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Ladies Only: Who have scissored someone with their thighs /quads.

Question: Hello Ladies, how big are your thighs / quads when you scissored someone?
Created by: goadbyj at 03:35:46 AM, Thursday, July 19, 2012 PDT


My thighs are 29 inches i can kill a man if i put him between them

WomanJul 28 2012 7:38pm

'Woman' with thighs the size of yours I bet you could kill a man if you squeezed a100%, but have you ever scissored anyone between you're thighs?

JamesJul 29 2012 6:00am
Woman,how did you make your thighs 29 inches?and have you ever used them scissoring a man? and what is your age?

AnonymousJul 29 2012 8:21am
Well i have a big thighs since i was kid when i become a teenager i start to lift wieght thats how i make my thighs 29 inches, now i am married woman i always scissor my hubby and some friends and relatives on wrestling match i like it very much , i am 32

WomanJul 29 2012 7:03pm
Woman,with your thighs 29 inches,i can't imagine what kind of pressure you can produce squeezing your husband,friends and relatives in scissor holds? and i guess when you try using any kind of head scissors your thighs swallow up their heads? when or what age were you when discovered you could use your tremendous thighs using scissor holds?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 10:05am
Well first time i scissored a man i was 15 he was my friend he was 17 and i was surprised how he was screaming and crying i thought at first he was kidding then i knew that he was crying for real , when i scissore some one his head disappear between my thighs so yes you can say my thighs swallow his head, some times when i scissor man body i break his rips of course accidently i do not mean to hurt any one

WomanJul 30 2012 10:24am
Woman,you sound amazingly strong! when you work out? how much do you squat,leg press and whats you upper body like? like bench pressing,over head press and bicep curling? you ever knock out anyone with your scissors?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 10:32am
Woman,besides scissor holds you use on men,you ever try grapevine wrestling hold?i just can imagine with the great strength in your legs and thighs you could snap a man's legs and hips with them!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 10:41am
You are right i am strong woman but i work out every day for 3 hours or more i squat 350 and press more than 400 , my upper body is musclar too my bicep is 17 inches I lift with my bicep more 220 , and yes a lot of men konck out between my thighs

WomanJul 30 2012 10:46am
And yes i try on men alot of wrestling moves they suffer a lot when i try it

WomanJul 30 2012 10:48am
Woman,so you wrestle quite a few men? so.i guess you are the strongest one in your family? how do they treat you? are they scared of you and great strength and muscles? what is your size?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 10:57am
Almost i never lost any wrestling match in my life but i lost two fighting in my life so i think yes i am the strongest one between my family and friends , they fear me very much but also i think they love my muscles all men staring at them all the tima and ask me if they can touch it i am 5.8 and 82 kg

WomanJul 30 2012 11:02am
Woman,can you give me details what a wrestling match with you would be like? or ones with your family and friends? what do your family and friends think of your great strength and big powerful muscles? if you don't mind? but.only if you want to? where are you from? see i go to the gym myself and lift weights and amazed at what you women can lift and amazed at the size you can make your muscles!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 11:09am
Sorry i am from turky so my languge is not very good to give you details but i will try to explain i lift them and threw them in the floor i sicosser them i crush them between my bodies and the floor i hope i can explain right , so how is your muscles

WomanJul 30 2012 11:28am
Woman,don't worry about your language! i do understand what you are explaining and i think its great what you are doing and think its great for any women like you that have the drive to become very strong with big muscles and love using them to overpower the males around you! i just think your husband is one very lucky man to have you as a wife! I am 5'7 168 with 48 inch chest,15 inch arms(you got me beat on arms)and thighs are 20 inches(you legs are bigger by a whole lot) and you do sound like you are much stronger than me lifting weights!but,i think its great that you are!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 11:43am
Thank you for the nice talking i think you too have a great body most men have smaller legs than women , so did you wrestle any woman on your life

WomanJul 30 2012 11:50am
Woman,i have wrestled plenty of women which i find at different places i work out in! and i lose a lot because once you girls know to use scissors i don't stand a chance! but,i also have wrestled women with amazing upper body strength as well! i just love wrestling you girls!and you are right about us men that have smaller legs then women! thats because men don't really work out their legs like you women do! is that how it is like in Turkey?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 11:59am
You are right men do not know how to handle sicssor it is out secret , befor in turky it was not very common to see strong musclar woman but now gum is full of musclar women many of them is musclar than men in the upper body about tge lower body i can tell that 90% of turkish wonen have bigger legs than thier men

WomanJul 30 2012 12:21pm
Woman the pressure you can produce when squeezing anyone between your thighs, sounds amazing. How do you feel when you know that your thighs swallow up their head and disappears between you're thighs when you head scissor anyone? You say that you have knock out alot of men between you're thighs, but have you ever knock out you're husband, friend or relatives?

JamesJul 30 2012 12:28pm
Woman,thats because you women have always been the stronger sex and we men like me have always been the weaker ones! so,in Turkey do the women out number the men working out in the gyms? and are there more women lifting weights then men at your gyms? see where i work out in or other gyms i have been to more and more women are out numbering the men working out in the gyms and they are lifting heavier weights than the men! i just as male i think muscular women are beautiful and love watching your muscles and love feeling your strength wrestling!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 12:31pm
James it is a great feeling but i never put 100% of my power but it gives me feeling of power and control and satisfaction when i see men's head between my thighs and they struggle but can not do any thing i knock out my hubby and his cousin

WomanJul 30 2012 12:34pm
Anonyoums women are more than men at gyms these days most of them lifting weights heavier than men thats because women are active but most men are lazy and want to sit down all the time now in turky a lot of people think that we are the stronger sex

WomanJul 30 2012 12:38pm
Woman,how do you feel about being the stronger sex?and the men being the weaker sex?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 12:42pm
It is a great feeling to be the stronger and to be incharg , i like it when i help my husband in somthing it is hard for him like carry heavy things or when i lift him between my arms , or when i help other men it is also give me a great feeling , i like being the protective one in tge realationship

WomanJul 30 2012 12:51pm
Woman I can't imagine what kind of pressure you can produce if you squeezing anyone between your thighs 100% but I bet you could easy kill them in a matter seconds. When you have someones head in between you're thighs do you squeeze their head straight the way (Obviously not a 100%) or do you just hold them they while they struggle but cannot do anything?

JamesJul 30 2012 12:51pm
No at first i like to see him tying with his small hands comparing to my thighs to remove my thighs this is so much fun then i squeeze and the screaming starts

WomanJul 30 2012 12:58pm
Woman,what were like when you were younger before you were married? you always been very muscular and very strong? have you ever lifted your husband or another man overhead?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 12:59pm
I am strong woman sinc i was teenager so i always wrestle men and beat them specialy in the univirsity , i lift my husband almost every day i also lift other men , men such like babies like to lifted by woman

WomanJul 30 2012 1:10pm
Woman do you usually make them tap out first before you let them go or do you let them scream in pain and squeeze a little bit more and knock them out? Also when you go to the gym and you workout on your legs do you get a lot of men stop and stare at your thighs as you are working out?

