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Girls, have you ever seen your brother's penis?

Question: Under what circumstances did you see your brother's penis? How old were you? Him?
Created by: SunAndMoon at 04:33:32 PM, Thursday, July 12, 2012 PDT


I've seen my step brother's. When I was 13 or 14 and he was 15 or 16, we were hanging out in the basement, watching t.v. We were playing around, throwing things at each other. I took an ice cube out of my drink and dropped it down his shirt. He screamed from the cold and threw it at me. I grabbed it and this time walked over nonchalantly dropped it down his shorts. He had this embarassed grin on his face. I looked down and saw a bulge. In the heat of the moment, I told him I wanted to see what it looked like. He was a more embarassed and tried to ignore me. I persisted and told him again that I wanted to see it. I jumped up, sat on his chest and put my hand on the bulge. HIs resistance diminished. I whispered that I wouldn't tell anyone and that I just wanted to know what it looked like. He nodde okay. I pulled his shorts down, reached in his underwear and touched it. It felt so hard. I took it out and stared at it, mesmerized by its shape, size and hardness. I kind of played with it and told him it was my "toy." We were interrupted by my mother when she called downstairs, so he pulled his shorts back up. About a week later, we were alone again watching t.v. and feeling a little curious again, I told my stepbrother that I wanted to play with "my toy" again. He was a little shy but relented. I took the initiative again and opened his pants, reached in and tokk it out. I really enjoyed controlling his thing in my hands. I had some licorice whip. I took a piece and wrapped it around his thing and did some more fondling. He had a glazed look in his eyes. I then took a pen. He asked what I was doing. I told him, it was my secret. I proceeded to write "Jen's Toy" on it. I let him see. He protested and had that silly grin on his face. I played with it some more and all of a sudden, he spurted right in my hand. I pumped him dry and closed his shorts. I did that to him a few more times. I found that I could easily control my stepbrother.

JenJul 12 2012 11:38pm

I'm 14, and my brother is 18. A couple of months ago, I was walking around in the house in just my underwear, and I was feeling really horny. I caught my brother staring at my ass, and that turned me on. I walked over to him, and put his hands on my boobs, he seemed totally paralized, and didn't do anything, then I pulled off his sweatpants and his underwear, but I was really disappointed to see that it was the saddest ugliest little penis I have ever seen. I couldn't keep myself from laughing at it, and I said "eww, I would never even touch that c*ck, seriously, a 5 year old boy could give me more pleasure than you" then I just walked away, and he's been trying to avoid me as much as possible since then.

AshleyJul 26 2012 11:31pm
Where do I send my pic.

AnonymousJul 30 2012 7:35pm
I saw my older brother's penis. I probably saw it when I was small, but didn't think about it until I was about 11 or 12 and he was 14 or 15. One day my curiosity got the better of me and I asked him if I can see his penis. he looked at me a little surprised and said no. I asked again and told him I just want to see what it looks like; that I wouldn't tell anyone else, etc (I guess I lied). Evenetually, he said okay, so i went up to him and started to pull at his shorts. He stood up and said he would tkae care of it. He pulled his shorts and thenm his underwear down. When I saw it, I was a little mesmerized. It looked so nice. It actually started to grow a little. I reached my hand out and he asked what I was doing. I told him I just wanted to touch it. He said he didn't think I should, but I did it anyway. It felt so funny, but so nice and sensual, all at once. I couldn't help myself. I kept touching and fondling it. I felt as if I couldn't stop. I touched and fondled it and he got this glazed look in his eyes. He said "No! I'm 'gonna' . . ." and then it happened. Before I knew what was happening, it was squirting on my head, the floor, my arm and my hands. He just looked at me all embarassed and apologetic. He pulled up his shorts and went in his room. He didn't talk to me the rest of the day. We eventualy talked again and I actually saw it again. Wheneever I would get a little horny and curious, I knew my brother's penis would be there for me to touch.

DawnJul 31 2012 5:51am
I learned all about boys' bodies from my younger brother. When he was 5 or 6, My mother started to pull down his pants and fondle him, "just to make sure he's growing properly." This became a regular ritual. I loved knowing that I could touch it and make it get hard just about any time

AnonymousAug 07 2012 9:22pm
When I was 10 and my brother was 9 I was curious. We started playing truth or dare (I started it)and after I got him comfortable with it, I popped the question.He didn't get why it was wrong so he did it.I rubbed him until it got to the measly 2 inches. I kept on going until it stopped throbbing... I guess 9 was too young. Im 14 now and we tried it again.I couln't believe the size! It went from the two erect inches to 8 erect! I rubbed until it got on my hands. I licked it and decided it was good. We have been doing it daily now.

