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Where is the best place to have sex?

Question: Question plain and simple are you quiet and content are do you want sex outdoors?
Created by: Y2J_Gal at 07:37:56 PM, Thursday, July 20, 2000 EDT



AnonymousMar 21 2002 2:28pm

hell yah

AnonymousApr 07 2004 2:28pm
i'll say in a treehouse

AnonymousMay 20 2006 11:07pm

Miss Talkative But Has Problems Too !!Dec 17 2007 3:42pm
The lawn.

AnonymousMar 08 2012 1:24pm
in a bed when your married. the bedroom is undefiled when your in a marriage. wait till marriage a=or ask for forgiveness and dont have sex until your married

meApr 02 2012 3:46pm
jhna land khda ho chut me pani aay

phatimaMay 28 2012 4:49am sam ka taem ho thoda andhera ho maro pelo

phatimaMay 28 2012 4:53am
im a virgin but id say bedroom, more comfortable i guess

cute kitty*meow*:3Nov 14 2012 7:50pm
see my profile on username:sweetassfrenzy, im 19 and a girl virgin

cute kitty*meow*:3Nov 14 2012 7:51pm
I would*t recommend the beach, I mean think of the trash, the sand everywhere and the bacteria living in it. Gross. In a airpane... hm I guess it*s not even allowes. Bedroom*s the best. Warm, soft, comfortable, ...

AnonymousFeb 15 2013 8:44am
you know every girls or womens wants shape and secret sex.with the hope that no one is watching their sexual activities.Therefore they wants secure and safe place where she strips their all clothes steps by steps and also strips the clothes of their friend or husband, and introduces their nude secret body parts for foreplay and lastly go on bed for viginal sex.Km.urvashi

Km.Urvashi Saxena.Apr 02 2013 3:56am
i am college going girl, I often walk on car with my boyfriend, he were on driving sit and I am inside of it, he rubs my legs with their one hand and in alone place he stoped the car and closed the door glasses and dofingering in my c*nt hole and I up my shirts and he stated to sucking my breast and licking mynipples hardly 4-5 mins.and I say please stop this work as some one is watching, he grabed my hands and put on his errect penis and say he is watching, please kiss it and lick only his head, I bent my head and do the licking only 1-2 mins. as i fear due to moving public inside of the road.Anyhow pleaseful trip were on friend penis is cut and nice in fair colour.therefore I love and like.

Pooja Sharma.Apr 02 2013 4:02am
once a time I saw that my brother were massaging breast of my bhabhi, though the brother was in that impressions no one is watching, but i am watching their act in hide way and Bhabhi was feel pleasure and she wants to do it more and more .and her one hand were lower side of my brother.

ruby Srivastava,student.Apr 02 2013 4:05am
Yes Bed room is the best and safe place for sex, where the girls strepips their clothes step by step and also steps the clothes of their f*cker man and introduces their secret body parts to each of them for forplay and no tension and no fear. and enjoying the viginal sex in pleasureful mood in moon light .

Km.Kulwant Kaur.Apr 04 2013 9:04am
No way, outside on the edge of a wooded area where no one can see you naked on top of a large blanket....omg... very nice!

hot and botheredAug 03 2013 12:43pm

AnonymousDec 28 2013 9:30pm
I think a bed is most comfortable but the floor of the backseat in a minivan whiles yur mom goes in wal mart is the best.

INAJan 25 2014 1:44am
its hotter in a kitchen

sex4lifeMay 10 2014 6:39pm

-1'Jul 01 2015 5:31am
Ffs xDD

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:29pm
Your house is the best.... ICE CREAM

DioxOct 03 2015 2:30pm
Thanks xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:32pm
What flavour crim?