JamesJul 30 2012 1:23pm
Well after they give up i make them do somthing for me such as being my slave for the next few hours or make him kiss my feet infront of every one sonthing like this , when i work out my thighs they are getting bigger and harder so a lot of men even musclar men stare at me like they never see somthing like tgis befor many of them ask me if they can touch it

WomanJul 30 2012 1:29pm
Woman when you work out your thighs and many of them ask you if they can touch them you let them? As well as you squeezing your husband, friend or relative head between your thighs have you done any other submissions moves for example: arm-bar or anything else?

JamesJul 30 2012 1:44pm
James yes i let them if i know they want to touch it only to see how strong they are but if i kow they want to touch it in sexual way no i do not let them i am a married woman and it is not right , yes when i wrestle i do a lot if moves but as i said i do not know names in english i arm bar them i also lift them and throw them i crush them between my body and the floor i put thier heads between my thighs and thier face to the inside just in front my ass and lock them with my legs so he can not breath any more so he lose all his power , i hope i can explane in a right way

WomanJul 30 2012 1:57pm
Woman,you explain perfectly! but,also sounds you love crushing men with your muscles and destroying them wrestling them? you work out by yourself or do you have a work out partner you work out with?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 2:06pm
Most of the time i work out alone and yes one of my favorit to crush men, what do you call it when a man lay down on the floor and a big women come and lay down a bove him and crush him

WomanJul 30 2012 2:10pm
Woman,its just a woman laying down on a man and crushing him! so,read you love trying a number of wrestling holds on the men you wrestle? so,whats your favorite wrestling hold you love applying? see, i have experienced a number of wrestling holds from a number of women! its too bad you live in Turkey! i would love to try you!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 2:19pm
Why where do you live ? I love any wrestling moves which squeeze men but i always prefer to lower body muscles at squeeze . Do you feel embarresed or angry when women beat you?

WoJul 30 2012 2:24pm
Woman I agreed with you, you don't want anyone touching you're legs if you know that are going to touch it in a sexual way. If they do you could always put there head between your thighs and start squeezing them and show them who boss lol. The men that touch your thighs only to see how strong they are, I bet it must make there day. When put someone in arm-bar how much pressure do you use and do they scream in pain?

JamesJul 30 2012 2:29pm
James yes i did if many times men touch my thighs when i do not allow them they pay the price they spend between my thighs a lot of time screaming and crying , i do nor know how strong i am but i will tell that all men cry in tge wrestling match some of them go to the hospital after the match

WomanJul 30 2012 2:36pm
Woman,no i don't get embarrassed or angry when i lose a wrestling match to a women! i live in america!but,one day would like to see Turkey! do the men you wrestle get angry or embarrassed when you beat them?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 2:36pm
Alot of men who see how strong i am asked me to train them but i do not have the time for them some times they ask me to train thier woman

WomanJul 30 2012 2:38pm
Woman,whats the worst beating you ever gave a man?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 2:41pm
Anonyoums yes some of men do not like the idea of beating by woman but when i see a man like these i make fun of him i make him kiss my feet i humilate him very much i laugh on these nen cery much

WomanJul 30 2012 2:42pm
Woman,how did your husband react to your muscles and great strength when you were first married? and how did he react to you beating him wrestling or when you put him in your scissors hold?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 2:47pm
Well my husband like my muscles he ask me to keep going to gym he likes musclar woman i find it very hot to be stronger than him control him so we both very happy

WomanJul 30 2012 2:55pm
Woman I'm not surprize that some of them go to hospital after the match. If you put my head between your thighs and my face to the inside just in front your ass and lock my head with your legs I bet I'll be going to the hospital as well. Does your husband ever scream very loud or cry when you scissor him?

JamesJul 30 2012 2:59pm
Oh yes he screamed and cried a lot he said it hurts so much but he loves it

WomanJul 30 2012 3:04pm
Woman,i am real glad your husband loves your big strong muscular body and loves you overpowering him wrestling! like i said you have one very lucky husband!so,are there any younger girls at your gym lifting weights and have big muscles? see,here in the schools here younger girls that involved in sports are doing strength train along the boys and are lifting just as heavy as the boys!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 3:07pm
James,you ever had a woman scissor you?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 3:08pm
Well me happy too because my husband like my muscles but, yes a lot of young women lifting wieghts and in schools it has become the wrestling class mix between boys and girls

WomanJul 30 2012 3:11pm
Woman,you bring home other men home to wrestle in front of your husband? and if so? does you husband enjoy watching you destroy other men?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 3:18pm
Woman how much time does it take your husband or anyone else to start screaming after you start squeezing them with you're thighs?

JamesJul 30 2012 3:20pm
Yes i wrestle a lot of men in my house almost i only wrestle in my house my husband watch also and advice them to quit befor the match starts i think he likes it because after this we have the better sex ever

WomanJul 30 2012 3:23pm
James only a few seconds after i start squeeze

WomanJul 30 2012 3:24pm
Anonymous, no not yet, but would love any women to put my head between there thighs or any part of my body. I can only guess it will be very painful and hurt like hell, but I would love it. (Just as long as they let me go soon as I start screaming otherwise they'll probably kill me lol). Have you had many women scissor you?

JamesJul 30 2012 3:29pm
James,just think of Woman's scissors hold like a python snake wrapping around you squeezing you to death! but,accept she won't eat you after squeezing you to death!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 3:31pm
Woman you have scissored lots of men, but have you ever scissored any women?

JamesJul 30 2012 3:33pm
Woman, i agree after losing to a woman in a wrestling match sex can be great! but,it helps having a very big one!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 3:34pm
James yes i wrestle women but i must say women are much stronger then men they never give up

WomanJul 30 2012 3:42pm
James yes i wrestle women but i must say women are much stronger then men they never give up

WomanJul 30 2012 3:42pm
James yes i wrestle women but i must say women are much stronger then men they never give up

WomanJul 30 2012 3:42pm
Yes i know sex is great after wrestling but i notice that my hubby get more excited when i wrestle other men

WomanJul 30 2012 3:44pm
Anonymous I can imagine that a women's scissor hold is like a python snake wrapping around you and squeezing you death. That why I want to feel the pressure between women's thighs. Obviously I don't want them to squeeze me to death, but just enough pressure so I can feel how strong there thighs are.

JamesJul 30 2012 3:50pm
Woman have you ever knock out a women with your thighs? Also have you ever broke anyone arm when you have put them in arm-bar?

JamesJul 30 2012 3:56pm
James,but when you get a woman to squeeze you in a scissor hold it may not go the way you want! sometimes you will get one that would probably enjoy hearing you beg,scream and cry!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 3:58pm
Woman,you ever apply a back breaker wrestling hold to one of the men you wrestle? how about a camel clutch,bear hug or boston crab?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 4:01pm
James once i knock out a woman ,and yes i broke a lot of arms my husband was one of them

WomanJul 30 2012 4:08pm
I know back breaker and bear hug but sorry the others fo not about it

WomanJul 30 2012 4:13pm
James most men think it is sexy to wrestle women being between my thighs specially most women wear bikini in wrestling i can see this from thier penis but when i wrestle them thier penis getting smaller

WomanJul 30 2012 4:19pm
Woman your right. A lot of men don't seem realise how much damage or danger a woman can do between there thighs. Like you said if a woman did scissor me it might not go the way I want and they probably would like to hear me beg, scream and cry. Do you love to hear your husband beg for mercy or anyone else?

