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If you and your mother wrestled, who would win?

Created by: epp33 at 10:29:13 AM, Wednesday, August 15, 2012 EDT


I have no chance against my mother. I'm 22, 150cm(4ft11) and I'm very thin and weak. My mother, however, is 195cm(6ft5) and bigboned and quite muscular. She can beat me with just one hand.

epp33Aug 15 2012 2:32pm

My mother can still beat me. I've tried her at arm wrestling and wrestling and she is just too stong.

MattyAug 17 2012 1:39pm
Matty, what's your and your mother's age and height?

epp33Aug 17 2012 2:47pm
She is 42 years old. 5'9 175 pounds.

MattyAug 17 2012 2:59pm
And what are your age and height?

epp33Aug 17 2012 3:06pm
I'm 21 years old. 5'9 150

MattyAug 18 2012 8:28am
What is your mother like? Is she sweet, or dominant, or what?

epp33Aug 18 2012 8:56am
She is caring, but bold, assertive and dominant.

MattyAug 18 2012 9:03am
Does your mother ever treat you like you're younger than you really are?

epp33Aug 18 2012 9:08am
Yes she does. She is overprotective and overbearing that way. She still treats me as a child.

MattyAug 18 2012 9:15am
Does she treat you like a teen, like a preteen, or like a very small child? My mom usually treats me like I'm 8 or something.

epp33Aug 18 2012 9:22am
If anyone wants to talk about their experiences with a big dominant mother, email me: dkdk8585(at)yahoo(dot)com. I also have a big dominant mother.

dkdk8585Aug 18 2012 9:49am
I'm a very small and weak boy.

dkdk8585Aug 18 2012 9:51am
It varies. Sometimes like a teen and often like I'm a lttle child.

MattyAug 18 2012 10:08am
Does she ever spank you? Has she ever humiliated you somehow in front of other people?

epp33Aug 18 2012 10:15am
Oh yes. She has humilated me too many times. Often in front of people. It is so embarrassing. And there is nothing I can do. People end up laughing at me, losing respect for me.

MattyAug 18 2012 10:19am
I also constantly get humiliated by my mother. But I think we deserve it. I think my mom has every right to treat me the way she wants. Do you have any kind of sexual feelings toward your mother, and if so, does she know about them?

epp33Aug 18 2012 10:22am
Yes I have strong feelings and hide them as much as I can. Some of it slips out of me though, as I can't totally control it. Why do you think we deserve it?

MattyAug 18 2012 10:27am
Yes I have strong feelings and hide them as much as I can. Some of it slips out of me though, as I can't totally control it. Why do you think we deserve it?

MattyAug 18 2012 10:27am
Yes I have strong feelings and hide them as much as I can. Some of it slips out of me though, as I can't totally control it. Why do you think we deserve it?

MattyAug 18 2012 10:27am
Yes I have strong feelings and hide them as much as I can. Some of it slips out of me though, as I can't totally control it. Why do you think we deserve it?

MattyAug 18 2012 10:30am
If your mother is able to treat you like that, and dominate and humiliate you without you being able to stop it, you deserve it. You're an adult. You're clearly physically and mentally much weaker than your mother. The same is true with me and my mother.

epp33Aug 18 2012 10:40am
I can't disagree with you on that. Your right.

MattyAug 18 2012 10:45am
When we have guests, my mom often has me sitting on her lap, while she's talking with them. She almost always wears very short shorts, and she insists I wear shorts too. The guests often point out, how skinny and small my legs are compared to my mother's thick strong thighs. I always get a boner when I'm sitting on my mother's lap, and I've accidentally ejaculated a few times. I don't think she noticed, though.

epp33Aug 18 2012 10:53am
Does she notice your boners? My mom has noticed mine. I accidently ejaculate a lot more than I would like. I think she has seen that too

MattyAug 18 2012 10:56am
She has noticed some of my boners. I don't know if she's noticed my ejaculations. Once, when I was sitting on my mom's lap, though she might not have noticed it, my little sister noticed, when my shorts had a wet spot. She smiled at me mischievously, but didn't say anything to mom.

epp33Aug 18 2012 11:08am
Its so embarrasing isn't it? I so often have those wet spots showing. I wish I could control it better. My mom often wears sleeveless and she has me wear sleeveless also when people come over or we go out. Her arms are so much bigger and more muscular. Everyone notices.