RoxanneAug 30 2012 5:16pm
i see my small brother's penis several time when my he need to change cloth. one time that my mother go out i dare my small brother and suck and eat his penis he is laughing when i do it.he had 3 years old that days

elnazSep 28 2012 2:05pm
i never saw it he was cutting his pubic hair with some scissors because he was bored.but when i went in his room he put the scissors down and pulled up his pants really fast.he said whoa! i asked what he was dong and he said nothing nervously. i left out of hiis room after that and he was relieved too. that was when i was 9 and he was 15. now i am 12 and he is 18.

carriegoodlookingOct 31 2012 8:16pm
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lea eatonNov 01 2012 6:45am
i saw it when i was 5. i was so bored and my bro was watching tv. i asked if he wanted to play a game. he said no and i gave him the puppy dog look. he finally gave in and i told him we were going to play tag. he agreed. when i got tagged he ran around the room. i tackled him to the ground. i was on top of him. he started to get all embarressed. i looked down and saw a bulge. i asked him if i could see. he said no. i gave him the puppy dog look. he didn't give in. i gave him the crying look and he gave in. i pulled down his pants and out came his dick. it was so hard and thick. i grabbed it and he moaned. i got curious and rubbed up and down. he moaned louder and told me to keep going. i did. some precum came out and i wanted to see what it tasted like. so i sucked on his dick and he moaned even louder. he came and his cum went in my mouth. it was salty but it tasted good. i took his ddick out of my mouth and asked if we could do it again everyday. he said yes and went upstairs to get a snack. by the way he was 13.

cutiepieNov 10 2012 10:43am
i saw it when i was 5. i was so bored and my bro was watching tv. i asked if he wanted to play a game. he said no and i gave him the puppy dog look. he finally gave in and i told him we were going to play tag. he agreed. when i got tagged he ran around the room. i tackled him to the ground. i was on top of him. he started to get all embarressed. i looked down and saw a bulge. i asked him if i could see. he said no. i gave him the puppy dog look. he didn't give in. i gave him the crying look and he gave in. i pulled down his pants and out came his dick. it was so hard and thick. i grabbed it and he moaned. i got curious and rubbed up and down. he moaned louder and told me to keep going. i did. some precum came out and i wanted to see what it tasted like. so i sucked on his dick and he moaned even louder. he came and his cum went in my mouth. it was salty but it tasted good. i took his dick out of my mouth and asked if we could do it again everyday. he said yes and went upstairs to get a snack. by the way he was 13.

cutiepieNov 10 2012 10:48am
i saw my brother masturbating when i was 7.

cupcakeNov 12 2012 9:38pm
i had sex with my twin bro when i was 16.i was extremely horny that if you touched my pussy i would cum instantly.anyways my bro was masturbating.i opened the door slightly and i saw him.i saw him and i looked down and saw his was thick and big.i heard my name and i got scared because i thought he saw me.he moaned my name and i got really wet. i walked in and my brother opened his eyes.he got really embarressed but then he saw the look in my eyes and he could tell that i was filled with lust. he looked down and saw a wet spot on my pants.i took my clothes off and started to make out with him. he gave in and made out with me.i started to suck his dick and he came.he started to eat me out.i screamed so loud and came. we then started to have sex. when we were done i was smoking a cigarette.just kidding!!!i was smoking a carrot though.i told him it was some good damn sex and that we could do it everyday. he agreed.we did it again a half hour ago.oh yeah he was 16 also.i live with him.

sexy candy girlNov 25 2012 1:44pm
I had many orgasm, it was a hot one, yes, indeed. I was only 16. He was 25. Best day of life. So happy that days.

MissyDec 11 2012 11:34am
i am 13 years old and my cousin is 14 years old.One day when he was sleeping in his bed room i thought to play with him but he was sleeping.I was curious about his penis,so i went near to his penis.It was about 4 inch.Then i touch his penis.Then i suck and lick his penis.But he was sleeping so he don't know anything.I also capture photos and shown him later when he wake up.When he show it he was very shy.

MagretDec 12 2012 1:07am
i am 13 and i saw my 12 year old brothers dick it was only like 2 inches i cant believe how small it is i saw bigger when i was eleven.

AnonymousDec 12 2012 5:13pm
Yea I hve seen my older brother penis many times. The first one was when I walked in on him while he was peeing (the door was not locked). I was around 7 yo and he was 16. I was kind of embarrased, I had never seen a penis before. Other times I saw it bcause of some other accidents and "no accidents" at home or during trips

BettyDec 17 2012 11:21pm
I saw my older brother penis. He was 15. Every time, when he wanted to pee. He have a habit of not locking the door. So one day, I went to his room and saw he was not around but the bathroom door was slightly opened. So I open it and saw him shaving his armpit hair. He was wearing Boxers. So He was shocked. He then grabbed my hand to his penis (It was not hard at that moment.) I was shocked. He then laid down on his bed, and pulled it out. He stroked it up and down and the penis got harden, He then told me to play with it like my own dolls. So I played with it. Then he said treat like a ice-cream but don't bite it. So i put it in the mouth and suck it like a ice-cream. He was just relax and said "Oh yeah! f*ck it!" Even now, I'm 13 and he is 17. He just keep wanting me to play with it every single week.