JamesJul 30 2012 4:19pm
Yes it is the best when i hear men scream and beg they look so weak and heless

WomanJul 30 2012 4:34pm
Woman,a camel clutch is when the man you are wrestling! you have them laying on the floor on their stomach! you sit on his back with you facing his head!you take his arms and place them oppoisite you thighs and grab his head and pull back causing him arch his back and a boston crab you sit on his back again but face his legs and you grap them and also pull back! try them and practice on your husband or some one else!there are videos up on YouTube on this!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 4:35pm
Well i will thank you very much

WomanJul 30 2012 4:45pm
Woman I bet your husband must have been in agony when you broke his arm. When did you first realise you broke his arm while you had him in arm-bar. Did you squeeze you thighs really tight and put his arm close to your chest?

JamesJul 30 2012 4:53pm
Woman,when you try the new wrestling holds tell me how it went!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 4:54pm
James i locked his arms between my thighs and squeeze at first he was upset but then he forgive me he know i did not mean it

WomanJul 30 2012 5:02pm
Anonymous i will post my ubdats on this poll and i hope you both post any thing you want here

WomanJul 30 2012 5:04pm
Woman,look forward to read your updates on this post and i will also be posting as well!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 5:16pm
Anonymous i want you tell me your real opinion a bout this do you think it is wrong if married woman wrestle male friend some people say that they say mix wrestling is just like sex any man can give his opinion

WomanJul 30 2012 5:25pm
Woman,no its not wrong to wrestle other man that you aren't married too and about men think it sexual? my guess when the man you are wrestling and you have him some wrestling hold and he is in pain or is embarrassed or humilated being put in holds he can't get out off or you using your legs in scissor holds! the last thing he is going to think of sex! although you can't control a man's penis! it sometimes has a mind of its own! i have been put in scissor holds and have gotten boners from! what about you? how do you feel when wrestling,scissoring a man? i have had experiences from other women i have wrestled they get excited sexually! its come nature!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 5:38pm
Yes me too i got excited when i wrestle men specialy when i put them between my thighs and they scream and cry i love to himilate men who get excited sometimes i crush thier penis and balls with my feet how a bout you you get excited will you let your wife when you will married to wrestle other men

WomanJul 30 2012 5:53pm
Woman,if the wife i marry wants to wrestle other man i will have no problem her wrestling him!but,my wife or girlfriend crushing their penis and balls? that might be a little to much! and will get sexually excited watching her manhandle another man!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 6:02pm
I do not manhandle them i just like to put them in pain but maybe you are right you are man and you know better than me

WomanJul 30 2012 6:17pm
Woman,how would you feel watching your husband wrestling another woman and watching her put holds and scissor holds on him making him beg,scream and cry? and then finally knocking him out?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 6:25pm
Well it never happened befor but i think i will not like it because i feel i am the only who should make him scream and cry

WomanJul 30 2012 6:27pm
Woman,you ever bring other women home with you to see you wrestle and manhandle your husband? and show them if they work out and get strong they to can manhandle men them selves?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 6:36pm
Yes sometimes when i talk to other women sometimes they do not believe so i bring them home and watch alot of them start to lift wieghts and try to wrestle thier husbands i think i am doing great job when i show them how strong women are

WomanJul 30 2012 6:42pm
Woman.thats great you show other women what they could do if they work out with weights and get very strong! and how they can crush their husbands and make them beg,scream and beg! how does your husband feel you bring home other women to show them what they could do to their husband's?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 6:55pm
My husband does not like it much so i try not make it very often so only when i see someone very intersted a bout it and wants to be like me i bring her to my home

WomanJul 30 2012 7:00pm
Woman,i guess seeing you are in charge of your husband you can do anything you want and that includes bring a woman home to see you wrestle and manhandle him! besides,i would think it won't be a great idea to make you angry if your husband knows what is good for him?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 7:05pm
Woman, i go off line for tonight! post you tomorrow!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 7:12pm
Yes you are right i am the boss in the house and i do what ever i want but i try always to make only good things a lot of things my husband did not like it first but now he like it , my husband now never make me angry because he knowd what can i do even i hate to use my power over him for real but sometimes i should , i think when women be in charge things will be much better

WomanJul 30 2012 7:14pm
Woman I know you have squeezed men & women between your thighs, but have you ever squeezed any objects or food between your thighs, to really see the strength of your legs, so you can squeeze a 100% without hurting anyone? Also when you had you're husband in a arm-bar, where you surprised & shocked that you broke his arm?

JamesJul 31 2012 10:53am
Anonymous have you ever had many women scissor you and if so what did it feel like?

JamesJul 31 2012 10:55am
James no i never squeeze object between my thighs but once i saw woman break a small watermillon between her thighs i want to try it some day, when i broke my husband arm of course i surprised that i have the power to break some one arm, tell about you are you looking for woman to sissor you

WomanJul 31 2012 11:05am
Woman,with out using your legs in scissor holds? can you beat men just using your upper body strength? and if so? have you?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 11:28am
Woman yes I'm looking for a woman to scissor me. I don't really mind who. As I have never have a woman scissor me, I don't really mind wether she big or small, just so I can feel her thighs between me head or any part of my body. I am aware that it can be a dangerous game. I've just got to hope the woman let me go, soon as I start tapping or she'll probably kill me? So have you got any tips to how I can find any woman to scissor me? How did your husband get you to scissor him or how did he know you like to scissor people?

JamesJul 31 2012 11:34am
Anonymous i think , in univirsity i beat a lot of men in fighting match i have a strong upper body wide shoulders and more than 17 inches bicep

WomanJul 31 2012 11:38am
James,all scissor holds hurt and especially when you wrestle a women that doesn't know her own strength! and i have been a number of scissor holds! a body scissors can feel like your insides being crushed and it depends at what body part her legs are wrapped around! ribs if she isn't careful can get your ribs broken or bruised and around your stomach your insides are being crushed and you have a hard time breathing to where she can squeeze you unconcious! a head scissors is like can be like a prelong headache! and the more she can place your head in a higher place between her thighs the woman you wrestling and has your head in head scissors she can apply a tremendous squeeze! i hope this helps you a little?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 11:39am
James i hope you can find this woman , you can go to gym and find woman with big thighs and ask her to wretling match , when i met my husband i told him that this is my fetish and he liked it

WomanJul 31 2012 11:41am
Woman,is the university where you learned to weight training and learn to wrestle? and whats it like for you putting a man in bear hug? for me it feels like you are getting crushed and squeezed to death! and you can feel the woman's pure strength and muscles! but,i usually end up with a boner! its sexy as heck!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 11:45am
Yes in univirsity i used to lift wieght and wrestle a lot of men , bear hug is one of the most moves i like i do not know i do not get excited when i do it but i like to crush men in my body muscles

WomanJul 31 2012 11:48am
Woman,you ever lose a wrestling match to a man? and when you go to the gym to lift weights do the men get embarrassed by watching you lift heavier weights them the men and do the men get embarrassed by your larger and bigger muscles then them?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 11:54am
No i never lost a wrestling match but once i lose a fighting match , men always embarressed when i lift heavy wieght and see my big muscles and i like it when they do

WomanJul 31 2012 12:05pm
Woman,how does it make you feel to be very much stronger and have very bigger muscles then the men? and they are no match when you wrestle them?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 12:09pm
It is great how most men i know is weaker than me i like it and it makes me excited thinking how men are weak comparing to me

WomanJul 31 2012 12:15pm
Woman, are your thighs bigger than many men's waist in Egypt?