MattyAug 18 2012 11:15am
It's very embarrassing yes. Has your mother ever really beaten you up? Like in a fight? My mom has never punched or kicked me, but she has spanked, slapped, wrestled, even scissored me.

epp33Aug 18 2012 2:45pm
No she has never beaten me up to seriously hurt me. She has spanked me, squeezed my hand hard, squeezed my arm hard, slapped me, wrestled me and arm wrestled me.

MattyAug 19 2012 7:37am
Just today my mom carried me in a cradle hold in front of several of her female friends. They all laughed at how helpless and skinny I was.

epp33Aug 19 2012 8:08am
Do you get aroused when she carries you that way? Were you highly aroused and embarrassed at the same time?

MattyAug 19 2012 8:18am
I did get aroused, and it also was very embarrassing. I really felt like a little child. What was really embarrassing was when one of the women commented about how scrawny I look, and my mom made me flex my arms. The women laughed at my arms, there is no muscle in my arms whatsoever. One of the women said, that even her 7 year old daughter is much stronger than me.

epp33Aug 19 2012 10:43am
Did you say antyhing or make any sounds? What was your body language like? How long did it go on with everyone laughing at you?

MattyAug 19 2012 11:50am
I didn't say anything. I think my body language was shy, submissive, very meek. One of the women even commented that I was very "girly" for a boy. They didn't laugh that long, but they continued talking about me, even when I wasn't listening.

epp33Aug 19 2012 12:05pm
Wow. Do you consider yourself girly? Do you like being treated as girly?

MattyAug 19 2012 12:52pm
I hadn't really thought about it, before the woman's comment. But I am small, weak, submissive, I have no body hair, I have very smooth skin, I have no muscle definition whatsoever, and I have a prominent butt and hips.

epp33Aug 19 2012 1:04pm
... and I have a high voice...

epp33Aug 19 2012 1:07pm
Wow, you do sound really girly. No wonder you mom treats you this way! It sounds like it is really better for you this way. Maybe 7 year old girls are stronger than you. Your mom protects you which is really nice.

MattyAug 19 2012 1:08pm
I know my mom means well, and she wants to protect me. She very rarely even lets me go anywhere alone. I need to have someone looking after me and protecting me, usually it's her or my sister. Do you think it would be dangerous for me to go (for example) to the shop alone. What could happen?

epp33Aug 19 2012 1:15pm
You seem very shy, weak and vulnerable. It does not sound safe for you to be out alone. Do you wear boys clothes or girls clothes mostly?

MattyAug 19 2012 1:24pm
I think they're boys' clothing, but not sure. My mom buys all my clothes. I've noticed that many girls of different ages find me quite cute.

epp33Aug 19 2012 1:28pm
Sorry guys you are really pathetic but the good thing that when you will married nothing will chang for you

EveAug 19 2012 8:02pm
My mum is much stronger than me i am 17 and she still lift me like a baby

TimAug 24 2012 5:14pm
I grow up as a lonely child with my mother, never met my father, my mother told me he was a one night stand but that she wanted to keep me. She has been both a mother and father for me, very physical. We wrestled a lot until I was almost 20 and moved away from home. My mother is 21 years older than me and peaked physically when she was 42-43. I never had a chance to beat her in wrestling nor armwrestling then. I have now, when she is more than 50 won when we occasionally amrwrestle. She has always told me that I look a lot like my father. When she was drunk once she told me she actually took my father home when she was drunk and "took" him and that it was close to her raping him. She never even got his address or name. Feels kind of strange to know. My dominant strong mother has made me a loved of physically strong women and I am today married to a big, strong woman, stronger than me.