DioxOct 03 2015 2:33pm
Nothing special just Vanilla o.o

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:35pm
I had a huge bowl of it yesterday XD I put ma dick in it XD JK jk

DioxOct 03 2015 2:36pm
Sure "jk" xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:37pm
Now your giving me ideas XD

DioxOct 03 2015 2:38pm
Oh gawd don't do it xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:39pm
Well then treat my dick like a ice lolly XD

DioxOct 03 2015 2:40pm
Oo I like ice lollys :D

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:43pm
Ever had dick falvoured one? Or just Vitamin flavoured?

DioxOct 03 2015 2:44pm
Vitamin flavoured xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:49pm
Hell yeah :D

DioxOct 03 2015 2:50pm
It was yummy :3

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:50pm
XD Good :D Im gonna give you cream o.o

DioxOct 03 2015 2:53pm
Oo Yum xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:55pm
Would you ever take it up the butt?

DioxOct 03 2015 2:56pm
No xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:57pm
Whys that?

DioxOct 03 2015 2:58pm
Cuz I don't

NB3Oct 03 2015 2:59pm

DioxOct 03 2015 3:00pm
It just seems awkward and painful and weird

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:01pm
It will be painful, at first just like regular :p Maybe after a few years then ;)

DioxOct 03 2015 3:02pm
Eh whatever :3

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:04pm
Please? :o

DioxOct 03 2015 3:05pm
No xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:07pm
But its like the ultimate love XD

DioxOct 03 2015 3:09pm
Noo xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:10pm

DioxOct 03 2015 3:13pm
I don't want to ;-;

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:13pm
Fine >_>

DioxOct 03 2015 3:14pm
Thank you :3

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:15pm
You better hoe you dont fall asleep O.o

DioOct 03 2015 3:17pm
Hoe?! xDD ;-;

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:18pm
Hope XD

DioxOct 03 2015 3:19pm
Ahh.. I'm gonna go cry now xD jkjk

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:21pm
Dont worry ;) You will be fast asleep :3

DioxOct 03 2015 3:22pm
I'm not tired though .-.

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:23pm
Ill use drugs then ;-;

DioxOct 03 2015 3:23pm
Nahh.. :'o

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:24pm
Fine Ill just persuade you :3

DioxOct 03 2015 3:25pm
You can't

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:27pm
Really? :3

DioxOct 03 2015 3:27pm
Yupp c:

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:27pm
Well anal or were over U_U Sorry that was mean XD I wont ever leave you

DioxOct 03 2015 3:30pm
Not fair ;-; xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:31pm
See? Easy :D

DioxOct 03 2015 3:31pm
Still no xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:32pm
So why is it weird? ;-;

DioxOct 03 2015 3:34pm
I dunno I just don't want that

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:35pm
Fine >_< I will make you change your mind after you see ;)

DioxOct 03 2015 3:36pm

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:37pm
Can I put a finger in at least?

DioxOct 03 2015 3:38pm
Idk xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:39pm
Wanna at least try?

DioxOct 03 2015 3:40pm
I don't know :/

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:42pm
We will see when we meet I suppose :p Ill just slip a finger in one day and see if you like it XD

DioxOct 03 2015 3:45pm
Alright xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:48pm
There we go :D

DioxOct 03 2015 3:49pm
But if I don't like it you'll stop, right?? :/

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:50pm
Straight away yes babe :)

DioxOct 03 2015 3:51pm
Thank you :3 ^-^

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:53pm
But I think when/if we have sex I dont think I should stop if you say, because it is going to hurt at first.

DioxOct 03 2015 3:56pm
Yea I know but I meant if it keeps on hurting for a while

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:57pm
Oh yeah if it turns out I go too far.