AnonymousDec 24 2012 6:52pm
I was 15 my brother was 20. I was ironing his clothes while he was bathing on his rum. I went 2 deliver his clothes I found him nicked his penis was big & long.

AyabongaDec 30 2012 8:16pm
I saw my brothers penis when I was 5, he was 15. And I asked him if we could play tickle monster, I got ontop of him and he went all embarrassed because I was sitting on his crotch and then I felt something hard under me so I reached under and tried to grab it, but my brother just moaned loudly. I giggled thinking it was a game so I carried on, then he pulled down his pants revealing his huge penis. I bent down to look at it but then my bro shoved it into my mouth and moaned SO loud so I sucked it like no tomorrow! We used to do it every day until he moved away to a different country...

AriaJan 04 2013 4:02pm
It's my toy now x

JennaJan 04 2013 4:03pm
Woaah all these stories are full of incest it grosses me out, I bet more than have of them are lies. Well Im 18 and my little brother is 8 I have seen and I obviously changed his diapers hes annoyinh he goes around all of us pulling his pants down! Its funny though!

MirandaXOJan 04 2013 9:55pm
About 7 minutes ago I started to hump my brother. Then I used my foot to stroke it. Next I got it with my hand and jerked it off and I finally took it out. The tip was really soft and the rest hard as hell and I put cream on it. I wanted to suck it but didn't know how he would react. I'm 10 he's 17.

IsabellaJan 05 2013 9:34pm
I f*cked with my cousin

MonaJan 06 2013 5:09am
My c*ck goes deep in my sister everyday. Started 2 years ago when i intentionally got her to come in my room while using my fleshlight. So the day she came in on me she looked right at my penis. She comes closer and grips my toy and starts slamming it up and down. Not minutes go by i have her clothes off eating her out. When she got wet i slid every 7 1/2 inches in her. I love giving her multiple orgasms till she cant walk btw. Now its a everyday thing. Shes 14 im 17. Ill never forget how tight my sister was

mikeJan 08 2013 1:07am
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xxxJan 08 2013 3:48pm
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kingsizeJan 08 2013 3:55pm
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SaneJan 08 2013 10:14pm

zohaibJan 10 2013 4:15pm
ohhh poor me i dont have a brother>>>>> :(

lolly popJan 10 2013 6:54pm

hJan 11 2013 11:47am
I sore my 16 year old brothers when I was 12 I aka him what he was doing and said nothing but he was really but he was master bating then I went out and shut the door but I was spying on him and he was rubbing it then I went in and he sore me then I asked to touch it then said OK it was 12inches sitting sucking in it was salty and sweet juice and niceeeeeeee.The sat on it then really soon we were having porno and did it every day for 2hours

sexy beastJan 11 2013 12:00pm
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AnonymousJan 13 2013 8:59am
i had sex with my bro in the bathtub his dick was 8 inches long

slut masterJan 23 2013 7:50pm
Omg forreal dude i just dont get how yall could have sex and touch ya own brothers and sisters wow really dude man yall need help

rapgirl#1Jan 23 2013 8:20pm
this world is crazy

normal personJan 23 2013 8:43pm
I saw my bros wen i was 14 he was 15 it was kind of a acceident .i herd him moaning and got curius.when i went in his room i saw him playing with himself.he asked me if i wanted to touch it i said ok.we ended up in the bed!

Sexy lil lady Jan 26 2013 2:11pm
i spy on my bro when he is bathing or when changing his clothes penis is 12 day he saw me spying and told me to eat or touch him.he became hard. He told me to lay on my 4 legs and put his thick c*ck in my hole

mJan 27 2013 10:10am
i was 13 and my sister was 16 and she would tie me up and pull my pants down and she sat on my dick and it was hard 7 inches and she was nakid and she sucked it and we did it evry day

braden fahrnerJan 28 2013 9:05pm
Hi i tanuja i first suck c*ck of bro at age of 20........

tanujaFeb 01 2013 12:04pm

AnonymousFeb 02 2013 5:41pm
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PeopleFeb 02 2013 7:03pm
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AnonymousFeb 04 2013 11:54am

AnonymousFeb 04 2013 11:54am
I saw my sepbrother dick i was 10 old he was 14 old one day i was walking pass he bedroom i could haer noie. so i look in he bedroon he was on bed in schoolunifrom pay with he 7 half in dick it look big 5 mins he cum over he.unifrom so whan he hove bath. i got he underwear and lick all cum off tham that night he tell me. i saw u licking cum. off my underwear. with he 7 half dick it look big. i could not stop looking at it. Cc. bout 5 nins he cum ovre he unufron and he underwear whan he take tham off he. hove bath. whan he was in bathroom i got he unerwar and lick all cum off

bob Feb 04 2013 12:21pm
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UFeb 07 2013 3:35pm
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TomFeb 07 2013 11:53pm
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Bitch riderFeb 08 2013 5:19am
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strangerFeb 15 2013 12:17am
What the hell, I want an older brother now.

