaking out an "Uncle" to one of her legscissors. She did say that she used to wrestle at a club (for-real) and a few of the girls had got hurt. So they staged the bouts after that. Those girls probably got hurt by HER.

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