DioxOct 03 2015 3:58pm
Yea :)

NB3Oct 03 2015 3:59pm
What if I dont get it up XDDDD

DioxOct 03 2015 4:01pm
Well that sounds like a you problem xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:02pm
Yeah XD I mean I cant get a boner porn at all XD Just my ex and when I think about having sex with you XD

DioxOct 03 2015 4:05pm
Liar xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:07pm
Im not lying ;-; I wish I was

DioxOct 03 2015 4:07pm
But you don't xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:09pm
I do XD I will prove it XD

DioxOct 03 2015 4:11pm
You don't xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:12pm

DioxOct 03 2015 4:14pm
You can't prove it though xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:14pm
I can XD Ill just whip it out and watch porn in front of you XDDDD jk

DioxOct 03 2015 4:16pm
Eh whatever xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:18pm
I win :D

DioxOct 03 2015 4:19pm
I've never been like properly turned on before xD I just can't

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:21pm
Really? Maybe you really are too young :/

DioxOct 03 2015 4:21pm
No I mean like I have but not mega turned on xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:22pm
Oh fair enough :3 So maybe :p

DioxOct 03 2015 4:24pm
Yupp :3

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:27pm
Im gonna still try please you :3

DioxOct 03 2015 4:28pm
You can try :p

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:30pm
You doubting me? XD

DioxOct 03 2015 4:31pm
Haha yep xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:31pm
Why would you? :p

DioxOct 03 2015 4:37pm
Cuz you just can't xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:41pm
How you know? :p

DioxOct 03 2015 4:42pm
I don't but but I'm guessing xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:45pm
Your wrong ;-;

DioxOct 03 2015 4:50pm
We'll see xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 4:56pm
Yeah we will :D

DioxOct 03 2015 4:59pm
I won't be able to turn you on xD I already know

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:01pm
You will XD Just thinking about you naked does :3 And you tired?

DioxOct 03 2015 5:03pm
You think about me naked?? o.0 and no I'm not c:

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:04pm
Yeah XD If your not you want to talk for a min?

DioxOct 03 2015 5:06pm
When?? why?? xDD I litrally turned my xbox off a few minutes ago xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:07pm
Eh not really think of you naked more just think of your body against me XP TURN IT BACK ON

DioxOct 03 2015 5:09pm
Aww that's kinda cute :3 Errmahhgawwd I'm not even supposed to be up xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:11pm
Thought you and your mom share a room

DioxOct 03 2015 5:11pm
Yea, she's downstairs :P

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:12pm
Why you supposed to be asleep? :p

DioxOct 03 2015 5:14pm
Cuz she wants my body clock back in order -.- I'm a bit of a rebel.. xDDD

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:17pm
XD Im independent so I sleep when ever kek. IF YOU DIS OBEY ME WOMAN I WILL FLICK YOU

DioxOct 03 2015 5:18pm
I love being flicked xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:20pm
Well then no food for you -_-

DioxOct 03 2015 5:20pm
:'O ......that isn't funny........

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:24pm
Whys that? past?

DioxOct 03 2015 5:24pm
No. I just really like food.

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:25pm
So do I :D So you will obey me :P

DioxOct 03 2015 5:26pm
Suurre :)

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:26pm
Spread 'em XD

DioxOct 03 2015 5:27pm
Oo anyday jkjk xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:28pm
So do you ever feel your not good enough?

AnonymousOct 03 2015 5:29pm
Yea, I guess. Why??

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:31pm
Well what do you feel your not good enough for?

dOct 03 2015 5:31pm
Most things but I don't know exactly.

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:33pm
Oh ok :p You always seem to put yourself down :/

DioxOct 03 2015 5:34pm
I know

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:36pm

DioxOct 03 2015 5:37pm
Cuz it's true

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:38pm
Its not though :3 Dont worry about what others think of you, in my eyes your perfect :)

DioxOct 03 2015 5:39pm
You talking to the right girl??

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:43pm
Yeah I am :)

DioxOct 03 2015 5:44pm
Umm... thanks :3

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:46pm
Your welcome <3 I really do love you >_<

DioxOct 03 2015 5:47pm
Good :'3

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:48pm
I want to make sure you and all your family stay happy :)

DioxOct 03 2015 5:49pm
They are c:

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:50pm
Good :) If you ever need anything Ill try to help :)

DioxOct 03 2015 5:51pm
Me too :D

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:52pm
Really? Because I need you :3

DioxOct 03 2015 5:53pm
I think I can handle that :D

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:55pm
Thats great :D

DioxOct 03 2015 5:56pm
I know :D

NB3Oct 03 2015 5:57pm
So what is your huge objection to an email? -_-

DioxOct 03 2015 5:58pm
I just don't want one

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:01pm
Why though?