ToreAug 28 2012 10:42pm

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BhahfxYIPMar 06 2015 10:18pm
When I turned 18, I was really feeling my oats and started teasing my mom about her exercise classes. She challenged me to wrestling, and after changing into a two piece bathing suit she quickly defeated me. She then spent the next hour making me tell her I was the weaker sex.

DefeatedApr 12 2015 2:03pm
How bigger are your mom's muscles compared to yours, Defeated?

gi7Apr 17 2015 3:36pm
gi7, my mom's biceps measure 14 1/2 inches flexed, I'm 13 7/8. her thighs are 22", mine are 10 3/8. Her muscles are not as well defined as mine, but the are slightly bigger and certainly stronger.

DefeatedApr 17 2015 5:28pm
Argh. That should have read 20 3/8.

DefeatedApr 17 2015 5:32pm
My mom's muscles are both bigger and more defined than mine. She has 15 inch biceps compared to mine 9. No matter how hard I try I can't get bigger.

gi7Apr 19 2015 2:36am
gi7 ~ I guess we're both out-muscled by our moms!

DefeatedApr 19 2015 10:18am
Yeah, it makes me feel emasculated, knowing mom is much stronger than me. She knows this and likes to show just to remind who is the boss.

gi7Apr 20 2015 1:31am
Every day more and more women lift weights to get stronger than the men in their lives, the it's that many more men being emasculated.

DefeatedApr 20 2015 6:34pm
I know. Even mom's lady friends lift a lot. They would come at our place and I am surrounded by women much stronger then me. Sometime they work out here and I can only watch as they all get bigger and stronger in front of my eyes while I can do nothing.

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yGmcgeOZUJun 09 2015 4:34am
We actually did wrestle, and she won! I ran to my room and starting beating off . . . and she had followed me (to make sure I wasn't upset) and laughed when she saw me doing that. Once summer came, she would put on a bikini to get ready for the pool and offer to wrestle me, and that makes me leave and start mxsterbating again.

AshamedJun 15 2015 4:37pm
My mom and her good friend are both stronger than me! Her friend is always daring me to wrestle, and although I knew I would lose, I was hoping to rolling around on the floor with her - she is hot. It finally happened when she came over to see my mom, who was delayed on an errand. We started wrestling, she quickly pinned me and noticed the bulge in my shorts due to how aroused her beauty and strength made me. She switched to pinning me in a sort-of 69 style, then pulled down her shorts, then mine and it was amazing how good the sex was.

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Son who doesn't disobey mom anymoreMar 05 2016 10:03am
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Mother SubmittedJul 26 2017 3:01am
I am a male and from age 8 to 18 my Mom and I wrestled. She was 5'8" and 130 lbs with shapely unbelievable strong legs. She would always win wrestling as she would get my waist or neck locked in her legs in an excruciating scissor hold. I was completely helpless and Mom would verbally tease and taunt me saying: "There is no way you can get loose or "You know how strong my legs are so don't even try to get free For those 10 years I spend many hours scissored between Moms great legs.

RobertJul 29 2017 12:05pm
Commenting on Robert's experience with wrestling his Mom. My Mom as Robert's was adept at using her gorgeous shapely legs to render me helpless forcing me to beg for mercy and often humiliating me in front of family and friends. Mom wrestled with me from early child hood until I was age 23 and living on my own. Every time we playfully went at it wrestling no matter what I did to avoid her legs she was always able to get my neck locked between her vise like thighs. With legs scissored and ankles locked I was helpless and at her mercy. Would let me free when she was ready and after I begged for mercy In front of friends and family I was embarrassed and humiliated when she had me locked between her strong legs and keeping me imprisoned while those present verbally teased me and seemed to enjoy how helpless I was in my Moms crushing scissorhold.