ZackJul 31 2012 12:16pm
Zack i think yes my thighs is more than 29 inches so i think many men have smaller waist than 29 inch

WomanJul 31 2012 12:19pm
that must be something to see their little bodies between your big muscles

ZackJul 31 2012 12:20pm
Zack where are you from? Do women also in your country big and hard also

WomanJul 31 2012 12:21pm
Woman,are all the men in Turkey small and weaker then most of the women in your country? or you a rare woman thats bigger and stronger then the men?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 12:23pm
Woman,when you flex your biceps? what do they look like and do you have a peak when you flex them?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 12:26pm
Not all women bigger than men but there is a lot of women who are bigger and day after day we see more women bigger than men you can consider me a big woman in turky but there are few women who are bigger than me

WomanJul 31 2012 12:26pm
i am from the uk, woman. women in my country are very big too.

ZackJul 31 2012 12:27pm
What peak mean?

EoJul 31 2012 12:27pm
Woman, i mean are the women in your country big strong with bigger muscles then the men like you?you said yesterday,you have brought another woman home and showed her what she could if she worked out with weights and can manhandle her own husband?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 12:31pm
Woman, a peak is when you flex your bicep and it forms into ball shape or an apple looking! i hope that helps?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 12:34pm
Yes a lot of women lift wieght now and wrestling men and beat them but what i said not all women in turky like this

WomanJul 31 2012 12:35pm
Zack,you ever wrestled a woman? or felt a woman's scissor hold?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 12:35pm
When i flex my bicep it is long hard and have a ball in the middle

WomanJul 31 2012 12:36pm
Anonymous yep that helps a lot. So what would you say would hurt the most... A woman putting you in a head scissor or a woman body scissor you?

JamesJul 31 2012 12:41pm
Woman,now i can get that image in my mind! your arms must look awesome when you flex them? do other men come up to you and ask you to flex and ask to feel them?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 12:42pm
Woman because you have really big thighs do you show your legs off when your out and about or do cover them up?

JamesJul 31 2012 12:44pm
Yes many men asked me to that , but because most of time they ask me to touch my thighs . Thank you for think my arms awesome

WomanJul 31 2012 12:46pm
James,both scissor holds hurt! and it depends what kind of strength and power they have behind that! i have been scissored by girls with not so big thighs and they can hurt just as much as women with bigger thighs! i once got scissored by a girl that had legs that look like chicken legs and let me tell you they hurt it was amazing what kind of strength and power she had behind them!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 12:48pm
Well james i realy do not think a bout it like this but i live near the beach thats why most of time i wear shorts so you can say i show them

WomanJul 31 2012 12:48pm
Woman,which are you more prouder of your 29 inch thighs or your biceps?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 12:52pm
I am proud of my hall body but i like my thighs because they are stronger and make men fear me

WomanJul 31 2012 12:54pm
Woman,do more men stare at your thighs at the beach or do the women stare at your thighs? and because the size of your thighs you have problems buying clothing?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 12:55pm
Anonymous have you ever been knock out by woman between her thighs?

JamesJul 31 2012 1:00pm
Men and women they both stare at my thighs but men much more , some times when i want to buy pants i facs problems but usually i dont buy pants because in work i wear skirts and out side shorts

WomanJul 31 2012 1:01pm
Woman,yea,your 29 inch thighs would look awesome and would imagine what kind of fear you put in men looking at your thighs!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 1:01pm
James,yea! i have been knocked out by getting scissored by women!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 1:03pm
Are you afraid from women with big thighs?

WomanJul 31 2012 1:04pm
Anonymous how did if feel when you got knock out, and where you scared at the time she was squeezing you and you had no control.

JamesJul 31 2012 1:08pm
Woman,now i can get that image in my mind! your arms must look awesome when you flex them? do other men come up to you and ask you to flex and ask to feel them?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 1:11pm
Woman I wouldn't be scared from women with big thighs just if I was looking at, but if they got me in a headscissor or bodyscissor then I will be afraid as she decides if I live or die and I would have no choice in the matter.

JamesJul 31 2012 1:13pm
Woman,no i am not scared of women with big thighs! i have been scissored by women with all kinds of size thighs! and i won't be scared of your 29 inch thighs!love to feel your strength!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 1:16pm
James now you are not afraid because you do not know what they can do to you but when you will try it i think you will be afraid if you look at 29 inches thighs

WomanJul 31 2012 1:18pm
Anonymous i hope you can feel my power some day

WomanJul 31 2012 1:19pm
James,the very first time i got knocked out by being squeezed by a girl or women! i felt embarrassed by it and thinking what a i can't take being squeezed by a women! but,after that i got use to it! some times when you wake up you are not sure what happen? but,its all good!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 1:21pm
Woman,has any man you have wrestled ever gave you a good wrestling match? or you just destroy them right away?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 1:25pm
Woman,what are the size of your calves? i just imagine there are awesome also?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 1:27pm
No when it comes to wrestling i am much stronger some of them struggle more than other but nothing to call it good match

WomanJul 31 2012 1:29pm
I am so sorry but i do not know what calves mean

WomanJul 31 2012 1:30pm
Woman sorry what I was trying to says is that i love women with big strong thighs and looking at them, but of course if I looked at you've 29 inch thighs full of muscle. I know if you got my head in between your thighs you would swallow up my head. Your thighs are probably twice the size as my head, I would be very scared if you scissored me. If any man said there not afraid of what your thighs can do, then they are lying.

JamesJul 31 2012 1:33pm
James do not worry , what is your siza are you big musclar or small weak

WomanJul 31 2012 1:42pm
James do not worry , what is your siza are you big musclar or small weak

WomanJul 31 2012 1:42pm
Woman I wouldn't say I was big muscular or weak. I'm 5'6 and weight about 70kg, so I'm not the biggest guy. I do got to the gym and work out and I wouldn't say I'm weak either. Of course you are taller and weight more then me. My thighs are about 22.5 inches or maybe 23 inches which is no match for your massive, huge thighs of us. Have you ever scissored really small guys?

JamesJul 31 2012 1:57pm
James i think you are good comparing to other men in my city , sometimes i wrestle very small men but it is just for fun like i put my thighs on him to see if he can move it or not

WomanJul 31 2012 2:01pm
Woman have you ever tried to squeeze any small men, or do you think it will be too dangerous for them as you know power of your thighs can do, but don't know what the other guy can take?