AnonymousFeb 15 2013 7:06am
one day my bro who was 16 was bathing.he came out without any towel and seen me and when i stare at his penis it got hard and long .then i sucked it .after that day we have sex every day.his sperm is awesome .his penis is 8 inch .that time i was 15.

susanFeb 18 2013 3:13am
I walked in on my brother feeling his penis three weeks ago btw I'm 12 he's 13 I told him he was sick and he told me I could feel it and I threw a pillow at him. Now we pretend like that day never happend

miaFeb 18 2013 11:12am
I was taking a shower and my bro came in i was like get out so he was really horny so he said f*ck me bitch i said y he said just do it so i did his dick was 9 in i humped hard on it that felt good we have sex everyday btw im 15 hes 16 we use condoms. Yesterday we were home alone so i said u ready he was confused i told him we was gonna f*ck so he said ok then we got naked my boobs are big so he like sucked on my nipples then i slapped his c*ck and shoved it in my mouth then I got on it and humped on it really hard I SCREAMED so loud my neighbors dpg started to bark so we kept on and i felt so wet !!!! He then squirted in me and sucked my pussy. Today we were both horny and we just couldnt stop we bout to do it in a while once my parents leave but we do it 5 times a day it feels so good i just want to hump on it now it so hard we get naked and just f*ck till we cant f*ck no more ugh ugh im getting horny!!! He putting it in now omg feels so UGH!!!

master bosdFeb 18 2013 3:41pm
my bro was sleeping and my parents were out.i was watching t.v and saw a man showing his dick.i went in my brother's room and removed the blanket.omg.i saw him in his boxers and nothing else on him.i woke him up and told him i wanted to touch his c*ck.he agreed.i started touching,licking,sucking his dick.he was 16 years old and his penis was 10 inches.when erection his c*ck is 13 inches.i was 12 years old.

penis loverFeb 20 2013 8:05am
I'm disgusted. Also, how are all these young boys have such huge d*cks? I am 24 and 4 inches at best

anonFeb 20 2013 10:32am
I was thinking the same thing. Except I'm 17 and I have a 5 incher on a good day

omysFeb 21 2013 3:07am
rly? 11 yr olds with 12 inch d*cks? thats probably not even possible im only 12 and its 3 inches on "saturdays"

GageFeb 21 2013 9:46pm
I just have a 9 inches penis

hanncoFeb 22 2013 12:17pm
I just have a 9 inches penis I am 12

hanncoFeb 22 2013 12:18pm

sfasfFeb 22 2013 6:04pm
i saw my brother penis. we were playing and mom said its time to shower, so we go to our badrooms and i get my underwear off and my brother see me naked, it was so enbarased because he so me my thingis like my boobs and laugh, so y act. i close the door and start to nake him, it was only her underwear so y take it from her thing and he try to cover his littla secret so i get force and get off here underwear. he was covering his thingi so y kick her balls and see for my first time a penis. he was crying covering her balls but i only laught. i take a foto of him, and i pass it to my best frieng.

hootieFeb 22 2013 8:28pm
Aww it made me horny ughhhh I just squirted

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I am 19yr.old young girl, and my viginal tube is tested by my boyfriend with his cut penis.His penis head is too big and colours is in fair, I love and like when I sucked and use to drink his cum. His penis is 99% straight,once a time when I strips my bra I put on his penis treated as hanger till I strip my undergarments, and saw that his penis bear the load of my bra. His penis too hard and strong at ntercourse time and after 2-3 round he always insist me once more.he always enjoyed watching my ee whether i the toilt or college garden or ifhe was having anadvanture pee in the above places,I knows that he like it therefore I spread my legs for their pleasure and see mypee hole and showers pressor.I like circumised penis because it is hard and looks nice in shape.

Km. Urvashi Saxena.Mar 01 2013 9:06am
Km.Ankeeta Taneja. i am young 19yrs. Punjabi girl and not virgin. I sucked ist time cut c*ck of my boyfriend.i am not sure that my mother do it with my father or not? but I certainly do with my boyfriend I really like to lick his neat and clean balss which is free from hairs,and suck and swallowas i can love it and I know it that most of the young college girls do it before sex, my all room mate have 2-3 boyfriend only for fun and pleasure but all love and like cut c*ck for oralsex, why some said that it is hard and strong and give full sexual pleasure on sex bed.

Km.Ankeeta Taneja, student BSc.2nd yr.Mar 01 2013 9:29am
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AnonymousMar 02 2013 4:52am
I f*cked Hillary Clinton once.

George BushMar 02 2013 4:54am
mum and dad go to wedding party on a saturday night, grandad maind me. i was five.grandad say i go to bed a little later if im good girl.we watch tv and then he say he going to loo for a wee. he take my hand i go with him and he pull big dick out and i take good look my hand reach out and hold it, he dont say no. we go back and look at tv, he still has dick out and say do you want a feel again. i say yes and put my fingers on it, he take clothes off and show me dick and balls hand going up and down, he say kiss it i do he say suck so i suck and play with it grandad says its nice. his body go hard and his white stuff shoot out on to my face it keep going. grandad say dont tell and we do again, i say ok and we do all times since, i am twelve now and love grandad

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George BushMar 07 2013 5:15am
The first penis I saw was my friends. We were at a sleepover and we came back from swimming. He suddenly just took off all his clothes and his super small penis was there ( I wasn't the only one in the room ) I saw his penis again a couple of few times.