MartyAug 19 2017 12:39pm
i win in armwrestle with my mom when i was 12 years old

AnonymousAug 27 2017 2:08am
Every time my mother scissored my neck or waist between her legs when wrestling and spanking I would get a boner. She would notice the erection and tease me by saying "I can see what my legs do to you." I don't recall ejaculating while being spanked but I sure did when we playfully wrestled. Feeling her solid shapely strong bare legs against me neck and rendered helpless I would spew the sperm down my legs and sometimes on her. If she were in high heels I didn't last very long as the beauty of her legs and scissor pressure made me cum quickly

ToddAug 27 2017 7:10pm

SUEAug 29 2017 5:15pm
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AnonymousAug 30 2017 7:03am
I would love wrestling you Sue. If you have beautiful shapely strong legs and will wear stockings and high heels and when lock my neck in a scissor hold I will immediately have an erection and quickly ejaculate.

ToddAug 30 2017 8:04pm

SUEAug 31 2017 11:27am

I see someone knows about me... well TODD, he is RIGHT!!!I am big and strong, and have WRESTLED MEN, AND SOME WOMEN!!!! I know my stuff!!!! if it's DOMINATE WRESTLING you want, I can make you SUFFER!!! I hope you like older women... I will have you in front of me on your knees!!!! at 5'11,238#s, size 11 feet, and red hair... and DOMINATE, not even your mother can compete against me. HEELS,AND STOCKINGS, and you said a quick EJACULATION... NOT WITH ME!!!!!!!

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ToddSep 06 2017 12:29pm
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i'm 6'3", 267lb , able to curl 222lb. very muscolar and strong.

AnonymousSep 25 2017 2:11am
sue, now are you afraid?

AnonymousOct 01 2017 11:05am
lol, my mom could beat me so easily... She doesn't even have to try. She's so much bigger and stronger than me.. email me at

loserboyOct 05 2017 8:52am
loserboy, how old are you, AND HOW OLD IS YOUR mother?

AnonymousOct 05 2017 9:16am
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PHEpBZwnNov 08 2017 5:18am
Had another son vs mom wrestle recently. Like the last time I had to wrestle her friend at the same time so it was a 2 on 1 match but like last time I dominated the two of them pretty easily. I even had her friend begging me to let her escape my full nelson submission I had applied on her. Like last time mom said it was the sight of my muscles what put her off LOL as whenever I wrestle I wrestle usually wrestle shirtless.

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TimFeb 17 2018 12:58pm

Replying to Epps question if my Mother and I wrestled who would win. I am age 38 and from age 8 to age 28 Mom and I wrestled and she always beat me and now at age 63 could still beat me. She was adept at using her legs and always got me in a crushing inescapable neck or waist scissor hold that made me beg for mercy and plead with her to set me free.

Son Scissored by MomMar 23 2018 11:45am
Just had a wrestling match with my mom again. She's been working out a bit since our last wrestle so I had to work a little harder this time and instead of making her submit I actually put her to sleep with a sleeper hold. Just showing to her that she will never by able to over come my ripped muscles. LOL

Mother Submitted Mar 31 2018 7:03am
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GeoffApr 05 2018 1:01pm

SUE FROM KANSASApr 08 2018 4:37pm
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Mom's scissor victimJul 14 2018 12:04pm
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MarinaOct 16 2018 1:25pm
Replying to the Oct 6 comment signed my Mom's great legs. My Mother had great legs thin ankles defined calves and having been rendered helpless many times between age 7 and 17 when Mom had my neck or waist scissored I was addicted to her fabulous legs and by age 10 or 12 became aroused when I was locked in her scissor hold. She used her legs when wrestling and when spanking even when she was reading and I would not stop pestering her. When Spanking she would drape me over her left thigh securing me in a leg lock. Sometimes she made me lie across bed, piano bench, cedar chest, and secure my neck between her thighs in standing scissor hold. What she did to me when I would not stop pestering her when she was reading I want to share with your readers. Sitting on sofa or in a living room chair when I did not obey her and kept bothering her Mom would force me down on my stomach and lock my neck between her crossed ankles in a foot choke hold. Her ankles cut into my neck and if I struggled to get free she would tighten the hold until I lay still so she could read. This ankle choke hold rendered me helpless and Mom would keep me at her mercy until she either finished reading or I had promised not to pester her.

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