JamesJul 31 2012 2:15pm
Woman, calves are the muscles behind your legs but lower on the other side between your knee and foot! hope that helps you? see i have been scissored by women using their calves!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 2:17pm
No james i never squeeze real small men i sure i will hurt them very badly

WomanJul 31 2012 2:17pm
Woman, i think i would be a good match for you! i do a lot of cardio and that keeps fresh from being worn down! and i can take a lot of pain!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 2:21pm
Oh yes my calves are more than 20 inch yes i sissor men between them many time

WomanJul 31 2012 2:23pm
Anonymous have you ever felt that you could not breath when a women has you in a head scissor and where you afraid at all? Cause if that was happening to me, i would be trying push her thighs open, but would probably have no effect, which means I have no control and know that she can kill me at any time soon if she wanted too.

JamesJul 31 2012 2:29pm
Woman,how you at arm-wrestling? you beaten men at arm-wrestling?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 2:31pm
James,once a women gets her thighs or legs around in a scissors hold there is no way to get out of them unless she lets you and it doesn't matter how much you try push open her thighs open! your arm strength will be no match for the strength in a women's thighs! first time you ever wrestle a women you can't get your head around to the strength their have in their thighs but,after a while you get use to it!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 2:37pm
I don't know? 29 inch thighs is not exactly small. Even if you are a big guy or not. I seen some video's where some men have total control over a women, but soon as the woman gets the man in a head scissor or bodyscissor it's game over. They tapping straight the way and begging for mercy and the woman probably only had 24 inch thighs. Just imagine what 29 inch can do.

JamesJul 31 2012 2:39pm
I beat more than 100 men in arm wrestling

WomanJul 31 2012 2:45pm
James,it real doesn't matter what size a women thighs are! any women can do a lot of damage if she knows how to apply scissors! i know 29 inches sound scarey and probably are!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 2:45pm
Woman,do any of the men you arm-wrestle give you any match or you over power them all? i imagine you have quite a hand grip when you lock up hands with men just before you start your arm-wrestling match?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 2:48pm
Anonymous I agree with you from what I've seen. If a girl or woman gets you in the right spot for a scissor it doesn't matter if she have big or small thighs. It's just ever time I hear 29 inch thighs to 24 inch thighs it sounds must more scarier, but as i've not been scissor I can't really know how it feels to be squeezed by a woman with small thighs.

JamesJul 31 2012 2:57pm
James,the only difference are the size's but, also what kind of pressure a women can generate through squeezing!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 3:06pm
Yes a few men were tough in arm wrestling but i beat all of them even they were musclar

WomanJul 31 2012 3:07pm
One time I saw a girl wrestling another girl, and they where not really do much just hold each on the floor and all of a sudden one of the girl pushed the girl head between her thighs and no lie straighted her leg all the way, so her legs where just about touching each other. The other girl in a matter of seconds started to tap and cry in agony and the other girl let her go. The girl didn't really have big thighs, but she could have kill her if she had squeezed or carry on like for a couple more seconds longer.

JamesJul 31 2012 3:13pm
anonymous, yes, i have been scissored by a woman before. she was quite big and scissored my chest. never in my life have i felt so powerless as then

ZackJul 31 2012 3:22pm
James,what's you size? do you work out? you have any sisters?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 3:22pm
Zack,give us more details of you being scissored by a women!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 3:25pm
James and Zack,the most scary women to be scissored by are ones that started early being learning to by gymnastics! those are the strongest thighs you will ever feel!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 3:30pm
Woman,you have any women in your family like you with very big thighs and very big powerful muscles?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 3:32pm
i was visiting my sister at uni and she was having a party. i got there late and there was nowhere to sit so i stood up until this very big girl told me i could sit on her lap. i didn't want to at first but a lot of the guys kind of teased me and said i looked right for her lap. so i sat on her and then later in the night they started having wrestling matches on a mat they took out. the guys suggested i wrestle the girl i was sitting on but she said no because she didn't want to hurt me. they insisted and so to prove her point she picked me up and brought me down on the mat and before i knew it her big thighs were around my chest and she was squeezing. it hurt and i was helpless so i tapped her thigh with my arm until she stopped. a few of the guys wanted to try her then. they were drunk and they lost too.

ZackJul 31 2012 3:35pm
Yes my cousin like me even she is bigger and musclar than me and her husband is weaker than mine

WomanJul 31 2012 3:42pm
Woman,whats the size of your cousin? whats her age? and what do her muscles like? she have bigger thighs then you? you ever test her strength against yours?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 3:58pm
She is 6.0 wiegh 90 kg her thighs are 30 .5 inches and yes she is stronger than me but never beat me we equal when we wrestle

WomanJul 31 2012 4:05pm
Woman,whats her arms like? size of her biceps? you ever weight lift together to see which one of you are the strongest? does your cousin wrestle her husband and she ever wrestle yours?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 4:11pm
Her arms are 18.5 inches , she lifts more than me , and she also wrestle her husband i also wrestle him but she never wrestle mine i do not like any woman to wrestle my husband

WomanJul 31 2012 4:15pm
Woman,what does your cousin lift? and does she wrestle other men? or only her husband? and was her age?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 4:19pm
what about you anonymous? are you a guy or a girl? have you ever been scissored or have you ever scissored a guy? woman, your cousin sounds very big. such big thighs. i wonder why women have such big thighs and men have smaller thighs mine are only 17 inches.

ZackJul 31 2012 4:24pm
My cousin is 37 and yes she wrestle alot of men just like me i do not know how much she lift but i think more than me

WomanJul 31 2012 4:27pm
Zack woman naturaly have bigger thighs but also woman now lift wieghts more than men specialy on lower body , but 17 inch this is smaller than my bicep

WomanJul 31 2012 4:28pm
Zack, i am a guy whom love wrestling women and been scissored many times! and i have wrestled women with great upper body strength than mine!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 4:30pm
Woman. i bet you and your cousin could go into your gym and beat up and one wrestle all the men in there!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 4:33pm
Yes men fear us very much when they see us together

WomanJul 31 2012 4:43pm
Woman,you ever have tag teams you wrestling against a tag team of men?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 4:58pm
Yes i did it once it was amazing they were helpless we beat them very badly

WomanJul 31 2012 5:03pm
woman, what you say is true. lots of women in uk have very big thighs. i am amazed your bicep is bigger than my thigh. how big is it? i've always known i am small but i never thought my leg smaller than an arm. anonymous: since my experience at my sister's apartment i have always wanted to do it again.

ZackJul 31 2012 5:08pm
Woman,does your cousin enjoy over powering men wrestling like you do and does she enjoy hearing the men beg,scream and crying like you do?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 5:10pm
Zack i know many men like you men should used to be much weaker and smaller than women because this is future. Anonymous every woman enjoy being stronger than men it is great feeling specialy when the scream and cry and beg for mercy

WomanJul 31 2012 5:19pm
woman, that is fine with me. i really enjoyed sitting on the big girls lap at my sisters and if that is normal now then i like it.

ZackJul 31 2012 5:30pm
Woman,like i said i would love to try wrestle you and take on your cousin as well!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 5:33pm
so are you a lot smaller than big women too, anonymous?