DothMar 07 2013 7:28am
Hello I'll send pics, when are you gonna show me your dick

dick lover Mar 07 2013 12:33pm
Can I have your email to send them dick lover? I can't figure out how to post the pictures.

I'll send picsMar 07 2013 4:26pm
Damn I would call you all sick f*cks but what would that make me I mean I took the time to read all this any way the first time I ever saw a dick I have no brother so it was my dad one night my mom had to stay late for work so my dad is his friend bill where there and they drank and drank until bill dared my day to run around the house naked witch he did I can look back and laugh knowing my dad is only like 5 inches but hey it works it made me after all

Peace pipe Mar 08 2013 11:17pm
When we we little my friend and i showed each other what was in our underwear ;) then i saw his long penis againg when he was taking a leak so hot...

Anonomous cookieMar 09 2013 7:43pm
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My sis called mine small when she sore it its like 5 inch maybe near 6 but not 6

gtskillMar 12 2013 7:04am
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gtskillMar 18 2013 6:25pm
Amazing stories

AnonymousMar 18 2013 6:26pm
What the f*ck is wrong with you whores having sex with your brothers!!!? And i thought my family was f*cked up...damn.

twistedmikeMar 18 2013 11:51pm
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AnonymousMar 19 2013 2:42pm
Im the youngest brother out of 7 and when i was about 8 yrs old i sucked all of my 6 brothers, 3 uncles and 2 nephews, it just come out of the blue, i turned 8 and next thing im sucking my brothers 1 by 1 or sometimes 2 or 3 at once in the shed at the bottom of the garden, all got big hairy c*cks, 1 of my uncles took me the park by a tree nlobbed it out and said finish me off, i did it, i wentin a van with my other 2 uncles and me in middle, in carpark i was sucking both of them off, my nephews was 6 at the time and i sucked them both off behind sofa, i got so use to sucking i must of done it nearly every day to everyone, now i love c*ck so much, thanks to my family lol

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bitchMar 23 2013 6:07am
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Nope but my brother saw me naked today... He was in the exam room at my first gynecologist appointment

AnonymousMar 23 2013 8:51pm
If u r quite sharif na then dont go dwn coz there is al thngs r fack to distract u... Evry1 is lieng dnt here them...

NkMar 24 2013 11:35am
Y r u lieng al... R u al blng 2india knw den hear this nvr happns in india... To whom v say 1c didi knw v cnt say her a singl such a word nd u al r ..... Its aj bursit ignore it.., gn go 2sleep

NkMar 24 2013 11:41am
I got to this when I google searched what to do cuz my bro likes penis(it was a joke)... But damn most of y'all are sickos and liars!

This post has gone badMar 24 2013 12:29pm
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AnonymousMar 24 2013 5:06pm
how can you guys do this poo! its with your family members.... your naturally unatracted to them...

your motherMar 25 2013 5:13am
you guys have sad lives... fu*king stop playing with your families c*cks and go get laid bloody slu*s

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jeloApr 10 2013 6:30am
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kezApr 10 2013 9:02am
I love massaging my sisters inner thighs an ass when she sleeps.. I dont know if she knows what im doing but shes always soaked in her panties. What would you girls do if you woke up to your bros head inbetween your legs?

SleepCreepApr 10 2013 9:05am
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SleepCreepApr 10 2013 9:45am
#throbbingwood. Does she expose her fanny with panties and a dressing gown on or only the gown? My opinion sisters talk about anything, she probably has mentioned something about you sleeping with her. Id have her on my lap, get hard and see what she has in mind. Just remember actions have concequenses

SleepCreepApr 10 2013 10:15am
Wow kez he must be bigger then me then :/ im like one hand lmao

jeloApr 10 2013 10:16am
And am abit older then your bros too :/ i must be small

jeloApr 10 2013 10:20am
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SleepCreepApr 10 2013 11:01am
Still need a womans opinion on my situation, idealy a sister who has experianced it before but any girls opinion is good

SleepCreepApr 10 2013 11:34am

HEHEHEApr 10 2013 4:44pm
Id love to know the game sleepcreep?? Lastnight i cooked some sausages it was just me and the younger daughter when i came in from work, the older daughter and her mom was in coventry, i came in the living room with the sausages and the daughter asked for a bite, i poked my fork in 1 and put it by her mouth to bite, she licked her tongue on it and made spit hang off the sausage as she lowered her tongue, i felt my c*ck throbb and i said bet you wish that was a c*ck, she just went mmmmmmm then smiled, i had to leave the room cus if i didnt i would of got my c*ck right out, the age is pissing me off cus she is fresh and needs a c*ck pounding in her, the mom n daughter came soon after, all 3 tease me without any of the others knowing, im a walking hardon lol

throbbingwoodApr 10 2013 10:19pm
Sleepcreep how old is your sister?

