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Question: Gg
Created by: Martianwolf66 at 07:45:21 AM, Friday, June 29, 2012 PDT


I are bored

Martianwolf66Jun 29 2012 2:46pm


KaitlynFeb 20 2014 6:34pm
Hi :)

TobbyFeb 20 2014 6:37pm
sorry i had my concert lol :)

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 6:44pm
sooo i showed ur pic to my friends emily ross and emily cross lol.....

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 6:50pm
Emily cross laughed and was like thats Tobby?!!......Then Emily Ross as like WTF u have a guy like thet...HOW!!! TUMBLER BOY

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 6:57pm
Lol xD

TobbyFeb 20 2014 7:05pm
i was like HA i feel special im dating a tumbler boy ;) and apparently guys on tumbler r hott XD idek what a tumbler boy is lol

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 7:12pm
Lol xD i dont either... But okay!

TobbyFeb 20 2014 7:13pm
um lol i still feel like u and lucas r the same

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 7:13pm
I mean i do kinda, so thats a good thing they think that *hugs u* i wanted to punch justin soo bad at the concert!!! cuz the way we were standing when we went to sit down he was behind me and kept messing with my hair and poking me wtf creeper he makes me pissed and annoyed

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 7:16pm
Lol. You shoulda beat him up! Haha xD

TobbyFeb 20 2014 7:17pm
nahh hes cool XD not like u know tho that lol hes in 7th grade thts y

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 7:19pm
i want to beat him up XD

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 7:22pm
My head huwrts :( it was all the lights in the auditorium.... im soo tired now lol

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 7:25pm
Awwwe *hugs you tight* you should go rest baby

TobbyFeb 20 2014 7:27pm
aww * hugs you close, kisses ur cheek*

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 7:30pm
Im not tired i havent done anything all day x3

TobbyFeb 20 2014 7:31pm
0o0 lucky bitch lol my feet hurt

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 7:32pm
Awww x3 *rubs your feet* lol xP

TobbyFeb 20 2014 7:35pm
haha ur 2 sweet, 2 be, 4gotten, im gonna go to sleep cuz im fallin asleep like now lol night luv u bunches

KaitlynFeb 20 2014 7:37pm
Luv you too <3 goodnight :) *kisses your forehead*

TobbyFeb 20 2014 7:39pm
*kisse u* night haha oknim gone now

Kaitlyn -gone-Feb 20 2014 7:40pm
hey u there Tobby :3

KaitlynFeb 21 2014 4:22pm
wtf it was later than 7 when we were on last night..its was 9

KaitlynFeb 21 2014 4:24pm

KaitlynFeb 21 2014 5:39pm

KaitlynFeb 21 2014 6:27pm
Sowwy ó.ò

TobbyFeb 21 2014 8:41pm
Hiiii x3

TobbyFeb 22 2014 5:02pm
I got my dress!!!!

KaitlynFeb 23 2014 3:23pm
tobby lol

KaitlynFeb 23 2014 4:04pm
I <3 you ;0

KaitlynFeb 23 2014 5:41pm
Omg! Send me a pic of which one you got!

TobbyFeb 23 2014 8:05pm
Uhm... Kaitlyn you there? :/

TobbyFeb 24 2014 7:37pm
sorry... im late

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 6:40pm
:'( Y do i have to be soo in 8th grade,i dont needsomeone to make sure i get my homework done!!!

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 6:42pm
sorry :/

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:01pm

TobbyFeb 25 2014 7:14pm sorry i wasjust soo pissed

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:20pm
Its okay :) Ill remind you >:)

TobbyFeb 25 2014 7:28pm
remind me wat??

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:32pm
You confuse me sometimes :P

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:35pm
To do your homework! Then ill make you do it >:)

TobbyFeb 25 2014 7:35pm butno...i men i have a 7th grader helping me keep on track!!!! just because he is in a higher level math class!!!! da fauq lol

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:37pm
Oh :3 well thats okay :) As long as you get it done! Your not dumb :P

TobbyFeb 25 2014 7:40pm
lol im mad lol its stupid...

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:41pm
im watching a movie a horse movie and a cowboy in it is named Tobby lol.... and he is a horse trainer kinda

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:43pm
Lol xP

TobbyFeb 25 2014 7:47pm
I bet you wish i was him :(

TobbyFeb 25 2014 7:47pm

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:52pm

TFeb 25 2014 7:54pm
No i dont hes old and ugly 0-0

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:54pm
thet comment 'ikr' was 4 ur lol haha

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:54pm
XD *kisses you* i love you babe

TobbyFeb 25 2014 7:56pm
Hi there! -hugs kaitlyn-

JadenFeb 25 2014 7:56pm
*kisses u* i love u more

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:57pm
wtf lol... who r u

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:57pm
Who's jaden?

TobbyFeb 25 2014 7:59pm
idk thts why I asked....

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 7:59pm
Do you two sext? -blushes-

JadenFeb 25 2014 8:00pm
who are you!!!! -.-

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 8:01pm

TobbyFeb 25 2014 8:01pm
Please just answer my questions :)

JadenFeb 25 2014 8:01pm
no untill u answer ours....who r u

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 8:02pm
My names jaden, im 16, female, live in southern california.... Im white, straight brown hair, brown eyes, 5'4. What else do you want to know sweetie?

JadenFeb 25 2014 8:04pm
how did u get here...... itskinda weird...u just show up i dont even know u

KaitlnFeb 25 2014 8:05pm
Idk you either 0.0

TobbyFeb 25 2014 8:06pm
I started at the bottom poll and went up seeing if anyone was on them :) answer my question please :)

JadenFeb 25 2014 8:07pm
Uhm.... Kaitlyn you answer .o.

TobbyFeb 25 2014 8:09pm
um no we dont...

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 8:09pm
Does your relationship ever get boring or dull. Keep in mind its perfectly natural in online relationships :)

JadenFeb 25 2014 8:10pm
-.- im not a slut and i dont fwel comfortable sexting

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 8:15pm
we have b4

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 8:16pm
i'll brb gotta take a shower...

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 8:23pm
helo? u left me tobby

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 8:53pm
wtf -.- i have aslight feeling...

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 8:57pm
urgh night tobby....

KaitlynFeb 25 2014 9:10pm
K i might be a bitch now...but i have a reason to be upset...MY BEST FRIEND IS DYING

KaitlynFeb 26 2014 4:32pm
Hey :3

TFeb 27 2014 7:03pm
im sorry..i got rlly sick and was up half the night thur. and fri.

KaitlynMar 01 2014 8:31am
Oh... Its okay *hugs you* hope you feel better

TMar 01 2014 9:02am
I do :P *hugs u* but im soo embaraced... from the dance...

KaitlynMar 01 2014 6:36pm

TMar 02 2014 6:38am

KMar 02 2014 7:03am
Rawr :33

T-Bear Mar 02 2014 7:31am
lol :P sorry I have been busy all day first i had church then I went out to eat with friends, then i have been with King all day after tht:/

KaitlynMar 02 2014 10:36am
hey :3

KaitlynMar 04 2014 6:36pm
Hey :3

TobbyMar 05 2014 7:52am
heya wats up babe :)

KaitlynMar 05 2014 6:22pm
Hey kaitlyn :)

TobbyMar 06 2014 5:24pm

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