ZackJul 31 2012 5:43pm
Zack i also like it when men sit on my lap it gives me feel of mothehood. Anonymous i realy like to wrestle you hope we do it someday i will also let you meet my cousin

WomanJul 31 2012 5:51pm
when i sit on laps of big girls i feel like a kid again but i am not very big to begin with either. im 1.65m(5'5") and i weigh 48kg(105 pounds).

ZackJul 31 2012 6:16pm
Zack you are so skiny many strong women like weak men you can find one if you like strong women

WomanJul 31 2012 6:30pm
Zack,there are much younger girls that work out in my gym much bigger then you and with bigger muscles then you and a lot stronger then you!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 6:38pm
I notice gyms all over the world now have women more than men and most of them lifting wieghts

WomanJul 31 2012 6:49pm
Woman,its just not gyms women are out numbering the men lifting weights but,in the schools girls at a early age are strength training along side the boys and are lifting just as heavy as the boys!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 6:53pm
i know, anonymous. many of my friends have younger sisters with bigger muscles than me. they can pick me up, arm wrestle me or just hold me in place so i can't move. one, when she saw me at the pool with friends, did not believe i was 21 because of my small body. she said my arms were too little to be a mans

ZackJul 31 2012 6:57pm
Yes you are right , in my country a lot of univirsities and schools decide to make sports mix and in most of them women are better

WomanJul 31 2012 7:32pm
Yes you are right , in my country a lot of univirsities and schools decide to make sports mix and in most of them women are better

WomanJul 31 2012 7:34pm
Yes you are right , in my country a lot of univirsities and schools decide to make sports mix and in most of them women are better

WomanJul 31 2012 7:35pm
Woman what do you wear when you wrestle? Have you ever nude wrestling?

AdamJul 31 2012 7:59pm
Anonymous unfortunately I do not have any sisters, only one brother. If I did I would definitely ask her to scissor me, but obviously not. I agree with you some female gymnastic are very strong. Have you ever scissored by any female athletics, cyclists, bodybuilders, volleyball girls or tennis player?

JamesAug 01 2012 12:05am
Adam that depends on who i am wrestling.

WomanAug 01 2012 6:54am
James, i have been scissored by women of all kinds of athletic females of my different sports! but,they are also very strong upper body too!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 10:26am
Anonymous from the following below which would you say would hurt the most if they scissor you or which hurt the most if you've been scissored by them? They are: Gymnastic, Cyclists, Swimmer, Volleyball girls, Tennis Players, Female Athletics (Field & Track) and Female Bodybuilders?

JamesAug 01 2012 11:38am
Woman you probably already answer this, but when did you first discover that you loved & enjoy scissoring people? Have you always had big legs when you where in school & how many years did it take you to get 29 inch thighs?

JamesAug 01 2012 11:44am
James first time i wrestled i was 15 , i liked it my thighs are naturay big but it takes from me 15 years to make it 29 inches this is why women now are bigger than men we work so hard men wsnts to have muscles without any efforts

WomanAug 01 2012 11:51am
James,they all hurt! and my body feels like it got run over by a truck after wrestling them and being put in scissor holds!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 11:54am
Woman,also why women's legs are stronger and more powerful than us men is because of delivering babies! and we men can't! what i am saying is because you can deliver babies the inside of your thighs are more powerful than us men! so the high you place us men in scissor holds you can produce a tremendous mount of pressure squeezing!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 12:00pm
Yes this is too i forget it :)

WomanAug 01 2012 12:04pm
Woman,no matter how much we men do weight lifting for our lower body we men will never able to match your strength and get bigger thighs like you women!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 12:08pm
Woman,what you dead lift? i can dead lift 355 pounds!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 12:15pm
I know in lower body we are much stronger that is why it is so hard for men to beat us in wrestling

WomanAug 01 2012 12:16pm
In what leg bicep ?

WomanAug 01 2012 12:17pm
Were I live we don't really get many big woman. It's always the men that are 6" and weight something from 76kg to 112 kg. I see some tall women now & then, but I won't say there stronger then the men. Also alot of men here mostly have the biggest thighs. However if you took a man & woman pound for pound I would definitely say that the woman have the biggest thighs. Men usual work on the chest & arm, whereas women usual focus on their lower half. I don't think I really seen a really big strong women at my gym over here.

JamesAug 01 2012 12:23pm
Woman.leg bicep is hamstring! and a dead lift is when you face the barbell on the ground with weights on both sides and you croach down grab the barbell and lift it up to your thighs!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 12:26pm
James men in your town have bigger thighs , where do you live?

WomanAug 01 2012 12:28pm
About 450

WomanAug 01 2012 12:30pm
Woman I live in the UK, England. Most men have bigger thighs because there do either Rugby, Wrestling, Cycling, or are a Male Bodybuilder or PT trainer at the gym. There are alot I can list as well, but these are some examples. All of the above need to have big thighs to be the best at they sport. Because they have big upper body strength, then need they lower half to big too support the upper half. Whereas women don't want to be big and strong they just want to lose fat off they chest, hips, legs and bum and don't really want to build muscle mass. If the female is a tennis player, swimmer, volleyball, gymnastic, cyclist, gym teacher, fitness model, athletic or female bodybuilder then they would want to build muscle & get strong, but I still wouldn't say they were bigger or stronger.

JamesAug 01 2012 12:46pm
Woman,you sound like one amazing awesome very strong and powerful woman and i am awed of you! now i can understand why no man stands a chance out wrestling you! but,still one day would want to try you and cousin!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 12:55pm
Anonymous you are welcome any time realy,i like also to wrestle men from diffrent countries to compare them with turkiesh men you too JAmes

WomanAug 01 2012 1:06pm
Woman,when you wrestled a man you ever lifted a man over head? i have been lifted over head quite a few times and its mind blowing to have a women lifting me over head!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 1:17pm
Woman i would love for you to wrestle or scissor me, but i know you would kill me lol. You don't get 29 inch thighs for doing nothing. Like Anonymous said you sound like one amazing very strong and powerful woman and I wouldn't stand a chance. Once I get a women to scissor me and use to it or handle it then many sometime in the future. Even if I did get use to it my head or body would be crush to death by your big massive powerful 29i inch thighs!

JamesAug 01 2012 1:21pm
Yes i do it a lot , also i lift my husband like that it gives me feeling of super power

WomanAug 01 2012 1:21pm
Woman.when you wrestle a man? what do you do first you try to show the man you wrestle the power and strength of your upper body or you try to use your legs in scissor holds to wear down the man you wrestle? a lot of the women i wrestle will use their legs in scissors to wear me down then use their upper body to over powering me!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 2:24pm
woman, you say having a man sit on your lap makes you feel motherly. how would you feel if i sat on you? would i look small sitting on you?

ZackAug 01 2012 5:00pm
Anonymous first thing i do it when i wrestle men i try to put him on the floor then i sissore him and crush him , zack yes if man your size sit on my lap he will look small

WomanAug 01 2012 5:33pm
woman, i think it great if i sat on your lap. your thigh would look even bigger if i sat on it because i am so small. 29 is bigger than my waist bigger maybe even than my chest so if i were between your thighs they would look huge. they would look bigger than a whole man. you would feel very powerful like that.