kezApr 10 2013 10:56pm
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#kez shes 20 not a virgin and im 19, been quite close cos the age difference being a year. Her body likes the touch but maybe its responeding in the sleep state and she may not know its her brothers hand causing wonders between her thighs? We explored eachother when we was young but i dnt no if she remembers that as its never been brought up.. Seeing her body sleep has made me lust after her like mad. I get the urge to press my c*ckhead against her lips to see if she responds by parting em.. Mm would love a bj from her. Thnxs for responding kez

SleepCreepApr 11 2013 4:29am
#throbbingwood the game could go two ways.. What i'd do is have a night where your all together, maybe have some wine with the mum & 17yo maybe slip the 14yo a glass or two.. Then when the time is right, give them all that cheeky look so they have an idea of whats on your mind, then drop the bombshell, say you wana play a game. Make it clear that all three tease/want you & that tonight your getting what you want for putting up with it. Your gona cum 3times, the first load wont take long but will be thick and most potent, 2nd will last long and will still be a fair load the last will last longest but only afew strings of cum.. You make it clear no condom will be worn and they chose where you empty your loads in their holes.. By the end of the night you would have cummed in 1 of their mouths, fanny & a*ss of 3 different girls. If you pull it off, your a lucky motherfu*ker!!

SleepCreepApr 11 2013 5:18am
Loool great idea sleep creap :) think it will work, the youngest can only handle a few glasses, the 3rd time i cum ill leave it for the youngest cus she the hottest so the longest frill will be for her, they been times where i have a day off work and the misses goes to work but ill make sure i f*ck her before she leaves, the youngest goes school and then i jump into bed with the daughter, need to do the 3 of them in 1 day now, that will feel great, im getting wine the weekend thanks :)

throbbingwoodApr 11 2013 7:36am
Whats you email sleepcreep ill show you the daughters

throbbingwoodApr 11 2013 7:39am
She me too :P haha lmao an kez you wanna see how small ? :P

jellooApr 11 2013 8:21am
#throbbingwood il reply with more on that game when i see them ;) cant wait for kez to reply and hear the rest of your views girls

SleepCreepApr 11 2013 8:35am
Sleepstate a girl always remembers and if she enjoyed it back then she will enjoy it now, sounds like she pretending to be asleep if she soaking, make her catch you wanking and when she sees you just call her over or go for the pussy munch when she sleeping and try and wake her up

kezApr 11 2013 9:04am
Kez sounds good, but as a girl how would you feel if this happened to you? Im thinking of teasing her body one night, making her juices run, maybe rub her juices onto her nipples and nibble & suck on them.. How do you think she would react if she woke up horney, wet, her panties down by her ankles & her brothers co*khead rubbing against her wet slit, or should i just eat her out from behind? Im thinking of cumming onto her a*ss or even her pussy then when she wakes up she'l know by me being the only fella in the house that ive had her knickers down and wanked over what ive seen.. Kez if you was my sis how would you want to be woken up? Or would you remain asleep and like to see how far i go?

SleepCreepApr 11 2013 3:23pm
When i was 8 my uncle aged 36 teached me how to grip, wank and suck his dick and told me its best to learn young for things to come, he was looking after me for the night and came down in a towel after a shower, i sat on his lap and felt it go hard, i said its gone strong, he pulled it out the gap of his shorts and said you will see lots of these as i get older, it was huge fat and hairy, he said ill teach you to make a man feel nice, he said hold my c*ck just before my bellend and grip nice, then said wank up and down and make sure his skin goes over his bellend each time, this point i said this it nice, his c*ckhead was boiling hot, he told me to stop a few times then start again and wondered why, he said some stuff will come out the hole in his c*ck and i said i want to see, he said first try and taste my head, i moved my head to his c*ck then he said put your mouth over it but dont suck yet, he said can you feel the shape of my head and is it warm, i nodded yes, he said dont suck but go lower down, i did and could feel it by my tonsils, then he said now suck and move my head up to his bellend, i did it and he was shaking saying that is lovely carry on, he stroking my hair as i was bobbing my head faster then slower, he said grab my balls and pinch the skin, next thing he said taste this and done a big moan then out come so much hot cum, legs stretching and shaking like mad, i managed to get it in my mouth he said spit it on my c*ck and keep sucking, it was a nice feeling in doing it, he said now thats how a girl makes a man feel good, i said i want to do it again sometime but never happened.

laurenApr 11 2013 11:06pm
#gap of his towel#

laurenApr 11 2013 11:07pm
I remember giving my 12 year old sister 2 glasses of vodka and a blow back of weed and she passed out on sofa so i moved her knickers and sucked hard on her pussy, she was out cold, also i was on the back of the bus and a girl come on and sat at the back, i pulled my c*ck out and wanked it, she was just watching and smiling lol

thomasApr 12 2013 2:07am
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modApr 12 2013 7:33am
Lauren i could be your uncle and you could make me feel good again ;)

SleepCreepApr 12 2013 12:35pm
Send me pics of penis please (

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anonApr 12 2013 7:25pm
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Horny DudeApr 12 2013 10:09pm
What are you doing on the site in the first place lol reporting wont do much.. Any girls wana share stories or even photos, got a few decent ones.