DioxOct 03 2015 6:01pm
I don't know xD aaannndd the fact idk how to make one

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:06pm
I can make you one XD And it works on 2DS lol, just make things better.

DioxOct 03 2015 6:06pm
I just don't internet good xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:13pm
Eh it was just so we could see more pics of each other :p

DioxOct 03 2015 6:14pm
I can't post pics on my 2DS xP

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:16pm
You cant take pics? :o

DioxOct 03 2015 6:16pm
I can take photos but I can't post them

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:17pm
How do you know?

DioxOct 03 2015 6:18pm
I'm guessing

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:19pm
Your wrong :P

DioxOct 03 2015 6:20pm
Well idk how xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:20pm
Well what you tried to upload any on?

DioxOct 03 2015 6:22pm
I haven't o.o

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:22pm
SEE! If you just try things -_-

DioxOct 03 2015 6:23pm
I dunno how to anyway xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:24pm
Well if you use an email Ill show you.

DioxOct 03 2015 6:25pm
I don't know how to though xDD

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:27pm
Want me to make you one?

dOct 03 2015 6:28pm
I don't trust you xD but sure whatever :p

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:29pm
What do you mean by that? -_-

DioxOct 03 2015 6:30pm
Nothing xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:36pm
Ok give me an email you want, like a username and the password you want.

DioxOct 03 2015 6:36pm
I don't know o.o

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:37pm

DioOct 03 2015 6:38pm
I always freak out when I have to come up with stuff .-.

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:39pm
Fine Ill do that, PASSWORD WOMAN

DioxOct 03 2015 6:40pm
Oh oh oh wait xD my username could be like CJessica14 or some poo like that xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:42pm
Haha... poo.. sorry .-.

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:43pm
Fine it will be woman8909

DioxOct 03 2015 6:44pm
Noo xD ;-;

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:45pm
Too late :D Ok, go on your 2DS type in gmail. Log in with this. password is woman8909 Tell me when you have :D

DioxOct 03 2015 6:46pm
Did the do xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:48pm
You logged in?

DioxOct 03 2015 6:49pm
Yaass :3

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:51pm
Ok click compose, then type. subject what ever you like you should see near the bottom add files or add photos click it and see :p

DioxOct 03 2015 6:52pm
Is it compose mail?? o.o

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:55pm
Yes -_-

DioxOct 03 2015 6:58pm
I know xD I asked to annoy you

NB3Oct 03 2015 6:59pm
Sure you did -_-

DioxOct 03 2015 7:00pm
I did -_-

NB3Oct 03 2015 7:01pm
So done?

DioxOct 03 2015 7:02pm
I probably did it wrong xDD

NB3Oct 03 2015 7:05pm
Ok try adding a picture.

DioxOct 03 2015 7:05pm
I have none xD only one but it's terrible

NB3Oct 03 2015 7:09pm
Just send anything to test XD

DioxOct 03 2015 7:10pm
Also if you get used to it want to move to email?

DioxOct 03 2015 7:10pm
Yea :3 but it's confusing to me atm xDD

NB3Oct 03 2015 7:12pm
Aight cool :D Just send any sort of pic >_>

DioxOct 03 2015 7:12pm
It'll be the Go Compare guy xDD

NB3Oct 03 2015 7:14pm
SUre :D

DioxOct 03 2015 7:15pm

NB3Oct 03 2015 7:20pm

dOct 03 2015 7:21pm
I was trying not to laugh at the pic cuz my mum is asleep xD

NB3Oct 03 2015 7:23pm

DioxOct 03 2015 7:27pm
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