ZackAug 01 2012 6:05pm
Zack,if Woman ever head scissor you? she would swallow up your head and if she wanted she would crack your head like nut! and she probably won't feel your head cracking!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 6:14pm
Yes i know , but i do not let strange men sit on my lap

WomanAug 01 2012 6:14pm
Woman,when you lift your husband over head how does he feel about it? and have you ever do it looking at your self in a mirror watching lifting your husband over head if not? it will blow your mind!because i have been lifted over head by a woman looking at her self in a mirror!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 6:19pm
I see my self at mirror when i lift him it is great feeling but i do not how he feels about it but i know that he get excited when i lift him in carddle way( like baba)

WomanAug 01 2012 6:24pm
I see my self at mirror when i lift him it is great feeling but i do not how he feels about it but i know that he get excited when i lift him in carddle way( like baba)

WomanAug 01 2012 6:24pm
woman, sorry i did not mean to sound strange or creepy i just think big women are great. anonymous no a woman has never head scissored me. only time i have been scissored was by big girl at my sisters. her thighs were very big. i have bene lifted by many girls however

ZackAug 01 2012 6:28pm
Woman,ask your husband how he feels about you lifting him over head? and whats his reaction to you lifting over head the very first time you did it and how did you feel about it?

AnonymousAug 01 2012 6:32pm
Well i will ask him , but i used to lift many men befor i get married so i already know how great it is to lift a man

WomanAug 01 2012 6:34pm
Zack,how you feel being lifted up by a girl and how you feel the first time it happen to you?and any lift you over head?

AnonymousAug 01 2012 6:34pm
the first time i was lifted up by a girl i was in year 6. i was around 25 or 30kg then and during recess inside this girl told me i had very small arms i told her no because then i was ashamed of my size and so she put her arm next to mine. it was a lot bigger and then she told me i probably didn't weigh very much and that she could lift me. i kind of did and didnt want her to lift me because i was worried about what the other guys thought but she did it anyway. she picked me up and said i was really light. soon other girls wanted to lift me up and even the guys. one of the guys who was in karate and a lot bigger than me lifted me over his head and then cradled me. he passed me to the girls many of whom could cradle me in their arms. i felt very small then, but really liked it. one of the girls said it was like i was her little kid. i have been lifted many times since but that was my first by girls

ZackAug 01 2012 7:19pm
yes some girls have lifted me over their heads

ZackAug 01 2012 7:21pm
Woman you say you can lift about 450 pound for dead lift, but what weight can you lift for leg press or any other of types leg workouts? When you go to the gym or out and about do you reckon that men and women are scared of you after there have seen your 29 inch thighs and how did it you feel if you know they are? Also have you measured the actual power of pressure you can generate between your thighs? (For example have , you ever squeezed your scales)

JamesAug 01 2012 11:22pm
Anonymous what was the tallest female who scissored you and what the smallest height that someone scissored you? Also if a woman has you in a head scissor and she is squeezing your head or neck, which is too much for you to handle (you start to scream in pain and beg for mercy), do you have to tap out for her to let you go or soon as the screaming starts does she let you go? If you have to tap out where do you tap? On the floor or on her thighs?

JamesAug 01 2012 11:36pm
James i press about 375 to 400 i lift in my bicep about 220, i can see men realy fear my 29 inches thighs i like it when men fear my power , i never try to squeeze somthing between my thighs

WomanAug 02 2012 12:01am
Woman is that 375 to 400 in pounds or kg's? Because I've seen some female bodybuilder that can lift 1000 pounds for leg press. (Their female bodybuilder, but there don't have bigger thighs then you).

JamesAug 02 2012 12:24am
James i lift wieght in kg so i will post in kg maybe i did wrong calculate, but about women in UK liftting 1000 pound i do not know and have thighs smaller than mine maybe we are talking about diffrent excercise because i know the world recored was 1500 pound it is for russian man .any way i leg press about 250 kg sorry for talking so much

WomanAug 02 2012 12:53am
woman have you ever pressed a man or used a man to work out?

ZackAug 02 2012 6:54am
Zack no i never press a man i only lift them over my head

WomanAug 02 2012 9:52am
Woman thats ok. We're probably talking about different exercise as I'm surprise that their leg pressing round 450kg and you are leg pressing about 250kg, even those you have much bigger thighs. When you are squeezing someone with your head scissors, when do you let the person go? When they start to tap or when they start to scream and cry? Also when the person taps do they tap on your thighs or the floor to tell you that they submit

JamesAug 02 2012 10:31am
Woman,if you read this i would like to continue posting with you if you find this!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 10:43am
James yes you are propably right i let mem go when they give up but most of the time i make them beg fot it , i hope every one can find the poll now

WomanAug 02 2012 11:26am
Woman,if not if everyone we have been posting with finds this we still can but,after so many postings close to 300 postings postings don't get posted so we can go to the bottom of these polls and still post! we can take over on that doesn't have a lot of postings! i hope you understand or go to the one at near the top and i put my name and yours!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 11:53am
Woman you say that you let them go when they give up, but how do you know they have given up? Most of the time the person gives up is by them tapping out. (This is were the person tap on floor or on her thighs to tell the person they can't take anymore). Have you ever made anyone tap out when you have scissored them between your thighs?

JamesAug 02 2012 11:55am
Anonymous what was the tallest female who scissored you and what the smallest height that someone scissored you? Also if a woman has you in a head scissor and she is squeezing your head or neck, which is too much for you to handle (you start to scream in pain and beg for mercy), do you have to tap out for her to let you go or soon as the screaming starts does she let you go? If you have to tap out where do you tap? On the floor or on her thighs?

JamesAug 02 2012 11:56am
Oh yes a lot of men tap while i sissore them its great

WomanAug 02 2012 12:08pm
Woman when you make them tap out, do they tap on your thighs or on the floor? iI they tap on your thighs do you like or do you prefer them to tap on floor?

JamesAug 02 2012 12:13pm
James, i am 5'7 and the tallest one to scissors me was over 6 feet and the smallest was 4'10! and both hurt just as much being scissored by them! some girls that scissored my allow you to tap out but,some although i tap out will continue just a lttle! but,to me the most devastating scissors hold a women can apply is the reverse head scissors because your head wedged far up to her ass were she can really produce a tremendous mount of pressure and usual you get knocked out and your screams get lose in the fleshness of her thighs or thigh muscles!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 12:17pm
Woman,is the reverse head scissors your most devastating scissors hold you apply?

AnonymousAug 02 2012 12:20pm
Anonymous have you ever been knockout by a woman who has applied a reverse head scissor on you? Also when you have tapped out, do you tap on the floor or on her thighs?

JamesAug 02 2012 12:30pm
James,yes i have been knocked out many times when the woman i have wrestled when she applies a reverse a head scissors! my problem is i don't know when to tap some times and think its unmanly to tap! but,i have! but,for me i can take a lot of pain!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 12:35pm
Anonymous you said that the most devastating scissor hold a women can apply is the reverse head scissor, so would you say that a reverse head scissor hurts alot more then a heads scissor?