SleepCreepApr 12 2013 10:34pm
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I got caught wanking on the bus, i was sitting at the back on my own, a few ppl infront of me thats all, next thing a woman came on with pushchair and her daughter about 5 or 6, the girl said mommy im sitting at the back, the mom said ok, the girl sat by the side of me just looking at me, little bare legs swinging, she kept standing on the seat opening her legs and bending over, i was looking, everytime she wasnt looking id slowly undo my zip untill i got my hardon out, i put my coat over it to start with still looking at her knickers and bum cheeks as she is climbing, the mom is paying no attention, i thought id be brave and everytime she looked away or out the window id get my c*ck on show and wank it, pulling the balls out my zip aswell, knowing she could look at any minute made me wanna cum quick, she turned away id wank hard untill i braved it and thought im just gonna wank my cum everywhere now if she looks or not, i felt the build up still looking at her bum n knickers, then lent my c*ck forward and the second i shot my first shoot of spunk she turned and looked straight at it, that point it made my frill more intense, the power of me shooting hit the seat infront of me, knowing she was watching every move i pointed it at her and the last few blasts went half a ft from her, i got straight up with it still out my zip and as i passed her i touched her with it, shaking it at her then got straight off the bus to get out of there

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heheApr 15 2013 7:50am
you guys are sick. Siblings having sex ?Little kids with monster dicks?Is this all bull**** ?

normal person 2Apr 16 2013 6:01pm
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Lol thats usa

LlollokkoolApr 17 2013 4:35pm
Anyone need a 13 year old girl? Thats right im 13 so deal with it. P.s i would luv to make love or cum cuz people say it feels good.

amyApr 17 2013 10:16pm
I want a horny brother now :c

clairApr 17 2013 10:19pm
I want you both

hottiesApr 17 2013 11:05pm
I make da sexy wit ma granmada

1 inch pingasApr 18 2013 12:30am
Motherf*cker c*cksucker.....

Cameron DiazApr 18 2013 9:40am
My bro always sez cum lets hav sum fun so i say ok i go up to his bed n see him rubbing his dick n staring at it when i say ok what do we do he says look at this so i luk n i strayt away sukd it and now we always do it doin more tonight :)

Sexy chiikApr 18 2013 10:32am
Eny wun want to hav sex

Sexy chiikApr 18 2013 10:33am
Btw im 11 n ma bro is 14 ps if u wanna hav sex den juss ask n ill giv my adress

Sexy chiik Apr 18 2013 10:37am

4uApr 18 2013 11:37am

Sexy chiikApr 18 2013 11:44am
One day in a hotel my brother and I came back from a swim and he went for a shower and forgot his towel and told me to bring it to him so I got naked and brought his towel with me and I threw it on the floor and pretended to leave but then as he got out of the shower we both gasped him because of me and my huge tits and me because of his 10 inch dick after I recovered I plunged my mouth on to his member and we 69 till our parents phoned saying they werew on there way. P.S comments directl for pics of his member

Dildo loverApr 18 2013 1:26pm
mmm sounds good i want

mmm jajaApr 18 2013 2:40pm
They are all from Arkansas

personApr 18 2013 9:25pm
All of yu guys are **** but ..... So cool hahahaa keep it up!

J.j f*ck!!!;)Apr 19 2013 1:36am
Anyone send me pics an convos just ask for email

email :)Apr 19 2013 5:55am
If i have sex with ma brother will i get pregnant??

Sexy chiikApr 19 2013 9:16am
Emails for pics of my bros dick

Dildo loverApr 19 2013 9:39am
Or a pic of me and my bro f*cking or maybe we can trade pics but I need emails P.S I'm 17 and he's 16

Dildo loverApr 19 2013 10:00am
Anyone like dildo lover send pics to

AnonymousApr 19 2013 10:15am
Dido lover have you got hotmail

Sexy chiikApr 19 2013 10:29am
No but can create one whats yours and what do you want

Dildo loverApr 19 2013 10:31am
What's your hotmail account

Dildo loverApr 19 2013 10:35am
Nah im juss sain

Sexy chiikApr 19 2013 10:49am
For anyone who wants pics message either or my sisters