JamesAug 02 2012 12:51pm
James,both scissor holds hurt because they are both head scissors! but,a reverse head scissors a women can generate a tremendous mount of pressure doing a reverse head scissors!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 1:00pm
Anonymous do you love the feeling that when a women apply a reverse head scissor on you, that your head is wedged right up her ass? Or does she generate tremendous mount of pressure that you can't really enjoy it in that sense?

JamesAug 02 2012 1:38pm
Woman when you make them tap out, do they tap on your thighs or on the floor? iI they tap on your thighs do you like it or do you prefer them to tap on floor?

JamesAug 02 2012 1:39pm
James most of time they tap out on my thighs but it does not matter to me where they do it

WomanAug 02 2012 1:51pm
Woman, with your thighs 29 inches do you even feel men tapping you on your thighs? because i would imagine you squeezing a man in a scissors would probably get knocked out before he could tap!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 2:01pm
James, both! it sounds like you are real scared about getting scissored by a women?

AnonymousAug 02 2012 2:03pm
Haha it is right i have 29 inches but i do not sqeeze realy so hard so many men tap out befor they nock out

WomanAug 02 2012 2:07pm
Woman,so really don't really try to hurt the men you wrestle or squeeze in your scissor holds? do you practice sort of so you know how much to squeeze? and not to squeeze?see if you squeezed me i probably won't tap out! although i know it could be very dangerous for me!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 2:16pm
Woman,do some of the men you scissors refuse to tap your thighs for you to stop squeezing?

AnonymousAug 02 2012 2:20pm
I wrestle men long time ago so in most matches i know how much man can take, i always try not to hurt them but sometimes i wrestle men who are weaker than they look so they got hurt

WomanAug 02 2012 2:22pm
When men refuse to do somthing i tell them to do they end in hospital

WomanAug 02 2012 2:24pm
Anonymous, I wouldn't say I was real scared about getting scissored by a women. In fact I'll say i would love to be scissored by any women. Just that I was interested to know what it feels like. Because if that was me, i would absolutely love to have my head right up her ass while she puts me in a reverse head scissor!

JamesAug 02 2012 2:30pm
Everyone after these polls go a little over 300 comments they stop letting you post on polls like this one! so,if you all want to still post each other we can go to the end or all the way down we can take over one of the poll questions that don't have a lot of posting on it! thats if every one still wants to post! i will put me name and Woman's name to find it!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 2:36pm
I think it is funny how men and women think in different way we women when sissor men think how strong and powerful that makes us feel and how you men think that you will be near to our ass any way it is fine evry one think about what want

WomanAug 02 2012 2:39pm
Woman have you ever been worry that if a men you are squeezing refuses to tap, but you continue to squeeze them because think they are stronger then they look, but they are in fact weak. For example have you ever been close to putting someone in hospital?

JamesAug 02 2012 2:42pm
Woman,thats because every women i have wrestled and been put in scissor holds knows the power you have over us men and each women love the power over us! but,like you said every women is different and all us men are different!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 2:44pm
James i put many men in hospital because i break thier rips or arms and other thing but if course accidently

WomanAug 02 2012 2:50pm
Woman,the very first man or boy you wrestled how did the boy react to you beating them and how did you feel? did you scissor them?and how old were you?

AnonymousAug 02 2012 2:51pm
Anonymous if you post on a different poll how will not its you? As I've posted on some other polls and I have seen the name Anonymous comes up, which come up because the 'By' field under 'Add a comment' is left blank.

JanesAug 02 2012 2:53pm
First time i wrestle i was 15 the boy cried and i was surprised how strong i was

WomanAug 02 2012 2:56pm
James,go to the second to last on this misc.poll question! i have already put my name AnonymousWoman and your name James!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 2:57pm
Woman,were you always very strong as a young girl? you ever lose a wrestling match to a boy or man or you always won?

AnonymousAug 02 2012 3:00pm
Woman how did that make you feel when you accidentally put a man in hospital and how did the man feel? Do you reckon he was shocked you did this to him?

JamesAug 02 2012 3:00pm
In every wrestling i always win i never lose , anonymous now i have to go to lift wieght i will be glad to continue this conversation in 2 or 3 hours if this poll was full please type the new poll name

WomanAug 02 2012 3:04pm
James,where are you from?

AnonymousAug 02 2012 3:04pm
Woman,the poll question will be "Poll for Asian Girls under 4'10!"and is second one near the bottom! enjoy your weight lifting!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 3:10pm
Anonymous, sorry I can't find it? Did you know what type into search box? For example to find poll or you have to type is 'Scissored' or 'Thighs' and it comes up with list (which includes this one) Oh and I am UK, England.

JamesAug 02 2012 3:12pm
Anonymous sorry please ignore my previous, i was typing this and the time submit it you already answered my question.

JamesAug 02 2012 3:16pm
James,its on this misc.pol questions and the second to last on this one! i typed in the poll question! its Poll for Asian girls under 4"10! i put my name Anonymous,Woman and your name James!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 3:18pm
Woman how did that make you feel when you accidentally put a man in hospital and how did the man feel? Do you reckon he was shocked you did this to him?

JamesAug 02 2012 3:18pm
James, i have read there a lot of mixed wrestling clubs in UK,England! so i would think you could find a number of women to you to wrestle and get scissored!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 3:23pm
Woman,we lose you / or you getting bored with us weaker males? or did your husband finally beat you and are to angry to post with us anymore? i am sure your getting a very good laugh at this?

AnonymousAug 03 2012 9:57am
No do not worry nothing happened i syed that i have to go but now i am here

WomanAug 03 2012 11:58am
Woman how did that make you feel when you accidentally put a man in hospital and how did the man feel? Do you reckon he was shocked you did this to him?

JamesAug 03 2012 12:01pm
James most of time i feel sorry because i do not like to hurt any one if you are stronger than someone that does not give you the right to hurt him i do not think they are shocked because i warn them befor we wrestle

WomanAug 03 2012 12:04pm
Anonymous, do you know were you read were there are a lot of mixed wrestling clubs in UK, England? As I've have been trying to look for aged?

JamesAug 03 2012 12:23pm
Woman I agree with you. Some men are stubborn and can't admit that some women are stronger then them and they pay for the price for it. They is nothing sexier then seeing a women tell you that if you don't tap out or submit you're going to be knock out or your going to get hurt and that is what actually happens!

JamesAug 03 2012 12:38pm
James, go to Diana the Valkyrie! on this site they have a listings of female wrestlers and they list the U.K of girls you can wrestle or get put in scissor holds! hope this helps?

AnonymousAug 03 2012 12:50pm
Woman,you think you can beat a man wrestling just using your upper strength instead of using your legs and thighs in scissor holds? and you said you have a much bigger stronger cousin then you? you ever see her wrestle and use her legs and thighs in scissor holds?

AnonymousAug 03 2012 12:53pm
James i think now most men find it very sexy to be beaten by women or to be weaker than them , but do you also find it sexy when woman control you on every thing not only to be only physicly stronger but also in other way of life,

WomanAug 03 2012 12:54pm
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