Dildo loverApr 19 2013 11:26am
Send me email all wellcome :) its send feel free :)

heyApr 19 2013 11:48am
Whu livz in england (london) in whitechapel

Sexy chiikApr 19 2013 12:11pm
I live close ish

heyApr 19 2013 12:12pm
Wer do ya liv

Sexy chiikApr 19 2013 12:29pm
And wht primary did ya go to

Sexy chiikApr 19 2013 12:30pm
Little 7 yr old sister fast asleep in just knickers in the bed, heavy sleeper n to my advantage i go in the room with a hard pulsing c*ck, walking over to her, hear her little breathing, pull the blanket back and see the tiny petite body, no tits just little nipples, i lean over to her and smell the pureness and sence the innocence, i smell her blonde hair with a big breath in, i start to kiss her and use my tongue, kissing and licking down her neck, sucking and nibbling her tiny nipple, working my way down to the hairless pussy, i slowly peel them off and open her legs, smells great, im sucking on her fanny lips wile wanking, pushing my tongue to her sweet tasting *sshole, im rock hard, goose pimples all over body, im treasuring her pussy lips, OY what the f*ck are you doing son?? Sorry dad i couldnt help it, son im only pissed off cus ur doing it without me, wake her up, BUT SHE WILL CRY, she wont she lets me do it all the time, smile on my face, lauren wake up, little eyes open, HELLO TOM AND DADDY, let me and tom lick you, OK, tom suck my dick wile i lick her pussy, ZIP LOB, big and hairy dad, suck it good son...... to be continued

tomApr 19 2013 12:35pm
Ive honestly sucked me dad and 2 brothers before, im gay and told them at an early age, my dad started to flash at me on purpose, im tempted to suck 12 yr old brother off, right or wrong??

peterApr 19 2013 12:39pm
Well in uk about a feew miles from london.. Email if u like ^

heyApr 19 2013 12:42pm
Urr tom thats just peak

Sexy chiikApr 19 2013 12:51pm
My brother and I were walking up stairs and he dropped his towel and turned around to pick it up just as I was going to tell him and his c*ck went all the way down my throat and he ( me unwillingly) throat f*cked me till he jizzed

AnonymousApr 19 2013 1:07pm
What the hell

Sexy chiikApr 19 2013 1:15pm
anyone email me i dont mind.. Storys pictures, trade pics chats,

heyApr 19 2013 1:34pm
First time on here but seems horny fun

Well shavedApr 19 2013 3:52pm
Any 1 wanna see pics of clean shaved nob

WelltrimmedApr 19 2013 4:10pm
One time I was at my friends house we were playing and all that I wad 10 she was 10 too her mom said she had to take a bath then she got in the bathroom and took a shower she did not know I was close to the bathroom door she opens the door and she does not have any clothes on she went running to her room when I knocked on the door she opend it then I asked her if I could see her thing she said I don't know I closed the door then she was standing there I took her pants and underwear off and there it was a big and fat pussy I said can I tuch it she did not say nothing I just went on I touched it was going then I said if I could take my pants off and stick my big fat penis and put it in her pussy she said she had never felt that befor so I tryed it she was hot as hell then I said if I could lick it she said yeah baby then I sucked it and licked it.all of that took like 20 min I asked her if she liked it she said yeah bitch then she said can I suck that big juicy dick we spent 14 min doing that

Justin Apr 19 2013 5:31pm
Does any body want to f*ck me I'm 14 I would really want to see a picture of a pussy thank you

JustinApr 19 2013 5:34pm
Reported. All IPs traced. Have a nice day. ;-)

XApr 19 2013 7:18pm
My brother seems to be accidently on purpose finding ways to let me see him naked lately. He's 14 and I think he's hot for me. I'm 16 by the way.

BeckaApr 19 2013 11:23pm

bbbbbApr 20 2013 12:07am
Send me emails :D ^

heyApr 20 2013 7:33am
Welltrimmed send me piicz

Sexy chiikApr 20 2013 12:01pm
I used to suck my 3 yr old brother c*ck wile im wanking, used to help me cum quicker, he is 9 now and still do, its definatly grown, he a good little c*ck sucker to :)

trevApr 20 2013 12:35pm
Since i was 7 and my brothers sucked me off and made me suck there c*cks its made me into a pervert towards kids, i sucked my brothers babys c*ck and ive cum on his face, my other brothers daughter was asleep so i took her knickers off and eaten her pussy, any kid im around i have to flash my c*ck at them or if i pick them up ill grope them, i think i need help

bustaApr 20 2013 1:21pm
Do you like sucking boys dicks does it taste nice Lemme no asap

Sexy chiikApr 20 2013 1:45pm
Sexy chiik its f*cking great love bending little boys over and rimming them n milking there c*cks :)

bustaApr 20 2013 2:33pm
At 10 me and my older brother was playing computer in bedroom, i was sitting on the floor by the bed and my brother was sitting on the edge of the bed in his shorts, playing a game and we got into the convo of gays and he asked me would i ever suck a mans c*ck, i said im not sure, i never seen a mans c*ck, next thing he lobbed a massive dick out of the side of his shorts and said look at this one, my eyes was fixed at it, asked me to suck it, he lay back and i give him the best suck ever, we do 69 and take our time doing it trying to explore everywhere to see what the best frill is, we rim each others asses and tie our c*cks up, i swallowed him everytime, loved it sooo much

jack5Apr 20 2013 4:22pm
I want a horny brother now :c

stacyApr 20 2013 11:11pm
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